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QUALITY sound reproduction is the theatre* 
most important asset . . .The best recorded 
pictures are doomed to dismal failure if the sound 
reproduction is not efficient . . .Today more than 
ever before, the public is demanding "sound sat- 
isfaction". . . Every wise exhibitor is conscious of 
these facts . . .That is why so many are installing 
RCA Photophone equipment. 

RCA Photophone Standard Size apparatus for 
theatres up to 1,200 seats and Special Size ap- 
paratus for theatres up to 500 seats, both AC 
operated, are conceded to be superior to any 
other types of equipment in their respective fields. 


$ 2500 00 


$1600 00 

Prices are 
subject to 

Cash or terms Cash or terms 

F. O. 8. Brooklyn Warehouse 

Servicing of equipment follow- 
ing installation an assurance 
of complete sound satisfaction 


(A Radio Corporation of America Subsidiary) 


Branches in Principal Cities 




Alfred E. Fiecel 

110 East 42nd St. New York City 

CAledonia 5-8588 

Specialists in Theatrical Three Sheet Poster 


Scanned from the collection of 

The Museum of Modern Art Library 

Coordinated by the 

Media History Digital Library 

Funded by a donation from 
David Sorochty 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2014 



I T is a privilege and function of service for 
Quigley Publications annually to present this institutional volume 
of service — Motion Picture Almanac. 

In these pages, crisply condensed and crystallized, is a data 
picture of the entire contemporary industry, with a wealth of 
detailed fact, only here available in a rapidly workable arrange- 

Here is a handbook of motion picture fact, calculated to be 
of important utility to every executive and worker in the in- 
dustry and of frequent use to the many varied interests which 
impinge upon or deal with the screen world, from banking house 
to newspaper desk. 

While Motion Picture Almanac is essentially a book of now 
and today, it also belongs in that limited category of documents 
which survive in ready availability in reference files and library, 
on the basis of which tomorrow will evaluate the motion picture 
world of today. 

Accepted with authoritative status by the world industry 
and the press, Motion Picture Almanac is compiled with all of 
the facilities and experience of the most extensive editorial 
organizations of the field, including Motion Picture Herald, 
Motion Picture Daily and Hollywood Herald. 

The annual biographical section is of special interest in pre- 
senting the only continuously revised and immediately con- 
temporary "who is who" reference work available, covering the 
whole industry. 

Motion Picture Almanac is the fact book of and for the 
world of the motion picture and all who may be therewith con- 


Published by The Quigley Publishing Company, publishers of Motion Picture Herald, Motion Picture Daily, The Hollywood 
Herald, and Better Theatres. Publication offices: 1790 Broadway, New York City. Chicago offices: 407 S. Dearborn Street. 
Hollywood offices: 6305 Yucca Street. 

Copyright, 1932, by The Quigley Publishing Company. Newspapers of general circulation may reproduce any material in this 
volume if proper credit is given Motion Picture Almanac. Reproduction by all other publications without written pcrnmvion 




City Lights 

June Moon 

The Devil to Pay 

Playboy of Paris 

Love Among the Millionaires 

The Bachelor Father 

With Byrd at the South Pole 

The Big Pond 

A Tailor Made Man 

Women Men Marry 

Parlor, Bedroom and Bath 

The Conquering Horde 

Hell Bound 

Lonely Wives 

Kept Husbands 

The Primrose Path 


Wild West Whoopee 
Along Came Youth 
Reaching for the Moon 
The Silver Horde 
The Concentratin' Kid 
Costello Case 
Men of the North 
Way for a Sailor 
The Midnight Special 
The Utah Kid 
The Pay Off 

Du Barry, Woman of Passion 

The Storm 

Children of Pleasure 

Those Three French Girls 

Madam Satan 

Her Man 

Dough Boys 

The Sea God 

One Embarrassing Night 

Let's Go Native 

The Mysterious Mr. Parkes 

Anybody's War 

The Unholy Three 

Dangerous Nan McGrew 


Tom Sawyer 
Scandal Sheet 
Abraham Lincoln 

The Midnight Mystery 

They Learned About Women 

Shadow of the Law 

South Seas 

The Bad One 

The Big Fight 

The New Adventures of Dr. 

Fu Manchu 
Journey's End 
Ladies Love Brutes 
The Cuckoos 
He Knew Women 
The Last Dance 
Born to Love 
The Lawless Woman 
Beyond Victory 
Cracked Nuts 
Behind Office Doors 
Ten Nights in a Barroom 
The Lady Refuses 
The Royal Bed 
The Gang Buster 
Drums of Jeopardy 
The Command Performance 
Caught Cheating 
Under Montana Skies 
The Virtuous Sin 
The Santa Fe Trail 
Only Saps Work 

Remote Control 
Night Work 

She Got What She Wanted 


The New Moon 
Sin Takes a Holiday 
Strangers May Kiss 
Feet First 

The Eyes of the World 

The Sea Bat 

What a Widow 

Her Wedding Night 

The Spoilers 



The Lottery Bride 



This Mad World 

The Border Legion 

The Social Lion 

The Florodora Girl 

Rich People 

Trigger Tricks 

Queen High 

True to the Navy 

Ladies in Love 

Young Man of Manhattan 

The Benson Murder Case 

The Woman Racket 

Swing High 

The Texan 

Alias French Gertie 

The Easiest Way 

Gun Smoke 

Iron Man 

Playthings of Hollywood 
The Sunrise Trail 
The Great Meadow 
It Pays to Advertise 
The Single Sin 
The Divorcee 
Montana Moon 
Roarin' Ranch 


Monte Carlo 

The Devil's Holiday 


The Bat Whispers 
The Painted Desert 
Bachelor Apartment 
Beau Ideal 
Fighting Thru 
The Right to Love 
Passion Flower 
Just Like Heaven 
Danger Lights 
One Heavenly Night 

The Third Alarm 

A Lady's Morals 

Big Money 

Anybody's Woman 

Once a Gentleman 

Pardon My Gun 

The Jazz Cinderella 

A Lady Surrenders 

Call of the Flesh 

Good News 

Outside the Law 

Our Blushing Brides 

Lawful Larceny 

A Man From Wyoming 

In Gay Madrid 

Beau Bandit 

Let Us Be Gay 

Caught Short 

Lady of Scandal 

The Fall Guy 

Runaway Bride 

The Ship From Shanghai 

Free and Easy 

Cock o' the Walk 

The Girl Said No 



6656 Santa Monica Blvd. 
Hollywood, Calif. 

"Quality is the Reason 



35 W. 45th St. 
New York City 


Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences. .56-370 

Academy Merit Awards for 1930-31 , 56 

Accessories 341 

Actors' Equity Association 371 

Admissions Gross, Annual, in 1 U. S XX 

Advertising Code 48-66 

Advertising — Court Decisions 325 

Advertising Expenditures — World and U. S XX 

Advertising and Publicity Biographies... 252 

Agents for Professional Talent Biographies 206 

Alexander Film Company 79 

Allied Exhibitor. The 344 

Allied Exhibitors of Toronto 304 

Allied Pictures Corporation 43 

Allied Specialist, The 346 

Allied States Association of Motion Picture Ex- 
hibitors 303 

Allied Theatres of Eastern Missouri and Southern 

Illinois, Inc 303 

Allied Theatres of Illinois, Inc.. 303 

Allied Theatre Owners of Louisiana 303 

Allied Theatres of Massachusetts 303 

Allied Theatres of Michigan 303 

Allied Theatre Owners of Xew Jersey, Inc 303 

Allied Theatres of Oregon 303 

Allied Theatre Owners Association of Southern 

Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia... 303 

Allied Theatre Owners of Southern California 304 

Allied Theatre Owners of Texas 304 

Amateur Cinematography 341 

AmerAnglo Corporation 4-223 

American Cinematographer, The 344 

American 1 Dramatists 371 

American Newsreel Corporation 223 

American Society of Cinematographers 371 

American Society of Composers, Authors and 

Publishers 371 

Amkino Corporation 223 

Argentina 217-221 

Artclass Pictures Corporation 223 

Art Directors Biographies 206 

Artists Agents Biographies 206 

Assistance League Film Location Bureau 372 

Associated British Cinemas, Ltd 4 

Associated Motion Picture Advertisers (AMPA).. 372 

Associated Publications 346 

Associated Sound Film Industries, Ltd 4 

Associated Theatre Owners of Indiana 304 

Association of Motion Picture Producers, Inc. 

(AMPP) 372 

Atlantic Film Corporation 79 

Atlas Educational Film Company 223 

Attendance Weekly in U. S XX 

Attendance throughout World — Weekly XX 

Auditorium Equipment Cost 306 

Australia 218-221 

Austria 216-221 

Authors' Guild of the Authors' League of Amer- 
ica, The 372 

Authors' League of America. The 372 


Belgium 214-221 

Beecroft- Florida Studios 43 

Better Films National Council of National Board 

of Review 66 

Better Theatres 344 

Big 4 Film Corporation 4-223 

Billboard. The 344 

Biographical Index VII 

B.I.P. (Export) Ltd 4 

Boards (Film) of Trade 240 

Bolivia 217-221 

Box Office Champions of calendar year 1931 42 

Brav Pictures Corporation 223 

Brazil '. 217-221 

Breakfast Club, The .....372 

Bristol, William H.. Talking Picture Corporation.. 223 

liritish and Dominion Film Corporation. Ltd 4 

British International Pictures. Ltd , 4-21 

British Lion Film Corporation, Ltd 4 

British Malaya 218-221 

Brulatour, J. E., Inc 4-223 

Brulatour, T. E., of California, Inc 4-223 

Bulgaria 216-221 

Burr Comedies 43 


Caddo Company. Inc., The 4-43 

Cameras and Accessories 340 

Cameramen 371 

Cameramen Biographies 206 

Canadian Moving Picture Digest 346 

Capitol Theatres, Ltd 235 

Casting 65 

Catholic Motion Picture Guild of America 373 

Catholic Writers' Guild 373 

Celebritv Productions 223 

Central America 217-221 

Central Casting Corporation 373 

Central Casting Corporation Report 65 

Central Xew York Theatre Owners Association 1 304 

Champion Pictures of 1931 42 

Chaplin, Charles. Studios 43 

Chesterfield Motion' Picture Corporation 223 

Chile 217-221 

China 218-221 

Choral Masters Biographies 206 

Christie Film Company, Inc 43 

Church and School Film Exchange 79 

Church. Frank R., Films 79 

Cinelandia 344 

Cinema Patents Company 223 

Cine-Mundial 344 

Circuits of Theatres 295 

Cleveland Motion Picture Exhibitors Association.. 304 

Code of Advertising Ethics 48-66 

Code of Production Ethics 48-66 

Color Cinematography 34] 

Color Committee of SMPE— Report 338 

Color Developments 338 

Colorart Pictures Corp., Ltd 43 

Colombia 217-221 

Columbia Pictures Corporation 4-21-223 

Columbia Studios 43 

Consolidated Film Industries, Inc 4-21-224 

Construction Cost of Theatre Seating 800 in' Small 

City 331 

Construction Cost of Theatre Seating 1.500 in 

Metropolitan Neighborhood or Business Section 

of Medium -Sized City 331 

Construction Cost of Theatre of Metropolitan 

"Deluxe" Type Seating 3,500 331 

Contractual Relations 325 

Copyright Law Decisions 325 

Copyright Violations 80 

Corporate Structure 3 

Cost of Production for 1931-32 XX 

Costs of Theatre Construction 331 

Cost of Theatre Operating 336 

Costume Designers Biographies 206 

Court Decisions 325 

Craft Film Laboratories 224 

Critics 356 

Cruze, James, Productions, Inc., Ltd 43 

Cuba 216-221 

Curb Exchange 40 

Czechoslovakia 216-221 


Dan'ce Directors Biographies 206 

Darmour Productions Corporation 4-43 

Deaths of a Year 342 

DeFrenes and Company 79 

De Luxe Trailers, Inc 224 

Denmark 214-221 

Developments in Technics of the Theatre 337 

Directors Biographies 177 

Directory of Theatre Equipment Manufacturers.. 308 

Disney, Walt, Productions, Inc 5-43 

Distribution 211 

Distribution of Theatre Operating Costs 336 

DuPont Film Manufacturing Corp 5-224 


Eastern Service Studios. Inc 5-224 

Eastman Kodak Company 5-22-224 

Ecuador 217-221 

Editors (Motion Picture) of Newspapers 356 

Educational Film Exchanges, life 5-224 

Educational Pictures, Inc 5-43 

Educational Screen. Inc., The 344 

Educational Studies 43 

Educational Talking Pictures Co., Ltd 5 

Electrical Research Products, Inc 5-224 

Elstree Film Laboratories, Inc 5 

Eman'uel- Goodwin Publications 346 

Employment Totals XX 

Equipment Budget for 1.000- Seat Theatre 306 

Estonia 216-221 

Exceptional Photoplays Committee of National 

Board of Review 66 

Exchanges (Film) of Canada 240 

Exchanges (Film) of U. S 237 

Exhibition 293 

Exhibitor. The 346 

Exhibitors' Forum 346 

Exhibitor Organizations 303 

Exports of Photographic and Projection Goods 212 

Extra, The 346 


Fanchon and Marco, Inc 43 

Fan Press Biographies 348 

Fan Publications 346 

Feminine Players Biographies 85 

Film Boards of Trade ' . . . 240 

Film Curb 344 

Film Daily. The 344 

Film Daily Poll of Ten Best Directors of 1930-31... 47 

Film Daily Poll of Ten Best Pictures of 1931 47 

Film Exchange. Inc 226 

Film Exchanges of Canada 240 

Film Exchanges of IT. S 237 

Film Exports 212 

Film Fire Prevention Co., Inc 5 

Film Income 40 

Film Mercury. The 346 

Film Players' Club. The ...373 

Film Trade Topics 346 

Films and Emulsions 340 

Films and Film Processing 34] 

Films of Commerce, Inc 79 

Financial Statements 21 

Finland 216-221 

First Division Pictures, Inc 5-226 

First National Pictures. Inc 5-226 

FitzPatrick Pictures, Inc 226 

Foreign Commerce Representatives of U. S 222 

Foreign Exchange Situation 218 

Foreign Market 214 

Foreign' Publications 348 

Foreword in 

Fox Film Corporation 5-22-43-226 

Fox Studios 43 

Fox Theatres Corporation 1 5-226 

Fox West Coast Theatres 227 

Fowler Studios 43 

France 214-221 

Friars, The 373 

Fulton, E. E., Company 6-228 

Futter Corporation, Ltd 47 

Futter Studios 47 


Gaumont-British Picture Corp., Ltd 6-228 

General Electric Company 79 

General Film Library, Inc 228 

General Recording 341 

General Talking Pictures 6 

German Agreement 219 

Germany 214-221 

Goldwyn, Samuel, Productions 44 

Greater Amusements 346 

Greater Cincinnati Motion Picture Exhibitors 

Association 304 

Greece 216-221 


Halperin Productions, Inc 44 

Hamilton, Lloyd, Productions 44 

Hanson, Oscar, Inc 228 

Harcol Motion Picture Industries, Inc 79 

Harrison's Reports 344 

Headline Pictures Corp 228 

Hercules Film Productions, Inc 44 

High and Low in Stock and Bond Trading for 

1931, 1930 and 1929 40 

Hiller, William, Productions 44 

Holmes, Burton, Lectures, lire 71 

Hollywood Bowl Association, The 373 

Hollywood Film Enterprises, Inc 44 

Hollywood Filmograph 346 

Hollywood Herald, The 344 

Hollywood Herald., Ltd. ..' 344 

Hollywood Pictures Corp 228 

Hollywood Reporter, The 344 

Hollywood Screen World 346 

Hollywood Spectator 346 

Home Office Executives Biographies 241 

Hi-Hatters, The 373 

Hungary 216-221 

Hutchinson, Craig. Productions, Inc 44- 


Ideal Pictures Corporation 44 

Imperial Pictures, Inc 228 

Index to Advertisers XIX 

Industry in Epitome XX 

Independent Exhibitors, Inc 304 

Independent Producers Association Members..! 65 

India 218-221 

Industrial Film Producers and Distributors 79 

Inside Facts 346 

Inspiration Pictures, Inc 44-22S 

Insurance — Court Decisions 326 

International Allied Theatrical Stage Employees 
and Motion' Picture Machine Operators (IATSE 

and MPMO) 373 

International Association' of Projectionists and 

Sound Engineers of North America 373 

International Educational Cinematographic Insti- 
tute 373 

International Federation of Catholic Alumnae Mo- 
tion Picture Federation 373 

International Photographer 344 

International Photographer Magazine 373 

International Photographers of the Moving Picture 

Industries 373 

International Projectionist 344 

International Projector Corporation 6 

International Recording Corp 44 

International Review of Educational Cinema- 
tography 373 

Interstate Production &• Amusement Corp 44 

Investment in Industry throughout World NX 

Investment in Industry in U. S XX 

Investment, New, in U. S. Due to Sound XX 

Investments in' Studios 1926-31 64 

Iowa-Nebraska Allied Association 304 

Italotone Film Productions, Inc 44 

Italy 214-221 


Japan 218-221 

Japanese Agreement 220 

Johnson', Martin, African Expedition Corp 228 


Key Theatres, 2,000 298 


Labor — Court Decisions 326 

Laboratory Equipment and Practice 341 

Lambs (Tub, The 374 

Latvia 216-221 

Law for Theatres 325 

Leases-Court Decisions 326 

Liability in Injury— Court Decisions (27 

Liberty Productions. Inc 44 

Licenses and Fees — Court Decisions 128 

Loew's, Inc 6-30-228 

Loucks and Norlirg Studios 79 

Ludwig Blattner Picture Corporation, Ltd 4 

Luxor Import Company 235 





Male Players Biographies 120 

Malkames Educational Film Co. 79 

Manufacturers of Theatre Equipment 308 

Managers Round Table, The 376 

Mascot Pictures Corporation* 44-228 

Masquers Club, The 374 

Mayfair Club, The 374 

Mayfair Pictures Corporation 228 

Melkon Motion Picture Laboratory 228 

Members of Independent Producers Association 65 

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Corporation 6-43-228 

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios 44 

Metro-Goldwyn Pictures Corporation 32 

Metropolitan Motioif Picture Co 79 

Metropolitan Sound Studios, Inc 45 

Mexico 216-221 

Michigan Film Review 346 

Miniature Movies 344 

Miscellaneous Court Decisions 330 

Mitchell Camera Corporation 229 

Monogram Pictures Corp 6-230 

Moser (Frank) and Terry (Paul) 45 

Motion Picture Club of New York 374 

Motion Picture Companies Personnel 223 

Motion Picture Daily 344 

Motion Picture Digest 346 

Motion Picture Directors Association 1 374 

Motion Picture Editors of Newspapers 356 

Motion Picture Herald 344 

Motion Picture Journal 346 

Motion Picture Location Managers Association 374 

Motion Picture Make-Up Artists Association 374 

Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of 

America 66 — 374 

Motion Picture Projectionist 344 

Motion Picture Record, The 346 

Motion Picture Releases— 1923 to 1930 (Inc.) 264 

Motion Picture Releases— 1931 and 1932 256 

Motion Picture Relief Fund of America, Inc 374 

Motion Picture Theatre Owners of America 304 

Motion Picture Theatre Owners of Maryland, Inc. 

(Allied) 304 

Motion Picture Times 346 

Moving Picture Review 344 

Movie Age 346 

MPTO of Arkan'sas, Mississippi and Tennessee 304 

MPTO of Kansas and Missouri 304 

MPTO of Ohio 304 

MPTO of St. Louis, Eastern Missouri and Southern 

Illinois 304 

MPTO of Westerif Pennsylvania and West Virginia 304 

MPTO of Wisconsin 304 

Multicolor, Inc 6-45 

Music Directors Biographies 206 


National Board of Review Magazine 374 

National Board of Review of Motion Pictures. . .66-374 

Activities 66 

Selections of Best Pictures 66 

National Exhibitor, The 346 

National Players 45 

National Screen Service Corp 230 

National Trade Publications 344 

Netherlands 214-221 

Netherlands East Indies 218-221 

Net Income Compared 40 

New England Film News 346 

New Movie Magazine 346 

New Theatres Erected in 1931 in U. S 305 

New York State Exhibitor, The 346 

New Zealand 218-221 

Newspaper Motion Picture Editors Biographies... 356 

Non-Intermittent Projection 341 

North and South Carolina Theatre Owners Asso- 
ciation ■ • • 304 

Northwest Theatre Owners Association of Minne- 
sota, North and South Dakota 304 

Norway 214-221 


Ohio Showman 346 

Operating Cost of Theatre Seating 800 336 

Operating Cost of Theatre Seating 1,500... 336 

Operating Cost of Deluxe "Theatre Seating 2,500 

to 4,000 336 

Ondas Sonoras 346 

Other Personnel Biographies 206 


Pacific Coast Exhibitor Bulletin 346 

Paraguay 218-221 

Paramount New York Studio 45 

Paramount Publix Coiporation 6-32-45-230 

Paramount West Coast Studios 45 

Patrici;m Pictures. Ltd 45 

Pathe Exchange, lire 6 

Pathe News. Inc 6-232 

Pathe Pictures, Ltd 7 

Payroll— Hollywood XX 

Peerless Productions, Inc 232 

Personnel Totals of the Studios 61 

Peru 217-221 

Philippine Islands 218-221 

Photographic Exports 212 

Photoplay's "Best Performances of 1931" 47 

Photoplay Medal for 1930 47 

Photophone Division of RCA Victor Co., Inc 7 

Pickford, Mary, Company 45 

Picture Classics, Inc 232 

Picture Releases— 1923 to 1930 (Inc.) 264 

Picture Releases— 1931 and 1932 256 

Placements by Central Casting Corporation 65 

Poland 216-221 

Pollard, Bud, Productions 232 

Porto Rico 217-221 

Portrait Artists Biographies 206 

Portugal 216-221 

Powers-Cinephone Equipment Corp 7-232 

Powers Pictures, Inc 7 

Premier Pictures Corporation 45 

Press Photographers Association of New York 374 

Principal Distributing Corp 232 

Production 41 

Production Code 48-66 

Production Executives Biographies 57 

Production Plans for 1932-33 48 

Production 1 Volume in U. S. Compared with 

World XX 

Progress Committee of SMPE — Abstract of 

Report 340 

Projection Equipment Cost 306 

Projection Equipment Exports 212 

Projection Equipment and Practice 341 

Projection Rooms -Standardized Layouts 333 

Projector Light Sources 341 

Projectors 341 


QRS-DeVry Corporation- 80 

Ouigley Publishing Company 344 


Radio Corporation of America 7-34-232 

Radio-Keith-Orpheum Corporation 7-34-232 

Radiotone Pictures Corp 45 

Ramsey Productions, Inc 233 

Raspin Productions, lire 7-232 

Ray-Bell Films, Inc 80 

RCA Victor Company, Inc 7-232 

Record Pictures, life 47 

Reel Journal, The 346 

Regional Trade Publications 346 

Relations in Construction — Court Decisions 328 

Releases— 1923 to 1930 (Inclusive) 264 

Releases— 1931 and 1932 256 

Ritchev Export Corporation 233 

RKO Radio Pictures, Inc 7-46-232 

RKO Radio-Pathe Pictures Studio 46 

Roach, Hal, Studio 45 

Rogell Productions, Ltd 46 

Rogers Productions, Ltd 46 

Rogers, Charles R., Productions, Inc 7 

Rogers, Rowland, Pictures Service, Inc 80 

Ross Federal Service, Inc 7 

Royal Studios 46 

Rumania 216-221 


Sales-on-Sound Corporation 233 

Screen Organizations 370 

Screen and Stage Area Equipment Cost 306 

Screen Writers' Guild of the Authors' League of 

America 374 

Screens 341 

Seating Capacity Totals XX 

Seating Capacity in U. S. (Average) 305 

Sennett, Mack, Studios 46 

Service-on-Souifd Corporation 233 

16 MM Board of Trade 233-375 

Society of Motion Picture Engineers 375 

Society for Visual Education 80 

Sono Art-World Wide Pictures, Inc 7-233 

Sound Picture Projectioif 341 

Sound Pictures, Inc 233 

Sound Recording 340 

Sound Waves 346 

South Africa 218-221 

Southeastern Theatre Owrfers Association 304 

Spain 216-221 

Stage Setting Directors Biographies 206 

Standard Sound Recording Corp 233 

Standardized Layouts for Projection Rooms 333 

Stark Films 80 

Stars (Potential) 80 

Stock Exchange 40 

Story Purchases 80 

Strickland Industrial Film Corp 80 

Studio Electricians Local 40 375 

Studio Illumination 340 

Studio Investments 1926-31 64 

Studio and Location 340 

Studio Mechanics Alliance 375 

Studio Personnel 43 

Studio Relations Committee of MPPDA 66 

Studio Realty and Buildings Valuation 60 

Studios' Personnel Totals 61 

Sunday Shows— Court Decisions 329 

Supplies for Theatres -Territorial Distributors 323 

Swedeir 216-221 

Switzerland 216-221 

Syndicate Pictures Corporation 7-234 


Talking Picture Epics, Inc 8-234 

Tannenbaum, J. C, Corporation 234 

Taxation — Court Decisions 329 

Tec-Art Studios, Inc.. of California 8-46 

Technicolor Motion Picture Corp 8-234 

Territorial Distributors of Theatre Supplies 323 

Theatre Circuits 295 

Theatre Construction Costs, General 331 

Theatre Construction and Equipment 305 

Theatre Construction Expenditures XX 

Theatre Equipment Cost 306 

Theatre Exterior Equipment Cost 306 

Theatre Facts at a Glance 305 

Theatre Information 305 

Theatre Law— Court Decisions in 1931 325 

Theatre Management 346 

Theatre Operating Costs 336 

Theatre Owners Association of Rhode Island 304 

Theatre Owners Protective Association 304 

Theatre Supplies— Territorial Distributors 323 

Theatre Technics Developments 337 

Theatres Operating and Dark, Sound- Equipped and 

Silent, Totals XX 

Theatres Throughout the World 221 

Theatres- 2,000 Key Houses 298 

Theatres of the United States— by States (Totals). 294 

Technics of the Theatre— Developments 337 

Three and Four-Reel Short Features 118 

Tieup Dates for the Showman 376 

Tiffany Productions, lire 8-234 

Tiffany Productions of California, Inc., Ltd 46-234 

Total Releases of 1931-32 season 48 

Trade and Fan Press Biographies 348 

Trade Fixtures— Court Decisions 330 

Trade Publications 344 

Trans-Lux Daylight Picture Corp...i 8-40-234 

Trem Carr Pictures, Ltd '. ... 46 

Triangle Film Corporation 46 

True Storv Pictures 234 

Turkev 216-221 

233 Club 375 

Two Thousand Key Theatres 298 


UFA 8-234 

United Artists Corporation 8-46-234 

United Artists Studio Corp 46 

United Artists Theatres of California, Inc 234 

Cnited Kingdom 214-218 

United Producers, Ltd 46 

L'niversal Picture Corporation 8-36-47-235 

Universum-Film Aktiegesellschaft (UFA) 8-234 

Universal West Coast Studios 47 

Uruguay 217-221 


Vagabond Adventure Pictures Corp 47 

Valuation of Studio Realty and Buildings 60 

Van Beuren Corporation, The 8-236 

Variety 346 

Venezuela 217-221 

Yisugraphic, life 236 

Voice of the Screen 346 


VVafilms, Inc 8-236 

Wampas "Baby Stars" of 1931 47 

Warner Brothers Eastern Vitaphone Studios 47 

Warner Brothers-First National Studios 47 

Warner Brothers Pictures, Inc 8-37-47-236 

Warners Brothers Theatres 237 

Weekly Film Review 346 

Western Associated Motion Picture Advertisers 

(Wampas) 375 

Western Electric Companv 8-37-237 

Wid's 346 

Writers, The 376 

Writers Biographies 191 


Young. Richard P. Young. Productions 47 

Yugoslavia 216-221 


Zit s 346 





Aalby Sisters 85 

Aaronson, Charles S 348 

Aaronson's Commanders 120 

Abbott, Al 120 

Abbott, George 177-191 

Abbott, Keene 366 

Abel, Sydney E 241 

Ackroyd, Jack 120 

Adair, Alice 85 

Adair, Janet 85 

Adair, Robert 120 

Adams, Cleve 241 

Adams, Dorothea 85 

Adams, Ernie 120 

Adams, Jack 120 

Adams, Jimmy 120 

Adams, Margaret 85 

Adelstein, Natalie 252 

Adler, William Fisher 57 

Adler, William S 252 

Adolfi, John G 177 

Adoree, Renee 85 

Adrian, Iris 85 

Agnew, Frances 191 

Agrrew, Robert 120 

Ahearn, Gladys 85 

Ahearrr, Thomas J 191 

Ahem, Will 120 

Ahlert, Fred A ". 120 

Aho, Betty 85 

Ahrens, Charles E 3-56 

Ainslee, Marguerite 85 

Ainslee, Marion 191 

Ainsworth, Cupid 85 

Alba, Maria 85 

Alberni, Luis 120 

Albers, Hans 120 

Alberti, Fritz 120 

Albertson, Frank 120 

Albrecht, Dan 360 

Albright, Bob. "Oklahoma" 120 

Albright, Hardie 120 

Albright, Wally, Jr 120 

Alda, Mme. Frances 85 

Alden, John 120 

Alden, Mary 85 

Alderson, Erville 120 

Aldine, Jimmy 120 

Aldrich, Meeka 85 

Alexander, Ben 120 

Alexander George 120 

Alexander, J. Grubb 191 

Alexander, Katherine 85 

Alexander, Richard 120 

Alexander, Ross 120 

Alexis, Demetrios 120 

Algier, Sidney H 57 

Alicoate, Jack 348 

Allan, Hugh 120 

Allen, Alice 85 

Allen, Dorr 120 

Allen, Elsie 85 

Allen. Florence 85 

Allen, Fred 120 

Allen, Gordon H 358 

Allen, Harry 120 

Allen, Ricca 85 

Allen, Sam 120 

Allen, Theresa 85 

Allister, Claud 120 

Altingen, Heinz 120 

Alton, Maxine 191 

Alvarado, Don 120 

Alvarez, Alvaro D 368 

Alvarez, Louis 120 

Amann, Betty 85 

Ames, Adrienne 85 

Ames, Floyd 120 

Ames, Lionel "Mike" 120 

Ames, Robert 120 

Amos 120 

Anderson, C. E 120 

Anderson, Doris 191 

Anderson, Freddy 120 

Andersen, H. Viggo 360 

Anderson, John Murray 177 

Anderson, Lynn 120 

Aifderson, Philip 120 

Anderson, R. E 241 

Anderson, Robert 120 

Andra, Fern 85 

Andrews, Del 177-191 

Andriot, Poupee 85 

Andy 120 

Angelus, Babe 85 

Anthony, John 120 

Anthony. Walter 191 

Apfel. Oscar C 120 

Archainbaud, George 177 

Archer, Patricia 85 

Ardath, Fred and Co 120 

Ardell, Franklyn 120 

Arledge, John 120 

Arlen, Richard 120 

Arliss, George 120 

Armetta, Henry 122 

Armida 85 

Armitage, Albert 362 

Armstrong. Robert 122 

Arnst, Bobbe 85 

Artaud, Antonin 122 

Arthur, George K 122 

Arthur, Jean 85 

Arthur, Tohrrny 122 

Arthur. Tulian 191 

Artz, Webb 364 

Arzner, Dorothy 177 

Asbury, Adalyn 85 

Ash, Sam 122 

Ashcraft, James M 57 

Asher, Alvin J 252 

Asher, Max 122 

Asher, Roland Hilliard 191 

Ashley, Mary 85 

Ashton, Herbert 122 

Ashton, Sylvia 85 

Askam, Perry 122 

Asper, Ferdinand 122 

Astaire, Marie 85 

Asther, Nils 122 

Astor, Gertrude 85 

Astor, Mary 85 

Atchley, Hooper 122 

Ates, Rosco 122 

Atkins, Sextette, Tommy 122 

Atwill, Lionel, 122 

Aubrey, Jimmie 122 

Auburn, Joy 85 

Auer, Mischa 122 

Ault, Marie 85 

Austin, Leslie 122 

Austin, William 122 

Autrey, Max Munn 206 

Aylesworth, Merlin Hall 241 

Ayres, Agnes 85 

Ayres, Lew 122 

Bachman, J. G 57 

Baclanova, Olga 85 

Bacon, Irving 122 

Bacon, Lloyd 177 

Badger, Clarence 177 " 

Baer, Fred 252 

Baggott. King 122-177 

Bahn, Chester B 369 

Bailey, G. Rex 57 

Bailey, William Norton 122 

Bailev & Barnum 122 

Baird. Ethel 85 

Baker, Betty 85 

Baker, Eddie 177 

Baker, C. Graham 57 

Baker, Colley S 369 

Baker, Eddie 122 

Baker, Lorin 122 

Baker, Melville 191 

Baker, Nellie Bly 85 

Baker, Opal 85 

Baker, Sam 122 

Bakewell. William 122 

Bailey, Roy V 368 

Baldinger, Wilber H 356 

Baldwin, Earl W 191 

Balhous, Karl 122 

Ballard, Elmer 122 

Ballentine, E. W 241 

Ballet, Albertina 85 

Ballou. Marian 85 

Balshofer, Fred T 241 

Balsly, Lee D 241 

Bancroft. George 122 

Bankhead, Tallulah 85 

Banky. Vilma 85 

Bannister, Harry 122 

Ban'thim, Larry 122 

Banton, Travis 206 

Banyard, Beatrice 85 

Baravalle, Victor 57 

Baral, Robert 360 

Bard, Ben 122 

Barker, Ambrose 122 

Barker, Reginald 177 

Barnes, Eleanor 362 

Barnes, T. Roy 122 

Barnett, Grace Leone 360 

Barnett. Vincent 122 

Baron, Paul 122 

Barraud. George 122 

Barrie, Judith 85 

Barringer, Barry 191 

Barris, Harry 122 

Barrios, Jean 85 

Barriscale, Bessie 85 

Barrows, Henry 122 

Bary, Gerard 123 

Barry, Francis T 241 

Barry, Leon 123 

Barry, Tom 191 

Barrv, Wesley 122 

Barry & Whitledge 123 

Barrye, Emily 86 

Barrymore, John 123 

Barrymore, Lionel 123 

Bartels, Louis John 123 

Barthelmess, Richard 123 

Barthory, Gisella 86 

Bartlett, Edwin 123 

Bartlett, Hedda 86 

Bartlett, J. L 123 

Bartlett, Randolph 191 

Barton, Buzz 123 

Barton, James 123 

Bartram & Saxton 123 

Baruch. Svdney Norton 241 

Bary, Jearr 123 

Baskin, Alice Haines 366 

Basquette, Lina 86 

Bates, Les 123 

Bates, Pauline Cooper 366 

Batrick, Corbin 360 

Batie. Franklin 123 

Batten, John 123 

Baudin, Henry 123 

Bauer, Russell G 3-58 

Baugh, Jay B 368 

Baumeister, Ernest 123 

Baxley, Jack 123 

Baxter, George 123 

Baxter. Warner 123 

Beale, Frank 123 

Beall, Harry Hammond 252 

Bean. Margaret 369 

Beard. Mathew 123 

Beaton, Welford 348 

Beatty, May 86 

Beaudiite, Harold 177 

Beaudine, William 177 

Beaumont, Harry 177 

Beaumont, Lucy 86 

Beaver, Louise 86 

Bechtel. William 123 

Beck, John 123 

Beck, T. Emmett 123 

Beck. Martin 241 

Bedford. Barbara 86 

Beebe, Ford 1 191 

Beebee. Marjorie 86 

Beecher, Sylvia 86 

Beery, Noah 123 

Beery, Jr., Noah 123 

Beerv. Wallace 123 

Behn. Harry 191 

Beharano, Julia S6 

Bela, Nicholas 123 

Bell, Jefferson 362 

Bell, Miriam Reynolds 360 

Bell, Monta 177 

Bell, Nelson B 364 

Bell. Rex 123 

Bell, Spencer 123 

Bell & Coates 123 

Bellamv, Madge 86 

Bellamy, Ralph 123 

Bellew, Anita 86 

Belle w, Cosmo Kyrle 123 

Bellman, Jack 241 

Belmont, Baldy 123 

Belmont, Gladys 86 

Belmore, Lionel 123 

Belmore, Daisy 86 

Bender, Harrv , 123 

Benedict, Brooks 123 

Benedict. Kingsley 123 

Benge. Wilson 123 

Benham, Elsa 86 

Bennett. Alma 86 

Bennnett, Barbara 86 

Bennett, Belle 86 

Bennett. Billie 86 

Bennett, Constance 86 

Bennett. Enid 86 

Bennett. Gertrude 86 

Bennett, Joan' 86 

Bennett, Joseph 123 

Bennett, Mickey 123 

Bennett, Spencer G 177 

Bennett. Waldo H 356 

Bcnirison. Andrew 191 

Benny. Jack 123 

Beranger, Andre 123 

Berangcr, Clara 191 

Beranger, Frances 86 

Berger. Ludwig 177 

Bergren. Edgar 123 

Berman, Bobby Burns 123 

Berman, Pandro S 57 

Bern, Paul 55-177 

Bernfeld, Herman J 358 

Bernstein, Isadore 191 

Bernstein, Jules 57 

Bernt, Reinhold 124 

Berraud, George 124 

Berrell, George 124 

Berry, Kenneth W 366 

Bertram, William 177 

Besserer, Eugenie 86 

Best, Edna 86 

Betz, Matthew 124 

Bevarf, Billy 124 

Bey, Erik 124 

Beyer, Charles Walter 124 

Bianchetti, Suzanne 86 

Bibber, Otto 124 

Biblyn, Charles 124 

Bickel, George 124 

Bickford, Charles 124 

Biebrach, Rudolf 124 

Bienert, Gerhard 124 

"Big Boy" (Malcolm Williams) 124 

Billdrew, A. C. H 86 

Billings, George 124 

Biltmore Trio 124 

Bing, Herman 124 

Birmingham, Ala 124 

Biro, Lajos 191 

Bischoff, Samuel 57 

Black, Buck 124 

Black, Maurice '. 124 

Black, Sam 348 

Blackburn, Edward 0 241 

Blackmer, Sidney 124 

Blackwell, Carlyle 124 

Blandick, Clara 86 

Blane, Sally 86 

Blanka, Valeria 86 

Blaufox, Jay David 252 

Bletcher. Billy 124 

Blinn, Genevieve 86 

Block, Alfred 191 

Block, Ralph 57-191 

Blondell, Toan 86 

Blue, Monte 124 

Blum, Sammy 124 

Blumenstock, Mort 177 

Blystone, John G 178 

Blystone, Stanley , 124 

Blythe, Betty 86 

Boardman, Eleanor 86 

Boardman, Virginia True 86 

Boasberg, Al 57-191 

Boehm. Endre 191 

Boehnel, William 364 

Boelner, Willard 124 

Bohr, Jose 124 

Boland, Eddie 124 

Boland, Jack 178 

Bolder, Robert 124 

Boles, John 124 

Boleslavsky. Richard 17S 

Boley, Mary 86 

Bolton, Guy 191 

Bolton, Helen 86 

Bond. Lillian 86 

Bond. Ward 124 

Bondireff, Alexei 124 

Bonillas. Myrta 86 

Bonn, Louis A 241 

Bonner, Marjorie 86 

Bonner, Priscilla 87 

Bonomo, Joe 124 

Booth, Edwina 87 

Booth. John Hunter 191 

Bordeaux. Toe 124 

Borderr, Eddie 124 

Borden, Eugene 124 

Borden, Olive 87 

Bordet, Jearf 124 

Bordon, Rene 124 

Bordoni. Irene 87 

Borg, Earl L 368 

Borgato, Agostino 124 

Borio, Josephine 87 

Born & Lawrence 124 

Boros, Ferike 87 

Borthwick. George 241 

Borzage. Frank 178 

Bosworth. Hobart 124 

Boteler. Wade 124 

Botsford. A. M 252 

Bourke. Fan 87 

Bow, Clara 87 

Bowcn, Harry " 124 

Bowers. Bruce 124 

Bowers, Charley 124-192 

Bowers, Henry A 126 

Bowers. John 126 

Bowes, Major Edward 241 

Boyd. Betty 87 




Boyd, Dorothy 87 

Boyd. William 126 

Boykm, Clarence E 368 

Boylan, Malcolm Stuart 192 

Boyle, Joseph C 178 

Brabin, Charles 178 

Bracy, Sidney 126 

Bradbury, James, Jr 126 

Bradbury, James, Sr 126 

Bradford. Virginia 87 

Bradin, Jean lgj 

Bradley. Estelle °7 

Brady, Ed 126 

Brady, Stewart 126 

Bragdorf, Cliff 126 

Braman, Verne T 241 

Bramley, Flora 87 

Branch. Houston 192 

Brand. Harry 252 

Brandt. Joe 241 

Branniff. Earl C 360 

Brauninger, A. C 241 

Bray, Florence 87 

Brayton, Richard Knox 362 

Breeden, John 126 

Breedon, James 126 

Breen, Joseph 1 241 

Breese, Edmurfd 126 

Brendel, El 126 

Brennan. Walter 126 

Brenon. Herbert l'° 

Brent, Evelyn 87 

Brent, Helen 87 

Brent, Lynton 126 

Breon, Edmund |~6 

Bretherton, Howard 1/8 

Brian, Dorfald 126 

Brian, Mary 87 

Brice, Fanny 87 

Brice, Lew ■■ 126 

Brice, Monty t 178- 192 

Bricker, Sammy 126 

Briggs, O. H 241 

Briggs, Wellington l^b 

Brigham. Leslie 126 

Bright. John 192 

Brinkman, Dolores 87 

Brinley, Charles E 126 

Brinsmade, Herman H 364 

Briscoe, Albert 126 

Briskin, Irving 241 

Briskin, Samuel J 57 

Brisson, Carl 126 

Britt, George 348 

Brock. Louis 57 

Brockwell, Gladys 87 

Broderick. Helen 1 8/ 

Brodie. Don L 126 

Brody, Ann 87 

Brody. Kstelle 87 

Brokenshire. Norman 126 

Bronell. Eddie 126 

Bronson. Betty 87 

Brook. Clive 126 

Brooker, Tom 126 

Brooks, Alan 126 

Brooks. Louise 87 

Brooks. Robert 126 

Brooks. Tyler 126 

Brooks & Ross 126 

Brophy. Eddie 126 

Brossow. Olive 362 

Broughton. Cliff 57 

Brower. Otto 1/8 

Brower. Robert 126 

Brown, Anthony 178 

Brown, Charles D 126 

Brown. Clarence 178 

Brown. Colvirf 348 

Brown. Dorothy 87 

Brown, George 252 

Brown. Harry J 1/8 

Brown. Hiram S 241 

Brown, Howard C 242 

Brown, Irene 87 

Brown, Joe 126 

Brown, Joe E 126 

Brown, Johnny Mack 126 

Brown. Josephine 87 

Brown. Karl 178 

Brown. Katherine 192 

Brown. Lew 192 

Brown, Martin 192 

Brown. Melville 178 

Brown. Milt 127 

Brown, Roger S 368 

Brown. Rowland 192 

Brown, Tom 127 

Brown. William 242 

Brown & Whitaker 127 

Browne, Betty 87 

Browne, Frank 127 

Browne, Jerry 127 

Browne, Lucille 87 

Browrfe. Walter 1/ 356 

Brownell, Edward 127 

Browning, George 356 

Browning, Tod 178 

Brownlee. Frank 127 

Brox Sisters, Three 87 

Bruce. Clifford 127 

Bruce, Robert C 178 

Bruce, Virginia 87 

Brulatour, Jules E 242 

Brunei. Henri P 242 

Brunson, William Alexander 358 

Brunston. Herbert 127 

Bryant, Kay 87 

Bryon, John* 127 

Buchanan, Jack 127 

Buchanan. Virginia 87 

Bucher, E. E 242 

Buck and Bubbles 127 

Buckingham. Thomas 192 

Buckland, Mrs. Wilfred 87 

Bucklev, Harrv D 242 

Budwin, Ray 369 

Buell, Jed 252 

Buffalo Bill, Tr 127 

Buffington. Adele 192 

Bunn, Alice 87 

Bunn, C. W 242 

Bumfy, George 127 

Burbridge. Betty 192 

Burg, Eugene 127 

Burger. Paul 242 

Burgess. Dorothy 87 

Burghardt. George 127 

Burke. Edwin 192 

Burke, Tohnnv 127 

Burke, Marcella 348 

Burke, Marie 87 

Burke, Melville 178 

Burke. Tom 127 

Rurkhardt. Harry 127 

Burmester. Augusta 87 

Burns. Bobby 127 

Ruins. Eddie 1'7 

Burns, Edmund 127 

Burns. Fred 127 

Burns & Kissen 127 

Burns. Neal 127-192 

Burns. Robert 127 

Rurr. C C 57 

Burt. Billie 87 

Burt. Charline 87 

Burt. Frederick 127 

Rurt. William P 127 

Burt, William Presley 192 

Burton. Clarence V7 

Burton", David 178 

Burton. Frederick 127 

Burton. Martin 127 

Busch. Eugene 178 

Busch. Mae 87 

Busch. Noel 364 

Busbell. Anthony 127 

Bushman. Francis X 1 9 7 

Bushman. Francis X.. Tr 127 

Busley. Tessie 87 

Butler. David 127-178 

Butler. Frank 192 

Bu 1 1 . Lawsoti W 127 

Butts. Billv 127 

Butterworth. Charles 127 

Buzzell. Eddie 127 

Byers. Charles 127 

Bvers. Ralph N 380 

Byrnes, Garrett D 366 

Byron. Arthur & Co 127 

Byron. Eileen 87 

Bvron. George 127 

Bvroif. Tohn 127 

Byron. Kate 87 

Bvron. Marion 87 

Byron. Roy 127 

Byron. Walter 127 

Caballero, Charles 242 

Cabanne. Christy 178 

Caesar. Arthur 192 

Cagnev. Tames 127 

Cahlan. Tohn F 362 

Cail, Howard L 366 

Caine, Georgia 88 

Caldwell. Bettv 88 

Caldwell, H. H 192 

Callaghan, Andrew J 242 

Callahan. Andrew 127 

Callahan. Bobby 127 

Callis. David 127 

Calthrop, Donald 127 

Calvert. E. H 127 

Calvert. Lowell V 242 

Calvin, Grace 360 

Cameron. Hugh J28 

Cameron. Tack 128 

Cameron. Rudy 128 

Camp. Shen 128 

Camp. Walter 242 

Campbell. Colin 128 

Campbell. Flo 88 

Campbell, Frank 128 

Campbell. Frederick S 57 

Campbell. Margaret 88 

Campbell. Webster 128 

Campbell, William 358 

Campeau, Frank 128 

Cannon. Raymond 178 

Cantor. Eddie 128 

Canutt, Yakima 128 

Capra, Frank R 178 

Cardona, Rene 128 

Carewe, Arthur E 128 

Carewe, Edwin 178 

Carewe, James 128 

Carewe, Rita 88 

Carew, Ora Whytock 88 

Carey, Harrv 128 

Carillo, Mario 128 

Carle, Richard 128 

Carlisle, Jack 128 

Carlyle, Aileen 88 

Carlyle, Richard 128 

Carney, Bob 128 

Carol, Sue .. 88 

Caron, Patricia 88 

Carpenter, Horace B 128 

Carpentier, Georges 128 

Carr, Alexander 128 

Carr, Cameron 128 

Carr, Mary 88 

Carr, Nat 128 

Carr, Trem 57 

Carrillo, Leo 128 

Carrington, Helen 88' 

Carroll, Albert 128 

Carroll, Charles P 252 

Carroll, Harrison 362 

Carroll, Moon 128 

Carroll, Nancy 88 

Carsky, Boris 128 

Carson, James B 128 

Carson, Jean V 358 

Carter, Betty 88 

Carter, Kathryn 88 

Cartier, Jacques 128 

Carver, Louise 88 

Caryl!, Billy 128 

Casey, Jimmy 128 

Casey, Naomi 88 

Casson, Reg 128 

Carter, Monte 178 

Castle, Robert 128 

Gathers, Hubert Emory J56 

Catlett, Walter 128 

Cattle, Harrv 128 

Catlett, Walter 1 192 

Cavanagh, Paul 128 

Cavender, Glen 128 

Cavin. Allen 128 

Cawthorn. Joseph 128 

Cawthorrfe. Peter 128 

Ceballos, Larry 57 

Cecil, Ed 128 

Cecil, Nora 88 

Ceder, Ralph 178 

Cerdi, Francis M 128 

Chadwick, Cyril 128 

Chadwick, Helen 88 

Chadwick. I. E 57 

Chadwick, Ida May 88 

Chakatouny, A 130 

Challenger, Percy 130 

Chance, Anna 88 

Chandlee, Harry E 192 

Chandler, Anna 88 

Chandler. Edward 130 

Chandler, George 130 

Chandler. Helen 88 

Chandler, Lane 130 

Chaney, "Chubby" 130 

Chaney, Lon 130 

Chang. King Hoo 130 

Chanslor, Roy 192 

Chapin, Tacques 130 

Chaplin, "Charles 57-130 

Chaplin, Sydney 130 

Chapman. Edythe 88 

Charle, Gustav 130 

Charlton. Theodore 58-242 

Chariot Chorus 88 

Charsky, Boris 130 

Charters, Spencer 130 

Chase, Charley 130 

Chase, Chaz 130 

Chase, Colin 130 

Chase, Franklin H 369 

Chase. Ilka 88 

Chasen, David 130 

Chatterton. Ruth 88 

Chautard, Emile 130-178 

Chefe, Jack 130 

Chekova, Olga 88 

Cheron, Andre 130 

Cherrill, Virginia 88 

Cherrington, Harold E 358 

Chesnutt, Jim 368 

Chevalier. Maurice 130 

Chevret. Lata 88 

Chew, Frank 130 

Chief Big Tree 130 

Chief Caupolican 130 

Chief White Horse 130 

Chief Yowlache 130 

Childers, Naomi 88 

Chiles. George 130 

Chisholm. Robert 130 

Chorre. Gertrude .... 88 

Christiansen. Benjamin 179 

Christie, Al 58 

Christie. Arthur E 242 

Christie. Charles H 58 

Christy, Ann 88 

Christy, Dorothy 88 

Christy, Ivan 130 

Church, Fred 130 

Churchill, Berton 130 

Churchill. Marguerite 88 

Churchill. Wynne 130 

Ciccolini, Guido 130 

Claire, Bernice 88 

Claire, Ethalyn 8* 

Claire, Ina 88 

Clare, Paul 130 

Clark, Andy 130 

Clark, Charles Galloway 206 

Clark, Daniel B 179 

Clark, Edward 130 

Clark, Frank 130 

Clark, Frank Howard 192 

Clark, G. Davidson 130 

Clark, Harvey 130 

Clark, Herbert 130 

Clark, J. Aubrey 192 

Clark, James A 252 

Clark, John D 242 

Clark, Mary 88 

Clark, Norman 556 

Clarke. Harley L 242 

Clarke, Kerry 192 

Clarke, Mae 88 

Clarke. Westcott 130 

Clary, Charles 130 

Clawson, Elliot 192 

Clayton, Arthur 130 

Clayton, Eddie 130 

Clayton, Ethel 88 

Clayton, Evelvn 88 

Clayton 1 , Lou 130 

Clayton, Marion 91 

Cleary, Maurice G 58 

Clemens, Louis L 369 

Clement. Clay 130 

Clemento, Esteban 130 

Clements, Colin 192 

Clemons, Jimmv 130 

Clift, Denison .130-192 

Clifford, Edwin S 348 

Clifford. Kathleen 91 

Clifford. Ruth 91 

Clifford, Tom. Jr 130 

Clifton, Elmer 179 

Cline, Eddie 179 

Cline. Hall 130 

Clinton, Harriet Pettibone 362 

Clinton. Helen 368 

Clive, Colin 130 

Clive, Henry 130 

Clofiife. M. D 242 

Clute, Ouster 131 

Clyde, Andy 131 

Clyde, June 91 

Cobb, Edmund 131 

Cobb, Joe 131 

Cochran, Harry M 362 

Cochrane, Robert H 242 

Codee & Orth 131 

Cody, Bill 131 

Cody, Lew 131 

Coe, Rose 91 

Coffee, Lerfore J 192 

Coffin, Ray 252 

Coghlan, junior 131 

Cogley, Nick 131 

Cohan, Helen 91 

Coharf, Philip 58 

Cohen, Emanuel 242 

Cohen, Harold W 366 

Cohen, Julius 364 

Cohen. Max 58 

Cohen, Sammv 131 

Cohn. Alfred A 192 

Cohn. Harry 58 

Cohn, Jack 58 

Cohn. Martin G 58 

Cokell. Walter B 242 

Colbert. Claudette 91 

Colby, Archie 192 

Coldewav. Anthonv 192 

Cole. Lester 131 

Coleman. Bruce "Chubby" 131 

Coleman. Claudia 91 

Coleman, Don 131 

Coleman, Majel 131 

Collegiate Four, The 151 

Collett, Gene 358 

Collier. Buster 131 

Collier. Robert 252 

Collier. William, Jr 131 

Collier. William. Sr 131 

Collins, C. E 131 

Collins. G. Pat 131 

Collins. Arthur G 179 

Collins. Kathleen 91 

Collins. Lew 179 

Collins. Monte, Jr 131 

Collyer, June 91 

Colman, Ronald 131 

Colonial Girls, Three 91 

Columbo, Russell 131 

Colvin. Gijly 131 

Colvin, William 131 

Comas, Evan 131 

Combe. Boyce 131 

Comerford. M. E 242 




Compson, Betty 91 

Compton, Betty 91 

Compton, Fay 91 

Compton, Joyce 91 

Compton, Juliette 91 

Condon, Charles R 192 

Condon, Jackie 131 

Condon, Waide Moore 368 

Conklin, Chester 131 

Conklin, Heinie 131 

Conklirf, William 131 

Conley, J. Harry 131 

Conlin, Jimmy 131 

Conlin & Glass 131 

Conly, Onest 131 

Connelly, Edward 131 

Connery, David Pugsley 370 

Connolly, Myles 58 

Connolly, Walter 131 

Connolly & Weinrich 131 

Connor, Buck 131 

Connors, Barry 192 

Conover, Theresa Maxwell 91 

Corfrad, Eddie 131 

Cbnselman, William Marien 192 

Conti, Albert 131 

Conti, Gino 131 

Contner, J. Burgi 243 

Conway. Tack 179 

Coogan. Jackie 131 

Coogan, Margaret 364 

Coogan, Robert 131 

Cook, Al 131 

Cook, Clyde 131 

Cook, Donald 132 

Cook, Grant L 243 

Cook, Joe 132 

Cooke, Ray 132 

Cooke, Walter P 243 

Coole, Al 132 

Cooley, Frank L 132 

Cooley, Hallam 132 

Cooper, Edna May 91 

Cooper, Florence 91 

Cooper, Gary 132 

Cooper. George 132 

Cooper, Jack 132 

Cooper, Tackie 132 

Cooper. Merian C 58-179-243 

Cooper & Stept 132 

Coots, J. Fred 132 

Corbett, Ben 132 

Corbett, James 132 

Corbett. William 132 

Corbin, Virginia Lee 92 

Corboy, Susan 92 

Corcoran. George "Red" 132 

Corda. Maria 92 

Corday, Marcella 92 

Corder, Gus 243 

Cording. Harry 132 

Coreene, Marcelle 92 

Cordish, Nat 58 

Corev. Jim 132 

Cormack. Bartlett 194 

Cornwall. Ann 92 

Cornwell. Edwin Charles 369 

Corono. Benita 132 

Corrado, Gino 132 

Correy, James 132 

Corrigan, D'Arcy 132 

Corrigan, Emmett 132 

Corrigan, Lloyd 179-194 

Corrow, Susan 92 

Cort, Harry 194 

Cortez, Ricardo 132 

Coscia & Verdi 132 

Cosgrave. Luke 132 

Coslow, Sam 132 

Costello, Dolores 92 

Costello, Helene 92 

Costello, John 132 

Costello, Maurice 132 

Costello. William 133 

Couch. Robert 132 

Coughlin. Tames 132 

Coulter, Prevost 3-58 

Courtney, Inez 9"2 

Courtney, William 132 

Courtright. William 132 

Cowan, Tames R 58 

Cowen. William J 179 

Cowles. Jules 132 

Cox, James David 206 

Coxeri, Edward 132 

Coyle & Weir 132 

Craft. William 179 

Craig. Blanche 92 

Cram. Harold Edgerly 366 

Cramer. Marguerite 92 

Cramer. Richard 132 

Crandell, Edward 132 

Crane. Frank 132 

Crane, Hal 132 

Crane, Helen 9? 

Crane, James 132 

Crane, Phyllis . 92 

Cravath, Paul Drennan ' 243 

Craven, Auriole 92 

Craven. Frank 1.12 

Crawford, Toan 92 

Crawford. Kathryn 92 

Crespo, Jose 132 

Crewe, Regina 364 

Crews, Laura Hope 92 

Cripps, Kerman 132 

Crisp. Donald 132-179 

Crocker, Harry 132 

Crockett, ' Charles 132 

Cromwell, John 132-179 

Cromwell, Richard 132 

Cron, Jas. A 348 

Crone, George J ."■ 180 

Crooker, Herbert 252 

Croonaders, The 132 

Crosby, Bing 132 

Crosby, Juliette 92 

Croslar/d, Alan 180 

Cross, Rhoda 92 

Crossley, Syd 132 

Crouch, William F 350 

Crowell, Bubbles 92 

Crowell & Parvis 132 

Cruger, Paul 194 

Cruse Brothers 132 

Cruze, Charles 132 

Cruze, James 180 

Cugat, X. and his Gigolos 134 

Cukor, George 180 

Cumellas, Antonio 134 

dimming. Dorothy 92 

Cummirfgs, Constance 92 

Cummings, Don 134 

Cummings, Dwight W 194 

Cummings, Hugh 180-194 

Cummings, Irving 180 

Cummings, Ruth 194 

Cummiskey, Thomas 243 

Cunard, Grace 92 

Cuntiing, Patrick Michael 134 

Cunningham, Jack 194 

Cunningham, James P 350 

Cunningham, William S 358 

Curran. Thomas 134 

Currier, Richard C 58 

Curtis, Beatrice 92 

Curtis. Edward P 243 

Curtis, Jack 134 

Curtis, Roxanne 92 

Curtiz. Michael 180 

Curwood. Bob 134 

Custer, Bob 134 

D'Agostino, Albert S 206 

DAlbrook, Sidney 134 

DAmbricourt. Adrienne 92 

D'Arcy, Roy 134 

D'Arrast. H. D'Abbadie 180 

D'Avril. Yola 92 

Dable, Frances 92 

Dade. Frances 92 

Dagna, Jeanette 9? 

D'agover, Lil 92 

Dais, George 134 

Dale. Billy 134 

Dale. James 134 

Daly, Jane 92 

Daly, Marcella 92 

Damereaux, Elsie 92 

Damita. Lily 92 

Dana. Fred 134 

Dana, Viola 92 

Dane, Karl 134 

Daniel, Frank 356 

Daniell. Henry 134 

Daniels, Bebe 92 

Daniels, Thelma 92 

Dark. Michael 134 

Darling, Ida 92 

Darling, Jean 92 

Darling. W. Scott 194 

Darmour, Larry 58 

Darr, Vondell 92 

Darro, Frankie 134 

Darrow. John 134 

Datig. Ferdirfand A 58 

Daumery. Mine. Carrie 92 

Davenport. Milla 92 

Daves, Delmar 134-194 

Davidsorf, John 134 

Davidson, Lawford 134 

Davidson. Max 134 

Davidson. William B 134 

Davies, Howard 134 

Davies, Marion 92 

Davies, Muggins 134 

Davis, Bette 92 

Davis, Delmar 134 

Davis, Edwards 134 

Davis, Ethel 92 

Davis, Frank 134 

Davis, George 134 

Davis, Ciunnis 134 

Davis, Harry 206 

Davis. Harry Phillips 243 

Davis, Trying Kaye 194 

Davis, Manton 243 

Davis, Owen, Jr 134 

Davis, Roger 134 

Davis, Tyrell 134 

Davison, F. Trubee 243 

Dawford, Betty 92 

Dawson, Doris 92 

Dawson, Edmund T 350 

Day, Alice 93 

Day, Marceline 93- 

Day, Olga 93 

Dayde, Frances 93 

De Bard, Oeanne 134 

De Borba, Dorothy 93 

De Brulier, Nigel 134 

De Grasse, Sam 134 

DeGrey, Sidney 134 

De Kerekjarto, Duci 93 

DeKirby, Aaron 134 

De Kirby, Annette 93 

DeKnight, Fannie Bell 93 

DeLaCruze, Joe 134 

De La Falaise, Henri 180 

D'e La Motte, Marguerite 93 

De Grasse, Joseph 180 

DeLange, Eddie 134 

De La Plaza & Junita 134 

De Lacy, Philippe 134 

de Lasky 93 

De Leon, Walter 194 

De Liguoro, Rina 93 

De Limur, Jean 180 

De Main, Gordon 134 

de Mille, Cecil Blount 180 

deMille, William 180 

De Montez, Chiquita 93 

De Putti, Dya 93 

de Ramed, Pierre 134 

De Recat, Emilie 180 

de Rochemont, Louis 243 

De Rochemont, Richard 243 

De Ruiz, Mick 134 

De Sano, Marcel 180 

De Segurola, Andre 134 

De Sylva, Fred W 134 

D'Usseau, Leon 58 

De Vally, Antoine 58 

De Vore, James J 134 

DeVorska, Jess 134 

DeVrica, Henri 135 

Dean, Priscilla 93 

Deane, Verne 93 

Dee, Frances 93 

Deering, Edgar 135 

Deering, Patricia 93 

Deiro, Guido 135 

Del Ruth, Roy 188 

Delaney, Charles 135 

Delaney, Jere 135 

Delehanty, Thornton 364 

Delf, Harry 135 

Dell, Claudia 93 

Dellson, Clyde 135 

Delmar, Rosita 93 

Del Rio, Dolores 93 

Delroy, Irene 93 

DeMarest, Drew 135 

DeMarest, William 135 

Dempsey. Clifford 135 

Denbo, Doris 194 

Dennison, Eva 93 

Denny, Reginald 135 

Dent, Vernorr 135 

Depew, Joseph 135 

Depinet, Ned E 243 

Derickson & Brown 135 

Deslys, Kay 93 

Desmon, William 135 

Dessez. Elizabeth Richey 243 

Deutsch, Adolph 58 

Devan, Dorothy 93 

Devine, Andy 135 

Devol, Norman 206 

Devore, Dorothy 93 

Dewey, Earle 135 

Deyers, Lien 135 

Dezsoeffy, Laslo 93 

Diamond. L. S 243 

Dickerson, Homer 135 

Dickerson. Milton 135 

Dickey, Paul 194 

Diegel, Leo 135 

Diegelmann, Wilbelm 135 

Diehl. Ludwig 135 

Dietrich, Marlene 93 

Dietrich. Noah 243 

Dietz. Howard 252 

Dieudonne, Albert 135 

Diggs, Dudley 135 

Diggs. Jr.. Richard H 194 

Dillaway. Donald 135 

Dillon', Edward 135 

Dillon. Tohn Francis 180 

Dillon, John Webb 135 

DiUson, Clyde 135 

Dimon, Howard P 356 

Dione. Rose 93 

Diskav, Joseph 135 

Disunite. Paul 135 

Disney, Walt 58 

Dix, Beulah Marie 194 

Dix. Marion 194 

Dix. Richard 135 

Dixon, Tean 93 

D'obie, Duncan A., Jr 350 

Dodd, Claire 93 

Doeblin, Hugo 135 

Doerr, Clyde 135 

Doherty, Darnel 252 

Doherty, Edward 135 

Doherty, Ethel 194 

Doidge, Robert W 243 

Dolan, James 135 

Don & Luis 135 

Donahue, Joe 135 

Donaldson, Arthur 135 

Donelly, Leo 135 

Doner, Kitty 93 

Doner, Peggy 93 

Doner, Ted 135 

Donlan, James 135 

Donlevy, Brian 135 

Donlin, Mike 135 

Donnelly, Leon 135 

Dormer, Vyvyan 243 

Donovan, Frank P 180 

Donovan, Jack 135 

Dooley, Billy 135 

Doran, Jr., D. A 194 

Doran, Mary 93 

Dore, Adrienne 93 

Dorety, Charles 135 

Dorman, Shirley 93 

Dorraine, Lucy 93 

Dorr, Lester 135 

Dorsay, Fifi 93 

Dossett, Chapel 135 

Doty, Douglas 194 

Dougherty, Egon M 206 

Dougherty, Jack 135 

Douglas, Byron 135 

Douglas, Don 135 

Douglas, James 135 

Douglas, Marion 93 

Douglas, Melvyn 135 

Douglas, Milton 135 

Douglas, Norman 135 

Douglas, Tom 135 

Douglass, Kent 135 

Doulens, Humphrey 369 

Dove, Billie 93 

Dover, Nancy 93 

Doves, The Two 135 

Dowd, Mervyn, R 58 

Dowling, Eddie 135 

Dowling, Pat 58 

Down, John 135 

Downey, Morton 135 

Downing. Harrv & Dan 136 

Doyle, Buddy 136 

Doyle, Gerald 362 

Doyle, John T 136 

Drake, Oliver 194 

Drake, Pauline 93 

Drake, Whitford 243 

Draney, George 194 

Dreher, Carl 58 

Dresden, Albert 136 

Dresser, Louise 93 

Dresser, Tom 136 

Dressier, Eric 136 

Dressier. Marie 93 

Drexel, Nancy 93 

Drew, Jerry 136 

Drew, Lowell 136 

Drew, Roland 136 

Dreyer, Dave 136 

Driver, Adabelle 93 

Druce, Hubert 136 

Dryden. Leo 136 

Du Bois, Gladys 94 

Du Brey, Claire 94 

Du Count, George 136 

Du Pont, Miss 94 

Duane, Elsie 94 

Dudley, Florence 94 

Dudley. Robert 136 

Duff, Lowell 136 

Duffy, Jack 136 

Duffy, Mary Frances 368 

Dugan, Tom 136 

Dull, Orville 0 58 

Dumont, Margaret 94 

Dunbar, David 136 

Dunbar, Robert 136 

Duncan, Mary 94 

Duncan, Rosetta 94 

Duncan, Vivian 94 

Duncan, William Cary 194 

Duncan & Godrey 136 

Duncan, Herring & Zeh 136 

Dunham. Phil 136 

Dunkinson, Harry 136 

Dunlap, A. R 368 

Dunlap. Scott R 180 

Dunn, Eddie 136 

Dunn, Emma 94 

Dunn, James 136 

Dunn, Josephine 94 

Dunn, Robert 136 

Dunn. Winifred 194 

Dunne, Irene 94 

Dunne, Jack 136 

Durand, Carlos 136, David 136 

Durante, Jimmy 136 

Dm kin. Junior 136 

Durling, E. V 58-194 

Duryea, George 136 




Duval, Henry 136 

Duval, Lorayne 94-136 

Duval, Paulette 94 

Dwan, Allan 180 

Dwan, Dorothy 94 

Dwyer, Francis L 366 

D'wyer, Ruth 94 


Eagels, Jeanne 94 

Eagles, Jimmy 136 

Eames, Claire 94 

Earl, Edward 136 

Earles, Harry 136 

Earley, James 136 

Early, Dudley 194 

Eason, Lorraine 94 

Eason, Reeves (Breezy) 180 

East, Clyde H 358 

Eastman, Morey K 136 

Easton, Frank 136 

Eaton, Charles 136 

Eaton, Doris 94 

Eaton, Mary 94 

Eaton 1 , Pearl 180 

Eberhardt, Walter F 252 

Eby-Rocke, Helen 94 

Eckhardt, Oliver 136 

Eddy, Don 252 

Eddy, Helen Jerome 94 

Eddy, Lorraine 94 

Eddy, Marion 94 

Edesorf, Robert 136 

Edington, John P 136 

Edwards, Cliff 136 

Edwards, Gus 136-180 

Edwards, Harry 180 

Edwards, Neely 136 

Edwards, Rowland 180 

Edwards, Sarah 94 

Edwards, Snitz 136 

Edwards, Waldo 136 

Egan, Betty 94 

Egan, Jack 136 

Egan, Roy 136 

Eichel, Leslie 358 

Eilers, Sally 94 

Einfeld, S. Charles 252 

Eisenstein, Sergei M 180 

Eisler, Effie 94 

Ekman, Gosta 136 

Elder, Ruth 94 

Eldridge, Florence 94 

Eleanor, Peggy 94 

Elisburg, Herb 252-350 

Ellery, Syd 136 

Elliot, Gordon 136 

Elliott, Berenice 94 

Elliott, Del 136 

Elliott, Frank 136 

Elliott, John H 136 

Elliott, Robert 136 

Ellis, Diane 94 

Ellis, Frank 138 

Ellis, Jack 138 

Ellis, Paul 138 

Ellis, Peggy 94 

Ellis, Robert 138 

Ellison, William W 364 

Ellsmere, Edna 94 

Emanuel, Jay 350 

Emerson, Em she 94 

Emerson, Harold Davis 244 

Emerson, Ralph 138 

Emery, Amora 94 

Emery, Gilbert 138 

Emery, Mary 94 

Emmet, Fern 94 

Emmet, Katherine 94 

Empire Comedy Four 138 

Engelman, Andrew 138 

Engl, Olga 94 

Ennis, Bert 58 

Enright, Florence 94 

Enright, Ray 180 

Epstein, Adele 194 

Epstein, Dave A 252 

Ergenbright, Eric L 194 

Erickson, A. F. (Buddy) 181 

Ericksorf, Knute 138 

Errol, Leon 138 

Erwin, John 138 

Erwin, Stuart 138 

Esmelton. Frederick 138 

Estabrook, Howard 194 

Esway, Alexander 181 

Ethier, Alphonz 138 

Etting, Ruth 94 

Ettinger, Margaret 252 

Ettlinger, Karl 138 

Eugene, William 138 

Evans, Charle9 E 138 

Evans, Delight 350 

Evans, Herbert 138 

Evans, Karin 94 

Evans, Madge 94 

Evans. Maurice 138 

Evans, Porter H 58 

Evans, Roy 138 

Ezell, Claude C 244 


Faber, Leslie 138 

Fagan, Barney 138 

Fair, Elinor 94 

Fairbanks, Douglas 138 

Fairbanks, Douglas, Jr 138 

Fairbanks Twins 95 

Fairbanks, William 138 

Faire, Virginia Brown 95 

Fairfield, Edward G 358 

Fairmarf, Austin 138 

Falkerstein, Julius 138 

Fallon, Charles 58 

Fanning, Frank 138 

Fant, Tom 138 

Fara, J. Quaintarra 195 

Faragoh, Francis Edwards 195 

Faralla, Dario Lucien 244 

Farina 138 

Farjeon, Herbert i 181 

Farley, Dot 95 

Farley, James 138 

Farley, Morgan 138 

Farney, Milton 138 

Farnham, Joseph White 195 

Farrfum, Dorothy 195 

Farnum, Franklyn 138 

Farnum, William 138 

Faro, Ninette 95 

Farrell, Charles 138 

Farrell, Neyneen 95 

Farrington, Betty 95 

Farrow, John 195 

Faust, Martin J 138 

Fawcett, George 138 

Fawcett, Mrs. George 95 

Fawcett, Captain Roscoe 350 

Fay, Frank 138 

Faye, Julia 95 

Fazenda, Louise 95 

Fealy, Margaret 95 

Fecke, Herbert V 350 

Fejos, Paul 181 

Feld, Fritz 138 

Felix, Seymour 206 

Fellowes, Rockliffe 138 

Fentoir, Leslie 138 

Ferguson, Al 138 

Ferguson, Helen 95 

Fern, Fritzi 95 

Ferris, Audrey 95 

Ferry, Minna 95 

Fetchit, Stepin 138 

Fetsko, Alexander 356 

Feyder, Jacques 181 

Fidler, James M 350 

Fiegel, Alfred E 244 

Field, Fritz 139 

Field, Rowland 356 

Field, Sylvia 95 

Fielding. Margaret 95 

Fields, Joseph A 195 

Fields, Lew 139 

Fields, Sally 95 

Fields, Stanley 139 

Fields, W. C. 139 

Fields & Johnston 139 

Fils. Baron 139 

Finch, Everett L 368 

Finch, Flora 95 

Finch, Frank 368 

Finch -Smiles, Frank 139 

Fineman, B. P 58 

Findlay, David 139 

Fine, Bud 139 

Finlayson, James 139 

Fink, Henry 139 

Finn, Elsie 366 

Finney, Edward 252 

Finston, Nathaniel 244 

Fischer, Margarita 95 

Fisher & Hurst 139 

Fisher, Fred 139 

Fitzgerald, Cissy 95 

Fitzgerald, Dallas M 181 

Fitzgerald, Edith 195 

Fitzgerald, Harry 139 

Fitzmaurice, George 181 

Fitzroy, Emily 95 

Fix. Paul 139 

Flaherty, Robert J 181 

Flavin, Harold J 252 

Flavin, Martin 195 

Fleming. Bob 139 

Fleming, Claude 139-181 

Fleming, Ian 139 

Fleming, Victor 181 

Fletcher, Bramwell 139 

Flinn, John C 244 

Flippen, Jay C 139 

Flood, James 181 

Florentine Choir 139 

Florey, Robert 181 

Flothow, Rudolph C 58 

Flower, Elsie 369 

Flowers, Bess 95 

F'lynn, Edythe 95 

Flynn, Elinor 95 

Flynn, Hazel E 368 

Flynn, Rita 95 

Folsom. Bobby 139 

Fontaine, Josephine 95 

Forant, Annette 252 

Forbes, Harry W 206 

Forbes, Mary 95 

Forbes, Ralph 139 

Ford, Eugene 181 

Ford, Francis 139-181 

Ford, Harrison 139 

Ford, James 139 

Ford, Janet 95 

Ford, John 181 

Ford, Wallace 139 

Forde, Arthur 58 

Forde, Eugenie 95 

Forde, Walter 139 

Forrest, Allan 139 

Forrest, Mabel 95 

Forrester, Elizabeth 95 

Fort, Garrett 195 

Fortune, Edmund 139 

Fox, Sidrfey 95 

Foster, Helen 95 

Foster, Lewis R 181 

Foster, Norman 139 

Foster, Phoebe 95 

Fountaine, William 139 

Fowler, Almeda 95 

Fowler, Herman 58 

Fowler, Jack 252 

Fowler, John 139 

Fox, Finis 195 

Fox, Harry 139 

Fox, Roy 139 

Fox, Wallace W 182 

Foxe, Earle 139 

Foy, Bryan 182 

Foy, Eddie, Jr 139 

Foy, Family, The 139 

Foy, Mary 95 

Francis, Alec B 139 

Francis, Kay 95 

Francis, Noel 95 

Francis, Olin 139 

Francis, Sara 95 

Francisco, Betty 95 

Fran'ey, William 139 

Frank, Christian 139 

Frank, Jacob 139 

Frankel. Fanchon 95 

Frankiss, Betty 95 

Franklin, Chester M 182 

Franklin, Harold B 244 

F'ranklin, Irene 95 

Franklin, Martha 95 

Franklin, Sidney 139-182 

Franklin, Wendell 139 

Franz, Joel 139 

Franz, Joseph J 139 

Fraser, Harry 182 

Fraser, Robert 139 

Fraser, William R 244 

Frasher, Martha 356 

Frawley, William 139 

Freda & Palace 95 

Frederick, Freddie Burke 139 

Frederick, Pauline 95 

Freeland, Thornton 139-182 

Freeman, Charles A. S 366 

Freeman, Helen 95 

Freedman, Samuel 58 

Fremault, Anita Louise 95 

Fremont, Al W 139 

French, Charles K 139 

F"rench, Evelyn 95 

French, George B 139 

French, Georgia 95 

French, Lewis A 59 

French, Park M 206 

French, Richard 139 

French, William Fleming 350 

Friderici, Blanche 98 

Friedman, E. M 350 

Friedman, Leopold 244 

Friedman, Phil M 59 

Fries, Otto H 139 

Friganza, Trixie 98 

Frink, Carol 358 

Frisco, Joe 139 

Fritsch. Willy 140 

Froelich, Gustav 140 

Frye, Dwight 140 

Fuerstenberg, Use 98 

Fuller, Dale 98 

Fulton, John 140 

Fulton, Maude 98-198 

Fulton, Meredith E 182 

Fung, Willie 140 

Furey, Barney 140 

Furthman, Charles 195 

Furthman, Jules 196 

Futter, Fred W 244 

Flitter, Walter A 244 


"G" Sisters 98 

Gable, Clark 140 

Gaby, Frank 140 

Gain, J. J 59 

Gale, Arthur L 350 

Gale, Roberta 96 

Gallagher, Donald 140-182 

Gallagher, Joseph H 350 

Gallagher, Ray 350 

Gallagher, Raymond 140 

Gallagher, Richard (Skeets) 140 

Gallery, Tom 140 

Gallo, Raymond 350 

Gallone, Carmine 98 

Gallup, Bruce 252 

Gamby Hale and Foster Girls 98 

Ganshorn. Jack 140 

Garber, David S 206 

Garbo, Greta 98 

Garcia, Allan 140 

Garde, Betty 98 

Garden. Helen 98 

Gardener, H. Frederick 350 

Garder, Cyril 182 

Gardner, Shayle 140 

Garner, Paul 140 

Garrfett, Tay 182-196 

Garon, Pauline 98 

Garrett, Oliver, H. P 196 

Garrick, John 140 

Garrison, Wilton Mays 369 

Garron, Kurt 140 

Garver, Oliver B 252 

Garvin, Anita 98 

Gasnier, Louis 182 

Gates, Harvey H 196 

Gates, Roy P 244 

Gaudio, Tony 206 

Gavin, Jess 140 

Gawthorne, Peter 140 

Gax, Dixie 98 

Gay, Frank W 196 

Gay, Gregory 140 

Gaylord, Joan 98 

Gaynor, Janet 98 

Geary, Maine 140 

Geilfuss, G. L 360 

Geldert, Clarerrce 140 

Gelsey, Erwin S 196 

Gentle, Alice 98 

George, Maude 98 

Gerard, Charles 140 

Geraghty, Carmelita 98 

Geraghty, Tom 196 

Gerhardt, Karl 140 

Gerhart, Samuel R 244 

Gering, Marion 182 

Germain, William J 244 

Gerrard, Carl 140 

Gerrard, Douglas 140 

Gerrard, Gene 140 

Gerron, Kurt 140 

Gersdorf, Phil 252 

Gershwin, George 59 

Gesley, Erwirf S 59 

Getchell, Sumner (GudgieJ 140 

Geyer, O. R 253 

Gibbon, Harry 140 

Gibbons, Cedric 59-208 

Gibson, George W 59 

Giblyn, Charles 140 

Gibson, Dad 140 

Gibson, Hoot 140 

Gibson, Jim 140 

Gibson, Kenneth 140 

Gibson, Wynne 98-140 

Giegerich, Charles J 244-253 

Gilbert, Billy 140 

Gilbert, Eugenia 98 

Gilbert, Florence 98 

Gilbert, John 140 

Gilbert, Master 140 

Gill. Basil 140 

Gillespie, George 140 

Gillespie, William 140 

Gillingwater, Claude 140 

Gillis, Moyra 98 

Gillstrom, Arvid E 182 

Gilmore, Douglas 140 

Giraci, Mae 98 

Girard, Jean 98 

Girard, Joseph 140 

Girrard, Charles 140 

Gish, Dorothy 98 

Gish, Lillian 98 

Gius, Julius, Jr 369 

Givney, Kathryn 98 

Givot, George 140 

Glasman. Kubec 196 

Glass. Gaston 140 

Glazer, Benjamin 196 

Gleason, James 140 

Gleason, James 196 

Gleason, Lucille Webster 98 

Gleason, Russell 140 

Gleckler, Robert P 140 

Glertdenning, Ernest 142 




Glendon, Frank 142 

Glenney, James A. F 358 

Glennon, Bert 182 

Glover, Ormar 142 

Gober, William A 356 

Goddard, Gloria 196 

Godfrey, Samuel 182 

Goldberg, J. H 244 

Goldberg, Peggy 253 

Goldburg, Jesse J 244 

Golden, Mildred 98 

Golden, Nathan D 244 

Goldin, Bertina 9° 

Goldvvyn, Samuel 59 

Gombell, Minna 98 

Good, Frank B 208 

Goodall, Grace 98 

Goodman, Edward 182 

Goodman, Maurice -44 

Goodrich, John F 196 

Goodwin, Aline 98 

Goodwin, Charles H 350 

Goodwin, Harold 14- 

Goodwin, Henrietta 98 

Gordon, Bobby 142 

Gordon, Bruce J42 

Gordon C. Henry 14- 

Gordon, Gavin ]4- 

Gordon, Huntley 142 

Gordon, Jack 360 

Gordon, James I'M 

Gordon, Julia Swayne 98 

Gordon, Leon 196 

Gordon, Mary 9° 

Gordon, Maude Turner 98 

Gordon, Robert 142 

Gordon, Vera 98 

Gore, Rosa 98 

Gorman, Charles 142 

Gory. Lou 142 

Gottler. Archie 142 

Gottlieb, Helerfne Annett 196 

Gottschalk. Ferdinand 142 

Goudal, Jetta 98 

Gough, John 142 

Gould, Dorothy 98 

Gould, Paula 253 

Goulding, Alf 182 

Goulding. Edmund 182 

Gow, James Ellis 364 

Gowland, Gibson 142 

Graham, Eddie 142 

Graham, Edwin S 182 

Graham, Frederick 142 

Graham, John Cecil 244 

Grainger, Edmund C 59 

Grainger, James R 244 

Grainger, William 142 

Graller. Dinna 99 

Gran, Albert 142 

Granach, Alex 142 

Grandin, Elmer 142 

Grandstedt, Greta 99 

Graneman, Edward 253 

Grant, Cary 142 

Grant, Lawrence 142 

Grapewin, Charley 142-196 

Glassby, Bertram 142 

Graves, Ralph 142 

Graves, Robert. Jr 142 

Gravina, Cesare 142 

Gray, Alexander 142 

Gray, Arnold 142 

Gray, Betty 99 

Gray, Eve 99 

Gray, Gilda 99 

Gray, Harry 142 

Gray, Lawrence 142 

Gray, Lillian 99 

Gray, Roger 196 

Green, Alfred E 182 

Green, Billy M 142 

Green, Eddie 142 

Green. Harry 142 

Green, Howard J 196 

Green, Tane & Co 99 

Green, "J. H 369 

Green, Mitzi 99 

Greenhalgh, Paul 550 

Greenway, Ann 99 

Greenwood. Charlotte 99 

Greenwood. Milton E 59 

Gregor, Arthur 182 

Gregory. Edna 99 

Gregory. Paul 142 

Green, Kurt 142 

C.reig. Richard 142 

Greiner, Fritz 142 

Gretler. Heinrich 142 

Grey, Ann 99 

Grey, Gloria 99 

Grey, Madeline 99 

Gribben, Harry 142 

Gribbon, Eddie 142 

Griffith, Corinne 99 

Griffith. David Wark 59-182 

Griffith, Edward H 182 

Griffith, Eleanor 99 

Griffith. Gordon 142 

Griffith, Raymond 142 

Griffles, Ethel 99 

Grimm, Ben H 253 

Grinde, Nicholas 182 

Gripp, Harry 143 

Griswold, Glerfn 244 

Grocey, Bernard 143 

Grogan, Oscar 143 

Gronau, Ernst 143 

Grosjean, Frank 368 

Grossman, Eugene F 59 

Grossman, George 143 

Grove, Sybil 99 

Gruening, Jlka 99 

Guard, Kit }43 

Guekstorf, Max 143 

Guertzman, Paul J4J 

Guide, Paul J43 

Guilfoyle, James A 

Guimond, L. F «•> 

Guiol Fred \^ 

Gulick, Paul f 3 

Gullan, Campbell 1« 

Gullette, George S 244 

Gulliver, Dorothy j£ 

Gumbin, Herman M J>9 

Guzman, Robert E 143 


Haare, Wilbert L 370 

Haberland, Emihe y 

Hackathorne, George 143 

Hacker, Tom J fW 

Hackett, Albert \*\ 

Hackett, Charles 143 

Hackett, Lillian » 

Hackett, Raymond WJ 

Hage, Robert 350 

Hagen, Walter 143 

Hager, Clyde "3 

Haggerty, Billie 143 

Hagney, Frank "J 

Haid, Liane *•* 

Haig, Douglas 1« 

Haines, Robert R 143 

Haines, William J« 

Hale, Alan J43 

Hale, Bobby ]]■] 

Hale, Creightorf 143 

Hale, Louise Closser w 

Haley, Jack 143 

Haley, Robert J 253 

Haley & McFadden 143 

Hall, Ben }43 

Hall, Charles 143 

Hall, Charles B 208 

Hall, Donald 1« 

Hall, Dorothy 99 

Hall, Evelyn 99 

Hall, George Towne 143 

Hall, James J43 

Hall, Mordaurrt 364 

Hall, Ray L 245 

Hall, Raymond 143 

Hall, Sherry J43 

Hall, Steve J43 

Hall, Wilbur }« 

Hall, Winter 143 

Haller, Ernest 208 

Halliday, John 143 

Hallor, Ray J43 

Halm, Harry 143 

Halperin, Edward 59 

Halperin, Victor J>9 

Halsey, Forrest 196 

Hamilton, Charles 144 

Hamilton, Frances 99 

Hamilton, Hale 144 

Hamilton, John J44 

Hamilton, Lloyd 144 

Hamilton, Mahlon 144 

Hamilton, Mark 144 

Hamilton, Neil 144 

Hamilton, Ruth 99 

Hammell. John A 245 

Hammett, Dashielle 196 

Hammond, Frank 144 

Hammond, Kay 99 

Hammond, Virginia 99 

Hammons, E. W 245 

Hancock, Don 350 

Hancock, Herbert E 245 

Hannock, Milton 245 

Hand, Johrf 208 

Hand. Ruch Wurman 208 

Hanes, Harold H 358 

Handforth. Ruth 99 

Hanneford, "Poodles" 144 

Hanlon, Jackie 144 

Hansen, Lars 144 

Hansen, Max 144 

Hanson, Merlin N 364 

Harden, Edward W 245 

Hardie, Russell 144 

Harding. Ann 99 

Hards, Tra 182 

Hardt, Harrv 144 

Hardy, Oliver 144 

Hardy, Sam 144 

Hare. Lumsden 144-182 

Harkins, Jim 144 

Harlan, Kenneth 144 

Harlan, Otis 144 

Harlan, Otto 144 

Harlan, Richard 182 

Harlow, Jean 99 

Harman, Pat H. 144 

Harmon, Josephine 99 

Harmount, Four 144 

Harolde, Ralf 144 

Harp, Joseph M 360 

Harrigan, William 144 

Harrington, John 144 

Harrington, Joseph 144 

Harrington Sisters 99 

Harris, Averill 144 

Harris, Genevieve 358 

Harris, Georgie 144 

Harris, Marcia 99 

Harris, Marion 99 

Harris, Mildred 99 

Harris, Val 144 

Harris, Winifred 99 

Harrison, Helen 253 

Harrison, James 144 

Harron, John 144 

Harrison, Irma A 99 

Harrison, Peter S 350 

Hart, Cedric E 352 

Hart, Ferdinand 144 

Hart, Gladys 99 

Hart, Labert 144 

Hart, Neal 144 

Hart. Sunshine 99 

Hartford, David 144-183 

Hartigan, Pat 144 

Hartman, Gretchen 99 

Hartridge, Mildred A 245 

Harvey, Edwin L 245 

Harvey, Fred 144 

Harvey, George W 253 

Harvey, Lillian 99 

Harvey, Lou 146 

Harvey, Paul 146 

Hasbrouck. Olive 99 

Haskell, William H 356 

Haskin, Byron 183 

Hassell, George 146 

Hassen, Jamiel 146 

Hasson, "Daniel 146 

Hatton, Raymond 146 

Haufler, Charles 564 

Haupt, Dietrich 146 

Haupt, Ullrich 146 

Hauser, Babe 99 

Hauser, Bob 146 

Hauser, Jack 146 

Haver, Phyllis 99 

Hawks. Howard W 183 

Hawley, H. Dudley 146 

Hay, Charles 146 

Hayes, George 146 

Hayes, Grace 100 

Hayes, Helen 10Q 

Hayes, Herbert 146 

Haynes, Daniel L 146 

Haynes, Mary 100 

Haynes, William J. J., Jr 366 

Hays. Will H 245 

Healy, Dan 146 

Healy, Ted 146 

Hearn, Eddie 146 

Hearn, Lew 146 

Heath, Arch 183 

Heath, Percy 196 

Hebert, Henry J 146 

Heerman, Victor 183 

Heffernan, Harold 358 

Heggie, O. P 146 

Heifetz, Louis E 196 

Heller, Elsa 100 

Heller, Wilson B 253 

Hellinger, Mark 146 

Heindorf, Roy 146 

Heinrich, George 146 

Henaberry, Joseph 183 

Henckels, Paul 146 

Henderson, Dave 146 

Henderson, D'ell 146 

Henderson, Dick 146 

Henderson, Jean 100-362 

Henderson, V. Talbot 146 

Hendricks, Ben 146 

Hendricks, Jr., Burt 146 

Hendricks, Dudley C 146 

Henigsorr. Henry 59 

Henlere, Herschel 146 

Henley. Hobart 183 

Henry. Charlotte 100 

Henry. Gale 100-146 

Henry, Leonard 146 

Hepburn, Barton 146 

Herbert. Frederick Hugh 196 

Herbert, Holmes 146 

Herbert, Hugh 146 

Herman, Al 146 

Herman, Dr. Carl 146 

Herman, Albert 183 

Herman, Justin 352 

Hermann, Ida 358 

Hermore, Tom 146 

Herr. Edwin Musser 245 

Herrick, Jack 146 

Herring. Aggie 100 

Herron, Fredrick 1 245 

Hershfield. Hen 59 

Hersholt, Jean 146 

Hertz, John Daniel 245 

Herzberg, Martin 146 

Herzbrun, Henry 59 

Hess, Gabriel L 245 

Hess, Jules Jacques 253 

Hesse, Baron 146 

Hewitt, Ben 146 

Hewitt, Purser 362 

Hewlett, Ben 146 

Hewston, Alfred 146 

Heyl, E. 0 245 

Heyn, Ernest V 352 

Hiatt, Ruth 100 

Hibbard, Edna 100 

Hibbard, Enid 196 

Hickman, Alfred 146 

Hickman, Charles 147 

Hickman, Howard 147 

Hickman, Walter D 360 

Hickox. Sidney 208 

Hiers, Walter 147 

Higgins, Peter 147 

Hightower, Harold 147 

Higgin, Howard 183 

Hildebrand, Rooney 147 

Hill, Al 147 

Hill, Bessie 100 

Hill. Doris 100 

Hill, George William 183 

Hill, Howard 352 

Hill, Maud 100 

Hill, R. F 183 

Hill, Thelma 100 

Hiller, W 147 

Hilliard, Ernest 147 

Hilliard, Jack 147 

Hillman, Gordon Malherbe 356 

Himm, Otto 208 

Hinds, Nina 100 

Hine, Robert 147 

Hines, Charles 183 

Hines, Johnny 147 

Hirst. Herb 59 

Hitchcock, Alfred 183 

Hitter, Jessie 100 

Hobart, Rose 100 

Hobbes, Halliwell 147 

Hodes, Hal 245-253 

Hoerl, Arthur 196 

Hoffenstein, Samuel 196 

Hoffman, M. H 59 

Hoffman, Otto F 147 

Hoffman, Renaud 183 

Holcomb, Wynn 147 

Holden, William 147 

Holland, John 147 

Holland, Maurice 147 

Hollingsworth & Crawford 147 

Hollywood Beauties 100 

Holman, Harry 147 

Holmait, Russell 253 

Holmes. Edward M 364 

Holmes, Fred 147 

Holmes, lone 100 

Holmes, Leon 147 

Holmes, Pee Wee 147 

Holmes, Phillips 147 

Holmes, Robert 147 

Holmes, Stuart 147 

Holmes, Taylor 147 

Holt, Gloria 100 

Holt, Herbert S 245 

Holt, Jack 147 

Holtz, George 147 

Holtz, Lou 147 

Holtz. Tenen 147 

Holquist, Harry E 352 

Homan. W. Erie 368 

Homans, Robert 147 

Honvez, Pierrietta 100 

Hopkins, John" 183 

Hopkins, Miriam 100 

Hopkins, Russell 147 

Hopper, DeWolf 147 

Hopper, E. Mason 184 

Hopper. Hedda 100 

Hopton. Russell 147 

Horn, Camilla 100 

Home. Hal 253 

Home. James W 184 

Horton, Clara 100 

Horton, Edward Everett 147 

Horwin, Clarence Jerome 59 

Hotaling. Arthur 147 

House. Newton 147 

Houseman. Arthur 147 

Houston, Toscphine 100 

Houston, Lona Marceil 356 

Houston, Norman 196 

Howard. Bruce 59 

Howard, Charles 147 

Howard, Constance 100 

Howard, Esther 100 

Howard. Eugene 147 

Howard, Frederick 147 

Howard. Gertrude 100 

Howard, Joseph E 147 

Howard. Leslie 147 

Howard. Lorraine 100 

Howard. Martha 100 

Howard. Paul 147 

Hi >ward, Pcggv 100 

Howard. Sidney 196 

Howard. Tom 147 

Howard. Willie 147 

Howard. William K 184 




Howe, Al 352 

Howe, Ann 100 

Howell, Dorothy 197 

Howell, Lottice 100 

Howes, Reed 147 

Hoxie, Jack 147 

Howland, Johyna 100 

Hoy, Danny 147 

Hoyt, Arthur 147 

Hoyt, Harry 0 184 

Hoyt, Leo 147 

Hoyt, Waite 147 

Hubbard, Walter Whiteley 352 

Hubert, Myra 100 

Hudson, Rochelle 100 

Hughes, Elinor Lambert 356 

Hughes, Gareth 147 

Hughes, Howard 59 

Hughes, Laurence A 59 

Hughes, Lloyd 148 

Hughey, Nina 369 

Hughes, Ray 148 

Hughes, T. R 368 

Hughes & Pam... 148 

Hughston, Josephine 368 

Hugunin, H. Lee 245 

Hulette, Gladys 100 

Hume, Benita 100 

Hume, Margaret 100 

Humm, John 245 

Hummell, Wilson 148 

Humphrey, Orrol 100 

Humphrey, William 1'8 

Hundley, John 148 

Hune, Eleanor 100 

Hunt, Charles 184 

Hunt, Harold 366 

Hunt, Jay 148 

Hunt, J. William 358 

Hunt. Madge 100 

Hunter. C. Roy 60 

Huntley, Hugh 148 

Hurley, Arthur 184 

Hurley, Putnam & Snell 148 

Hurst, Brandon 1^8 

Hurst, Paul US 

Hussey, Jimmy 148 

Huston, Walter 148 

Huszar-Puffy, Karl 148 

Hutchirfson, Craig 60-184 

Hutchinson, Mary 100 

Huth, Harold 148 

Hyams, John 1-8 

Hyams, Leila 100 

Hyams & Mclntyre 148 

Hyer. William C 208 

Hyland, Frances 197 

Hyman, Bernard 60 

Hyman, Lelia 100 

Hyman, Johnny 148 

Hymer, Warren 148 

Hymes, M. L 246 

Hynes, Charles F 352 

Hyson, Roberta 100 

Hytton, Olaf 148 


Imhof, Roger 148 

Ince, John 148 

Ince, Ralph 148 

Ince, Ralph W 184 

Ingenues, The 100 

Ingraham, Clifford 148 

Ingraham, Lloyd 148- 184 

Ingram, Amo 148 

Ingram, Clifford 148 

Ingram, Rex 184 

Innerarity, Lewis 246 

Hying, George 148 

Irving, Mary Jane 100 

Irving, William 148 

Irwin, Charles 148 

Ita Toyo 148 

Ivano, Paul 208 

Ives, Christiane 10Q 

Ivins, Perry 197 


Jaap, Nelan 148 

Tack, Joe 148 

Jack. Neil P 60 

Jacobson, Sam B 184 

Jackson, Alfred 197 

Jackson, Eddie 148 

Jackson, Ethel M 100 

Jackson, Eugene 148 

Jackson, Horace 197 

Jackson, Joseph 197 

Jackson, Marion 197 

Jackson, Mary Ann 102 

Jackson, Orin 148 

Jackson, Selmer 148 

Jackson, Tom 148 

Tacktcr, Rube 246 

Jacobs, Edward H 358 

acobino, Louis 352 

agger, Dean 148 

James, Arthur 352 

James, Gardiner 148 

James, Gladden 148 

James, Walter 148 

Jamieson, Bud 148 

Janney, Leon 150 

Janney, William 150 

Tannings, Emil 150 

Janis, Dorothy 102 

Janie, Elsie 102 

Janis & Whalen 150 

Jarnigan, Jerry 150 

larreau. Hunter 356 

Jarvis, Bobby 150 

Jarvis, Sydney 150 

Jason, Leigh 184 

Jefferson, Thomas 150 

Jeffrey, William 150 

Jeffries, James 150 

Jenkins, John Curtis 352 

Jenner. William H 60 

Jennings, DeWitt 150 

Jerrsen, Emil C 246 

Jensen. Eulalie 102 

Jerauld, James M 352 

Jessel, George 150 

Timinez, Soledad 102 

Jochim, Andy 150 

Johann, Zita 102 

Johnson, Carmencita 102 

Johnson, Dick Winslow 150 

Tohnson, Dolores 102 

Johnson, Fred 368 

Johnson, Harold 150 

Johnson, Helen 102 

Johnson, Julian 60 

Johnson. Kay 102 

Johnson 1 , L. E 197 

Johnson. Martirr E 60 

Johnson, Pauline 102 

Johnston, E. G 352 

lohnston, John LeRoy 253 

Johnston, J. W 150 

lohnston, Julanne 102 

Johnson, Noble 150 

lohnston, Vernon 352 

Johnston, William A 352 

lohnston. W. Ray 60-246 

Jolson, Al 150 

Jones, Beulah Hall 102 

Jones, Billy "Red" 150 

Jones, Buck 60-150 

Jones, Charles Reed 253 

Jones, Edward 150 

Jones, Grover 197 

Jones, Parky 150 

Jones, Ralph T 356 

Jordan, Dorothy 102 

Joseph, John E 253 

osephson. Julien 197 

oy, Jason 60 

Joy Leatrice 10*2 

Joyce, Alice 102 

Joyce, Frank 208 

Joyce. Natalie 102 

Joyzelle 102 

Judels, Charles 150-184 

Judge, Arlene 102 

Jugo, Jenny 102 

Tulian Rupert 184 

Julio. Don 60 

Junod. Bettye 102 

Junkerman, Hans 150 


Kagno, Marcia 102 

Kahanamoku. Duke 150 

Kahane. Benjamin B 246 

Kahn, Henry J 253 

Kaiser. Helen 102 

Kaiser-Tietz, Erich 150 

Kaley, Charles 150 

Kaliz, Armand 150 

Kallina, Anna 102 

Kalmus, Dr. Herbert T 246 

Kalmus. Natalie M 246 

Kaiser, Erwin 150 

Kalver, Roy L 253 

Kami, Virginia 102 

Kampers, Fritz 150 

Kane. Babe 102 

Kane, Eddie 150 

Kane, Helen 102 

Kane, Margie 102 

Kane, Nicholas 150 

Kane, Slier win A 352 

Kann, Maurice "Red" 352 

Karchow, Albert 150 

Karcrrne, Diana 102 

Karloff, Boris 150 

Karloff, Philip 150 

Karlov, Sonia 102 

Karnelly, Leila 102 

Karns, Roscoe 150 

Katteriohn. Monte 197 

Katz, Pitzi 150 

Katz. Sam 246 

Kaufman, Albert A 246 

Kaufman, Edward 60 

Kavelin, H. Borrah 150 

Kaw, Edgar 1 246 

Keane, Raymond 150 

Kearns, J. F 60 

Kearns, Allen 150 

Keating, Fred ISO 

Keaton, Buster 150 

Keane, Robert Emmett 150 

Keck ley, Jane 102 

Keefe, Cornelius 151 

Keeler, Marguerite 102 

Keen, J. H 366 

Keene, Richard 151 

Keene, Tom 151 

Keener, Suzanne 102 

Keilmann, E. D 369 

Keith, Donald 151 

Keith, Ian 151 

Keith, Isabelle 102 

Keith, Jane 102 

Keith-Johnson, Colin 151 

Kellard, Ralph 151 

Keller, Joe 358 

Keller, Sara Lykes 369 

Keller Sisters 102 

Kelly, Albert 184 

Kelley, Andrew R 369 

Kellogg, Virginia 197 

Kelly, Arthur W 246 

Kelly, George 198 

Kelly, John 151 

Kelly, Kitty 102 

Kelly, Lew 151 

Kelly, Loudon 358 

Kelly, Nancy 102 

Kelly, Walter C 151 

Kelsey, Fred A 151 

Kelton, Pert 102 

Kemble, William H 60 

Kemp, Matty 151 

Kemper, Charles 151 

Kempner. Alexander S 246 

Kendall. H 60 

Kendall, Henry 151 

Kendall, Messmore 246 

Kennedy, Aubrey Mark 60 

Kennedy, Edgar 151 

Kennedy, Jack 151 

Kennedy, Lem F 184 

Kennedy, Myrna 102 

Kennedy, Tom 151 

Kennell, Murray 151 

Kenny, Colin 151 

Kenny, Jack 151 

Kent, Barbara 102 

Kent, Billy 151 

Kent, Craufurd 151 

Kent, Larry 151 

Kent, Sidney R 246 

Kenton. Erie C 184 

Kenyon, Charles 197 

Kenyon, Doris . ... 102 

Kerenne. Diana 102 

Kern. Mrs. Robert L...„ 365 

Kershner, Glenn R 208 

Kerr, Bob 151 

Kerr, Walter Francis 360 

Kerrigan, J. M 151 

Kerrigan. Kathryn 102 

Kerry, Norman 151 

Kessler, David E 368 

Ketner, Lester 368 

Keys, Nelson 151 

Kiesling, Barrett C 253 

Kilgour, Joseph 151 

King, Bob H 246 

King, Bradley 198 

King, Burton 184 

King, Carlton 151 

King, Carroll E 362 

King, Carlotta 102 

King, Charles 151 

King, Claude 151 

King, Dennis 151 

King, Emmett 151 

King. Henry 184 

King, Jack 151 

King, Joe 151 

King. Louis 151-184 

King, Will 152 

King, Rose 102 

King of the Soft Shoe Dancers 152 

King Tut 152 

Klingensmith, Robert Franklin 352 

Kingston, Al 246 

Kingston, C. B 356 

Kingston. Natalie 103 

Kinnell, Murray 152 

Kinney. Harold 152 

Kirk, Henry 152 

Kirkland. Alexander 152 

Kirkland, David 184 

Kirkley, Donald 356 

Kirkpatrick, Arthur S 246 

Kirkwood, James 152 

Kirstein, Louis E 246 

Kithnou 10.! 

Kjerulf's Mayfair Quintette 152 

Klein. Charles 184 

Klein-Loerk, Robert 152 

Klein-Rogge, Rudolf 152 

Kline. A. A 198 

Klingler, Werner 152 

Knapp, Evalyn 103 

Knapp, Harry L 366 

Knight, Eric M 366 

Knighton, Percy 184 

Knopf, Edwin H 184-198 

Knott, Lydia 103 

Knowland, Alice 103 

Knowlden, Marilvn 103 

Kober, Arthur 198 

Kochitz, Nina 103 

Koegel, Otto Erwin 246 

Koenig, William 60 

Kohler, Fred 152 

Kohlmar, Lee 152 

Kohn, Ralph A 247 

Kohner, Paul 60 

Kohtner, Fritz 152 

Kolk, Scott 152 

Kolker, Henry 152 

Komal, Tetsu 152 

Korda, Alexander 184 

Korda, Zoltan 198 

Korff, Arnold 152 

Kornfield, Benjamin D 356 

Kornman, Mary 103 

Kortman, Robert 152 

Kotsonaros, George 152 

Koubitzky, Alexandre 152 

Krafft, John W 198 

Kraly, Han's 198 

Kramer, Ida 103 

Kramer, Leopold 152 

Krairz, Charles 247 

Kraus, Warner 152 

Kremer & Boyle 152 

Krimer, Harry 152 

Krims, Milton 152 

Krug, Karl Bernard 366 

Kruger, Otto 152 

Kruger, Paul 152 

Kruger, "Stubby" 152 

Krumgold, Joe 60 

Kuhle, Wolfgang 152 

Kummer, Clare 103 

Kurenko, Madame Maria 103 

Kurtz, Jerome 364 

Kuser, J. Dryden 247 

Kuwa, George 152 

Kuznetzoff & Xicolina 152 


La Belle, Claude A 368 

La Cava, Gregory 184 

LaGuere, George 152 

La Marr, Margaret 103 

LaRoche, Jacques 364 

La Plante. Laura 103 

La Rocque, Rod 153 

La Roy, Rita 103 

La Rue, Grace 103 

La Salle, Ned 153 

La Valles, The 153 

La Varnie. Laura 103 

La Varre, Franklin 152 

La Verne, Jane 103 

La Verne, Lucille 103 

Le Baron, William 61 

Le Clair, Blanche 104 

Le Maire, George 153 

Le Maire, William 153 

Le May, Roy 153 

LeMont Connie 104 

Le Narr, Adele 104 

Lachman, Harry 184 

Lackteen, Frank 152 

Ladoux, Gene 152 

Laemmle, Carl 60 

Laemmle, Carl, Jr 61 

Laemmle, Carla 103 

Laemmle, Edward 184 

Laemmle, Ernest 184 

Lafferty, Robert C 198 

Lahr, Bert 152 

Laidlaw. William Robert 198 

Laidlay, Ethan 152 

Lake. Alice 103 

Lake, Arthur 152 

Lake. Florence 103 

Lake F 152 

Lally', Jr., ' Edward j . 369 

Lambert, Eddie 152 

Lamont, Charles 184 

Lamont, Harry 152 

Lancaster, Dick 152 

Landi. Elissa 103 

Landick, Olyn 152 

Landis, Cullen 152 

Landis, Jessie Royce 103 

Landy. George 198 

Lanfield, Sidney 198 

Lane, Allen 152 

Lane, Charles 152 

Lane, Lenita 103 

Lane, Leone 103 

Lane. Lola 103 

Lane, Lupino "52 

,ane, Nora 103 

>ane, Wallace 152 

Lang, Jeanie 103 

Lang. Matheson ... . 152 

Lang, Walter 184 





Lang & Healy 152 

Langan, John 184 

Langan, William 152 

Langdon, Harry 152 

Langdon, Lillian 103 

Langsner. Clara 103 

Lanner, Jack 152 

Lanning, Frank 152 

Largay, Ray 153 

Larkin, Johnny 153 

Larkin. Mark 254 

Larson, R. K. T 364 

Lasker, Albert Davis 247 

Lasky, Jesse L 61 

Latham, Frederick G 61-184 

Laughlin, Jack 184 

Laurel, Jane 103 

Laurel, Stan 153 

Lavalle, Kay 103 

Laverty, Jean 103 

Lavigueur, Paul 366 

Law, Walter 153 

Lawford Betty 103 

Lawler, Anderson 153* 

Lavvlor, Mary 104 

Lawrence, Charles 153 

Lawrence, Edward 185 

Lawrence, Gertrude 104 

Lawrence, Lowell 362 

Lawrence, Raymond 153 

Lawrence, Vincent 198 

Lawton, Jr., Francis 247 

Lawton, Dorothy M 366 

Laye, Evelyn 104 

Leahy, Agnes Brand 198 

Lean, Cecil 153 

Leary, Francis W 352 

Lease, Rex 153 

Lebedeff, Ivan 153 

Lederman', Ross 185 

Lederer, Otto 153-247 

Lee, Arthur A 247 

Lee, Davey 153 

Lee, Dixie 104 

Lee, Donald W 198 

Lee, Dorothv 104 

Lee, Duke R 61-153 

Lee, Frances 104 

Lee, Gwen 104 

Lee, Harry 154 

Lee, Henriette 104 

Lee, James R 362 

Lee, Jane 104 

Lee, Jocelyn 104 

Lee, Katherine 104 

Lee, Laura 104 

Lee, Lila 104 

Lee, Margaret 104 

Lee, Norma 104 

Lee. Robert Edward 208 

Lee, Robert Nelson 198 

Lee, Rowland V 185 

Lee, Sylvan 154 

Lee. Virginia 104 

Leeds, Albert W 247 

Leedy, Charles Armour 370 

Legate, D. M 364 

Lehman. Gladys 198 

Lehr, Abraham 61 

Leigh, Frank 154 

Leighton. Lillian 104 

Leiter, Clayton A 360 

Leni. Paul 185 

Leonard, Barbara 104 

Leonard, Eddie 154 

Leonard. Pearl 104 

Leonard, Robert Z 185 

Leong, James 154 

Lerma. Esther L 362 

Lerman. Henry 185 

Leroy. Mervyn 185 

Leslie, Doree ! 104 

Leslie, Elinor 104 

Leslie, Frank 154 

Leslie, Gertrude 104 

Leslie, Jack 154 

Leslie, Lawrence 154 

Leslie. Lila 104 

Leslie, Norma 104 

Lester, Elliott 154 

Lester, Val 154 

Lesser, Sol 247 

Leuzzi. Pasqualina 104 

Levant, Oscar 154 

Levee. M. C 61 

Levering. Joseph 185 

Levien, Sonya 198 

Levino. Albert Shelby 198 

Levigard. Josef 185 

Levines. Carl 154 

Levey, Harold 61 

Levy, Milton N 254 

Lewin, Albert 61 

Lewis, Bert 154 

Lewis, Charles E 3-52 

Lewis, Cliff 254 

Lewis, Edgar 185 

Lewis, Flo 104 

Lewis, Franklin 154 

Lewis, George 154 

Lewis, George Francis 247 

Lewis, Joe 154 

Lewis, Mary 104 

Lewis, Mitchell 154 

Lewis, Ralph 154 

Lewis, Sammy 154 

Lewis, Sheldon 154 

Lewis, Ted 154 

Lewis, Vera 104 

Lewis, William J 366 

Lewyn, Louis 61 

Ley, Grita 104 

Levser, Billy 254 

Lip'ton, Lew 198 

Lichtman, Alexander 247 

Liddell, Frank R 198 

Lidwell, Wanna 104 

Liebe, Hapsburg 198 

Liedtka, Harry 154 

Ligetti, Juli 104 

Liggon, Grover 154 

Lightman, M. A 247 

Lightner, Winnie 104 

Lighton', Louis D 61 

Like, Ralph M 61 

Lillie, Beatrice 104 

Lincoln, Caryl 104 

Linden, Eric 154 

Lingham, Tom 154 

Livingston, Margaret 104 

Linow, Ivan 154 

Lipschultz, George Milton 61 

Lipsitz, Harold B 198 

Lipton & Terrill 154 

Lissner, Ray 61 

Litel, John 154 

Little, Billy 154 

Littlefield, Lucien 154 

Livadary, John Paul 61 

Liveright, Horace 198 

Lloyd, Doris 104 

Llovd, Frank 185 

Lloyd, Gerrit 198 

Lloyd, Harold 154 

Lloyd, Rollo 185 

Lobo 154 

Lockhart, J. H 362 

Lockwood. Harold 154 

Loder, John 154 

Loder, Lotti 104 

Lodi, Theodore 154 

Loeb. Jacob Weil 247 

Loew, Arthur M 247 

Loff, Jeannette 104 

Loftus, Cecilia 104 

Logan, Jacqueline 104 

Logue, Charles A 198 

Lollier, W. H. (Bud) 247 

Lombard, Carole 105 

London, Tom 154 

Lonergan, Lester 154 

Long, Sally 105 

Long, Walter 154 

Longden, John 154 

Lonsdale, Harry G 154 

Loomis Twins 105 

Lopez, Augustina 105 

Lorch, Theodore 154 

Lord, Del 185 

Lord, Marion 105 

Lord, Phillips (Seth Parker) 163 

Lord, Robert 61-198 

Lorraine, Betty 105 

Lorraine, Jean 105 

Lorraine. Louise 105 

Lorenz, Howard 154 

Loring, Hope 198 

Louie, Viola 105 

Louise. Anita 105 

Love, Bessie 105 

Love, Montagu 154 

Lovejoy, Arthur 154 

Lovett, Josephine 198 

Lowe, Edmund 154 

Lowe, Edward T.. Jr 198 

Lowe, Irma 105 

Lowry, Ed 154 

Loy, Myrna 105 

Lubin, Arthur 154 

Lubitsch. Ernst 185 

Lucas, Clarence L 364 

Lucas, Nick 155 

Lucas, Wade H 368 

Lucas, Wilfred 155 

Luce, Clair 105 

Lucy, Arnold 155 

Luddy, Edward 1 198 

Lude, Jack 155 

Luden, Jack 155 

Ludlow. Patrick 155 

Ludvigh. Elek Tohn 247 

Luddy, Edward 185 

Luescher. Mark A 254 

Lugosi, Bela 155 

Luick. Earle 208 

Lukas. Carl 155 

Lukas, Paul ' 155 

Luntzel. James R 254 

Lupino, Wallace 155 

Lurav. Doris 105 

Lydell &• Higgins 155 

Lynch, Edward 155 

Lynch, Helen 105 

Lynch, Tohn 199 

Lynn, Ralph 155 

Lynn, Sharon 105 

Lyon, Ben 155 

Lyons, Al, and Four Horsemen.... 155 

Lyons, Cliff 155 

Lyons, George 155 

Lyons, Jimmy 155 

Lyons. Ruth 105 

Lyle, Bessie 105 

Lytell, Bert 155 

Lytell, Billy 155 


MacArthur, Charles 199 

Macauley, Joseph 155 

Macdonald, Jack 155 

MacDonald, Jeannette 105 

Macdonald. T. Farrell 155-185 

MacDonald, Wallace 155 

Macdowell, Melbourne 155 

MacFadden, Hamilton 185 

MacFarlane, George 155 

MacFarlane, Hank and Tom 155 

MacGregor, Bob 155 

MacGregor, Edgar 186 

MacGregor, Knight 155 

MacGregor, Malcolm 155 

MacKenna, Kenneth 155 

MacKenzie, Donald 155 

Mackinnon, Douglas George 62 

MacLean, Douglas 62-155 

Macpherson, Jeanie 199 

MacOuarrie, Murdock 155-186 

MacReady, Renee 105 

Maberry, Mary 106 

Maccloy, June 105 

Mace, Louise '. 369 

Mace, Wynn 155 

Machi, Sugi 106 

Mack, Anthony 186 

Mack, Arthur 155 

Mack, Baby 106 

Mack, Bobby 155 

Mack, Charles 155 

Mack, Helen 106 

Mack, Hughie 155 

Mack, Jack 155 

Mack, James 155 

Mack, Joseph P 155 

Mack. Marion 106 

Mack. Russell 186 

Mack, Wilbur 156 

Mack, Willard 156-186, 199 

Mackaill, Dorothy 106 

Magana. Delia 106 

Mack & Purdy 156 

Mackaye, Fred ; 156 

Mackie, Arthur D 362 

Macklin, E. Jacobs 369 

Maclaren, Ian 156 

Macollum, Barry 156 

Madden, James 156 

Madeson, Texas 156 

Madison, Noel 156 

Magee, Gordon 156 

Magrill, George 156 

Maguire, Tom 156 

Mahoney, Tom 156 

Mahoney, Wilkie 156 

Mailes, Charles H 156 

Maisel, Jimmy 156 

Maitland, Ann 106 

Malatesta, Fred 156 

Malena. Lena 106 

Mali, Goery 156 

Malikoff, Nikolai 156 

Malitz, Felix 247 

Mallard, William 247 

Mallory, Kay 106 

Malone, Molly 106 

Maloney, Joe 156 

Mamoulian, Rouben 186 

Mandy, Jerry 156 

Manes. Gina >. 106 

Manheim. N. L 247 

Mankiewicz, Erna 199 

Mankiewicz, Herman J 199 

Mankiewicz, Joseph 1 199 

Mann, Bertha 106 

Mann, Hank 156 

Mann, Louis 156 

Mann. Margaret 106 

Manners, David 156 

Manning, Dr. Ph 156 

Manners, Marcia 106 

Manning, Aileen 106 

Manning. Marcia 106 

Mannix. Edward J 62 

Mannon, Alfred T 62 

Manon, Marcia 106 

Marbe. Fay 106 

Marburgh, Bertram 156 

Marcelle, Miss 106 

March. Fredric 156 

March. Joseph Moncure 199 

March. Vera 106 

Marcello, A. Alfred 366 

Marcin. Max 186-199 

Marcus, James 156 

Marcus, Lee 247 

Marian, Edna 106 

Marion, Frances 199 

Marion, George 156 

Marion, Inez 106 

Maris, Mona 106 

Mark, Willis 156 

Markert, Russell, Dancers 16S 

Markey, Enid 106 

Maikey, Gene 200 

Marks, Joe 62 

Marley, J. Peverell 208 

Marlowe, June 106 

Marmont, Percy 156 

Marquis, Joan 106 

Marsh, Joan 106 

Marsh, Mae 106 

Marsh, Marian 106 

Marsh, W. Ward 358 

Marshall, Bud 156 

Marshall, Clark 156 

Marshall, Everett 156 

Marshall, George ' 186 

Marshall, Herbert 156 

Marshall, S. L., & Three Bad Boys 156 

Marshall, Tully 156 

Marstini, Rosita 106 

Martan, Nita : 106 

Martell, Alphonse 156 

Martin, E. A 156 

Martin, Eleanor 106 

Martin, Christopher 156 

Martin, Duke 156 

Martin, Francis J 200 

Martin, Joseph H 370 

Martin, Thomas J 247 

Martin, William E. J 356 

Martindel, Edward 156 

Martinelli, Giovanni 156 

Martini, Nino 156 

Marx Brothers, Four 156 

Marzoni, Pettersen 356 

Mason, Dean 156 

Mason, Haddon 156 

Mason, Homer 157 

Mason, James 157 

Mason, Leroy 157 

Mason, Lesley 200 

Mason, Sarah Y 200 

Mason, Shirley 106 

Masters, Harry 157 

Matiesen, Otto 157 

Matthews, Burt 157 

Matthews, Dorothv 106 

Mattison, Frank 1S6 

Mattox, Martha 106 

Mauck, (Mrs) Genevieve Powlison. 358 

Maude, Cyril 157 

Maughan, Dora 106 

Maurel, Raymond 137 

Maurus. Gerda 106 

Max, Ethel 362 

Maxwell, Edwin 157 

Maxudian, Max 157 

May, Joe 157 

Mayer, Lew 157 

Mayer, Louis B 62 

Mayer & Evans 157 

Mayfair. Mitzi 106 

Mayfield. Cleo 106 

Maynard, Ken 157 

Mayo, Archie 186 

Mayo, Frank 157 

Mayo, George 157 

McAdoo, John 157 

McAllister, Mary 105 

McAllister, Paul 157 

McAvoy May 105 

McBan. Mickey 157 

McCarthy, Henry 199 

McCall, George 199 

McCall, William 157 

McCarey, Leo 186 

McCarthy. Charles E 254 

McCarthv, Tohn P 186 

McClaran, William R., Jr 360 

McClelland, Charles 157 

McCann, William 186 

McClintic, Guthrie 186 

McClintock, Robert L 369 

McConnell. Fred J 247 

McConnell, Gladys 105 

McCormack, Hugh 157 

McCormick. John 62 

McCormack, John 157 

McCormick. S. Barrett 254 

McCormick, Merril 158 

McCov, Frances 106 

McCov. Ruby UMi 

McCoy. Tim 158 

McCraig, Archie 158 

McCray, Elwin E !60 

McCrea, Joel 158 

McCullough, Philo 158 

McDcrmott. Tohn W 199 

McDcrmott. Marc 158 

McDonald. Charles 247 

McDonald. Francis 158 

McDonald. Jack 158 

McDonald. Wallace 158 

McDonnell. Colonel 158 

McDowell. Claire 106 

McDowell, Nelson 158 




McFarlane, George 158 

McGarrity, Everett 158 

McUowan, J. P 158-186 

McGowarf, Robert F 186 

McGovern, Elmer J 62 

McGovern, Anne Hara 356 

McGrail, Walter 158 

McGrath, Larry 158 

McGinley, Alfred E 370 

McGruger, Martha 106 

McGuinness, James 62-199 

McGuire, Kathryn 106 

McGuire, Mickey 158 

McGuire, Tom 158 

McGuire, William Anthony 199 

McGuirk, Charles J 158 

McHugh, Charlie 158 

McHugh, Frank 158 

McHugh, Jack 158 

Mcintosh, Burr 158 

Mcintosh, Morris 158 

Mclntyre, Lelia 106 

Mclntyre, Robert B 62 

McKay, George 158 

McKay, Willard Stuart 247 

McKee, Lafe 158 

McKee, Raymond 158-186 

McKenzie, Donald 158 

McKeough, Ann 360 

McKinney, Mae 106 

McLaglen, Victor 158 

McLallen, Jack 158 

McLallen, Sarah 106 

McLaughlin, Myrtle 106 

McLaughlin, William 158 

McLaughlin, William J 366 

McLeod, Tex 158 

McLeod. Norman Z 186 

McMahon, Doris 106 

McMurphy, Charles 158 

McNaughton, Charles 158 

McNaughton, Harry 158 

McNamara, Ted 158 

McNeill, Thelma R36 

McNutt. William Slavens 199 

McPhail, Addie 106 

McQuarrie, Albert 158 

McQuarrie, George 158 

McRae, Henry 186 

McSweeney, John J 370 

McWade, Robert 158 

McWilliams, Jim 158 

Mead, Jorpi, Jr 360 

Mebane, Tohn 360 

Meehan, Elizabeth 200 

Meehan, John 200 

Meehan, Leo 352 

Meehan, Lew 158 

Meek, Donald 158 

Meeker, George 158 

Mehaffev, Blanche 106 

Mehra, Lai Chand 158 

Mehrmann, Helen 107 

Meighan, Thomas 158 

Meiliken', Irving 62 

Meinert, Rudolf 158 

Meins, Gus 186 

Meise, J. Adolph 364 

Melesh, Alex 158 

Melford, George 186 

Mellish, Fuller, Jr 158 

Melville, Emelie 107 

Mendes, Lothar 186 

Mendoza, David 62 

Menjou, Adolphe 158 

Menzies. William Cameron 208 

Mercanton, Jean 107 

Meredyth, Bess 200 

Mercer, Beryl 107 

Merkel, Una '. 107 

Merlin, Frank 186 

Merriam, Charlotte 107 

Merrill, Frank 159 

Merrill, Walter 159 ~ 

Merton, Colette 107 

Merville, Reginald 159 

Mescall, John Joseph 210 

Messinger, Buddy 159 

Messinger, Gertrude 107 

Messinger. Marie 107 

Metcalf, Dorothy R 366 

Metcalf. Earl Keeney 159 

Metcalf, Hugh 159 

Metcalfe, Arthur 159 

Metcalfe, Edward 159 

Metzger, Lou B 247 

Metzger, Ruth 107 

Meuer, Lucy 358 

Mewes, Annie 107 

Meyer, Frank 247 

Meyer, Henry D 62 

Meyer, Heymen 159 

Meyer, Jr., Joe 369 

Meyer, Torben 159 

Meyers, Harry 159 

Meyers & Hanford 159 

Michael, H. A 360 

Michel. W. C 247 

Middleton, Charles B 159 

Midgley, Fanny 107 

Milash, Robert E 159 

Milestone. Lewis 186 

Milian, John 159 

Millar, Adolph 159 

Millard, Helen 107 

Miller, Alice D. G 200 

Miller, Ernest 210 

Miller, Herbert M 352 

Miller, Lucille 107 

Miller, Miss Llewellyn 362 

Miller, Marilyn 107 

Miller, Patsy' Ruth 107 

Miller, Ross C 356 

Miller, Seton 1 200 

Miller, Walter 159 

Miller & Lyles 159 

Millet, Arthur 159 

Millhauser, Bertram 62 

Milliken, Carl E 247 

Millikin, Bob 159 

Mills, Evelyn 107 

Mills, Harry B 368 

Mills, Marilyn 107 

Mills, Steve 159 

Milton, Robert 186 

Milne, Peter 200 

Mintz, Sam 200 

Mir, David 159 

Mirairda, Tom 200 

Misgen, Florence 107 

Mitchell, Bruce 186 

Mitchell, Geneva 107 

Mitchell, Grant 159 

Mitchell, Helen 107 

Mitchell, Irving 159 

Mitchell, Leonard 200 

Mitchell, Pell 62 

Mix, Tom 159 

Mizner, Wilson 200 

Modisette, Harry E 352 

Moe, Alice 107 

Moffitt, John C 200-362 

Moffett, Frances 107 

Mohr, Hal 210 

Mojica, Don 159 

Monahan, Kaspar 358 

Mong, William V 159 

Montague, Monte 159 

Montagne, Edward J 200 

Montana, Bull 159 

Montgomery, Douglass 159 

Montgomery, Edward 159 

Montgomery, Robert 159 

Montenegro, Conchita 107 

Montgomery, Marjorie 107 

Montgomery, Peggy 107 

Monte, Charlotte 107 

Moody, Clarence L 370 

Mooers, De Sacia 107-159 

Moore, Charles 159 

Moore, Cleve 159 

Moore, Colleen 107 

Moore Dickey 159 

Moore, Grace 107 

Moore, Hilda 107 

Moore, Matt 159 

Moore, Owen 159 

Moore, Tom 159 

Moore, Victor 159 

Moorhead. Natalie 107 

Moorehouse, Bert 160 

Moos, Sigmund 62 

Moran, Frank 160 

Moran, George 160 

Moran, Lee 160 

Moran, Lois 107 

Moran. Polly 107 

Morante, Milburn 160 

Moreno, Rosita 108 

Morgan, Byron 200 

Morgan, Gene 160 

Morgan, H. A 160 

Morgan, Helen 108 

Morgan, Jean 108 

Morgan, Marilyn 108 

Morgan, Phil 160 

Morgan, Ralph 160 

Moreno, Antonio 160 

Morey, Harry T 160 

Morgan, Frank 160 

Morgan, Kewpie 160 

Moriarty, Pa 160 

Morley, Jay 160 

Morley, Morgan 160 

Morris, Chester 160 

Morris, Dave 160 

Morris, Edwin H 248 

Morris, Frances 108 

Morris, Francis 160 

Morris, Joe 160 

Morris, Johnnie 160 

Morris, Kewpie 108 

Morris, Margaret 108 

Morris, Sam E 248 

Morris, Virginia 254 

Morrison, Arthur 160 

Morrison, Dorothy 108 

Morrison, Duke 160 

Morrison, Louis 160 

Morrison, Pete 160 

Morrissey and Miller Night Club.. 160 

Morrisson, Alex 160 

Morse, Lee 160 

Mortensen. T. E 352 

Morton, Charles 160 

Morton, Chester 160 

Moser, Frank 62 

Mosher, John Chapin 352 

Mosjukin, Ivan 160 

Moskowitz, Charles C 248 

Moskowitz, Jennie 108 

Moss, Alex 254 

Moulton, Edwin 160 

Moulton, Thomas T 62 

Mounted Police Quintette 160 

Mount joy, M. W 358 

Mower, Jack 160 

Mowrer, Lillian 108 

Moylan, Catherine 108 

Mueller, Rolf 160 

Mulhall, Jack 160 

Mulhauser, James 200 

Mulrooney, Thomas P 248 

Muni, Paul 160 

Munson, Byron 160 

Munson, Ona 108 

Murat. Tean 108 

Murdock, Perry 160 

Murfin, Jane 200 

Murnau, Fred W 186 

Murray, Anita 108 

Murray, Charlie 160 

Murray, F^lizabeth 108' 

Murray, J. Harold 160 

Murray, James 160 

Murray, John T 160 

Murray, Joyce 108 

Murray, Ken 160 

Murray & La Vere 160 

Murray, Mae 108 

Murray, Mary 108 

Murphy, Dudley 187-200 

Murphy, Edna 108 

Murphy, Eugene K 254 

Murphy, John Lawrence 62 

Murphy, Ralph 187 

Mursky, Alexander 160 

Murtagh. Cynthia 108 

Muse, Clarence 160 

Musser, Clair Omar 160 

Myers, Abram F 248 

Myers, Carmel 108 

Myers, Harry 160 

Myers, Henry 200 

Myers, Ziorf 187 


Nachbauer, Ernst Stahl 161 

Nagel, Conrad 161 

Naish, Carrol 161 

Nance, Fern 369 

Nash, June 108 

Nathan, Al 62 

Natheaux, Louis 161 

Natteford, John Francis .... 200 

Nazarro, Cliff and Two Marjories.. 161 

Nazarro, Raymond 187 

Neff, Pauline L 108 

Xegri, Pola 108 

Neil, William R 187 

Neilan, Marshall 187 

Neill, James 161 

Neill, Richard 161 

Neilson. Rutgers 254 

Neitz, Alvin J 62 

Nelson, Bobby 161 

Nelson, Eddie and Company 161 

Nelson, Frank 161 

Nelson, C Hjalmar 368 

Nelson, Jack 161 

Nelson, Sam 161 

Nero, Curtis 161 

Ness, Ole M 161 

Nestor, Aber 161 

Neville, John Thomas 201 

Newberry, Barbara 108 

Newfield. Sam 187 

Newlands, James Gordon 368 

Newell, Billy 161 

Newell, David 161 

Newell. Elsa 108 

Newhoff & Phelps 161 

Newman, H. J 366 

Newmeyer. Fred C 187 

Newton. Florence 10-i 

Niblo, Fred 187 

Niblo. Fred Jr 201 

Nicholas, Ted 254 

Nichols, Nellie V 108 

Xichols. Dudley 201 

Nichols, George 161 

Nicholson, Paul 161 

Niebauer, Bessie 358 

Niemeyer, H. H 368 

Nigh, William , 187 

Nilsson, Anna Q 108 

Nissen, Greta 108 

Nixon, Marian 108 

Noble, John W 187 

Noble, Sally 108 

Nolan, Mary 108 

Nonamaker 352 

Nordstrom, Clarence 161 

Norman, Al (Rubber Legs) 161 

Norman, Amber 161 

Norman, Gertrude 108 

Norman, Irene 364 

Norman, Josephine 108 

Norman, Karyl 108 

Norris, Ethel 108 

Norris, Jerry 161 

Norris, Lowell Ames 201 

North, Clarerfce J 248 

North, Jack 161 

North, Wilfred 161 

Northrup, Harry 161 

Norton, Barry 161 

Norton, Edgar 161 

Norton, Fletcher 161 

Norworth, Dorothy Adelphi 108 

Norworth, Jack 161 

Norworth, Mrs. Jack 108 

Nosier, Lloyd 62 

Notre Dame Glee Club 161 

Novak, Eva 108 

Novak, Jane 108 

Novarro, Ramon 161 

Novello, Ivor 161 

Novis, Donald 161 

Nowell, Wedgewood 161 

Noy, Wilfred 161-187 

Nugent, Edward 161 

Nugent, Elliott 162 

Nugent, J. C 162 

Nye, Carroll 162 

Nye, Raymond 162 


Oakie, Jack 162 

Oakley, Florence 110 

Oakland, Will 162 

Oakland, Vivian 110 

Oakman, Wheeler 162 

Oaks, Dorothy 110 

Oates, Frank R 248 

Ober, Robert 162-187 

O'Brien, George 162 

O'Brien, Pat 162 

O'Brien, Tom 162 

O'Byrne, Patsv 108 

Occtel, Wally 162 

O'Connell, Hugh 162 

O'Connor, Edward 162 

O'Connor, Harry 162 

O'Connor, Henry 162 

O'Connor, Louis J 162 

O'Connor, Robert 162 

Odom, H. Tracy 370 

O'Donnell, Jack 201 

O'Donnell, John E 358 

O'Donnell, Spec 162 

O'Day, Dawn 108 

O'Day, Molly 110 

O'Day, Nell 110 

Oelze, Charles 1C7 

O'Farrell, Broderick 162 

Offerman, George 162 

O'Grady, Tom 162 

O'Hara, Geoffrey 162 

O'Hara, Neal 201 

O'Hara, Shirley 110 

O'Hearn, Timothy F 362 

O'Heron, Frank 248 

O'Keefe, Walter 162 

O'Mallev. David A 248 

Oland, Warner 162 

O'Leary, Patsy 110 

Olcott, Sidney 187 

Oliver, Barrie 162 

Oliver, Betty 110 

Oliver, Edna May 110 

Oliver, Guy 162 

Olivette, Nina 110 

Olmstead. Gertrude 110 

Olsen, John 162 

Olsen, Neslo 110 

O'Malley, Pat 162 

O'Neal, Zelma 110 

Ondrea, Anny 110 

O'Neil, Henry 162 

O'Neil, Sally 110 

O'Neil & Vermont 162 

O'Neill, Charles B 352 

O'Neill, Jim "Tip" 162 

O'Neill, Nance 110 

Orlamond, William 162 

Orlando, John 162 

Ornstein, William 354 

Orth, Frank 162 

Orth, Marion 201 

Osborne, Bud 162 

Osborne, Red 162 

Osborne, Vivienne 110 

Oscar, John 162 

O'Shaughnessy, Charles 162 

O'Shea, Danny 162 

Osterman, Jack 163 

Osternvan, Lynne 110 

O'Sullivan. Maureen HO 

Otterson, Tohn Edward 248 

O'Toole, M. J 248 




Otto, Henry 163 

Otvos. A. Doriarf 201 

Our Gang. 163 

Ovey, George 163 

Owen, Catherine Dale 110 

Owen, Reginald 163 

Owen, Seena 110 

Owsley, Monroe 163 


Padden, Sarah 110 

Page, Anita 110 

Page, Paul 163 

Paige, Patsy 110 

Paine. Charles B 248 

Palaska, Irene 110 

Pallat, Norma 110 

Pallette, Eugene 163 

Palmer, Barry 163 

Palmer, Corliss 110 

Palmer, Hayden R 362 

Palmer, Mabel 110 

Palmer, Patricia 110 

Palmer, Shirley 110 

Pangborn, Franklin 163 

Panzer, Paul 163 

Paoli, Raoul 163 

Paragons, The 163 

Paramore, Edward, Jr 201 

Parham, Mrs. James Avery 358 

Parizeau, Lucien 364 

Park, E. L... 163 

Park, Samuel John 201 

Parker, Austin 201 

Parker, Cecelia 110 

Parker, Franklin 163 

Parker, Gilbert 201 

Parker, Seth (Phillips Lord) 163 

Parks, Albert E 362 

Parlo, Dita 110 

Parrish, Helen 110 

Parrott, James 187 

Parrott, Ursula 201 

Parsley, Ruby 110 

Parsons, Louella 201-362 

Parsons, P. A 254 

Partos, Gus 163 

Pascal, Ernest 201 

Pasha, Kalla 163 

Paton, Stuart 187 

Patrick, John 163 

Patrick, Lee 163 

Patricola, Tom 163 

Patten, George 163 

Patterson, Elizabeth 110 

Patterson. Helen 110 

Patton, Bill 163 

Paulig, Albert 163 

Paull, Alan 163 

Paulo, Chiquita 110 

Paulo, Paquita 110 

Pawle, Lennox 163 

Payne, Douglas 163 

Payne, Louis 163 

Peabody, Eddie 163 

Pearce, A. Leslie 187 

Pearce, George C 163 

Pearson, Humphrey 201 

Pearson, Virginia 110 

Peck, Norman 163 

Peers, Joan 110 

Peil, Jr., Edward 163 

Peil, Sr., Edward 163 

Pembroke, Scott 187 

Pendleton, Gavlord 163 

Pendleton, Nat 163 

Pennel, R. 0 163 

Penner, Joe 163 

Pennick, Jack 163 

Pennington, Ann 110 

Penwarden, Duncan 163 

Pepper, Jack 163 

Percival, Walter 163 

Percy, Bob 163 

Percy, David 163 

Perdue, Derelys 110 

Perez, Paul 201 

Perfect, Rose 110 

Periolat, George 163 

Perkins, Osgood 163 

Perrin, Jack 163 

Perrins, Glen 366 

Perry, Kathryn 110 

Perry, Robert 163 

Perry, Walter 163 

Pete 163 

Peters, Frederick 163 

Peters. Dr. O. A 187 

Petersen, Maria 110 

Peterson, Dorothy 110 

Peterson. Ela 110 

Peterson, Ernst 164 

Petrie, Walter 164 

Petrovitch, Ivan 164 

Pettijohn. C. C 248 

Pettus, Merrideth B 369 

Phelps, Bud 164 

Philbin. Mary 110 

Philbrick, William H 164 

Phillips, Eddie 164 

Phillips, Helena 110 

Phillips, Howard 164 

Phillips, Joe 164 

Phillips, Mary 110 

Phipps, Sally 110 

Phyfe, Hal 210 

Picha, Herman 164 

Pick, Lupu 164 

Picon, Milly Ill 

Pickford, Jack 164 

Pickford. Mary 110 

Piddington, George W 368 

Pidgeon, Walter 164 

Pierce, Evelyn Ill 

Pierce, George 164 

Pierce, Jack 164 

Pierce, James 164 

Pierce, Ruby Edna 366 

Pigett, Temple 164 

Pincus, Herman 354 

Pine, William Hoy 254 

Pingree, Earl 164 

Pilot, Berenice Ill 

Pinol. Francisco 201 

Pitcairn. Jack 164 

Pitts, Zasu Ill 

Pittschau, Werner 164 

Pivar, Ben 62 

Pivar, Maurice 62 

Pla, Pancho Moreno 360 

Plantation Trio 164 

Platen. Karl 164 

Piatt, William 164 

Plaza Boys. The 164 

Plunkett. Walter 210 

Poff. Lon 164 

Pollak. Adolph 62 

Poland, Joseph Franklin 164 

Police Ouartet 164 

Pollard," "Snub" 164 

Pollard. Bud 187 

Pollard, Daphne Ill 

Pollard. Harry 187 

Pollock. Leo A. 254 

Pomerantz, Francis 164 

Ponieroy. Roy J 187 

Potechina. Lydia Ill 

Poulten. Marel Ill 

Percy, Aileert 110 

Ponder, Jack 164 

Poole, Arthur Eensell 248 

Pope, Frank T 354 

Poppe, Harry T 62 

Porcasi, Paul 164 

Porter. Fred L 62 

Post. Charles A 62 

Potel, Victor 164 

Potter, Teanne () 362 

Potter, Merle 364 

Powell, Russ 164 

Powell, William 164 

Power, Paul 164 

Powers. Lucille Ill 

Powers, P. A 248 

Praskins, Leonard 201 

Pratt, Jack 164 

Pratt, Purnell B 164 

Preer, Evelvn Ill 

Presnell. Robert R 201 

Prestelle. Mae T Ill 

Pretal, Camillus 164 

Prevost. Marie Ill 

Price, Bert 164 

Price, Georgie 164 

Price, Hal 164 

Price. Kate Ill 

Price, Nancy Ill 

Prince, John T 164 

Pringle, Aileen Ill 

Prin'gle. Jessie Ill 

Printzlau. Olga 201 

Prior, Alan 164 

Prior, Herbert 164 

Prior. Peggv 202 

Pritzhoff. Paul 164 

Prival, Lucien 164 

Prouty, Jed 164 

Prudhomme. Cameron 164 

Pryor, Roger 164 

Puettjer. Gustav 164 

Puffy, Charles 164 

Push. Harvev M 63 

Pullman Porters, The 164 

Pursell, Tune Ill 


Ouartaro, Nena Ill 

Quartermaine, Charles 164 

Quedens, Eunice Ill 

Ouigley, George E 248 

Quigley, Martin 354 

Quillan, Eddie 164 

Quillan, John 164 

Quillan, Joseph 164 

Quillan, Marie 111 

Quinn, James T 166 

Ouimby. Margaret Ill 

Quirk, Janus Robert 354 

Quinn, J. Kerker 366 


Rachman, J 366 

Radford, Basil 166 

Raguse. Elmer R 63 

Raisa, Rosa Ill 

Raker, Lorin 166 

Ralli. Paul 166 

Ralph, Louis 166 

Ralston. Esther Ill 

Ralston, Jobyna Ill 

Rambeau. Marjorie Ill 

Ramsaye, Terry 354 

Ramsey, Arthur B 63 

Randall, Bernard 166 

Randol, Robert Luther 360 

Randolf, Anders 166 

Randoff. Stella Ill 

Rangers, The 166 

Rankin, Arthur 166 

Rankin. Caroline Ill 

Rankin. Doris Ill 

Raper, Tod 358 

Rapf, Harry 63 

Rapf. Joe 63 

Raphaelson. Samson 202 

Rasp, Fritzi 166 

Ratcliffe. E. J 166 

Rathbone, Basil 166 

Ratoff, Gregory 166 

Raucourt, Jules 166-202 

Ravel. Sandra Ill 

Rawlinson, Herbert 166 

Ray, Albert 187 

Ray, Allene Ill 

Ray, Jacques 166 

Ray, Mona Ill 

Raymond. Frances Ill 

Raymond. Gene 166 

Raymaker. Herman C. 187 

Raymond, Jack 166 

Raymer, Laurence A 356 

Raynor, Sam 166 

Reade, Janet Ill 

Rebla Ill 

Reddy. Joseph Patrick 254 

Redmond. Tack 166 

Redmond & Wells 166 

Ree, Max 210 

Reece, Kathryn Ill 

Reed, Donald 166 

Reed, George 166 

Reed, J. T 63 

Reed, Luther 187 

Reed, Ira B 166 

Reed, Tom 202 

Rego, Billie Ill 

Reek, Edmund 248 

Reeve, Arch 254 

Reeves, Alfred 63 

Reeves, Robert 166 

Regan, Joseph 166 

Rego, Charles 166 

Reicher, Frank 166 

Reicher. Hedwig Ill 

Reid. Jane Ill 

Reinhardt, Harry 166 

Reinhart, John 166 

Reinwald, Greta Ill 

Reisman. Phil 248 

Renaldo, Duncan 166 

Renard, Ervin 166 

Renard, Kave Ill 

Renick, Ruth Ill 

Rennie, James 166 

Revellers, The 166 

Revier, Dorothy Ill 

Rex 166 

Reynolds, Abe 166 

Reynolds, Harrington 166 

Reynolds, Mrs. Jerome 362 

Reynolds, Vera Ill 

Rhythm Boys 166 

Rhodes, Georgette Ill 

Rhcuma, Gypsy Ill 

Ribalta, J. Carner 202 

Rica, Mona Ill 

Rice, Frank . 166 

Rice, Irene Ill 

Rich, Irene Ill 

Rich. Lillian Ill 

Rich, Vivian Ill 

Richard, Vernon 166 

Richards, Vernon Kilburn 369 

Richardson 4 . C. E 248 

Richardson, Frank 166 

Richardson, Jack 166 

Richman, Arthur 202 

Richman. Harry 166 

Richmond, Kane 166 

Richmond. Warner 166 

Rickert, Shirley Jean 112 

Ricketts, Tom 166 

Ricks, Archie 167 

Rick son, Joe 167 

Rider, I.ecta Denham 360 

Ridges, Stanley 167 

Ridgcway. Fritzi 112-167 

Riefenstahl. Leni 167 

Riescnfeld. Hugo 248 

Riesncr. Charles (Chuck) 187 

Rigas, George 167 

Righy, Gordon 202 

Rigge, Rudolph Klein 167 

Rinker, A 167 

Rin Tin Tin 167 

Ring, Cyril 167 

Ring, Robert C 364 

Ringham, Edward 167 

Ripley, Robert L 167 

Rising, Mrs. Marie Parks 356 

Risso, John 167 

Rive, Kenneth 167 

Rivero, Julian 167 

Rivero, Lorraine 112 

Rivers, W. L 202 

Roach, Bert 167 

Roach, Charles H 63 

Roach, Hal 63 

Roach, John B 63 

Roanne, Andre 167 

Robach. Al 187 

Robards, Jason 167 

Robbins, Art 167 

Robbins, Walter 167 

Robinson, Carlyle R 254 

Roberts, Berly 167 

Roberts, Desmond 167 

Roberts, Edith 112 

Roberts, Edward C 187 

Roberts, Florence 112 

Roberts, Stephen 187 

Roberts, Theodore 167 

Robertson, John S 187 

Robertson, Willard 167 

Robinson, Casey 188 

Robinson, Earl 167 

Robinson, Edward G 167 

Robinson, Roberta 112 

Robison, Arthur 188 

Robsorf, May 112 

Robson, William N 202 

Roccardi, Albert 167 

Roche, John 167 

Rock, Joe 63 

Rockett, A. L 63 

Rodenbach, Clark 358 

Rodney. Earle 188 

Roebuck, Bob 167 

Roemheld. Heinz 63 

Roemer, Kate 112 

Rogell, Albert 63-188 

Rogell, Sid 63 

Rogers, Archer Glenn 360 

Rogers, Bruce H 167 

Rogers, Budd 248 

Rogers, Charles (Buddy) 167 

Rogers, Charles R 63 

Rogers. Charlotte 254 

Rogers, Ginger 112 

Rogers, Harry 167 

Rogers, Howard Emmett 202 

Rogers, John 167 

Rogers, Walter Browne 167-202 

Rogers, Will 167 

Roland, Gilbert 167 

Roland, Ruth 112 

Rollens. Jacques 167-188 

Rollins, David 167 

Roman, Frank 167 

Roman, High 167 

Romanoff, Constantine 167 

Rome, Bert 167 

Rome, Betty 112 

Romson. Adele 112 

Ronseray. Count Pierre de 167 

Rooney, Pat 167 

Rooney, 3d, Pat 167 

Root, Wells 202 

Roosevelt, Buddy 167 

Roper, Bob 167 

Roper, Jack 167 

Roquemore. Henry 167 

Rosanova, Rosa 112 

Rork. Ann 112 

Rosay, Frances 112 

Roscoe, Alan 167 

Rose, Blanche 112 

Rose, Don 167 

Rose, Jackson, J 210 

Rosen. Phil 188 

Rosenblatt, Cantor Joseph 167 

Rosenfield, Jr., John 358 

Rosener. George 167-202 

Rosenthal, Boris .. 167 

Rosenthal. Harry i 167 

Rosenzweig. Charles 248 

Rosing, Bodil 112 

Rositti, Alonzo 167 

Ross, Burt. Jr 167 

Ross, Churchill 167 

Ross, Frank 167 

Ross, Fred U 360 

Ross, Nathaniel R 188 

Ross, Sherman 167 

Rossitto, Angelo 167 

Rossorf, Arthur 188 

Rosson, Richard 188 

Roth, Hans 168 

Roth. Lillian 112 

Rothc, Elliott 168 

Rothstein, Nat G 254 

Roubert. Matty 168 

Roudcnko. Waldimir 168 

Rouveral. Aurania 202 

Rovd, Sandra 112 




Rovelle. Camille 112 

Rovelstad, Ernest A 354 

Rowland, Art 168 

Rowland, Adele 112 

Ruben, J. Walter 168-202 

Rubens, Alma 112 

Rubin, Benny 168 

Rubin, Jan 168 

Rudulph, Gerald K 254 

Rueckert, Ernst 168 

Ruffo, Tito 168 

Rugel, Yvette 112 

Ruggles, Charles 168 

Ruggles, Wesley 188 

Runyon, Damon 168 

Rush, Dick 168 

Rush, Felix 168 

Ruskin, Harry 202 

Russell, Evangeline 112 

Russell, J. Gordon 168 

Russell, John Lowell 168 

Russell, William 168 

Russell, Markert Dancers 168 

Ruth, "Babe" Herman 168 

Ruth, Marshall 168 

Ruth, Roy Del 188 

Rutherford. John 168 

Ruthven, Madeline 202 

Ruysdael, Basil 168 

Ryan, Ben 168 

Ryan, Dorothy 112 

Ryan, Nancy 112 

Ryan, Phil L 63 

Ryan, Robert J 168 

Ryan, Rosette 112 

Ryerson, Florence 202 

Ryno, William H 168 


Saal. William 248 

Sabato, Alfredo 168 

Sabel, Josephine 112 

Sabin, Teddy 168 

Sabini, Frank 168 

Safron, Jerome 249 

Sage, DeWitt L 249 

Sainpolis, John 168 

Sais, Marin 112 

St. Angelo, Robert 168 

St. Clair, Malcolm 188 

St. John, Al 168 

St. Leo, Leorfard 168 

Sale, Virginia 112 

Salzman, Hal 254 

Sanders, Kent 168 

Sanders, Scott 168 

Sandford, Stanley 168 

Sandrich, Mark 188 

Santell, Alfred 188 

Santell, Arthur 168 

Santley, Fredric 168 

Santley, Joseph 188 

Santley. Zelda 112 

Santoro, Jack 168 

Santschi, Tom 168 

Sarecky, Louis A 63 

Sargent, Epes Winthrop 354 

Sargent, Lewis 168 

Sarland, Reginald 168 

Sarno, Hector V 168 

Sarnoff. David 249 

Sascha, Alexander 168 

Saum, Clifford 168 

Saunders, Allen 369 

Saunders. E. M 249 

Saunders. John Monk 202 

Savage, Nelly 112 

Saville, Gus 168 

Savin, Edward J 63 

Sax. Sam 63-249 

Saxe, Templer 168 

Saxon, Hugh 168 

Sayers, Loretta 112 

Saylor, Sid 168 

Scardon, Paul 188 

Schable, Robert 168 

Schaefer, George J 249 

Schaeffer, Ann 112 

Schaeffer, Charles N 169 

Schallert, Edwin 362 

Schayer. Richard 202 

Scheib. Philip A 63 

Schenck, Joe 169 

Schtnck, Joseph M 249 

Schenck, Nicholas M 249 

Schertzinger, Victor 188 

Schildkraut, Joseph 169 

Schildkraut. Rudolph 169 

Schilling. Marion 112 

Schlager, Sig 254 

Schlesinger. I^eon 63 

Schletton, H. A 169 

Schmidt, George 1 354 

Schmidt, Kai 169 

Schmuck, Fritz 169 

Schrfeider. Abe 249 

Schneider, Edwin 169 

Schneider, Willy 169 

Schnitzer. Joseph 1 249 

Schoedsack. Ernest Beaumont 63-188 

Schorr, Hortense 254 

Schott, Werner 169 

Schrock. Raymond 202 

Schroth, Heinrich 169 

Schrott. Estelle 254 

Schubert, Bernard S 203 

Schuessler, Frederick Edward 63 

Schulberg, B. P 63 

Schumann-Heink, Ferdinaifd 169-203 

Schutz, George 354 

Schwab, Laurence 188 

Schwannecke, Victor 169 

Schwanneke, Walter 169 

Schwartz, Henry Charles 366 

Schwartz, Isador 249 

Schwartz, Maurice 169 

Scott, Fred 169 

Scott, Harry 249 

Scott, Mabel Julienne 112 

Scott, Mrs. Bess Whitehead 360 

Scott, Randolph 169 

Scott, Walter 169 

Scott, William 169 

Scotto, Aubrey 188 

Seadler. Silas F 254 

Sealy, Billy 169 

Searl, Jackie 169 

Sears, Zelda 112-203 

Seastrom, Victor 188 

Seaton, Scott 169 

Seay, Billy 169 

Seay, Dorothy 112 

Sehastian, Dorothy 112 

Sedan, Rolfe 169 

Sedano, Charles 169 

Seddon, Margaret 112 

Sedgwick, Edward 188 

Sedillo, Juan 169 

Sedley, Henry 169 

Sedley, Rov, & His Night Club Re- 
vue 170 

Sedran, Samuel 249 

Seegar, Miriam 112 

Sefton, I. Hubert 368 

Segal, Vivienne 112 

Segar, Lucia 112 

Seidelman, Joseph H 249 

Seiler, Lewis 188 

Seiter. William 188 

Seitz, George B 188 

Selbie, Evelyn 112 

Selby, Norman 170 

Selig, A. L 254 

Seligman, Al 249 

Sellon, Charles 170 

Selwyn, Edgar 188 

Selwyrfne, Clarissa 112 

Selzer, Edward 255 

Selznick, David 0 63 

Selznick, Myron 210 

Semels, Harry 170 

Semmler, Gustav 170 

Serenaders, The 170 

Seroff, Georg 170 

Servanti, Luigi 170 

Seymour, James 188-203 

Seymoure, Lew 170 

Seymour, Madeline 114 

Shackleford, Floyd 170 

Shanley, Fred 170 

Shannon, Cora 114 

Shannon, Peggy 114 

Shapiro. Victor Mansfield 255 

Sharland, Reginald 170 

Sharp, H. Sutton 360 

Sharpe, David 170 

Shauer, Emil E 249 

Shaw, Bud 170 

Shaw, Montague 170 

Shaw, Oscar 170 

Shaw. Peggy 114 

Shaw & Lee 170 

Shea, Dennis J 354 

Shea, Joseph C 255 

Shea, Olive 114 

Shean, Al 170 

Shearer, Norma 114 

Sheehan, Clayton. P 249 

Sheehan, Howard J 249 

Sheehan, John 170 

Sheehan. Win field 249 

Sheffield, Reginald 170 

Sheldon, E. Lloyd 63 

Sheldon, Gene 170 

Shellman, James Meriwether 356 

Sheridan, Anne 114 

Sheridan, Frank 170 

Sherman, Al 364 

Sherman. Lowell 179-189 

Sherry, J. Barney 170 

Sherry, Craighall 170 

Sherwood, Clarence 170 

Shield, Ernie 170 

Shilling, Marion 170 

Shipman. Helen 114 

Shirley. Irene 114 

Shlyen, Ben 354 

Shore, Viola Brothers 203 

Shores, Lynn 189 

Short, Don Howard 368 

Short, Gertrude 114 

Short, Lew 170 

Shorter, Winifred 114 

Shotwell, Marie 114 

Shrader, Genevieve 114 

Shreck, Jay M 354 

Shuford, Andy 170 

Shultz, Harry 170 

Shumate, Harold 203 

Shumway. Lee 170 

Shumway, Walter 170 

Shurlock, Geoffrey 63 

Shutta. Ethel 114 

Shy, Gus 170 

Sidney, George 170 

Sidney, Sylvia 114 

Siegel, Bernard 170 

Silk, Frank X 170 

Sills, Milton 170 

Silver, Marcel G 189 

Silver, Milton 255 

Silver, Sam 203 

Simmons, Ira H 249 

Simmons, Michael L 255 

Simon, Louis 170 ' 

Simon, Marca 114 

Simon, S. S 170 

Simons, Roger L 368 

Simpson, Allan 170 

Simpson, Ivan 170 

Simpson, Russell 170 

Sinclair, Bob 170 

Singerman, Sidney 249 

Singleton, Jack 170 

Sinkoff, Abe 170 

Sisk. Robert F 255 

Sikora, Charles J 364 

Skelly, Hal 170 

Skinner, Otis 170 

Skipworth, Alison 170 

Slattery, Charles 171 

Slavin, Buster 171 

Sleeper. Martha 114 

Slipperly, Ralph 171 

Sloane, Paul 189 

Sloman. Edward 189 

Slott, Nate 171 

Smallev. Phillips 171 

Small, Mac 368 

Smiles, Finch 171 

Smith, Al 171 

Smith. Basil 189 

Smith, Chas. B 366 

Smith. Dennis R 358 

Smith, Donald 171 

Smith, Frank 358 

Smith, Frederick James 354 

Smith, Gerald A 368 

Smith. Howard 203 

Smith, H. Reeves 171 

Smith. Nancy 255 

Smith, Oscar 171 

Smith, Paul Gerard 203 

Smith. Pete 203 

Smith, Reginald 171 

Smith, Sebastian 171 

Smith. Stanley 171 

Smith. Vernon L 369 

Smith. Viviarf 114 

Smith. Wallace 203 

Smith, "Whispering" Tack 171 

Smith and Dale 171 

Snell. Earle 203 

Snell. Paul 255 

Snell, Ted 171 

Snow-den. Carolynne & Co 114 

Soanes, Wood 364 

Soderholm, Wallace D 356 

Sojin .171 

Somers, Lee 369 

Somerset. Pat 171 

Sorin, Louis 171 

Sorina. Katya 114 

Soussanin, Nicholas 171 

Southard, Harry H 171 

Southern. Eve 114 

Southwell, George Lester 354 

Sparks. Martha Lee 114 

Sparks. Ned 171 

Spear, Harry 171 

Spellman, Leora 114 

Spence. Ralph 203 

Spencer. Eleanor Campbell 360 

Sperber, Curt 364 

Sperling. Hazel 114 

Sneth. Ru lolph 249 

Spewack, Bella 203 

Spicker, Frank 249 

Spitalnv. Phil, and His Penrfsylvania 

Orchestra 171 

Spivak. Murray 64 

Spivey. Victoria 114 

Spottswood. James 171 

Sorague, Chandler 203 

Spring, B 171 

Spring, Toy 114 

Sprotte, Bert 171 

Stabenau. Tony 171 

Stahl, John M 189 

Stamper, Pope 171 

Stanbury, Douglas 171 

Standing. Joan 114 

Standing, Wyndham 171 

Stanwyck. Barbara 114 

Stanford, I. D 368 

Stange. Hugh 203 

Stanley, Al 171 

Stanley, Forrest 171 

Stanley, Tmogene 203 

Stanlev, Joe B 171 

Stanley, Red 171 

Stanton, Ernie 171 

Stanton, Val 171 

Stanton, Will 171 

Starke. Pauline 114 

Starlight 171 

Starling, Lynn 203 

Starr, Herman 249 

Starr. James A 203-362 

Starr, Sally 114 

Starrett, Charles 171 

Statler, Marian 114 

Statley, Charles 171 

Stauber, Mary 114 

Steadman, Vera 114 

Stedman, Lincoln 171 

Stedman. Myrtle 114 

Steele, Bob 171 

Steele, Charles M 250 

Steele, Helen Eugene 360 

Steele, William 171 

Steers, Larry 172 

Steele, Joseph Henry 255 

Steen, Al 354 

Steil, William A 172 

Stein, Paul L 189 

Steirgel. Leni 114 

Steppling. John 172 

Sterler, Hermine 172 

Sterling. Ford 172 

Stern, Louis 172 

Stevens, Charles 172 

Stevens. Charlotte 114 

Stevens, Landers 172 

Stevenson, Edward 250 

Stevenson, Hayden 172 

Stevenson, Mabel Gouldy 366 

Stevenson. Richard 172 

Stever. Hans 172 

Steward. Donald Ogden 203 

Stewart, Anita 114 

Stewart. Edwin G 64 

Stewart. Donald Ogden 172 

Stewart. Patrick 172 

Stewart. Roy 172 

Stewart, S. S. R. S 172 

Stinnett, Jack 366 

Stockdale, Carl 172 

Stockoff. Herman 1 250 

Stoddard, Belle 114 

Stoddard. William E 255 

Stokes. Warren 354 

Stoll, Flynn & Co 172 

Stoloff. Ben 189 

Stone. Arthur 172 

Stone, Georgie 172 

Stone. Irene 114 

Stone. Tohn 203 

Stone. Lewis 172 

Storey, A. D. V 354 

Stoub. Ralph B 189 

Stowe. Leslie 172 

Strange, Phillip 172 

Strauss, William 172 

Strayer, Frank R 189 

Striker, Joe 172 

Strombere. Hunt 64 

Strong, Eugene 172 

Stuart, Donald 172 

Stuart. Herschel 250 

Stuart, John 172 

Stuart, Nick 172 

Stuber. William G 250 

Stubbs. Harrv 172-189 

Sturgis, Eddie 172 

Striker, Joseph 172 

Suberly, Sidney 172 

Suegel, Bernard 172 

Sullivan, Billie 172 

Sullivan, Charles .172 

Sullivan. Charles E 64 

Sullivan, Fred 172 

Sullivan. Jack 189 

Sullivan, Theodore J 354 

Sullivan. Wallace 203 

Summers & Hunt 172 

Summerville. Slim 172 

Sumner. Verlyn 114 

Sunnv, Tim 172 

Surplis. Herbert D 358 

Sutherland, Dick 172 

Sutherland. Eddie 189 

Sutherland. Hope 114 

Sutton. Gertrude 114 

Swanson. Gloria 114 

Swain. Mack 172 

Sweet, Blanche 114 

Sweet. Harrv 172-189 

Sweet and McNaughton 172 

Swenson, Alfred 172 

Swerliirg. Jo 203 

Swickard, Joseph 172 

Swisher. Harold E 360 

Swor, Bert 172 




Sykes, Ethel 114 

Sym, Igo 172 

Symonds, Augustine 172 

Szekler, Al 250 

Tabor, Richard 172 

Taft, Billy 172 

Taft, Ruth 116 

Tait, Helen M 369 

Tait, Walter \ 172 

Talbot, Hayden 204 

Talbot, Lysle 172 

Talley. Truman H 250 

Talmadge, Constance 116 

Talmadge, Norma 116 

Talmadge, Richard 172 

Tamaki, Yoshiwara 173 

Tamarez, Tom 173 

Tamayo, Fernando C 64 

Tang, Frank 173 

Tapley, Rose 116 

Tarzan 173 

Taurog, Norman 189 

Tansey, Emma 116 

Tashman, Lilyan 116 

Taylor, Estelle 116 

Taylor, Henry 173 

Taylor, Jr., H. B 362 

Taylor, Matt 204 

Taylor, Ray 189 

Taylor, Ruth 116 

Taylor, Sam 189 

Taylor, Stanley 173 

Tearle, Conway 173 

Tearle, David 173 

Teasdale, Verree 116 

Tell, Alma 116 

Tell, Olive 116 

Tell, P. W 364 

Tenbrook, Harry 173 

Tennyson, Walter 173 

Templeton, Fay 116 

Terrett, Courtenay 204 

Terrin, Jack 173 

Terris, Norma 116 

Terris, Tom 189 

Terry, Alice 116 

Terry, Don 173 

Terry, Ethel Grey 116 

Terry, Ethelirfd 116 

Teryon, Arlette 116 

Thalberg, Irving 64 

Thalberg, Sylvia 204 

Thatcher, Evelyn 116 

Theby, Rosemary 116 

Theobald, Carl 173 

Theobald, Mary E 562 

Theodore, Ralph 173 

Thew, Harvey 204 

Thirer, Irene 364 

Thomajan. P. K 255 

Thomas, Dan 362 

Thomas, George H 255 

Thomas, Harry H 250 

Thomas, Jameson 173 

Thomas, Virginia 116 

Thompson, Daniel H 362 

Thompson, David H 64 

Thompson, Duane 116 

Thompson, George 173 

Thompson, Hal 173 

Thompson, Harlan 204 

Thompson, Jack 173 

Thompson, John H 369 

Thompson, Lloyd S 368 

Thompson, Lotus 116 

Thompson, Peggy 204 

Thomson, J. F 250 

Thomson, Kenneth 173 

Thomson, Major H. C. S 250 

Thomson, Philip L 250-255 

Thorpe, Gordon 173 

Thorpe, Richard 189 

Thorne, W. L 173 

Thurston, Charles E 173 

Tibbett, Lawrence 173 

Tighe, Harry 173 

Tilbury, Zeffie 116 

Tinee, Mae 358 

Timberg, Herman 173 

Timblin ?nd Raymond 173 

Tinker. Edward Richmond 250 

Tinling. James 189 

Titus, Lydia 116 

Tobin. Genevieve 116 

Tod, Quentin 173 

Todd, Harry 173 

Todd. Lola 116 

Todd, Thelma 116 

Toler, Sidney 173 

Tollaire, August 173 

Tomkins, Don 173 

Tooker, William H 173 

Toomey, Regis 173 

Topping, Frederick J 360 

Tora. Lia 116 

Torrence, David 173 

Torrence, Ernest 173 

Torres, Raquel 116 

Towne, Gene 204 

Townley, Jack 204 

Tracey, Lester Andrew 64 

Tracy, Lee 173 

Tracy, Spencer 173 

Trahan, Al 173 

Traps, Buddy 173 

Traub, Joe 204 

Travers, Richard 173 

Treacher, Arthur 173 

Trebor, Haynes 360 

Trento, Guy -. 174 

Tresselt, Frank 210 

Trevor, Hugh 174 

Trevor, Norman 174 

Trigg & Maxwell 174 

Trillor, Armand 174 

Troland, Dr. Leonard Thompson ... 250 

Trotti, Lamar 354 

Troubetzskoy, Youcca 174 

Trout, Wesley 354 

Trowbridge, Charles 174 

True, Alice 116 

Trueman, Paula 116 

Truesdale. Howard 174 

Trvon. Glenn 174 

Tsen Mei. Lady 116 

Tuchock. Wanda 204 

Tucker, Richard 174 

Tucker, Sophie 116 

Tully. Jim 204 

Tumanova, Renee & Co 174 

Tuttle, Frank 189 

Turk, Roy 174 

Turner, Bertha Adelle 360 

Turner, Doreen 116 

Turner, Florence 116 

Turner, George 174 

Turner, Maude 116 

Turner, Mrs. Ralph M 364 

Turner, Raymond 174 

Turner, Terry 255 

Turner, William H 174 

Turpin, Ben 174 

Tvler, Harry 174 

Tyler, Tom 174 

Twelvetrees, Helen 116 


Ulis & Clark 174 

Ullman, Robert 174 

Ullman. S. George 64 

Ulric, Lenore 116 

Underwood, Frances 116 

Ungar, Arthur 64 

Unsell, Eve 204 

Upton, Frances 116 

Urnaeff. Vadim 116-174 

Utica Jubilee Singers 174 

Vail, Mabel 117 

Vajda, Ernest 204 

V'alenti. Armando 210 

Valentine, Joseph A 210 

Valentino, Albert 174 

Valetti. Rose 117 

Vallee, Rudy 174 

Valles, Dave 174 

Valli, Virginia 117 

Valpey, Harold Day 362 

Van Beuren, Amedee T 250 

Van Buren, A. H 189 

Van Buren, Mabel 117 

Van Daele, Edmond 174 

Van Dine, S. S 204 

Van Dorn, Mildred 117 

Van Dyke, W. S 189 

Van, Ella 117 

Van, Gus 174 

Van Praag. M 250 

Vanaire, Jacques 174 

Vandivere, Elinor 117 

Vane, Virginia 117 

Varconi, Victor 174 

Varnel. Marcel 189 

Varno, Rolant 174 

Vaughn, Alberta 117 

Vaughn, Hilda 117 

Vavitch, Michael 174 

Veavers. Louise 117 

Veidt. Conrad 174 

Vciller, Anthony 204 

Veiller, Bayard 204 

Vejar, Harry 174 

Vekroff. Perry N 204 

Velasco. Mercedes 117 

Velez, I.upe 117 

Velie, Jay 174 

Verdi, Francis M 174 

Veronina, Vera 117 

Vernell, Pearl 117 

Vernon, Bobby 174 

Vernon, Florence 117 

Vernon, Hope 117 

Vernon, Suzy 117 

Verrico, Alfredo 64 

Vic, Captain 174 

Victor, Henry 174 

Victor, Vina 174 

Vidor, Florence 117 

Vidor, King Wallis 190 

Vietrol, Berthold 190 

Vignola, Robert C 190 

Vincent, Allan 174 

Vincent, Sailor 174 

Vincent, William 174 

Vincenti, Paul 174 

Visaroff, Michael 174 

Vitaphone Kiddies 174 

Vogel, William M 250 

Voight, Hubert L 255 

Volck, Adalbert George 64 

Voltz, William H 366 

Von Aalten, Truus 174 

Von Brincken, William 174 

Von Brinken, Baron 174 

Von Eltz, Theodore 174 

Von Harbou, Horst 174 

Von Meter, Harry 174 

Von Seyffertitz, Gustav 174 

Von Sternberg, Joseph 190 

Von Stroheim, Erich 175-190 

Von Winterstein, Edward 175 

Vosselli. Judith 117 

Voyer, Guy 175 


Wade, Merle 64 

Wadsworth, Henry 175 

Wagstaff, Joseph 175 

Waite, Malcolm 175 

Walker, Stuart 190 

Wakelind. Gwen 210 

Waldo, Thayer 175 

Waldorf, Howard 366 

Waldridge, Harold 175 

Waldron, Andy 175 

Waldron, Jack 175 

Wales, Ethel 117 

Wales, Wally 175 

Walker, Belle 117 

Walker. Charlotte 117 

Walker, George 175 

Walker, H. M 204 

Walker, Johnnie 175 

Walker, Paul 360 

Walker. Polly 117 

Wallace, Grace 117 

^'Mlace, Katherine 117 

Wallace, John 175 

Wallace, Morgan 175 

Wallace, Richard 190 

Walling. Richard 175 

Walling, Will 175 

Wallis. Hal B 64 

Walliser, Mary Louise 368 

Walls, Tom 175 

Walsh, George 175 

Walsh, Raoul 190 

Walter, Eugene 204 

Walters, Ethel 117 

Walters, Jack 175 

Walthall. Henry B 175 

Walton, Fred 175 

Wanger, Walter 64 

Wanzer, Arthur 175 

Ward, Dorothy 117 

Ward, Hap 175 

Ward. Katherine Clare 117 

Ward, Mackenzie 175 

Ward, Mrs. Channing 368 

Ward, Roscoe , 175 

Ward, Solly '. 175 

Ward, Tiny 175 

Ward. Warwick 175 

Wardwell, Geoffrey 175 

Warfield. Kitty 117 

Ware. Helen 117 

Waring, Tom 175 

Warner, Albert 250 

Warner, H. B 175 

Warner. Harry M 251 

Warner, Jack 64 

Warner, Mary Irene 356 

Warren, E. Alyn 175 

Warren, Dwight W 210 

Warren, Fred H 175 

Warren, George C 368 

Warren, Herbert 175 

Warwick, Robert 175 

Washburn, Bryant 175 

Washburn, Mel 364 

Washington, Blue 175 

Washington, Mildred 117 

Waters. John 190 

Waterbury. Ruth 354-364 

Waters, Glen 175 

Waters, William J 36C 

Watkins, Linda 117 

Watkins, Maurirte 204 

Watles, Buddy 175 

Watson, Adele 117 

Watson, Bobby 175 

Watson, Coy, Jr 175 

Watson, Fanny 117 

Watson, Harry 175 

Watson, Kitty 117 

Watters, George Manker 204 

Watts, James Thompson 360 

Watts, Lyonel 175 

Watts, Jr.. Richard 364 

Watts & Gilbert 175 

Waxman, A. P 255 

Waycoff, Leon 175 

Wayne, John 175 

Wayne, Robert 175 

Wead, Lt. Com. Frank 204 

Wear, Ted G 369 

Webb, Clifton 175 

Webb, Millard 190 

Webb, Stuart Weston 251 

Weber and Fields 175 

Weeks, Barbara 117 

Weeks, George W 251 

Weeks. H. Keith 64 

Weigel, Paul 175 

Weight. Harmon F 190 

Weil, Richard 204 

Weisfeldt, M. J 64 

Weiss, Adolph 251 

Weiss, Louis 251 

Weiss, Max 251 

Weismuller, Johnny 175 

Weitzenkorn, Louis 204 

Welford, Nancy 117 

Weller, Jada 117 

Wells, Marie 117 

Welsh, Betty 117 

Welsh, Robert E 65 

Welsh, William J 175 

Wellman & Russell 175 

Wellmarf. William 190 

Wells, Gil 175 

Wells, Ralph 175 

Wells, Ted 175 

Werker, Alfred Louis 190 

Weshner. David E 255 

West, Edna 117 

West, J. W., Jr 364 

West, Arthur, "Pat" 175 

West, Buster 175 

West, Charles 175 

West, Claudine 204 

West, Ford 175 

West, John 175 

West. Roland 65-190 

West, Pat, & Middies 175 

Westman, Lolita Ann 204 

Weston & Lyons 175 

Westover, Winifred 117 

Wexley, John 204 

Whale, James 190 

Wheeler, Bert 175 

Wheeler, Cliff 190 

Wheeler, Dean 368 

Wheezer 175 

Whelan. Leslie F 255 

Whitaker, Alma 354 

Whitbeck. Frank 255 

White, Alice 117 

White, Betty 204 

White, Carl 176 

White, Clinton M 251 

White, Fred M 366 

White. Gordon S 255 

White, Jack 65-176 

White, Tules J 190 

White, Leo 176 

White, Malcolm 176 

White, Marjorie 117 

White. Thelma 117 

Whitely, Thomas 176 

Whiteman, Paul 176 

Whiting, Jack 176 

Whitlock, Lloyd 176 

Whitman, Gayne 176 

Whitman, Phil 190 

Whitmore, Dorothy 117 

Whitmore, Will 255 

Whitney, Claire 117 

Whitnev, Renee 117 

Whittaker, Charles 176 

Wliytock, Ross Duff 251 

Wickham, Verne 362 

Wickland, Lyons 176 

Wilher. Robert 176 

Wilcox, James 176 

Wilde. Ted 190 

Windcmere, Fred 190 

Wildlev & Sheehan 176 

Wilk, Ralph 354 

Willard, John 204 

Willat. Irvin 190 

Williams. Ada 117 

Williams, Guinn 176 

Williams, Kathlyn 117 

Williams. Lucille 117 




Williams, Ned E 255 

Williams, Roger 65 

William, Warren 176 

Williams, Zack 176 

Willis, F. McGrew 206 

Wills, Si 176 

Wilson, Carey 206 

Wilson, Charles 176 

Wilson, Eleanore B 369 

Wilson, Ernest 176 

Wilson, Hal 176 

Wilsort, Harry D 255 

Wilson, Lois 118 

Wilson, Tom 176 

Windsor, Adele 118 

Windsor, Claire 118 

Wing, Mrs. Wong 118 

Wingart, Earl W 255 

Winninger, Charles 176 

Winslow, Dick 176 

Winter, Laska 118 

Winters, Sally 118 

Winter, Alice Ames 251 

Winter, Mrs. Louis 360 

Winton, Jane 118 

Wise, Jack 176 

Wiseman, Sir William 251 

Withers, Grant 176 

Wolf, Jack 176 

Wolff, William A 255 

Wolheim, Dan 176 

Wolheim, Louis 176 

Woloshin, Alex 176 

Wong. Anna May 118 

Wong, Joe 176 

Wood, A. L. S 369 

Wood, Britt 176 

Wood, Clement 206 

Wood, Cyrus 206 

Wood, Ernest 176 

Wood, Freeman 176 

Wood, Jeanne 118 

Wood, L. E 369 

Wood, Peggy 118 

Wood. Sam 190 

Woodbury, Mitchell 369 

Woodruff, Bert 176 

Woods, Harry Lewis 176 

Woods, Olga 118 

Woodsten, Ellen 118 

Woolams. Leonard A 251 

Woolf, Edgar Allen 206 

Woolf, Walter 176 

Woolsey, Robert 176 

Woon, Basil 206 

Work, Milton C 176 

Wormser, Mortimer 251 

Worne. Duke 190 

Worsley, Wallace 190 

Worth, Barbara 118 

Worth, Lillian 118 

Worthington, William 176 

Wray, Fay 118 

Wray, John 206 

Wray, John Griffith 176 

Wright, Helen 118 

Wright, Humbertson 176 

Wright, Mack V 176 

Wycherly, Margaret 118 

Wyler, Robert 190 

Wyler, William 190 

Wyne, Robert 176 


Yacht Club Boys 176 

Yaconalli, Frank 176 

Yamaoaka, Iris 118 

Yamaoka, Otto 176 

Yeaman, Elizabeth 360 

Yearsley, C. L. (Bill) 255 

Yohalem, George 206 

Yoltz, Greta 118 

Yorke, Chick 176 

Yorke, Edith 118" 

Yorke & Johnson 176 

Yost, Dorothy 206 

Yost, Herbert 176 

Young, Clara Kimball 118 

Young, Ernest 176 

Young, James 190 

Young, L. A 251 

Young, Lon 255 

Young, Loretta 118 

Young, Noah 176 

Young, Olive 118 

Young, Owen D 251 

Young, Polly Ann 118 

Young, Richard P 65-251 

Young, Roland 176 

Young, Tammany 176 

Young, Tex 176 

Young, Waldemar 206 

Yourfger. A. P 206 

Yukio, Aoyama 354 

Yves, Christiane 118 


Zaifuck, Darryl F 65 

Zardo, Eric 176 

Zehner, Harry H 65 

Zeidman, Bennie F 65 

Ziegfeld, Florenz 65 

Zierler, Samuel 65 

Zilahy, Lajos 206 

Zukor, Adolph 251 






Allied Pictures Corp 137 

Ameranglo Corp 215 

Am kino Pictures 220 

Archainbaud, George 76 

Artclass Pictures Corp 129 

Associated Cinemas 219 

Associated Engineering Labora- 
tories 329 

Associated Publications 351 


Barringer, Barry 193 

Baxter, Warner 37 

Big 4 Film Corp 113 

Bioscope, The 357 

Blue Seal Sound Devices, Inc.. 309 

Bright, John 55 

British Lion Films 217 

Brock, Louis 72 

Brown, Harry "Joe" 73 

Brulatour, J. E., Inc 115 

Burton, Frederick 173 

Butler, David 35 


Ceder, Ralph 179 

Charlton, Theodore, Inc 149 

Cinema, The 363 

Clarke, Merle 539 

Cohn, Alfred A 33 

Columbia Pictures 109 

comerford theatres 297 

Conselman, William 37 

Cooper, Merian C 74 

Craft Film Laboratories, Inc.. 227 

Cukor, George 16 


Da-Lite Screen Corp 315 

Daily Film Renter, The 361 

Davis, Irving Kaye 54 

De Luxe Trailer Service Second Cover 

Del Ruth, Roy 53 

Dougherty, Egon 539 

Drake, Oliver 200 

Dunn, James 35 

Du Pont Pathe Film Mfg Corp. IV 


Eastman Kodak Company Third Cover 
Eastern Service Studios, Inc.. 225 
Educational Film Exchanges, 

Inc 89, 90 

Emanuel-Goodwin Publications 355 
Estabrook, Howard 71 


Fanchon and Marco, Inc 39 

Fa ye, Randall 202 

Fiegel, Alfred E. .Inside Front Flyleaf 
Film Daily 349 

Film Exchange, Inc 222 

Film Kurier 365 

First Division Exchanges, Inc.. 119 

Fox Film 23-29 

French Colonial Laundry, The 205 
Friend, A 74 


Gemsco 327 

General Register Corp 317 

Gilroy, Will 539 

Glasman, Kubec 55 

Griffith, Edward H 70 


Headline Pictures Corp 

Herbert, F. Hugh 

Heywood- Wakefield 

Hoerl, Arthur 

Horwin, Jerry 


Ideal Pictures Corp 

Imperial Distributing Corp 

International Film Corp., Ltd. . 
International Projector Corp. . 


Joyce-Selznick 209 


Kennedy, Lem F 185 



La Cinematographie Francaise 367 

Le Baron, William 69 

Le Roy Sound Equipment Corp. . 319 

Leonard, Robert Z 83 

Lubitsch, Ernst 15 

Ludvvig, Edward 103 


Mamoulian, Rouben 17 

Masterpack, A. C. Co 327 

Mayfair Pictures Corp 141 

McGuire, Joseph E 181 

McLeod, Norman 19 

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer 81, 82 

Mitchill, Leonard 229 

Monogram Pictures Corp 121 

Montagne, Edward J 75 

Motion Picture Daily 353 

Motion Picture Herald 345 

Murphy, Ralph 76 


National Screen Service. .Back Cover 


Oberndorf, Louis 210 

O'Brien, George 31 


Paramount Publix 9-14 and 20 

Park, S. John 203 

Pauker, Dr. Edmond 201 

Peerless Productions, Inc 145 

Picture Classics, Inc 157 

Pollard, Bud , 183 

Praskins, Leonard 84 


Sandrich, Mark 76 

Sarecky, Louis A 169 

Sax, Sam 55 

Seiter, William A 72 

Sennett, Mack 91 

Smith, Wallace 195 

Sono Art- World Wide Pictures, 

Inc 90 

S. O. S. Corp 324 

Starrett, Charles 19 

Stern Photos 20S 

Sullivan, Charles E., 73 


Talmadge, Richard, Productions, 

Inc. 165 

Taurog, Norman 18 

Taylor, Ray 104 

Tower Magazines, Inc.. 347 


United Artists 96, 97 

Universal Pictures Corp 101 


Walker, Stuart 18 

Wallace, Richard 17 

Warner Brothers 49-52 

Weber Machine Corp ^21 

Western Electric 307 

Wilcox Company, The 313 


197 Radio-Keith-Orpheum 79 

311 Radio-Mat Slide Co 328 

199 RCA Photophone, Inc. Front Flyleaf 

75 Raphaelson, Samson 19 

Raspin Productions, Inc 153 

Ree, Max 207 

Richmond, Kane 84 

Ritchey Export Corp 213 

161 RKO Radio Pictures. . .67, 68, 77, 78 

133 Robinson, Casey 19 

233 Royal Studios, Inc 231 



Attendance weekly in the United States 6 5,000,000 to 90,000,000 

Approximate world attendance weekly 18 5,000,000 

Gross annual admissions in the United States $1,15 4,000,000 

World capital investment in the industry $2,500,000,000 

Investment in the United States $2,000,000,000 

New investment in the United States due to sound $200,000,000 

Value of production properties in Hollywood $2 5,396,680 

Studio capital investment $93,920,000 

Production cost for 193 1-32 $180,000,000 

Production volume in United States compared with world production 

Estimated by volume 65 per cent 

Estimated by value 8 5 per cent 

Estimated total employed in the industry in the United States 276,000 

a. In production 27,000 

b. In distribution 9,000 

c. In theatres 240,000 

Extras placed at Central Casting Corporation in Hollywood (11 months) 177,523 

Annual Hollywood payroll $76,500,000 

Weekly payroll $1,472,000 

World annual advertising expenditure (latest survey in early 1931) $100,000,000 

a. Expenditure in the United States $70,000,000 

aa. Newspapers, magazines, etc $55,000,000 

bb. Billboards $10,000,000 

cc. Accessories $5,000,000 

b. Expenditures in other parts of the world $30,000,000 

Number of advertisements placed daily in various media 15,000 

Total motion picture theatres in the United States 20,100 

Total seating capacity 10,767,411 

Theatres operating 14,750 

Theatres dark at the end of 193 1 5,339 

Sound-equipped theatres (total) 13,223 

Sound-equipped operating 11,641 

Sound-equipped dark 1,582 

Silent theatres (total) : 5,295 

Silent theatres operating 1,538 

Silent theatres dark 3,757 

Type of sound equipment — sound-on-film, disc, or both 

Number of theatres with sound-on-film only 6,434 

Disc only 3,609 

Both sound-on-film and disc 4,898 

Four-Year increase of sound-equipping, United States and Canada 

End of 1928, total wired and unwired 21,000 

End of 1929: wired 9,350 (Av. capacity, 1,200) 

End of 1930: wired 13,780 (Av. capacity, 800) 

End of 1931: wired 13,998 (Av. capacity, 750) 

Approximate annual decrease of silent theatres, United States and Canada 

End of 1928.. 20,000 (Av. capacity, 900) 

End of 1929 12,650 (Av. capacity, 630) 

End of 193 0 8,320 (Av. capacity, 600) 

End of 193 1 5,595 (Av. capacity, 560) 

New theatres constructed in 1931, estimated 600 

Total expenditure in theatre construction in 1929, 1930, 1931 $306,139,000 

In 1929 $163,559,000 

In 1930 $97,580,000 

In 1931 (approximated) $45,000,000 

Approximate amount of film manufactured and used annually, linear feet 6,000,000,000 

Exports of photographic and projection goods in 1931 $20,138,509 

Exports of photographic and projection goods in 1930 $29,476,942 

Number of 3 5 mm. motion picture projectors in 1931 1,767 

Number of 3 5 mm. motion picture projectors in 1930 • 2,160 

Number less than 35 mm. projectors in 1931 2,701 

Number less than 3 5 mm. projectors in 1930 1,634 

Motion picture sound equipment in 1931 $3,864,316 

Motion picture sound equipment in 1930 $7,736,059 

Motion picture film, sensitized, not exposed in 1931 $2,322,647 

Motion picture film, sensitized, not exposed in 1930 $1,920,977 

Negative silent exposed film in 1931 $186,509 

Negative silent exposed film in 1930 $348,087 

Negative sound exposed film in 1931 $1,230,456 

Negative sound exposed film in 1930 $983,5 19 

Positive silent exposed film in 1931 $630,210 

Positive silent exposed film in 1930 $2,046,843 

Positive sound exposed film in 1931 $3,537,986 

Positive sound exposed film in 1930 $4,740,287 

Average adult admission in 193 1 was 10 cents less than in 1930. 

75 to 85 per cent of all adult admissions are purchased between 7:30 p.m. and 
8:30 p.m. 

Annual expenditure for theatre accessories (new and replacements) $22,500,000 

Data from 'Department of Commerce, Motion Picture Producers ami Distributors 
of America, Inc., Architectural Forum, and original sources. 


An up-to-the-minute and complete 
analysis of the corporate structure 
of the motion picture industry is 
presented in the following pages of 
The Motion Picture Almanac. The 
data include the names of the mem- 
bers of the official family of each 
company, the state in which it is in- 
corporated, details of corporate or- 
ganization, authorized number of 
shares of stock, preferred and com- 
mon, and their market value, bank- 
ing affiliations, and, finally, the earn- 
ings statements for the past year. 





Ameranglo Corporation 

226 West 42nd Street 
Phone: Wisconsin 7-1756 
New York City 


Arthur A. Lee 

William V. Goldie 
Incorporated under the laws of the State of New York. 

Associated British Cinemas, Ltd. 

Controlling interest is held by 
British International Pictures, Limited 
Head Office: Heddon House 
149-151 Regent Street 
London, W. I. 

Iohn Maxwell 




Sir Clement Kinloch-Cooke, Bart., K. B. E. 

J. Denny Bright 

January, 1928, under the laws of England. 

4,000.000 authorized, par value 5/ 

3,500,000 issued, par value 5/ 

1,000,000 authorized, par value £1. 

971,214 issued, par value £1. 
Associated British Cinemas, Ltd., own or control 190 
cinemas in the United Kingdom. 

Associated Sound Film Industries, Ltd. 

Raglan Gardens 
Wembley Park 
London, England 




D. W. Lewis 

I. W. Schlesinger, P. D. Out. \V. H. van Eeghen, 
Dr. R. Frankfurter, Dr. E. Noelle, V. H. C. 
Amberg, Dr. F. Bausback, H. Holt, W. W. S. C. 
Neville, D. W. Lewis. 

October 31, 1929. 

Authorized: £1.000,000 divided into 1,000,000 ordi- 
nary shares of 10 s. each and 500,000 8 per cent. 
Participating preference shares of £1 each. 

Big 4 Film Corporation 

Paramount Building 
1501 Broadway 
New York City 


John R. Freuler 

Charles L. Glett 

A. Amiel 

E. N. Bonavia 

October, 1928, under laws of New York State. 

30,000, no par value. 

British and Dominions Film Corporation, Ltd. 

Empire House 
117-119 Regent Street 
London, W. I., England 

Hubert T. Marsh 

A. L. Dugon 

Hubert T. Marsh, W. Henderson-Cleland, Raymond 
P. C. Ireland, Nelson Keys, Herbert S. Wilcox, 
A. L. Dugon. 

February 13, 1928. 

Authorized: £415,000 10 per cent. Part Pfd. Or- 
dinary £1 each and £85,000 deferred shares of 
1 s. each. Issued: £249,000 and £51,000 re- 

British International Pictures, Ltd. 

Film House 
Wardour Street 
London, W. I. 
Studios: Boreham Wood, Elstree, Hertfordshire 

John Maxwell 

Geo. H. Gaunt 

A. Dent, managing director of Wardour Films, 

Ltd., and B. I. P. (Export), Ltd. 
W. D. Scrimgeour, chartered accountant and di- 
rector, Associated British Cinemas, Ltd. 
Sir Clement Kinlock-Cooke, Bart., director of 
Associated British Cinemas, Ltd. 

J. Denny Bright, director of Associated British 

Cinemas, Ltd. 
J. C. A. Thorpe, managing director of Associated 
Metropolitan Productions. Ltd. 

March 20, 1926. under the law of England. 
4,000,000 authorized, par value 5/- 
4,000.000 issued, par value 5/- 

500,000 authorized, par value £1. 
250,000 issued, par value £1. 


B. I. P. (Export), Ltd. 

Subsidiary of 
British International Pictures, Limited 
Head Office: Film House 
Wardour Street, W. I. 


John Maxwell 

M. A. Dent 

F. Alven 

A. Hubrich 

W. D. Scrimgeour 

Geo. H. Gaunt 

May 10. 1920. under the laws of England. 

100.000 authorized, par value £1. 

50,000 issued, par value £1. 

100,000 authorized, par value £1. 
2 issued, par value £1. 

Ludwig Blattner Picture Corporation, Ltd. 

Trafalgar House 
Waterloo Plaec 
Loudon, S. W. I., England 

CFIAIR man- 
Sir Walter Beaupre Townley 

Ludwig Blattner 


H. C. Waddington 


Sir Walter Beaupre Townley, Ludwig Blattner, 
Herman Daiewski, Charles Alfred Thompson, H. 
C. Waddington. 

May 18, 1928. 


Authorized: £200.000 10 per cent. Cum. part. pfd. 
Ordinary £1 each and £50,000 deferred shares of 
1 s. each. Issued: £180,000 and £50,000 re- 

British Lion Film Corporation, Ltd. 

8, Nezv Compton Street 
London IV. C. 2, England 


Richard Edward Horatio Wallace 

Samuel Woolf Smith 

H. W. Franklin 

Richard Edward Horatio Wallace, Samuel Woolf 
Smith. Sir Edw : ard Lionel Fletcher, Sir Robert 
John Lynn 

November 27, 1927. 

Authorized and issued: £210,000. 

J. E. Brulatour, Inc. 

1540 Broadway 
Phone: Bryant 9-4712 
New York City 

J. E. Brulatour 

W. J. German 

M. B. Reilly 
L. A. Bonn 

Distributors of motion picture films manufactured by 
Eastman Kodak Co. 

Chicago Office 

1727 Indiana Avenue 
Phone: Calumet 3692 
Chicago, III. 

F. J. Radtke 

— — o 

J. E. Brulatour, Inc., of California 

6700 Santa Monica Boulevard 
Phone: Hillside 6131 
Hollywood, Cal. 
J. E. Brulatour 


W. J. German 

E. 0. Blackburn 

G. Nestel 

G. H. Gibson 
J. L. Courcier 

Columbia Pictures Corporation 

729 Seventh Avenue 
New York City 


Harry Cohn 

Jack Cohen 

Walter Wanger 

Jack Cohn 


A. Schneider 

Harry Cohn 

Jack Cohn 

Sol Borstein 

Max Winslow 

Jack Kerner 

January, 1924, under the laws of New York State. 

300,000 issued, no par value. 

25,000 issued, par value $30. 

300.000 issued 169.359, no par value. 

25,000 issued 17,731, no par value. 

The Caddo Company, Inc. 

c/o United Artists Studio 
7208 Santa Monica Boulevard 
Hollywood, Cal. 


Howard R. Hughes 

Col. G. W. Hardy 

N. Dietrich 

H. R. Hughes, president, Hughes Industries Com- 
pany, Ltd. 

Noah Dietrich 

Col. G. W. Hardy, attorney. 

Col. R. C. Kuldell, president of Hughes Tool 
Company of Texas. 

Neil S. McCarthy, attorney. 

1912, under the laws of Louisiana. 

100, par value $100. 

Consolidated Film Industries, Inc. 

1776 Broadway 
New York City 

H. J. Yates 

B. Goetz 

R. I. Poucher 
W. W. Vincent 

G. W. Yates 

H. L Yates, Jr. 




N. K. Loder 

J. Aller 

H. J. Yates, Chairman; J. D. Eagan, F. D. Everett, 

B. Goetz, A. D. Farwell, G. W. Yates, M. H. 

Lavenstein, J. E. MacPherson, R. I. Poucher, W. 

P. Stevens, W. W. Vincent, M. Tavlor. 

The original company was incorporated under the 
laws of the State of New York in 1924 and in 
1928 a new corporation was organized under the 
laws of the State of Delaware under the sponsor- 
ship of Hornblower & Weeks. 

On December 31, 1931, capitalization consisted of 
400,000 shares (total authorized $2.00 Cumulative 
Participating Preferred Stock) no par value and 
524.973 shares of common stock no par value out 
of 600,000 shares authorized. 

Darmour Productions Corporation 

5823 Santa Monica Boulevard 
Hollywood, Cal. 


L. J. Darmour 

Paul S. Denton 

Mark Hyman 

1927, under the laws of New York State. 





Chase National, New York; Bank of America, Los 

Standard Cinema Corporation, 1560 Broadway, 
New York. 

Walt Disney Productions, Ltd. 

2719 Hyperior Avenue 
Los Angeles California 


Walter E. Disney 


Roy O. Disney 

December 16, 1929, under the laws of California. 

10,000, no par value. 

Dupont Film Manufacturing Corporation 

35 West 45*fe Street 
New York Citj 


Newton I. Steers 



N. D. Fisher 

J. B. Eliason 

Newton I. Steers, G. A. Scanlan, A. B. Echols, 
Paul Fuller, Jr., H. D. Sheldon, S. W. Webb, 
J. J. Moosman. 

October 29, 1924. under the laws of Delaware. 

250,000, no par value. 

Chase National Bank, New York City; National City 
Bank, New York City. 

Eastern Service Studios, Inc. 

2828-34 Decatur Avenue 
New York City 


Geo. McL. Baynes 

J. \V. Roberts 

Februarv 5, 1932, under the laws of Delaware. 

14,000, no par value. 

Eastman Kodak Company 

83 Montgomery Street 
Jersey City, N. J. 


William G. Stuber 

Walter S. Hubbell 

Frank W. Lovejoy 

Lewis B. Jones 

Adolph Stuber 

Thomas T. Hargrave 

Mrs. Alice K. Hutchison 

Rudolph Speth 

J. L. Gorham 

M. B. Folsom 

P. W. Turner 

Frank W. Lovejoy 

William G. Stuber 

Walter S. Hubbell 

Lewis B. Jones 

James S. Watson 

George W. Todd 

Daniel E. Egarts 

C. E. K. Mees 

George H. Clark 

Rudolph Speth 

Thomas J. Hargrave 

F. C. Mattison 

October 24, 1901, under the laws of New Jersey. 

2,261,320, no par value. 

61,657. par value $100. 

Educational Film Exchanges, Inc. 

1501 Broadway 
New York City 


E. W. Hammons 

Bruno Weyers 

Charles F. Catlin 

Sam Machnovitch 

E. W. Hammons, Educational Pictures, Inc. 

Charles F. Catlin, Educational Pictures, Inc. 

Bruno Weyers, Educational Pictures, Inc. 

H. W. Masters, Educational Pictures, Inc. 

About January 21, 1920, under the laws of New 
York State. 


20,000, no par value. 

5,000, par value $100. 

Chemical National Bank, 1501 Broadway, New 
York City; Chase National Bank, 115 Broadway, 
New York City. 

Educational Pictures, Inc. 

1501 Broadway 
New York City 


E. W. Hammons 

Bruno Weyers 



S. Machnovitch 

C. F. Catlin 

E. W. Hammons 

Bruno Weyers 


Dean Mathey 
H. W. Masters 
John R. Munn 
L. A. Young 
C. F. Catlin 
February 4, 1927. 

Educational Talking Pictures Co., Ltd. 

1501 Broadway 
New York City 


E. W. Hammons 

E. H. Allen 

S. Machnovitch 

C. F. Catlin 

S. B. Brennecke 

E. W. Hammons 

Bruno Weyers 


C. F. Catlin 

Electrical Research Products 

(Subsidiary of Western Electric Co.) 
250 West 57th Street 
New York City 


John E. Otterson 

Whitford Drake 

H. G. Knox 

H. M. Wilcox 

G. C. Pratt 

H. B. Gilmore 

R. E. Anderson 

Egar S. Boom, Pres. Western Electric Co. 

Whiteford Drake 

H. Gard Knox 

J. E. Otterson 

J. H. Ray 

1927, under the laws of Delaware. 

Elstree Film Laboratories, Ltd. 

Subsidiary of 
British International Pictures, Limited 
Head Office: Film House 
Wardour Street, W. I. 
Laboratories: Elstree, Boreham Wood, Herts. 

John Maxwell 

Geo. H. Gaunt , 

C. Parfrey 
M. A. Dent 
W. D. Scrimgeour 
Geo. H. Gaunt 

August 13, 1921, under the laws of England. 
3.500 authorized, par value £1. 
3,024 issued, par value £1. 

Film Fire Prevention Co., Inc. 

1201 Chestnut Street 
ill Commonwealth Building 
Philadelphia, Pa. 


W. E. Scott 

M. Scheinfeld 

E. T Mullen 

Ross B. Davis 

W. E. Scott, president and chief electrical engineer. 

M. Scheinfeld, engineer. 

E. T. Mullin, industrial engineer. 

Ross B. Davis, chief fire engineer. 


1930, under the laws of Delaware. 

1,000, no par value. 


Liberty Title and Trust Company, Philadelphia, Pa. 

First Division Pictures, Inc. 

630 Ninth Avenue 
New York City 


Harry H. Thomas 

Murray Rosenbluh 

Otto Lederer 

Harry H. Thomas 

April, 1927, under the laws of New York State. 

750, par value $100. 

First National Pictures, Inc. 

321 West 44t/i Street 
New York City 


Herman Starr 


Sam E. Morris 

R. W. Perkina 

I. Levinson 

E. K. Hessberg 

S. Carlisle 

W. S. McDonald 

R. W. Perkins 

Herman Starr 

Albert Warner 

H. M. Warner 


November 4, 1929, under the laws of Maryland. 

I. 000, par value $100. 

Manufacturers Trust Co., New York; National City 
Bank, New York. 

First National Productions Corporation; First Na- 
tional Distributing Corporation. 

Fox Film Corporation 

850 Tenth Avenue 
New York City 


Edward R. Tinker 

Sidney R. Kent 

W. C. Michel 

Winfield Sheehan 

James R. Grainger 

Richard A. Rowland 

C. E. Richardson 

Leonard A. Woolams 

Glenn Griswold 

H. C. Fahlbusch 

Sidney Towell 

W. S. Bell 

Felix A. Jenkins 

J. H. Lang 


David K. E. Bruce 
Matthew C. Brush 
Harley L. Clarke 
Philip R. Clarke 
Samuel W. Fordyce 
Charles W. Higley 
George M. Moffett 
Edward K. Tinker 
Cornelius Yanderbilt 
Frank O. Watts 

Fox Theatres Corporation 

444 West 56th Street 
New York City 


H. L. Clarke 

S. R. Burns 

H. C. Arthur 

A. D. Shvrtleff 

L. Weber 





Harley L. Clarke, S. R. Burns, C. A. Caballero, 

0. E. Koegel, W. J. Eadie, Glenn Griswold, A. D. 
Shurtleff, Harry Arthur, Oscar S. Oldknow, F. 
W. Lafrentz, C. E. Hetrick. 


November 5, 1925, under the laws of New York 

Class "A" 

7,400,000 authorized, 1,476,818 issued, no par 
value, non-voting stock. 
Class "B" 

100,000 authorized and outstanding, no par value, 
voting stock. 

Chase National Bank, New York City. 

E. E. Fulton Company 

1018 5. Wabash Avenue 
Chicago, III. 


C. H. Fulton 

Pat Casey 

A. G. Jarmin 

Frank Meyer 

C. C. Moskowitz 

1927 under laws of the State of Delaware. 

Closed corporation. 

Central Trust of Illinois, Chicago, 111. 

Gaumont-British Picture Corporation, Ltd. 

142-150 Wardour Street 
London, W. I., England 


Isidore Ostrer 

ft^ARK Ostrer 

C. M. Woolf 

W. B. Robinson 

Isidore Ostrer, Mark Ostrer. C. M. Woolf, Col. H. 
A. Micklem, S. Rowson, C. H. Dade, M. Ostrer, 

1. P. Little, W. B. Robinson. 

March 24, 1927. 

Authorized: £3,750,000 divided into 1,250,000 754 
per cent, cumulative preference shares of £1 
each, and 5,000,000 ordinary shares of 10 s. each. 

Issued: 1,250,000 754 per cent, cumulative preference 
shares of £ each fully paid, and 5,000,000 ordi- 
nary shares of 10 s. each, fully paid. 

Debenture Stock — Authorized and Issued: £1,000,- 
000 6l/ 2 per cent. First mortgage debenture stock. 

Outstanding: £945,183. 

General Talking Pictures 

218 West 42nd Street 
New York City 


M. A. Schlesinger 

Joseph Stark 

Wm. Baxter 

Rorert E. Saunders 

M. A. Schlesinger, Joseph Stark, Wm. Baxter, Rob- 
ert E. Saunders, A. Schlesinger, Philip Greenwald, 
H. W. Rogers. George LeBlanc. 

September. 1928. under the laws of Delaware, with 
license to do business in New York. 

International Projector Corporation 

92 Gold Street 
New York City 

S. R. Burns 

W. C. Michel 
P. J. Haller 

H. L. Clarke, W. C. Michel, S. R. Burns, J. A. 
Sims. H. Maher. O. E. Koegel, M. W. Dodge, 
W. F. Ingold, W. B. Bruckner, C. W. Higley. 


1925. under the laws of Delaware 

I, 500.000, issued 1,000,000, no par value. 

50,000 authorized and issued, par value $7. 

Loew's, Inc. 

1540 Broadway 

New York City 


Nicholas M. Schenck 

Arthur M. Loew 

David Bernstein 

David L. Loew 

E. A. Schiller 


Leopold Friedman 

David Bernstein 

Harley L. Clarke 

John E. Searle 

Arthur M. Loew 

William A. Phillips 

Eugene W. Leake 

John R. Hazel 

J. Robert Rubin 

Nicholas M. Schenck 

David Warfield 



Loew's. Incorporated, was organized under the laws 
of the State of Delaware, October 18th, 1919, with 
an anthorized Capital Stock of four million shares, no 
par value. Under date of January 4, 1928, the 
classification of the above stock was changed to common 
stock and 300,000 shares of preferred stock without 
par value were authorized of which 150,000 shares of 
said preferred stock was then issued and designated 
as $6.50 cumulative preferred stock. 

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Corporation 

1540 Broadway 
New York City 


Nicholas M. Schenck 

J. Robert Rubin 

Louis B. Mayer 

Irving Thalberg 

Harry Rapf 

David Bernstein 

Edward Bowes 

J. Robert Rubin 

Jesse T. Mills 

Wm. M. Gulick 

S. S. Braumberg 

David Bernstein 

Chas. K. Stern 

C. C. Moskowitz 

R. Lazarus 

Nicholas M. Schenck 

J. Robert Rubin 

Louis B. Mayer 

Irving Thalberg 

Harry Rapf 

David Bernstein 

Leopold Friedman 

Arthur M. Loew 

David L. Loew 

May 17, 1924, under the laws of Delaware 

620,000, par value $5.00 

161,654%, par value $27.00. 

The Chase National Bank, New York; National City 
Bank, New York. 

Monogram Pictures Corp. 

723 Seventh Avenue 
New York City 


W. Ray Johnston 

Trem Carr 

Tames V. Ritchey 

Harry H. Thomas 

M. S. White 

Albert F'iedler 

W. Ray Johnston, president, Syndicate Pictures 

Trem Carr, president, Trem Carr Productions, Ltd. 

Harry H. Thomas, president, First Division Ex- 
changes, Inc. 

J. V. Ritchey, president, Ritchey Export Corp. 

Irving Mandel, president, Security Pictures, Inc. 

A. C. Bromberg, president, Arthur C. Bromberg 

Floyd St. John, president. Cooperative Film Ex- 

Nat Steinberg, president, Premier Pictures Corp. 
C. A. Schultz, president, Midwest Film Distribu- 

Albert Fiedler, president, Empire Laboratories, Inc. 

Herman Rifkin, president, Hollywood F'ilms Corp. 

1930, under the laws of New York. 

7,500. par value $10. 

National City Bank, New York City; Underwriters 
Trust Co., New York City. 

Multicolor, Ltd. 

7000 Romaine Street 
Hollywood, Cat. 


A. A. MacDonald 

Neil S. McCarthy 


Noah Dietrich 

Noah Dietrich 

A. A. McDonald 

Neil S. McCarthy, law offices of Neil S. 

Noah Dietrich, financial secretary, Howard H. 

Rowland K. Lee 
William J. Worthington 

July, 1930, under laws of California. 

Paramount Publix Corporation 

Paramount Building 
1501 Broadway 
New York City 


Adolph Zukor 

Jesse L. Lasky 

Sam Katz 

Emanuel Cohen 

Austin C. Keough 

Emil E. Shauer 

Eugene J. Zukor 

A. John Michell 

Norman Collyer 

Frank Meyer 

Walter B. Cokell 

Joseph H. Seidelman 

Albert A. Kaufman 

Melville A. Shauer 

Frank Bailey, chairman, Prudence Company, Inc. 

Jules E. Brulatour, Eastman Films. 

Emanuel Cohen. 

William H. English, director, Irving Trust Com 

John Hertz, chairman of Finance Committee. 
John Cecil Graham, general foreign representative. 
Felix E. Kahn. 

Gilbert W. Kahn, Kuhn, Loeb & Co. 
Sam Katz, vice-president, Publix Theatres Cor- 
Austin C. Keough. 
Ralph A. Kohn. 
Albert D. Lasker. 
Jesse L. Lasky. 
Emil E. Shauer. 

Benjamin P. Schulberg, managing director of pro- 

Casimir I. Stralem, Hallgarten and Company, 

Sir William Wiseman, Kuhn, Loeb and Company. 
Herman Wobber. 
Adolph Zukor. 
Eugene J. Zukor. 

Warren Wright. First National Bank, Chicago. 

Incorporated under the laws of New York State. 


Kuhn, Loeb and Company, Hallgarten and Company. 

Pathe Exchange, Inc. 

35 West 45th Street 
New York City 


Stuart W. Webb 

A. B. Poole 

Norman D. Bauer 

Paul Fuller, Jr., Coudert Brothers. 

Huntington D. Sheldon, Bancamerica-Blair. 

Charles G. Cushing, Bancamerica-Blair. 

Charles A. Stone 

Stuart W. Webb, Pathe Exchange. 

Arthur B. Poole 

George N. Armsby 

Howard P. Preston 

Charles A. Reynolds 

Karl A. Panthen 

Percy W. Thirtle 

A. J. Gonnoud 

Robert M. Nelson 

1914, under the laws of New York State. 

243,223 (Class A), no par value. 

8,043 (8% preferred), par value $100. 

Bancamerica-Blair Corporation. 

Pathe News, Inc. 

35 West 45th Street 
Phone: Bryant 9-1300 
New York City 


Courtland Smith 

Herman Zohbel 

William Mallard 

Amos Hiatt 

Hiram S. Brown, Courtland Smith. Lee Marcus, 
David Sarnoff, Herman Zohbel, B. B. Kahane, 
Joseph Pkmkett. 





February 18. 1931, under the laws of Delaware. 

100, par value $100. 

Pathe Pictures, Ltd. 

Subsidiary of 
British International Pictures, Limited 
Head Office: Film House 
Wardour Street, IV. 1. 


Tohn Maxwell 

E. Mann 

M. A. Dent 

W. D. Scrimgeour 

J. C. Jones 

G. H. Gaunt 

March 16, 1911. under the laws of England. 

20,000 authorized, par value £1. 

100 issued, par value £1. 

80,000 authorized, par value £1. 
"5,000 issued, par value £1. 

Photophone Division of 
R.C.A. Victor Company, Inc. 

411 Fifth Avenue 
New York City 

E. O. Heyl 

Paul D. Cravath, 15 Broad Street, New York City. 

Albert G. Davis, vice-president, General Electric 
Co., 120 Bradway, New York City. 

John Hays Hammond, Jr., c/o Hammond Radio 
Research Laboratory, Gloucester, Mass. 

Edward W. Harden, Room 2300, 52 Wall Street, 
New York City. 

Frank A. Merrick, president, Westinghouse Elec- 
tric and Mfg. Co., 150 Broadway, New York City. 

Edward J. Nally, Southwick House, P. O. Box 19, 
Napanoch, N. Y. 

Dewitt Millhauser, 24 Pine Street, New York 

Edwin W. Rice, Jr., Honorary chairman, General 
Electric Co., 120 Broadway, New York City. 

David Sarnoff, president, Radio Corporation of 
America, 570 Lexington Avenue, New York City. 

James R. Sheffield, 80 Maidan Lane, New York 

Frederick Strauss, 54 Wall Street, New York City. 
Gerard Swope, president, General Electric Co., 120 

Broadway, New York City. 
Owen D. Young, chairman of the board of General 

Electric Co., 120 Broadway, New York City; also 

chairman of executive committee of RCA. 
Andrew W. Robertson, chairman of the board of 

Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Co., 

150 Broadway, New York City. 
Harold Smith. 

October 17, 1919, under the laws of Delaware. 
15,000,000 authorized, no par value. 
13,160,750.2 issued, no par value. 
500,000 "A" authorized, par value $50. 
395,597.4 "A" issued, par value $50. 
1,500.000 "B" authorized, no par value. 
803,375.1 "B" issued, no par value. 

Powers Cinephone Equipment Corporation 

Powers Building 
723 Seventh Avenue 
New York City 


P. A. Powers 

H. A. Post 

M. O'Leary 

P. A. Powers, H. A. Post, 
Donovan. M. O'Leary. 

December 23, 1927. 

5,000, no par value. 

Radio-Keith-Orpheum Corporation 

J. A. Byrne, T. E. 

Powers Pictures, Inc. 

723 Seventh Avenue 
New York City 


P. A. Powers 

John Maxwell 

H. A. Post 

David A. O'Malley 

P. A. Powers. H. A. Post, David A. O'Malley. 

March 31. 1932. 

200. no par value. 

Central Hanover Bank & Trust Co., 47th Street 
Branch. New York; Corn Exchange Bank, 42nd 
Street Branch, New York. 

Radio Corporation of America 

570 Lexington Avenue 
New York City 


David Sarnoff 

J. R. McDonough 

Manton Davis 

Otto S. Schairer 

Alfred N. Goldsmith 

G. H. Porter, San Francisco 

Elmer Bucher 

Lewis MacConnach 

Robert C. Proppe 

H. A. Sullivan 

George S. De Sousa , 

Alexander Nicol 

James G. Harbord, chairman of the board, Radio 
Corporation of America, 570 Lexington Avenue, 
New York City. 

Gordon Abbott, chairman, Old Colony Trust Co., 
17 Court Street, Boston, 7, Mass. 

Cornelius N. Bliss, Room 4000, No. 1 Wall Street, 
New York City. 

Arthur E. Braun, president, Farmers Deposit Na- 
tional Bank, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

1564 Broadzvay 
New York City 


Merlin H. Aylesworth 

B. B. Kahane 

Maurice Goodman 

William Mallard 

Herman Zohbel 

David Sarnoff 

Owen D. Young 

Herbert B. Swope 

James G. Harbord 

Edward W. Harden 

M. H. Aylesworth 

Hiram S. Brown 

Paul M. Mazur 

E. C. Mills 

Arthur Lehman 


Elisha Walker 
Maurice Goodman 
B. B. Kahane 
Joseph Plunkett 
Louis E. Kirstein 
Cornelius N. Bliss 
Frank Altuschul 
Frederick Strauss 
DeWitt Milhauser 
Joseph A. Bower 


October 25, 1928, under the laws of Maryland. 

4,500.000. authorized, no par value. 

2,462,477 issued, as of March 30, 1932. 

RKO Radio Pictures, Inc. 

1560 Broadwav 
Phone: Bryant 9-9460 
New York City 

Merlin H. Aylesworth 

B. B. Kahane 

David O. Selznick 

Lee Marcus 

Ned Depinet 

Frank O'Heron 

Herman Zoiibei. 

W. H. Clark 

Wm. Mallard 

J. J. Nolan 

Hirom S. Brown 

Lee Marcus 

B. B. Kahane 

Paul Mazur 

David Sarnoff 

Joseph Plunkett 

June 7, 1921. 

213.974, authorized, no par value. 

211,962 issued. 

RCA Victor Company, Inc. 

Camden, N. J. 

David Sarnoff 

T. R. McDonough 

W. R. G. Bakes 

I. E. Lambert 

E. A. Nicholas 


J. D. Cook 

F. S. Kane 

J. G. McCollum 

Raspin Productions, Inc. 

122 East 42nd Street 
New York City 


Edwin B. Raschbaum 

Sidney T. Pink 

Benjamin D. Chern 

Edwin B. Raschbaum, president, Cine-A-Graph 

Sidney T. Pink, vice-president, Cine-A-Graph Corp. 

B. D. Chern, secretary, Cine-A-Graph Corp. 

John McGill 

July, 1931, under the laws of Delaware. 

10,000, no par value. 

1,000, par value $100. 

Irving Trust Company, 42nd St. branch, New York 

Charles R. Rogers Productions, Inc. 

Los A ngeles, Cat. 


Charles R. Rogers 

J. F. Kearns 

March 25, 1927, under the laws of California. 

5,000, par value $100. 

Ross Federal Service, Inc. 

919 North Michigan Avenue 
Chicago, III. 

Harry A. Ross 
Claud Saunders 
Densmore A. Ross 

Frank X. Miske 
Harry A. Ross 
Claud Saunders 
Densmore A. Ross 

April 15, 1930, under the laws of Illinois. 

5,000, no par value. 

Upper Avenue Bank, Chicago; Chase National Bank, 
New York; Cleveland United National Bank. 
Cleveland; Continental Illinois Bank and Trust 
Company, Chicago, 111. 

Sono Art-World Wide Pictures, Inc. 

1501 Broadway 
New York City 


Bruno Weyers 



Charles F. Catun 

S. Machnovitch 

Chairman: E. W. Hammons, Educational Pictures, 

Bruno Weyers, Educational Pictures, Inc. 
A. S. Kirkpatrick, Educational Pictures, Inc. 
Charles F. Catlin, Educational Pictures, Inc. 

September 6, 1929, under the laws of New York 


200. par value $100. 

The Chemical National Bank, 1501 Broadway, New 
York City; Bank of America, 1451 Broadway, 
New York City. 

Syndicate Pictures Corporation 

723 Sex'cnth Avenue 
New York City 


W. Ray Johnston 

Trem Carr 

M. S. White 

T. P. F'riedhoff 

W. Ray Johnston, president, Rayart Pictures Corp.. 
Continental Talking Picture Co., Biff Production 
Kilm Co., and Monogram Pictures Corp. 

Trem Carr, president, Trem Carr Productions, Ltd., 
and vice-president of Monogram Pictures Corp. 

J. P. Friedhoff, assistant treasurer of Monogram 
Pictures Corp. 

1928. under the laws of New York State. 

1 0.000. no par value. 





20,000, par value $10. 

Raytone Talking Pictures, Inc. 

Talking Picture Epics, Inc. 

11 W est 42nd Street 
New York City 


Frank R. Wilson 

J. F. Thomson 

Chairman: Daniel E. Pomeroy, director of the 
Bankers and Trust and of the New York Trust 

George D. Pratt, 26 Broadway, New York. 
H. P. Davison, Jr., of J. P. Morgan and Com- 
pany, 23 Wall Street, New York. 
Arthur H. Lockett, 14 Wall Street, New York. 
N. P. Rathbon, 25 Broad Street, New York. 
Frank R. Wilson. 

James C. Soelle. 44 Wall Street, New York. 

Incorporated under the laws of New York State. 

Tec-Art Studios, Inc., of California 

5360 Melrose Avenue 
Los Angeles, California 


Alfred T. Mannon 

J. Boyce Smith 

Irving Meiliken 

J. Boyce Smith 

Technicolor Motion Picture 

110 Brookline Avenue 
Boston, Mass. 


Dr. Herbert T. Kalmus 

Wm. Travers Jerome 

S. M. Corekin 

Harland B. Tibbetts 

S. M. Corekin 

Wm. Travers Jerome, 15 Broad Street, New York. 
Dr. Herbert T. Kalmus, 110 Brookline Avenue, 

Boston, Mass. 
William H. Coolidge, Sr., Coolidge and Hight, 

50 Congress Street, Boston, Mass. 
C. A. Hight, Coolidge and Hight, 50 Congress 

Street, Boston, Mass. 
A. W. Erickson, McCann-Erickson, 285 Madison 

Avenue, New York. 
Harland B. Tibbetts. Tibbetts, Lewis and Rand, 15 

Broad Street, New York. 
Victor Morawetz, 15 Broad Street, New York. 

November 9. 1915, under the laws of Maine. 

329,700, par value $1.00. 

National Shawmut Bank of Boston; First National 
Bank of Boston: Chemical Bank and Trust Com- 
pany, New York; Security-First National Bank, 

Tiffany Productions, Inc. 

727 Seventh Avenue 
Phone: Bryant 9-2968 
New York City 


L. A. Young 

William Saal 

John M. Crinxion 

E. W. Hammons. L. A. Young, William Saal. 

May 17. 1921. 

2,500, nominal value $10. 

Bank of America, New Y r ork City; Central Han- 
over, New York City. 

Trans-Lux Daylight Picture 

247 Park Avenue 
New York City 
Phone: Eldorado 5-8200 

Percy N. Furber 

Courtland Smith 

B. B. Kahane 

E. T. Hoi. way 

Herman Zohbel 

Percy N. Furber, Courtland Smith, Edward Wise, 
H. S. Brown, B. B. Kahane, Herman Zohbel, 
A. M. Andrews. 


August 27, 1930, under the laws of Delaware. 

5,000, no par value. 

Guaranty Trust Company, New York; Chase Na- 
tional Bank, New York. 

United Artists Corporation 

729 Seventh Avenue 
New York City 

Joseph M. Schenck 

Dennis F. O'Brien, General Counsel. 

Al Lichtman, General Manager of Distribution. 

Arthur W. Kelly, Treasurer and General Manager 
of Foreign Distribution. 

Harry D. Buckley 

Joseph H. Moskovvitz. 

Albert H. T. Banzhaf 

Harry T. Muller 

Mary Rusk 

Universum-Film Aktiengesellschaft 

Kochstrasse 6-8 
Berlin SW 68 


Ludwig Klitzsch 

Paul Lehmann 

Alexander Grau 

Ernst Hugo Correll 

Wilhelm Meydam 

Hermann Grieving 

Berthold von Theobald 

Hermann Zimmer 



45,000,000 marks. 

15,000,000 marks. 

Universal Picture Corporation 

730 Fifth Avenue 
New York City 


Carl Laemmle 

R. H. Cochrane 

H. E. Hughes 

C. B. Paine 

Eugene F. Walsh 

Carl Laemmle 

R. H. Cochrane 

C. B. Paine 

P. D. Cochrane 

L. J. Schlaifer 

Frank Mastroly 

Helen E. Hughes 

April 30, 1912, under the laws of New York State. 

70,000 authorized, par value $100. 

47.535.2265 outstanding at $4,753,526.25 par value. 

National City Bank, New York; Liberty National 
Bank and Trust Company, New York; Bank of 
America, Los Angeles; Manufacturers Trust Com- 
panv. New York. 

The Van Beuren Corporation 

1600 Broadway 
New York City 


Amedee J. Van Beuren 

B. B. Kahane 

Clayton J. Heermance 

J. Miller Walker 

Herman Zohbel 

Frank. M. Snell 

O. R. McMahon 

Fred J. McConnell 

Amedee J. Van Beuren, president, The Van Beuren 

11 1 ram S. Brown, director, Radio-Keith-Orpheum 

Joseph Plunkett, manager of theatre operations, 

Radio-Keith-Orpheum Corporation. 
B. B. Kahane, vice-president, Radio-Keith-Orpheum 


Iamf.s Turner. Executive administrator of theatres 
in Radio City for S. L. (Roxy) Rothafel. 

Clayton J. Heermance, member of law firm, 
Hulbcrt, Heermance and Landon. 

Frank M. Snell, assistant treasurer, The Van 
Heuren Corporation. 

October 16, 1928, under the laws of Delaware. 

125,000, no par value. 

Wafilms, Inc. 

729 Seventh Avenue 
New York City 

Walter A. Futter 
Fred W. Futter 


Walter A. Futter 

Fred W. Futter 

Harold M. Goldblatt 

1926, under the laws of New York State. 

Futter Productions. Inc. 

Record Pictures, Inc. 

The Futter Corp., Ltd. 

Warner Brothers Pictures, Inc. 

321 West 44th Street 
New York City 


II. M. Warner 

A. Warner 

J. L. Warner 

S. E. Morris 

H. Starr 

A. C. Thomas 

H. L. Bareford 

P. A. Chase 

E. K. Hessberg 

A. Warner 

W. S. McDonald 

S. Carlisle 

t. j. Martin- 
assistant AUDITOR 
H. M. Doherty 


H. S. Bareford 

Stanleigh P. Friedman 

Albert Warner 

H. M. Warner 

Jack L. Warner 

A. C. Thomas 

Henry A. Rudkin 

Waddell Catchings 

Moe Mark 

Morris Wolf 

Sam E. Morris 

April 3, 1923, under the laws of Delaware. 

7,500,000. Shares outstanding 3,801,344%, no par 


785,604. Shares outstanding 103,107, no par value. 

Vitagraph, Inc.: The Yitaphone Corporation; 
Warner Brothers Theatres, Inc.; First National 
Pictures, Inc.; DeSylva, Brown and Hender- 
son, Inc.; Harms. Inc.; Remick Music Corpora- 
tion; Brunswick Radio Corporation. 

Manufacturers Trust Co.. New York; Central Han- 
over Bank and Trust Co., New York; New York 
Trust Co., New York; Guaranty Trust Co., New 
York; Bankers Trust Co., New York; National 
City Bank, New York. 

Western Electric Co. 

195 Broadway 
New York City 

Edgar S. Bloom 


W. P. Sidley 

C. G. Stoll 

W. F. Hosford 

C. L. Rice 

S. S. Holmes 

W. H. Meese 

W. T. Teague 

T. W. Bancker 

J. H. Ray 

H. B. Gilmore 

F. L. Gilman 

Walter C. Allen 

James W. Bancker 

Edgar S. Bloom 

John M. Davis 

Richart H. Gregory 

William F. Hosford 

William B. Joyce 

Dwid Levinger 

Charles S. McCain 

Thomas I. Parkinson 

John H. Ray 

William P. Sidley 

Clarence G. Stoll 

Donald Symington 

William T. Teague 

1881, under the laws of New York. 



Nr. Moon 


12 3 4 

5 6 7 8 9 10 11 
12 13 14 15 16 17 18 
19 20 2122232425 







April, May and June! Often a period of box office 
uncertainty. Doubly hazardous today when BIG 
crowds come out only for GREAT pictures. 
Deeply aware of this situation, PARAMOUNT has 
faced it squarely, strongly, earnestly. With pictures 
into which PARAMOUNT has poured every dollar, 
every ounce of showmanship brains, every possible 
box office element that would put these pictures into 
the extra playing time, extra profit class. Every foot 
of film has been measured by the one yardstick of 
— a group of pictures that will give your theatre 
receipts a decided immediate Wk-and PARAMOUNT 
will keep them there! 













There you are! Big Money Pictures . . . when they'll do you the 
most good ... at a time when your box office is crying for them. 

• Already you've had "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde", 'Shanghai 
Express", "One Hour With You", "The Miracle Man" (to name 
a few). You know what they have done and are doing over the 

And there are more after these . . . and more! 
Certainly, your profit is assured with 



with real 

* STARS * 

Here are a few of the seat-selling personalities who appear 
in the new season lineup of profit-plus pictures coming 
from Paramount. Electric-light names in dollar-pulling 
story naturals: Harold Lloyd, George Bancroft, Maurice 
Chevalier, Marlene Dietrich, Four Marx Brothers, Gary 
Cooper, Tallulah Bankhead, Fredric March, Nancy 
Carroll, Claudette Colbert, Richard Arlen, Sylvia Sidney, 
Clive Brook, Miriam Hopkins, Phillips Holmes, Frances 
Dee, Jack Oakie, Carole Lombard, Irving Pichel, Wynne 
Gibson, Paul Lukas, Chester Morris, Charlie Ruggles, 
Lilyan Tashman, Robert Coogan, Stuart Erwin, Gene 
Raymond, Randolph Scott, Cary Grant, Alison Skip worth, 
Charles Starrett, George Barbier and other box-office 


Ernst Lubitsch, Josef von Sternberg, Rouben Mamoulian, 
John Cromwell, Norman McLeod, Frank Tuttle, Stuart 
Walker, Richard Wallace, George Cukor, Lloyd Corrigan, 
Louis Gasnier, Marion Gering, Max Marcin, Robert Lee, 
David Burton, Berthold Viertel, Slavko Vorkapich, Ernest 

B. Schoedsack, Norman Taurog, Dorothy Arzner, William 

C. de Mille, Stephen Roberts, Edward Sloman and other 
handlers of hits. 

N SHORTS too - 

Smart buyers and bookers know that it's good policy to buy Shorts 
from the same company that makes the best Features. They know 
that today's discriminating patrons will not accept unfunny comedies 
and other short subjects that lack entertainment. That's why 
PAR AMOUNT'S seat-selling shorts are known far and wide as 
"The Class of the Short Feature Market!" 


All over the world Paramount Sound News is entrenched as the 
big Ace of the news reel field. 


Funny laugh -proven stars whose names are shining lights on 
marquees the nation over. 

ONE REEL Productions 

Snappy single-reel gems, including Paramount Screen Souvenirs 
which are the hit of any program. 


Exhibitors write their own raves about these swell cartoons, so 
we need add nothing here. 



Brilliant single-reel features popular with millions. Entertaining. 
Instructive. Highly amusing. 

• -the best show in town !"• 



Ernst Lubitsch 



(paramount (pictures^ 

• -the best show in town !"• 


Paramount Publix 
Corporation ♦ ♦ ♦ 





(paramount flf (PictureL 

• "-the best show in town !"• 


under contract 


casey robinson 



Norman McLeod 


with 4 Marx Brothers 

with 4 Marx Brothers 




Screen Play and Dialogue 


("The Man I Killed") 

"One Hour With You" 
"The Smiling Lieutenant" 
"Love Me Tonight" 

{Paramount jfflf {Pictures^ 




Advances 82,100 74,807 

Mortgages ' payable' (not current) ^ZffS 287,500 

Mortgages and purchase contracts r er? 

Federal tax reserve 6,562 li'rfj 

Long-term indebtedness «4ie <7rv," 

Contingent reserve Tails' 

Deposits from foreign customers 7777? w'ifK 

Capita surplus ... £ |)g ijg^g 

Earned surplus ' ' ' 

Total $6,619,502 $6,350,115 

•After depreciation. fRepresented by 17.731 no-par shares. tRepresented by 
167,885 no-par shares. 

Consolidated Film Industries, Inc. 

and the Following Subsidiary Companies 
American Record Corporation (and. One Subsidiary), Wyanoak-EIco Pub- 
lishing Corporation (and Subsidiary), Combined Photo Industries. Inc.; 
Combined Title Studios, Inc.; Cinema Patents Company, Inc.; Stud.o 
Camera Co., Inc. 

Oonso lidated Balance Sheet— December 31, 1931 


C £T; , $684,296.54 

Marketable securities (at market) ........ $201,489.36 

Accured interest and dividends declared.... s,/<nw 30593433 

Notes and trade acceptances receivable and 

accrued interest (for services and mer- 

chandise sold and advances to producers) 1.078,114.9! 

Accounts Receivable— trade 1,754,566.45 

Accounts Receivable— for sale of property 

(since collected) 5 ' 669 3/ 


Less: Allowance for doubtful 226^361.21 , 6U ^ 54 

Inventories-Raw materials, supplies and finished pro- ^ ^ $4,245,567.48 
ducts ' 

Other Assets: 
Notes Receivable-Secured by real estate mortgages 

($35,000.00 due within one year and $100,000 on Janu- 33500000 

Sundry' notes "and T^ccounts' receYvabie and' investments ff°-$> 
Cash Value of Life Insurance 

Investment in and advances to subsidiary companies 979 20.5.37 

not consolidated— (less reserve) 

Property and Plant: 
Land, buildings, machinery and equipment (after allowance ol ^ ^ y 

Patln?fS ^Xf aUolance' 'of 'ill^ for " amotion) . -463,281,, 

Prints and negatives (book valuation) j ggg 529.o5 

Good will, etc. (book basis) 207.275.',)3 

Deferred charges 



Current : 

Notes payable ($375,000.00 to banks for borrowed money) 


Accounts payable (including $204,555.22 for property 

purchased) . . 

Accrued payroll, interest, taxes and other expenses . 
Dividends— Preferred stock— payable January 2, VHi.. 
Federal income tax 1931— estimated. .......... . 

Real estate mortgage— matures November 1, 

1932. . 






Other Liabilities: 
For purchase of property— payable January 2, 1933.... 

Trust deed note— payable in 1933 

Balance of purchase price of stock of subsidiary com- 
pany (payable November 15, 1933) ■•• 

For realty assessment (payable in 1933 and subsequently) 

Deferred Income: 

Unearned Royalties ... • ; io'nrirl nrri 

Capital (as fixed by Board of Directors) $9,000,000.00 

400.000 shares '(total authorized) of $2.00 Cumulative 
Participating Preferred Stock (No Par Value) and 
524,973 shares of Common Stock (No Par Value) ol 

600,000 shares authorized 344 M 1Q 953,344.64 

Earned Surplus ' ' 

$13.077.533' 75 





Net Sales and Patent Royalties 

Cost of Sales and Operating Expenses . 
(Excluding provision for depreciation and amonzation) $(>,950,l/9.^h 

Provision for Depreciation and Amortization: 

Depreciation of property and plant H^goM 289,138.93 7,239,318.31 

Amortization of patents / .ot " 7 '"°' 7 ' ' 

Net Operating Income 1.389./6/.1- 

Other Income: 

Interest, (largely on advances)............. 

Other (income from securities and miscellaneous in- 

cluding profit of $22,204.61 on land sold). 


Other Deductions: 
Provision for doubtful accounts and notes 

Contributions to Consolidated Associates, Inc. (em- 
ployees stockholding company) S'j'2'i 

Operating loss of subsidiary company not consolidated 


Net Profit Before Federal Income Tax $1,481,561.78 

Federal Income Tax-Estimated 178,000.00 



83.196 66 373,893.68 

Eastman Kodak Company and Subsidiaries 

(Comparison of Consolidated Statement for Year Ended 
December 26, 1931) 

Operating profit 
Other income . . . 

Year end. 
Dec. 26, 

. $18,442,859 

Year end. 
Dec. 2«, 

Year end. 
Dec. 29, 

Total income $21,050,082 

Depreciation 5,248,792 

Other charges (interest) 505,439 

Federal and foreign tax 1,887,066 

Net profit $13,408,785 

Preferred dividends 369,942 

Common dividends 18,077,900 

Year end. 
Dec. 27 



$20,353,788 *$2»,0O4,915 *$20,110,440 
369,942 369,942 369,942 

18,088,980 16,858,112 16,452,300 

Deficit $5,039,057 t$l,894,866 t$4,776,861 f$3,288,198 

Profit and loss surplus t$75,919,273 $84,675,404 $82,780,537 $77,993,675 

*After depreciation and federal taxes. tSurplus. JAfter deducting $3,717,074 

excess of cost over tangible assets at acquisition of subsidiaries wholly ac- 
quired during the year. 


Dec. 26, 

Land, buildings, etc !$69.911,059 

Mark securities 10,789,568 

Materials and supplies 33,541,840 

Accounts and bills receivable.... 15,951,457 

Call loans 

Cash 16,321,217 

Investments and advances 4,772,727 

Definite charges 887,484 

Dec. 28, 

Dec. 27 

♦$79,742,284 *$68,930,455 

19,280,439 29,362,565 




Dec. 29, 




Net Profit for the Period. 

$1. 303. 561. 78 

Total $152,175,352 $167,135,318 $163,467,508 $131,485,745 


Preferred stock $6,165,700 $6,165,700 $6,165,700 $6,165,700 

Common stock r22,559,650 22,610,300 22,613,200 20,562,190 

tAccounts pavable 6,644,684 8,857,927 10,576,672 11,811,823 

Notes payable 4,000,000 3,475,000 

Dividends payable 4,604,416 4,557,645 4,557,729 4,148,023 

Contingencies reserves, etc 3,499,029 §11,485,742 7,991,070 7,329,334 

Paid-in surplus 28,782,600 28,782,600 28,782,600 

Surplus 75.919,273 84,675,404 82,780,537 77,993.675 

Total $152,175,352 $167,135,318 $163,467,508 $131,485,745 

"Includes investments in and advances to affiliated companies and is after 

depreciation. tRepresented by 2,255,965 no-par shares, tlncludes federal taxes. 

{Includes refund of federal taxes for years 1918 to 1923, inclusive, received dur- 
ing the year. 'After depreciation. 

Fox Film Corporation 

and Wholly Owned Subsidiary Companies 
Consolidated Balance Sheet — December 26, 1931 


Current Assets: 

Cash $3,340,596.12 

Accounts receivable, less reserve 1,622,379.98 

Notes receivable 231,000.00 

Inventories (unamortized costs) 17,136,300.27 

Prepaid expenses 1,072,204.68 


Investments in and advances to affiliated companies and enterprises: 

Film Securities Corporation, at cost $46,200,000.00 

Theatre operating companies in England and Aus- 
tralia, at cost 21,250,803.76 

Domestic theatre operating companies in respect of 
which proportionate shares of undistributed profits 
and losses since acquisition are included 7.430,225.31 

Miscellaneous, at cost 4,499,094.34 79,380,123.42 

Fixed Assets: 

Land, buildings, leaseholds and equipment $69,819,772.39 

Less reserves for depreciation an'd amortization 16,100,788.67 53.718.983.72 

Other Assets: 
Cash surrender value of life insurance policies (less 

loans of $290,638.46) $.',87,454.97 

Notes and accounts receivable — long term 990,369.41 

Leasehold and rental deposits 689,242.69 

Investment in and advances to Fox Theatres Cor- 
poration : 

Investment, less reserve (market value at December 

26, 1931, $120,150.62) 2.591.587.50 

Advances — secured 562.363.15 

Miscellaneous 1,691,221.86 6,912,239.58 

Deferred Charges: 

Bond discount and expenses $3,321,915.86 

Miscellaneous 104,614.95 3,426,530.81 



Current Liabilities: 

Notes payable— banks $6,250,000.00 

Notes payable-others 2.812,198.06 

Accounts payable and accrued expenses 4,255.930.32 

Portion of funded debt maturing within one year 3.919,767.40 

C 16,637.895.78 

Deferred credits and sundry long term liabilities 723,820.80 

Funded Debt: 

Five-year 6% convertible debentures, due April 1, 1936. $30,000,000.00 
Two-year 6% gold notes of Wesco Corporation due 

April 1. 1933 15.000,001.00 

Funded indebtedness "i subsidiary companies due after 

Answers the Cry for 






J "?»» t •'riV . i. . , «w 

Hi. '■ SS! 

Great Pictures Re 

Fox Hovietone City 

is the World's Lamest 

and Best Eoyipped . . • 


EAKS for 

in 14 languaj 


in 36 countries rnroug 
the civilized worl 



the news of 

, _ 

ive first 






• • • ONE OF the most enjoyable hours we ever spent in a 
projection room . . viewing the new series of "Magic Carpet 
of Movietone" and if there was ever a series appropri- 
ately named here it is these Little Classics of 

the Screen have all the polish and painstaking care of big fea- 
ture productions.. . . transporting you to out-of-the-way cor- 
ners of the world or to familiar places but al- 
ways presenting them with a new and original camera slant 

graphic, dramatic, colorful picture pages from Life 

cunningly edited so that they have all the fascination 

and punch of an enthralling bit of fiction 

• • • WHAT IS really behind this Magic Carpet series of 

Fox ? a world-wide organization of veteran cameramen, 

for one thing men accustomed to doing things on their 

own ..... .all potential directors, judging by their work 

men who know the particular part of the world they are oper- 
ating in. who have caught the atmosphere, the pulse, 

the feel of the country and its people . and translated them 
into photographic gems so that is why all these sub- 
jects literally transport you on a Magic Carpet so that 

you become a part of the scene unfolding before you on the 



Released by FOX- 52 a year 




one year, including preferred stock of $46,000.0'). 

9,511,444.11 54,511,444.11 


Reserve for indeterminate liabilities and contingencies 

Net Worth : 
Capital stock of no par value: 
Authorized 4,900,000 shares of Class A (of which 
445,000 shares are reserved for the exercise of stock 
purchase warrants and 900.000 shares for the con- 
version of debentures) and 100,000 shares of Class B 
Issued and outstanding 2.425,660 shares of Class A 
and 100,000 shares of Class B (less 100 shares in 

treasury) $90,780,000.00 

Earned surplus 1,954,102.64 92,734,102.64 


Consolidated Earned Surplus and Profit and Loss Year (52 Weeks) 
Ended December 26, 1931 

Balance, December 27, 1930 $9,618,442.48 

Additions : 

Appropriated surplus for realization of inventories returned to 

earned surplus 2,000,000.00 


Operating Loss: 
Income : 

Gross income from sales and rentals of films and 

literature and theatre receipts $82,698,544.30 

Tenants' rentals 1,480,645.77 

Dividends from investments 642,225.31 

Other income 952,822.48 


Expenses : 

Operating expenses of theatres and exchanges, 
head office and administration expenses, etc $50,363,056.28 

Amortization of production costs including par- 
ticipations 29,761,505.02 

Minority interests' shares of theatre subsidiaries' 
profit 164,320,89 80,288,882.19 

Income available for interest, depreciation and federal 

income taxes $5,485,3*55.67 

Interest $4,357,940.80 

Amortization of discount and expenses 1,248,421.54 

Depreciation 4,079,658.05 9,686,020.39 

Net operating loss, before federal income taxes $4,200,644.72 

Provision for federal income taxes T 62,892.84 


Other Charges: 

Provision for unrealized losses on ex- 
change $661,513.07 

Settlement of contracts entered into in 
prior years 266,296.11 

Loss on sale or disposition of capital assets 368,938,10 1,296,747.28 


Dividends declared 4,104,035.00 9,664,339.84 

Balance, December 26, 1931 $1,954.102.64 

Reserve for Contingencies 
Year (52 Weeks) Ended December 26, 1931 

Balance, December 27, 1939 $2,999,395.69 

Less Charges During Year: 
Outlays in connection with theatre acquisitions not 

consummated ....'. $258,860.89 

Additional assessments of taxes applicable to prior 

years 95,792.95 

Losses on miscellaneous investments 83,000.00 

Settlement of royalties previously in dispute, lawsuits 
and legal expenses relative thereto, and sundry non- 
operating charges 3>28,646.60 766,300.44 

Balance, December 26. 1931 $2,233,095.25 

Pro Forma 

Consolidated Balance Sheet — December 26, 1931 

(Giving Effect to Proposed Capital Changes Adopted April 19, 


Current Assets: 

Cash $3, 

Accounts receivable, less reserves 1, 

Notes receivable 

Inventories (unamortized costs) 17, 

Prepaid expenses 1> 


Investments in and advances to affiliated companies and enterprises: 

Film Securities Corporation, at cost $46,200,000.00 

Theatre operating companies in England and Aus- 
tralia, at cost 21,250,803.76 

Domestic theatre, operating companies in respect of 
which proportionate shares of undistributed profits 

ami losses since acquisition are included 7,430.225.31 

Miscellaneous, at cost 4 ,499,094.35 79, 

fixed Assets: 

Land, buildings, leaseholds and equipment $68,433,895.96 

Less reserves for depreciation and amortization 16,033,329.91 52 

Other Assets: 
Cash surrender value of life insurance policies (less 

loans of $290,638.46) 

Notes and accounts receivable long term 990.369.41 






Leasehold and rental deposits 689,242.69 

Investment in and advances to Pox Theatre Corporation: 

Investment 1.00 

Advances— secured 562,363.15 

Miscellaneous 1,308,852.16 

Deferred Charges: 

Bond discount and expenses $3,321,915.86 

Miscellaneous 104,614.95 


3,426,530.i J l 



Current Liabilities: 

Notes payable banks $6,250,000.00 

Notes payable- others 2,812.198.06 

Accounts payable and accrued expenses 4,255,930.32 

Portion of funded debt maturing within one year 3,319,767.40 


Deferreil credits and sundry long term liabilities 723.820.30 

Funded Debt: 

Five-year 6% convertible debenture due April 1, 1936. .$30,000,000.00 
Two-year 6% gold notes of Wesca Corporation, due 

April 1, 1933 15,0!M,000.00 

Funded indebtedness of subsidiary companies due after 
one year, including preferred stock of $46,000.00 9,511,444.11 54,511,444.11 

Reserve for revaluation of investments, etc., and for indetermintate 

liabilities and contingencies 40,030,525.17 

Net Worth: 
Capital stock- stated value $5.00 per share 

Authorized 4.900.000 shares of Class A (of which 
445,000 shares are reserved for the exercise of 
stock purchase warrants and 900,000 shares for the 
conversion of debentures) and 100,000 shares of 
Class B 

Issued and outstanding 2,425,660 shares of Class A 
and 100,000 shares of Class B (less 100 shares held 

in treasury) $12,627,800.00 

Paid in surplus 36,062,396.21 

Earned surplus 1,954,102.64 50,644,298.85 

$162,547,984 71 

Comparisons of 1931 and 1930 Income and Costs 

1931 1930 Change 

Gross Income $85,774,237 $102,004,009 *$16,229,772 

Operating expenses 50,363,056 54,563,268 4,200,212 

(Exclusive of studio expense) 

Cost of picture production 19,861,147 26,203,623 6,342,476 

'Accounted for principally by decrease of approximately $3,800,000 in film 
rentals, $10,000,000 in theatre admissions and $1,800,000 in dividends receipts. 

Comparative Feature Production Costs and Amortization 

Year Picture Costs Amortization 

1931 $19,861,147.32 $24,352,023.04 

1930 26,203,623.01 21,944,289.74 

1929 22,743,665.29 21,621,112.04 

1928 16,185,102.75 13,969,728.52 

1927 14,010,077.07 12,820,402.12 

Loew's Incorporated 

and 100% Owned Subsidiary Corporations 

Consolidated Balance Sheet — August 31, 1931 


Current : 

Cash and call loans $5,766,635.33 

Cash reserved for construction 644,830.47 


Sinking Fund requirements anticipated — at cost 1,569,462.00 


Accounts receivable $1,951,154.62 

Notes receivable 80,474.88 

Due from affiliated corporations 786,304.05 


Inventories — At Cost: 
Film productions in process, completed and released 

(after amortization) $27,129,229.61 

Film advertising accessories 521,969.97 

Theatre and studio supplies 315,336.40 

■ 27,966,535.98 


To motion picture producers, secured by film produc- 
tions ■ $1,199,125.40 

Mortgage and interest pavments 63,874.40 


Total Current Assets $40,028,397.13 


Stocks and mortgages of affiliated corporations $12,882,228.64 

Deposits on leases and contracts 868,158.43 

Miscellaneous 775,597.02 

— 14,525,984.09 

Property— 100% Owned: 

T jan d $24,824,699.06 

Buildings and equipment 58.827,527.81 

Leaseholds 3,093,840.4 3 


Less reserve for depreciation 1 15,328,943.32 


Deferred 3,461.638.70 






Current : 

Accounts payable $4,481,904.56 

Notes payable 42,363.48 

Federal and State taxes 1,364,418.43 

Accrued! interest 617,085.32 

Advances from affiliated corporations 146.195.58 

Debenture sinking fund payments 1,000.000.00 


Subsidiary corporation dividend payable Sept. 15 67,356.48 

Accounts payable — Long term 154,000.00 

Fifteen- Year 6% debentures, due 1941 10,707,000.0'J 

Bonds and mortgages of subsidiary corporations 12,387,345.50 

First lien 6% bonds of subsidiary corporation— due 1947 8,786,100.00 

Subsidiary Corporations' stock outstanding (Metro-Goldwyn, etc., 

preferred) 4.815,425.57 

Deferred credits 697.090.98 

Reserve for contingencies 152 445.50 

Capital Stock: 

Preferred stock, no par value, $6.50 cumulative: 

145,203 shares 13.721,683.50 

Common stock, no par value: 

1,464,205 shares 33,716,148.36 

Surplus 36,576,58o!64 


Operating Statement for Fiscal Year Ended August 31, 1931 

Including All Subsidiary and Affiliated Corporations 

Gross Income: 
Theatre receipts, rentals and sales of films and acces- 
sories $111,552,259.54 

Rentals of stores and offices 4,737,643.89 

Booking fees and commissions 1.411,440.53 

Miscellaneous income 2,778.166.84 


txpenses : 

Theatres and office buildings $54,480,277.70 

Film distribution 13,711.892.85 

Amortization of films 27,395,872.43 

Film advertising accessories 562,191.05 

Producers' share of film rentals 5,458,839.87 

■ 101.609,073.90 

Operating profit before depreciation and Federal taxes $'18,870,436 90 

Depreciation of buildings and equipment .$31,831,179 83 

Federal taxes 1,554,488.70 


Net profit, all corporations $13,484,768 37 

Minority interests' share, affiliated corporations ......'!!"!) L32M8&64 

Loew's Incorporated share after Federal taxes SIMM 282 71 


Surplus, September 1, 1930 $28 784 10169 

Operating profit as above \ " 12J 63 282 73 

Less: $40,947,584.42 

Undistributed share affiliated corporations $241 006 56 

Dividends paid and declarea: 

Subsidiaries Preferred (Metro-Goldwyn. etc.) 333 288 74 

Loew s Inc. Preferred 946,j> 

Loews inc. Common 5 710 786 25 

— ■ — 7,231,436.06 

Surplus, August 31, 1931 $33,716,148.36 

Metro-Goldwyn Pictures Corporation 

and Subsidiary Corporations — 1 00% Owned 

Consolidated Balance Sheet — August 31, 1931 


C urrtnt: 

Cash ■ $2,301,914.24 


Accounts receivable $1,599,487.06 

Notes receivable 79 224 88 

Due from affiliated corporations 16[259!94 

, . ■ , > ^ ' 1,694,971.88 

Inventories (at cost): 

Film productions in process, completed and released 

(after amortization) $27,129,229.61 

Film advertising accessories 521,969.97 

Studio materials and supplies ., 209,178.85 

. , — 27,860,378.43 


To motion picture producers, secured by film productions 1,199,125.40 

Total current $33,056,389.95 

Investments : 

In affiliated corporations $2,350,793.37 

Deposits on leases and contracts 234,793.55 

Miscellaneous 127,780.85 

j ' — 2,713,367.77 

Property 100% owned: 

Land $3,601,082.64 

Buildings and equipment 12,279,216.30 


Less — Reserve for depreciation 4,620,476.01 

. . , . 11,259,822.93 

Prepaid and deferred 1,678,363.46 



Current : 

Accounts payable $3,431,079.% 

Federal income taxes 727,020.77 

- $4,158,100.73 

Dividend on preferred stock payable September 15th 76,381 70 

Due to Loews Incorporated 29,091,046 02 

Deferred credits 426 424 57 

Mortgage of Subsidiary Corporation , 1 554V/JOO 

Capital Stock: 

Preferred— 161,654^ shares at $27.00 par $4,364,668.13 

Common 3,100,000.00 

Surplus : 


August 31, 1930 $4,989,554.26 

Net profit for fiscal year ended August 31, 1931 6,257,998.32 

Dividends paid and declared: 

Preferred stock $310,829.62 

Common stock 5,000,00.00 



Surplus, August 31, 1931 5,936,722.96 


Operating Statement Fiscal Year Ended August 31, 1931 

Net operating income $33,551,325.92 

Miscellaneous income 1,248,631.74 


Less : 

Amortization of negative and positive cost $27,395,872.43 

Depreciation 468,027.30 



Federal taxes 678,059.61 

Net profit after taxes $6.257,998.32 

Paramount Publix Corporation 
Consolidated Balance Sheet 

At December 26, 1931 

U. S. A. 

Assets: Total Companies 

Cash $4,949,282.55 $3,193,792.77 

Accounts receivable: 
Advances to subsidiarycom- 

panies (not consolidated). $963,526.44 801,265.61 
Advances to outside pro- 
ducers (secured by film). 376,043.31 296,594.31 
Film customers and sundries 4,065,162.83 5,404,732.58 2.627.917.63 

Inventory : 

Released productions, cost 
less depletion $11,638,727.92 11,309,257.87 

Completed productions, trot 
yet released for exhibi- 
tion 6,301,266.28 4,862,587.20 

Productions in process of 

completion 2,884,856.59 2,655,546.36 

Scenarios and other costs 
applicable to future pro- 
ductions 2,197,591.33 2,031,130.51 

Rights to plavs, etc. (at 

cost) 1,585,292.80 24,607.734.92 1.559,768.47 

Securities 766,652.37 255,687.01 

Prepaid expenses 2.004,139.38 1,656,443.37 

Total current and working assets £37,732.541.80 $31,249,991.11 

Deposits to secure contracts 3,205,739.51 2,979,058.56 

Investments in subsidiary atfd affiliated 
companies not consolidated (including 
$17,915,992.64 investments in com- 
panies in which the voting stock 

owned is less than 65%) 20,471,949.09* 17,696,021.20 

Fixed Assets: 

Land ,. .$71,351,578.50x 62,914,522.94 

Buildin'gs, leases and equip- 
ment (after depreciation) . .133,160.717.59 110,775,992.45 

Premiums paid for Capital 
Stocks of consolidated sub- 
sidiaries .' 26,498,210.04x 13.981,370.09 

Advance payments on pur- 
chase of real property.... 453.148.18 231.463.654.31 453.148.18 













xAfter applying approximately $13,000,- 
000.00 appreciation in land values, based on 
independent appraisals of 1928 or prior. 

Deferred charges 5,430,223.78 



Total Assets .$298.304.108.49 $244.740.063.95 $53.564.044.54 

"Investments include $85,655.25. the Corporation 1 ' s share of undistributed earnings 
of non-consolidated subsidiaries owned between 65% and 85%, included in surplus, 
after deducting $306,009.14 from 1931 profits. 

tThe Capital Assets of all foreign subsidiary companies have been converted at 
the rates of exchange prevalent at dates of acquisition: all other assets and lia- 
bilities have been converted at current rates of exchange. The reduction in 
funded debt, arising from the conversion on this basis of the long term liabilities 
of the British and Canadian subsidiaries, has been carried irf reserve. 

{(Including 7,084 shares, represented by scrip. During the year 1931 the Corpor- 
ation purchased 105.239 shares, under options, increasing the investment cost in 
cnnsijidated subsidiaries by the premium paid for such shares: the remaining 
47.484 shares have since been purchased by the Corporation. 

^Including 65.000 shares deposited in escrow under stock repurchase contracts, 
since delivered to the Corporation. 

Consolidated Profit and Loss Account 

For the Twelve Months Ended December 26, 1931 

Profit before depreciation and Federal taxes $17,263,132.90 



now writing 
originals and 
dialogue at 

F O X 




Add special profits: 

Stock dividend from Columbia Broadcasting System. Inc. $412,500.00 

Reserves heretofore provided for capital losses, etc.. 2,150,000.00 

Discount on bonds purchased for redemption 620,000.00 

. Total... $3,182,500.00 

Less: Provision for losses on investments, 

research costs, etc $1,665,000.00 

Provision for abnormal losses on British 

and Canadian exchange (other current 

exchange losses taken as expense) 485,000.00 2,150,000.00 1,032,500.00 

Less: Depreciation of fixed assets, excluding studio de- 
preciation of approximately $2,000,000.00 capitalized 
to production cost and written off as film exhaus- 
tion) $11,755,000.00 

Provision for Federal taxes 195,145.24 

Balance cariied (o surplus 


Liabilities and Capital: 

Notes payable $7. 

Accounts payable 3 

Owing to subsidiary companies (rrot con- 

Unsecured trade acceptances discounted by 
foreign subsidiaries 

Excise taxes, payrolls and accruals 5, 

Owing to outside producers and owners 
of royalty rights 

Purchase money obligations for proper- 
ties and investments, maturing serially 
within twelve months 4, 

1931 Federal taxes (estimated) 

Total current liabilities $23, 







U. S. A. 












Purchase money obligations for properties 
and investments, maturing serially after 

one year 11,259,751.21 

Mortgages and bonds of subsidiary com- 
panies, less $1,276,000.00 sinking fund 
and treasury bonds (including $1,040,- 
500.00 standing demand mortgages and 
$5,010,000.00 maturing within oire year, 
subject in part to renewal). $72,438,882.51 

Twenty-year 6% Sinking 

Fund Gold Bonds 12,542,000.03 

Twenty-vear 5J4% Sinkirfg 

Fund Gold Bonds 13,676,000.00 98,656,882.51 

10,415,944.78 843,806.43 



Advance payments of film rentals, etc. 

(self-liquidatirrg) 972,960.73 790,223.36 182,737.37 

Reserve for foreign exchange fluctuations 2,316,049.79f 2,316.049.79 

Appropriated surplus and other reserves 2,982,974.00 2,625,871.31 357,102.69 

Total liabilities $139,870,298.23 $117,675,843.70 

Investment and advances (net) eliminated 
Interest of minority stockholders in capi- 
tal and surplus of subsidiary companies 
(including $4,243,175.00 preferred stock) 5,791,391.66 
Stock dividend payable December 31, 1931 1,989,668.75 
Common Capital Stock without par value: 

Issued 3,312,688 $132.095,31 1.41 1| 


Treasury Stock 152,092 8,711,917.0611 




Outstanding ..3.160,596 123.383.394.35 123.383.394.35 
Earned surplus *27,269.355.50 150,652,749.85 21,379,577.58 5.889.777.92 

Total liabilities and capital $298.304,108.49 $244,740,063.95 S53. 564.044. 54 

Contingent mortgage liability of subsidiary 

companies $1,678,274.55 

Contingent liability on investment notes 

discounted 643,369.50 

Letter of credit expiring March 23. 1933.. 292,170.00 

Guaranty of employees' stock subscriptions 
(secured by deposit of $150,000.00 par 
value of treasury bonds and 54,800 shares 

of treasury stock)fl 288.399.12 


Consolidated Surplus Account 
At December 26, 1931 

Earned surplus at December 27, 1930 $33,004,167.70 

Less: Reserve irr investment in Art Cinema Corporation debentures 3.000]o00.00 

.,,„„, $30,004,167.70 
Add: Profit for twelve months to December 26. 1931, after providing 

for Federal taxes 6,345,487.66 

_. . . _ „ , $36,349,655.36 
Less Dividends on Common Stock: 

Cash, paid March 28 and June 27 $5,105,528.61 

Stock, paid Sentember 30 and December 31. at valu- 
ation of $25.00 a share 3.974.771.25 

Earned surplus at December 26, 1931 *27. 269.355. 50 

Radio Corporation of America 

and Subsidiaries 

Consolidated Balance Sheet as of December 31, 1931 


Current Assets: 

Cash in banks and on hand $23,916,408.31 

Marketable securities at market value 613,457.55 

Notes and accounts receivable (less reserves) 12,591,566.10 

Inventories (at the lower of cost or market) 8,294,269.18 

InvesT^nt™ $45,415,701.14 

Securities, notes of and advances to associated and other com- 

panies (at cost, less reserves) *; - u , oa> r& 

Fixed Assets: 26,/ 60,892.68 

Factories, radio communication and broadcasting sta- 
tions, warehouses, service shops, offices, etc.— Land, 
buildings and equipment in operation and construc- 
tion (at cost) $96,919,345.00 

Less: Reserves 57,540,088.27 

„ . $39,379,256.73 
Patents, contracts, etc., at cost, less reserves 4,863,362.79 

Total fixed assets 44,243,619.52 

Deferred ( barges: 

Taxes, insurance, etc., paid in advance 641,942.79 

Total assets $ 


Current Liabilities: 

Accounts payable and accruals $6,585,902.08 

Dividend payable January 1, 1932 346,005.31 

Due to General Electric and Westinghouse Companies. 17.729,718i57 

Total current liabilities $24,661,625 96 

Funded Debt and Other Liabilities: 

Mortgages payable $3,925,000.00 

Notes payable (Serial notes payable in 16 equal an- 

installments) 677,650.21 

Total funded debt and other liabilities 4,602,650.21 

Reserves for special contingencies 4,173,277.06 

General reserve 9,823,854.36 

Capital Stock: 
"A" preferred 7% cumulative, par value $50 (395,597.4 

shares) $19,779,870.00 

"B" preferred cumulative $5 dividend, no par value, 
redemption value $100 per share. No dividend paid 

for last quarter of 1931 (767.275.1 shares) 16.430,709.07 

Common, no par value (13,130.690.2 shares) 26,261,380.40 

Total capital stock 62,471,959.47 

Earned surplus 11,327,789.07 

Total liabilities and capital $ 

Radio-Keifh-Orpheum Corporation 

and Subsidiary Companies 

Consolidated Balance Sheet — December 31, 1931 


Current and Working Assets: 

Cash $3,844,614.29 

Subscriptions to debentures and stock (unpaid at December jl, 1931) 10,674,170.0.) 

Notes receivable, less reserve 87,655.25 

Accounts receivable, less reserve 1,120,827.18 

Accounts receivable from officers and employees 7,199.12 

Accrued interest, etc 116,883.84 

Advances to outside producers, less reserve 148.209.42 

Inventories : 

Completed pictures, not released, at cost.. $ 2,136,925.27 

Released pictures, at cost, less amortization 5,033,501.50 

Productions in progress 2,187,759.99 

Accessories and supplies 264,437.61 


Scenarios and continuities, at cost, less reserve 1,256.510.56 


Capital Assets: 

At sound values as appraised, together with subsequent additions 
at cost, less reserves for depreciation and amortization: 

Land owned $27,025,480.68 

Buildings and equipment on land owned and on land 

partly owned and partly leased 36.242,868. 2> 

Leasehold improvements and equipment 21.990.961.48 

Leaseholds, good will and contracts 9.576.531.62 

: 94,835,842.01 

Investments in and Advances to Affiliated and Other Companies: 
Equities in capital stocks of affiliated and other com- 
panies, based on appraisal $1,073,521.86 

Capital stocks, not appraised, as valued on books 1.307.651.00 

Equitv in investments in and advances to wholly owned 

foreign subsidiary companies, not consolidated 695.544.08 

Advances to and bonds of affiliated n-rmanies 735.443.38 

3,812, 162.32 

Other Investments and Deposits and Other Assets: 

Bond sinking fund deposits $350.775. 0J 

Deposits under leases and sundry advances 2.536.716.97 

Mortgages receivable 201.141.8? 

Sundry investments and deposits 16.978 07 


Deferred Charges: 

Unamortized bond discount and expense $890.353 08 

Property maintenance and improvement expenses de- 
ferred 451.682 17 

Prepaid insurance and expenses 1.011.613.91 

Film production charges and unabsorbed studio over- 
head 1.094.831.08 

Organization expenses deferred 214,144.78 

■ 3.662.625.02 

Note- In addition to certain of the capital assets, there h-i\-e 
been pledged as collateral to secure the payment of funded 
and other debt of the companies, capital stocks of certain sub. 
sirliary and other companies notes and mortgages evidencing 
indebtedness of certain subsidiary commni"s to the parent 
company, inventories of pictures, and $136,429.30 cash on de- 
posit in Australia. 

* 132.294.935.27 


Current Liabilities:: 
Notes payable and debentures $5,581,742.37 










Accounts payable 2,328,692.10 

Deposits on sales of investments 50,000.00 

Accrued taxes, interest and expenses 1.567,441.35 

_ . $9,527,875.82 

Deposits : 

Deposits to be liquidated by film service $173,151.01 

Rent and other deposits 171,163.25 


Deferred Accounts Payable 101,836.36 

Debentures and Deferred Notes Payable (including $11,600,000 ten- 
year 6% gold debentures, dated December 1, 1931) 18 519,138.99 

Other Funded Debt: 
Mortgage bonds of subsidiary companies (less in 

treasury) $24,971,800.00 

Mortgages 14,481,734.17 


(Maturing within one year— $2,171,133.58) 
Reserves : 

For uncollected billings and rents, and deferred income $725,991.53 

For taxes and contingencies 2,336,959.60 

For abandonment of unnecessary properties and re- 
habilitation of theatres (charges during year 1931 
amounted to $718,058.99 for rehabilitation expenditures 
and investments in affiliated companies written off). 1.288,975.14 


Preferred Stocks of Subsidiary Companies: 
Keith- Albee-Orpheum Corporation 7% cumulative pre- 
ferred stock — 
43,039 shares of $100 each (dividends paid to Sep- 
tember 30, 1931) $4,303,900.00 

Orpheum Circuit, Inc. 8% cumulative convertible pre- 
ferred stock — 
58.111 shares of $100 each (dividends paid to June 

30, 1931) 5,811,100 00 

Capital : 

Common stock, without par value (less 16.437 shares 
held in treasury) — 
2, 446,298% shares outstanding, including shares re- 
served for common stocks of subsidiary companies 

not yet exchanged $48,587,713 74 

Capital surplus 2,638.343.48 


Less— Deficit, per statement attached 1,344,747.82 


Contingent Liability: 
Radio-Keith-Orpheum Corporation is a party to a joint 
and several guaranty to insure the repayment of a 
loan of $400,000 by an affiliated company. 


Consolidated Statement of Profit and Loss for the Year Ending 
December 31, 1931 

Income : 

Theatre admissions $50,383,169.77 

Film rentals and sales 24,385.404.37 

Rents, concessions and other income 4,463.818.31 



Artists' salaries, other salaries and film service $29.394.016.3 I 7 

Cost of film sales and service 22.139.398.05 

Film selling and general expenses 5.962.872.07 

Other operating and general expenses 19.486,853.79 76,983.140.28 


Add — Other income: 

Profits of foreign subsidiary companies not consolidated $253,389.66 

Dividends received on investments in other companies. 231.967.90 

Commission from outside theatres 40.000.00 

Interest earned 342,366.41 

Profit on sales of investments and capital assets 28,061.24 

Forfeited deposits 201,294.48 

Sundry other income and credits 116,015.99 1,213,095.68 


Deduct — Other charges: 

Interest and discount $3,096,953.63 

Depreciation of capital assets and amortization of lease- 
holds 3.992.305.09 

Loss on sale of investments and capital assets 72,921.24 

Provision for losses of affiliated companies 260,010.00 

Provision for loss on investment in subsidiary company 
not consolidated 137,965.27 

Sundry other charges 23,664.28 7,583,810.51 

Loss before following items $4,121,462.66 

Less — Initial loss of subsidiary company charged to reserve set up 
through goodwill 1.500.000.00 


Extraordinary Charges: 

Charges in respect to unabsorbed salaries of artists, 
abandoned picture productions, amortization of or- 
ganization, development and experimental expenses, 
and provisions for deposits and loss of foreign exchange $1,386,898.64 

Additional amortization of costs of pictures released 
prior to December 27, 1930, occasion by adjustment 
of write-off based upon conditions obtaining subse- 
quent to that date 1,190,936.14 2.577.834.78 

Net loss before dividends , : .. $5,199,297.44 

Dividends paid to public on preferred stocks of subsidiary companies 461,473.25 

Net loss for the year $5,660,770.69 

Statement of Deficit 

Balance in surplus account at January 1, 1931 $5,055,192.66 

Net loss for the year ending December 31,1931, as above 5.660,770.69 


Provision for contingencies and write-offs in respect of organization, 

development and experimental expenses and deposits 739,169.79 

Deficit at December 31,1931 $1,344.747.82 

Four-Year Comparison of RKO's Consolidated Balance Sheet 

"Buildings, land, improvements, lea: 

holds, goodwill & contracts 

Inv. in & adv. to affi. cos 

Other investments & dep 

Deferred charges 


Call loans 

Subscription to debs. & stk. (unp). 
Notes and accounts receivable.... 

Market securities 

Accrued interest, etc 

Adv. to outside products 


>e- 1931 










' 50,549 

Total $132,294,935 $117,796,076 $91,163,087 $71,397,699 


Keith-Alb-Or. 7% pfd. stock $4,303,900 

Orpheum Circuit, Inc. 8% pfd. stock 5,811,100 

Class A stock 

tClass B stock 

Common stock §48,587,714 

Notes and accounts payable 7,910,434 

Dividends payable 

Due to officers 

Dept. on sale of inv., etc 50,000 

Accrued taxes int. and expenses.. 1,567,442 

Deposits 344,314 

Def. accts. and deb. payments 18,620.975 

Funded debt 39,453,534 

Reserves 4,351,926 

Int. of min. stockholders in sub... 

Capital surplus 2,638,343 

Deficit 1,344,747 










V, 669,564 


Total $132,294,935 $117,796,076 $91,163,087 $71,397,699 




\After depreciation and amortization. tRepresented by 2.328,250 no-par shares, 
excluding 53,148 shares held in treasury and including shares reserved for stocks 
of subsidiaries not yet exchanged. tRepresented by 500,000 no-par shares. §Rep- 
sented by 2,446,298 no-par shares outstanding, including shares reserved for com- 
mon stocks of subsidiaries not yet exchanged. HSurplus. 

Universal Pictures Company, Inc. 

and Subsidiary Companies 

Consolidated Balance Sheet — August I, 1931 


Current and Working Assets: 

domestic $862,660.10 

Foreign 265,228.79 

Marketable securities, at cost 

Notes receivable: 

Domestic 19,210.42 

Foreign 97,276.48 

Accounts receivable 1,377,332.47 

Less — Reserve for bad and doubtful accounts 279.181.66 

Advances to producers and advance royalties 


Uncompleted film 1.791.823.27 

Film completed but not released 881,253.25 

Released film at residual value: 

Super- special productions $173,653.87 

Other pictures 2.758.302.83 


Raw film and supplies 124,831.16 

Scenario and rights unproduced 475.653.59 

Advertising matter 143,409.04 

Total current and working assets 

Fixed Assets: 

Studio land, as appraised Sept. 1. 1929. by Eberle 

Economic Service, Inc $1,515,000.00 

Other land and buildings at cost 2,447 117 55 

Machinery, equipment, furniture and fixtures, at cost. 3.702.705.18 
Theatre leaseholds and equipments, at cost 1,177,828.92 


Less— Reserve for depreciation and amortization 3.906.545.16 

Investments: ,„„..„ 

In affiliated companies oa^'oa 

In other companies 8.944.U8 

Notes and accounts receivable from Universal Cham 
Theatrical Enterprises, Inc ■ 

Merchandise, etc., in transit to foreign offices 

Deposits on leases, etc 

Deferred charges: 

Coast studio w'Stw 

Other 222,246.32 

Trade-marks, trade name and goodwill 






$15,544.90'' 20 


Current Liabilities: 

N R^k Payab,e: $9-700.00 

TrTde ;!!"!!!!!!~""". 307,359.59 

Accounts payable and sundry accruals 

Total current liabilities 






Since October 1930 


has written for 


Ten Complete Scripts 
Adaptation, Dialogue and Continuity 




Mortgage on Real estate, maturing serially 4100,000 per 
annum to January 2, 1935, when balance is due and 


Advance payments to be liquidated by film service...... 

Reserve for Contingencies 

Capital stock: 
First preferred 8% cumulative stock: 

Authorized and issued 30,000 shares of $100 each 

Less 7,500 shares retired 



Less 1,486 sha res in treasury. 

Second preferred 7% cumulative stock : 
Authorized 40,000 shares of $100 each 

Issued 20,000 shares of $100 each 

(Dividends unpaid from January 1, 1925) 
Balance represented by 250,000 shares of common stock 
without par value 

Surplus Arising Through Revaluation of Studio Land... 
Earned Surplus 

Contingent Liabilities: 
Notes discounted, endorsed, etc 

. 750,000.00 







Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc. 

and Subsidiary Companies 

Consolidated Balance Sheet — November 28, 1931 


Current and Working Assets: 

Cash $4,617,310.61 

Notes, drafts and acceptances receivable 415,005.58 

Current accounts: 

Trade customers, less reserves $1,779,702.46 

Notes and accounts receivable from of- 
ficers and employees 109,467.51 

Sundry accounts receivable 748,565.66 



Released productions, at cost less amor- 
tization 8,474,806.01 

Productions completed but not released, 
at cost 2,819,227.25 

Productions in progress, at cost 1,094,183.53 


Positive prints, raw film and supplies.. 406,722.23 

Inventory of theatre accessory and music 

divisions 251,767.04 

Merchandise finished and in process of 
manufacture, raw materials, supplies, etc., 
of radio and record division — less reserves 1,204,118.28 


Rights and scenarios unproduced, at cost 1,410,144.19 

Production and royalty advances, less reserve 411,934.04 

Mortgages receivable 

Deposits to secure contracts and sinking fund deposits 

Investments and advances: 
Investments in and advances to wholly owned foreign 
subsidiaries not consolidated herein, at cost less 

provision for reported losses $129,791.05 

Investments in and advances to affiliated companies, 

less reserves 4,489,351.63 

Investments in participation of profits, license rights, 

etc 1,635,009.62 

Notes and contracts receivable 725,465.53 

Shares in building and loan associations 590,898.15 

Miscellaneous investments 121,473.55 

Fixed Assets: 
Properties owned and equipment, at cost less de- 
preciation* $129,193,102.31 

Owned properties of radio and record division, less re- 
serves for depreciation and special write-down au- 
thorized by the directors 2,419,192.37 

Properties leased and equipment, at cost less de- 
preciation and amortization 31,987,020.99 

Deferred Charges: 

Development expenses unamortized $51,306.11 

Bond and note discount unamortized 1,129,940.62 

Prepaid royalties 514,646.14 

Prepaid interest, insurance, taxes, rents, etc 1,780,959.97 


'(Includes $6,752,398.14 representing land and buildings acquired 
for construction purposes, $174,692.01 for architects' fees and 
$208,404.28 for carrying charges.) 







Current Liabilities: 
Notes payable: 
Secured by capital stock of a subsidiary real estate 
holding company consolidated herein and its notes 

for intercompany indebtedness $1,200,0,10.00 

Unsecured 20,000.00 


Purchased money obligations 1,068,726.57 

Dividends on preferred stock payable Dec. 1, 1931 99,240.49 

Accounts payable 4,453,777.35 

Sundry accruals 4,100,881.05 

Due to affiliated companies 100,200.17 

Royalties payable to outside producers and participants 731,138.96 
Advance payments of film deposits, etc 646,354.47 

Deferred income j 

Remittances from foreign subsidiaries, held in abeyance. 

Purchase monev or contractual obligations maturing serially after 


one year 

Mortgages and Funded Debt : 
Optional 6% convertible debentures, series due 1939. . $38,000,000. (X) 
Less— held in treasury 47 500.00 

Mortgages and other bond issues. 

. 64.802,450.95 



(Including $3,620,019.48 maturing within one year) 
Proportion of capital stock and surplus of subsidiary companies ap- 
plicable to minority stockholders 1,109,276.63 

Reserve for premium on debentures and contingencies 2,547[737.91 

Capital Stock: 

Preferred: Authorized 785,604 shares of no-par value 

Issued and outstanding 103,107 shares $5,670,885.00 

Common: Authorized 7,500,000 shares of no-par value 
Issued and outstanding 3,801,344.55 shares 82,956.997.36 

Earned surplus, per annexed statement 

Contingent Liabilities: 
As guarantors and/or endorsers of mort- 
gage bonds of affiliated companies $4,161,000 00 


As guarantors in connection with theatre 
lease approximately $60,000.00 

Expenses of arbitration proceedings -amount indeterminable 


Statement of Consolidated Profit and Loss and Earned Surplus 
for the Quarter Ended November 28, 1931 

Net income before providing for amortization and depreciation of 
properties, interest and mikccllaneous charges, and Federal in- 
come taxes $7,830,447.72 


Amortization of film costs (exclusive of depreciation 

of studio properties) $5,701,342.91 

Amortization and depreciation of all properties 2,392,241.05 

Interest and discount expense 1,679,040.72 

Provision for investments in affilated companies 83,301.28 

Provision for Federal income taxes 6,105.39 


Net loss before other income and minority interests' share of profits. 

Deduct — Other Income: 

Interest and discount earned $116,351.66 

Dividends received from affiliated companies 64,760.12 

Insurance recovery and miscellaneous income 6,729.63 



Net loss before minority interests' share of profits $1,843,742.22 

Add — Proportion of net earnings applicable to minority stockholders 5,126.11 

Net loss carried to earned surplus $1,848,868.33" 

Earned Surplus. August 29, 1931 $223,747.46 

Add— Profit on redemption of $3,600,000.00 face value 

6% convertible debentures 1,629,152.0S 

Profit on redemption of subsidiaries funded indebted- 
ness 252,775.00 

Deduct : 

Loss on capital assets 

Dividends paid on preferred stock to and 
including December 1, 1931 



161.003.82 1,944.670.72 

Earned surplus, November 28. 1931 canied to balance sheet. 


Western Electric Company, Inc. 

Four- Year Comparison of Income Account of December 3 I, 1931 

1931 1930 1929 1928 

Sales i $228,955,524 $361,478,438 $410,949,817 $287,931,396 

Other income (net) 6,288,987 8,145,632 8,575,217 2,790.233 

Total income $235,244,511 $369,624,070 $419,525,034 $290,721,629 

Cost, depreciation and taxes.... 219,686.898 349,326,458 387,969,260 268,698,347 

Profit $15,557,613 $20,297,612 $31,555,774 $22,021,282 

Interest 4,741,226 4,672,773 4,560,528 2,315.393 

Net profit $10,816,387 $15,624,839 $26,995,246 $19,707,889 

Dividends 10,500,000 23,250,000 23,500,000 11,250.000 

Surplus $316,387 '$7,625,161 $3,495,246 $8,457,889 


Four- Year Comparison of Balance Sheet of December 31, 1931 


1931 1930 1929 1928 

Real estate, pit and equitv $171,028,189 $163,817,832 $134,564,132 $94,426,252 

Inv. and adv. sub 78,217,496 75,041,557 62,178,802 30,002,873 

Merchandise, etc 69.516,518 86,678,371 95,940,378 60,177,391 

Cash 4,352,379 8,080,441 14,604,973 12,303,035 

Marketable securities 1,004,497 859,677 671,450 5,863,929 

Accounts receivable 46,714,099 44,824,081 65,431,915 48,957,412 

Total $370,833,178 $379,301,959 $373,391,650 $251,730,892 


Common stock *$ 180,000,000 *$180.000.000 $150,000,000 $100,000 000 

Bonded debt 35,000.000 35,000,000 35,000,000 35,003,000 

Notes sold to tr. of P. F 35.822.963 31,481,085 26,128,933 

Notes payable 14.741.764 30,000,000 42,819,000 21,064,706 

Accounts payable 11,393.301 17,025,175 34,733,139 24,753,263 

Accrued interest and taxes 2,360,833 3,875,540 5,344,170 3,181,785 

Depreciation reserve' 84.046.476 74,804,446 64,670,737 56,821,8% 

Other reserves 219,670 183,929 138,726 125,288 

Surplus 7.248,171 6,931,784 14,556,945 10.783,954 

Total ¥370,833.178 $379,301,959 $373,391,650 $251,730,892 

"Represented by 6,000.000 no-par shares. 


with Fanchon & Marco — 
longest and most solid 
route in vaude history. 

42 weeks of playing time 
in 52 of the country's ace 






t<*Jk' BOSTON 










Stock Exchange 


Stock and Dividends 

American Seating 

Consolidated Film 

Consolidated Film (Pfd.) 

Eastman Kodak 

Fox Film "A" 

General Theatre Equipment 

Loew's, Inc 

Loew's, Inc. (Pfd.) 

M-G-M (Pfd.) 

Orpheum Circuit (Pfd.) 


Pathe Exchange 

Pathe Exchange "A" 

Radio-Keith-Orpheum "A" 

Radio-Keith-Orpheum (New) 

Universal Pictures (1st Pfd) x 

Warner Brothers 

Warner Brothers (Pfd.) 























































































































































- 554 

- S'A 

-24 74 

- 574 

- 4M 

- 154 

- 254 

+ 9'A 50 14^ 
-1154 8054 954 
—27 7054 31 


27V S 


99V S 










41 74 









4674 12 
64J4 30 
5954 2554 

x 10 share lots. 

Stock and Dividends 

Columbia Pictures 

Columbia Pictures, vtc 

Educational Pictures (Pfd.) 

Fox Theatres "A" 

General Theatre Equipment, cv (Pfd.). 

National Screen Service (2) 

Sentry Safety Control 


Trans -Lux DPS 

Curb Exchange 



















Feb. 24 


Dec. 23 









Feb. 16 


Dec 23 







June 15 


Oct. 5 


- 154 







Jan. 23 


Dec. 17 


- 354 







Feb. 16 


Dec. 4 







Feb. 21 


Oct. 5 


— 5 







Feb. 17 


Sept. 11 


- H 







Feb. 9 


Dec. 11 


- 554 





Mar. 27 


Dec 11 


- 474 





Bonds on Stock Exchange 


Bond and Maturity 

General Theatre Equipment cv 6s '40. 

Keith, B. F., 6s '46 

Loew's 6s '41 

Paramount- Broadway 5!4s '51 

Paramount, F. L. 6s '47 

Paramount Publix 554s '50 

Pathe 7s, '37 ww 

Warner Brothers cv 6s '39 

Bond and Maturity 

American Seating 6s '36. 









Feb. 16 


Dec. 7 




Jan. 14 


Dec. 16 




Feb. 9 


Dec. 15 




Mar. 11 


Dec. 28 




Jan. 23 


Dec. 15 




Jan. 27 


Dec. 18 




Sept. 1 


Jan. 3 




Jan. 10 


May 19 


Bonds on 


b Exch 












Feb. 25 


Dec. 17 




Change High 

-48 10054 

—34 91 

—1954 130 

—3154 10354 

—4574 10354 

-MM 9774 

+ 854 80 

—4154 11354 



Change High 

— 2154 .. 



























Trans-Lux Daylight Picture Screen Corp. 

(Including Canadian Trans-Lux Corporation, Ltd.) 


GROSS SALES $33,316.49 

Less: Freight, Cartage. Express 
and Trade Discount 3,230.34 

NET SALES $30,086.15 

COST OF SALES 19,172.58 

PROFIT ON SALES $10,913.57 

RENTALS $1,221,464.36 

Less: Cost of Rentals 612,361.85 


Less: Expenses: 

Selling $143,343.19 

Administration 148,311.77 

Development and Experimental 30,943.23 322.598.19 


OTHER IN' COME 19,426.21 

TOTAL INCOME $316,844.12 


NET PROFIT-Before Provision for U. 

S. Federal and Canadian Income Taxes $277,505.37 


Irfcome returns for 1929 were filed by 291 film pro- 
ducing corporations and by 2,407 film theatre corpora- 
tions, according to statistics of the Bureau of Inter- 
na! Revenue. Such figures are generally issued two 
years after the year involved. 

The 101 producing corporations showing taxable re- 
turns had a gross income of $280,302,870 and net in- 
come of $50,237,852; net loss for prior year aggregated 
$2,202,126, leaving income taxes payable of $5,330,474. 
The 1,293 theatre corporation's showed gross income of 
$378,663,353, net income of $41,043,920, and loss for the 
prior year of $1,971,770, the income taxes payable ag- 
gregating $4,104,616. 


The following comparison of net income of five companies for the first nine months 
of 1931 was made by Wall Street Journal. Loew's and Warner Brothers reports were 
for nine months ended August 31, when their fiscal years close, while all others were for 
nine months ended September 30. Net income was after all charges, taxes, depreciation, 
etc., and the totals are in thousands, the last 000's being omitted: 

1931 1930 1929 

Per Com. Per Com. Per Com. 

Net Tnc. Sh. Net Inc. Sh. Net Inc. Sh. 

Loew's $9,222 $5.75 $11,521 $7.56 $10,004 $6.57 

Paramount 7.293 2.32 13.541 4.15 9,731 3.67 

Warner *6.431 1.445 .33 11,593 3.03 

RKO • *« 2,458 1.02 987 .55 

Cons. Film 1.152 1.05 1,729 2.16 1,825 2.60 

•Loss. ""Earnings of RKO amounted to only $622 after all charges, subsidiary preferred dividends, etc. 


Valuation of studio realty and build- 
ings, exclusive of furnishings and 
equipment, is estimated at $25,- 
396,680. Studio investments, 1926 
to 1931, reach estimated total of 
$93,920,000. Extras registered at 
the Central Casting Bureau at the 
production center in eleven months 
total 117,523. Capital invested in 
the industry throughout the world is 
placed at two and one-half billions 
of dollars. Another exclusive fea- 
ture of this section consists of 
biographies of individuals concerned 
with all phases of production of the 
# motion picture. 





Based upon highest gross business done during one week 
in 1931, the selections represent an analysis of the box 
office receipts of 224 theatres in 29 cities of the United 
States and Canada 












From the book by James Aloysius Horn and Ethelreda Lewis. 
Screen play by Richard Schayer. Director, W. S. Van Dyke. 
CinematogTapher : Clyde Devinna. Dialogue, Cyril Hume. Adaptors: 
Dale Van Evert, John Thomas Neville. Cast: Harry Carev, Ed- 
wina Booth, Duncan Renaldo. Released May 23, 1931. 

Radio Pictures 

From the novel by Edna Ferber. Directed by Wesley Ruggles. 
Assistant directors: Doran Cox and Dewey Starkey.' Cinema - 
tographer: Eddy Cronjager. Art director: Max Ree. Cast: 
Richard Dix. Irene Dunne. Estelle Taylor, Edna May Oliver. 
Nance O'Neill, William Collier, Jr. Released February 7, 1931. 

First National 

From the novel by William R. Burnett. Directed by Mervyn 
LeRoy. Cinematographer: Tony Gaudio. Cast: Edward G. 
Robinson, Douglas Fairbanks. Jr.. Glendon Farrell, Sidney Black - 
mer, Thomas Jackson, Ralph Ince, William Collier, Jr., and 
Maurice Black. Release date: January 25, 1931. 


Based on the play and story by Jules Eckert Goodman and John 
Fleming Wilson. Directed by Raoul WaUh. Cinematographer. 
Arthur Edeson. Art director: Joseph Urban. Cast: Janet Gaynor. 
Charles Farrell, Kenneth MacKe nna and William J. Worthington. 
Release date: January 1, 1931. 


Screen story by S. J. Perelman and Will B. Johnstone. Directed 
by Norman McLeod. Cinematographer, Arthur Todd. Additional 
dialogue by Arthur Sheekman. Cast: Four Marx Brothers. 
Thelma Todd, Ruth Hall, Tom Kennedv. Released September 
26, 1931. 


From the novel by David Graham Phillips. Directed by Robert 
Z. Leonard. Adaptation and continuity by Wanda Tuchock. Dia- 
logue by Zelda Sears and Edith Fitzgerald. Stars: Greta Garbo. 
Clark Gable, John Miljan, Helene Millard, Jean Hersholt. Cecil 
Cunningham, Alan Hale, Hale Hamilton. Released August 29, 1931. 


From an original by Zelda Sears and Malcolm Stuart Boylan. 
Directed by Charles F. Riesner. Cinematographer: Clyde De- 
vinna. Dialogue by Robert E. Hopkins. Adaptor: Wells Root. 
Cast: Marie Dressier, Polly Moran, Roscoe Atcs. Karen Morley, 
John Miljan and Joan Marsh. Released July 25, 1931. 


United Artists 

Directed and produced by Charles Chaplin. Cinematographers : 
Rollie Tetheroh, Gordon Pollok and Mark Marklatt. Cast: Charles 
Chaplin and Virginia Cherrill. Release date: February 6, 1931. 


From the novel by Usula Parrott. Directed by George . Fitz- 
mauricc. Cinematographer: William Daniels. Dialogue continuity 
by John Meehan. Cast: Norma Shearer, Robert Montgomery. 
Neil Hamilton. Marjcrie Rambeau, Irene Rich, Hale Hamilton, 
Jed Prouty and George Davis. Released April 4, 1931. 

United Artists 

Directed by Howard Hughes for Caddo Productions. Cinema- 
tographer: Tony Gaudio. Scenarists and adaptors: Howard Esta- 
brook and Harry Behn. Cast: Ben Lyon, James Hall, Jean Har- 
low, Jane Winton, Roy Wilson, John Darrow, Wyndham Standing, 
Douglas Gilmore, F. Schumann-Heink and Pat Somerset. Re- 
lease date: November 15, 1930. 


From the novel and play by Jean Webster, adapted by Sonya 
Levien. Directed by Alfred Santell. Assistant director: Marty 
Santell. Cinematographer: Lucitn Andriot. Art director: William 
Dowling. Cast: Janet Gaynor, Warner Baxter, Una Merkell, Claude 
Gillingwater, Sr., Edwin Maxwell. Kathlyn Williams and Eliza- 
beth Patterson. Release date: June 7, 1931. 

First National 

From original play by Byron Morgan. Directed by Mervyn I.eRoy. 
Art director. Jack Okey. Adaptation by Robert Lord. Cinema- 
tographer, Sol Polito. Cast: Edward G. Robinson, Marion Marsh. 
Ona Munson, H. B. Warner, Frances Starr. Released September 
26, 1931. 


Screen play by Garrett Ford and Francis Edwards Faragah. 
Based on the story by Mary W. Shelley. Directed by James 
Whale. Cinematographer: Arthur Edeson. Art director: Danny 
Hall. Cast: Colin Clive. Mae Clarke, John Boles, Boris Karloff, 
Frederick Kerr. Released November 21, 1931. 


From the novel by Mark Twain, adapted by William Conselman. 
Directed by David Butler. Assistant director: Ad Schaumer. 
Cinematographer: Ernest Palmer. Art director: William Dowling. 
Cast: Will Rogers, William Farnum, Maureen O'Sullivan, Frank 
Albertsnn. Myrna I.ov and Mitchell Harris. Release date: April 
5, 1931. 

Continuity and dialogue by Willard Mack, Beatrice Banyard. 
Robert E. Hopkins and Zelda Sears. Directed by Charles F. 
Riesner. Cinematographer: Leonard Smith. Cast: Marie Dressier. 
Polly Moran. Anita Page. William Collier. Jr., Lucien LittlefieM 
and Sally Eilors, Release date: January 3. 1931. 




Allied Pictures Corporation 

5360 Melrose Avenue 
Hollywood, Cal. 


M. H. Hoffman 

M. H. Hoffman, Jr. 

Sidney Algiers 

Rudolph Flothow 

Ira Seidel 

George Hoffman 

L. E. Tope 

Gene Hornbostel 

E. Morton Huff 

Harry Nf.uman 

Beecroft-Florida Studios 

Davis Island 
Tampa, Florida 


Chester Beecroft 

Burr Comedies 

Tec-Art Studios 
5360 Melrose Avenue 


C. C. Burr 

Harold Lewis 

William Burke 

Horace M. New 

Chuck Roberts 

George J. Amy 

Winnifred Gibson 

The Caddo Company 

United Artists 
1041 N. Formosa Avenue 


Howard Hughes 

Noah Dietrich 

Joseph Moncure March 

Lincoln Quarberg 

Lodge Cunningham 

Walter Scott 

Lewis Milestone, Howard Hawks, Frank Lloyd. 

Charles Chaplin Studios 

1416 North La Brca Avenue 
Phone: Hempstead 214 1 


Charles Chaplin 

Alfred Reeves 

Lois C. Watt 

Kathleen Pryor 

Charles Chaplin 

Carlyle Robinson 

Jack Wilson 

Christie Film Company, Inc. 

6625 Romaine Street 



Charles H. Christie 

Ralph Black 

Fred H. Porter 

Ida M. Hinf. 

Evelyn Egan 

Ted Murray 

F. M. WinnowsoN 

Lon Young 

Coloart Pictures Corporation, Ltd. 

(Colorart Pictures Studios) 
5251 Clinton Street 
Phone: Granite 4141 


Ervvin H. Furman 

Howard C. Brown 

Charles H. Gilbert 

Mervyn R. Dowd 

Curtis F. Nagel 

Adolph Tandler 

Louis B. Jacobs 

Mervyn R. Dowd 

Edwin H. Furman, Howard C. Brown. Mervyn 
R. Dowd, Charles H. Gilbert, Cyril Stevenson. 

Columbia Pictures Corporation 

1438 Gower Street 
Phone: Hollywood 7940 


Harry Cohn 

Samuel J. Briskin 

William Holman 

G. A. Sampson 

Joe Cook 

George Barr Brown 

Dan Kelley 

Edward Shulter 

David Broeckman 

Stephen Goosson 

John Livadary 

John Gray 

Edwin Hahn 

Milton Brown 

Harry Decker 

Arthur B. Murphy 

George Smith 

Janet Henle 

Denver Harmon 

Frances Manson 

Barbara Stanwyck, Constance Cumminfts, Loretta 
Sayers, Buck Jones, Tim McCoy, Richard Crom- 
well, Robert Alden. 

Frank Capra, D. Ross Lederman, R. William Neill, 
Eddie Buzzell. 

Dorothy Howell, Jo Swelling, Eunice Chanin, Roy 

Chanslor, Robert Riskin. 

James Cruze Productions, Inc., Ltd. 

7250 Santa Monica Boulevard 


Samuel Ziebler 

Josephine Howe 

Bernard McEvekty 

James Cruze 

Armand Schenck 





5823 Santa Monica Boulevard 

Larry Darmour 

Pell Mitchell 

Toseph Levering 

Pei l Mitchell 


Charles Franklin 

Frank Dexter 

Pell Mitchell 

Lou Heifetz 

Wesley Morton 

Walter Lea 

Lou Heifetz 

Lee Zahler 

James Brown, Jr. 

Dee Caldwell 

Walt Disney Productions 

2719 Hyperion Avenue 
New York Office: Loew's State Buildi 

Walt Disney 

Roy Disney 

William E. Garity 

Walt Disney 

Roy O. Disney 

Geo. E. Morris 

Educational Studios 

7250 Santa Monica Boulevard 
Phone: Hollywood 2806 
Los Angeles 


E. W. Hammons 

E. H. Allen 

H. A. McDonell 

George Mitchell 

Vin Taylor 

Lon Young 

Fanchon & Marco, Inc. 

5600 Sunset Bollevard 
Hollywood, Cal. 
New York Address 
Fanchon & Marco Corporation 
1657 Broadway 


Miss Fanchon 

M. D. Howe 

J. C. Radcliffe 

Maxwell Shane 

P. P. Burch 

Ralph Goodacre 

Bert Adler 

Fowler Studios 

1108 Lillian Way 


Herman Fowei r 

C. B. Pier, i 

M. Hughes 

Ray Windmiller 

Mrs. M. Steppler 

Bud Duncan 

J. Spencer 

Fox Studios 

Movietone City 
Wtstwood. Cat, 

Winfielu Shi I MAN 

Sol M. Wurtzel 

Joseph Tohnson 

George Bagnai.i. 





II. Keith Weeks 

E. W. Butcher 

Alfred Wright 

John H. Tracy 

Al Lewis 

Richard Carroll 

George DeSylva 

William Goetz, Edmund Grainger, A. L. Rickett, 
William Sistrom. 
John Stone 
Louis Moore, Assistant. 
William Crawford 
David Todd, Assistant. 
Victor M. Shapiro 
Francis Perrott, Assistant. 
J. G. Blystone, Frank Borzage. David Butler. John 
W. Considine, Jr., Irving Cummings, Allan Dwan, 
Seymour Felix. William K. Howard. David How- 
ard. Henry King, Sidney Lanfield, Hamilton 
MacFadden, Kenneth MaeKenna. Alfred Sante/1, 
Sam Taylor. Raoul Walsh, Alfred Worker, Erich 
von Stroheim. 

Bert Sobell, Marcel Varnel. Harold Schuster, J. M. 
Kerrigan, R. L. Hough, Samuel Godfrey. 

Tom Barry, Sam Behrman. Edwin Burke. Guy 
Bolton, Barry Conners, Al Cohn, William Consel- 
man, Dorothy Fletcher, Philip Klein, Sonya 
Levien, John Peter Leister, Quinn Martin. Wil- 
liam Anthony McGuire. Neal O'Hara, Harry 
Ruskin, Maurine Watkins. 

Herbert Farjean, Burke Symon 

Guy Duty 

Ben Jackson, James Hanley, William Kernell 

Tom Whitley 

Edward Elsner 

Ralph Hammeras, Fred Sersen 

Joseph W. Reilly 

Warner Baxter, Charles Farrell. Victor McLaglen, 
Will Rogers. John Arledge, Hardie Albright. Frank 
Albertson. Ralph Bellamy, John Boles. El Bren- 
del, Paul Cavanagh, Edward Crandall, Allan 
Dinehart, Jesse De Vorska, James Dunn. Bert 
Hanlon. Weldon Teyburn. Alexander Kirkland, 
James Kirkwood. Thomas Meighan. Ralph Morgan, 
Ferdinand Munior, George O'Brien, Lawrence 
O'Sullivan, William Pawley, Howard Phillips. 
Raul Roulien, James Todd, Spencer Tracy, Charles 
Williams, Janet Gaynor. Joan Bennett. Janet 
Chandler, Roxame Curtis. Sally Eilers. Minna 
Gombell. Violet Heming. Elissa Landi. Nora Lane, 
Helen Mack, Mae Marsh, Claire Maynard. Con- 
chita Montenegro. Greta Nissen, Sally O'Neil, 
Cecilia Parker. Vivian Reid. Manva Roberti. 
Rosalie Roy. Peggy Ross, Tune Vlasek, Elda 
Vokel. Linda Watkins. 

Jose Nieto, Julio Pena, Juan Torena. 

Samuel Goldwyn Productions 

1041 North Formosa Avenue 
hi oil ywood 


Samuel Goldwyn 

Abraham Lehr 


Arthur Hornblow. Jr. 

T. M. Brentinger 

Robert McIntyre 

James Dent 

Stuart Heisler 


Harry Brand 

Al Evens 

Ronald Colman, Eddie Cantor, Lily Damita, Ina 


Shirley Grey. Amo Ingraham, Barbara Weeks. 
Melvyn Douglas, Frances Dean, Fay Pierre, 
Florence Britton. 

George Barnes, Ray June. Gregg Toland. 

Halperin Productions, Inc. 

1040 N. Las Palmas Avenue 



Victor Halperin 

Edward Halperin 

Lloyd Hamilton Productions 

Educational Studios 
7250 Santa Monica Boulevard 

E. H. Allen 

A. H. McDonnell 

Robert Luplow 

George Mitchell 

A. W. Smith 

Vin Taylor 

Ray Hoadley 

Hercules Film Productions, Inc. 

5823 Santa Monica Boulevard 
Darmour Studios, Hollywood 

P. Kanellos 

P. J. Andrews 

Frank Merrill 

William Hiller Productions 

Tec- Art Studios 
5630 Melrose Avenue 
Hoi! ywood 


William G. Miller 

Carter Ludlow 

Ray Smith 

Hollywood Film Enterprises, Inc. 

6060 Sunset Boulevard 


William Horsley 

Arthur T. Horsley 

H. F. Cook 

Hutchinson Productions, Inc., Craig 

1343 Gordon Street 


Craig Hutchinson 

Frank Lawrence 

V. V. LeRoy 

Ideal Pictures Corporation 

729 Seventh Avenue 
New York City 

M. T. Kandel 

Sidney Kandel 
A. B. Carrick 

Interstate Production & Amusement 

861 Seward Street 
Hoi I ywood 


Josh Binney 

Robert E. Wharff 

Mr. Marshall 

Robert Binney 

Roy E. Win berg 

Neal Hart 

Inspiration Pictures, Inc. 

5360 Melrose Avenue 


Walter Camp 

E. J. Jensen 

International Recording Corporation 

4376 Sunset Drive 


David Welts 

Martha J. Like 

C h A. Palmer 

United Producers, Ltd. 

Italotone Film Productions, Inc. 

Tec-Art Studios 
Melrose Avenue 



Giovanni Rizzo 

A. Danna 

Italo M. Scalabrin 

Liberty Productions, Ltd. 

1040 Las Palmas Avenue 


H. M. Gumbin 

M. Hower 

Don Hayes 

Charles Cadwallader 

May Robson 

Mascot Pictures Corporation 

5360 Melrose Avenue 


Nat Levine 

Frances Levine 

Lester Scott, Jr. 

Jerome Kessler 

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios 

Culver City, Cal. 


Louis B. Mayer, Irving G. Thalberg, Harry 
Rapp, E. J. Mannix, Hunt Stromberg, 
Bernard Hyman, Laurence Weingarten, 
Paul Bern, Albert Lewin, B. P. Fineman. 

M. E. Greenwood 

J. J. Cohn 

Pete Smith 

Samuel Marx 

Kate Corbaley 

Dorothy Pratt 

W. K. Craig 

Toe Rapp 

Benjamin Thau 
Cedric Gibbons 

John Nickolaus 

Danny Gray 

Lou Kolb 

S. N. Clark 

Lou Strohm 
E. B. Willis 

Natalie Bucknal 

Douglas Shearer 

Harry Beaumont. Charles Brabin. Clarence Brown, 
Jack Conway. Sidney Franklin. Jacques Feyder, 
George Hill. Robert Z. Leonard, Harry A. Pollard, 
Charles Riesner, Edward Sedgwick, W. S. Van 
Dyke. King Vidor, Sam Wood, Tod Browning, 
Marcel DeSano. George Fitzmaurice. Victor 
Fleming. Edmund Goulding. Leo McCarey. Zion 
Myers, Al Santell, Edgar Selwyn, Jules White. 

Joan Crawford, Marion Davies, Greta Garbo, John 
Gilbert, Buster Keaton. Ramon Novarro. Norma 
Shearer, Wallace Beery. Jackie Cooper, Marie 
Dressier, Robert Montgomery. 


William Bakewell, Reginald Denny, Cliff Edwards, 
Ralph Graves, Hedda Hopper, Leila Hyams, 
Dorothy Jordan. Joan Marsh. John Miljan, Ray- 
mond Milland. Polly Moran, Conrad Nagel. Anita 
Page. Lewis Stone. Lester Vail, Nils Asther, 
Lionel Barrymore. Virginia Bruce. Mary Carlyle, 
James Durante, Claire DuBrey. Madge Evans, 
Wallace Ford, Clark Gable. Charlotte Green- 
wood, William Haines, Jean Hersholt. Walter 
Houston. Marjorie King, Myrna Loy, Una Merkel, 
Karen Morley, Irene Purcell, Marjorie Rambeau, 
Helen Rohinson, Aubrey C. Smith. Ruth Selwyn, 
Robert Young. 


Prank Butler, Mitzie Cummings. Ruth Cummings, 
Delmer Daves, Edith Fitzgerald, Becky Gardiner, 
Robert Honkins. Hans Kraly. Charles MacArthur, 
Frances Marion. Francisco Maran. Gene Markey, 
John Mcehan. Bess Meredyth. Leonard Praskins, 
W. L. River, Madeleine Ruthven. Zelda Sears, 
Sylvia Thalberg. Wanda Tuchock, Ernest Vadia, 
Lieut. -Com. Wead. Claudine West. Edgar A. Woolf, 
Doris Anderson. Karl Brown, Lee Chadwick. Lenore 
Coffee, John Colton. Stafford Dickens. Mercedes De- 




Acosta. F. Scott Fitzgerald, Harvey Gates. Comm. 
Morris Gilmore. Ralph Graves, Henry Hathaway, 
Arthur Hyman, Boris Ingster. Lee E. Johnson, 
Robt. Lee Johnson. John Kirkland, Isaac Don 
Levine, Frederick Lonsdale, John Lynch, Mr. and 
.Mrs. Willard Mack, John Mahin, Ivor Novelo., 
Frank Partos, Harry Sherman. Ralph Spence, 
Aimee Stuart, Philip Stuart. C. Gardner Sullivan. 
John Van Druten, Bayard Veiller, Richard Weil. 
Maurine Watkins, Carey Wilson. Dwight Taylor. 

Metropolitan Sound Studios, Inc. 

1040 Las Pal mas Avenue 
Holl \wood 


Charles H. Christie 

William S. Holman 

Leo Cahane 

Billy Leyser 

Pat Howling 

H. P. Ratliff 

r. s. Clayton- 

A. M. Granich 

C. L. Cadwallader 

Sam E. Wood 

Wally Oettel 

F. M. Widdowson 

Howard Anderson 

Frank Moser and Paul Terry, Inc. 

{Terrytoon Studios) 
203 West 146r/i Street 
Phone :Bradhurst 2-7938-1220 
New York City 

Phillip A. Scheib 

Al. Ivanoff 
William M. Weiss 

Multicolor, Ltd. 

7020 Romaine Avenue 
Los Angeles 


A. A. MacDonald 

Howard R. Hughes 

Frank E. Garbutt 

N. Dietrich 


Neil S. McCarthy 

A. A. MacDonald, Neil S. McCarthy, Rowland V. 
Lee, J. W. Worthington, N. Dietrich. 

National Players 

1509 North Vine Street 


John R. Freuler 

Henry Taylor 

Alvin J. Neitz 

Wally Wales, Virginia Brown Faire. Buzz Barton. 

Paramount New York Studio 

3Sth Avenue and 35th Street 
Plwne: Ravenswood 8-8000 
Long Island City, N. Y. 

James R. Cowan 

Arthur Cozine 

Hector Turnbull 

Robert I. 

Ernest F, Zatorsky 

J. S. Winick 

Al Dii.linger 

Ernest Zatorsky 

George Folsey 

Gaston DuVal 

Carolyn Putnam 

George Orti.f.ib 

Frank LeGrande 


Fred Ballmeyer 

Charles Kirk 

John T. Doran 

Frank Heath 

Charles Wendling 

Frank E. Tours 

Emanuel Jacobs 

Al Wilkie 

Joe Nadel 

Sam Nadel 

William Palmer 

William Clark 

Edward Senz 

Fred Scheld 

Paramount West Coast Studios 

5451 Marathon Street 

Tesse L. Lasky 

B. P. Schulberg 

Albert A. Kaufman 

Sam Jaffe 
L. D. Lighton 
Hector Turnbull 
E. Lloyd Sheldon 
Benjamin Glazer 
Percy Heath. Chairman 
Edward Montagne 
Alan Rinehart 

Henry Herzbrun 

Sam Jaffe 

Arch Reeve 

Frank Whitbeck 

Harold Hurley 

William H. Wright 

Frank Brandow 

Nathaniel Finston 

A. C. Martin 

Fred Datig 
George Kates 
Toseph Krumgold 

Melville Shauer 

Edward Blatt 

Dorothy Arzner, David Burton, Edward Cline*, 
Lloyd Corrigan, John Cromwell, George Cukor, 
William C. de Mille, Louis Gasnier, Marion 
Gering, Robert Lee, Ernest Lubitsch, Rouben 
Mamoulian, Max Marcin, Guthrie McClintic, 
Norman McLeod, Dudley Murphy, Irving Pichel, 
Stephen R. Roberts, Casey Robinson, Ernest B. 
Schoedsack, George Somnes. Norman Taurog. 
Frank Tuttle, Josef von Sternberg, Berthold 
Viertel*, Slavko Vorkapich, Stuart Walker, Rich- 
ard Wallace. ('New York studio.) 

Richard Arlen*. George Bancroft, Tallulah Bank- 
head, Nancy Carroll*. Maurice Chevalier. Claud- 
ette Colbert*, Gary Cooper, Marlene Dietrich, 
Frederic March, F'our Marx Brothers. ("New 
York studio. ) 


Ross Alexander, Adrienne Ames, George Barbier, 
F21eanor Boardman, Mary Boland*, William Boyd*, 
John Breeden, ('live Brook, Russ Clark, Juliette 
Compton, Jackie Coogan, Robert Coogan, Frances 
Dee, Claire Dodd. Tom Douglas, Junior Durkin, 
Stuart Erwin, Cary Grant, Wynne Gibson, 
Phillips Holmes, Miriam Hopkins, Carole Lom- 
bard. Paul I. okas, Florine McKinney, Frances 
MotTett. Chester Morris, Jack Oakie, Vivienne 
Osborne, Eugene Pallettc, Irving Pichel. Arthur 
Pierson, Gene Raymond, Charles Ruggles, Ran- 
dolph Scott, Peggy Shannon, Sylvia Sidney, 
Charles Starrett, Lilyan Tashman*, Kent Taylor, 
Regis Toomcy, Jerry Tucker, Judith Wood. (*Ncw 
York studio.) 


Zoe Akins, Sidney Buchman. James Cain, Lloyd 
Corrigan, Martin Flavin, Oliver II. P. Garre'lt, 
Benjamin Glazer, Harry Ilervey*. Perry Heath. 
Adelaide Heilbron*. Samuel HotTcnstcin. Andre 
Horncz, Grover Jones. Virginia Kellogg, Arthur 
Kober, S. K. Lauren. Vincent Lawrence. Agnes 
Brand Leahy. Josephine Lovett, Herman Man 

kiewicz, Joseph L. Mankiewicz, Leopold Marchand, 
Max Marcin, Brian Marlow, Wm. Slavens McNutt, 
Herman Michelson, Sam Mintz, Henry Myers 
Fred Niblo, Jr., Ernest Pascal, Gertrude Purcell, 
Samson Raphaelson, Donald Ogden Stewart*, 
Harlan Thompson*, Gladys Unger*, Louis Weitz- 
enkorn, Waldemar Young. Raymond L. Schrook, 
Sheridan Gibney. ('New York studio.) 

Patrician Pictures, Ltd. 

5360 Melrose Avenue 
Holl wood 


Walter Camp 

E. C. Jensen 

Alan Crosland 

Billy Leyser 

George Bertholon 

Jack Schulze 

Mary Pickford Company 

United Artists Studio 
1041 North Formosa Avenue 


Mary Pickford 

N. A. McKay 

Premier Pictures Corporation 

1845 Clendale Boulevard 
Los Angeles 
Joe Rock 


L. Braun 

Murray Rock 

Irene Schreck 

Fred Windemere, Makato Toyashima, Donald 
C. Thompson 

H. Kirkpatrick 

Ed Mundy 

Frances Guihan 

Mary Blair Thompson 

Leota Whytock 

Sam W. B. Cohn 

I. Schreck 


Max Asher 

Charles Eng 

Radiotone Pictures Corporation 

1845 Clendale Boulevard 
Los Angeles 


Fred I. Balshofer 

James Cunningham 

Fred G. Walker 

Fred J. Balshofer 


Bert Cornelius 

Hal Roach Studio 

Culver City, Cat. 


Hal Roach 

Warren Doane 

Ben W. Shiphan 

1 1 M. Walker 

Henry- Ginsberg 

C. H. Roach 

M. C. O'Brien 

Benjamin W. Shu-man 

L. A. French 

M. D. O'Brien 

Elmer Raguse 

Richard Currier 

Charles Levin 

H. M. Walker 

Wm. Lewis 

Catherine McDonnmi 

Grace Marvin 





Jack Roach 

Jack Burns 

Kenneth Porter 

Art Hass 

Wm. Stevens 

C. E. Christensen 

Fred O'pitz 

Roy Searight 

Christine Rhodes 

Earl Ritter 

Clarence (Stax) Graves 

James Folett 

Rogell Productions, Ltd. 

1040 Las Palmas Avenue 


Albert Rogell 

Rudolph Flothow 

Rogers Productions, Ltd. 

Los Angeles, Cat. 

Charles R. Rogers 

J. F. Kearns 

Harry Joe Brown 

RKO Radio-Pathe Pictures Studios 

780 Gower Street 


David O. Selznick 

William LeBaron 

Harry Joe Brown 

Charles E. Sullivan 

Merian C. Cooper 

James K. McGuiness 

Willis Goldbeck 

Pandro Berman 

Watterson R. Rothacker 

Kenneth MacGowan 

Jerome Sackeim 

Del Andrews 

Adela Rogers Hyland 

Phillip Siff 

Val Paul 

Daniel T. O'Shea 

F. H. Smith 

C. F. Woit 

Carroll Clark 

Don Eddy 

Carl Dreher 

Frank E. Garbutt 

Charles Richard 

Lynn Shores 

W. A. Wilde 

Betty Roberts 

Elizabeth McGaffey 

Harold Barry 

William Johnson 

Thomas Little 

Claude Lampman 

Mrs. Margaret Pf.mberton 

Gwen Wakeling 

William Eglington 

Holt Lindsley 

Don Jahraus 

Herb Hirst 

Frank Vert 

Iy)uis Brock 

James Wilkinson 


Lloyd Knechtel 
Murray Spivack 

Ernest Westmore 

Ernest A. Bachrach 

C. C. Thompson 

Max Steiner 

George Archainbaud, Fred Allen, Herbert Brenon, 
Melville Brown, Edward H. Griffith, Gregory La 
Cava, Robert H. Milton, Capt. J. Robertson, J 
Walter Ruben, Wesley Kuggles, Ernest B. 
Schoesdsack, William Seiter, Lowell Sherman, Paul 
L. Stein, Harry Sweet, Ralph Murphy. 

Howard Estabrook, Gene Fowler, Adela Rogers 
Hyland, Horace Jackson, Miss Bradley King, E. 
S. Moffatt, Jane Murfin, Humphrey Pearson. 
Leonard Praskins, Gertrude Rigdon, Wells Root, 
J. Walter Ruben, John Russell, Wanda Tuohok. 

Robert Armstrong, Rosco Ates, Constance Bennett, 
Joseph Cawthorn, Creighton Chaney. Dolores Dei 
Rio, Ricardo Cortez, Lita Chevret, Phyllis Clare. 
Bruce Cabot, Richard Dix, Irene Dunne, Jill 
Esmond, Ann Harding, John Halliday, Julie Hay- 
don, Rochelle Hudson, Arline Judge, Kitty Kelly. 
Tom Keene, Joel McCrea, Gregory Ratoff. Edgar 
Kennedy, Clark and McCullough, Dorothy Lee, 
Eric Linden, Anita Louis, Ken Murray, Edna 
May Oliver, Laurence Olivier, Charles Ouigley, 
Lowell Sherman, Helen Twelvetrees, Bert Wheeler, 
Robert Woolsey. 

Royal Studios, Inc. 

729 Seventh Avenue 
New York City 


Andrew J. Brislin 

John Brislin, Tr. 

Benjamin B. Wesley 

Frank B. Brislin 

Cornelius A. Brislin 

Andrew J. Brisliij. John Brislin, Jr., Benjamin B. 
Wesley, Frank B. Brislin, Cornelius A. Brislin. 

Mack Sennett Studios 

Studio City 
North Hollywood 

John A. Waldron 

H. Lee Hugunin 

Charles Simpson 

Robert Clement 

Paul Guerin 

John Huff 

William Hornbeck 

W. B. Frank 

Jed Buell 

Earl Davey 

Walter Klinger 

Florence Lyons 

A. F. Blinn 

Tec-Art Studios 

5630 Melrose Avenue 
Phone: Granite 4141 
Los Angeles 


Alfred T. Mannon 

Irving Meiliken 

Mack D*Agostino 

Lester Tracy 

William E. Keefe 

Natalie Adelstein 

Harry Englander 

Florence Hinkle 

G. Altweis 

M. Goldblatt 

J. D. Marsh 

W. S. Hepburn 

L. V. Sperry 

L. E. Tope 

W. A. Dalgleish 

Dick Anderson 

Tiffany Productions of California, Inc., Ltd. 

4516 Sunset Boulevard 


E. W. Hammons 

L. A. Young 

Burt Kelly 

Samuel Bischoff 

Milton Gatzert 

Hans Weeren 

Peggy Hutson 

Ray L. Hoadley 


Trem Carr Pictures, Ltd. 

6048 Sunset Boulevard 


Trem Carr 

I. E. Qhkdwick 

C. C. Burr 

Charles A. Post 

Paul Malvern 

Harry Fraser 

Bert Glennon 

Lloyd Nosier 

R. N. Bradbury 

Ernest R. Dickson 

Lindsley Parsons 

Gordon Griffith 

Perry Murdock 

Dick LeStrange 

Charles Gershire 

Tex Cox 

Archie Stout 

Faxon Dean 

Guy Wilkie 

Madison Lacy 

Merritt Sibbald 

Tom Tyler, Bill Cody, Bob Steele, Andy Shuford. 

Triangle Film Corporation 

7046 Hollywood Boulevard 


Harry Aitken 

W. H. Kendle 

Parke Smith 

Rex Wray 

Clark W. Thomas 

United Artists Studio Corporation 

1041 North Formosa Avenue 
Phone: Granite 5111 

Abraham Lehr 

A. M. Brentinger 

Richard Day 

Al Newman 

Robert McIntyre 

James Dent 

Thomas Moulton 

Stuart Heisler 

William Bridgehouse 

Fred Schuessler 

Bob Palmer 

Harry Keiper 

Harold D. Coles 

Bob Stephanoff 

Ray Moore 

United Producers, Ltd. 

4376 Sunset Drive 
H ollywood 


Cliff Broughton 

Martha J. Like 

Chas. A. Palmer 

Universal West Coast Studios 

University City, Cal. 

f ARL Laemmle 





Carl Laemmle, Jr. 

Harry H. Zehner 

Henry Henigson 

Martin Murphy 

E M. Asher, Stanley Bergerman 

Richard Schayer 

Sam Freedman 

Henry MacRae 

Paul Koiiner 

Phil Friedman 

Maurice Pivar 

John LeRoy Johnston 

C. Roy Hunter 

C. G. Glouner 

A. W. Klinordlinger 

Jack Lawton 

Henry Clarke 



Archie Hall 

Frank Graves 

Max Cohen 

Edward Ware 

Fred Manning 

Hugh McCarron 

E. A. Johnson 

Grace H. Ryan 

Walter Tauer 

H. D. Cook 

Russell A. Gausman 

Reginald Bunce 

Walter Lantz 

John M. Stahl, Rowland B rown, Ben Stoloff, Edward 
Laemmle, Ernest L. Frank, Hobart Henlev. Albert 
Kelley. Thornton V. Freeland, Harry J. Edwards, 
Cvril Gardner, Robert Florey, Vm Moore, James 
Whale, William Wyler, Edwin H. Knopf, Russell 
Mack, Edward Cohn. 

Tom Reed, Dale Van Everv, Winnifred Dunn, 
Edwin H. Knopf, Earl Snell, Alan Rivkin, 
Pmcus Wolfson, Roy Dovle, George Green, Gladys 
Lehman, Robert Keith, Francis Martin. Ed Luddy, 
John Huston, Neil Brandt, Jerry Horwin, Jack 


Tom Mix, Sidney Fox, Rose Hobart, Slim Sum- 
merville, Mae Clarke, Arietta Duncan. Lew Ayres, 
Genevieve Tobin, Leon Adams, Bela Lugosi, 
James Flavin. 

Tai.a Birrell 

Vagabond Adventure Pictures Corp. 

5360 Melrose Avenue 
H ollywood 


Gayne Whitman 

Elmer Clifton and Richard Heermance 

Wafilms, Inc. 

729 Seventh Avenue 
New York City 


Walter A. Putter 

Fred W. Futter 
Raw stock Film library 

Futter Studios 

1016 N. Sycamore Avenue 

Futter Corporation, Ltd. 

1016 N. Sycamore Avenue 

Producing Walter Futter's "Travelaughs" and 
"Curiosities" with John P. Medbury. (26 per year, 
in English, German and Spanish.) 

Record Pictures, Inc. 

1016 N. Sycamore Avenue 


Walter A. Futter 

Producing four Travel, Romance. Adventure, Fea- 
tures, "Jade," "Vale of Kasmir," "Tiger Tales," 

Warner Brothers-First National Studios 

Phone: Gl. 4111 
Burbank, Cal. 

J. L. Warner 

Darryl Zanuck 

Robert Lord, Ray Griffith, Lucien Hubbard. 

Rufus LeMaire 

Jack O'key, Anton Grot, Tohn T. Hughes. 

J. Sader 

Purc Westmore, hairdressing; Walter Rogers, 


Col. H. N. Slaughter, Maj. Nathan Levinson, 
Charles Althouse, Arthur Haddock, Wallace 


Herman Politz 

Leo Fobbstein 

Alfred E. Green, Rol Del Ruth, Archie Mayo, 
Michael Curtiz, William A. Wellman, John Adolli. 
Howard Hawks, Mervyn LeRoy, Lloyd Bacon, 
William Dieterle. 

J. Grubb Alexander, Joseph Jackson, Harvey Thew, 
Charles Kenyon, Houston Branch. Kubec Glasmon. 
Austin Parker, John Bright, Maude Fulton, Arthur 
Caesar, Walter DeLeon, Kenyon Nicholson, Brown 

Warner Bros.: George Arliss, William Powell, Kay 
Francis, Dolores Costello, Ruth Chatterton, Barbara 
Stanwyck, Constance Bennett. Charles "Chic" 
Sale, Winnie Lightner. 

First National: Richard Barthlemess, Douglas Fair- 
banks, Jr., Edward G. Robinson, Joe E. Brown. 
Marian Marsh, Bebe Daniels. Dorothy Mackaill, 
Marilvn Miller, Lil Dagover, Smith and Dale. 

Ben Lyon, David Manners, James Cagney, Charles 
Butterworth, Donald Cook, Warren William. Guy 
Kibbee, Dickie Moore, Loretta Young. Evalyn 
Knapp, Lilian Bond, Joan Blondell. Polly Wal- 
ters, John Wray, Ralf Harolde. Ruth Hall. George 

Warner Brothers Eastern Vita phone 

1277 East 14th Street 
Phone: Nightingale 4-8700 
Brooklyn. N. Y. 

Samuel Sax 

Monroe Shaff 

E. J. Savin 

Herman Ruby 

Porter H. Evans 

George D. Sattan 

N. Dean Cole 

Ed DuPar 

Joseph H. Spray 

Martin Hall 

Frank Namozy 

Herb Hayman 

Harold Levey 

Bert Frank 

Edward Hastings 

Richard Willis 

John Condon 

Helen McCui.lough 

Ed. Sf.lzer 

Blanche Schneider 

Richard P. Young Productions 
Educational Films 

635 N. Tujunqa Avenue 
Burbank, Cal. 
Richard P. Young 

Best Performances of 1931 
"Photoplay" Poll 

Mentioned Four Times in Poll 

Will Rogers : 

"Business and Pleasure," "Lightnin'," "A 
Connecticut Yankee," "Young As You 
Warner Baxter: 
"Renegades," "Daddy Long Legs," "The 
Squaw Man," "Cisco Kid." 
Edmund Lowe: 

"Cisco Kid," "The Spider," "Transatlantic," 
"Scotland Yard." 

Mentioned Three Times in Poll 

Constance Bennett: 
"Bought," "The Easiest Way," "Sin Takes, 
a Holiday." 
Jackie Cooper: 

"Young Donovan's Kid," "Skippy," "The 
Joan Crawford: 

"Complete Surrender," "Dance, Fools, 
Dance," "Within the Law." 
Charlotte Greenwood: 

"Parlor, Bedroom and Bath," "Stepping 
Out," "Palmy Days." 
Barbara Stanwyck : 

"Miracle Woman," "Illicit," "Night Nurse." 
Lawrence Tibbett : 

"Cuban Love Song," "New Moon," "The 

Mentioned Twice in Poll 

George Arliss 
John Barrymore 
Lionel Barrymore 
Wallace Beery 
Joan Blondell 
Clive Brook 
Claudette Colbert 
Marion Davies 
Marlene Dietrich 
Irene Dunn 
Jimmy Durante 
Greta Garbo 
Janet Gaynor 
John Gilbert 

Ann Harding 
Phillips Holmes 
Doris Kenyon 
Paul Lukas 
Jeanette Mac- 
Fredric March 
Adolphe Menjou 
Edward G. Robinson 
Norma Shearer 
Sylvia Sidney 
Helen Twelvetrees 
Lupe Velez 
Robert Williams 

"Photoplay" Medal for 1930 

Universal Pictures, 
Western Front." 

for "All Quiet on the 

Ten Best Pictures of 1931 


Street Scene 

United Artists 

Bad Girl 

Min and Bill 


Film Daily Poll 

Front Page 

United Artists 
Five Star Final 

First National 
City Lights 

( 'nited Artists 
A Free Soul 

The Sin of Made- 
lon Claudet 

Wampas "Baby Stars" of 1931 

Selected by Western Associated 
Motion Picture Advertisers 

Joan Blondell 
Constance Cum- 

Frances Dade 
Frances Dee 
Karen Morley 
Mariox Shilling 

Marian Marsh 
Barbara Weeks 
Anita Louise 
Joan Marsh 
Sidney Fox 
Kochei.le Hudson 
I i pith Wood 

Ten Best Directors of 1930-31 
Film Daily Poll 

Lewis Milestone 
Wesley Ruggles 
George Hill 
Josef Von Sternberg 
I). W. Griffith 

Robert Z. Leonard 
John Cromwell 
Charles Chaplin 
Howard Hawks 
1 Ioward Hi GUI S 





[Formulated by the Association of Motion 
Picture Producers, Inc., and the Motion Picture 
Producers & Distributors of America, Inc.] 

Motion pictures recognize the high trust and 
confidence which have been placed in them by 
the people of the world and which have made 
motion pictures a universal form of entertain- 

They recognize their responsibility to the 
public because of this trust and because en- 
tertainment and art are important influences in 
the life of a nation. 

Hence, though regarding motion pictures pri- 
marily as entertainment without any explicit 
purpose of teaching or propaganda, they know 
that the motion picture within its own field 
of entertainment may be directly responsible for 
spiritual or moral progress, for higher types of 
social life, and for much correct thinking. 

During the rapid transition from silent to 
talking pictures they have realized the necessity 
and the opportunity of subscribing to a Code to 
govern the production of talking pictures and 
of reacknowledging this responsibility. 

On their part, they ask from the public and 
from public leaders a sympathetic understand- 
ing of their purposes and problems and a spirit 
of cooperation that will allow them the freedom 
and opportunity necessary to bring the motion 
picture to a still higher level of wholesome 
entertainment for all the people. 

General Principles 

1. No picture shall be produced which will 
lower the standards of those who see it. Hence 
the sympathy of the audience should never be 
thrown to the side of crime, wrong-doing, evil 
or sin. 

2. Correct standards of life, subject only to 
the requirements of drama and entertainment, 
shall be presented. 

3. Law, natural or human, shall not be ridi- 
culed, nor shall sympathy be created for its 

Particular Applications 


These shall never be presented in such a way 
as to throw sympathy with the crime as against 
law and justice or to inspire others with a 
desire for imitation. 

1. Murder 

a. The technique of murder must be pre- 
sented in a way that will not inspire imi- 

b. Brutal killings are not to be presented 
in detail. 

c. Revenge in modern times shall not be 

2. Methods of crime should not be explicitly 

a. Theft, robbery, safe-cracking, and dyna- 
miting of trains, mines, buildings, etc., 
should not be detailed in method. 

b. Arson must be subject to the same safe- 

c. The use of firearms should be restricted 
to essentials. 

d. Methods of smuggling should not be 

3. Illegal drug traffic must never be presented. 

4. The use of liquor in American life, when 
not required by the plot or for proper charac- 
terization, will not be shown. 

II — SEX. The sanctity of the institution of 
marriage and the home shall be upheld. Pictures 
shall not infer that low forms of sex relation- 
ship are the accepted or common thing. 

1. Adultery, sometimes necessary plot ma- 
terial, must not be explicitly treated, or justi- 
fied, or presented attractively. 

2. Scenes of passion. 

a. They should not be introduced when not 
essential to the plot. 

b. Excessive and lustful kissing, lustful em- 
bracing, suggestive postures and gestures, 
are not to be shown. 

c. In general, passion should be so treated 
that these scenes do not stimulate the lower 

1931-32 SEASON 


Allied Productions 26 

Amkino IS 

Artclass Pictures 11 

Associate Cinernas of America 10 

Big Four 20 

B.I.P. America 24 

Capital 40 

Chesterfield 6 

Columbia 44 

Continental 8 

First Division 6 

First National 31 

Golden Arrow Inc. (Release through 

Sono Art-World Wide) 10 

Fox 48 

Headline Pictures 4 

Judea 6 

Mayfair Pictures 24 

MGM 4» 

Monogram 44 

Paramount 60-65, 

Peerless S» 

RKO Pathe 2S 

RKO Radio 26. 

Sono Art-World Wide 12 l 

Tiffany 24- 

Ufa 28 

United Artists 13 

Universal 38 

Warners 31 


Columbia 118 

Educational 134 

(82 one reel — 5Z two reel) 

Fox 52 

(AU one reel) 

MGM 110 

Paramount 99 

RKO Pathe 71 

(26 one reel — 45 two reel) 

RKO Radio 58 

(26 one reel — 32 two reel) 

Tiffany 25 

Universal 67 

(33 one reel — 30 two reel— 4 serials, 
12 episodes each) 

Vitaphone 156 

(104 one reel — 52 two reel) 

FOR 1932-33 



Company Total 

Columbia 42 

(26 features, 16 Westerns) 

Fox 48 

MGM minimum 50 

Paramount 55 to 60 

(Including 8 by Charles R. Rogers) 

Radio Pictures 60 

(46 by Radio, 11 to 15 by units) 

Tiffany 24 

(12 features, 12 Westerns) 

United Artists IS 

Universal 26 

Warner-First National 64 

Independents 356 

(21 companies or individuals) 

Other independents (estimated) 50 

TOTAL 796 

Educational-short product 127 

(52 two-reel, 75 one-reel) 

and baser element. 

3. Seduction or rape. 

a. They should be never more than sug- 
gested, and only when essential for the 
plot, and even then never shown by explicit 

b. They are never the proper subject for 

4. Sex perversion or any inference to it is 

5. White slavery shall not be treated. 

6. Miscegenation (sex relationships between 
the white and black races) is forbidden. 

7. Sex hygiene and veneral diseases are not sub- 
jects for motion pictures. 

8. Scenes of actual child birth, in fact or in 
silhouette, are never to be presented. 

9. Children's sex organs are never to be 

III. —VULGARITY. The treatment of low, 

disgusting, unpleasant, though not necessarily 
evil, subjects should be subject always to the 
dictate of good taste and a regard for the sensi- 
bilities of the audience. 

IV. — OBSCENITY. Obscenity in word, ges- 
ture, reference, song, joke or by suggestion 
(even when likely to be understood only by 
part of the audience) is forbidden. 

V. — PROFANITY. Pointed profanity (this 
includes the words, God, Lord, Jesus, Christ — 
unless used reverently — Hell, S. O. B., damn, 
Gawd), or other profane or vulgar expression 
however used, is forbidden. 


1. Complete nudity is never permitted. This 
includes nudity in fact or in silhouette, or 
any lecherous or licentious notice thereof by 
other characters in the picture. 

2. Undressing scenes should be avoided, and 
never used save where essential to the plot. 

3. Indecent or undue exposure is forbidden. 

4. Dancing costumes intended to permit undue 
exposure or indecent movements in the dance 
are forbidden. 


'1. Dances suggesting or representing sexual 
action or indecent passion are forbidden. 
2. Dances which emphasize indecent move- 
ments are to be regarded as obscene. 


1. No film or episode may throw ridicule 
on any religious faith. 

2. Ministers of religion in their character as 
ministers of religion should not be used as 
comic characters or as villains. 

3. Ceremonies of any definite religion should 
be carefully and respectfully handled. 

IX. — LOCATIONS. The treatment of bed- 
rooms must be governed by good taste and 


1. The use of the Flag shall be consistently 

2. The history, institutions, prominent people 
and citizenry of other nations shall be 
represented fairly. 

XI — TITLES. Salacious, indecent or obscene 
titles shall not be used. 

lowing subjects must be treated withing the 
careful limits of good taste : 

1. Actual hangings or electrocutions as legal 
punishments for crime. 

2. Third degree methods. 

3. Brutality and possibly gruesomeness. 

4. Branding of people or animals. 

5. Apparent cruelty to children or animals. 

6. The sale of women, or a woman selling 
her virtue. 

7. Surgical operations. 


1. We subscribe to the Code of Business Ethics 
of the International Advertising Association, 
based on "truth, honesty and integrity." 

2. Good taste shall be the guiding rule. 

3. Illustration and text in advertising shall 
faithfully represent the pictures themselves. 

4. No false or misleading statement shall be 
used directly or implied. 

5. No text or illustration shall ridicule or tend 
to ridicule any religion or religious faith. 

6. The history, institutions and nationalities of 
all countries shall be represented with fairness. 

7. Profanity and vulgarity shall be avoided. 

8. Pictorial and copy treatment of officers of 
the law shall not be of such a nature as to 
undermine authority. 

9. Specific details of crime, inciting imitation, 
shall not be used. 

10. Motion picture advertisers shall bear in 
mind the provision of the Production Code that 
use of liquor in American life be restricted to 
the necessities of characterizations and plot. 

11. Nudity with meretricious purpose, and 
salacious postures, shall not be used. 

12. Court actions relating to censoring of 
pictures, or other censorship disputes, are not 
to be capitalized in advertising. 




According to the national 
poll of film critics, Warner 
Bros, and First National 
Pictures delivered more of 
the best pictures of 1931 
than any other company. 







with these 
Favorites from 


BROS . and 


w ATinu A I 

111 m ■ I WM ' , 








as the year of 


of Hits from 



For example - - - 



—A First National Picture 


—A Warner Bros. Picture 
BARBARA STANWYCK in "SO BIG"-A Warner Bros. Picture 


—A Warner Bros. Picture 


—A First National Picture 


—A Warner Bros. Picture 


—A Warner Bros. Picture 


—A First National Picture 


—A First National Picture 

LIONEL ATWILL in "DOCTOR X" —A First National Picture 






Seat fillers— not just program fill- 
ers! "Feature" names at "Short" 
prices! Cleverest Ideas. Snappiest 
and Smartest Musicals... 




Have proved their superior pulling 
power time and again. Accept no 


Warner Bros* First National 


Plays by 



Picture Rights Available 


Two sisters, one a nun, the other a 
woman of the world, exchange places. 
Featuring Warren William and Char- 
lotte Granville. Produced at 



Harlem on its last night on 
earth. Produced in Newark 
and Philadelphia, prior to 


Backstage of an astronomical 
observatory, and what happens 
when a lady with a past meets 
an astronomer. 



Life of Isadora Duncan dra- 
matized. With Mary Nash, 
Jefferson De Angelis. Pro- 
duced by L. Lawrence Weber 


"The Right To 

A romantic comedy with an all- 
star cast. Produced at 


Other Plays by 



An original play sold to RKO-Radio. Mr. Davis 
is author of more than sixty novelettes. Published 
in United States and Great Britain. 


The full-length, three-act play 
with only one character. Elsa 
Shelley played solo role at 


"The Case of 

Fifi Bolette" 

Setting is a women's reform- 
atory. Produced at 

VIENNA, Austria 


A Comedy 

A. H. Woods' option has lapsed 
and rights reverted to author. 



under contract to Warner Bros.-First National 






"Public Enemy" "Smart Money" 
"Blonde Crazy" "Taxi" 
"Union Depot" "The Crowd Roars" 

"Central Park" 


Frank & Dunlap 






The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and 
Sciences, guild-like association of creative 
leaders of the motion picture industry, reached 
a new high point of accomplishment during the 
past year that was vividly dramatized by the 
brilliant Annual Awards of Merit Banquet, 
held in Los Angeles on November 10, 1931. 


Academy's Organization 

The background for this effective work is 
the organization and interest of the 700 out- 
standing figures engaged in motion picture pro- 
duction who are its members. A staff of 13 
regularly employed officials and aids function 
from extensive administration quarters cen- 
trally located in Hollywood. Forty administra- 
tive and functional committees with a personnel 
of 280, supplemented by selected committees for 
special occasions, are continuously engaged in 
analyzing and reporting on industry problems. 

Early in the year, Frank Woods resigned to 
assume a studio post, and joint management 
was placed in the hands of Dr. Clinton Wun- 
der in the newly created position of executive 
vice-president and Lester Cowan in the newly 
created position of executive secretary. Mr. 
Cowan had been assistant secretary and man- 
ager of the Academy's Technical Bureau. 

Late in the year, Dr. Wunder resigned and 
Mr. Cowan assumed his duties at the request 
of the board. 

Other important changes were : 

First, reduction of dues from $60 a year to 
$30 and initiation fees from $100 to $25. This 
took place in May, 1931. 

Second, changes in membership classification 
to : Academy members and associate members ; 
and the establishment of but one classification 
for membership in the special branch, with dues 
and initiation fees equivalent to those of Acad- 
emy members. 

Third, formation of an assistant directors 
section of the directors' branch. 

Fourth, sub-division of the technicians' 
branch into three sections : Photography, sound 
and art direction. 


New Officers Chosen 

Treasurer of the Academy since its inception 
and an unusually active member, M. C. Levee 
was elected president for the term commencing 
October 19, 1931. 

Other officers chosen for this term were : 

Vice-president, Conrad Nagel ; treasurer, 
Frank Lloyd ; secretary, Fred Niblo ; executive 
secretary, Lester Cowan ; actor-producer rela- 
tions, representative, William Conklin. 

Board of directors : Jean Hersholt, Law- 
rence Grant, Conrad Nagel, Donald Crisp, 
Frank Capra, Frank Lloyd, M. C. Levee, Irv- 
ing Thalberg, Joseph Johnson, Karl Strauss, 
Nugent H. Slaughter, Max Ree, Waldemar 
Young, Al Cohn and Benjamin Glazer. 


Artistic and Technical Progress 

Among progressive moves of the Academy 
during the past year was the successful comple- 
tion of the standardization of release print 
practice. Expense was cut in eliminating cue 
sheets, hitherto necessary for each released 
print, as well as a saving of much waste in 
mutilation of film that had been the result of 
slip-shod methods and varied practice. The 
move also effected an improvement in projec- 
tion by more efficient changing of reels. 

After much committee work, nationwide in- 
vestigations and conferences with leading man- 
ufacturers, the Academy has now carried out 
the establishment of a uniform practice for the 
dimensions and proportions of camera and pro- 
jector apertures. 

Uniform camera apertures have been adopted 
to measure .868" by .631, for adjustment to 
projector apertures measuring .600" by .825." 

This project is expected to result is a sig- 

Academy Awards for 1930-31 

Actress : 

Marie Dressier, in "Min and Bill." 

Actor : 

Lionel Barrymore, in "A Free Soul." 
Director : 

Norman Taurog, for "Skippy." 
Picture : 

RKO Radio Pictures, for "Cimarron." 
Original Story: 

John Monk Saunders, for "Dawn Patrol." 
Adaptation : 

Howard Estabrook, for "Cimarron." 
Photography : 

Floyd Crosby, for "Tabu." 
Art Direction : 

Max Ree, for "Cimarron." 
Sound Recording : 

Scientific Achievements: 

For noise reduction recording equipment : 
Electrical Research Products, Inc., RCA 
Photophone and RKO Radio Pictures, 

For Super-Sensitive Panchromatic film: 
Dupont Film Manufacturing Company and 
Eastman Kodak Company. 
Honorable mention for synchro-projection 
composite photography : 
Fox Film Corporation. 

nificant saving in photographic technique and 
a marked improvement in artistic quality and 
projection efficiency. 

Other technical activities of note were : 

First, an intensive survey, cooperating with 
manufacturers and the studios, in the work of 
silencing the camera. 

Second, a serious approach to the compli- 
cated problem of film processing. 

Third, exhange of many valuable stage man- 
agement ideas by members of the new assist- 
ant directors' section. 

In the direction of artistic development, one 
of the important activities was a series of sym- 
posia inaugurated during the past year by the 
art and technique committee, which brought 
into focus many individual and group prob- 
lems. Continuation of this series is planned. 


Conciliation and Adjustments 

The committee has settled 84 cases success- 
fully since its inception, 3 during the past 
year. The smaller number of cases handled 
last year is due chiefly to the activities of an- 
other committee, the actors' adjustment com- 
mittee, and the Academy's actor-producer re- 
lations representative, William Conklin, who 
have been functioning since the acceptance of 
the Standard Academy Contract. 

During 1931 approximately 700 inquiries rel- 
ative to employment under the Academy Stand- 
ard Minimum Contract have been received and 
acted upon. Ninety major cases of differences 
under the contract have been adjudicated, defi- 
nitely winning actor and producer confidence. 

The Standard Minimum Contract for artists, 
with its 12-hour rest clause, received high 
praise at the conclusion of the first year of its 
use. At a meeting held in January, it was de- 
cided to continue the contract with the rest 
clause for the four-year balance of the basic 
agreement between actors and producers that 
brought in the Standard Contract. 

In September, 1931, a new supplemental con- 
tract was decided on to fill the need for an in- 
strument governing conditions of employment 
for players engaged for a picture at a guaran- 
teed lump sum irrespective of the time involved, 
a practice that came into vogue during the past 

A change in Paragraph 2 of the Standard 
Contract provides that players recalled to a 

studio for retakes or added scenes on a pic- 
ture for which they were previously engaged on 
the basis of a weekly salary, shall return on 
a daily arrangement of one-sixth of the con- 
tracted weekly salary for eight hours and over- 
time in excess thereof. 

A new Paragraph 17 has also been added pro- 
viding an optional agreement by which the 
player consents to deduction of one-half per 
cent the contracted salary to be turned over to 
the Motion Picture Relief Fund of America. 

Because of certain provisions of the Califor- 
nia Labor Law players receiving a certain sal- 
ary have not been employed under the Standard 
Contract, but an agreement between producers 
and actors covering the conditions under which 
these players shall be employed has been in 
force since June 30, 1931. 

The Academy also established a policy on 
plagiarism cases that no claims be heard unless 
both parties to the controversy agree in writ- 
ing to abide by the decision of the Conciliation 


Writer's Problem Study 

. A special writers' committee with numerous 
subcommittees took up the challenging prob- 
lem of what adjustment in producer-writer re- 
lations are advisable since the new era. This 
matter is still under investigation. 


Publication Work 

"Recording Sound for Motion Pictures" was 
published for the Academy by the McGraw- 
Hill Company in May, 1931. 

This cooperative work of Hollywood's best 
technical brains was adopted as a standard 
textbook on sound recording both here and 

The Academy also published a large number 
of Progress Reports detailing the decisions and 
actions of the many committees ; a much- 
praised handy "Selected Glossary for the Mo- 
tion Picture Technician" ; a number of tech- 
nical papers and pamphlets ; and the monthly 
Academy Bulletin, thoroughly reporting Acad- 
emy activities to the members. 


Educational Work 

The Academy assists colleges and universi- 
ties interested in studying the motion picture. 
The cultural course, "Appreciation of the Pho- 
toplay," at the University of Southern Califor- 
nia in Los Angeles is a permanent feature of 
the university's curriculum and similar courses 
have been instituted at Stanford and Iowa uni- 


Army Film Training 

The Academy maintains a close contact with 
the United States Army, and reciprocates the 
military body's cooperation with the industry 
by active work in providing thorough training 
in motion picture production for Signal Corps 
officers assigned in Hollywood for training un- 
der Academy supervision. 


Public Relations Contacts 

During the past year Dr. Clinton Wunder, 
former executive vice-president, made numerous 
speaking appearances before widely varied 
groups, including a speaking tour of the coun- 
try's key cities in which he presented facts 
concerning motion picture people and produc- 
tion that was well received by press and public. 

The Academy also serves the double purpose 
of serving as a bureau for the reception and 
dissemination of facts concerning the industry. 
This function is not so much one of reaching 
the public as of contacting and being contacted 
by students, survey experts, special organiza- 
tions and manufacturing and research concerns. 



ADLER. WILLIAM FISHER: b. Oil City, l'a.. July 
28. 188G; h. G feet 2 inches; grey hair and blue eyes; 
w. 205 pounds; p. Clara Ellsworth and Charles Edwin 
Adler, non-professionals; e. May wood. 111., high school 
and the Lewis Institute of Technology; m. Jane Abbey, 
non-professional ; hy. porcelain collecting, specializing 
in Oriental china. Twenty-six years in the motion 
picture business. Became vice-president and chief engi- 
neer for Colorart Synchrotone Corp.. Ltd. 

ALGIER. SIDNEY H.: Production manager and 
director; b. Shamokin, Pa., December 5, 1889; h. 5 feet 
6Vfc inches; brown hair and eyes; w. 160 pounds; p. 
Elise and Allan Algier, nun-professionals; e. Brookline 
high school ; m. Wava Roberts, professional ; hy. golf 
and all outdoor sports. Stage experience covered a 
period of about 10 years during which time he appeared 
in light opera; "The Princess Chic." in 1904; two 
seasons with "Babes in TovLand" ; in the musical com- 
edy. "The Tourists." in 1906; from 1907 to 1908 in 
"The Alaskan" ; in 1909 "A Night for a Day" ; in 
burlesque from 1910 to 1911 and in vaudeville. 1911-14. 
Entered pictures in 1915 and played second comedy 
parts to Rube Miller in short reel subjects, writing 
them himself, editing and cutting same. Later he 
became assistant director and then production manager, 
which vocation he has been following to date. Also 
has ro- directed and directed 17 productions. Formerly 
with Liberty Productions. Now with Allied Produc- 

ASHCRAFT. JAMES M. : Theatre manager; b. St. 
Georges. Del.. July 22. 1879; h. 5 feet 10 inches; gray 
hair and eyes; w. 170 pounds; p. Mary Louisa Ash- 
craft; e. Philadelphia. Advance agent and company 
manager for various dramatic and musical shows; at 
various times publicity representative for D. W. Griffith, 
Inc., United Artists Corporation, Warner Bros.; for two 
years personal representative of D. W. Griffith; on 
July 8, 1929, he was appointed director of publicity for 
Sono-Art Productions; now a theatre manager in Phila- 

BACH MAN, J. G.: Producer; b. Russia, May 1, 1891: 
married and has three children, Lawrence, Dorothy and 
Lucille; e. New York City. Was formerly a certified 
public accountant. Entered picture business in 1916. 
produced or supervised for Paramount: "The Last Com- 
mand." * 'Easy Come, Ea sy Go, " " Sporting Goods . ' ' 
"Sawdust Paradise," "Warming Up." "Moran of the 
Marines." "Docks of New York," "Interference," "Sins 
of the Fathers," "Itedskin" and others. Forming own 
company to produce pictures with Maude Adams. 

BAILEY, G. REX: Casting director, RKO Radio 
Pictures; b. Baileyton. Tenn., December 7, 1901; p. the 
late W. R. Bailey and Cora A. Bailey; e. high school 
at Greeneville. Term., and three years at Tusculum Col- 
lege at Greeneville; m. Fay Evans; no children. Started 
in motion pictures as an extra. Obtained a position 
with Central Casting Corporation in 1926. Went to 
RKO as assistant casting director in September. 1927. 
and was promoted to casting director in February, 

BAKER. C. GRAHAM: b. Evansville. Ind., Screen 
experience as writer and producer. Did scenarios for 
"Captain Blood," "The Fortune Hunter," "Just Sup- 
pose." "The Air Circus," "The Singing Fool," "Sonny 
Boy"; co-executive in charge of production at First 
National Studio, also scenario editor; supervised story 
and production: "Little Caesar." "The Dawn Patrol," 
"Sally." "Five Star Final," "The Last Flight" : 
wrote originals: "Blue Ribbon." "The Boy Scout," 
"The Police Matron." 

BARAVALLE. VICTOR: Music director; b. Italy; 
camo to America when he was 7 years old and at the 
age of 9 was requested to give a concert at the 
Academy of Music: this appearance was followed by a 
period of instruction in the Damrosch Conservatory. At 
16 he was concert maestro for the Shuberts, and later 
became conductor. Has been conductor and musical 
director for Charles B. Dillingham, the Shuberts and 
Ziegfeld on such productions as "Sally." "Whoopee/ 
"Rio Rita," Ziegf eld's "Follies." and "Maytime" 
as well as "Hit the Deck." "Street Girl." Was 
selected to head the entire musical department for 
Radio Pictures and personally has directed and con- 
ducted all musical numbers for "Rio Rita." "Hit the 
Deck." "Street Girl," "The Cuckoos." "Dlxiana." 

BERMAN, PANDRO S. : Vice president in charge of 
productions, RKO Radio Pictures, Hollywood; b. Pitts- 
burgh, Pa.. March 28. 1905; h. 5 feet 7 inches; brown 
hair and eves; w. 145 pounds; p. Julie and the late 
Harry M. Berman. general manager of Universal and 
FBO; e. DeWitt Clinton high school and elsewhere in 
New York; m. Viola V. Newman, non-professional; hy. 
golf and tennis. Spent five years with FBO as assist- 
ant director for Tod Browning, Ralph Ince. Al Santell 
and Mai St. Clair; also film editor for FBO film and 
title editor at Columbia Studios. Chief film editor of 
RKO Productions, and at present assistant to William 
Le Baron. 

BERN, PAUL?" Producer, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pic- 
tures Corporation, Culver City. Cal. ; b. Germany, 
December 3. 1889; p. New York City public schools and 
Academy of Dramatic Arts; not married. Was stage 
manager and director of theatrical productions from 
1911 to 1915. Wrote "The Marriage Circle," "The 
Christian," "Name the Man," "The Beloved Rogue." 
"The Dove." and others. Directed "Open All Night." 
"The Dressmaker from Paris." "The Flower of Night." 
Is now a producer with MGM and has made "The 
Itngue Song." "The Divorcee." "Let Us Be Gay," "It's 
a Wise Child" and "The Southerner." 

BISCHOFF. SAMUEL: Production head of Tlffanj 

SliHlhH ;it Hollywood; I). Hartford, Conn., August 
1 1 . 1K90; h. 5 feet. 7% inches; black hair and 
brown eyes; w. 155 pounds; p. Morris BUchoff. 
non-professional; e. Hartford high. Hartford. Conn., and 
Boston University, Boston. Mass. ; m. Harriet Wisgel, 
non-professional; hy Rolf. Produced .16 comedies in 
1023-24 for Grand Ashcr. 36 comedies in 1924-25 for 
Ilischoff. Inc., six features In 1926 for Biscboff Produc- 
tions, four features in 1927 for Gotham Production 1 ;, 
four feature* In 1927 for RischofV Productions, Be- 
came production supervisor In 192K for Columbia Pic- 
tures. In August. 1931, illumed Tiffany position. 

BLOCK. RALPH: !>. Cherokee, Iowa, June 21. 
1889; p. Doris Chraplewski and Siegfried Block, non- 

professionals; e. University of Michigan. Ann Arbor, 
Mich. : m. Mary Green acre, non-professional. Stage 
experience on advisory board. New York Theatre Guild, 
1921 to 1923. inclusive. He was production editor for 
Paramount in 1923, managing editor in 1924-5-6, and 
supervising editor in 1927. Then became associate pro- 
ducer for Pathe in 192S and 1929, was formerly with 
the Fox Film Corporation in 1931. The end of Febru- 
ary, 1932, resigned as associate producer of Columbia, 

BOASBERG, AL: Producer, with RCA Phoiophone 

and Louis Brock, of the series of 12 two-reel Radiant 

Pictures for 1929. Became associate producer of 
RKO Radio Pictures in 1930. 

BRISKIN. SAMUEL J.: Assistant general manager, 
Columbia Pictures Corporation, Los Angeles, Cal.; b. 
Russia. February 8 1896; e. grade and high schools. 
New York City, College of the City of New York; m. 
Sarah Myers ; has two sons. Gerald and Bernard. Five 
years with C. B. C. Film Sales Corporation, two years 
with Banner Productions, Inc., five years with Colum- 
bia Pictures Corporation. 

BROCK, LOUIS: Producer of comedies for Radio; 
b. Kalamazoo, Michigan, August 21, 1892; p. Gus and 
Lena; e. high school and abroad; in. Phyllis Ryley. 
First experience in picture business selling tickets for 
Fathers show (two films including "Trip to Mars"), in 
1902 during vacation from school. Was associated with 
his uncles Mitchell H. Mark and Henry J. Brock big 
early day exhibitors and distributors. Was with 
Kinemacolor Company 1911 and 1912. Managed thea- 
tres and state righted in Canada 1913. Starting 1914 
went to South America, Kurope, etc., introducing World, 
Fox and other films. Active in foreign territories as 
foreign sales manager of the following: 1916-17 for 
Inter-Ocean; 1918-19-20 for Selznick ; 1920 Joe Schenck; 
11*22-26 First National; 1926-27 Metro. Since then 
engaged" in production of shorts starting 1928, both as 
independent and as producer for Radio, for whom he has 
made 44 2 reel comedies. 

BROUGHTON, CLIFF: Vice President and produc- 
tion supervisor of Mayfair Pictures Corporation, also 
West Coast representative of George W. Weeks of 
Sono Art-World Wide Pictures; b. Walnut, Iowa. July 
20, 1897; h. 5 feet 11% inches; brown hair and blue 
eyes; w. 168 pounds; p. Jennie Packard and Thomas 
Henry Broughton, non-professionals; e. Walnut high 
school; m. Lena Mae, nonprofessional; hy. hunting and 
tennis. Manager for Mrs. Wallace Reid Productions 
from 1923 to 1928 and produced the following : "The 
Red Kimono," "The Earth Woman." "The Satin 
Woman." and "Linda." and in 1928 produced "The 
Road to Ruin," also supervised the Ruth Roland 
picture, "Love and the Law." In September, 
1929, he became associated with Mrs. Wallace Reid 
in the production of one of the first 100 per cent talk- 
ing pictures produced at Metropolitan Studio. "The 
Dude Wrangler." using Western Electric system. No- 
vember 10th he was named vice president in charge 
of production of United Sound Producers, Inc. In 
1930 he produced "The Rogue of the Rio Grande" at 
Metropolitan Studio for Sono Art-World Wide Pictures, 
Inc. Joined Sono Art as associate producer. In 1931 
was appointed West Coast representative of George W. 
Weeks, executive vice president and general manager 
of Sono Art-World Wide. In March 1932, named 
vice president of Mayfair Pictures, Corp. {formerly 
Action Pictures, Inc.). producing at International 
Studios; is also production supervisor. 

BURNSTEIN. JULES: b. New York City. 1880; 

married. All his business career has been in the 

theatrical line; motion pictures 20 years, distributing 
and producing. 

BURR, C C. : Independent producer, Hollvwood ; b. 
Brooklyn. N. Y.. January 30, 1891: h. 5 feet 8% inches; 
black hair and gray eyes ; w. 185 pounds ; p. Anna 
Louise and Richard Ogden Burr, non-professionals; e. 
Hackensack high, Bethlehem Prep, Nazareth Hall, Uni- 
versity of Pennsylvania; m. Clemence Amy Burr, non- 
professional ; has four sons ; hy. polo and pictures. 
Entered the University of Pennsylvania (class of 1911) 
after attending several preparatory schools, then be- 
came a newspaper reporter and worked on publicity 
for the New York Times. Later went to New York 
Edison Company and McCall Company, and then re- 
turned to the Times. 

Paramount Pictures was just starting and Zukor was 
making feature films. Zukor and Hodkinson paired 
and brought in Jesse Lasky and Cecil DeMille. and 
later took in Bosworth Film Company. Burr be- 
came a member of the company in the latter part of 
1913. and after five years became assistant general 
manager, holding that post for two years, when he left 
and started making bis own pictures, having had the 
idea to make the Sewell Ford's Torchy stories. He 
saw Johnny Hines and used him as actor for the role. 
His first film was sold to the Strand theatre in N. Y.. 
and it opened there February 3. 1920. A contract 
was arranged with E. W. Hammons. who was about 
to start a distributing company for short subjects later 
to be known as Educational. Burr waited six months 
for Hammons to get started rather than release through 
existing companies. The Torchy comedies continued 
for three years until the star was placed in long 

Burr then produced all star comedies reaturina 
Charlie Murray and Raymond McKce. Hodkinson-Pathe 

Key to Abbreviations 

b. born 

div. divorce 

e. educated 

h. heiqht 

hy. ---------- - hobby 

m. married 

p. - -- -- -- -- -- - parents 

r.n. real name 

w. weight 

release. Also made four features yearly in addition to 
the Hines features. "Restless Wives," 'Youth for 
Sale," and "I Am the Law" were Burr's outstanding 
money-makers. He selected many girls for the Torchy 
comedies who became celebrated stars. The leading 
women in the first Torchies, in the order named, were 
Billie Dove, Jacqueline Logan. Dorothy Mackaill, Joby- 
iLa Ralston, Norma Shearer, Dolores Costello, Clara Bow 
and others. He took Johnny Hines. then an obscure 
young comedian, built him via the two-reel route to 
stardom with First National and kept him there three 
years, 1925 to 1028. C. C. Burr is one of the leading 
independent producers still established and operating 
after ttn years of independent production. 

CAMPBELL, FREDERICK S. : Camera department 
head, RKO l'athe Studios, Culver City. Cal. ; b. Char- 
lottetown. Canada, in 1896 ; p. Alexander Sutherland 
Campbell and Annie Elizabeth I'ickard Campbell; e. 
public schools, business college and preparatory school; 
m. Helen G. West. Has been a camera enthusiast 
from early boyhood Entered KKO Pathe's camera de- 
partment in 1H27 (then De Mille) and has remained 
there since. 

CARR, TREM: 1'resident of Trem Carr Pictures. Ltd. 
and vice president and production supervisor of Mono- 
gram Pictures Corporation; b. Trenton, 111., p. W. T. 
Carr; e. University of Illinois; m. Margaret Carr; has 
one daughter Carmen. Producer since 1922; vice- 
president Kayart Pictures, 1922-29; vice-president Syn- 
dicate Pictures, 1925-30; producing three series for 
Monogram Pictures Corporation and one series for 
Tiffany Productions, Inc. 

CEBALLOS, LARRY: Producer; r. n. Hilarion Ce- 
ballos; b. Iciuitiue. Chile. South America, October 21, 
1887; b. 5 feet 4 inches; black hair and brown eyes; w. 
140 pounds; p. Sarah Fergus Ceballos and Teodulo It. 
Ceballos, professional; m. Dorothy Smith, professional; 
hy. golfing, tennis, fishing, yachting and hunting. Made 
his first public appearance at the age of 2 years in 
Kiralfy's spectacle "Nero," with the Barnum & Bailey 
Circus at the Olympia in London, England, in 1889. 
Appeared with his father's show as a full-fledged actor 
in 1895, in Caracas, Venezuela. South America, to- 
gether with his sister Rosalie, doing a tightrope act. 
Returned to North America in 1897. In 1900 appeared 
with his family with Barnum & Bailey Circus in Ham- 
burg. Germany, and toured Europe with that organiza- 
tion until 1902. In 1904 appeared in Klaw Erlanger's 
Drury Lane pantomime, "Humpty Dumpty" at the New 
Amsterdam theatre. New York, remaining until 1906. 
From 1907 to 1910 was in Ned Wayburn's "I'hantastic 
Phantoms"; 1910, Lew Field's "Midnight Sons": 1911. 
Lew Field's "Hen Pecks"; 1912. "Passing Show of 
1912"; 1913. Jesse L. Lasky's "Clownland" ; 1914. 
Lasky's 'Teaches"; 1915, Albert De Corval's "Shell 
Out," Comedy theatre, London; 1916, Cochran's "Half 
Past Eight." Comedy theatre. London; 1917. John Cort's 
"Masked Model"; 1918. in conjunction with John Mur- 
ray Anderson and Morris Green, directed floor shows at 
Palais Royale and Rector's cafes in New Y'ork City: 
1919. directed dances for Andre Chariot's "Bran Pie," 
"Buzz Buzz." "Wild Geesee" and "Just Fancy," Lon- 
don. England. "The Red Mill." at the Empire theatre. 
London; "The Little Whopper." for Grossmith and Lor- 
rillard. also in London : 1920, returned to America and 
produced for Jones & Green "Jim Jam Jems": entered 
into a partnership with Lew Cantor and produced big 
vaudeville acts until 1923; then directed dances for 
John Murray Anderson's "Jack and Jill." Globe theatre. 
New York: Jones & Green's "Hitchie Koo." with Ray- 
mond Hitchcock: "Greenwich Village Follies." Winter 
Garden. New York, and "Sitting Pretty" with the Dolly 
Sisters: 1924. Al Jolson in "Big Boy." Winter Garden: 
"Greenwich Village Follies." Winter Garden: "Moon- 
light" at Longacre theatre, directing dances: "Vogues" 
for the Shuberts. Broadhurst theatre: 1925, "Mercenary 
Mary." for Clayton & Waller. I/mdon Hippodrome. 
London: "Greenwich Village Follies" at the Shannon 
theatre New York: "Sweetheart Time" for Rufus Le- 
Malre. Imperial theatre. New York: 1926. "The Merry 
World," for the Shuberts. Imperial theatre. New York: 
J. P. McEvov's "Americana" for Richard Herndon. 
Belmont theatre. New York: Carter De Haven's "Music 
Box Revue," Music Box theatre. Hollywood; 1927. "Oh 
Kay," with Elsie Janis, Mavan theatre. Los Angeles: 
"The Girl from Cook's," for J. L. Sacks. Gayety the- 
atre. London. Produced ideas for Fanchon and Marco 
for three months in 1928. On April 1 signed a three 
year contract With Warner Bros, to produce the Larry 
Ceballos Revues at Warner Bros Hollywood theatre. 
Produced revues for one year, then produced ensemble 
numbers for Warner Bros, and First National Vitaphone 
Pictures, with the exception of three months in 1929. 
when ho produced dances for "Fifty Million Frenchmen" 
at Lyric theatre. New York City. Screen experience: 
Produced the dances for the following pictures for 
Warner Bros. -First National Vitaphone productions: 
"On With the Show." "Gold Diggers of Brondwav." 
"Show of Shows." "Sally." "Hold Everything." "No. 
No. Nanette," "Bright Lights." and manv others. 
Most recent was "Man In the Sky." by Jerome Kern 
and Otto narbach. 

CHADWICK. I. E. : Producer: b. London. Fehrunrr 
15. 1S84: e Brooklyn. N. Y., schools. Cornell and St. 
Lawrence University, receiving A.B. and LL.B. degrees: 
has one son. I«e. Entered picture business in 1910 as 
counsel to picture companies. Has produced "Fire 
Patrol." "Wizard of Oz." "Paint and Powder." "Lady- 
bird." Producing a series of melodramas for Mono- 
gram Pictures Corporation. 

CHAPLIN. CHARLES: President. Charles Chaplin 
Film Corporation, producer and star: b. I/mdon. Eng- 
land. April 16. 1889: p. Charles and Hannah Chaplin, 
professionals; e. public schools of I/mdon and provinces: 
divorced Mildred Harris and Lit a Grey; has two sons. 
Charles. Jr. and Sidney. At nn early ace began his 
career as a member of a juvenilo troupe (Six I/incaster 
Ladsl. Played Billy the page boy In "Sherlock Holmes" 
with William Gillette. Afterwards became a vaudeville 
headliner in Great Britain and the United States. 
Went Into pictures in November, IMS, with Keystone, 
then Essanav. Mutual. First National and others. In 
1918 constructed his own studios In Hollywood. Is an 
owner-member of United Artists Distributing Corpora- 
tion and an Independent producer of silent comedies. 
Among his recent outstanding pictures are "The Gold 
Bush" and "The Circus." and the latest Is "City 
Lights," a pantomimic musical comedy with synchro- 
nized music and sound, but no dialogue. 




CHARLTON, THEODORE: r. n. Robert T. Charlton; 
b. Washington, Iowa, April 16, 1877 ; h. 5 feet !) 
inches; brown and grayish hair; w. 183 pounds; p. 
Mary and George G. Charlton; m. Alice Lewis, pro- 
fessional; e. Pomona College. California; hy. photogra- 
phy and writing Financial executive as early as 
1907 in Edendale. Los Angeles. California. Has 
assisted in production. 

CHRISTIE, AL: President. Christie Film Company; 
b. London, Ont. ; h. 6 feet 1 inch; blue eyes, medium 
brown hair; w. 175 pounds: e. public schools of 
London, Ont.; m. to Shirley Collins. Formerly stage 
manager and director with theatrical companies in New 
York and Hollywood. Entered pictures in 1909, when 
during a summer layoff from stage, he was engaged 
to direct for David Horsley's Nestor Comedies at 
Bayonne, N. J. ; now producing features for Columbia 
release and shorts for Educational release. 

CHRISTIE. CHARLES H.: Vice president and general 
manager of Christie Film Co. and president of Christie 
Realty Corporation; b. London. Ont. Was engaged in 
mercantile business in London and also advertising and 
traffic work with the Grand Trunk Railroad; entered 
picture business in 1915; followed brother, Al, to Cali- 
fornia, and In January, 1916, the two organized the 
Independent Christie Film Company. 

CLEARY, MAURICE G.: Producer; b Everett. Wash., 
September 5, 1896; e. Andrews Academy, Y'ale, Uni- 
versity of Wisconsin; m. May McAvoy. Formerly In 
banking business with Merrill Lynch Company, New 
York City; entered pictures in 1923 through Douglas 
Fairbanks; produced • , Fog" and "Wolves" for British 
and Dominion Film Corporation in Hollywood. Per- 
sonal Representative and Business Manager for Mary 
Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks; treasurer and vice- 
president United Artists 1922-25; also director United 
Artists Corp.. Allied Artists, London. Les Artists 
Associate, Paris; assistant to chairman of Board United 
Artists Corp. ; eastern representative Howard Hughes 
1928; vice president and general manager Gloria Swan- 
son Picture Corp. 1925-26; director: Trans Lux Day- 
light Screen Picture Corp., American States Public 
Service Corp., United Pacific Securities Co., (L. A.) 
American States Electric Co., Chippewa Edison Com- 

COHAN, PHILIP: Supervisor of music department. 
Paramount, New Y'ork. studio; b. Meriden. Conn.. April 
17 1905; h. 5 feet 10 inches; brown eyes and black 
hair; w. 150 pounds; e. Meriden high school. University 
of Pennsylvania: hy. golf, swimming. Has lived In 
Meriden. Philadelphia, New York. Started with Para- 
mount upon completion of college course in 1928, Para- 
mount selecting men from several Eastern colleges to 
train, placing them in the musical department at the 
advent of sound pictures due to experience in college 

COHEN, MAX: Director and process technician. Uni- 
versal Pictures Corporation. Universal City. Cal. ; b. 
Pittsburgh, Pa.. November 20. 1889; p. Joseph and 
Rachael Cohen; e. public school and Carnegie Tech art 
schools; m. Selma Hoffman or Cincinnati. Ohio; has 
>un and daughter. Lester. 14. and Harriet, 16. Has 
been in vaudeville and motion pictures as actor, artist 
and technician; was with the Kalem and Lubin com- 
panies; has been with Universal twelve years as man- 
"ager of the art title department, trick photography, 
special effects, prologues, openings, and so forth. 

COHN, HARRY : President and in charge of pro- 
duction. Columbia Pictures Corporation; b. New Y'ork 
City, July 23, 1891; h. 5 feet 10 inches: dark brown 
hair and eyes; w. 155 pounds; e. New York City public 
schools; hy. making motion pictures for Columbia. Is 
a part owner in the Columbia company with bis brother. 
Jack Cohn. Has demonstrated his production genius 
with such pictures as "Blood Ship." "Submarine." 
"Flight," "Ladies of Leisure," "The Criminal Code' 
and "Tol'able David." 

COHN, JACK: Vice President and Chairman of 
Board of Directors, Columbia Pictures Corporation: 
b. New York. N. Y. , Oct. 27, 1889; p. Bella and 
Joseph; e. Public Schools; m. Jeanette Lesser; has 
three children. Ralph, Joseph and Robert. 1902 entered 
Hampton advertising agency and met Joe Brandt as 
co-worker; 1908 left Hampton agency to join Carl 
Laemmle's old Imp Company in laboratory; 1911 
brought Joe Brandt over to Universal; editor and pro- 
ducer of Universal Weekly, the first independent news 
reel, conceived the idea of having staff photographers 
located in key cities, ready at a moments notice to 
photograph news events: his ideas and innovations still 
the standard of newsreel practice today; was primarily 
responsible for some of Universal's most noted early 
box-office successes such as "Traffic in Souls," and 
"Crashing Through to Berlin"; for six years had 
charge of all the pictures made at the Imp studio: 
1919 conceived the idea of producing fan magazine on 
the screen; interested Harry Cohn and Joe Brandt in 
the idea and induced them to leave Universal to form 
the C. B. C. 

COHN. MARTIN G.: Supervising film editor. Tiffany 
Productions. Hollywood; b. New York City. May 5, 1893; 
p. Goodman and James Cohn: e. New York public 
schools and College of the City of New York; m. Anna 
Messing: has two children. Joined Great Northern 
Film Company in 1911 and six months later was edit- 
ing 500-foot subjects as weekly releases, also 1.000-font 
subjects as monthly releases. Was one of the first to 
edit a subject of more than one reel in length, this 
being released through Motion Picture Sales Company 
at 111 East 14th street. New York. Since then he has 
been In various fields of the industry but alwavs has 
returned to the editing of pictures. Has edited such 
subjects as "Wild Geese." "The Cat and the Canary. 
••T>"> Lost Zeppelin" and "Journey's End.' He also 
has supervised the editing of more than 100 pictures. 

CONNOLLY. MYLES: b. Boston. Massachusetts, 
Oct 7, 1897; p Anno and Bartholomew: e. Boston 
Latin KchMil. Boston College (A. II.) Graduate Research 
in Psychology; m. Agnes Bevlngton; has two children. 
Myles and Kevin. Cost Accountant; newspaper re- 
porter with Boston Post; editor Columbia magazine; 
short story writer: author of novel "Mr. Blue' (Mar- 
Mlllan Co.): writer of originals for screen; associate 
producer with Radio. Resigned from Radio November 
1931. Joins Columbia. 

COOPER. MERIAN COLOWELL: b. Jacksonville. 
Fla . October 24. 1893; h. 5 feet 8% Inches; brown 
hair and eyes; w. 150 pounds: p. Mary' Coldwell and 
John C Cooper: nnn- professionals: «• Lawrenccville 
high school and United States Naval Academy: no 
stage training; hy. exploration, aviation, gambling. 

Co-producer with Ernest Scholdsack of "Chang," 
"Grass" and "Four Feathers." 

CORDISH, NAT: Formerly vice president and gen- 
eral manager, James Cruze, Inc. 

COWAN. JAMES R.: Production executive. Long 
Island studio of Paramount; b. Glasgow, Scotland, 
August 25. 1889; e. high school and private commercial 
schools; first Job in a bank. Since 20 years old has 
been connected with the theatrical business. Only in- 
terruption was during the war when he served In a 
machine gun outfit and rose from the rank of private 
to first lieutenant. Started with Klaw and Eiianger 
in the days of advanced vaudeville; then went to 
booking offices of William Morris and served as travel- 
ing representative of tours of Annette Kellerman and 
Sir Harry Lauder. He was associated with Elizabeth 
Marbury in production of "Nobody Home." "Very Good 
Eddie." "Love of Mike" and other shows. In that 
connection he came to know Walter Wanger and was 
associated with him in the production of "John Ger- 
guson" and the Frank Bacon show, "Five o'clock." 
During this same period he was associated with Lind- 
sey Morrison in the production of stock in Boston. 
When Paramount took over the Balaban & Katz chain 
of theatres, he was buying short features for its chain 
of houses. Sam Katz put him in charge of the unit 
shows being installed in the deluxe houses of the Pub- 
lix circuit. He directed the routing, arranged openings 
and helped put new productions into shape. In time 
he became manager of all the units. He was brought 
to the Long Island studio when it reopened and made 
head of production of short features. On January 1. 
1929, he was promoted to production manager of the 

CURRIER, RICHARD C: Supervisor, editorial de- 
partment, Hal Roach Studios, Culver City, Cal.; b. Den- 
ver, Col.. August 26, 1892; p. John and Anna Currier; 
e. public schools and business course at college; m. 
Sarah Cordelia Marsh; one child, a daughter. Has 
been in the motion picture industry seventeen years, 
having been employed by Universal. Triangle. Selig. 
Kalem, and Metro. Prior to entering pictures he was 
an accountant. 

D'USSEAU. LEON: Associate producer, RKO Radio 
Pictures, Hollywood; b. Toledo. Ohio; e. Toledo bJ">i 
school, St. John's College. University of Michigan; m. 
Ottola Nesmith; has four children, Arnaud, Leon, 
Andre. Lorintr. 

DE VALLY, ANTOINE: b. Antwerp, Belgium. Lead- 
ing tenor and also impresario French, Belgium and also 
English grand opera companies. General director. Bel- 
gian Opera Co.. England, auspices of British and Bel- 
gium governments. Created tenor roles in Dubussy s 
"L'Enfant Prodigue." and Massenet's "Panruge' and 
others. Co-artist with Enrico Caruso, H. B. Irving, 
Isadore Duncan, Maggie Teyte, Eugene Ysaye, etc.; 
impresario French opera. Montreal and San Francisco. 
Stage productions (musical) Fox Theatre. San Francisco. 
Artistic director. Kendall-de Vally Operalogues, two 
reel condensed grand opera, in English, for Educational 
release, 1932-33. 

DARMOUR, LARRY: Producer; b. Flushing. N. Y. ; 
h 5 feet 8 inches; light bair and blue eyes: w. 150 
pounds; p Julia and John Darmour; e. Flushing high 
school and Princeton University; m. Alice Darmour: 
hy golf Has had eighteen years of experience In 
the motion picture business. Producer of the Mickey 
McGuire Comedies. Dane and Arthur. Louise Fazenda. 
"Record Breakers" series for Radio release; also 
twelve Continental features for independent market. 

DATIG. FERDINAND A.: Casting director. Para- 
mount Publix Corporation. Hollywood: b. Carnegie. Pa.. 
October 23. 1891; p. August and Cecilia Datig; e. pub- 
lic schools until 12; m. Dorothy Patricia Penland: has 
one son. 6Vt years old. Thirteen years casting director 
for Universal, 6% years with Paramount Publix. 

DEUTSCH. ADOLPH: b. London, Eng., October 20. 
1897; h. 6 feet 6 inches; blue eyes and brown hair; w. 
137 pounds; e London. Eng.; specializing In music, 
languages and history; m Hermina Selz, professional: 
hy tennis, swimming and walking. Entered pictures in 
1928 with the help of Paul Ash, through association 
with Balaban and Katz. 

DISNEY, WALT: Artist, Producer; b. Chicago. 111.. 
December 5, 1901; h. 5 feet 10% inches; light brown 
hair and dark brown eyes; w. 155 pounds; hy. aviation 
and dogs Engaged in commercial art in Chicago and 
Kansas City, 1919 to 1922; produced a series of seven 
cartoons for Pictorial Clubs, Inc.: 1923-26 produced 
Alice comedies, a combination of live actors and car- 
toons for Winkler Pictures, releasing through state 
lights and FBO: created and produced first 26 Oswald 
cartoons in sound in May 1928; began making Mickey 
Mouse" cartoons in sound in May. 1928; released 
tbrought state rights until February. 1930. through 
Columbia Pictures, including Silly Symphony Cartoons; 
now releasing through United Artists, starting March, 

DOWD. MERVYN R.: Studio executive: b. San 
Francisco. Cal.. November 30, 1888: h. 6 feet: brown 
hair and blue eyes; w. 173 pounds: p. Vincent F. 
Dowd and Katherine Cochrane, non-professionals; e. 
San Francisco public schools. University of California. 
Harvard Law School and Columbia University: hy. track, 
swimming, tennis, music and applied psychology: m. 
Geraldine Herrick-Corbett. professional. Newspaper re- 
porter during college vacations on the San Francisco 
Chronicle. Began law practice in 1915 and became 
assistant financial editor of the San Francisco Call- 
Post in 1915 ; in the same year began course of lec- 
tures in salesmanship for Golden Gate College, and in 
1920 became extension lecturer in salesmanship and 
sales psychology for the University of California: in 
Mav 1927. in conjunction with Raine Bennett, under- 
took' organization of American Arts Foundation, pri- 
marily organized for the purpose of establishing an 
eastern outlet for western art— plays, books, and other 
productions of western artists unable to go east to seU 
their output. Later he joined Colorart Pictures. Ltd.. 
as secretary and general counsel. Became actively as- 
sociated with first feature production of Mamba. In 
conjunction with Brown and Nagel he became studio 
executive of Cojorart Pictures. Ltd.. at the Tec- Art 

DOWLING PAT: Producer. President. Metropolitan 
Industrial Pictures: b. Barberton. Ohio. February 4. 
1S94: p Dr. and Mrs. Henry A. Bowling : e was 
graduated from Behind Stanford, Jr University In 
I'm;- m Ruth Moherman: no children. Was for 
twelve vc:ir^ with Christie Brothers as advertising and 

publicity director. One and a half years as manager. 
Industrial Division, Metropolitan Sound Studios. 

DREHER. CARL: Director of sound. RKO Radio 
Pictures. Hollywood; b. Vienna. Austria. February 16. 
1896; p. Julius H. and Cecilia Dreher; e. Townsend 
Harris Hall, New York, and College of the City of New 
York (bachelor of science, 1917): m. Rose Genodman; 
no children. From 1917 to 1923 was wireless operator 
for Marconi Company. RCA and others. 1923-28 was 
broadcast engineer in charge of WJZ and WJY (RCA) 
in New York and chief engineer of RCA Photophone. 
From 1929 to date he has been in charge of sound for 
RKO Radio Pictures. He Is a Fellow of the Institute 
of Radio Engineers. Acoustical Society of America, 
member of the Society of Motion Picture Engineers, 
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and for- 
merly vice president of Radio Club of America. Avoca- 
tions: writing, contributing to technical radio and 
American motion picture publications; stories in Scrib- 
ners. American. Mercury, Freeman. The Nation. Yale 
Review. Medical Review of Reviews. Forum, Smart Set. 
Psychoanalytic Review, and others. 

DULL, OR VI LLE 0.: Production manager. Fox stu- 
dios. Hollywood; b. Lima. Ohio. April 25. 1890; p. 
George and Delia Dull: e. public schools, high school 
and Ohio State University (short term) ; m. Velma 
Lefler; has no children. Was an actor on the stage, 
and on the screen with the original Thomas H. Ince 
Company: was a soldier in France for three years: as- 
sistant director with Frank Borzage for six years; direc- 
tor with Fox Films for two years and assistant general 
manager of Feature Productions at United Artists for 
two years. 

DURLING. E. V.: b. New York City. July 24. 1892; 
h. 0 feet 2 inches, black hair and gray eyes; w. 210 
pounds; p. Lilian Robinson and Charles Durhng. non- 
professionals; e. Phillips- Andover Academy. Andover. 
Mass.; m. Joan Boisen, magazine writer; hy. golf, 
motor boating and horse racing. Scenario department 
Famous Players Paramount-Selznick, editorial super- 
visor Darmour-Radlo Pictures since organization. 

EN N IS, BERT: Eastern Story Chief. Vitaphone 
studio. Brooklyn, N. Y. ; b. Brooklyn. N. Y.. 1893; p. 

Richard and Emma J. Ennis; e. public school, commer- 
cial high school, Sush academy; m. Clara M. Pirung. 
In music publishing business with his brother Harry on 
old Tin Pan Alley, 28th St., N. Y. ; in vaudeville with 
brother Harry Ennis (now dead) formerly "Bell" of 
A'ariety; started as assistant publicity man with Vita- 
graph Company. Brooklyn in 1911: then publicity direc- 
tor for Keystone. Thos. Ince, Eclair Film Co., Madam 
Petrova, Roxy, Barbara La Marr, etc. ; author of mag- 
azine stories; editor of Catholic M.P. Guild News of 
Hollywood; author of two reel comedies (talkies) star- 
ring Ben Turpin. Poodles Hanneford, Snub Pollard; 
author of several dialogue features. 

EVANS, PORTER H.: Chief engineer. Eastern stu- 
dios, Vitaphone Corporation; e. University of Michigan 
(bachelor of electrical engineering. 1914. master of sci- 
ence. 1920). Instructor in electrical engineering. Uni- 
versity of Michigan, 1915 to 1920. Radio broadcasting. 
Bell Telephone Laboratories. 1920 to 1928. 

FALLON, CHARLES: b. Antwerp. Belgium. Stage 
manager of French Opera, New Orleans, also in Mon- 
treal. Stage manager for Augustin Daley and several 
other companies in Europe and America. Secretary to 
general stage director Luigi Albitierl. Metropolitan 
Opera Co. ; assistant to Antoine de Vally. artistic direc- 
tor of Kendall-de Vally Operalogues, producing two reel 
condensed grand operas in English for Educational re- 
lease, 1932-33. 

Fl NEMAN, B. P.: b. New York City, February 22. 

1895; p. Gonia Powell and Venis Felnman. non-profes- 
sionals; e. New York college. New York City; not mar- 
ried; hy. aviation. Producing for 10 years for 
independents. Kathryn McDonald and First National 
and FBO for three and one-half years. Now an 
associate producer at MGM. 

FLOTHOW, RUDOLPH C: President and general 
manager of Ambassador Pictures, Inc., Hollywood; 
b. Frankfurt, Germany, November 23, 1895; p. Carl 
and Lucy Flothow; e. high school in Wiesbaden, Ger- 
many, and college in Frankfurt. Germany; m. Martha 
Bourne; has a son. 5 years old. Entered the industry 
In 1915 in the old Paramount studio in 56th street. 
New York. Was connected with Fox in its New York 
exchange in 1917; Paramount New York exchange, 1918- 
20 r Bobertson-Cole New York exchange, 1920-22. Free- 
lanced foreign sales 1922-25. Was with Tiffany Pro- 
ductions. Inc., 1926-30, as special representative and in 
charge of production of all shorts and all talking fea- 
tures produced by Tiffany in New York. Formed Rogell 
Productions with Albert Rogell in 1930. This company 
produced "Aloha" for Tiffany release. Was vice 
president and general manager. Ambassador Pictures 
is producing eight for Peerless Productions, Inc., of 
New Y'ork for state rights release. 

FORDE, ARTHUR: r. n. Arthur Hanna-Forde: b. 
Plymouth. England. July 29. 1876; h. 5 feet 6 inches; 
dark brown hair and blue eyes; w. 130 pounds; p. 
Annie and William Hanna-Forde, a doctor of music: 
e. Kinton Bond, Plymouth. England, and Cambridge. 
England. Stage manager and actor with Chauncey 
Olcott. Terrence Sullivan and Harris & Woods: also 
in William Faversham's "Squaw Man." In pictures 
he has been both actor and production manager; with 
the Nestor Film company as actor: with Lois Weber 
as production manager five and one-half years; casting 
director at Fox for two and one-half years; and nine 
years with Christie Film Company as production man- 

FOWLER, HERMAN: b. Memphis. Mo.; h. 5 feet 5 
inches; black hair and hazel eyes; w. 160 pounds: p. 
Aimee Ralph and Elmer Fowler, non-profeBsionals; m. 
Ella Fredericks; hy. hunting and golf. Was scenic 
artist nine years ago in various cities of the United 
States, including Chicago. St. Louis, Kansas City. San 
Francisco, Seattle, etc. Owned and managed eight the- 
atres In the State of Washington. Began making 
"slides" for theatres at the close of war, 1918. in 
Los Angeles, and shipped over 10,000 slides per month 
to Chicago, and other citle-s. Was a pioneer In mak- 
ing announcement and advance trailers. Began making 
motion picture advertising In 1920. Started making 
single reel sound shorts with own orchestra and vaude- 
ville acts. Is the sole owner of Fowler Studios in 

FREEDMAN. SAMUEL: Supervisor. Universal Pic- 




tures Corporation; b. Cincinnati. Ohio. October 7. 1883; 
p. Sal lie and Joseph Freedman; e. elementary schools 
and University of Cincinnati: m. Mary Jacobs: has two 
sons and two daughters. Owner and general manager 
of Fine Arts Studios. Inc. Sold the studios to Tiffany 
Productions and joined the staff of Universal. 

FRENCH. LEWIS A.: Assistant general manager. 
Production Manager and head of Purchasing department, 
Hal Roach Studios; b. San Francisco, Cal.. January 27. 
1882; p. J. S. and Sarah French; e. high school: m. 
Sara T. French; has two children. Has been with Hal 
Boach Studios as long as it has been in business, about 
twelve years, in every capacity from assistant director 
and purchasing to his present position. 

FRIEDMAN. PHIL M.: Casting director. Universal 
Pictures Corporation, Universal City. Cal. : b. New York 
City. April 9, 1895; p. Samuel and Anna Friedman: e. 
New York public schools. College of the City of New 
York and New York University Law School: m. Belle 
Parre; no children. For a number of years prior to 
taking up his present duties as casting director he had 
been engaged in the managerial end of the motion pic- 
ture business, having represented and placed some of the 
leading stars. Did casting for the following pictures: 
"All Quiet on the Western Front." "Dracula." 
"Seed." "Strictly Dishonorable," "Spirit of Notre 
Dame." "Frankenstein." 

GAIN, J. J.: Studio business manager; b. Phila- 
delphia. Pa.. May 28. 1888: e. Roman Catholic 
parochial and high school; has four children. John, 
Jr.. Edward Robert and Edith. Formerly in auto- 
mobile business. 1910 to 1929. Entered pictures in 
1920 to organize transportation department for Para- 
mount's Long Island studio; since then has been 
executive with Paramount's Hollywood Studio and then 
with Universal. 

GERSHWIN. GEORGE: b. Brooklyn. N. Y.. Sep- 
tember 20. 189S; h. 5 feet lO'/fe inches; black hair 
and brown eyes; w. 151 pounds; e. public schools of 
New York and high school of Commerce. Took a 
summer course in orchestration at Columbia University; 
hy. golf. After leaving school became a song plugger 
for a music publishing house. Studied piano with 
Charles Hambitzrr and took harmony from Edward 
Kilenyi. Was on the stage as accompanist for Louise 
Dresser and Nora Bayes. Soloist with the New York 
Philharmonic Orchestra, New York Symphony Orches- 
tra and the Cincinnati Symphony orchestra. His out- 
standing composition is probably "Rhapsody in Blue." 
Wrote "Concerto in F." Composed such songs as 
"La. La Lucile." "Our Nell." "Sweet Little Devil." 
"Lady. Be Good." "Oh Kay." "Strike Up the Band." 
"Show Girl." "Tip Toes," "Tell Me More," "Funny 
Face." Wrote the music for George White's "Scan- 
■lals" during the years 1920 to 1924. Composed the 
music for "Primrose," and English productions. Lat- 
est hit was "Girl Crazy." 

GESLEY, ERWIN S.: Scenario editor. Columbia 
Studio: b. New York City. January 1. 1902; h. 5 feet 
9 inches; hazel eyes, red hair; w. 144 pounds; e. New 
York City; unmarried. Formerly in automobile anil 
advertising business. Entered pictures five years ago, 
through friendship with Waller Wanger; has been con- 
nected with scenario departments of MGM, Paramount, 
Universal and Columbia studios. 

GIBBONS, CEDRIC: Art. director. Metro-Goldwyn- 
Mayer studios. Culver City. Cal. ; b. Dublin. Ireland. 
March 28, 1890; p. Austin P. Gibbons and' Veronica 
Fitzpatrick Gibbons: in. Dolores Del Rio; no children. 
Studied painting at Art. Students League; was a com- 
mercial artist, portrait painter, architect. Was art di- 
rector. Thomas A. Edison studios, 1914-16; in the 
United States Navy. 1917; art director. Goldwyn studios. 
1918-23: art director at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studios 
since 1924. 

GIBSON. GEORGE W.: Producer: b. McPherson. 
Kan.. September 11. 1889; li. 5 feet 9 inches: black 
hair and gray eyes; w. 100 pounds: p. non-profession- 
als: e. Norfolk and University of Nebraska; m. non- 
professional : hy. aviation and mechanics. Producer of 
numerous short length features, and producer and gen- 
eral manager of Fashion Feature Studios. Inc.. produc- 
ers of "Fashion News" in sound and color. 

GOLOWYN. SAMUEL: Producer and owner-member 
of United Artists Corporation; b. Warsaw, Poland, 
August 22. 1884; divorced Blanche Lasky, sister of 
Jesue Iasky. in 1915; m. Frances Howard, professional, 
and has one child. Started his business career as a 
glove apprentice; later was given an interest in the 
concern. In 1910, with Jesse I*asky. lie founded the 
Lasky company and December 29, 1913, released his 
picture. "The S<iuaw Man." with Dustin Farnum the 
star aid Cecil B. DeMiile the director. In 1917 Gold- 
wyn was instrumental in bringing about the $ 
Famous Players-Lasky merger, as a result, of which lie 
became chairman of the botrd of directors of that 
company. In 1918 with Are), and Edgar Selwyn. he 
formed Goldwyn Pictures Corporation, of which he 
became president and chief owner. Later sold out his 
interest to the Metro company and started again as an 
independent producer under his own name, a position 
which he has maintained ever since. During 1020 Gold- 
wyn allied his independent film producing organization 
wilh United Artists Corporation ami through this com- 
pany, have been released "Stella Dallas." First Na- 
tional: "Bulldog Drummond." "Arrow-smith." "Palmy 
Days." "Street Scene." "Whoopee" and "Condemned." 
and oilier Samuel Goldwyn productions. On October 13, 
1927. he was unanimously elected as owner-member of 
United Artists by the others. Mary Pickford. Norma 
Talmadge, Gloria Swanson. Douglas Fairbanks. Charlie 
Chaplin. Joseph M. Bchenck and D W. Griffith. Gold- 
wyn Is credited with "discovering" such players as 
Ronald Colman. Vilma Banky. Lois Moran. Belle Ben- 
nett. Gary Cooper and Walter Byron. 

GRAINGER. EDMUND C. : Associate producer: 
Fox Film Corporation: b. MedfnnT. Mass.. January 
19. 1894: p James and Elizabeth Grainger; e. gradu- 
ate of Boston University Law School; married and 
has one child. Formerly assistant general sales man- 
ager. Now Is associate producer. 

GREENWOOD. MILTON E.: Manager of studio 
operation and business manager. Metro-Goldwvn-Mayor 
Corporation: b, I/a Place. Ala.. October 15 1883: p. 
John C. and Mary J. Greenwood: c. self-educated but 
for three years in grammar school {fifth, sixth and 
seventh grades): m. Maedalena M. Krieger: has a son. 
Started in business at the age of 14 as clerk and sales- 
man for an Installment sewing machine company and 
thereafter successively became a book and stationery 
salesman In Alabama and Texas, oil field laborer In 
Oklahoma and Texas, railroad worker in Texas. Arizona. 
Mexico and Pacific Northwest, a mining prospector 

from Alaska to Mexico, and a public accountant in 
Washington. Oregon and California. He entered the 
motion picture industry in March. 1923. as business 
manager of the Louis B. Mayer studios. On the 
merger into the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studios he be- 
came successively personal representative of Louis B. 
Mayer and then business manager of MGM studios. 

GRIFFITH, DAVID WARK: b. LaGrange. Ky.. 
January 22, 1880; brown hair and gTay eyes; w. 190 
pounds; p. Margaret Oglesby and Colonel Jacob Wark 
Griffith, known locally as "Roarin' Jake" Griffith, during 
the Civil War. non-professionals; e. University of Ken- 
tucky: not married; hy. reading and music. As a 
boy, Griffith worked in the mail room of his brother's 
newspaper in a Kentucky town, wrote theatre notes and 
night police court reports for "Marse Henry" Watter- 
son's Louisville Courier-Journal and witnessed his first 
theatrical performance. Pete Baker in "America's Na- 
tional Game." He also saw Julia Marlowe in "Romola" 
and promptly decided to become a dramatist: the de- 
sire was imparted to the manager of the Meffert Stock 
Company, then playing at the Masonic Temple in 
Louisville. He appeared on the stage for the first 
time in the role of a dunce (using the name of 
Lawrence Griffith) In "The District School." Then 
followed other roles and he remained with the Meffert 
Stock Company throughout its season at the Masonic 
Temple. While working as a stock company actor in 
Louisville, he also ran an elevator in a dry goods 
emporium, worked in a stationery store when not per- 
forming on the stage of the Masonic Temple and as a 
book agent for the Baptist Weekly and Encyclopedia 
Brltannica. for the Baptist Book Concern of Louisville 
and ore-shoveler and puddler in a foundry at Tona- 
wanda. N. Y. 

Then came regular periods of stock and road company 
assignments, first with John Griffith's Strolling Players, 
David Braytington being the name adopted by Lawrence 
Griffith, because he did not wish to have the same 
name as the star; then he Joined Ada Gray's traveling 
troupe, playing a minor part In "Trilby" and Francis 
Lewisohn in "East Lynne." Followed seasons with the 
Memphis stock company. Helen Ware, Barney Bernard. 
Walker Whiteside. Neill Alhambra stock company, J. E. 
Dodson and finally with Nance O'Neill. His roles in- 
cluded those of the Italian in "The Three Musketeers." 
de Maupret in "Richelieu." Abraham Lincoln in "The 
Ensign" and Sir Francis Drake in "Elizabeth." Hefter- 
dinck in Sudermann's "Magda" presented by Miss 
O'Neill at the Hollis Street theatre in Boston. About 
four years later he began making moving pictures in 
I.os Angeles, in which Mary and Jack Pickford. Henry 
B. Walthall and other Bioiraph players appeared. 

Another phase of Griffith's early career was that of 
playwright and poet. While in Chicago in the fall of 
1907, he attended his first picture show and was greatly 
impressed by the long lines waiting for admission. Be- 
fore he left Chicago he wrote a scenario, a screen ver- 
sion of the opera, "La Tosca." Acted in pictures 
"Ostler Joe," "When Knighthood Was in Flower" and 
other one-reelers. In 1908 became assistant director 
to H. M. Marvin, and is credited with developing the 
"flash-back," "close-up," "mist-photography." "fade- 
out" and a host of other revolutionary ideas which 
caused great gasps of astonishment when first flashed 
on the screen. He was also one of *he flrsi directors 
to make pictures beyond the one-reel length. In 1913 
he made "The Battle of the Sexes," following that with 
"The Avenging Conscience." a forerunner of all the cur- 
rent German art films. "Home Sweet Home" and "The 
Escape." "The Birth of a Nation," which is still being 
viewed throughout the world, followed these films. In 
1916. "Intolerance" was released at the Liberty theatre. 
New York. During the war he made "Hearts of the 
World." Among the players he helped to develop were 
Mary Pickford. Dorothy and Lillian Gish, Blanche 
Sweet. Mae Alarsh. Owen Moore. Henry B. Walthall. 
Alice Joyce. Lionel Barrymore. Jack and Lottie Pick- 
ford. Mabel Normand. James Kirkwood. Harry Carey. 
Mack Sennett. Mary Alden, Robert Harron. Blcbard 
Barthelmess and Constance Talmadge. who made her 
screen bow in "Intolerance." In 1919 D. W Grif- 
fith. Mary Pickford. Charlie Chaplin and Douglas Fair- 
hanks founded the United Artists Corporation and 
Griffith's first picture released through United Artists 
was "Broken Blossoms." in which Lillian Glsh and 
Bichard Barthelmess appeared. This was followed by 
"The Love Flower," "Way Down East." "Dream 
Street." "Orphans of the Storm." "One Exciting 
Night." "The White Rose." "America." "Isn't Life 
Wonderful" and "Sally of the Sawdust." He then 
made "That Royle Girl" and "The Sorrows of Satan" 
for Paramount. "Drums of Love." in which Mary 
Phllbin and Don Alvarado appeared, was the first film 
made for United Artists by Griffith after an absence 
of three years, this being followed by "The Battle of 
the Sexes" the same story be made in 1913. this time 
with Phyllis Haver. Jean Hersholt, Belle Bennett and 
Don Alvarado. In "Ladv of the Pavements" Lime 
Veiez sang. Griffith's "Abraham Lincoln" was his 
first venture in the all-talking field. 

HOWARD. BRUCE: Chief Recording Engineer. 
Ramsey Inductions. Tnc. . b Clinton. Oklahoma. March 
11. 1908; p. Chides A. Howard: e high school and 
two years of college training, technical. 

HUGHES. HOWARD: Founder and president of 
Caddo Company, also director of Hughes-Franklin 
Theatres. Inc.; b. Houston. Texas. December 24. 1901 ; 
p. Alene Gano and Howard R. Hughes (the latter, 
who died in 1924. was a brother of Rupert Hughes 
the writer, and founder of the Huches Tool Com- 
pany, also one of the outstanding men identified with 
the oil Industry of Texas); e. Rice Institute. Houston 
At the age of 20 he took over the management of 
his father's business. About four years ago he turned 
over the management to his associates and went to 
Hollywood to Invest a portion of his capital and his 
abilities In the business of motion pictures. His 
first production. "Two Arabian Knights." made for 
United Artists release, established Louis Wolbelm in 
the front ranks of the character actors and won inter- 
national recognition for Lewis Milestone, th" director. 
Then he signed contracts with both United Artists 
and Paramount Famous Laskv to release his pictures" 
and also signed Thomas Mcighan for two pictures and 
placed other prominent stars and players under con- 
tract, including Ren Lvnn, Raymond Griffith. Lii'-icn 
Prival and John Harrow. His second release. "The 
Racket," starring Thomas Mclghan with Wnlbcim and 
Marie Prevost In the chief supporting roles, was fol- 
lowed bv "The Mating Call" from the novel hv Rev 
Reach also starring Mdchnn. nis "Hell's Angels" 
was directed bv Luther Reed, the cast including Ben 
Lvnn. James TTall. Greta Nisscn anil others: "Front 
Page" was a more recent success. 

HUGHES. LAURENCE A: b. Melbourne, Vic 
Inrla. Australia. August 1. 1891; h. 6 feet one lnrh; 

w. 180 pounds: black hair and hazel eyes: e. Fort 
Street high school, St. Barnabas CoUege and Philip 
Lytton school all in Sydney. N. S. W. ; married; 
by. fishing, swimming, hunting, horses and books. 
Four years on the stage with Bland Holt and J. C. 
Williamson Productions in Sydney and Melbourne, 
stock in New York City. Entered the motion picture 
business in 1915 as a character and heavy actor with 
Universal. Became a writer and is author of "The 
Truth About the Movies" and other books on the In- 
dustry. Three years with MGM in exploitation and 
publicity, in charge of previews and later social secre- 
tary; two years in theatrical and motion picture 
agency work; one year with Variety; one year direct- 
ing Travelogues; three years in general exploitation 
for the opening of new theatres in which Hollywood 
stars participated; joined Quigley Publications. Holly- 
wood office, in advertising department 1931. Now mak- 
ing travel pictures for independent market. 

City, April 2. 1905; h. 5 feet, eleven inches; brown 
eyes and brown hair; w. 165 pounds; e. public schools 
of New York City, entered the Columbia grammar 
school of New York in preparation for college, grad- 
uated from there in 1922 and entered the college of 
Arts and Sciences at New York University (University 
Heights Branch) ; hy. golf, travel, the theatre. While 
at college extremely active. Was managing editor of 
the "Medley" comic monthly; advertising manager and 
on the managing board of the New York University 
"Daily News," (the largest college paper in the 
East) ; also business manager and producer of the 
"Varsity Show" in 1925. Graduated in 1926 with 
B.S. degree, then attended the Law School of New 
York University and completed this in 1928. Covered 
the Broadway opening nights as a ghost writer for 
a mid-western syndicate, and read plays for several 
Broadway producers. Joined Universal Studio as an 
assistant story editor, July, 1928. and has been with 
them ever since as writer, supervisor of shorts, assist- 
ant scenario editor and assistant' associate producer. 
Authorship includes a number of magazine articles on 
inter-collegiate activities and the theatre; a series of 
two-reel comedy shorts in 1929, starring Benny Rubin, 
for Universal, such titles as "Pilgrim Papas." "Hotsie 
Totsie," "Delicatessen Kid" and wrote "See America 
Thirst" starring Harry Langdon and Slim Sunimer- 
ville in 1930: "The Virtuous Husband" in 1931 for 
Universal, and "Young Justice." 

GROSSMAN, EUGENE F. : Sound engineer: b. 
Davenport, Iowa. January 19. 1897; e. public schools 
of Davenport. Iowa. Iowa State Teachers' coUege; hy. 
baseball and billiards. After the war became chief 
operating engineer for the National Broadcasting Com- 
pany and directed the broadcasting of Colonel Lind- 
bergh's return to America. Learned telegraphy when he 
was eight years old. At 15 years of ago became tele- 
graph operator for the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. 
Paul railroad. 

GUMBIN, HERMAN M. : President and treasurer. 
Liberty Productions, Ltd.; b. Kalamazoo. Mich.. August 
1, 1895; e. high school and two years at college; m. 
Nettie Rosen; has a daughter 9 years old. 

HALPERIN. EDWARD: Producer; b. Chicago. 111.. 
May 12, 1898: h. 5 feet, 10 inches; brown hair and 
eyes; w. 160 pounds: p. Bo^e and Robert Halperin, 
non-professionals; e. McKinley high school, Chicago; 
Northwestern university, Evanston. IB.; m. Judith 
Barrie, professional; hy. horses, golf, swimming. He 
is the producer of the following pictures: "She Goes to 
War." "Dance Magic." "Party Girl." "Greater Than 
Marriage," "Tea with a Kick," "Ex Flame," 1930, 
and twenty other silent and talking pictures. 

HALPERIN. VICTOR: Producer. Hollywood; b. Chi- 
cago. 111.. August 24, 1895; h. 5 feet 10 inches; black 
hair and brown eyes: w. 155 pounds; e. University of 
Wisconsin and Chici.go University; hy. golf. Experi- 
enced as stage director and actor. Produced and di- 
rected over twonty features, among them "She Goes to 
War." United Artists; director of "Party Girl." 1929: 
"Ex Flame," 1930. 

HENIGSON. HENRY: Studio manager. Universal 
Pictures Corporation. Universal City, Cal. : b. New York 
City, September 22, 1897; h. 5 feet 9 inches; dark hair 
and brown eyes; w. 158 pounds: p. Emma and Samuel 
Henigson, non-professionals; e. High school of Com- 
merce, New York. Started with Universal in 1920. then 
to road auditing in 1921 through South America and 
United States, next general manager of distribution for 
the continent of Europe to October. 1925. then to 
Universal City. 

H ERSH FIELD, BEN: b. Kansas City. Mo.. Decem- 
ber 7. 18S8: h. 5 feet. 11% inches: dark brown hair 
and blue eyes; w. 180 pounds; p. Sarah Samuels and 
Col. Reuben Norman Hershfield: m. Bita La Roy: e. 
Central high school. Kansas City; hy. golf, fishing, 
hunting, sailing. Manager of players, directors and 
writers—Cherokee Building. Hollywood. Cal. City 
commissioner of Los Angeles, was commander of the 
Disabled American Veterans, also state humane officer: 
president Temple Israel Brotherhood. 

HERZBRUN. HENRY: Resident attorney. West 
Coast studios. Paramount Publix Corporation : b. New 
York City. February 10. 1885; p. Herman and Pauline 
Herzbrun: e. grammar schools in New York and Chi- 
cago. DeWitt Clinton high school In New York. New 
York Law School: m. Doris Green: two children. 
Stephen and Robert. Admitted to the New York Bar 
in 1907. to the California Bar In 1926. Practised law 
in New York City from 1907 to 1926. when he entered 
the employ of Paramount Publix as resident attorney 
at the West Coast studios, and has held that position 
to dale. 

HIRST, HERB: Location manager. RKO Radio Pic- 
tures studios. Hollywood; b. England. February 5. 
1903; e. Los Angeles city schools and high school at 
Venice. Cal.; m. Jean Van Dyke: has a son. Van Dyke 
Hirst, one year old. Has been In the Industry since 
1917: starting as a boy actor at Triangle Film Cor- 
poration, his first associates in the business being Jack 
Conway, Ruth Stonehousc nnd Jack Gilbert. Has seen 
service in all branches, through the eras of "open 
stages. " "glass stages," "dark stages" and "sound 
stages." Is a member of Motion Picture Location 
Managers Association. 

HOFFMAN. M. H.: President Allied Plcturei I 
oration: b. Chicago. 111.. March 20. 1881; p. Howard 
and Bertha Hoffman, e College of the City of New York 
and New York University, studied painting and sing- 
ing, taught languages and practised law: m Mary 
Hoffman: has a daughter and two sons. Hermlne. 
M. H . Jr.. and George F. (adopted). Practiced law 





(Not Including Equipment, Furnishings, etc.) 


Assessed Actual 

Studio Valuation Valuation 

Paramount Publix •. . $3,087,120 $6,174,240 

Christie 148,790 297,580 

Tiffany 83,570 167,140 

Warner Brothers 709,730 1,419,460 

Metro-Goklwyn-Mayer 2,048,120 4,096,240 

Fox 980,080 1,960,160 

RKO 1,194,370 2,388,740 

Mack Sennett 411,340 822,680 

United Artists 698,060 1,396,120 

Hal Roach 182,990 365,980 

Universal 641,980 1,283,960 

Columbia 206,750 413,500 

Educational 193,910 387,820 

First National 798,930 1,597,860 

Film laboratories (other than of foregoing) 562,500 1,125,000 

Other studios 750,000 1,500,000 

Total $12,698,340 $25,396,680 

until 1910. when ho entered the motion picture busi- 
ness; operated theatres in New England; was general 
manager of Universal until 1917; founded and operated 
Tiffanv until he sold out his interests to L. A. 
Young in 1929. Was vice president and general man- 
ager of Tiffany. Next organized Liberty Produrtions 
in 1930 and was acting president and general manager. 
Without relinquishing his holdings in Liberty he in 
1931 organized Allied Pictures, of which he is presi- 
dent and M. H. Jr., is general manager. Sold his 
interest ill Liberty IToductions after producing ' Ex- 
Flame." Tiffany; "Mother's Millions." Universal; 
"Mail Parade," Paramount. In connection with Al- 
lied Pictures, Corp., together with M. H. Jr.. is 
producing a series with Hoot Gibson, another series 
with Monte Blue and a series of Six Stage Classics— 
("File 113," "Anna Karanina." "Vanity Fair, ' The 
Iron Master," "Madame liovar.v" and "The Parisian 
Romance.") Has Mary Nolan under long term con- 

HUNTER, C. ROY: Superintendent of photography 
and sound recording. Universal Pictures Corporation. 
Universal City, Cal.; b. Oakland City, Ind.. July 2. 
1890; p. Wesley and Laura Hunter; e. public schools; 
m. Alva Hotem; has two sons, Kenneth and Robert. 
Has traveled extensively since he was 14 years of age. 
Did photographic, scenic and newspaper work in all 
parts of the globe. Was four years a sailor, and made 
a world-circling cruise with Robly D. Evans. 1907-9. 
Started with Universal Pictures Corporation in Feb- 
ruary of 1915 and completed his fifteenth year with 
the company in February. 

HUTCHINSON. CRAIG: b. Austin. Minn.; h. 5 feet 
10 inches; medium-hair, blue eyes; w. 145 pounds; 
p. Minnie B. Parker and Thomas B. Hutchinson, non- 
professionals; e. Bethel Military Academy. Virginia 
Friend's School. Washington, D. C. Randolph-Macon 
College, Virginia; not married. No stage experience. 
Author and director of some two hundred comedies for 
Universal, Hal Roach, Christie. Century. Fox and Edu- 
cational. In 1925 established the Craig Hutchinson 
Prod. Inc.. with the following officers; Craig Hutchin- 
son. President; Colonel J. J. MacManus, Vice Presi- 
dent; V. V. LeRoy. Secretary-Treasurer, and W. L. 
Hess, Business Manager. Producing romances in color 
for First National-Pathe (European) Skylark Comedies 
for Bray Pictures corporation, and series of talking 
comedies for leading independents. 

HYMAN. BERNARD: Production executive. Metro- 
Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures Corporation, Culver City, Cal. ; 
b. Grafton. W. Va.. August 28, 1897; h. 5 feet 6 
inches; light hair and blue eyes: w. 160 pounds; e. 
New York public schools and Yale University. 

JACK, NEIL P.: Sound supervisor, Darmour Pro- 
ductions, Hollywood; b. Beloit. Wis., September 19. 
1896; p. Edmond P. and Fanny W. Jack; e. Los 
Angeles Polytechnic High and Mm Engineering 
Institute (1914); m. Winifred C. Peroni; has two 
daughters and a son. Was in the research and pro- 
■ duction engineering department of Vulcan Oil Company 
— X-ray and high frequency appliances. Entered the 
motion picture industry in 1916 with Thomas H. Ince 
as electrical and experimental engineer. In 1918 with 
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer as lighting engineer and was 
transferred to the photographic department as camera- 
man. In 1921 became lighting engineer for Louis B. 
Mayer, and next was assigned to Fred Niblo Produc- 
tions as chief electrician. In 1923, entered the radio 
field and organized "The Radio Doctors," a service 
and engineering laboratory, radio having been his hobby 
since 1911. Designed and installed a public address 
system used for direction of MoPic-Creco. Inc. In 
1925 Joined Paramount for installation and operation 
of a short wave voice transmitter, used to direct "Old 
Ironsides" (Victor Fleming, director), and "The 
Roughriders" (.Tame Cruze, director). Was with 
Paramount as assistant chief electrical engineer until 
1927. Designed and constructed a wax recording unit 
for Altatonc Recording Studios. Remained with Alta- 
tone as chief sound engineer until engaged to install 
RCA I'hotophone equipment for Larry Darmour Pro- 
ductions in 1928 and has remained with this organiza- 
tion as sound supervisor and chief recording engineer. 

JENNER. WILLIAM H.: Producer and distributor; 
1). Evansville, Ind.. March 5. 1890; e. Evansville. Ind ; 
hy. golf. Formerly stage director, branch manager of 
United Artists at Boston. George Kleine, Chicago, and 
Pathe. Los Angeles. In 1916 manager of circuit the- 
atres In Chicago: latest production work was with 
Harry Langdon-First National unit, when he produced 
"Tramp, Tramp, Tramp." "The Strong Man," "Long 
Pants"; now with Whceler-Jenner Corporation. 

JOHNSON. JULIAN: Associate producer and editor, 
r,u .mount studio; l> Chicago. III.; e. public and high 
schools and University of Southern California. Former- 
ly newspaperman and general press representative In 
New York City, first editor of Photoplay Magazine, 
associate editor- In-chlcf of Cosmopolitan Magazine. 
Entered pictures In 1920; supervised, edited and titled 
"Beau Gcste." titled "The Way of All Flesh." "The 
Patriot," "The Cane of Lena Smith," "Abie's Irish 

Hi sc." "Beggars of Life," "Betrayal," "The Four 
Feathers"; edited and titled "The Silent Enemy," 
"Banco." Doing Independent magazine writing. 

JOHNSON. MARTIN E.: Hum Oct 9, 1884 in 
Uockrord. 111., of Swedish parents; raised in Inde- 
pendence, Kan. Started in the motion picture busi- 
ness in 19IM1 while on a 'round the world cruise with 
.lack Lou. Ion on the. Siwrk; returned to America in 
run and married Osa Leighty, bom in Chanute. Kan., 
on March 14, 1891, of old Missouri pioneer stock. 
Opened a chain of live nickelodeons in Southern 
Kansas, and afterwards they toured the Western states 
and part of Canada showing their .lack London film.-,; 
many times in lumber and mining camps, using 
acetylene gas for illumination. In 1912 they went to 
the South Seas an. I tlicir lii -i feature tilin 
"Cannibals of the South Seas." Then for several 
years they cruised through the islands until they had 
visited and made photographs on every group in the 
South Pacific, making the features "Captured by Can- 
nibals." "Head Hunters of Malekula" and "On the 
Borderland of Civilization." They spent a year sail- 
ing around Australia; then had two years in Borneo, 
making "Jungle Adventures." They afterwards spent 

51 time in the .Malay States, Ceylon and Egypt, 

making "East of Suez," "Bessie the Adventuress" 
and "The Suez Canal." Their next expedition was to 
Africa. Here for the past twelve years they have 
safaried the length and breadth of the dark continent, 
becoming authorities on savage peoples and wild ani- 
mals. During this time they have made the following 
features: "Trailing African Wild Animals." "Camera 
Trails in Africa," "Simba." (probably the largest 
release of any adventure film ever made), "Across the 
World." and now. as we go to press, he is preparing 
to release "Congorilla." first all-sound film to come 
out of Central Africa, with gorillas photographed at 
close quarters, and with the queer pygmy people in 
their native habitat in the center of the Itura forest 
in the Belgian Congo. Mr. Johnson has lectured ex- 
tensively throughout the world and is the author of 
the following books: "Through the South Seas with 
.lack London." "Camera Trails in Africa." "Safari." 
"Lion." "Simba,"' and his new book, just out, 
"Congorilla." His permanent address is Box 51, 
Nairobi, British East Africa. While in America, mali 
reaches him through the H. E. R. Laboratories, 457 
West 46th street. New York City. 

JOHNSTON. W. RAY: President of. Monogram Pic- 
tures Corporation, Syndicate Pictures Corporation and 
Continental Talking Pictures Corporation; b. Bristow, 
Iowa, 1892; e. high school in Janesville, Iowa, and the 
College of Commerce, Waterloo. Iowa. Joined the 
news staff of the Waterloo Daily Reporter where he 
remained for some months, then delved into banking 
and real estate for several years. In this connection 
he met Wilbert Shallenberger. brother of W. E. Shall- 
enberger, who later organized Arrow Film Corporation. 
The brothers were interested in the old Thanhouser 
Film Corporation with Charles J. Hite, who invited 
Johnston, then 22, to go to New York as his secre- 
tary, which position covered every angle of studio and 
distribution activity. Within two months he was made 
treasurer of Syndicate Film Company, which made 
"The Million Dollar Mystery," the serial that proved 
such a bonanza for its producers. Then followed the 
treasurership of Thanhouser and the presidency of Big 
Productions Film Corporation. Also introduced Al 
Jennings, famous Oklahoma bandit, to the screen in 
"Beating Back." Nor did he overlook another 
branch of business, for in addition to running Than- 
houser studio in Florida for eight months, he also had 
experience in theatre management. When affairs of 
Thanhouser were wound up, Johnston joined W. E. 
Shallenberger in Arrow Film Corporation, soon to be 
elected to office of vice president, which position he 
held until 1924 when he organized and became president 
of Rayart Pictures Corporation, which shortly became 
one of the leaders among the independents. He is still 
president of Big Productions Film Corporation, which 
serves as an affiliated unit, and in 1929 he organized 
Continental Talking Pictures Corporation, and in Feb- 
ruary of 1931 he organized Monogram Pictures Corpo- 
ration, a co-operative organization on the order of the 
original First National: 20 franchise holders with 33 
exchanges are affiliated with the organization. 

JONES, BUCK: See male players' biographies. 

JOY. JASON: Director of studio relations of Asso- 
ciation of Motion Picture Producers, Inc. ; b. Clayville, 
New York. August 7. 1886; p. Dr. and Mrs. Eugene 
H. Joy; e. Watertown. N. Y.. high school, class of 
1904. Oswego State Normal School, class of 1906, 
Wesleyan University, Middletown. Conn., class of 1910 J 
m. Jeannette Stevens and has three children. Career: 
Middle Ranch, Mont.. 1910-13; business in New York. 
1913-1917: United States Army, 1917-1920 (private at 
Fort Niagara — 1917. captain of Field Artillery. Camp 
Upton, N. Y. , 1918. major. Field Artillery. Camp Up- 
ton 1918, lieutenant colonel. War Plans Division Gen- 
eral Staff, 1918, colonel. General Staff. 1919. Colonel 
of General Staff of Officers' Reserve Corps, 1920). 

Executive secretary of American Red Cross, 1920-22, 
director of public relations. Motion Picture Producers 
& Distributors of America, Inc.; 1922-1920; director 
of Studio Relations, Association of Motion Picture 
Producers, Inc., since 1926. 

JULIO. DON: Production executive; real name Julio 
B. Munoz; b. Honda, Colombia, South America, De- 
cember 13, 1898; h. 5 feet 6 inches; black hair and 
eyes; w. 170 pounds: p. Ignacia and Muriano Munoz, 
professionals; e. Peiree college, Philadelphia, Pa.; m. 
Maria Balcarel, professional; hy. boxing. Amateur 
118 pounds champion or South America. 1917 to 1920; 
also active in tennis. No stage experience. His screen 
experience as producer includes the years 1928 to 1930 
in the capacity of president of Superior Productions. 

KAUFMAN. EDWARD: Supervisor of short subjects. 
Universal studio; b. Chicago, 111.. August 20. 1893; h. 
5 feet 3 inches; gray eyes; w. 121 pounds; e. Paterson 
high school, Paterson. N. J. ; is married. Formerly 
newspaper man with Philadelphia Times, New York- 
Press, Baltimore News. Washington Times when all 
were under Frank Munsey Syndicate. Entered pictures 
in 1915 with American Film Company, Santa Barbara, 

KEARNS, J. F.: Secretary and treasurer. Rogers 
Productions, Ltd., and Charles R. Rogers Productions, 
Inc., Hollywood; b. San Francisco, January 18, 1879; 
p. I. and Helena Kearns; e. high school, San Fran- 
cisco, Cal.; m. Edythe Helen Hollander; two children. 
Nadine V. Plough and Audrey B. C. Kearns. Was 
in the mercantile field prior to 1923 and chief account- 
ant of Brazilian Meat Company, Rio de Janeiro, 
1917-23; comptroller. Peninsular Productions. San 
Mateo, Cal., 1924-25; comptroller, Great Western Pro- 
ductions. Hollywood, 1925-26; secretary and treasurer 
of Charles R. Rogers Productions, Inc.. since 1926 and 
of Rogers Productions. Ltd.. since 1930. 

KEMBLE, WILLIAM H.: Vice president and general 
manager of National Community Theatres, Inc., New 
York City. b. Wilmington, Del., in 1887 : p. Chamber 
E. and Anna M. Hudson Kemble; e. University of 
Pennsylvania: m. Emma Knox, has two sons and a 
daughter, Edward and William H. . Jr.. and Janet. 
Connected with the bond and mortgage department of 
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, the bond de- 
partment of Spencer Trust Company, New York, W. 
E, Hutton and Company, members of the New York 
Stock Exchange. Entered the motion picture business 
as owner of a number of theatres located in New York 
City and Brooklyn, including the Brighton Beach Music 
Hall where he showed "The Birth of a Nation" in the 
*.ummer of 1915. Took over the Brooklyn exchange of 
Triangle Film, after which he produced a number of 
motion pictures. Was connected with Thomas H. Ince 
as personal financial representative. Now is engaged 
in handling "The Birth of a Nation" (sound version) 
for Triangle. Was Vice president and general man- 
ager of Triangle Film Corporation. Hollywood. Busi- 
ness address: 250 W. 57th Street, New York City; 
residence Great Neck, Long Island. 

KENDALL. H. E. : b. Beloit, Kansas. Dry goods 
merchant and financier. Executive, J. C. Penny Co., 
President. Kendall-de Vally Operalogue Co., producing 
two reel condensed grand operas in English for Educa- 
tional release. 1932-33. 

KENNEDY. AUBREY MARK: Production execu- 
tive; b. Winnipeg. Man.. Can., June 21. 1887; h. 5 
feet 8 inches; gray hair and ulue eyes; w. 175 pounds; 
p. Mary and John Kenneuy. non-professionals; e. St. 
Mary's high school and St. Mary's Academy. Dayton. 
Ohio; divorced; hy. fishing and hunting. He has had 
22 years of screen experience as a motion picture 
executive and playwright. Is the author of "Seeing 
Things," a farce produced at the Playhouse, New York 
City; "Marie Antoinette," a drama, also produced at 
the Playhouse, "The Darling," a farce, at the Ma- 
jestic, Los Angeles; "The Tom Cat," also a farce, in 
London. England, and "Behold This Dreamer." a 
comedy, at the Cort theatre. New York. Was general 
manager of Essanay Film Manufacturing Company for 
three years; general manager of American Film Manu- 
facturing Company, three years; director-general for 
Universal Film Manufacturing Company three years; 
also director-general for Goldwyn Pictures Corporation 
three years. Has also been director and author of 
innumerable pictures from one-reel Westerns to eight- 
reel super-features. Was appointed executive vice 
president in charge of Synchrotone devices. 

KOENIG, WILLIAM: General manager, Warner 
Bros. -First National studios. Burbank City. Cal.; 
b. Milwaukee. Wis., in 1885: mother. Mrs. Jennie 
Koenig; e. high school; m. Nellie May Loomis; no 

KOHNER, PAUL: Associate Producer, Universal Pic- 
tures Corporation, Universal City, Cal.; b. Teplitz 
Schoenau. Czechoslovakia, May 29. 1902; h. 6 feet; 
brown hair and blue eyes; w. 165 pounds; p. Helene 
and Julius Kohner, non-professionals; e. Vienna, 
Prague; hy. music and tennis. 

KRUMGOLD, JOE: Representative of foreign de- 
partment at West Coast Studio: b. Jersey City. N. J.; 
April 9. 1904; h. 5 feet 8 inches; w. 173 pounds; 
brown hair and brown eyes: e. New York University; 
hy. aviation. 

LAEMMLE, CARL: b. Laupheim, Germany. January 
17, 1867; h. 5 feet 2 inches: gray hair and blue eyes; 
w. 140 pounds: p. Rebekka and Julius Laemmle. non- 
professionals; e. Germany; m. Recha Stern of Flieden. 
Germany, non-professional. In 1884 for a short period 
he worked in a drug store in New York, then a depart- 
ment store in Chicago, next on a farm in South 
Dakota; returned to Chicago and went to work for 
Butler Brothels; later was employed as a bookkeeper 
for the wholesale jewelry firm of L. Heller & Company; 
thereafter he worked for Mandel Bros., as assistant 
bookkeeper; then became a clerk in the stock yards 
for Nelson Morris & Company: also worked for the 
firm of Otto Young & Company, wholesale jewelers: 
thence to Oshkosh as bookkeeper in Continental Cloth- 
ing house, and after four years was promoted to man- 

Back to Chicago in 1906 and intended establishing 
a ohain of 5 and 10 cent stores but became interested 
in moving picture theatres instead. Opened his first 




theatre, the Whitefront, on Milwaukee avenue. Chi- 
rago February 24. l!IO(i; two months later opened his 
Becond theatre on llalsted Street; then established 
Laeimole Film Service, Chicago; the next year U907). 
he established exchanges in Esvansvllle, Memphis and 
Omaha, and in .lune of that year returned to Europe 
for a visit. In 1908 lie established exchanges in 
Minneapolis, l'ortland. Ore.. Salt Lake City. Montreal 
and Winnipeg. In April. 1909, he quit the Patents 
Company and became an independent, organized Imp 
Company, incorporated as Yankee Films Company; re- 
leased his first picture. "Hiawatha." 989 feet in length, 
the second release being "Love's Stratagem," 954 feet 

From 1909 to 1912 he fought the Patents Company; 
and in May, 1912. Laemmle. B. H. Cochrane, Charles 
Bauman, David Horsley, P. A. Powers and W. H. 
Swanson combined their interests and formed Uni- 
versal Film Manufacturing Company with offices at 
1 Union square. New York City. Later that year 
Laemmle went to Europe and oiiened his first American 
independent foreign office. Laemmle and Cochrane 
bought out P. A. Powers and obtained control of Uni- 
versal and in 1924 moved to their present quarters. 
Fifth avenue and 57th street; in 1925 Universal Pic- 
tures Corporation issued the first stock to the public 
and became established on the New York stock ex- 
change. In June, 1926, Laemmle was stricken with 
appendicitis on board the S. S. Berengaria and 
operated upon in London. In December. 192fi. he 
bought the Thomas H. Inee estate near Hollywood and 
became a resident 

On tie- a> 
honored by z 
under the 
celebrities of 
"All Quiet i 
vas awarded 

_ alifornia. 
:v of his sixtieth birthday he was 
demonstration by all of Hollywood 
lip of Mary Pickford and other 
i and stage who worked for him. 
Western Front," completed in 1930. 
., competitive prize offered in this 
country and abroad for the Best Picture of 1930. These 
awards included the gold statuette of the Academy 
of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the Film Daily 
poll, the gold medal of the Faculty of Arts of London, 
and the Photoplay Magazine Gold Medal. In Septem- 
ber 1930. Laemmle became a grandfather and "Grand- 
daddy Carl" took the place of "Uncle Carl" as the 
industry's affectionate nickname for the veteran pro- 
ducer Fitting observance was made in February. 
1931, of bis silver jubilee In the business, and a 
bound volume of letters received from exhibitors on 
the occasion was presented to him in Hollywood, the 
presentation being made by Martin Quigley and 
William A. Johnston. In connection with the silver 
jubilee, a biography of Carl Laemmle, by John Drink- 
water, was published in England by Heinemann and in 
America by Putnam's. A handsomely bound volume of 
letters of congratulation compiled by Mr. Hays him- 
self and presented by him before the producing heads 
of all the companies was the climax of this Silver 

LAEMMLE, CARL. JR.: Vice President. General 
manager in charge of all production, Universal Pic- 
tures Corporation, Universal City, Cal. ; b. Chicago, 
111.. April 28. 1908; e. boarding school near New 
York, and Clark School. Conceived, wrote, cast, super- 
vised" and edited the Universal Junior Jewel Series, 
"The Collegians." starring George Lewis, and featur- 
ing Dorothy Gulliver, as well as Hayden Stevenson of 
"Leather Pushers." Was appointed general manager, 
in complete charge of all production, in 1929. Some 
of the photoplays made under his direction are "Lone- 
some," "Broadway," "King of Jazz," "Little Acci- 
dent," "Lady Surrenders." "Dracula." "The Spirit of 
Notre Dame," "Frankenstein." "Strictly Dishonor- 
able," "East of Borneo." "Lonesome Broadway." 
"Heaven on Earth," "Waterloo Bridge," "Free Love," 
and "Seed." He produced "All Quiet on the Western 
Front," which won the Gold Medal Award of the 
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for the 
year 1930, as the outstanding picture produced that 
year. It also won the Photoplay gold medal as the best 
picture of the year and was awarded the gold medal 
of the Faculty of Arts for the Federation of the Re- 
lated Arts of Great Britain. 

LE BARON. WILLIAM: Associate Producer. RKO 
Radio Pictures; b. Elgin, 111.. February 16, 1883; h. 
5 feet 10 inches; light hair and blue eyes: w. 160 
pounds: p. Mary Bundy and John K. LeBaron. non- 
professionals; e. high school at Elgin. 111., the Uni- 
versity of Chicago and New York University: no 
stage training: m. Mabel Holiins. non-professional: 
by. play writing. Wrote "The Echo." "The Very 
Idea." "Apple Blossom," "Her Regiment." "I Love 
Von," "The Yankee Princess." "Moonlight," and 
"The Scarlet Man." Was vice president in charge 
of productions. Now is producing Special pictures for 

LASKY. JESSE L. : First vice president in charge 
of production. Paramount Publix Corporation; b. San 
Francisco, Cal. ; e. high school of San Francisco. He 
was one of the first men from the West Coast to go 
to Alaska at the time of the earliest gold rush and 
one of the first hundred to reach Nome, this after a 
brief reportorial experience on the San Francisco news- 
paper. On his return from Alaska he became a musi- 
cian anil leader of the Royal Hawaiian Band of Hono- 
lulu. When he came back to the states he capitalized 
his experience by assoeiationg himself with vaudeville 
enterprises, and presented a number of important mu- 
sical acts in association with the late Henry R. Harris. 
In fact. Lasky's musical acts are still the recognized 
raudeville standards for that character of entertainment. 

Jesse L. Lasky Feature Play Company, of which 
he was president and which lie organized in association 
with Samuel Qoldwyn and Cecil B. DcMille. began 
business in January. 1914. The company produced 
several of the famous Belasco dramas, including "The 
Rose of the Rancho." "The Girl of the Golden West." 
"The Warrens of Virginia." "The Governor's Lady." 
and "The Woman." Among the stars who appeared 
under the Lasky banner were Edward Alleles, Ddmund 
Brccso. Thomas W. Ross, Blanche Sweet. Dustln Far- 
nuni. Max Figuian. Robert Edeson, H. B. Warner, 
the late Theodore Roberts. Edith Taliaferro, Wallace 
Fodingor. Edith Wynne Mathison. Victor Moore, Mabel 
Van Buren, House Peters. Charlotte Walker, Ina 
Claire, Fannie Ward. Donald Brian. Carlyle Blaokwell. 
Laura Hope Crews. Rita Jolivet and Oeraldine Farrar. 

When Famous Players Film Company and Jesse L. 
l-asky Feature Play Company combined in July, 1916. 
Lasky was made first vice president of the new cor- 
poration and has continued as such ever since. From 
the outset he has been in complete charge of the 
company's production, dividing his time between th" 
big Lasky studio at Hollywood and the borne office 
in New York, where he Is In close touch with the 
activities of the Eastern studio on Long Island. 



and Produc- Pub- Operat- Construc- 

Creative tion licity ing tion Total 

Carr, Trem 24 13 1 39 46 123 

Columbia 46 67 2 80 130 325 

Educational 8 29 2 7 45 91 

Fox 77 130 10 110 350 677 

Metro-Gcldwyn-Mayer .. .. *675 

Metropolitan 22 44 2 35 97 200 

Paramount S4 145 8 216 212 675 

Radio 70 159 12 89 152 448 

Roach 15 28 7 56 61 167 

Sennett 15 25 2 50 83 175 

Tec- Art .. .. .. .. .. *125 

Tiffany .. .. 80 

United Artists .. . •• .. .. 250 

Universal 7 5 46 10 60 94 285 

Warner-First National .. .. .. .. *680 

Total 4,976 


LATHAM. FREDERICK G.: Bom and reared in Eng- 
land. Was manager of the Drury Lane Theatre, Royal 
Opera Covent Garden. Adelphia and Vaudeville Thea- 
tre. Produced shows at leading London theatres, 
before coming to New York. Was also manager for 
the Maurice Grau Opera Co., at the Metropolitan Opera 
House, New York City. Among the most impor- 
tant of the musical comedies and operettas he directed 
in this country are "Mile. Modiste." "The Red Mill,'" 
"The Old Town," "The Prima Donna," "The Fair 
Co-Ed, " "The Slim Princess," "The Red Widow," "The 
Enchantress." "The Rose Maid." "The Fire Fly." 
"Sybil." "The Madcap Duchess." "Sweethearts.' 
"Princess Pat." "The Only Girl." "The Century Girl," 
"Eileen." "The Echo." "The Canary," "Apple Blos- 
soms," "The Night Boat," "The Half Moon." "The 
Punch and Judy," "One Kiss." "Caroline," "Love Song." 
"The Candy Shop," "Marjorie." Has directed "Bull 
Dog Drummond." "General Post." "Three Wise Fools." 
"The Wandering Jew," "The Lullaby." "The Great 
Pursuit." Now on the Radio Pictures Staff. 

LEE, DUKE R.: b. Virginia, 1881; h. 6 feet; grey 
eyes; w. 95 pounds; e. tutor; m. and has two children, 
Duke R., Jr., 15 and Beatrice. 26; by. hunting, fishing 
and boxing. Stage experience in vaudeville and dra- 
matic shows. Entered pictures in 1918, pictures in- 
clude: "Law and Order" and "Desert Gold'." For the 
past year has devoted his time to writing and produc- 
ing shorts for independent market. 

LEHR. ABRAHAM: Vice President, Samuel Cold- 
wyn. Inc.. Ltd.; b. Warsaw, Poland, July 13, 1880; 
p. Samuel J. and Gustavia Lehr; e. public schools; m. 
Anna Lee Neill ; has three children. Has been in the 
picture industry since 1917 and prior thereto was the 
managing executive of a large manufacturing concern. 

LEVEE, M. C: Organizer of Screen Guild to co- 
ordinate work of stars and directors ; b. Baltimore, 
Jan. 19. 1889; e. Chicago; married and has two sons. 
Previous career in merchandising. Entered pictures in 
1917, joining Robert Brunton at United Studios; pro- 
duced "Isles of Lost Ships." "White Moth," "Sweet 
Daddies"; held executive positions with First National 
and United Artists. President Academy of Motion 
Picture Arts and Sciences. 

LEVEY, HAROLD: b. New Y'ork City: h. 5 feet 
10V 2 inches; gray eyes and light hair; w. 185 pounds; e. 
New York, Russia and Germany, specializing in com- 
position and piano; m. non-professional; hy. golf. 
Composer of "Magic Ring." "Lady Billy," "Clinging 
Vine." "Lovely Lady." "Greenwich Village Follies," 
and many more. Entered picture business two years 
ago. Resigns as Musical Director at the Brooklyn Vita- 
phone Studios. 



LEWYN, LOUIS: Producer. Hollywood; b. Houston. 
Texas. December 18, 1892: h. 5 feet 10 inches: light 
blond hair and gray-blue eyes; w. 170 pounds; p. non- 
professionals; e. high school. Houston, Texas: also 
Berlin. Germany; m. Marion Mack, professional: hy. 
flying, was awarded Aero Club of America Aviation 
Medal of Merit in 1919. for first flight into the Grand 
Canyon of Arizona on the U. S. Air Service flight 
from the Gulf to the Faciflc and return. Produced 
his first feature air picture in 1919 in which such 
feats as changing from plane to plane and plane to 

train were shown. This photoplay was duced at 

Ellington Field, Texas, and released under the title 
of "Sky-Bye," by Sol Lesser, state rights. Originated 
a single reel novelty series denicting the life of screen 
stars in the studios and homes in Hollywood; this 
being released under the series title "Screen Snap- 
shots." First series 1920. through state rights, second 
series through Federated Films exchanges, third scries 
through Pathe exchanges, following a series through 
Columbia Pictures. 

He produced a feature picture dealing with the ad- 
ventures of a movie-struck girl in Hollywood, under 
the title of "Mary of the Movies." and released in 
1023 by FBO as a Columbia Picture. This photoplav 
WB made .n partnership with Cite l.'ilm Sules corpora 
tion, and due to the success of this picture, CBC 
announced a series of Columbia features anil later 
changed the name of its selling organization in Colum 
bia Pictures Corporation. lie also produced the "Car 
nival Girl." in 1925. released hy Associated Exhibitors 

"'rough 1'atl xebanges, mid ||„. i„„ r ,. 0 ] comeih 

series. "Alice in Movieland." in 1927 ; released be 
Paramount; also a series of short subjects released as 
"Radiograms," 1928. and distributed bv Columbia the 

material being written by Ralph Spei Also has 

produced a series of short subjects with RCA Photo- 
phone sound entitled. "Station Star." 

He also produced "The Voice of Hollywood " for 
release by Tiffany. The second series, consisting of 
20 single reels, with screen stars broadcasting from 
Hollywood direct to the theatre, has an added noveltv 
with all program!, being presented as television broad- 

ALBERT: Producer, Metro Goldwyn 

easts. This was the first television novelty series to 
be released. Also is preparing new novelty series en- 
titled "The Unassociated Press." 

LIGHTON, LOUIS D.: Associate producer. Para- 
mount Publix Corporation, Hollywood; b. Omaha, Neb., 
in 1895; p. Mr. and Mrs. William R. Lighton; e. Uni- 
versity of Arkansas; m. Hope Loring Lighton; one 
daughter, Patricia Lighton. Experienced in newspaper 
work and in magazine Action and novels: was scenario 
writer; has been associate producer for Paramount for 
six years. Wrote or adapted "Wings." "Penrod and 
Sam," "Boy of Mine," "Little Annie Rooney." "His 
Secretary," "It" and dozens of others. Produced 
Clara Bow pictures and "Shopworn Angel." "The 
Virginian." "Seven Days' Leave," "Tom Sawyer." 
"Skippy," "Huckleberry Finn," "Sooky" and "Touch- 

LIKE, RALPH M. : b. September 2, 1896; h. 
5 feet 6 inches; brown eyes and dark brown hair; 
w. 175 pounds; e. mechanical engineering University 
of Illinois. Owned and operated Natural Film Lab- 
oratories. Entered independent production about 1920. 
Took over Charles Ray Studios about 1927 for record- 
ing purposes and productions. Now operating these 
under name of International Film Studios for inde- 
pendent production and also producing twenty four 
melodramas 1931 and 1932 season for Action Picture-, 

December 12. 1894; h. 5 feet G inches; chestnut brown 
hair and blue eyes; w. 160 pounds; p. Sari and David 
Lipschultz, professional; e. Medill high school and 
Chicago university: m. Joan Schirmer. professional: 
hy. boxing, swimming, baseball and hand ball. Pres- 
entation and stage experience musical director. Head- 
lined Pantages circuit and Orpheum circuit as violin 
soloist. For five years musical director for Saxe the- 
atres, Wisconsin, five years Warfleld theatre. San Fran- 
cisco, one year Loew State. Los Angeles, Fox theatres. 
Portland and Seattle. Musical director of "Katinka." 
In charge of synchronization. Fox Studios, Hollywood. 
Cal. Composer of over 500 incidental musical numbers 
for pictures; synchronized 85 pictures to date; did 
Geo. Gershwin's musical for screen "Delicious" which 
has Gershwin's new "Rhapsody of Rivets." as the big 
number, a most interesting bit of work. 

LISSNER, RAY: Assistant director, RKO Radio 
Pictures. Hollywood; b. New York City, January 10. 
1903; h. 5 feet 4 inches; brown hair and eyes: w. 
115 pounds; p. Julia Manck and S. H. Lissner. non- 
professionals; e. Commerce high school; m. June Heide. 
professional. Started in the picture business with 
International Film Service. New lork. doing labora- 
tory work (December 5. 1919); in 1920 he went with 
the Cosmopolitan Studios, New York, as office boy. 
then with Fox Film Corporation, New York office, as 
personal office boy to William Fox. Later worked as 
prop boy, script clerk, second assistant director with the 
following directors: Jack Ford. Herbert Brenon. J. 
Gordon Edwards and Harry Millard. In 1925 he be- 
came chief assistant director and personal business man- 
ager under contract to Herbert Brenon to date, on the 
following productions: "Dancing Mothers," "Beau 
Geste." "Great Gatsby." "God Gave Me 20 Cents." 
"Telephone Girl." "Sorrell and Son." "Laugh. Clown. 
Laugh." "The Rescue." and "Case of Sergeant 
Grlscha," also "Beau Ideal." Worked at Cosmopolitan 
Studio. Fox, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. United Artists. 
Samuel Goldwyn. Inc.. and Radio-Keith-Orpheum. As- 
sisted Fred Newmeyer. Nick Grinde. Paul Sloane and 
others. Member of the first executive committee of 
the assistant directors section of the director's branch 
of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. 

LIVADARY. JOHN PAUL: Technical sound director. 
Columbia Pictures Corporation. Hollywood; b. April 29, 
1899, in Constantinople of French parents but is an 
American citizen: p. Paul J. and Marguerite Scott 
LeVadari; e. University of Athens. Greece. New Eng- 
land Conservatory of Music. Massachusetts Institute of 
Technology with degrees of bachelor of science and 
master of science from M.I.T. in electrial engineering 
and mathematics; not married. Completed his engi- 
neering education after being honorably discharged from 
the United States Army. After graduation he studied 
manufacturing methods at the West Lynn. Mass.. plant 
of General Electric Company. Went to Los Angeles 
two years later and started his career as a musician 
and electrical engineer. After five years as trans- 
mission engineer with Pacific Telephone and Telegraph 
Company and realizing the potentialities of the art of 
sound recording (then in Its infancy), he joined the 
forces of Paramount West Coast Studios as a research 
engineer under Roy J. Pomeroy. One year later was 
offered the position of chief sound engineer of Colum- 
bia. Has contributed considerably to refinement of 
sound recording and Is Identified with various original 
theoretical Investigations of problems of tile Industry. 

LORD. ROBERT: Production supervisor and writer. 




First National Pictures, Inc., Burbank, Cal. ; b. Chi- 
cago. 111., May 1, 1902; e. Harvard University; ni. 
Martha Bliss; has a (laughter, Evelyn. Recent pictures: 
"LiOcal Boy Makes Good," "Her Majesty Love," 
"Manhattan Parade" and "Fireman Save My Child." 

McCORMICK. JOHN: b. Kansas City, Mo., August 
17, 1893; h. fi feet 1 inch; brown hair and eyes; w. 
185 pounds; p. Anne Phelau and James S. McCormick, 
non-professionals; e, Broadway high school, Seattle. 
Wash., and the University of Washington; not married, 
hy. tennis. Began his stage career as usher in a 
Seattle theatre; after leaving college he became 
treasurer of the Empress theatre in San Francisco. 
Realizing the coming popularity of motion pictures, 
he entered this branch of the show business in 
1914; bought rights to "Birth of a Nation" and "Tillie's 
Punctured Romance," for Pacific Northwest territory, 
and exploited and sold pictures in that locality; then 
became affiliated with Sol Lesser, first as exchange 
manager in Denver of All Star Features Distributors, 
then as publicity and exploitation manager for the en- 
tire organization. After the World war, in which he 
was commissioned an ensign in the Navy, he became 
publicity director of the newly organized First National 
Exhibitors Circuit; was Western head of this organiza- 
tion as it developed from a two-room office until it 
occupied its present two million dollar studio. In 1927 
he resigned as general manager of First National Studio 
to devote his attention to producing Culle;n Moore 
pictures for First National release. Retired from 
pictures since 1929. 

McGOVERN. ELMER J.: Production Executive and 
Film Editor; b. New York City. July 22, 1885; e. 
public schools. Entered picture business in 1913 as 
assistant to president of New York motion picture 
corp., also film editor of the Ince and Sennett pic- 
tures of that Corp. Has edited innumerable pictures 
and the most recent the "Looking Back" series. Ad- 
dress 110 West 48th Street (The Friars) New York. 

McGUINNESS, JAMES: Associate producer and 
wnter; b. New York City, December 20, 1893; h. 5 feet 
11% inches; gray eyes, dark brown hair; w. 177 
pounds; e. New York public and high schools and 
New York University; hy. golf; is married. Newspaper 
work in New York and Philadelphia; sport column, 
New York Evening Telegram; Sun Dial, New York 
Sun; originated and ran for first year "The Talk of the 
Town" in the New Yorker; contributed to various na- 
tional magazines. Entered pictures in February, 1927, 
through Winfleld Sheehan; produced for Fox: "A Girl 
in Every Port," "Romance of the Underworld," "Road- 
house," "Men Without Women," "Salute," "The Lone 
Star Ranger," "Born Reckless." 

MclNTYRE, ROBERT B.: Production manager, 
Samuel Goldwyn Productions ; b. Philadelphia, Pa. ; e. 
Philadelphia. Formerly theatrical business manager at 
Walnut Street theatre, Philadelphia, and with Wm. A. 
Brady in New York. Entered pictures in 1913. having 
been sent to Peerless Studios in Fort Lee by Wm. A. 

MAC LEAN, DOUGLAS: b. Philadelphia, Pa.; h. 
u feet 9 inches; brown hair and hazel eyes; w. 145 
pounds ; e. Northwestern university, preparatory school 
and Lewis Institute of Technology in Chicago; div. 
Faith Cole, 1930; m. Lorraine Eddy, 1931; hy. golf and 
yachting. His first role on the stage was opposite 
Maude Adams in "Rosalind" on tour for one season; 
then one year in stock at Pittsfield. Mass., and one 
year at Moroseo, Los Angeles. He started screen 
career in the leading role opposite Alice Brady, In 
"As Ye Sow," for World Film Company; also played 
opposite Mary Pickford in 'Captain Kidd, Jr." and 
"Johanna Enlists"; also opposite Dorothy Dalton and 
Enid Bennett. StaYred in Thomas H. Ince Produc- 
tions three years including: "Twenty-three and one 
half Hours Leave," "The Hottentot," etc. Subsequent 
six years produced independently his own starring pic- 
tures including "Going Up," "Yankee Consul," 
"Never Say Die," "Introduce Me," "Seven Keys to 
Baldpate," "That's My Baby," "Let It Rain," "Hold 
That Lion" and "Soft Cushions." Co-produced with 
Christie Film Company "Divorce Made Easy" and 
"The Carnation Kid" 1929. Became associated with 
Radio Pictures 1930 as Associate Producer. Produced 
"Cracked Nuts," "Too Many Cooks," "Laugh and Get 
Rich," 'Caught Plastered," the last two being originals 
by him, and "Ladies of the Jury." 

of Association of Motion Picture Producers, Inc., Holly- 
wood; b. Mandalay, Burma, India; h. 6 feet 1 inch; 
light hair and blue eyes; w. 175 puonds; p. Annie 
Allan and Harry Douglas Mackinnon; e. Los Angeles 
high school; m. Ruth Palmer; hy. yachting, polo, golf. 
Address: 5504 Hollywood boulevard, Hollywood. 

MANNIX, EDWARD J.: Financial comptroller at 
MGM studios ; b. Fort Lee, N. J. ; e. Fort Lee and 
Hackensack, K, J. Connected with theatrical profession 
for five years as manager of eastern shows and for 
fourteen consecutive seasons as manager of Palisades 
Park. Entered pictures in 1916, affiliated with Allan 
Dwan; general connections and association with Jos. 
and Nicholas Sehenck. Following merger of old Metro, 
Goldwin and Mayer, became financial comptroller at 
MGM Studios. 

MANNON, ALFRED T.: b. Philadelphia, Pa., De- 
cember 22, 1897; h. 5 feet 11 inches; brown hair and 
eyes; w. 170 pounds; p. May Reiff and George Henry 
Mannon, non- professionals; e. Stuyvesant high school. 
New York City, and Columbia college school of archi- 
tecture; m. Marion R. Hlckson, non-professional. He is 
a production executive at Tec-Art Studios, Hollywood. 
Produced the "Star, The Voice of Hollywood" series 
and "Football for the Fan." 

MARKS. JOE: Leasing manager, Warner Bros, and 
First National studios, Hollywood and Burbank. Cal. ; 
b. Youngstown, Ohio, July 18. 1886; p. Henry and 
Kate Marks; e. public schools; not married. Twenty-six 
years In show business: usher; ticket taker; treasurer; 
stage property man; stage electrician; stage grip-assistant 
manager, summer amusement park; manager, penny 
arcade; business manager, sensational outdoor acts; 
theatre manager; theatre lessee; theatre concessionaire: 
theatre program publisher; owner, theatre curtain adver- 
tising company; state lighter of feature pictures; theatre 
scout; called the "first casting director to cast talking 
pictures"; now leasing manager. 

MAYER, LOUIS B.: Vice-president in charge of 
production, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures, Culver City. 
Cal.; b. Europe, July 4. 1885; p. Sarah Meltzcr and 
Jacob Mayer, non-professionals; e. public schools, St. 
John, New Brunswick; m. Margaret Shenburg. His 
first theatrical venture was the operation of a small 

theatre in Haverhill. Mass. The house was in poor 
condition, but he renovated It and reopened it with 
"From the Manger to the Cross." Having won the 
confidence of his patrons, he soon had the leading 
theatre in the town. He then decided to give social 
attractions such as the Boston Opera Company. "Peter 
Pan," with Maude Adams and "The Littlest Rebel." 
with the Farnums as the attractions, which was also a 
huge success. One by one all of the five tutatres in 
Haverhill came under Mayer's control. Later he 
branched out and with Nat Gordon formed the Gordon- 
Mayer theatrical chain, the strongest in New England 
at that time. He then became interested in the ex- 
change end of the business, and soon was recognized as 
one of the biggest buyers of film productions in the 
country, as well as enjoying an enviable reputation as a 
rare judge of a picture's commercial possibilities. His 
background of sound experience and victories made him 
logical head of operations when the greatest merger up 
to that time in film history brought together the pic- 
ture-making forces of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Under 
h.s management that organization has become one of 
the greatest film producing organizations in the world, 
producing an average of more than 60 pictures each 
year. He is President of the Motion Picture Pro- 
ducers Association. 

MEILIKEN, IRVING: b. New Yor!s City, June 2. 
1902; h. 5 feet 6% inches; brown hair and eyes; w. 
137 pounds; p. Joseph, non-professional; e. Morris 
High School: m. Claire, non-professional. For the past 
ten years he has been with the Tec Art Studios in 
Hollywood, as studio manager and secretary of the 

MENDOZA, DAVID: Musical director. Warner 
Bros. -First National Pictures, Burbank, Cal.: b. New 
York City, March 13, 1894; p. David and Wilhelmina; 
e. pupil at the Institute of Musical Art, New York 
City, violin with Franz Kneisel. composition with Percy 
Goetchins and Rubin Goldmark, also preparatory medi- 
cal school; m. Dorothea Schoeps; has two sons. For 
two years was first violinist with Russian Symphony 
Orchestra, four years with the New York Symphony, 
orchestra conductor for the past twelve years. -Two 
years ago appeared at the Lewisohn Stadium with the 
New York Philharmonic as guest conductor. Nine years 
musical director of the Capitol theatre. New York. 
Scored and presented such productions as "The Big 
Parade," "Ben-Hur," "The Merry Widow," "White 
Shadows of the South Seas." "Dancing Daughters." 
"Don Juan" (first Vitaphone production). Did com- 
mercial broadcasting for a year and a half, on such 
radio hours as Fada, Maxwell House Coffee, Paramount, 
Eastman Kodak, Quaker State Green and White. Was 
associated with Roxy's Gang and Major Bowes' Family 
as musical director. Has been active in radio broad- 
casting since its inception. 

MEYER. HENRY D.: b. San Francisco, Cal.; hy. 
antique furniture. Secretary-Treasurer with James 
Cruze, Inc. 

MILLHAUSER, BERTRAM: Associate producer. 
R K O Radio Pictures, Hollywood; b. New York City. 
March 25, 1892; h. 5 feet 5% inches; brown hair and 
blue eyes; w. 135 pounds; p. Bertha and Isaac Mill- 
hauser; m. non-professional; hy. Dachshunds. For 10 
years a writer of original stories and screen plays for 
Pathe, Universal, F B O, Warner Bros., Famous-Players- 
Lasky, Fox. Supervised twelve films for Cecil B. De- 
Mille. Associate producer for Fox. Now associate pro- 
ducer of Radio Pictures. 

MITCHELL, PELL: Production manager. Darmour 
Productions. Hollywood; b. Fulton, Ky. . December 12. 
1884; h. 5 feet 9 inches; brown hair and eyes; w. 145 
pounds: p. Mary Elizabeth and Josiah Mitchell, non- 
professionals; e. Dixon, Tenn., and Vanderbilt uni- 
versity; m. Pearl Roberts, non-professional; hy. "reading 
the Bartenders' Guide, Hostetter's Almanac and O. O. 
Maclntyre's column, breeding Boston Terriors, yachting 
on Biscayne Bay." Stage experience: barnstorming. 
Editor of Mutual Weekly and Gaumont News for six 
years. Organized Fox News in 1919. 

MOOS, SIGMUND: Manager, leasing department. 
Universal Pictures Corporation, Universal City. Cal. ; b. 
Gailingen, Germany, August 25. 1871; p. Samuel and 
Esther Moos; e. high school. Constanz, Germany, and 
University of Geneva, Switzerland; m. Amalia ne 
Wachtel. In the United States 30 years and a citizen 
since 1906. Manager of the leasing department of the 
Universal City studios since 1916. Has made twelve 
trips to Europe, particularly Switzerland. Germany, 
France. Italy, Spain, Sweden and Norway, and to 
North Africa. Is interested in art and history study. 

MOSER, FRANK: Born on a farm near Oketo, 
Kan. Graduate of the Marysville Kansas High 
School 1907. Attended Albert T. Reid Art School of 
Topeka, Kan.. 1907 and 1908. Attended Cumming 
School of Art in Des Moines, Iowa, 1908, 1909 and 
1910, during which time he was associated with J. N. 
Ding, cartoonist for the "Des Moines Register," as 
part time illustrator, cartoonist and doing general 
utility sketch assignments. When Ding came to New 
York in 1910, Moser took the regular daily cartoon 
job on the "Des Moines Register" where he re- 
mained for two years. He went to New York in the 
fall of 1912 to continue studying art at the Art 
Students League and illustrated a daily story for the 
"New York Globe" known as "In Our School," which 
ran four years. In 1915 he began drawing moving pic- 
tures for The Edison Company (same studio and pro- 
jection rooms now used by "Terrytoons") — a feature 
known as "Kid Kelly" — six of them. Established the 
cartoon department of International Film Service in 
1916. making the first "Krazy Kat" for motion pic- 
tures as well as the first of "Bringing Up Father," 
"Happy Hooligan," "Little Jimmy" and "Jerry On 
The Job." About 1918 joined the Paramount Studios 
where he produced twenty-six comedies known as "Bud 
and Susie." Leaving Paramount in 1919 he joined 
Paul Terry and assisted Terry in the production of 
430 Fables. In 1929 he entered a partnership with 
Terry and jointly created and established the present 

MOULTON, THOMAS T.: Chief engineer of the 
sound department. United Artists studios. Hollywood: 
b. Wausau. Wis.. January 1. 1896; p. Howard and 
Lorene Moulton; e. grammar school, high school, and 
university in electrical engineering; m. Eunice M. 
Moulton; one daughter Adelia May Moulton. Was 
electrical engineer for Pacific Fruit Express Company. 
San Francisco, for four years. Operated his own ice 
business and then sold it to Union Ice Company. Went 

to Los Angeles six years ago and has been actively 
engaged in the electric engineering profession ever since. 

MURPHY, JOHN LAWRENCE: Production manager 
of Harold Lloyd Corporation; b. Chicago. 111.. 1894; e. 
Portland, Ore.; played professional baseball in the old 
Inter -Mountain League just prior to the war; m. Hazel 
Connolly, Chicago. Enlisted in the aviation section in 
the World war, and immediately following his discharge 
went to Hollywood, where he Joined Brunton Film Com- 
pany; later went with Rolin Film Company, which 
was then producing the Harold Lloyd comedies in the 
old Bradbury Mansion, Los Angeles. Participated in 
the building of the new Hal Roach plant at Culver 
City and remained there until Harold Lloyd branched 
out as an independent producer seven years ago. Went 
with the Lloyd corporation as production manager. Is 
a member of the Elks, Lakeside Golf Club and the 
Hollywood Athletic Club. 

NATHAN, AL: Producer; b. Chicago, HI., May 22. 
1884; h. 5 feet 4 inches; brown eyes, brown hair; w. 
165 pounds; e. Chicago, specializing in law and medi- 
cine; hy. yachting; is married. Formerly in theatrical 
business for 25 years as company manager, advance man 
for some of the largest theatrical organizations in New 
York and Chicago; also managed theatres in several 
cities for Carl Laemmle. Entered pictures In 1918. 
through Harry Cohn. of Columbia, and became vice 
president and general manager of Savoy Pictures, then 
producing Hallroom Boy Comedies with Fiannagan and 
Edwards; made all of the Carter DeHaven Comedies and 
his own series of Sunkist Bathing Girt Comedies, titled 
"Good to the Last Drop." 

NEITZ. ALVIN J.: b. Portownsend. Wash., March 23. 
1894; h. 5 feet 11% inches; brown hair and blue eyes; 
w. 180 pounds; p. Harriett and Joseph Neitz, non- 
professionals; e. Los Angeles high school and University 
of Southern California; m. Marguerite E. Foss, pro- 
fessional; hy. bridge. Stage experience of two years, 
with Riley and Woods in "Casino Girls," also with 
Edward Winterbum. and as stage manager. Screen 
experience since 1911 being with the following com- 
panies: two years American Film Co., Santa Barbara, 
four years Thos. H. Ince, two years David Horsley and 
three years Triangle. Producing independently until 
June, 1929, and now with Fowler Studios. 

NOSLER, LLOYD: Supervising editor and co- 
director, Hollywood: b. Portland, Ore.. March 13. 1900; 
h. 5 feet 10 inches; brown hair and blue eyes: w. 157 
pounds; e. Central high. Spokane. Wash.; m. Josephine 
Nosier; hy. polo, tennis and swimming. Joined the staff 
of Universal in 1915. Has edited the following produc- 
tions: "Ben-Hur," "Flesh and the Devil." "Uncle 
Tom's Cabin." "The Cat and the Canary," "The 
Temptress," "Thy Name Is Woman." "Strangers of the 
Night." "Red Lily." and "The Famous Mrs. Fair." 
He held the position of supervising film editor at Uni- 
versal, also supervising editor at Inspiration. Co-directed 
Douglas Fairbanks' picture, "Reaching for the Moon," 
for United Artists. 

PIVAR, BEN: Foreign production supervisor. Co- 
lumbia Pictures Corporation. Hollywood: b. Manchester. 
England, March 23. 1901; p. Adolph and Anna Pivar; 
e. business college. Started as assistant editor, then 
became film editor, supervising film editor. Next he 
was appointed supervisor of American production and 
now is production executive in charge of foreign 
production and supervisor of American production. 

PIVAR, MAURICE: Supervising film editor. Universal 
studio; b. Manchester, England, October 11, 1896; e. 
New York public schools and College of the City of 
New York; m. Sue Pivar; hy. golf. Entered pictures 
seventeen vears ago; productions: "Hunchback of Notre 
Dame," "Merry Go Round." "Phantom of the Opera." 
"Man Who Laughs," "Cohens and Kellys," and others. 

POLLAK, ADOLPH: Organizer of new independent 
producing company formed by himself in April 
this year; b. Hungary, April 8, 1891. m. has 
three children, two girls and one boy; hy. finance. 
Came to the United States in 1906. First engaged in 
the tobacco business — on the manufacturing and selling 
end. In 1923 joined Universal Exchange as a sales- 
man in the Brooklyn territory; left Universal after a 
year to become assistant manager of Commonwealth 
Exchange. A year later he joined Jack Bellman, as 
assistant, when the former started Renown Exchange. 
A year later, with Jack Bellman, he started Hollywood 
Pictures Corporation, of which he became vice-president, 
and later, when the business was sold to Columbia Pic- 
tures, he stayed behind as president of Hollywood Pic- 
tures Corporation, distributing independent pictures in 
the New York market. Later, when Jack Bellman re- 
turned to Hollywood Pictures, he relinquished his duties 
with Hollywood, retaining an interest, and formed peer- 
less Productions, Inc. Resigned as president of Peerless 
to form new company. 

POPPE, HARRY T.: General superintendent, RKO 
Pathe Studios. Culver City, Cal.: b. Cincinnati, Ohio; 
h. 5 feet 10 inches. Theatrical experience as company 
manager and advance agent for Baker & Castle Attrac- 
tions. "Graustark," and "The Goose Girl": advance 
agent for the American tour of the London Symphony 
Orchestra; with the Cincinnati SymDhony Orchestra and 
Heuck and Fennesy theatres, Cincinnati. Foregoing en- 
gagements covered the period from 1905 to 1913. Ex- 
perience with motion picture productions for five years: 
Houdini Picture Corporation; B. A. Rolfe Productions ; 
Octagon Films: Yorke-Metro Productions (Harold Lock- 
wood) and David Horsley Productions. Production 
manager. Pathe Studios. Culver City. Cal.. with which 
he has been connected since May. 1927. Now general 
superintendent of R K O Pathe Studios. 

PORTER, FRED. L. : Vice presdent and treasurer. 
Christie Film Company: b. Pennsylvania. June 18. 
1870; h. 5 feet 8% inches: blue eyes, brown hair; w. 
135 pounds; is married. Entered pictures in Holly- 
wood. May, 1915: purchased stock in producing com- 
pany and was made general manager. 

POST, CHARLES A.: Vice President and General 
Manager. Trem Carr Pictures, Ltd.. Los Angeles; b. 
Salt Lake City, Utah, November 3, 1897; p. C. H. and 
Clare B. Post: e. public schools of Salt Lake City; 
not married. Was an actor in the Ernest Wilkes Stock 
Company, Salt Lake City, 1916-17; went into motion 
picture acting in 1918, starting with Mary Pickford 
in "M'liss," Artcraft. Was in supporting casts with 
Wallace Reid, Frank Keenan, Sessue Hayakawa, Cecil 
B. DeMille Productions. George Melford Productions, 
Famous Players-Lasky Corporation, two years in Fox 
Sunshine Comedies, played Nicholas in King Vidor's 
"Wild Oranges," was co-featured with Irene Rich in 
Vitagraph's "Behold This Woman," with Corinne 
Griffith in First National's "Wilderness," with Josef 


von Sternberg in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's "The 
Escape," with George Fitzmaurice in First National's 
"The Tender Hour," and in several state right produc- 
tions. Also appeared in many other pictures. Started 
as manager of production with Trem Carr Productions 
in 1927 and is still associated with Trem Carr. Has 
been production manager on approximately 75 pictures 
released through Rayart. Syndicate. Continental and 
Tiffany. Now producing for Monogram Pictures Corp. 
Directing Tom Tyler in Monogram westerns. 

PUGH. HARVEY M.: b. Lincoln. 111.. December 25. 
1893; h. 6 feet 2 inches; brown hair and eyes; w. 194 
pounds; p. Edith and Charles H. Pugh. non-profes- 
sionals; e. Denver high school and University of Colo- 
rado; m. Jeanne Mott. non-professional; hy. golf and 
flying. Executive with Paramount for nine years. Has 
now severed connections with the industry. 

RAGUSE. ELMER R. : Chief recording engineer. 
West Coast. RCA Victor Company, and sound director. 
Hal Roach Studios; b. Springfield. Mass.. May 9. 1901; 
p. Carl H. and Irene Raguse: e. graduate of Perth 
Amboy. N. J., high school, and one year in electrical 
engineering subjects at Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute; 
m. Ethel U. Burton; has one son, 5 years old. Was a 
radio operator of Marconi Wireless Company. 1919-1921; 
was engaged in automatic telephone installation for 
Western Electric Company, 1921-22; radio broadcasting 
of American Telephone and Telegraph Company, WEAF, 
1923-24; development and operation of sound recording 
equipment. Bell Telephone Laboratories, 1924-25: record- 
ing engineer. Victor Talking Machine Company. Cam- 
den, N. J.. 1925-28; chief recording engineer. West 
Coast. Victor company and sound director at Hal Roach 
Studios. 1928-31. 

RAMSEY, ARTHUR B.: President, Ramsey Produc- 
tions, Inc.: b. Oklahoma City. Oklahoma; p. W. R. 
Ramsey: e. high school, Kemper Military School and 
Tome Prep School, Port Deposit, Md. 

RAPE, HARRY: Associate producer, Metro-Goldwyn- 
Mayer Pictures. Culver City. Cal. ; b. Denver. Col. ; gray 
hair, married and has two sons. Began his career in 
minstrel shows in Denver, was with Gus Edwards for 
six years, then resigned to marry. Was in New York 
City with a vaudeville agency for seven years, then re- 
signed and joined World Film Corporation; became 
production manager for Selznick: joined Warner Bros, 
in 1921; with Louis B. Mayer in 1924. When Mayer 
joined Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer he became associate 

RAPF, JOE: Supervisor of wardrobes. Metro-Gold- 
dyn-Mayer studios. Culver City. Cal.; b. New York City. 
February 12. 1882: p. Morris and Eliza Rapf: e. high 
school; m. Vera Feintuch: has a son. For six years 
has been supervisor of wardrobes; for nineteen years 
before that was in the women's cloak and suit business. 

REED. J. T.: Director of sound. United Artists 
studios. Hollywood: b. Cincinnati. Ohio, in 1887; p. 
Elwood M. and Viola Shaw Reed; e. University of 
Michigan, bachelor of arts in 1908 and master of 
science in 1909; m. Helen Stewart In 1913 and has four 
children. Was scenario editor for Douglas Fairbanks 
Company from 1918 to 1920. director in 1921, and pro- 
duction manager from 1923 to 1928. also having bee» 
production manager for Mary Plckford Company in 1922. 
He has been director of sound for United Artists since 
1929. Was chairman of the technicians' branch of the 
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences from 
1928-30. Is chairman of the conciliation committee this 
year and has been on the executive committee the past 
two years. 

REEVES, ALFRED: General manager and vice 
president of Charles Chaplin Film Corporation. Holly- 
wood: b. London. England. December 2. 1876: h. 5 
feet 7 inches; dark gray hair and hazel eyes; w. 135 
pounds; p. Ellen and John Reeves, professionals: e. 
London public schools; m. Amy Clara Minister, profes- 
sional; hy. photography, first nights and motion pictures. 
His career has been entirely professional. In 1895 he 
toured Great Britain and France with Frank C. Bos- 
tock circus and menagerie; in 1897 toured as advance 
manager for Lord George Sanger's Circus in Great 
Britain: in 1900 with Fred Karno's Companies in 
vaudeville. In 1905 came to the United States as man- 
ager and producer and opened at Hammerstein's in 
New York with "A Night in an English Music Hall;" 
managed and booked this act and repertory of Karno 
sketches until 1914 In the United States. In the spring 
of 1910 made a trip to England, coming back to this 
country in the fall of that year with the production of 
"A Night in a London Secret Society." in which 
Charles Chaplin made his American debut at Percy 
C. Williams' Colonial theatre in New York City. Sep- 
tember. 1910. Played this and repertory acts. "A 
Night In a London Club," "A Night in an English 
Music Hall," and others until November. 1913. when 
Charles Chaplin went Into pictures with Keystone. In 
1914 again went to England on a theatrical tour and 
made appearances in many war entertainments for the 
wounded at Netlet. Aldershot, etc. In 1918 arrived in 
Hollywood and renewed connections with Charles Chap- 
lin, who had Just started his own production studios: 
later became president of Chaplin Studios. Inc.. and 
general manager and vice president of Charles Chaplin 
Film Corporation, which positions he now holds. 

ROACH, CHARLES H.: Secretary and treasurer. 
Hal Roach Studios. Inc.. Culver City. Cal.; b. Alexan- 
dria County. Va.. March 28. 1860; e. Academy In 
Alexandria, Va. : m. Mabel Bally; has two sons. John 
B. Roach and Hal E. Roach. 

ROACH. HAL: President. Hal Roach Studios. Inc.: 
b. Elmira. N. Y.. January 19, 1892; married and has 
two children. At 17 years of age went to Alaska, 
where he engaged in trucking business: returned to 
Seattle in same line of work and from there to Los 
Angeles with similar venture. Picture career started 
with Universal as stock cowboy at $25 a week : met 
Harold Lloyd and the two raised enough money to 
make a picture that sold for $850. Roach studio activ- 
ities began at Glendale. then to Santa Mon ! ca boule- 
vard, where "Lonesome Luke" comedies were made; 
flnal quarters at Culver City, where a big plant, was 
built In 1919: Hal Roach productions are now released 
through MGM. 

ROACH. JOHN B. : Casting Director, Hal Roach 
Studios. Inc.; h. Elmira. New York, Sept. 15, 1889; p. 
Mahol R. anil Charles H. : e. high school at the 
Elmira Free Academy: m. Hazel Doran Gayhart: has 
two children. Barbara Jean, 8, Lola May, 6. Has been 
associated with bis brother for the nast eighteen years. 
Has been casting director for the past two years. 

ROCK. JOE: Producer; b. New York City. December 
25. 1893; h. 5 feet 3 Inches; blue eyes, dark hair: w. 

155 pounds; e. New York City, New York Normal 
Sohool and Chatauqua Normal; m. Louise Granville, 
and two children. Felippa and Philip; h>. basketball, 
football, boxing, athletics; paid way through normal 
schools by playing professional basketball. Previously 
physical director of Pittsburgh Athletic Club. Crafton. 
Pa., schools and clubs, vaudeville, carnivals; entered 
picture business 16 years ago with Vitagraph; has pro- 
duced Stan Laurel series. Three Fat Boys comedies, 
and others. Now producing pictures in China and Java 
and the Far East. 

ROCKETT. A. L. : Associate producer. Fox studio; 
b. Vincennes. Ind., September 24, 1889; e. Sedalia, Mo., 
high school. Missouri University; m. Dollie Rockett, and 
has one son. Norman. Played piano in first class 
nickelodeons for five years; next American Smelt- 
ing & Refining Co. ; entered picture business in 1914 ; 
together with brother, Ray. produced silent "Abraham 
Lincoln" ; production supervisor with First National 
several years, then to Fox. 

ROEMHELD. HEINZ: General director of music. 
Universal Studio; b. Milwaukee, Wis., May 1. 1901; h. 
5 feet 8 inches; brown eyes, black hair; w. 170 pounds; 
e. Milwaukee and Berlin. Germany; married and has 
two children. Mary Lou and Elise Anne. Formerly 
concert pianist and musical director. Wrote score for 
"Captain of the Guards" with exception of two num- 
bers by Cadman. entire score for "White Hell of Pitz 
Palu," incidental music for "All Quiet on the Western 
Front," and other Universal pictures. 

ROGELL, ALBERT S.: Producer and director. 
Rogell Productions, Ltd., Hollywood; b. Oklahoma City. 
Okla., August 1, 1901; p. Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Rogell; 
e. publio school and high school, Spokane, Wash., and 
Washington State College; m. Marian Douglas: no 
children. Business manager of college paper; billing 
clerk and salesman; stage electrician; stage carpenter: 
stage property man; camera man; cutter; titler; author; 
director. Has been associated with First National, 
Universal, F B O and Tiffanv. Started in the industry 
in 1916 with Washington Motion Picture, Company in 
Spokane. Went to Hollywood in the same year with 
the old Western Pictures Exploitation Company, then in 
1924 with F B O Next came his Universal days, 
directing pictures of every type. For First National he 
directed "Shepherd of the Hills" and many others. Now 
is producing independently for Tiffany release. 

ROGELL. SID: b. St. Joseph. Mo.. Jan. 16, 1900; 
h 5 feet 9 Inches: black hair and gray eyes: w. 170 
pounds; p. Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Rogell, non-profes- 
sionals; e. North Central high school, Spokane, Wash.; 
not married; hy. golf. Producing manager for Harry 
J. Brown for 4 years, for Chas. R. Rogers, 3Y 2 years, 
and for Ken Maynard one and one half years. Is 
studio manager for RKO Pathe Studios, for one year. 

ROGERS, CHARLES R.: President of Rogers Pro- 
ductions, Ltd., and Charles R. Rogers Productions, Inc.. 
also vice president in charge of production of R K O 
Pathe. Inc.; b. New York City. July 15. 1882: p. 
Simon and Ida Rogers; e. high school. Boston: m. Helen 
Weiss: has one son. John W. Is a leading independent 

RYAN. PHIL L.: b. Muscatine. Iowa. Paramount 
film salesman. District sales manager for Universal. 
Kansas City and seven other cities. Vice president 
and general manager Standard Film Corp., Chicago, 
and middle west. Assistant to Sales Manager, Pathe. 
Sales manager. Pathe. General manager Associated 
Exhibitors, distributing Harold Lloyd films. Liquidated 
exhibitor's interest in Associated Exhibitors. Organized, 
vice president and general manager of Capitel Enter- 
prises, theatre circuit in middle west: sold same to 
Universal. West coast production manager, Pathe. 
Supervised all Pathe independent units. General man- 
ager and vice president of Metropolitan Picture Corp. 
and Metropolitan Studios, wherein operated and super- 
vised production. Produced two reel Chester Conklin 
comedies for Paramount-Publlx. 

SARECKY, LOUIS A.: Associate producer. RKO Stu- 
dios. Inc., Los Angeles: b. Odessa, Russia, January 26. 
1886; e. public school. DeWitt Clinton High School. 
New York. New York University: m. Clara M Hirsch. 
Studied law. secretary to Governor Sulzer of New York, 
connected with a mining company in Central America, 
did newspaper work. Started in pictures with Para- 
mount in 1921: first job was assistant to stage man- 
ager, then was location manager, stage manager, gen- 
eral production manager and assistant general manager 
at tho Paramount, New York, Studio. Went out to 
the FBO studios in Hollywood with William LeBaron 
and staved with them after RKO purchased that com- 
pany. Among pictures handled as associated producer 
with RKO are: "Street Girl." "Side Street." 'Vaga- 
bond Lover." "Seven Keys to Baldpate." "Lovin" the 
Ladies " "Shootin' Straight." "The Cuckoos." "Leather- 
necking " "Cimarron." "Kept Husbands," "Every- 
thing's Rosie." "The Runaround," "Secret Service" 
and "Are These Our Children." 

SAVIN, EDWARD J.: Business manager and pro- 
duction comptroller. Wamer Bros.-Vitaphone Eastern 
studios: b. New York City. July 4. 1892; p. James and 
Agnes Savin; e. St. Alphonsus Grammar School. La- 
Salle Academy prep school, New York University: m. 
Helen Brosnan: has a son. In 1910 was in business 
In an export and import office tn Beaver street. In 
1911 sailed for South and Central America contractlnc 
with R Wilcox of Colon to serve as trader on the San 
Bias coast, where he was stricken with Chagres fever 
and was removed hv canoe ISO miles on the Carribean 
sea to a Balboa hospital. Left the hospital and was 

Key to Abbreviations 

b, born 

Jiv. divorce 

e . educated 

h. height 

hy. hobby 

m. married 

p. parents 

r.n. - real name 

w. - - weight 

transferred to San Isobel on the Spanish coast, where 
he removed the body of a Brooklyn boy of about 20 
years who had died of yellow fever in a pine shack con- 
structed by himself. In 1914 he returned to the United 
States and entered the banking business, finally with 
the Guaranty Trust. In 1919 he was employed by First 
National Pictures. Inc., to work for Louis B. Mayer 
together with the late William Leahy (Century Play) 
and Paul C. Mooney. In 1921 he joined First National 
and in 1926 started with Warner Bros, as assistant to 
the late S. L. Warner on Vitaphone. 

SAX, SAM: Production manager. Eastern studios. 
Warner Bros.-Vitaphone: b. Pittsburgh, Pa.; m. Lulu 
Adams; no children. Has been in the motion picture 
industry fifteen years, with Universal. Robertson-Cole 
and Metro, also owning his own producing and dis- 
tributing company. Gotham Productions. 

SCHLESINGER, LEON: b. Philadelphia. Pa.; h. 5 
feet l x h inches; dark hair and blue eyes: w. 175 
pounds; e. Park Avenue high school. Philadelphia; m. 
Berenice K. ; hy. fishing. Started in theatrical busi- 
ness at the age of 14 as usher, song book agent, actor 
of bits, box office, ahead and back of shows and theatre 
manager. Producer of "Looney Tunes," "Merrie Melo- 
dies," Musical Cartoons released by Warner Brothers, 
Vitaphone song cartoon. 

Council Bluffs, Iowa. June 8. 1893; h. 6 feet 5 inches: 
brown hair and gray eyes; w. 190 pounds; p. Ruth A. 
and Gustav A. Beaumont, non-professionals; m. Ruth 
Rose, professional; hy. motion pictures. Co-producer 
with Merian Cooper of "Grass" and "Chang." Also 
co-producer of "The Four Feathers." and producer- 
director of "Rango." 

director. United Artists studios. Hollywood; b. Indian- 
apolis. Ind.. July 22, 1896: p. William and Sophia 
Schuessler: e. grammar school and high school: m. 
Marie Akenbrock; no children. For the past ten 
years has been In the casting offices of Universal. 
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Warner Bros, and United Artists. 
Previously was connected with the automobile industry 
In Indianapolis in clerical capacities. 

SCHULBERG. B. P.: General manager of West Coast 
production. Paramount Publix; b. Bridgeport. Conn.. 
January 19, 1892; e. high school. New York City, and 
College of the City of New York. First position aa 
reporter on the New York Evening Mail, for two years, 
leaving to become associate editor of a magazine. Film 
Reports, organized in the interests of Independent pro- 
ducers and exhibitors of the then exceedingly young 
and tender motion picture industry. As associate edi- 
tor of Film Reports he built up friendships and con- 
tacts that enabled him, a year later, to select the 
producer with whom he desired to affiliate. Because 
of friendship he accepted a dual post of publicity di- 
rector and scenario writer with Rex Pictures Corpora- 
tion. New York Citv. and a year later went with 
Adolph Zukor when Zukor launched his Famous Play- 
ers Company in 1912. Thus it came about that Schul- 
berg exploited the first feature length, big name motion 
picture sold in America, "Queen Elizabeth." with Sarah 
Bernhardt in the title role. First venture In feature 
length was "The Prisoner of Zenda." "Queen Eliza- 
beth" was a French film, bought by Zukor for distribu- 
tion in America. When Zukor's Famous Players Com- 
pany combined with Jesse L. Lasky Feature Play Com- 
pany in 1915 to become the Paramount corporation. 
Schulberg retained his post of double duty. After 
several years with Paramount he made the decision to 
try his hand at independent production. During this 
period he saw the. Elmer Clifton film, "Down to the 
Sea in Ships," and playing a minor role, that of a 
stowaway, was a little girl who attracted Schulberg's 
attention He immediately wired Ins associate, who 
was in the East, with the result that Clara Bow came 
to Hollywood to play in the Schulberg company In 
1925 Schulberg rejoined Paramount in the capacity of 
associate producer, the first time this title was used 
in production circles, later becoming general manager 
of West Coast Production for Paramount. 

SELZNICK. DAVID 0.: Executive Vice-President 
of RKO-Radio, RKO-Pathe Pictures. Inc. b. Pitts- 
burgh. Pa. ; e. New York public schools, Hamilton 
preparatory school, Columbia University; m. Irene Mayer 
Selznick. Son of Lewis J. Selznick, motion picture 
pioneer and" founder of Selznick Pictures, and was 
trained from early childhood for motion picture work 
with view to eventually becoming executive: was asso- 
ciate producer at MGM. and then to Paramount ai 
Executive Ass't. to B. P. Schulberg. General Manager 
of West Coast Productions for Paramount. 

SHELDON, E. LLOYD: Associate producer. Para- 
mount Publix Corporation. Hollywood: b. Springfield. 
Mass.. May 27. 1886; p. Eugene and Anna Sheldon: e. 
Harvard University, bachelor of arts and master of 
arts: m. Fanny Franks; has one son, Theodore Dwlght. 
From 1908 to 1910 was a reporter for the New York 
Globe and New York World: 1910-191.1. business man- 
ager for Charles Frohman: In 1913 produced two feature 
pictures in association with Gilbert Miller: in 1914 
was Washington correspondent for the New York 
American: from 1915 to 1922 was a freelance maga- 
zine and motion picture writer, contributing several 
hundred stories and articles to national magazines and 
48 feature pictures produced hy various companies. 
From 1922 to date has been supervisor of production for 
Paramount, guiding 198 productions. 

SHURLOCK, GEOFFREY: Assistant. Editorial 
Board, Paramount West Coast Studio. b. Liverpool. 
England. August 10. 1894; e. private schools in Cali- 
fornia: not married. 

SCHEIB. PHILIP A.: Born in New York. Was 
sent to Berlin to complete his musical education; 
studied four vears at tho Stern Conservatory of Music, 
receiving a diploma and a degree of pedagogy. After 
returning to the United States was musical director 
for the "Chocolate Soldier" Company on tour. Be- 
came concert violinist for the late Thomas A. Edison, 
touring tie United States and Canada for three years 
giving concerts In principal cities. He next became 
connected with the Strand Theatre In 1914. when pic- 
tures first received musical scores. Was musical 
director for a Canadian circuit of theatres, and for 
over ten years general musical director of a Broad- 
way New York chnln of theatres. Formerly was 
musical director of Audlo-Clnemn. Inc. Was director 
of music for the D. W. Griffith Production. "Tho 
Struggle" For tho past two years bo has been 
muslral dllroctor for Moser * Terry, specializing In 
composing, arranging and conducting orlglnnl scores 
for the "Terrytoons." by Frank Moser and Paul 




SPIVACK. MURRAY: Director of sound effects. 
RKO Radio Pictures, Hollywood; b. New York City. 
September ti, 1900; e. Stuyvesant high school and 
College of the City of New York; married. Studied 
chemical engineering and worked his way through 
school by playing in orchestras: was in orchestras when 
sound started and went into the work of handling sound 
effects at the Pathe studios in New York, thence to 
RKO Radio Pictures in Hollywood. 

STEWART. EDWIN G. : Chief recording engineer. 
Paramount Publix; b. Yonkers, N. Y.. August 5, 1898; 
h. 5 feet l l h pounds; blue eyes and brown hair; e. 
Union College, Columbia University, specializing in sci- 
ence and mathematics; m. ; hy. tennis. Has lived in 
Chicago, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, New York. Was 
engineer with Western Electric Company, American 
Telephone and Telegraph Company and National Broad- 
casting Company. Entered picture business in 1928. 

STROMBERG, HUNT: Associate producer. Metro- 
Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures. Culver City. Cal. ; b. Louis- 
ville, Ky. ; h. 6 feet; brown hair and eyes; w. 105 
pounds; e. Louisville. Following the completion of his 
schooling, he became a newspaper reporter and for Ave 
years did reportorial work and became wellknovvn as a 
sports writer of the St. Louis Times, then went to 
New York to accept the post of advertising and pub- 
licity director of tile Goldvvyn Company, and in 1919 
went to California with Thomas H. Ince and be- 
came his personal representative. In 19211 he entered 
the independent producing field, starring Doris May in 
a series of comedy-dramas which were released through 
Metro. He next became allied with Producers' Dis- 
tributing Corporation (Pro-Dis-Co.). producing the 
Priscilla Dean and Harry Carey productions and a 
number of all-star specials. Among the pictures he 
personally directed were "Paint and Powder." "The 
Siren of Seville." and "The Fire Patrol." In 1925 he 
became affiliated with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer as an 
associate producer, which position he still is holding. 
In this capacity he has been the producer of many well- 
known films, including "The Single Standard." "The 
Bridge of San Luis Key," "Our Dancing Daughters," 
"White Shadows of the South Seas," "Our Modern 
Maidens," "Our Blushing Brides." "Dance. Fools. 
Dance." "The Easiest Way," "The Wet Parade," 
"Guilty Hands," etc. 

SULLIVAN, CHARLES E.: Vice-president of RKO 
Productions, Inc.; b. Quincy, Mass., March 2. 1890; 
e. public preparatory and high schools of Quincy. later 
attending the Lowell Institute in Boston and the 
Rhode Island School of Design. Served an apprentice- 
ship in a brass and iron foundry and machine shop. 
At the expiration of his apprenticeship be went into 
the shops of the old Fore-River Ship and Building 
corporation, working on both naval and commercial 
projects: during this period he was employed on the 
construction of batleships, submarines, destroyers and 
all the varied types of naval craft. In 1911 he joined 
the General Fire Extinguisher Company as assistant 
superintendent of its brass foundry, holding this posi- 
tion for two years. In 1913 he returned to the Fore- 
River plant, and remained as assistant superintendent 
of the big shops until 1917. At that time he was 
made material engineer and placed in charge of all 
materials subject to naval inspection and testing. 
He retained this important post during the exacting 
period of the war, and continued in this capacity until 
August. 1921. In '1921 resigned his post with the 
Bethlehem corporation, the name of which formerly 
was Fore-River plant, to develop some property he 
had in Ouincy. In March. 1923 returned to the Beth- 
lehem corporation to accept a position on the general 
manager's staff. He remained there until 1926. On 
that date he joined Joseph P. Kennedy in the motion 
picture industry, becoming assistant treasurer and 
later also manager of exchange operation of the F B O 
pictures corporation. In August. 1927, he was sent 
to the studios in Hollywood as vice-president, and re- 
mains as vice-president of the new RKO Productions, 
Inc., which has superceded F B O. 

TAMAYO, FERNANDO C. : Director of Spanish 
publicity, Columbia Pictures Corp.; b. Venezuela, 
Smith America. His first connection with motion pic- 
tures was in the summer of 1910; played small parts for 
Pike's Peak Photoplay Co., Otis B. Thayer directing, 
and some Westerns in Colorado Springs. Col. Two 
years in the U. S. Army during the world war; en- 
tered the general export business after his discharge. 
In 19211 he returned to motion pictures, acting as pur- 
chasing agent, broker and salesman to Latin-American 
trade. Adapted and translated titles into Spanish, 
doing this work for three years for Argentine American 
Film Corporation; Fox. two years; also some transla- 
tions for United Artists, MGM. and several independent 
distributors. On sales force of AmerAnglo Corp- 
oration for several years, one year in the foreign 
department of Tiffany Productions. Wrote adaptation 
and dialogue for first real feature production in Spanish, 
"Sombras de Gloria," a version of "Blaze o' Glory," 
for Sono-Art. Returned from the West Coast after 
supervising the dialogue and collaborating in direction 
of the all-Spanish talking feature, "La Cautivadora," 
original production completed for Iberia Productions, 
Inc. "Dubbed" a series of Monkey comedies into Span- 
ish for Tiffany Productions. Formerly chief of Latin- 
American department of AmerAnglo Corporation. 

THALBERG. IRVING: r. n. Irving Grant Thalberg; 
b. Brooklyn, N. Y., May 30. 1899; e. public, private 
and night, schools in Brooklyn: m. Norma Shearer, 
professional; has one son, Irving, Jr. Began with Uni- 
versal as secretary, then became private secretary to 
Carl Laemmle, Sr.. and remained in that capacity for 
two years. Became general manager and director for 
Universal, then joined Louis B. Mayer productions as 
production head, and when Mayer and Metro-Goldwyn 
affiliated he was named product.on manager for Metro- 

THOMPSON, DAVID H.: Artist's representative. 
Hollywood; b. New York City, May 4. 1880; h. 5 feet 
10 inches; dark brown hair and eyes; w. 210 pounds; ]>. 
Elizabeth and David Thompson, non-professionals; e. 
Morris high school and New York law college: m. 
Eleanor G. Thompson, non-professional; hy. boxing, 
golf and howling. Stage experience from 1904 to 1900 
with Pro, lor Stork Company of New York City. 
Started his screen career with Edison Film Company in 
1910; with Thanhouser Film Company from 1911 to 
1914; with Metro from 1914 to 1921 as director and 
executive; with Fox 1921 to 1923; with First National 
from 1923 to 1928; Fox Movietone, 1928 to 1929. From 
1929 to present has been artist's representatives. Holly- 
wood. Now in the agency business. 

TRACEY. LESTER ANDREW: Chief electrician. 
Tec-Art Studios, Inc., Cal.; b. Fort Lee. N. .1., 


Columbia Pictures Corporation $3,500,000 

Educational Studios 750,000 

Fox Film Corporation 25,500,000 


Metropolitan Sound Studios 1,290,000 

Paramount-Publix 20,500,000 

Radio Pictures Studio 10,000,000 

Roach, Hal, Studio 500,000 

Sennett, Mack, Studio 2,000,000 

Tec-Art Studios 650,000 

Tiffany Productions 810,009 

United Artists Corp 2,500,000 

Universal Pictures Corp 3,500,000 

Other Studios 5,010,009 


February 21. 1899; p. Mary and George Tracey; e. 
completed Fort Lee grammar school and short course 
in electrical engineering at U. S. Navy School ; m. Ida 
M. Kohberg; no children. Has been in studio and 
laboratory work since 1915 with the exception of two 
and one-half years. 

ULLMAN. S. GEORGE: Vice-President, Harry 
Wurtzel — S. George Ullman Ltd.; b. New York City, 
Sept. 19, 1893; p. Anna and Isadore; e. Chicago Uni- 
versity (Law), New York University (Industrial 
Engineering); m Beatrice Mallet; three children, 
Daniel Bruce, 13. Robert Warren, 8, Brenda. 3. Man- 
aged and developed Rudolph Valentino and supervised 
production of his pictures. At present, managing 
Erich Von Stroheim. Alec Francis, Thornton Freeland, 
Josephine Dunn. etc.. etc. 

UNGAR. ARTHUR: Associate producer Universal 
Pictures Corporation; b. Chicago. 111., August 27. 
1886; p. Emil and Bertha Rosett Ungar: e. public 
school No. 103, New Y'ork, Morris high school. New 
Y'ork, and New York University Law School; m. Ella 
Mae Bequette, New York, Buffalo, Chicago, Pittsburgh 
and Cleveland. Has had experience on dailies, as a 
business manager, with burlesque shows and as secre- 
tary and general manager of Independent burlesque 
circuit: produced shorts in 1912; became general man- 
ager of Asher and Goldregen productions in 1913; 
managed Van Cuslin theatre, Schenectady, also Or- 
pheum, Detroit ; owned and operated Ridgewood Opera 
House, Ridgewood, N. J., also produced in association 
with Wilson Collison. "The Girl with Carmine Lips," 
at Punch and Judy theatre. New York, and "Sweet 
Petunia." on the road. Was with Variety from 1914 
to 1930 and also "Clipper," owned by Variety. Joined 
Universal as associate producer in 1930. 

VERR1CO. ALFREDO: General director of Dominant 
Film Productions, Inc. ; b. Naples, Italy, October 23, 
1897; h. 5 feet 6% inches: dark brown hair and eyes; 
w. 148 pounds; p. Pietro and Ida Verrico, professionals; 
e. Naples high school and Naples university; m. 
Florence Watwood. publicist; hy. grand operas, sym- 
phonies, and arts in general. No stage or screen ex- 
perience. At the age of 16 years he was editor of 
II Grido Delia Folia, Italian newspaper, afterward 
editor-in-chief of La Riscossa, La Rassegna and II 
Manicomio and general manager of II Solletico. Is 
the author of nine books published in Italian and 
translated into seven other languages; local manager for 
the states of New England for the Encyclopedia 
Britannica and manager of the Italian department for 
the Book of Knowledge: publicity director and advance 
manager of San Carlo Grand Opera Company: impres- 
sario of Italian Grand Opera Company and general 
manager of Boston English Opera. Six years in Holly- 
wood, editor of II Cinemateatreo, motion picture maga- 
zine published in four languages, namely, Italian, 
French, Spanish and English. Founded the Verrico- 
gram news agency in Hollywood, exclusively for motion 
pictures, serving 1.760 newspapers and magazines 
throughout the world. Organized Italotone Film Pro- 
ductions. Inc. 

VOLCK. ADALBERT GEORGE: Vice president of 
Myron Selznick, Inc., and vice president and treasurer 
of Frank Jovce-Myron Selznick. Ltd. ; b. on ranch near 
Houston, Texas. August 0, 1886; h. 6 feet U inch; 
grayish black hair and brown eyes: w. 171 pounds; p. 
Elizabeth Bell Bates and George Andrews Volck, non- 
professionals; e. by tutors brought from Germany; m. 
Helen Halstead. non-Drof essional ; hy. work, writing, 
engineering and scientific research, finance and foreign 
travel. Member. American Society of Civil Engineers; 
lieutenant commander. Civil Engineering Corps, -V (S) 
United States Navy Reserve; American Institue of Elec- 
trical Engineers; American Society of Mechanical Engi- 
neers; military engineer member. Society of American 
Military Engineers; associate member. United States 
Naval institute ; active member. Society of Motion Pic- 
tures Engineers; member. Technicians Branch, Academy 
of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences; member, Societe 
des Ingenieurs Civils de France; Registered civil engi- 
neer. State of California. June to September. 1904. with 
Wilmer Waldo, C. E. October, 1905. to May. 1907. 
with O'Rourke Engineering and Construction Company, 

Key to Abbreviations 

b. born 

div. - -- -- -- -- -- divorce 

e. educated 

h. - height 

hy. hobby 

m. married 

p. - -- -- parents 

r.n. - -- - - real name 

w. weight 

New Y'ork City. May. 1907. to August, 1910, with 
New Y'ork Central and Hudson River Railroad Com- 
pany. December. 1910, to August. 1911, with Red 
Hook Light and Power Company. 1911 to 1913, Inspec- 
tion trip to Panama for study of construction and engi- 
neering methods. Six months with New York Edison 
Company. From 1914 to February, 1917, In Europe for 
study, observation and investigation of engineering and 
business methods in England, France, Italy, Sicily. 
Switzerland, Spain and North Africa. January. 1918, 
to June. 1920, with the United States Shipping Board, 
Emergency Fleet Corporation, in Washington under 
Admiral Bowles, then with Headquarters in New Y'ork 
City as resident engineer under Admiral Kousseau, 
then as Chief Engineer of the Northern Atlantic Dis- 
trict, Chairman of the Organization and Efficiency 
Committee. Northern Atlantic District, and Chairman 
of the Technical Staff and Board. Northern Atlantic 
District and other concurrent appointments; and later 
District Manager. June, 1920. to May, 1921, foreign 
travel. May 1921, to February, 1922, research work, 
financial studies anil general consulting engineering 
work for Warren F. Hayes, correspondents for Clarence 
HodSOD & Company, Inc., June. 1922, to Los Angeles 
as vice president in charge of finance and production. 
Selznick Pictures Corporation and vice president of 
Select Pictures Corporation. Later with Robinson-Cole 
Studio; tljen special financial and consulting work in 
connection with other motion picture enterprises. With 
Thomas 11. Lnce Studios as assistant production mana- 
ger, assistant general production manager, organization 
and efficiency engineer and chief engineer. February. 
1925. to April, 1928, with Cecil li. DcMille Pictures 
Corporation as assistant general manager and chief engi- 
neer. February. 1929, to the present date as vice 
president of Myron Selznick, Inc.. and also vice presi- 
dent and treasurer of Frank Joyce-Myron Selznick. Ltd. 

WADE, MERLE: Producer: b. Okalahoma City. 
Okla., 1907; h. 5 feet 10 inches; blond hair and hazel 
eyes; w. 150 pounds; p. Eflie Chouteau and James 
Wade, non-professionals; e. Wichita (Kan.) high school 
and the University of California. Los Angeles; not 
married; hy. polo. Stage experience consists of appear- 
ing in stock in New York City; screen experience as a 

WALLIS. HAL B. : Co-executive in charge of pro- 
duction. First National studios, Burbank, Cal. ; b. 
Chicago, 111. ; e. in Chicago. Entered the motion pic- 
ture industry in 1922. To learn the distribution and 
exhibition phases of the industry he obtained a position 
as manager in a Los Angeles theatre. Later was 
placed in charge of the publicity department of Warner 
Bros., for a year and left to join Principal Pictures 
Corporation, returning to Warner Bros, seven months 
later. In charge of studio management of First Na- 
tional when Warner Bros, and First National con- 
solidated. Held title of studio manager and later asso- 
ciate in charge of production at First National Vita- 
phone plant. 

WANGER, WALTER: Vice President. Columbia 
Pictures; b. San Francisco. CaJ. ; m. Justine Johnston. 
Theatrical career was first with Granville Barker, Eng- 
lish producer: in 1917 with Charles Bryant, he pre- 
sented the Nazibova Season including "Ception Shoals" 
which later became the picture "Out of the Fog"; on 
his discharge from the army where he served eighteen 
months in the air service, he, with the Theatre Guild, 
produced several plays. 

WARNER, JACK: Vice president in charge of pro- 
duction, Warner Bros. -First National Studios. Burbank. 
<al.; b. London, Ontario, Can.; p. Mr. and .Mr*. 
Benjamin Warner, non-professional; e. Baltimore 
schools. When he had finished school he joined his 
brothers. Harry and Albert, in the opening of a bi- 
cycle shop at Y'oungstown. Ohio, and in that venture, 
being the youngest, he was errand boy, clerk and gen- 
eral handy man about the place. Then the time came 
when the Warner brothers opened their first theatre 
at Newcastle, Pa., where he felt at home, for he liad 
developed a good tenor voice and used to sing illus- 
trated songs. While not thus occupied he did the 
usual run of jobs that are necessary around a small 
theatre. At the time Warner Bros, opened its excliange 
at Pittsburgh and then established Warner Features, 
he again found a congenial field. He inspected the 
pictures that were being considered and on his judg- 
ment Harry Warner, then as now executive of the 
firm, rested his decision on them. When the Warners 
fell upon hard times and separated. Jack went to 
Hollywood and studied the methods of picture pro- 
duction; producing a series of Al St. John and Monte 
Banks comedies and also animal serials. 

At the time when the Warner brothers joined again 
to produce "My Four Years in Germany." Jack had 
begun to find that production was his true field. He 
took an active part in the artistic direction of that 
picture which set the Warner Bros, on their feet and 
started them on the road to success. With the for- 
tunes of the firm re-established, the Warner brothers 
decided they needed a studio on the West Coast and 
he went out to take an active part in its direction. 
He was later called East, during the development ot 
Vitaphone, to participate in the perfection of the 
talking picture. After the success of Vitaphone was 
established and the making of Vitaphone pictures was 
moved to the Hollywood Studio, he took charge of their 
direction and production. 

It has been largely due to the artistic vision of Jack 
Warner that so many fine pictures have emanated from 
the Warner Bros, studio. He is now vice president in 
charge of production for Warner Brothers Pictures. 
Inc.. and for the Vitaphone Corporation. In addition 
to having charge of the large Warner Brothers Holly- 
wood Studio he is now also directing the operations 
of the First National Studio on the Coast. 

WEEKS, H. KEITH : Executive manager. Fox Film 
Corporation: Fox Movietone Studio, Beverly Hills. Cal.: 
b. New Y'ork City; p. Arthur H. and Annabel Keith; 
e. Syracuse University (engineering!. Yale (Ph.D.). 
Yale Law School; m. Ruth Manson Day; one daughter, 
Olive Keith Weeks. Was engineer for Andian National 
Corporation, Ltd., Colombia. S. A., 1925; assistant to 
the assistant secretary of the United States Treasury. 
1920-27; chief structural engineer. Fox Film Corpora- 
tion, 1928. Became executive manager. Fox Movietone 
Studio in 1929. 

WEISFELDT, M. 1.: Vice president and director. 
Talking Picture Epics. Inc.. also general manager of 
Martin Johnson African Expedition Pictures Corpora- 
tion: b. Milwaukee. Wis.. October 22, 1889: e. in public 
schools of Milwaukee; m. Helen Levin, 1915, divorced 




in March. 1920, anil married Alma Moore Waters in 
October. 1929; has a son, Jerome. Was a musician in 
his early teens and at the age of 15 left with a 
minstrel troupe and band: adopted theatricals as a 
profession in his early boyhood days; also trouped in 
vaudeville. Later formed a partnership with Will J. 
Harris, composer, publishing music. When IS years 
of age he opened his first exclusive motion picture 
theatre in the state of Wisconsin, locating at Plymouth. 
Sold his theatre interests in 1913. and opened the 
Majestic theatre. Milwaukee, in 1913, and the Bijou 
theatre. Minneapolis, in competition with Samuel J. 
(Boxy) Hothafel, who was operating the Lyric in 
Minneapolis. Sold his interests in the Bijou, Minne- 
apolis, and opened the Empire theatre, Chicago, show- 
ing straight pictures. In 1914 produced vaudtville acts 
and musical tabloids; then joined Mutual Film Cor- 
poration in Minneapolis as special sales representative. 
Advanced to branch manager of Mutual at Omaha. 
1915-17; later in 1917 became branch manager of 
Mutual in Chicago. Organized Wholesome Films Cor- 
poration; then produced "Cinderella and the Magic 
Slipper." "Little Red Riding Hood." and "The Penny 
Philanthropist." In 1918 joined Fox Film Corporation 
at Minneapolis as branch manager; in 1921 branch 
manager for Fox in Cleveland; in 1922 became assistant 
managing director of Fox Film Company, Ltd.. of 
Great Britain; in 1923 joined FBO as district man- 
ager. Central West; in 1926 became Wi stern sales 
manager, FBO, San Francisco; and in 1927 joined 
Frank It. Wilson of New York, talking pictures and 
sound instruments; then became general manager of 
Martin Johnson African Expedition Pictures Corpora- 
tion. In 1929, with Frank R. Wilson and Daniel E. 
Pomeroy, organized Talking Picture Epics, Inc.. and 
was elected vice-president and director. Personally 
conceived, edited, and directed, the talking picture 
sequences in "Hunting Tigers in India," "Wild Men 
of Kalahari," "Lost Gods," Mr. ami Mrs. Gifford 
Pinchot in "South Seas." "Bottom of the World." 
"Let's Sing." Dr. Raymond L. Ditmars Interview 

WELSH. ROBERT E. : Producer; b. New York City. 
1893; e. Fordham University; wrote sport material for 
New York American while there. After graduation ran 
newspaper in Bayonne, N. J. ; took active interest in 
politics and assisted strongly with Woodrow Wilson 
campaign; left New Jersey in 1913 and joined staff 
of New York American. Entered amusement field 
through Dramatic Mirror; served in old Kalem Company 
as advertising manager; became news editor and then 
managing editor of Motion Picture News; next move 
was to Moving Picture World, which he left to accept 
position as assistant to the president of Associated 
Exhibitors: joined Universal in 192G as advertising 
manager; in October. 1927. was chosen personal repre- 
sentative of Carl Laemmie. and in May, 1928, was 
appointed to position of general manager of Universal 
City, from which position he resigned and returned 
to New York; with Frank Shea, has recently formed 
Welshay Producers, producing short subjects at Tec- 
Art Studio. 

WEST, ROLAND: Associate producer. United Ar- 
tists Corporation; b. Cleveland. Ohio. 1887; p. Mar- 
garet Van Tassel, professional; m. Jewel Carmen, re- 
tired professional. Has been actor, playwright, director, 
producer. First experience as an actor in a juvenile 
role in "The Volume." at a Cleveland theatre. Ad- 
vanced rapidly as a juvenile actor and at the age of 
17 had the role of Emmet Corrigan in "Jockey Jones." 
The next season he collaborated on a vaudeville sketch, 
starring his own playlet for a period of years. Became 
a producer of short dramatic acts and comedy skits 
for Loew's Circuit; later produced his own acts, booking 
them over several circuits. With Joseph Schenck 
produced their first picture. "Lost Souls," which he 
directed. Became general manager of the company 
but preferred the creative end of the industry and 
directed Norma Talniadge in "De Luxe Annie." Left 
the picture industry for two years to produce "The 
Unknown Purple" on the legitimate stage. Returned 
to Hollywood as associate producer with United 
Artists. In addition to producing, he writes his own 
scripts and directs. Among his successful productions 
are "The Unknown Purple," "The Monster," "The 
Bat." "The Dove," starring Norma Talmadge. and 
"Alibi," his first talking picture, introducing Chester 
Morris to the screen. Also directed "The Bat 
Whispers. " 

WHITE, JACK: Executive and supervising director, 
a lsu producer of short product; b. Austria, Hungary. 
March 2. 1897 ; e. New York. Vienna, Los Angeles ; 
by. hunting and fishing. Entered pictures in 1910. 
Made Educational comedies. Jack White Productions. 

WILLIAMS, ROGER : Production supervisor of 
William Miller Productions: b. Berlin. Germany; e. 
Denver. Col.. Colorado School of Mines (1913). Started 
with tlie old Selig Polyscope and has been technical 
advisor and production supervisor with various com- 
panies up to present time. Has had picture experi- 
ence, as an actor, director and production supervisor. 

YOUNG. RICHARD P.: Producing director and 
owner, Richard P. Young Productions; b. Maysville, 
Ky.. November 17. 1807; p. Mr. and Mrs. H. W. 
Young; e. Woodward high school. Cincinnati, and a 
short time at the University of Cincinnati and the 
t'liiversity of Southern California; also studied law; is 
mil married. Wrote a number of Christie and Strand 
comedies, later a member of the Fox News Reel staff. 
Was director of productions for Rommel] Motion Picture 
Company of Cincinnati, later director for Argus Enter- 
prises of Cleveland. Became connected with the Fox 
Studios in Hollywood, and now is owner and director 
of his own organization, making educationals. Re- 
cently was appointed a member of the advisory com- 
iniucc of the Industrial and Educational Film Division, 
U. S. Department of Commerce, by Secretary Lamont. 

ZANUCK. DARRYL F. : 1). Wahoo. Neb.; h. 5 feet 
7',4 Inches; brown hair and blue gray eyes; w. 130 
pounds; p. Louise and Frank II. Zanuck; non profes- 
sionals; e. Oakdale, Neb., high school: m. Virginia 
Pox, ex-professional; has one daughter, born Aug. 28. 
1931, Darrylln Zanuck; by. writing good stories. Asso- 
ciated in the production of the following pictures: 

"The Broadway Butterfly. Hie Limited Mall," 
"Eve's Lover," "Hogan's Allow" "On Thin Ice," In 
1925 ; "The Cave Man." "Three Weeks in Paris." "The 
Little Irish Girl." "Oh What a Nurse." "Across the 
Pacific," "Footloose Widows," "The Better 'Olc." In 
1920; "The Missing Link." "Wolf's Clothing." "Old 
San Francisco," "Good Time Charlie," "Ham and 





Months from Jan. 1, 

1931, to N 

ov. 30, 1931, Inclusive 



Percentage of 

Percentage of 




Number of 



Number of 




of Men 

Paid Men 


of Women 




$ 195.00 

































Over $15.00 












Wage Number of 

Rate Placements 

$3.00 10 

5.00 2,585 

7.50 1,421 

10.00 437 

12.50 61 

15.00 107 

Over $15.00 14 

Total 4,635 








Over $15.00 

Total overtime. 

Percentage of 
of Boys 



Paid Boys 



Number of 


Percentage of 

of Girls 












of Total 




Total Wages 

Total Wages 



































Average daily placement— men 
Average daily placement — women 


Average daily placement — children 23 

Total average daily placement 621 

Average daily interview 35 

Average daily cancellation 20 

Average Daily Wage 9.34 

Eggs at the Front." in 1927 ; and "The First Auto." 
"Noah's Ark," "Singing Fool" and "My Man," (in 
collaboration! "Tenderloin," "State Street Sadie" and 
"The Desired Woman." In 1928, Associate Executive 
in charge of Warner Bros. Pic, one production; In 
1929-30. General Production chief, Warner Bros. 
Pictures. Inc.; in 1931. Chief Executive in charge of 
all productions Warner Bros, and First National 
studios, in association with Jack L. Warner, Vice 
President, Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc. 

ZEHNER. HARRY H.: Assistant general manager 
and asisstant to Carl Laemmie. Jr.. at Universal Pic- 
tures studios. Universal City. Cal. ; b. New York City. 
July 25. 1888; p. Joseph and Louise Zehner: e. New 
York City public schools. DeWitt Clinton high school 

Members of Independent 
Producers Association 

(Announced as of March 23, 1932) 

Bud Barsky 
C. C. Burr 

C C. Burr Prod. 
Trent Carr 

Trem Carr Prod. 
Larry Darmour 

Darmour Prod. 
Phil (ioldstone 
Victor and Edward 
I lalperin 

Halperin Prod. 

Albert Herman 

A Hii i! Herman Prod. 
M II. Hoffman 

Allied Productions 
Charles Hutchinson 

Chas. Hutchinson 
Kmil Jensen 

Patrician Pictures 
Burton King 

Burton King Prod. 
Sol Lesser 
Louis Lewyn 

Louis Lewyn Prod. 
Ralph Like 

Ralph Like Prod. 

Alfred Mannon 

Supreme Features 
dene Marcus 

Principal Att. 
Xat Ross 

Nat Ross Prod. 
Morris Schlank 
Premier Att. 
Harry Sherman 

Welshay Prod. 
Nat. H. Spitzer 
Natural Prod. 
Richard Talmadge 
Richard Talmadge 
Henry Taylor 

Natiorral Players, Ltd 
(ieorge W. Weeks 

Action Pictures 
Ben Ziedman 

Ben Ziedman Prod. 
J. (I. Hawks 
Charles St alliums 
Reginald Barker 

Adventure Films 
Nat Levine 

Mascot Pictures Cor- 

and Miller Business Institute. New York; m. Mary 
Terry Pratt; has two children. Was secretary to the 
inspector general and chief surgeon. N.H.D.V.S. ; as- 
sistant credit manager of Armour and Company; assist- 
ant manager of the Waldorf-Astoria hotel. New York, 
for five years; private secretary to Carl Laemmie for 
five years; now also assistant to Carl Laemmie. Jr.; 
has been with Universal for twelve years; served as 
battalion sergeant major in the A. E. F. in the World 
war; is Chairman of the Board of Directors of the 
233 Club of Hollywood, a Masonic club of actors, 
writers, executives, directors, and technicians, with a 
membership of 1,500. Is a member of Hollywood Lodge 
355. F. and A. M. ; Los Angeles Consistory A. A. 
Scottish Rite. 32d degree; Al Malaikah Temple. 
O.N.M. Shrine; Universal City Post 1267. Veterans 
of Foreign Wars; Hollywood Post 43. American Legion; 
colonel. Sergeant Post 1. Veterans of the A.E.F. 
(Siberia); Kennel 1, Yellow Dogs of U.S.A. 

ZEIDMAN. BENNIE F.: Associate producer. Holly- 
wood; b. Philadelphia. Pa.. October 4. 1895; p. Jo- 
seph and Gertrude Zeldman; e. Philadelphia public 
schools; is married. Was publicity manager for Doug- 
las Fairbanks; producer of independent pictures; execu- 
tive assistant to the general manager of Universal 
Pictures; executive assistant to Jack Warner, produc- 
tion chief of Warner Bros. ; associate producer for 
Paramount. Recently resigned as associate producer 
for Columbia Pictures Corporation. Now producer of 
independent pictures operating as Bennle F. Zeldman 
Productions, Ltd. 

ZIEGFELD, FLORENZ: b. Chicago. 1SG9: m. Billie 
Burke, professional. His first enterprise in tho amuse- 
ment world started when he was sent to Europe by his 
father to assemble talent for the World's Fair in 
Chicago in 1893. Later he toured with liingling 
Brothers' circus, managing Sandow. the Strong Man. 
and after this went to Europe where be discovered 
Anna Held. In 1913 he joined with Ned Wavtmrn 
and created the famous "Midnight Frolic." Some of 
the most outstanding successes of Ziegfcld are: "The 
Follies." "Sally." "Kid Boots." "Louis the 14th." 
"Rio Rita." "Rosalie." "The Three Musketeers." 
"Show Boat" and "Whoopee." starring Eddie Cantor. 
In 1929 Ziegfcld signed with Goldwyn and they have 
screened "Rio Rita." "Glorifying the American Girl." 
and the immensely successful "Whoopee." 

ZIERLER. SAMUEL: Motion picture producer, 
president of James Cruze Productions. Inc. (Ltd. i; 
b. Brooklyn, N. Y.. 1895: married and has two chil- 
dren. Has silent his entire business life In the motion 
picture Industry. Darly experience was with General 
Film Company, thence to Universal Pictures Correla- 
tion: resigned as New York branch manager In 1919 
to organize his own company. Besides his producing 
interests, he Is active in theatre owning and financing 
companies. He lives in Hollywood (formerly al Wood- 
mere. l». I.). 




Board of Review Selections 

City Lights 
City Streets 
Front Page, The 
Guardsman, The 
Quick Millions 

Around the World in Eighty Minutes 
Bad Girl 
Champ, The 
Little Caesar 
Public Enemy, The 
Sin of Madelon Claudet, The 

Smiling Lieutenant, The 
Street Scene 
Trader Horn 

Die Dreigroschenoper 
(The Beggar's Opera) 
Das Lied vom Leben 
(The Song of Life) 
Le Million 
(The Million) 
Sous les Toits de Paris 
(Under the Roofs of Paris) 
Vier von der Infanterie 
(Comrades of 1918) 


The activities of the Motion Picture Pro- 
ducers and Distributors of America, Inc., quite 
naturally divide themselves into two categories : 
the coordination of industrial relationships and 
trade practices as they affect its individual 
members and the industry generally, and the 
reciprocal interpretation of the industry to the 
public and the public to the industry. The 
emphasis for the year 1931 has been on this 
interpretive function. 

The Open Door 

The phrase, "The Open Door," has been 
variously interpreted. It is merely an attempt 
to symbolize that objective of the association 
which manifests itself in continuing contact 
with thousands of individuals and organized 
groups in the hope of developing better under- 
standing of the industry's problem in serving 
the public with motion picture entertainment, 
and the problem of minority groups in accept- 
ing a product which manifestly must be made 
for general public consumption. Extent of in- 
terest manifested by the correspondence pass- 
ing through the Open Door during the year 
1931 has exceeded that of any previous year. 


That undoubtedly is in part a consequence 
of the interest in and the publicity given to 
the Production and Advertising Codes. The 
former became effective on February 17, 1930 
and the latter on June 6, 1930. The public is 
now well informed of the purpose of the Codes 
and has taken an active interest in checking 
up their operations. It is still little understood 
that the Production and Advertising Codes are 
an evolution rather than an arbitrary code of 
procedure created by the industry itself. Yet 
the whole success of the Production and Ad- 
vertising Codes, and they have operated more 
successfully than might reasonably have been 
expected, is attributable alone to the fact that 
they are only a collation of the multitude of 
individual and public reactions to motion pic- 
tures over the period of almost ten years. 

Studio Relations Committee 

With the adoption of the code, the function 
of the Studio Relations Committee became 
largely an interpretive one. Does the subject 
matter, proposed treatment, and suggested im- 
port of a picture conform with the spirit of 
the Code? And the Studio Relations Com- 
mittee must supply the answer. The relatively 
small amount of friction between the individual 
producer adherents to the Codes and the in- 
terpretive machinery making it effective is 
probably the outstanding achievement of the 
association as a collective industry enterprise 
for the year 1931. 

Previewing of Pictures 

But the achievement of a motion picture 
product which would obviate the majority of 
criticism on moral and ethical grounds — which 
after all is the purpose of the Advertising and 
Production Codes — is of little significance un- 
less its counterpart in an extended public sup- 
port of the pictures so made is realized. With 
that in mind, the association extended every 
facility at its disposal to the public groups who 
had contributed to the development of the 
Codes, for the viewing of pictures made under 
them. These groups selected Mrs. Thomas G. 
Winter, formerly president of the General 
Federation of Women's Clubs, as a repre- 
sentative they wished to function in the Studio 
Relations setup and to assist in their organ- 
izing a preview service. To the previewing 
committees of the American Library Associa- 
tion, the Boy Scouts of America, the California 
Congress of Parents and Teachers, the Daugh- 
ters of the American Revolution, the General 
Federation of Women's Clubs, the Interna- 
tional Federation of Catholic Alumnae, the 
Los Angeles Branch, American Association of 
University Women and the Young Men's 

Christian Association during the past year 
have been added preview committees of the 
Federated Church Brotherhoods of California, 
the National Council of Jewish Women and 
the Society of New England Women. 


After a complete year's operation of the 
industry's self-imposed program for determin- 
ing the character of pictures to conform to a 
definitized ethical and moral policy, a sum- 
mary of results becomes most interesting : 

1. The previewing groups have recommend- 
ed approximately 80 per cent of the feature 
pictures seen and 70 per cent of the short 
subjects reviewed. Twenty per cent of the 
photoplays have been recommended as especial- 
ly suited and entertaining for children between 
8 and 12 years of age. 

2. The communities organized for the sup- 
port of approved pictures and special programs 
for children now number well over a thousand. 

3. The support of these groups has made 
a number of pictures successful during the 
year which heretofore would have been box 
office failures. Their operation has in no way 
affected the normal draw of a picture with 
the habitual motion picture audience. Its in- 
fluence has been entirely through bringing new 
clientele to the motion picture theatres. 

4. Apart from general protest of types of 
photoplays, negative criticism has been more 
and more limited to the extremists — the pro- 
fessional conservatives and the advocates of 
an untrammeled art. 

5. A larger number of artistic and popular 
successes have come from Hollywood since 
the adoption of the Codes than in any previous 
similar period of time. 


The National Board of Review of Motion 
Pictures was originated in 1909 by the People's 
Institute of New York City as a medium of 
reflecting intelligent public opinion regarding a 
growing art and entertainment. This is still 
the Board's function, together with that of dis- 
seminating information on the subject of motion 
pictures and carrying on a constructive program 
having to do with community cooperation in the 
advancement and uses of the art. 

The National Board is a disinterested volun- 
teer citizen body with community group affili- 
ations in various parts of the country. It is 
opposed to legal censorship and in favor of the 
constructive better films method. It is at all 
times glad to cooperate with any outside agency 
to encourage and guide the motion picture in 
developing its possibilities as a great medium 
of expression. 

It carries on its work through various com- 
mittees : 

The General Committee — a body evolved out 
of the original group organized in 1909. It is 
the appeal and central advisory committee of 
the National Board. 

The Executive Committee — composed of mem- 
bers of the General Committee, is the directing 
body of the National Board, charged with the 
formulating of policies, the election of members, 
the expenditure of funds and the supervision 
of all administrative affairs. Judge John R. 
Davies was elected by the Executive Committee 

as Chairman of the board in March to succeed 
Dr. Walter W. Pettit. Judge Davies has served 
for several years on the National Board's Ex- 
ecutive Commtitee, and has been prominent in 
the affairs of the organization. 

The Review Committee — the large group of 
two hundred and fifty members carrying on the 
actual work of reviewing the films. 

The Membership Committee — which super- 
vises the membership list of the Review Com- 
mittee and recommends the names of proposed 
new members for consideration by the Execu- 
tive Committee. 

The Exceptional Photoplays Committees — 
composed of critics and students of the motion 
picture. It reviews and publishes a critique of 
the finest films. 

The National Board of Review carries on 
through its Better Films National Council de- 
partment the contact work with groups and 
individuals throughout the country who are 
actively interested or engaged in the work for 
the best social usage of the motion picture. 

The National Board has continued the pub- 
lication of its monthly, "The National Board 
of Review Magazine," a journal containing 
articles of general interest on motion pictures, 
a forum on better films activity, and reviews 
of exceptional and selected pictures. Other 
regular publications are the two weeklies, 
"The Guide to Selected Pictures" and "The 
Official Bulletin." The Annual Selected Pic- 
tures Catalog and Annual Selected Book-Films 
List were issued as usual, the latter in co- 
operation with the National Association of 
Book Publishers. Classified lists of films have 
been compiled, also. 

Conference and Luncheon 

The Seventh Annual Conference of the Na- 
tional Board of Review was held in New York 
City, January 22 and 24. The general topic of 
the conference was "The Community Plan of 
Motion Picture Support and Interest." 

A number of resolutions were passed at the 
final session of the conference expressing the 
various points treated at the sessions. Particu- 
lar stress was laid upon the community plan 
of motion picture study and this interest was 
expressed in the following resolution: 

WHEREAS, this conference, brought to- 
gether for the purpose of considering the "Com- 
munity Plan of Motion Picture Support and 
Interest," is convinced that the first necessity 
is the sympathetic study of all factors involved 
in the problem of finding the best social uses 
of the motion picture, and that such a study 
should be conducted on a realistic basis which 
directly implies the democratic principle of 
reaching solutions by participation and consent 
of the people, and should find ultimate expres- 
sion through the self-determination of audi- 
ences with regard to the type of entertainment 
the public prefers ; and 

BE IT RESOLVED, that this conference: 

(1) reaffirm its emphatic and unyielding op- 
position to legal censorship, Federal and state, 

(2) reaffirm its belief in the education of 
public opinion and the extension of social or- 
ganization to further such education, and 

(3) reaffirm its faith in the community plan 
for the social use of the motion picture as in- 
terpreted and carried forward in the work of 
the National Board of Review and its affiliated 
citizen groups. 




ft- V ■ 











jFm/ honors by Film 
Daily annual poll . . • 



Overwhelmingly chosen 
by America's foremost 
newspaper critics! 

Directed by Wesley Rug- 
gles , . . Adapted by Howard 
Estabrook . . . From Edna 
Ferber's Novel . . . 





Producer of 


(Won Academy of Motion Picture 
Arts and Sciences Award 1931) 

Are These Our Children? 
Half Shot at Sunrise 
The Cuckoos 
Rio Rita 

Young Donovan's Kid 
Check and Double Check 

(Amos 'n Andy) 
Hit the Deck 
Street Girl 
Beau Geste 

(Won Photoplay Gold Medal 1926) 

Knockout Reilly 

Tin Gods 

The Quarterback 


The Great White Way 

Little Old New York 

Enemies of Women 

The VaUey of Silent Men 

When Knighthood Was In 


(Won Photoplay Gold Medal 1920) 

Actual gross of above 20 pictures, 
$25,000,000. Two million-dollar pic- 
tures per year for eleven years. 





Constance Bennett 



Lady With A Past" 
"Free Lady" 

Ina Claire 



Ann Harding 


"Paris Bound" 



Screen Version and Dialogue 


Screen Version and Dialogue 


Screen Version and Dialogue 


Directed by 


Girl Crazy * - Wheeler & Woolsey 

Young Bride * - Helen Twelvetrees and 

Eric Linden 

R K O— Radio Pictures 




Harry "Joe" Brown 

Associate Producer 



Charles E* Sullivan 

Associate Producer 

RKO-Radio Pictures 




1932 and 1933 SCHEDULE 

Co'Produced and Directed 


The 8th Wonder" (tentative title) 

"The Most Dangerous Man" 
"The Man Without A Face" 


an Alaskan Special 

now associate producer and director RKO — Radio Pictures 

Compliments to 



A Friend 

Edward J. Montagne 

Associate Producer 




Two Against the World" 




in collaboration 






in collaboration 



in collaboration with 

words and music by 


NOW! Writing Original Stories for RKO Radio Pictures 

George Archainbaud 

RKO's Aerial Epic 






are some of the featured comedians 

Directed by 


During His Three and One-Half Years' Association 
With Radio Pictures Studios 



In Production 
"Hell Bent For Election" 

RKO Radio Pictures 

A shining New Era 
in motion picture 
history is emerging 
from the chaos of 
these titanic times. 
The burning spirit 
and skill of RKO 
showmen will help 
speed it in terms of 
box-office smashes 
. . . of which RKO 
Radio-Pathe now 
presents an impos- 
ing array. 







Alexander Film Company 

Colorado Springs, Col. 


J. Don Alexander 

D. M. Alexander 

R. A. Duncan 

Mark Fitzgerald 

Has made a number of industrial motion pictures 
for Kuner-Empson Co., Brighton, Col.; Continental Oil 
Co., Public Service Co., Denver, Col.; Bradley Knitting 
Co., Delavan, Wis.; Florsheim Shoe Co., Chicago; 
Walk-Over Shoe Co., Silent Automatic Corp., Detroit; 
Radio Corporation of America, New York; American 
Safety Razor Co.; Lambert Pharmacal Co.; Pacific 
Coast Borax Co.; Packers Manufacturing Co.; Seeck- 
Kade, Inc.; Forhan Co.; E. Fougera Co.; Zonite 
Products Co. Average footage: from 250 to 2,000 feet; 
total footage of raw stock used annually: negative 
405,101 feet; positive 3,855,044 feet; uses standard, 
35 mm. raw stock. 

Atlantic Film Corporation 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 


Chas. S. Stanton 

John A. Scanlon 

Has made 14 industrial motion pictures in the last year, 
11 for screening in sales departments, 3 for screening 
in theatres. Average footage, 500 feet; total footage of 
raw stock used annually: negative, 30,000 feet; posi- 
tive, 750,000 feet; uses Eastman and Dupont raw 
stock. Several hundred shorts were produced for com- 
mercial and other uses. 

Burton Holmes Lectures, Inc. 

7510 N. Ashland Avenue 
Chicago, III. 


E. Burton Holmes 

Oscar V. Depue 

Burton W. Depue 

W. W. Westcott 

Has made industrial motion pictures in the last year, 
for Eli Lilly and Co., Standard Oil Co. (Ind.), Ameri- 
can Depositor Corp., Radium Service Corp. of America, 
Red Top Steel Post Co., and others, several for 
screening in sales departments. Average footage, 2 to 
4 reels; total footage of raw stock used annually: 
negative, 101,592 feet; positive, 1,940,331 feet; uses 
Eastman panchromatic and super-sensitive negative and 
Eastman positive raw stock. The company is en- 
gaged in both production and presentation of travel 
lectures in conjunction with motion pictures and slides. 
It is also engaged in production and distribution of 
industrial, educational and scientific motion pictures 
and operates a completely equipped sound studio and 
a motion picture laboratory. 

Church and School Film Exchange 

315-317 Polk Building 
Des Moines, Iowa 

E. F. Biddle 
Distributor only. 

Frank R. Church Films 

1719 Jefferson Street 
Oakland, Cal. 
Frank R. Church 

Has made 6 industrial motion pictures in the last 
year, two for screening in sales departments, one for 
screening in theatres. Average footage, 4 reels; total 
footage of raw stock used annually: negative, 50,000 
feet; positive, 250,000 feet; uses Dupont panchromatic 
raw stock. 

DeFrenes and Company 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 

Joseph DeFrenes 

Has made 16 industrial motion pictures in the last 
year for various companies, 2 theatrical, 14 non- 
theatrical. Average footage, 1, 2 and 3 reels, also 4 
reels in color; uses Eastman stock. 

Films of Commerce, Inc. 

35 West ASth Street 
Pathe Building 
New York City 

Don Carlos Ellis 
Henry C. Grant 
Douglas Gordon 

Has made 24 motion pictures on commerce and in- 
dustry in the past year; 8 for screening in sales de- 
partments, 4 for theatres, 8 for educational distribution. 
Average footage, 2 reels; uses non-inflammable Dupont 
35 and 16 mm. stock. 

General Electric Company 

Schenectady, N. Y. 
John G. T. Gilmour 

Has made 25 industrial pictures in the past year. 
Average footage, 1,000 feet; approximate total footage 
of raw stock used annually: negative, 150,000 feet; 
positive, 1,350,000 feet. 

Harcol Motion Picture Industries, Inc. 

610-612 Barrone Street 
New Orleans, La. 
A. Harrison, Jr. 
A. W. Harrison 

Has made 22 reels of industrial motion pictures in 
the last year, for the State of Louisiana and various 
companies, 4 for screening in sales departments. 
Average footage: 1,000 feet; uses all types of raw 
stock. Has a film library of almost 2,000,000 feet. 

Loucks and Norling Studios 

245 West SSth Street 
New York City 


A. H. Loucks and J. A. Norling 

Has made 15 industrial motion pictures in the last 
year, for Associated Gas and Electric System, Western 
Electric Co., Electrical Research Products, Inc., various 

doctors and medical groups, U. S. Steel Corp. and many 
others, all of them for screening in sales promotional 
and educational work. Average footage: one to five 
reels; average two reels; total footage of raw stock 
used annually: negative, 100,000 feet; positive, 1,000,- 
000 feet; uses Eastman and some Dupont raw stock. 

Malkames Educational Film Co. 

Hasleton Pa. 


Don Malkames 

George Malkames 

Carl Malkames 

Has made 5 industrial motion pictures in the last 
year, for many companies, and also has synchronized 
many productions for other companies which produce 
films, as they specialize in sound recording, 3 for 
screening in sales departments, 2 for screening in 
theatres. Average footage, 2,000 feet; total footage 
of raw stock used annually: negative, 50,000; positive, 
100,000; uses Eastman Panchro Type 2 raw stock. 

Metropolitan Motion Picture Co. 

2310 Cass Avenue 
Detroit, Mich. 


Maurice J. Caplan 







1560 Broadway - NEW YORK 


ISfrt Broad**? 






Over N. P C. Nationwide Network 
At 10:30 r. M., E. S T 






Max Smitt 

Arthur Caplan 

Has made 6 industrial motion pictures in the last 
year for Chrysler Corp., all for screening in sales 
departments; 3 more in production: a 10-reel for Henry 
Ford which will be called "The Life Story of Thomas 
A. Edison," a 4-reel for the Kelvinator Company, and a 
3-reel for Federal Motor Truck. Average footage. 
1,000 feet; total footage of raw stock used annually: 
negative, 250,000; positive, 2,000,000; uses Eastman 
raw stock. 

Q.R.S.-DeVry Corporation 

4829 S. Kedzie Avenue 
Chicago, III. 


T. M. Pletcher 

Joseph P. Kxeckner 


Ray-Bell Films, Inc. 

817-823 University Avenue 
St. Paul, Minn. 


R. H. Ray 

C. E. Bell 

A. M. Griswold 

C. A. Nyquist 

Has made about 20 silent and 5 sound industrial 
motion pictures in the last year, for various industrial 
manufacturers, nearly all for screening in sales de- 
partments, three for part theatre screen. Average 
footage, 1 reel, 1,000 feet; uses Eastman Kodak Co. 
raw stock. 

Rowland Rogers Picture Service, Inc. 

151 West 46th Street 
New York City 


Rowland Rogers 

E. J. Wood 

Has made more than 20 reels in the last year, 
about one-half for screening in sales departments, one 
for theatres. Average footage, 1,000 feet; uses East- 
man raw stock. 

Society for Visual Education, Inc. 

327 5". La Salle Street 
Chicago, III. 


M. M. Witham 

B. J. Kleerup 

Irene Gonser 

Produces educational films only and Picturols (still 
film slides). Uses Eastman non-inflammable raw stock. 


(Successor to Stark & Edwards) 
219 W. Centre Street 
Baltimore, Md. 

Milton Stark 

Wiliam Kino 

Harry Vogelstein 
Philip Stark 

This company has made an approximate total of 50 
pictures, of a non-theatrical nature almost exclusively. 
Now equipped for sound recording, production and 
projection. Average footage, 1,500 feet; total footage 
of raw stock used annually: negative, 35,000 feet: 
positive, 100,000 feet, including 16 mm.; uses Eastman 
and Dupont raw stock. 

Strickland Industrial Film Corporation 

163 Walton Street 
Atlanta, Ga. 


Robert B. Strickland 

W. A. Henderson 

V. A. Lambert 

W. L. Welch 
35 mm.) 

Henry White 

Has made 5 industrial motion pictures in the last 
year, for Riverside Military Academy, Spelman Col- 
lege, J. Allen Smith & Company, Coca Cola Company. 
Theatre Advertising Service. 5 for screening in sales 
departments, 5 for screening in theatres. Average 
footage: 800 feet; total footage of raw stock used 
annually; negative, 40,000 feet; positive 125,000 feet. 


A decline in all classifications of copyright 
violations except holdovers was noted by the 
Copyright Protection Bureau during 1931, ac- 
cording to the fifth annual report of the Bureau. 
Instances of holdovers investigated and detected 
during the year were considerably more numer- 
ous than in any preceding year in the history of 
the Bureau. The increase in this type of viola- 
tion was coincident with an increase in percent- 
age contracts, noted during 1931. 


The studios of Warner, Radio, Para- 
mount, Fox, Universal, MGM, in the 
aggregate, are grooming a total of 62 
young players who they believe 
are potential starring material. The 
players are: 


Peggy Shannon 
Ralph Bellamy 

James Dunn 


Alexander Kirk land 
Sally Eilers 

Karen Morley 
Roland Young 
Margaret Perry 

Maureen O'Sullivan 

Dorothy Jordan 
Nora Gregor 
Madge Evans 


Adrianne Allen 
Richard Bennett 
Adrienne Ames 
Clive Brook 
Frances Dee 
Stuart Erwin 
Wynne Gibson 
Cary Grant 
Phillips Holmes 

Miriam Hopkins 


Carole Lombard 
Paul Lukas 
Sari Maritza 
Irving Pichel 
Gene Raymond 
Charles Ruggles 
Randolph Scott 
Sylvia Sidney 
Alison Skipworth 

Creighton Chaney 
Bruce Cabot 
Phyllis Clare 
Rochelle Hudson 

Andy Devine 
Tune Clyde 
Russell Hopton 

Arlene Judge 
Anita Louise 
Julie Haydon 
Gwili Andre 
Eric Linden 


Tom Brown 
Arietta Duncan 
Gloria Stuart 


Bette Davis 
Marian Marsh 
David Manners 
Evalyn Knapp 
Warren Williams 

Helen Vinson 

Allan Lane 
George Brent 
Mae Madison 
Helene Barclay 
Ruth Hall 


With the opening of the 1932-33 story buying 
season, seven producers made these purchases 
in March : 


"Soldiers of the Storm," novel by Thomas Burtis. 
"The Destroyer," story by Harry Hervey. 
Series of Anthony Abbott murder mysteries. 


"The Trial of Vivienne Ware," mystery story by 

Kenneth M. Ellis. 
"The Woman in Room 13," stage play by Samuel 

Shipman and Max Marcin. 


"The Web and the Net," unpublished story by Rich- 
ard Wilmer Rowan. 

"The Claw," melodrama by Henry Bernstein; pro- 
duced for the stage in 1921 by Arthur Hopkins. 

"The Harbourmaster," novel by William McFee. 

"Reunion in Vienna," stage comedy by Robert E. 

"Footlights." story by Clarence Buddington Kelland. 

(In addition, MGM has acquired sound rights for 
remakes of the following silent pictures: "The Tor- 
rent" and "The Temptress," both from novels by 
Vicente Blasco Ibanez. adapted by Dorothy Farnum. 
and released by MGM in 1926.) 


"Wild Waves." stage comedy-drama by William Ford 
Manley (to be released under the title, "The 

"Lone Cowboy," story by Will James. 


"Is My Face Red?", play by Allen Rivkin and Ben 


"Glamour." magazine story by Edna Ferber. 
"Counsellor at Law," stage play by Elmer Rice. 
"Harlem " play by William Jordan Rapp and Wallace 

"Laughter in Hell," by Jim Cullen. 

"The Prison Doctor," novel by Dr. Louis Berg. 


"New York Town," play by Ward Morehouse. 
"The Mudlark," story by Arthur Stringer. 
"I'm a Fugitive from a Chain Gang," story by Robert 
E. Burns. 

"Blessed Event," play by Mauel Serf and Forrest 

"They Call It Sin," novel by Alberta Stedman Eagan. 

"Crooner," by Rian James. 

Following is a list of the story purchases 
in the last six months of 1931 : 


"The Halfway Girl," from novel "Via Manhattan," 

by Hawthorne Hurst. 
"Gentlemen for Sale," original story. 
"Hollywood Speaks," original story. 
"Vanity Street," from Fannie Hurst's short story, 

"Park Avenue." 
"The Substitue Wife," from Red Book serial, "Help 

Yourself to Happiness," by Frank R. Adams. 
"The Artists' Model," from the short story, "The 

Rented Body," by Rupert Hughes. 
"Zelda Marsh." novel by Charles G. Norrts. 
"Shopworn," original story. 


"Three Wise Fools," novel by Austin Strong. 
"Bridge vs. Bridge," story by Edward McKenna. 
"Are You Listening?", by J. P. McEvoy. 
"After All," play by John Van Druten. 
"The Awakening," story by John Van Druten. 
"The Christian," novel by Hall Caine. 
"Red Headed Woman," novel by Katherine Brush. 
"Honolulu," story by Mildred Cram. 
"Night Court," play by Charles Beahan and Mark 

"Strange Interlude," play by Eugene O'Neill. 

"Wet Parade," novel by Upton Sinclair. 

"Red Son of Carlisle," story by Jim Thorpe and 

Russell J. Berdwell. 
"Eskimo." novel by Peter Freuchen. 
"Letty Lynton," novel by Marie Belloc Lowndes. 


"Two Kinds of Women," based on play, "This is 

New York," by Robert E. Sherwood. 
"The Man I Killed," from play by Maurice Rostand. 
"No One Man," from novel by Rupert Hughes. 
"The Black Robe," from "The Shorn Lamb," by 

William Locke. 
"Flagrant Years," from novel by Samuel Hopkins 


"The Broken Wing," from play by Paul Dickey and 

Chas. W. Goddard. 
"Dancers in the Dark," original by James Ashmore 


"Wayward," from the novel, "Wild Beauty," by 

Mateel Howe Farnham. 
"Shanghai Express," based on a story by Harry 


"Tomorrow and Tomorrow," from the play of the 
same name. 

"The Wiser Sex." based upon a play by Clyde Fitch. 
"The Miracle Man," by Frank L. Packard. 
"The Sky Bride," original by Russell Holman. 
"Sensation," from the play "Misleading Lady," by 
Charles W. Goddard and Paul Dickey. 

RKO (Radio Pictures and Pathe): 

"Westward Passage," a novel by Margaret Ayer 

"District Nurse," a novel by Faith Baldwin. 
"Veneer," a play by Hugh Stange. 
"Pickup," a novel by Eunice Chapin. 
"Symphony in Six Million," a story by Fannie Hurst. 
"Breach of Promise," a story by Austin Parker. 
"Women Need Love," an original story by Ursula 

"Love a la Carte," an original story by John Lawson. 
"Daughters of Joy," an original story by John 

"Every Girl," original by John Lawson. 


"Hotel Continental," an adaption by Warren Duff. 
"Two Gun Texas," original story by Frederick Austin. 
"Whistlin' Dan," original story by Frederick Austin. 
"Strangers of the Evening," novel by Florence Wag- 

"Lena Rivers," novel by Mary Jane Holmes. 
"The Last Mile," play by John Wexley. 
"Silent Thunder," novel by Mayse Greig. 
"Luxury Girl," novel by Mayse Greig. 
"Those We Love," play by George Abbott. 


"Cynara," play based on the novel, "An Imperfect 


"Adventure Lady," story by Dale Collins. 
"Ambition," story by Emile Gauvreau. 
"Speed Crazy," original story. 
"Michael and Mary," play by A. A. Milne. 
"Brown of Culver," original story. 


"The Poor Nut," play by J. C. and Elliott Nugent. 

"The Rich Are Always With Us." novel by E. Pettit. 

"She Means Business," play by Samuel Shipman. 

"Tarnished," novel by Vida Hurst. 

"Love Is a Racket," novel by Rian Tames. 

"In the Night Watch," play by Claude Farriere and 

Lucien Nepoty. 
"Cabin in the Cotton." novel by Harry H. Kroll. 
"The Gold Fish Bowl," novel by Mary C. McCall. 
"Mendel, Inc.," play by David Friedman. 
"The Rakish Halo," novel by Harriet Henry. 
"Tinsel Girl," play by Maurice Watkins. 
"Two Seconds," play by Elliot Lester. 
"The Ferguson Case," play by Courtenay Terrett 

and Granville Moore. 
"So Big," novel by Edna Ferber. 
"Eight to Five," story by Maude Fulton. 
"Circulation," original by Courtenay Terrett. 


ONE THINQ remains constant! 

AS this publication goes to press 
METRO-GoldwytvMayer is launching 
WORLD-Premieres on both Coasts of 

"WHAT a radical idea," said the industry, 
"TO put into one picture 

"GARBO, John and Lionel BARRYMORE, 

HASN'T it always been the function 

OF M-G-M to do the unexpected — 

WITH startling innovations— 

TO keep public interest in pictures 

ALIVE, throbbing, eager ! 

MANY things change in film business 

BUT M-G-M goes forward! 

COMPANIES have risen and fallen— 
WHAT is the secret of M-G-M's 


TO prod this business wide awake 

(Turn over the page, please) 

{continued ) 

M-G-M started out with the conviction that 
AMERICA loves personalities — 
WE have never lost sight of that policy! 
"M-G-M" and "STARS" are synonymous! 
AND when M-G-M stars 'em, they stay starred! 
AND all the rest of M-G-M's glorious names — 
BOXoffice properties, carefully nurtured! 
EACH story they appear in is 
ZEALOUSLY picked! 

AND while the world is applauding today's stars — 
M-G-M builds up the stars of tomorrow! 
THE success of M-G-M is no magic or mystery — 
IT'S obvious — 

A studio of keen, alert showmen-producers 

AN organization that refuses to 

REST on its laurels — 

A smooth-functioning outfit with 

UNCHANGING, loyal personnel— 

THE M-G-M parade of hits goes on! 

WEEK after week come new and varied ideas — 

TARZAN, the Ape Man, is the 

TALK of the industry, as we go to press — 
THE joys of "Mata Hari", "Possessed", "Champ", 
"EMMA", "Private Lives", "Hell Divers", etc., 
ARE still vivid in this season's memory — 
WHERE ill you be a year from now? 
STICK close to M-G-M and you'll be 
ON top! 







Pictures made by Mr. Leonard: 
















* Mctiq>*/,,Y//^a^r * Mct^^/r/^-Maycr * MctK^wy/i-flsyer * ^et^to/z/flaycr * ftin^o/^M^r * NnntfMwip, -flayer * 








Strangers May Kiss 




Stepping Out 


West Of Broadway 


Boarding School 



Universal's Box Office 




Writing for M. C. M. 

"The Champ" 

Z«r hp it 



I "Gentleman's Fate" 


Just Finished 

Wallace Beery 



S J 















AALBY SISTERS: Appeared in "Young Man of 
Manhattan" (1930). Paramount. 

ADAIR, ALICE: Appeared in "The Wild Party" 
(1929). Paramount. 

ADAIR. JANET: Vitaphone No. 2629, "Here Comes 
the Bridesmaid." 

ADAMS. DOROTHEA: "Love at First Sight" (1930). 

ADAMS. MARGARET: b. Mansfield. Pa.: e. Mans- 
field State Normal College. Ithaca, N. Y.. specializing 
in violin, music and art; h. 5 feet 3^ inches; w. 114 
pounds; chestnut hair, gray eyes; hy. sports, swim- 
ming. Worked in the theatrical production of "Three 
Little Girls"; gained the attention of Carl Laemmle, 
Jr., and was given a contract with Universal. 

ADOREE, RENEE: b. Lille. France; h. 5 feet 1 
Inch; brown hair and blue eyes; w. 107 pounds; e. 
while on the road with parents; hy. dancing. A dancer 
in her father's troupe at the age of 10 and traveled 
all over Europe with him. Has appeared in such 
pictures as "Made in Heaven" for Goldwyn in 1921: 
in "The Big Parade" (1925); "La Boheme" (1926); 
"The Show" and "Mr. Wu" (1927) and "Forbidden 
Hours" and "The Cossacks" (1928) for Metro-Gold- 
wyn-Mayer; (1929) "The Pagan." Metro-Goldwyn- 
Mayer, and "Tide of Empire" and "The Spoiler." 
Pathe; "Redemption" (1930). "The Singer of Seville." 
MUM; "Call of the Flesh" (1930). MGM. Taken ill 
after completion of this picture. Returning to the studio 
this spring. 

ADRIAN. IRIS: b. Los Angeles, Cal. ; e. in Los 
Angeles, Hollywood high school, Marta Oatman School 
of the Theatre; h. 5 feet 4 inches; w. 116; auburn hair 
and hazel eyes; hy. swimming and horseback riding. 
First screen work in two-reel Technicolor pictures for 
MGM. Then with Educational in Vanity Comedies. 
"Freshman's Goat," "Tearing to Go." 

AHERN. GLADYS: Vitaphone No. 952, "On the 

AHO, BETTY: Appeared in "The Case of Lena 
Smith" (1929), Paramount. 

AINSLEE. MARGUERITE: Appeared in "Firebrand 
Jordan" (1930), Big 4 Corp. 

AINSWORTH, CUPID: b. San Jose. Cal., Oct. 10, 
1904; h. 5 feet 6 inches; black hair and hazel eyes; w. 
250 pounds; p. Ida and Albert Shumate, non-profes- 
sionals; e. Lincoln High School, Portland, Ore.. Mills 
College. Oakland. Cal., University of Washington: not 
married; hy. golf. Stage experience: part of "Gussie" 
Lillian Albertson's production of "Burlesque," March, 
1928: one year single in vaudeville, 1929. Screen career 
in the following pictures: Vera in "Big News" (1929), 
Bertha in "All for Mable" (1930), Hannah in "Dance 
With Me" (1930). for Pathe; "Skinner Steps Out" 

(1929) , Universal; Darmour Comedy with Alberta 
VauKhn (1929); "Moonlight and Monkey Business" 

(1930) , RKO; Buck Jones pictures. Columbia. Made 
series of records; electrical recordings for radio world- 
wide distribution called "The Zeppelin Sisters." 

ALBA, MARIA: r. n. Maria Casajuana; hails from 
Barcelona, Spain; appeared in "Blindfolded," "Road 
House" and "Joy Street" for Fox. 

ALDA, MME. FRANCES: Vitaphone No. 943. "Ave 
Maria," No. 805, "The Last Rose of Summer. 

ALDEN, MARY: b. New Orleans, La.; e. attended 
Art Students League, New York City; h. 5 feet 3 inches: 
black hair, blue eyes. Five years stage experience. 
Entered pictures early in the history of the screen. 
Has appeared in "Old Nest," "Milestones." "Cossacks." 
"Ladies of the Mob," "Fools for Luck," "Sawdust 
Paradise." "Someone to Love." 

ALDRICH, MEEKA: "The Boss' Orders" (1930). 
Pathe, Folly Comedies, second series. 

ALEXANDER. KATHERINE: Vitaphone No. 1036. 
"The Hard Guy." 

ALLEN. ALICE: Appeared in "Shannons of Broad- 
way" (1929), Universal. 

ALLEN, ELSIE: b. Philadelphia. Pa.; h. 5 feet 
7 inches; brown hair and hazel eyes; w. 125 pounds.; 
e. parochial school in Atlantic City and Atlantic City 
high school; not married; hy. swimming, dancing and 
riding. Screen career started when she won Atlantic 
City "Summer Girl" contest a year and a half ago. 

ALLEN. FLORENCE: Appeared in "Joy Street" 
(1929), Fox. 

ALLEN. R1CCA: b. Victoria, B. C. Can.; h. 5 feet 
8^ inches: brown hair and eyes: w. 135 pounds; p. 
Ray Russell and John Allen, father a musician: e. 
Lincoln high school. Has had stage experience in Lon- 
don, South Africa, Egypt, and toured the world with 
Nance O'Neil; also with Brady. Shubert and Dillingham 
shows. Screen experience in "Close Harmony" (1929). 
Paramount; "No More Children." "Romance of a Gin 
Bottle," "Show Boat," Universal; "Ten Cents a Dance," 

ALLEN. THERESA: b. Indianapolis. Ind.. Oct. 27. 
1912; h. 5 feet 3 inches; bronze hair and blue eyes: w. 
112 pounds; e. St. Agnes Academy, Indianapolis, and 
Cumnock School. Los Angeles; hy. horseback riding, 
tap dancing, literature, stray cats and dogs. Won 
"MLss Personality" contest of Southern California and 
was given a 40 weeks contract with Fanchon and Marco 
Ideas in original Hollywood Music Revue with Lupino 
Lane. Toured Publix circuit with famous Serpentine 
Act. Understudied Doris Eaton, the star, and took 
the part the last month of the show. Featured In 
original Spanish number on Fanchon and Marco cir- 
cuit. Entered pictures in 1925. Doubled for and taught 
dances to Colleen Moore in "Twinklctoes." First Na- 
tional, nas appeared with Hal Rkelly in "The Dance 
of Life." "Vagabond King" with Dennis King, and 
"The Two Black Crows" with Moran and Mack, all for 
Paramount. Was with Fox In "Happy Days." "The 
Golden Calf" and "Sevenson's Wild Party." Also 
played In "Sweet Kitty Bellalrs" and "Scarlet Pages" 
for Warner Bros. 

AMANN, BETTY: Appeared in "White Devil." 
UFA: (1932). "Strictly Business." Powers. 

AMES. ADRIENNE: b. Fort Worth, Texas: h, S feet 
5 Inches: dark brown hair and blue eyes; w. 120 
pounds; e. Fort Worth. Studied art and music. Four 

years ago moved to New York to study art. Traveled 
In Europe. Photographs seen by studio executives re- 
sulted in Paramount contract. 

ANDRA, FERN: r. n. Baroness Fern Andra Von 
Weichs; b. Chicago. 111.; h. 5 feet 3 inches; brown 
hair and eyes; w. 110 pounds; p. Tad and Frank St. 
Clair; e. Switzerland and Berlin; m. Baron Von Weichs; 
h. traveling. Stage training, private training under 
Professor Rhinehardt. Stage experience: "Earth 
Ghosts." "The Box of Pandora." "The Command to 
Love." all in Europe; "Grounds for Divorce." in 
German, for the German, Theatre Guild, in Los 
Angeles. Screen experience: star with UFA in Berlin. 
Germany, from 1923-1928, appeared in "Queen Isa- 
bella," "Fedora," "Genuine." Appeared in London 
in "The Burgomeister of Stilemonde." co-starred with 
Sir John Martin Harvey. "Spangles," both for British 
Film Kraft; co-starred with Percy Marmont in "Intro- 
spection." British-made film for independent distribu- 
tion. Has appeared in United States in "The Lotus 
Lady" for Audible pictures and "Eyes of the World" 
(1930). United Artists. 

ANDRIOT. POUPEE: Appeared in "AU Quiet on 
the Western Front" (1930). Universal. 

ANGELUS. BABE: Appeared in "On With the 
Show" (1929). Warner Bros. 

ARCHER. PATRICIA: r. n. Margarite Andrus; b. 
Livingston, Mont., June 17, 1909; h. 5 feet 2 inches; 
light brown hair and brown eyes; w. 104 pounds; p. 
Kathryne Wright and Bert Andrus; e. Poly high school, 
Long Beach, Cal.; not married; hy. swimming, dancing, 
books and music. With Fanchon and Marco on the 
West Coast and winner of a popularity bathing and 
personality contest. Appeared in leads, bits and parts 
in Christie comedies; two years with Chic Sale on 
Movietone for Fox; also at Metropolitan with Harold 

ARM I DA: Born at Sonora, Mexico; h. 4 feet 11 
inches; black hair and eyes; w. 90 pounds; e. Sonora. 
Mexico, and California. Discovered by Gus Edwards. 
Toured Orpheum Circuit. In 1929 entered pictures, 
some of which are: "International Revue." "La Mex- 
ican*" (MGM): "General Crack," "Under a Texas 
Moon." Warner Bros.; "Border Romance" (1930). 

ARNST. BOBBE: Appeared in Vitaphone No. 913. 

ARTHUR. JEAN: b. New York City; h. 5 feet 2 
inches: medium brown hair and blue eyes; w. 106 
pounds; p. non-professionals: e. New York City high 
school; not married; hy. swimming, riding and golfing. 
No stage experience. Screen experience consists of 
small parts for Fox; leading roles opposite Richard 
Dix in "Warming Up": also appeared in "The Canary 
Murder Case." the two latter being Paramount pic- 
tures; (1929) "Brotherly Love," Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer: 
"The Greene Murder Case." "Here Comes the Band- 
wagon," "The Mysterious Dr. Fu Manchu," "The Sat- 
urday Night Kid," "Sins of the Fathers," "Stairs of 
Sand." "Half Way to Heaven" (1929), "Paramount 
on Parade" (1930), "Return of Dr. Fu Manchu" 
(1930). "The Street of Chance" (1930), "Young 
Eagles" (1930), Paramount. No longer in motion pic- 

ASBURY. ADALYN: Appeared in "Two Sisters" 
(1929). Rayart. 
ASHLEY. MARY: Appeared in "Making the Grade" 

(1929) . Fox. 

ASHTON. SYLVIA: Appeared in "The Barker" and 

"The Crash" (1929). First National. 

ASTAIRE. MARIE: b. Chicago. Hi.; h. 5 feet 3 
inches: hazel eyes and brown hair: w. 120 pounds: e. 
Chicago, 111. Screen career: "Lights Out." "Nerve 
Tonic." "Dummies," "The Mad Whirl." "The Price 
of Pleasure" (Universal): "The Last Man on Earth" 
(Fox) : "Boobs in the Woods." Polly in "The Grand 
Parade" (Radio). 

ASTOR. GERTRUDE: b. Lakewood. Ohio, a suburb 
of Cleveland: h. 5 feet 7 inches; blond hair, blue eyes; 
w. 128 pounds; not married: hy. horseback riding, 
swimming, golf, dancing. Considered one of the best 
dressed women >n Hollywood. Stage experience, when 
but 13 years of age she joined a stock company in 
which she appeared for two years, then returned 
to school. Screen experience in such pictures as "The 
Boy Friend." "Stage Struck." "The Strong Man." 
"The Old Soak." "Dame Chance." "Cheerful Fraud." 
"Too Many Women." "The Cat and the Canary." 
"Small Bachelor," "Shanghaied." "Cinshurg the 
Great." "Synthetic Sin" (1929), "Twin Beds" (1929). 
"Two Weeks Off" (1929). First National: "Frozen 
Justice" (1929). Fox: "Untamed" (1929). MGM; •'Be 
Yourself" (1930). United Artists: "Dames Ahov" 

(1930) , Universal; "The Fall of Eve" (1929). Colum- 
bia: "Live and Learn" (1930). Pathe. Manhattan 
Comedies. Second Series: "The Boss' Orders" (1930). 
Pathe, Folly Comedies. Second Series: "The Doctor's 
Wife." Vitaphone No. 4200; 8 Pathe romedies; Hal 
Roach; Laurel and Hardy's "Come Clean"; "Hell 
Hound." Tiffaav; "Woman of Experience." RKO Pathe: 
Jimmy G-leason Comedies with Pathe. 

ASTOR. MARY: b. Quincy, 111.; e. Kenwood Loring 
School, Chicago: h. 5 feet 6 inches; auburn hair, brown 
eves. Entered pictures with Tri-Art in two-reelers. 
Has played in "Don Q." "Don Juan." "Beau Brum 
mcl." "Rough Riders." 'Two Arabian Knights." 

Key to Abbreviations 

b. born 

div. divorce 

e. educated 

h. height 

hy. hobby 

m. ........... married 

p. parents 

r.n. r eal name 

w. weight 

"Dressed to Kill." "Dry Martini." "New Year's Eve." 
"Romance of the Underworld," "Woman from Hell," 
"Sin Ship'." "Ladies Love Brutes" (1930). Paramount; 
"Hobday" (1930) Pathe; "The Steel Highway" (1930). 
Warner Bros.; (1932), "Lost Squadron," "Men of 
Chance," Radio. 

AUBURN, JOY: r. n. Alice MoCormick; b. Chicago. 
111.; h. 5 feet 4 inches; auburn hair and dark brown 
eyes; w. 124 pounds; p. Lucy Kirk and Frank A. Mc- 
Cormick, non-professionals; e. Omaha. Neb., high 
school; not married. Stage experience, one year with 
Ziegfeld; also with Gus Edwards and Shubert shows. 
Screen experience of two years appearing in "Mother 
Knows Best." "Blondes Beware," "The Dog Wins," 
"Tuxedo Comedy," "The Terrible People" and "Smile, 
Brother Smile." 

AULT. MARIE: Appeared in "Kitty" (1929), World 

AYRES, AGNES: b. Carbondale, 111.; h. 5 feet 4 
inches; blond hair and blue eyes; w. 110 pounds; e. 
private school in Chicago; not married; hy. riding, golf 
and horticulture. Eight years screen experience and 
has appeared in such pictures as "The Sheik." "For- 
bidden Fruit." "The Ten Commandments," "The Son 
of the Sheik" and "The Lady of Victory." (1929) 
"The Donovan Affair." Columbia; "Broken Hearted." 
Trinity, and "Bye, Bye, Buddy," Columbia. 


BACLANOVA, OLGA: b. Moscow, Russia; h. 5 
feet 4 inches; blond hair and blue eyes; w. 116 
pounds; p. Alexandria and Vladimir Baclanova, non- 
professionals; e. Cherniavsky Institute, Moscow, and 
received her stage training when she entered the Mos- 
cow Art theatre at the age of 16; not married; hy. 
tennis. With the Moscow Art theatre, dramatic and 
musical, also with Nemirovich-Danchenko's company 
presenting the dramatized opera, "Fille de Madame 
Ango"; later of "Carmencita and the Soldier." Then 
came to America with Morris Gest's production of 
"Carmencita and the Soldier" in 1923: later company 
returned to Russia after an eight months stay, Bacla- 
nova remaining to play the nun in "The Miracle." To 
test her photographic qualities and adaptability to 
motion pictures, she played her first screen role in a 
small part in "The Dove" in 1927 with Norma Tal- 
madge, Noah Beery and Gilbert Roland. Mauritz 
Stiller then cast her for the role of Annie in Emil 
Jannings' "Street of Sin" for Paramount (1927). Since 
then she has appeared in Pola Negri's "Three Sin- 
ners." "Forgotten Faces." "Docks of New York." 
"Avalanche" and "The Wolf of Wall Street," (1929) 
"A Dangerous Woman" and "The Man I Love." 
both Paramount; "Cheer Up and Smile." Fox. 

BAIRD, ETHEL: Appeared in "Musical Beauty 
Shop" (1930). Pathe, Melody Comedies. First Series. 

BAKER, BETTY: b. Greenville. S. C, July. 1907; h. 
5 feet 2t4 inches; brown hair and green eyes; w. 110 
pounds; e. Metropolitan high school, Los Angeles, Cal. 
Entered pictures in 1925. "The Galloping Gobs," "The 
Skedaddle Gold" (Pathe): "Two Dollars Please," "The 
Clean Up" (Universal) ; piano teacher in "Sound Your 
A," Matilda in "Old Arizona" (Fox); "Trail Riders," 
Rayart; "Bar L Ranch" (1930). Big 4 Corp. 

BAKER, NELLIE BLY: b. Oklahoma City, Okla.. 
September 7. 1895: h. 5 feet m inches: light hair and 
blue eyes:; w. 140 pounds; p. Maggie and John Jasper 
Baker, non-professionals: e. St. Joseph Convent, Guth- 
rie. Okla.. and Kendall College at Tulsa: m. J. H. 
O'Brien, professional, technician; hy. reading and 
swimming. Stage experience in several plays and 
taught elocution. Entered pictures in 1925 with 
Charlie Chaplin in "Woman of Paris." and was secre- 
tary to Chaplin for seven years. Appeared in "Painted 
Angel" and "Footlights and Fools" for First Na- 
tional: also "Bishop Murder Case" for Metro-Gold- 
wyn-Mayer; "Love and the Devil" (1929). First Na- 

BAKER. OPAL: Appeared in "China Slaver" (1929) 

BALLET. ALBERTINA: Appeared in "The Ejlly- 
wood Revue" (1929). Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. 

BALLOU. MARIAN: Appeared in "Night Work," 

BANKHEAD. TALLULAH: b. Huntsville. Ala.; e. 
Mary' Baldwin School. Staunton. Va.. Convent of the 
Holy Cross in Washington, D. C. . Fairmount School 
for Girls in Washington. First stage appearance at 
the age of 16 and a year later played Rose de Brlssac 
In "Footloose" at the old Greenwich Village theatre: 
played In New York productions of "39 East." "Nice 
People." "Danger." "Her Temporary Husband" and 
"The Exciters." On the London stage for eight years, 
playing the lead in fifteen productions. Signed to a 
long term contract by Paramount In 1931 and brought 
to America: first picture, "Tarnished." made under 
direction of George Cukor. also in "The Cheat." 

BANKY. VILMA: r. n. Vllma Banky LaRoeque: b. 
January 9. 1903. Budapest. Hungary: h. 5 feet 6 inches: 
blond hair and blue-gray eyes; w. 125 pounds: p. 
Ulbert Katalin and John Baulsy, non-professionals: e. 
Zugloi high school and college: m. Rod LaRoeque. pro- 
fessional: hy. studying. Has played In such pictures 
as "The Dark Angel," "The Son of the Sheik" and 
"The Eagle" with Rudolph Valentino: co-starred with 
Ronald Colman In "The Winning of Barbara Worth." 
"The Night of Love." "The Magio Flame." "Two 
Loves" and starred In "The Awakening." (1929) "This 
Is Heaven." United Artists; "A Lady to Love" (1930), 

BANYARD. BEATRICE: Appeared in "The Voice 
of the City" (1930), MGM. 

BARRIE. JUDITH: b. Sacramento. Cal.: blond: e. 
Berkeley. Cal. After finishing school went to New York 
to Study nrt. Modeled for James Montgomery FlagR. 
Was offered role In "Party Girl" hv Edward lT.ilpcrln. 
a Tiffany picture. Also appeared in "Ex-Flame." 
bavlnc a vampire part. 

BARRIOS. JEAN: Appeared in "Feminine Types" 
Vitaphone No. 2700. 

BARRISCALE. BESSIE: Appeared In many earlier 




productions. Among her most recent was "Show 
People" (1920). Pathe. 

BARRYE. EMILY: Appeared in "The Godless Girl" 

(1929) , Pathe. 

BARTLETT. HEDDA: Appeared in "The Lady of 
the Lake" (1930), Fitzpatrick. 

BASQUETTE. LI N A : b. San Mateo, Cal., April 19. 
1907 ; black hair and dark eyes; p. Mrs. Ernest Belcher, 
Ernest Belcher, stepfather; m. Peverell Marley, cinema - 
tographer; hy. dancinc. swimming and tennis. Pre- 
miere danseuse of the Ziegfeld "Follies" at the age of 
16; danced in the "Follies" for three years and also 
in "Louis the XIV." Made her debut on the screen 
at the age of 9. playing child parts for Universal in 
several productions. Left the screen for stage. In 1927 
she abandoned the stage and went to FBO and played 
in "Ranger of the North"; then signed with Paramount 
and played opposite Adolphe Menjou in "Serenade"; 
then selected by Richard Barthelmess for "The Noose" 
at First National; signed by DeMille for "The Godless 
Girl"; played "Celebrity" and "Show Folks" for 
Pathe; in 1929 "The Younger Generation," Columbia; 
"Come Across." Universal; "The Dude Wrangler" 

(1930) . Sono Art-World Wide, (1931), "Hard Hombre," 

BARTHORY, GISELLA: Appeared in "Hungarian 
Rhapsody." UFA. 

BEATTY, MAY: b. Christ Church, New Zealand, of 
Irish English parentage. Went on stage at age of 7 
in her father's theatre. Has played in comedies, 
dramas and musical comedies, leading roles in Gilbert 
and Sullivan operas in Australia. In 1906 went to 
London. Later returned to Australia, playing leading 
roles in George M. Cohan's plays. Went to Hollywood 
about one year ago and was given featured role in 
"The Benson Murder Case," Paramount picture 
starring William Powell. Next appeared In "The Bou- 
doii Diplomat," for Universal; "Ex-Flarae," Liberty. 

BEAUMONT. LUCY: b, Bristol, England; 1873; 
h. 5 feet; iron gray hair and dark blue eyes: w. 110 
pounds; p. Helen Coles and Albert Beaumont, non- 
professionals; e. Clifton high school. Bath; 27 years 
stage training in New York and London: widow of 
Capt. Douglas Vigors, British officer; hy. reading and 
walking. Stage experience with David Belasco in New 
York City in such productions as "Chu Chin Chow"; 
with the New York Theatre Guild; in "The Champion"; 
in 1925 "The Little Angel" and "The Lounge Lizard"; 
1929-30, "Berkeley Square." Screen experience in such 
pictures as "Youth Triumphant," "The Ashes of Ven- 
geance." "The Family Secret." "As No Man Has 
Loved." "The Greater Glory." "The Torrent" and 
"The Old Soak"; also in Warner Bros, talkies "Hard 
Boiled Rose," "Greyhound Limited" and "She Knew 
Men"; (1920). "Stool Pigeon," Columbia: "One Splen- 
did Hour" and "The Ridin' Demon." Universal; "A 
Free Soul." MOM : "Caught Plastered." Radio; "Get 
Rich Quick Wallingford." MGM; "Blond Baby," Co- 
lumbia; "Union Depot," First National; "First Cabin," 

BEAVER. LOUISE: b. Cincinnati. Ohio; e. Pasadena 
high school, Pasadena, Cal.; h. 5 feet 4 inches; w. 189; 
black hair, black eyes; hy. tennis. Stage experience: 
singing in musical comedies. Entered pictures in 1024. 
Has played in "Gold Diggers," Warner Bros.: "Glad 
Rag Doll." "Barnum Was Right." Unhersal; "Co- 
quette," United Artists; "Nix on Dames." Fox; "Back 
Pay," First National; "Party Husbands," First Na- 
tional; "Reckless Living," Universal; "Sundown Trail," 
RKO Pathe; "Annabell's Affairs," Fox; "Six Cylinder 
Love," Fox; "Good Sport," Fox: "Girls About Town," 
Paramount; "Ladies of the Big House," Paramount; 
"Old Man Minick," Warner. 

BEDFORD. BARBARA: b. Prairie du Chien, Wis.; 
e. Lake View. Wis. ; h. 5 feet 4 inches ; w. 130 ; dark 
brown hair, blue eyes. Has played in "The Haunted 
House," First National; "Heroic Lover." General Pic- 
tures: "The Broken Mask." "The Port of Missing Girls." 
"Marry the Girl." "Mockery." "A Man's Past." "The 
Girl from Gay Paree," "Brothers," "The Cavalier," 
"Smoke Bellew." 

BEEBE. MARJORIE: b. Kansas City. Mo.. October 

9, 1909; h. 5 feet 3^ inches; red hair and green eyes; 
w. 125 pounds; p. May C. Breese and William Beebe. 
non-professionals; e. Northeast high at Kansas City 
and Belmont high at Los Angeles; no stage training; 
not married ; hy. horses, swimming, books and acting. 
On the screen she has appeared in two reel comedies 
for Univeisal and Fox, and in feature productions such 
as "Ankles Preferred." "Hills of Peril." "Colleen," 
"Rich but Honest," "Thief in the Dark." "Love Hun- 
gry." "The Farmer's Daughter." "Homesick": and 
(1029). "Not Quite Decent" and "Speak Easy," Fox: 
"Hollywood Star" (1929). and in 1930 in "Bulls and 
Bears," "He Trumped Her Ace," "Uppercut O'Brien." 
"Match Play," "Honeymoon Zeppelin," "Radio Kisses." 
"Fat Wives for Thin." "Campus Crushes." "The 
Chumps." Educational, Mack Sennett Talking Pictures. 

BEECHER. SYLVIA: Appeared in 1929 in "Inno- 
cents of Paris," Paramount; and "Beyond the Sierras," 
Metro- Goldwyn- Mayer. 

BEHARANO. JULIA: Appeared in "Mexican Rose" 
(1929), Columbia production. 

BELLAMY, MADGE: r. n. Margaret Philpott; b. 
Ilillsboro. Texas, June 30, 1903; h. 5 feet 3 inches: 
auburn hair and brown eyes: w. 110 pounds; p. Annie 
Derden and William Bladsoe Philpott, non-profession- 
als; e. private tutor; div. Logan Metcalf; hy. literature, 
music and riding. Stage experience in "The Love 
Mill." "Pollyanna" and "Dear Brutus." Screen ex- 
perience consists of roles in "The Iron Horse." "Loma 
Doon," "Hail the Woman," "Bertha the Sewing Ma- 
chine Girl." "Ankles Preferred." "Alimony," "Sum- 
mer Bachelors." "Very Confidential." "The Telephone 
Girl." "Silk Legs," "Sandy," "Mother Knows Best " 
"The Play Girl," "Soft Living"; In 1929 'Fugitives." 
Fox; "Tonight at Twelve," Universal. 

BELLEW. ANITA: Appeared in "Lummox" (1930), 

United Artists. 

BELMONT. GLADYS: Appeared in "Redskin" 

(1929), Paramount. 

BELMORE, DAISY: b. London, England; h. 5 feet 
714 Inches; white hair and blue eyes; w. 165 pounds; 
p. Alice Cooke and George Gelmore Garstin. profes- 
sionals; e. private school In Manchester. England: m. 
S. Waxman; hy. reading, writing, golf and chess. 
Twenty-five years stage experience. Screen experience 
started with Famous Players in New York in 1912. 
Rwent pictures have been: "We Americans," "German 
Mother." "Seven Days Leave." "Alias French Gertie" 
with Behc Daniels and Ben Lyon. "Scarlet Pages," 

with Elsie Ferguson, "All Quiet on the Western Front." 
"Way for a Sailor," "Nancy from Naples," "Fifty 
.Million Frenchmen," "My Past." 

BEN HAM, ELSA: r. n. Elsa Hackmann; b. St. 
liOiiis. Mo., November 20. 1908; h. 5 feet 2 Inches; 
brown hair and hazel eyes; w. 110 pounds; e. St. Louis 
and Hollywood; m. Kenneth D. Neff. non-professional; 
hy. swimming and horseback riding. Stage experience 
as ballet dancer in Kosloff ballet for James Cruze film. 
Entered films in 1923 playing bits. Played Western 
leads for Universal. Appeared in "The Air Patrol" 
and other films. 

BENNETT. ALMA: b. Seattle, Wash.; e. San 
Francisco. Cal.; h. 5 feet 4V4 inches; w. 118 pounds; 
black hair and brown eyes; m. Harry Springier. Screen 
career: has appeared in "My Lady's Past." Tiffany; 
"New Orleans." "Two Men and a Maid" and "Mid- 
night Daddies," Sono Art-World Wide; "A Grain of 
Dust," "Don Juan's Three Nights," "The Silent Lover," 
and in "Hail the Princess" (1930). Educational-Jaok 
White Talking Pictures. 

BENNETT, BARBARA: Appeared in "Mother's 
Boy" (1929), Pathe. 

BENNETT, BELLE: b. Milaca. Minn.; e. Sacred 
Heart Convent, Minneapolis; m. Fred Windermere, 
professional; h. 5 feet 314 inches; w. 140 pounds; 
blond hair, gray eyes; hy. horseback riding. Began 
stage career In father's tent show, later In stock. 
Screen career: has appeared in "Stella Dallas." 
"Mother Machree." "Battle of the Sexes," "The Iron 
Mask," "Queen of the Burlesque," "Reputation." 
■ Molly and Me," "My Lady's Past," "Her Own De- 
sire" (1929). MGM; "Courage" (1930). "Recaptured 
Love." Warner Bros.; "Reckless Lady," "The Lily." 
"Wild Geese." "Power of Silence" and "Molly and 
Me." Next in RKO vaudeville. 

BENNETT, BILLIE: r. n. Mrs. Emily B. Mulhausen: 
b. Evansville, Ind.; h. 5 feet 3 inches; brown hair and 
dark gray eyes; w. 112 pounds; e. Oxford College. Ox- 
ford, Ohio. Entered pictures in 1011. Screen career: 
role of the tortured maid in "Robin Hood" (United 
Artists) : Marge O'Doone in "The Courage of Marge 
O'Doone," "The Duchess." "The Amateur Gentleman" 
(First National); "The Claw." "Night Work" ( Pathe I : 
"Fashions in Love" (1929, Paramount; "Big Money" 
(1929), Pathe; "One Romantic Night" (1929), United 

BENNETT, CONSTANCE: b. New York; h. 5 feet 
4 inches; fair hair and blue eyes; w. 99 pounds; p. 
Richard Bennett, professional; e. Miss Shandor's 
school, Mrs. Merrill's school and Mme. Balsan's Finish- 
ing school in Paris; married and divorced Philip Plant, 
non-professional; hy. bridge, living in France and good 
books. No stage experience. Screen experience as 
follows: first role in "Cytharea" under Samuel Gold- 
wyn; Pathe. "Into the Net" and a five-year contract 
with Pathe: Paramount, "Code of the West," "The 
Goose Hangs High"; First National, "My Son"; War- 
ner Bros., "My Wife and I"; Universal, "The Goose 
Woman" and starring contract with Metro-Goldwyn in 
"Sally, Irene and Mary." The new Pathe contract 
followed a four-year absence from the screen. Since 
returning she has appeared in "Rich People" and 
"This Thing Called Love" for Pathe and in "Son 
of the Gods" for First National: and in 1930 "Three 
Faces East." Warner Bros.; "Common Clay," Fox; 
"Sin Takes a Holiday," "Lady With a Past," Pathe. 

BENNETT, ENID: b. Australia; h. 5 feet 3 inches; 
golden hair and blue eyes; m. Fred Niblo; three 
children, Louis. Peter and Judith. Stage experience as 
leading woman in all English speaking countries. Came 
to screen as protege of Thomas Ince. Has appeared in 
"Robin Hood," "Red Lily," "Sea Hawk." and many 
others. In 1929 was in "Good Medicine." Educational. 
Coronet Talking Comedies; Mother in "Skippy" (1931). 
Paramount; Mother in "Waterloo Bridge" (1931). 
Universal; "Sooky" (1931). Paramount. 

BENNETT, GERTRUDE: Appeared in "Call of the 
West" (1930 Columbia production. 

BENNETT. JOAN: b. Palisades. N. J.. February 27. 
1911; medium height; golden blond hair and blue eyes; 
e. private tutors, St. Margaret's Boarding School, Water- 
bury, Conn., and at a finishing school. L'Ermitage, Ver- 
sailles, France : m. and div. Her stage experience has 
been in support of her father in the stage version of 
"Jarnegan" in New York, during which time she at- 
tracted the attention of motion pictures, and at the 
conclusion of the run of "Jarnegan" she was given her 
first film role, that of Phyllis, in Ronald Colman's all- 
talking picture "Bulldog Drummond." Was then signed 
to a contract by the Art Cinema Corporation, United 
Artists' producers, and cast in the principal female 
role of "Three Live Ghosts." Appeared in 1929 in 
"Mississippi Gambler," Universal, and "Disraeli." 
Warner; in 1930 in "Crazy That Way." Fox; "Puttin" 
on the Ritz," United Artists; "Maybe It's Love," 
"Moby Dick," Warner Bros. ; followed by "Smilin" 
Through" (1931), UA; (1932), "Careless Lady," "She 
Wanted a Millionaire." Fox. 

BERANGER. FRANCES: b. New York City; e. 
Horace Mann school in New York City, Columbia Uni- 
versity, Sargent's Dramatic School; h. 6 feet % inch; 
w. 130 pounds: black hair, blue eyes; hy. horseback 
riding, walking, swimming. On the legitimate stage in 
Denver stock and Los Angeles stage plays. Entered 
pictures in 1930. 

BESSERER, EUGENIE: b. Marseilles. France; e 
Convent of Notre Dame, Ottawa, Can. Stage experi- 
ence since early childhood in various stock companies. 
Screen career: "The Yellow Lily," "Two Lovers." 
"Drums of Love." "The Jazz Singer," "When a Man 
Loves," "Flesh and the Devil." "The Fire Brigade." 
"Captain Salvation." "The Bridge of San Luis Bey," 
"A Lady of Chance," "Madame X." "Fast Company." 
"Illusion." "Thunderbolt," "A Royal Romance" (1930). 
Columbia production; "Seven Faces" (1929), Fox; re- 
turning to pictures after two years illness. 

BEST, EDNA: (1932), "Michael and Mary." V. 

BIANCH ETTI, SUZANNE: Appeared in "Loves of 
Casanova" (1929), Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. 

BILLDREW, A. C. H.: Appeared as voodoo woman 
In "Hearts of Dixie" (1929), Kox. 

BLANDICK. CLARA: Appeared In the following 
pictures: lastc "Wise Girls." MOM; "Men Are Like 
Tlml," Paramount; "Poor Auhrev." Warner; "Burning 
Up." Paramount; "The Girl Said No." MGM; 1030: 
'Sins of the Children." MGM; "Romance." MOM; 
"Last of the Duanes," Fox: "Tom Sawyer." Para- 
mount; "Once a Sinner." Fox: "The Easiest Way." 

MGM; "Dance, Fools. Dance." MGM ; "inspiration," 
MOM; "Drums of Jeopardy," Tiffany; "Daybreak," 
MOM; 1031: "It's a Wise Child," MGM; "Laughing 
Sinners," MGM ; "I Take Tills Woman." Paramount; 
"Bought.'' First National; "Murder at Midnight." Tif- 
fany; "Huckleberry Finn," Paramount; "Get-Btch- 
Qulck- Wallingford, MGM; "Possessed," MGM; "Shop- 
worn," Columbia. 

BLANE. SALLY: r. n. Betty Jane Young; b. Salida. 
Colo., July 11, 1010; h. 5 feet 4'A inches: light brown 
hair and hazel eyes; w. 119 pounds; p. Mrs. George U. 
Bel/.er, non-professional ; e. Catholic Girls high school; 
received her stage training in school plays; hy. dancing 
and sailing. Her screen career consisted of taking the 
part of the chum of Dorothy Gulliver, who took the 
lead in "The Collegians" series and that of leading 
woman in "Wolves of the City" for Universal; as a 
Sextette girl, one of the Junior Stars, in "Rolled 
Stockings"; opposite Wallace Beery in "Casey at the 
Bat"; a small bit in "Wife Savers," starring Wallace 
Beery and Itay Hatton; Jack Holt's leading woman in 
"Vanishing Pioneer"; also leading woman in "Shootin' 
Irons" and "Fools for Luck" with Chester Conklin 
and W. C. Fields for Paramount. Waa also leading 
woman in "Dead Man's Curve" and "Her Summer 
Hero" for FBO; and in "Horseman of the Plains," 
starring Tom Mix. Her 1929 pictures include "Half 
Marriage," RKO; "Outlaw," "The Very Idea," "Eyes 
of the Underworld," Universal; "Song of Songs," War- 
ner; in 1030 in "Little Accident." Universal; (1931-32). 
"The Local Bad Man," Allied; "Cross Examination," 
Artrlass; "Reckoning," Peerless; "X Marks the Spot." 

BLANKA, VALERIA: Appeared in "When You Give 

Your Heart Away," UFA. 

BLINN. GENEVIEVE: b. St. John, N. B.. Can.; 
h. 5 Feet 6 inches; light hair and dark blue eyes; w. 
138 pounds; p. Annie Williams and William Namary. 
father a professional ; e. Alameda high school, Notre 
Dame Convent; m. J. L. Ill inn. non-professional; made 
stage debut at age of 16 with sister May Namary at 
Morosco in San Francisco; traveled all over the coast. 
After six years returned to stage in New York; played 
stock in New York, Boston, Winnipeg. White Plains. 
Lynn, Mass., all over the East; played in "Girl of the 
Golden West," "Merely Mary Ann." "Great Divide." 
"Mistress Nell." "White Sister." "Sweet Kitty Bell- 
airs," "Trilby" and many others. Leading woman for 
the late Ezra Kendall two seasons; two seasons under- 
study and leading woman with Bertha Kalich. Played 
leads with Willard Mack. Ten years doing characters, 
playing San Francisco and Oakland. Screen experi- 
ence: first appearance about ten years ago. Went to 
the West Indies for Fox. After six months went west 
for Fox. working in almost all of Theda Bara's pic- 
tures. Appeared in "Common Clay," also for Fox. 

BLONDELL. JOAN: b. New York City; h. 5 feet 

4 inches; blond hair and gray eyes; w. 120 pounds; p 
Eddie Blondeli, stage actor and known as original 
Katzenjammer Kid; not married; hy. swimming and 
tennis. Has been on stage since childhood, appearing 
with family in all major cities of Europe, China. 
Australia and Canada. Was in Australia until she 
was 18. Upon her return to America joined a stock 
company in Dallas, Texas. Later went to New York 
where she played in the stage productions of "Tarnish." 
"Trial of Mary Dugan." a season in the "Follies," 
"My Girl Friday." "Maggy, the Magnificent," and 
"Penny Arcade." First screen appearance was in film 
version of "Penny Arcade," renamed "Sinner's Holi- 
day," "The Office Wife," featured roles in "The Steel 
Highway" ( 1930) ; "Illicit." "My Past," all Warner; 
(1932), "The Greeks Had a Word for Them," TJA; 
"Blonde Crazy." "Crowd Roars." Warner. 

BLYTHE, BETTY: r. n. Elizabeth Blythe Slaughter; 
b. Los Angeles, Cal.. September 1, 1900; h. 5 feet 714 
inches; dark auburn hair and gray eyes; w. 140 
pounds; p. Kate Blythe and Henry Slaughter of Ken- 
tucky, non-professionals; e. Los Angeles high and 
Polytechnic. University of Southern California; not 
married; hy. dogs, traveling, swimming, music and 
opera. Stage experience with Oliver Morosco Company, 
Los Angeles, in "So Long Letty"; with Morris Gest 
Company in "Experience"; on RKO circuit. Also spent 
five months on the English stage in London and pror- 
inces in her own company of players. Began her 
career with Vitagraph company in Brooklyn. N. Y. : 
starred with Harry Morey one year in "His Own 
People" and others, her first hit being in "Over the 
Top," with Arthur Guy; also with World Film Com- 
pany. Made six pictures for Universal opposite Frank 
Mayo; "Silver Horde" for Goldwyn: "His Wife's Rela- 
tions." "Darling of the Rich" and others for Pathe: 
"Slander" and "Queen of Sheba" for Fox Film: 
"Potash & Perlmutter in Hollywood"; and "Nomads 
of the North" for First National. In England she 
appeared in "Chu Chin Chow," "She," "Southern 
Love" and "Jacob's Well." 

BOARDMAN. ELEANOR: b. Philadelphia. Pa., h. 

5 feet 6% inches; light brown hair and hazel eyes; 
w. 120 pounds; e. Germantown high school and the 
Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia: m. King Vidor, 
director. Has appeared in such pictures as "Souls 
for Sale," "Three Wise Fools." "Proud Flesh," "Wife 
of the Centaur," "Bardelys the Magnificent," "Tell 
It to the Marines," "The Crowd," "She Goes to 
War," "Redemption" (1930), MGM ; "Mamba" (1930), 
T-ffany; "The Great Meadow." "Squaw Man." MGM. 

"Barefoot Boy" (CBC). "Girl of the Limberlost" 
(FBO), "The Home Maker." "Down the Stretch" 
(Universal). "Speedy Smith" (Rayart). "The Lady 
Lies" (Paramount). 

BOLEY, MARY: Appeared in 1929 in "Woman 
from Hell." Fox; "The Dance of Life" and "Dan- 
gerous Curves." Paramount: "Lilies of the Field." 
First National: "Going Wild." First National: "Moby 
Dick." Winner: "Hail the Princess." Educational. 

BOLTON. HELEN: b. St. Louis. Mo.: e. graduate of 
Ward-Belmont. Nashville. Tenn. At 16 studied opera 
in Paris at the Conservatoire Internationale. Returned 
to New York and featured in musical comedies, includ- 
ing: "O. Lady. Lady." "See-Saw." "Golden Girl" and 
"Fitter Patter." leading woman with Eddie Cantor in 
"Up She Goes" and "My Girl." Appeared in "Cradle 
Snatchers." "The Royal Family" and "The Ruined 
Lady." Appeared in two pictures with Clark and Mo- 
Cull'oueh at Fox; "Dad Knows Best." Educational. 

BOND, LILLIAN: Vitaphone; No. 1064. "Lost and 
Found," No. 1070. "Putting It On." "Stepping Out." 
MGM; "Squaw Man." MGM: "Great Lover." MGM: 
".lu, t n OIeoIo," MOM ; "Fireman Save My Child." 
First National; "Walking Home." Paramount short. 

BO N I LL AS. MYRTA: Appeared In "Lummox" 
(1030). United Artists. 

BONNER. MARJORIE: b Adrian. Mich.. July 18. 




1907; e. public schools in Chicago. University of Mich- 
igan: h. 5 feet: w. 105 pounds; blond hair and hazel 
eyes; hy. riding, golf and swimming. Started screen 
work as an extra. Appeared in "Sinner's Parade." 
"Trail of Courage." 

BONNER. PRISCILLA: b. Washington. D. C. : h. 
5 feet 1 inch; w. 100 pounds; blond hair, gray eyes. 
Screen career includes "Outcast Souls." "Golden 
Shackles," "Broadway After Midnight." "Paying the 
Price." "The Prince of Head Waiters." "Long Pants." 
"It." "Three Bad Men." "The Red Kimono." 
"Drusilla With a Million," "Girls Who Dare." 

BOOTH. EDWINA: b. Provo. Utah: e. Salt Lake 
public schools, the Latter Day Saints Academy, East 
high school at Salt Lake City and Dixie College at 
St. George. Utah: h. 5 feet 7 inches: blue eyes, blond 
hair; hy. riding. Ashing, swimming and aviation. First 
screen work for E. Mason Hopper. Stage experience in 
support of Lucille LaVerne in "Sun-Up." In Carter 
De Haven's Music Box Revue in Hollywood. Small 
part in "Manhattan Cocktail" (Paramount). Then 
selected bv W. S. Van Dvke for lone feminine role in 
MGM's "Trader Horn." 

BORDEN. OLIVE: Appeared in 1929 in "The 
Eternal Woman," Columbia; "Stool Pigeon." "Wed- 
ding Rings," "Half Marriage" and "Love in the 
Desert." RKO; in 1930 in "The Social Lion," Para- 
mount; "Hello Sister," Sono Art- World Wide. 

BORDONI, IRENE: b. Island of Corsica in AJacclo; 
hy. clothes, swimming and horseback riding. Her stage 
career started at the age of 13 when she pranced into 
the Theatre Variete. in Paris, and asked the manager 
for a job. She landed one in the chorus. George 
Halevy. the noted French writer, discovered her. found 
a speaking role for her and she progressed very rapidly. 
Her name soon twinkled in electric lights in the 
various capitals of Europe. She learned to sing 
prettily and Broadway producers began to offer her con- 
tracts. In America she was very successful in "Miss 
Information," a revue featuring Elsie Janis. Following 
this she was besieged with offers and appeared in a 
number of successful revues with Raymond Hitchcock. 
Sam Bernard and Alice Delysia. Her popularity grew 
and she became the star of her own company. Among 
her successes are "Little Miss Bluebeard." "Naughty 
Cinderella." "Paris." "Song of Songs" (1929). Warner 

BORIO, JOSEPHINE: Appeared in 1929 in "Fazil." 

BOROS. FERIKE: b. Nagyvarad. Hungary. 1880; h. 
5 feet. 5 inches; grayish hair and brown eyes; w. 150 
pounds: p. Mark and Rosalia Boros. non-professionals ■ 
e Budapest, Hungary, London, England, dramatic 
school. Pitman school; not married: hy. nature, music 
and art of every' kind. Stage training at National 
Theatre. Gaiety Theatre. Budapest. London. Has had a 
wide stage experience, playing over a thousand parts, 
some of which were: with Madame Kalich in "Kreutzer 
Sonata." the part of "Rachel": with Olga Petrova in 
"Hurricane"; with Al Woods in "Friendly Enemies"; 
two seasons with Brady in "The Dreamer": one season 
with Sam Harris in "Chicago"; for six months with 
Leo Dietrichstein in "The Great Lover." Starred in 
"The World and the Woman," for two seasons; 'The 
Dream Song"; "The Devil," and many others. Has 
bad experience in both silent and talking pictures, 
among them: the role of the mother in "Children of 
the Ghetto," Fox; "Her Son." Metro; a German nart 
in "Bought"; a mother part in "Born Reckless." Fox: 
a mother part in "Ladies Love Brutes." Paramount: 
"Little Caesar." First National; and "Gentleman's 
Fate."MGM. She translated "Seven Sisters." which 
was produced by Daniel Frohman, Has also written 
several olays: "The New Teacher." "Bachelor Girls." 
"The Soy." and "Close Call." Opened a dramatic 
school to teach only classics. 

BOURKE. FAN: h. Brooklyn. N. T. : h. 5 feet 8 
inches; blond hair and Drown eyes; w. 140 pounds: e. 
Loretta Convent. Niagara Falls. Can. Specialized in 
literature, psychology and history. Was with Jesse 
Lasky's "Pianophiends" in vaudeville; Augustus Thomas' 
"Mere Man"; Arthur Hopkins' "A Very Good Young 
Man " Entered pictures in 1915 through James Cruze. 
Wrote story and featured in "The Master's Model"; 
"Lummox" (1930). United. Artists. 

BOW. CLARA: b. Brooklyn. N. V.: h. 5 feet 3V 2 
inches: fiery red hair and agate brown eyes: w. 110 
pounds; p. Sarah and Robert Bow, non-professionals: 
e. Circle high school: hy. motoring, hiking and swim- 
ming. Screen experience includes appearances in 
"Rough House Rosie." "Get Your Man." "Red Hair," 
"The Fleet's In." "The Wild Party." "Three Week 
Ends" and "Ladies of the Mob." Her first screen 
experience was in "Down to the Sea in Ships." Her 
1029 pictures include "Dangerous Curves." "The Fleet's 
In" and "The Saturrt.iv Night Kid." 1930 in "Para- 
mount on Parade." "True to the Navy." Paramount; 
"Her Wedding Night." "Kick In." "No Limit": Fox. 

BOYD, BETTY: r. n. Betty Boyd Smith: b. Kansas 
City. Mo.. May 11. 1908; h. 5 feet 5 inches; auburn 
bair and brown eyes; w. 128 pounds: p. Mrs. Boyd 
Smith, non-professional; e. Loretta Academy. N. C.. 
Hollywood high school; received her stage training at 
the Hollywood Community theatre and Marta Oatman 
school; not married: hy. drawing, skiing, swimming 
and dancing. Played leads in Educational comedies 
for one year, then featured lead in "A Persian Mar- 
ket" for Tiffanv-Stahl. a sound technicolor classic: in 
1929 in "The Right Bed." Educational. Coronet Talk 
ing Comedies and in 1930 in "A Roval Romance." 
Columbia: "Lilies of the Field," First National: "The 
Green Goddess." Warner Bros. ; "Vacation Loves/' 
Educational. Mack Sennett Talking Pictures: "French 
Kisses." Educational. Tuxedo Talking Comedies. 

BOYD. DOROTHY: Appeared in "Constant Nymph" 
11929). Gainsborough. 

BRADFORD. VIRGINIA: Appeared in "One Man 
Dog" (1929). RKO 

BRADLEY. ESTELLE: b. Atlanta, Ga.. April 5. 1908: 
h. 5 feet 3 Inches: blond hair and blue eves: w. 118 
pounds; e. Atlanta, Ga.; by. tennis: m. ("has. Lamont. 
Was "Miss Atlanta" in 1924. Screen appearances In- 
clude: "Queen Wild." "Wild Cat Valley." "Making 
Whoopee." "Don't Get Excited" (1929). Educational. 
Tuxedo Talking Comedies: "Johnny's Week End" (1930). 
Educational, Gayety Comedies. 

BRAMLEY. FLORA: b. London, England; e. Central 
high school. Detroit. Mich.. Clark's College. London. 
England, Stage career: "Mercenary Mary," "Cradle 
Rnatehers." London. Screen parcel" "The Dude Cnw 
bov" (FBOl: "Flirting Widow" (1030). First National: 
"College" (United Artists): "We Americans" (I'm 


BRAY. FLORENCE: Vitaphone; No. 2099. "A Cycle 
of Songs." No. 2734. "Character Studies." 

BRENT. EVELYN : b. Tampa. Fla.. 1899: h. 5 feet 
I inches; brown hair and eyes; w. 112 pounds; e. Nor- 
mal training school in New York City; m. Harry Ed- 
wards. While still attending Normal school she visited 
the Fort Lee studios and obtained work as an extra, 
her first good parts being in support of Olga Petrova 
for Metro. Then made a pleasure trip to Europe, 
played in "The Ruined Lady" and remained in Eng- 
land about four years, appearing in pictures produced 
by Stoll, Ideal. Samuelson and other producers. Re- 
turned to the United States and went to Hollywood, 
where she played in a series of 14 crook melodramas for 
FBO. including "The Jade Cup." "Smooth as Satin" 
and "The Flame of the Argentine." While under con- 
tract to Paramount she played Feathers in "Under- 
world," in which she was featured with George Bancroft 
and ('live Brook; Mary Vahbrugh in "Beau Sabreur" , 
Natacha in Emil .Tannings' "The Last Command" ; with 
Adolphe Menjou in "A Night of Mystery" and "His 
Tiger Lady": with George Bancroft in "The Drag Net": 
with Thomas Mdghan in "The Mating Call": and in 
"Interference." Her 1929 pictures include "Darkened 
Rooms." "Fast Company." "Why Bring That Up" ant 
"Woman Trap." all for Paramount; and "Broadway." 
Universal; and in 1930 in "Paramount on Parade," 
"Slightly' Scarlet." Paramount: "Framed," Radio; 
Cherry Malotte in the Alaskan epic (1931). "The 
Silver Horde"; (1932), "High Pressure." Warner. 

BRENT. HELEN: b. Philadelphia, Pa.. September 2. 
1908; h. 5 feet 3 inches: blond hair and blue eyes; 
w. 99 pounds: e. St. Mary's Academy, Portland. Ore., 
and Villa Maria Academy. Philadelphia. Pa.: hy. 
dancing, reading, singing and music. No stage experi- 
ence. Her screen experience includes roles in "Feet of 
Clay." "The Temptress." "Our Dancing Daughters." 
"Four Walls." 'Sawdust Paradise." "The Strong 
Man." "The Chaser," "Out of the Past." "Spring 
Fever" and "The Taxi Dancer." 

BRIAN. MARY: b. Dallas. Texas; h. 5 feet 2 inches: 
dark hair and hazel eyes; w. 105 pounds; e. in Dallas. 
Texas; hy. dancing, swimming, drawing. Shortly after 
her arrival in Los Angeles one of her trends entered 
Miss Brian's name in a personality contest then being 
conducted by a local newspaper. She won the con- 
test which brought her to the attention of Albert 
Kaufman, manager of the Metropolitan Theatre in Los 
Angeles. At this time Herbert Brenon and the Laskv 
studio officials were searching for a girl to play Wendy 
in their proposed filming of "Peter Pan" and Miss 
Brian was accepted to take the role. She was a great 
success, and has appeared in the following Paramount 
pictures: 'The Air Mail." "The Little French Girl." 
"The Street of Forgotten Men." "A Regular Fellow." 
"The Enchanted H 11." "Behind the Front." "Beau 
Geste." "Knockout Reilly." "Running Wild," "Shang- 
hai Bound." "Man Power." "Two Flaming Youths," 
' Under the Tonto Rim," "The Big Killing." "Forgot- 
ten Faces." "Varsity," "Someone to Love" and "The 
-Man I Love" in 1929 in "River of Romance," "The 
Marriage Playground" and "The Virginian." Para- 
mount, and in 1930 in "Burning Up." "Kibitzer." "The 
Light of Western Stars." "Only the Brave." "Para- 
mount on Parade." "The Social Lion." 

BRICE. FANNY: b. New York City. October 29. 
1891; p. Rose Stern and Charles Borach ; e. Newark. 
N. J. ; div. m. William Rose, professional. Received 
her stage training in Brooklyn theatres, then later ap- 
peared in Cohan & Harris revue. Moving to New York, 
she located in Rachel Lewis' vaudeville act: then be- 
came a chorus girl in Hurtig & Seamnn burlesque 
troupe, first as a singer and then as a dancer, and 
later became a soubrette. She was sing ng dialect 
songs by Irving Berlin, as one of ' Spiegel's College 
GtIs" in the Columbia burlesque house in New York 
Citv when Florenz Ziegfeld. Jr.. saw her and promptly 
engaged her for the 1910 ed tion of his Ziegfeld "Fol- 
lies." At this time she renamed herself "Brice" bor- 
rowing the name of John Brice. an old family rriend. 
With the exception of two seasons, one spent in "The 
Honeymoon Express" and the other in London vaude 
\ille. Fannie Brice was a star of the Ziegfeld "Follies" 
from 1910 to 1923. It was here in the "Follies" after 
10 years that she became famous for her singing of 
"Mon Homme." a lyric written by Channing Pollock. 
In 1924 she left Ziegfeld and became the star of "The 
Music Box Revue." continuing during the 1925 season. 
Then, following a brief tour in vaudeville, she was 
starred by David Belasco in a play wr tten for her 
railed "Fanny." She also appeared on thf New York 
stage in "Fioretta." Screen career started in 1928 
wben she made her first film "My Man" for Warner 
Bros.: was in "The Man from Blankley's. (19291. and 
in "Be Yourself" (1930). United Artists. 

BRINKMAN. DOLORES: 1). St. Louis. Mo.: h 5 
feet 3 inches: blond hair and blue eyes: w. 115 
pounds; e. St. Louis and Hollywood schools; not mar- 
ried; hy. golf, riding, dancing and sw mming. No 
stage experience. Entered pictures in 1924. playing 
comedv and western leads. Appeared in (1929) in 
"The Big City," "Myster ous Island." "Telling the 
World" and "Alias Jimmy Valentine," Metro-Qoldwyn- 

BROCK WELL. GLADYS: 'Tin. Drake Case" (1929), 
Universal: 'The Argyle Case" (1929). Warner Bros.: 
Vitaphone. No. 2235, "Hollywood Bound." Deceased. 

BRODERICK. HELEN: Appeared in Vitaphone No. 
987. "Nile Green." 

BRODY. ANN: r. n. Ann Brady Goldstein; b. 
Poland. August 29. 1884 : h. 5 feet: brown hair 
and dark brown eves: w. 17ft pounds: p. Ada Brodv 
and David L. Goldstein, non-professionals: e. Woman's 
high school. New York City: not married: hy. work, 
music and books. Stage experience in "Antonio" in 
1925: as Rosy Potash in "Potash and Perlmutter" ; 
Molly Blumberg in "My Country." and Magnolia In 
"The Goldfish " Screen experience with Vitagraph com- 
pany In 1912 and has appeared in such pictures as 
"My Man" for Warner Bros : "The Cnse or Lena 
Smith" and "The Wolf Song" for Paramount: and 
"\''vne Tale." in 1929 In "The Man from Blank- 
lev's." and later In "A Royal Romance" (IPSO), 
Columbia; "Playing Around" (1930). First National. 

BRODY. ESTELLE: b. Aug 15. 1904 : p. at schools 
In I,ondon. New York and Montreal; b. 5 feet >'{. 
inches: w. 108 pounds: black hair and hazel eves: hy. 
tennis. Entered pictures In 1920. Has appeared in 
"Week End Wives." "Kitty." "Hlnkle Wakes." "Made- 
moiselle from Armpntleres." 

BRONSON. BETTY: b. Newark. N. J., 1910; e. East 
Orange, N. J.. Pasadena, Cal. . and New York City; h 
5 feet; w. 98 pounds; chestnut hair and green eyes; hy. 
tennis and horseback riding. No stage experience. In 
pictures since 1923. among them "Peter Pan." "Are 
Parents People," 'A Kiss for Cinderella," Paramount : 
"Companionate Marriage" ( 1920 1 . First National: "A 
Modern Sappho." Gotham; "The Bellamy Trial," 
MGM; "The Locked Door." United Artists: "One 
Stolen Night." "The Singing Fool." "Sonny Boy," 
Warner Bros.; and "The Medicine Man" (1930), 

BROOKS, LOUISE: b. Wichita. Kan.. 1900; h. 5 
feet 2 inches; w. 120 pounds; black hair, brown eyes. 
Stage experience: Two years with St. Denis Dancers. 
Ziegfeld "Follies." "Louis the 14th." George White's 
"Scandals." dancer. Cafe de Paris in London. Screen 
career: ' Girl in Every Port" (Foxl, "Now We're in the 
Air." "The City Gone Wild." "Rolled Stockings." 
"Beggars of Life," "The Canary Murder Case" (Para- 

BROWN. DOROTHY: Plaved Toots Nolan in "Girl 
from Havana"; The Big Party" (Fox). 

BROWN. IRENE: Appeared in "The Letter" (1929). 

BROWN, JOSEPHINE: b. Chicago. 111.: h. 5 feet 2V4 
inches; auburn hair and gray eyes; w. 118 pounds: 
P. Alice Street: e. in America and Europe; m. John 
Severheard. non-professional: hy. biographies and dogs. 
Stage experience sang in opera in Portugal. Plays the 
violin and speaks French and Spanish. Appeared with 
John Barrymore in "Uncle Sam." in New York City, 
leading woman with William Gillette, played in "Se- 
cret Service." and "Sherlock Holmes." Appeared in 
"Strange Cargo" and "Tonight at Twelve.' Universal 
screen productions. Freelance player 

BROWNE. LUCILLE: h .Memphis, Tenn. : h. 5 feet 4 
inches; blond hair and brown eyes; w. 105 pounds: p. 
non-professionals: e. public schools in Memphis and 
National Park Seminary at Washington. D. C. : not mar- 
ried; hy. cooking. After modeling in New York and 
Chicago, she studied dramatics in Memphis. Joined 
Walton and Pyre, Chicago stock company, as juvenile 
and played ingenue roles for six months. Then joined 
Richard Bennett in ".Tarnegan." Appeared in a small 
role in a picture riade bv Pathe in 1929. Was in 
Fox's "Last of the Duanes" (1930): "Young As You 
Feel" (19311. Fox: "Danger Island" (serial). Univer- 
sal: "Buffalo Bill" (serial). Universal; "Girls About 
Town." Para.: (1932). "Cannonhall Express." Sono 
Art -World Wide. 

BROWNE. BETTY: Vitaphone; No. 970. "Let's 

BROX SISTERS. THREE: Vitaphone No. 2570. 
"Glorifying the American Girl." No. 2571. "Down 
South." No. 2888. "Headin' South": "The Hollywood 
Rerue" (1929). MGM; "King of Jazz" (1930). Uni- 

BRUCE. VIRGINIA: b. Minneapolis. Minn.: e. In 
Fargo. N. D. ; not married. Screen experience in the 
following productions for Paramount: "Why Bring That 
Up." "Woman Trap." "Slightly Scarlet." "Young 
Eagles." "The Love Parade." "Lilies of the Field." 
"Only the Brave" (1930). "Paramount on Parade" 
(1930). "Safety in Numbers" (1930). Paramount; signed 
long term contract with MGM in 1931. 

BRYANT, KAY: b. Chicago, 111.. Feb. 4. 1911; e. in 
Chicago; h. 5 feet 1 inch; w. 108 pounds: blond hair, 
blue eyes; hy. horseback riding, tennis. Stage experi- 
ence, dancer and photographic model. Entered pictures 
in 1927. Has appeared in "Silly Sailor." "Four Sons." 
"Roadhouse." "The Wild Party" (Paramount). 

BUCHANAN. VIRGINIA: b. Kansas City Mo., July 
7. 1910; h. 4 feet 1014 inches; red hair and bluish 
green eyes; w. 103 pounds; p. Bertie Gill and Lawrence 
Buchanan, non - professionals : e. Central high school: 
hy. dancing, horse back riding and furniture. On 
stage for 9 years with Frank L. Newman. Tom Wilkes. 
Lillian Albertson. Orpbeum and Pantages vaudeville: 
on road for 1% years with Albertson "Desert Song." as 
"It" girl in show. Music Hall Revue at Majestic 
theatre. Los Angeles, in "Nancy." Entered films in 
1928 and appeared in Gus Edwards Revues at Metro- 
Goldwyn-Mayer. also the following productions: "Desert 
Song." "Vagabond King." "Pointed Heels." "Para- 
mount on Parade." Under stock contract at Para- 
mount, specializing in dancing, chorus, ingenue roles 

BUCKLAND. MRS. WILFRED: Appeared in "The 
Greene Murder Case" (1929). Paramount. 

BUNN. ALICE: "Hard Boiled Hampton" (1920). 
Pathe: Manhattan Comedies: First Series. 

BURGESS. DOROTHY: Appeared in 1929 in "Pleas- 
ure Crazed." "Protection." "In Old Arizona." "Song 
of Kentucky." Fox: "Beyond Victory." "Swing High" 
(1930). Pathe; "Recaptured Love." Warner: "Lasca of 
the Rio Grande." Universal; "Taxi Please." First Na- 
tional: "Cleopatra." Pathe. Was In following plays in 
Los Angeles: "The Squall." "Lulu Belle," "Bird of 
Fame." "The Broken Wing." 

BURKE. MARIE: Appeared in "Unmasked" (1930), 

BURMESTER. AUGUSTA: Appeared in "The Greene 
Murder Case" (19291. Paramount. 

BURT. BILLIE: "Ranch House Blues" (1930). 
Pathe. Rodeo Comedies. 

BURT. CHARLINE: Appeared In "Beyond the Rio 
Grande" (1930). Big 4. 

BUSCH. MAE: b. Melbourne. Australia: e. convent. 
Madison. N. J.: h. 5 feet 4 inches: w. 120 pounds: 
black hair and grey eyes. Played leads on stage with 
Eddie Foy. Screen experience includes "Fazil." "San 
Francisco Nights." "The Beauty Shoppers," "Tongue^ 
of Scandal." "The Truthful Sex." "A Man's Man " 
"Sisters of Eve" tltayart). "Alibi" (United Artists), 
and "Young Desire" (Universal). 

BUSLEY. JESSIE: Vitaphone: No. 1006 "Seeing 
Off Service." 

BYRON. EILEEN: Vitaphone; No. 2704. "A Pimm 

BYRON. KATE: Vitaphone: No. 2701. "A Punnj 

BYRON. MARION: r. n. Miriam BllenUni h Da! 
ton, O.. Mar. 1(1. 1911: h. 5 feet: dark blown hair ami 
blue eves: w. 05 pounds: p. Bertha and Lewis Bllenkin, 
non-professionals; e. public schools in Dayton, Denver. 
Detroit anil Los Angeles: by. dancing; received stage 
training in Los Angeles: appeared in "Tbr Patsy" In 
I,os Angeles, also In "Music Box Revue" with Fanny 




Brice; took the lead In "Tip Toes," and featured role 
in "Cradle Snatcners" and "Strawberry Blonde." 
Screen career: lead with Buster Keaton In "Steamboat 
Bill, Jr.," also with Sammy Cohen in "Plastered In 
Paris"; featured in Hal Roach Comedies. Her 1929 
pictures: "Broadway Babies," "His Captive Woman" 
(First National) : "Social Sinners" (Educational-Tuxedo 
Talking Comedies); "So Long Letty" (Warner Bros). 
In 1930 appeared m such pictures as "Forward Pass." 
"Playing Around," "The Bad Man" (First National); 
"Song of the West," "Golden Dawn " "The Matri- 
monial Bed." Warner; "Children of Dreams," Warner; 
"Girls Demand Excitement." Fox; "Working Girls." 
Paramount; "High Pressure." First National. Was 
ingenue in stage production "Once in a Lifetime." 

CAINE. GEORGIA: "Good Intentions" (1930), Fox; 
"Night Work," Pathe. 

CALDWELL. BETTY: b. Los Angeles. Cal.. Nov. 14. 
1909; h. 5 feet 3 inches; blond hair and grey eyes; 
w. 120 pounds; e. in California; not married; hy. swim- 
ming, dancing, art and music. Stage experience Just a 
short time in vaudeville Screen experience started In 
192G and appeared in the following productions: "Her 
Father Said No," "The Farmer's Daughter," and "Mid- 
night," played the lead In "Straight Shooting." 
"Greased Lightning" and "Girl Shy Cowboy." Free- 
lance player. 

CAMPBELL, FLO: Vitaphone; Nos. 1075-70, "His 

CAMPBELL MARGARET: Appeared in "Take the 
Heir" (1930), Big 4. 

CAREW, ORA WHYTOCK: b Salt Lake City. Utah; 
h. 5 feet 2% inches; blond hair and brown eyes; w. 
118 pounds; p. Evelyn Carew and Dr. James Whytock; 
e. San Francisco high school and Rowland Hall. Salt 
Lake City, Utah; not married; hy. all outdoor sports. 
Stage experience. Entered pictures in 1929 and ap- 
peared in Metro's "The Little Lady of the Big 
House." Jack London story; "Lady Fingers" with Bert 
Lytell and "Sherlock Holmes"; also in Fox's "The 
Big Town Roundup," with Tom Mix. 

CAREWE, RITA: r. n. Violette Carewe Mason; 
h 5 feet 4Mi inches; blond hair and blue eyes: w. 124 
pounds; p. Mary Jane and Edwin Carewe. father pro- 
fessional; e. Connock School of Expression: m. LeRoy 
Mason, professional. Has appeared in the following 
pictures. "Resurrection" and "Revenge," directed and 
produced by Edwin Carewe. released through United 
Artists; "The Will of the Woman." and in •High 
Steppers," Edwin Carewe. First National; "Radio 
Kisses" (1930). Educational. Mack Sennett Talking 

CARLYLE, AILEEN: r. n. Alleen Bauer; b. San 
Francisco. Cal., March 5, 1900; h. 5 feet 0 inches; 
auburn hair and brown eyes; w. 155 pounds; p. Aileen 
L Day and Chris J. Bauer, non -professional; e Paris. 
France and the Hollywood High School. Hollywood, 
and received her stage training in San Francisco: not 
married: hy swimming, dancing, tennis, and Chinese 
and Japanese prints. First stage appearance in "Pas- 
sions" under David Graham Fisher in 1926: then 
played minor roles in Alcazar Stock company in San 
Francisco. Her nicture career started in 192<> in 
"Sweet Adeline" with Jerome Storm for Charles Ray : 
then in "Drums of Love." "Sky Rocket" and March- 
ing On" with Chic Sale in Movietone; "His Honor the 
Mayor " "The Virginian." "Too Toung to Marry. 
"Heartbreak." Fox; "Her Majesty Love." First Na- 
tional; "Lullaby." MGM: "The Sphynx Has Spoken 
Radio: "The Honor of the Family. First National , 
"Murder at Midnight." Tiffany, and five Chic Sale 
Shorts- "The County Seat," "Cowslips." Ex-Rooster. 
"Many A Slip," "A Hurry Call." 

CAROL SUE: r. n. Evelyn Lederer: b. Chicago, 
111., October 30, 1908: h. 5 feet 3 inches; dark brown 
hair and eves; w. 108 pounds; p Caroline and Samuel 
Lederer, non-professionals: e. Kemper Hall and Na- 
tional Park Seminary; no stage training; m. Nick 
Stuart: hy. swimming and golf. Has appeared in 
such pictures as "Soft Cushions." "Walking Back. 
"Skyscrapers." "Cohens and Kellys in Pans, Cap; 
tain" Swagger," "Air Circus" and "Girls Gone .Wild 
Her 1929 pictures include "It Can Be Done. Uni- 
versal; "Chasing Through Europe." "The Exalted Flap- 
per " "Fox Movietone Follies." "Why Leave Home 1 

(1929) . Fox; and In 1930 in "The Big Party." "The 
Golden Calf," "Lone Star Ranger." "Dancing 
Sweeties" Warner Bros.; "Check and Double Check. 
Radio: (1932), "In Line of Duty," Monogram. 

CARON. PATRICIA: Appeared in 1929 in "Oh. 
Yeah." Pathe; "Idaho Red," RKO; "Girl From Wool- 
worth's," First National. 

CARR, MARY: b. Philadelphia, Pa.; e. Normal Col- 
lege. Philadelphia. Stage experience: Girard stock 
company. Philadelphia, four years. Screen career be- 
gan with old Lubin Company. Has appeared in "Over 
the Hill" (Fox). "A Million for Love," "On Your 
Toes." "A Swelled Head." "Paying the Price." "Jesse 
James," "Special Delivery," "Paramount Novelties." 
"Lights of New York." "Love Over Night (1929). 
(Pathe); "Sailors' Holiday" (1929). "Some Mother's 
Boy" (1929), Rayart; "Hot Curves" (1930). (Tiffany). 

CARRINGTON, HELEN: Appeared in "Queen High" 

(1930) , Paramount. 

CARROLL, NANCY: b. New York City. November 19. 
190G; h. 5 feet 4 inches: auburn hair and blue eyes; w. 
118 pounds; e. Holy Trinity School; m. Jack Kirkland, 
writer. She received her stage training in a dance spe- 
cialty in the "Passing Show of 1923," "Topics of 192:s," 
the "Passing Show of 1924." and in "Mayflowers" (at 
the Forest theatre) ; in 1920 she appeared in "Nancy" 
In Los Angeles, and the "Music Box Revue" In Holly- 
wood with Lupino Lane. Then starred by Louis Macloon 
in "Loose Ankles"; and in 1927 appeared in "Chicago" 
at the Music Box theatre in Hollywood. In 1927 she 
submitted to a test by Fox, which resulted in second 
lead in "Ladies Must Dress," starring Virginia Valli. 
Paramount then signed her for the role of Rosemary 
In Anne Nichols' "Abie's Irish Rose." Following this 
she was featured In Richard Dlx's "Easy Come Easy 
Go"; "The Water Hole" with Jack Holt. "Manhattan 
Cocktail" with Richard Arlen: "The Shopworn Angel" 
with Gary Cooper; and In "The Wolf of Wall Street" 
with George Bancroft and Baclanova. Her 1929 pic- 
tures Include "The Sin Sister," Fox; "Close Harmony." 
"The Dance of Life," "Illusion," "Shopworn Angel," 
"Sweetie"; in 1930 In "Dangerous Paradise," "The 

Devil's Holiday," "Honey," "Paramount on Farads." 
"Follow Thru." "Laughter." and "Two Against Death." 
(1932), "Broken Lullaby," "Wayward," Paramount. 

CARTER, BETTY: Appeared in "Ins de the Lines" 
(1930), Radio Pictures. 

CARTER, KATHRYN: Entered pictures as Kathryn 
Hill; m. Adolphe Menjou. Her 1929 pictures Included 
"Outcast." First National; "No Defense." Warner Bros. 

CARVER, LOUISE: r. n. Louise Spilger Murray; b. 
Davenport. Iowa. June 9, 1875; h. 5 feet 9 inches; ash 
brown hair and hazel eyes; w. 105 pounds; p. Wilhe!- 
mina Grunewaldt and Fritz Spilger. father a chief of 
police and mother a German opera singer; e. Davenport 
high school; married; h. driving a team of horses. 
Made her debut in grand opera in 1892 at the Audi- 
torium theatre, Chicago. Did opera work for years; 
then impromptu comedienne and was featured in "Hen- 
pecks" with Lew Fields, playing Mrs. Beck; in Shu- 
bert's "Dick Whittington" ; then leading comedienne 
character in "Fifty Miles from Boston." Screen ex- 
perience In Mack Bennett's "The First One Hundred 
Years Are the Worst"; in "The Redeeming Sin," War- 
ner Brothers production: "Shameless Behavior," and in 
"Four Married Men." Her 1929 pictures included 
"The Sap," Warner Brothers; "Must We Marry." 

CASEY. NAOMI: Appeared In "Beach Babies" (1929). 
Pathe. Variety Comedies. 

CECIL, NORA: b. Ireland; e. in England: h. 5 feet 
7V4 inches; w. 140 pounds; brown hair, brown eyes. 
Stage experience: Twelve years In vaudeville and 
musical comedy. Screen career includes "The Fortune 
Hunter" (Warner Bros.). "The Devil Dancer" (United 
Artists). "Born 'O Battle" (Pathe). "The Demi- 
Bride" (MGM), "The Cavalier" (Tiffany-Stalil I . and 
in (1929): "Driftwood," Columbia: "Seven Footprints 
to Satan," First National; "Seven Days' Leave" 

CHADWICK, HELEN: Appeared In 1929 in "Father 
and Son." "Confessions of a Wife." Columbia: also in 
"Men Are Like That" (1930), Paramount. 

CHADWICK, IDA MAY: Appeared In "Pardon My 
Gun," Pathe. 

CHANCE. ANNA: b. Oxford. Md., October 25. 1884 ; 
h. 6 feet 7 inches; brown hair and blue eyes; W. 136 
pounds: e. Trenton, N. J.; hy. billiards; m. Charley 
Grapewin. Was leading woman for Charley Grapewin 
on stage. Entered pictures in June, 1929. Played 
Dolores Costello's mother in "Second Choice." War- 
ner Bros. ; was lead in all Charley Grapewin comedies 
for Christie. Has appeared in such pictures as "Jed's 
Vaoation" (1929), "That Red Headed Hussy" (1929). 
Paramount-Christie Talking Plays; "Ladies Choice," 
"The Wanderlust." 

CHANDLER, ANNA: Vitaphone No. 2739, "Popular 

CHANDLER. HELEN: Appeared in 1929 in "Salute," 
Fox: "Mother's Boy." Pathe; in 1930 in "Rough Ro- 
mance," "Sky Hawk." Fox: 'Outward Bound." Warner 

Bros.; (1931), "A House Divided," U. 

CHAPMAN. EDYTHE: b. Rochester, X. Y. : e. 
University of Rochester: h. 5 feet 1 inch: w. 135 
pounds; blue eyes, gray hair. Leading woman on legit- 
imate stage for 20 years. Screen career includes: 
"Happiness Ahead," "Shepherd of the Hills." "The 
Count of Ten," "Love Hungry," "Up the River" 
(Fox): "Navy Blues," "Twin Beds." (First Nationali; 
in 1929; "Synthetic Sin" (First National): "The Idle 
Rich" (MGM) ; "Three Week Ends" (Paramount) : 
"Navy Blues" (MGM); in 1930: "Take the Heir" 
(Big 4 Corp.); "Double Cross Roads" (Fox). 

CHARLOT CHORUS: Appeared in "The New Waiter" 
(1930), Pathe, George LeMaire Comedies: "Musical 
Beauty Shop" (1930), Pathe, Melody Comedies, first 

CHASE, ILKA: b. New York City: e. in private 
schools in New York City and in Paris, France; h. 
5 feet 6 inches; w. 125 pounds; black hair, brown 
eyes; hy. dancing, polo. First on the stage in Cincin- 
nati. Ohio, in 1924; then with Charles Frohman Com- 
pany and Sam Harris enterprises in New York : went 
to the Pacific Coast with Henry Miller in "Embers." 
"The Grand Duchess and the Waiter" and "The 
Swan." First role in pictures was a bit in "Paris 
Bound" at Pathe. In 1929 she appeared in "Red Hot 
Rhythm." Pathe; "The Careless Age." "South Sea 
Rose." "Why Leave Home." Fox, and in 1930 in "The 
Big Party," "Let's Go Places." Fox: "Rich People." 
Pathe: "On Your Back." Fox. 

CHATTERTON. RUTH: b. New York City. Dec. 24: 
h. 5 feet 2% inches: light brown hair and blue eyes; 
w. 110 pounds; e. Mrs. Hazen's private school at 
Palham Manor: m. Ralph Forbes, professional. Stage 
experience as follows: in chorus in Washington, D. C, 
in stock company with Lowell Sherman, Pauline Lord 
and Lenore Ulric at 15 years of age. Starred at 18 
Leading woman for Henry Miller in "Daddy Long 
Legs," also appeared in "Come Out of the K tchen." 
"Moonlight and Honeysuckle," "A Marriage of Con- 
venience," in which she co-starred with Henry Miller 
"Mary Rose." "The Little Minister." produced and 
played In "La Tendresse." "The Magnolia Lady," a 
musical comedy, for one season, "Changelings." with 
Henry Miller and Blanche Bates, "The Man With a 
Load of Mischief," "The Green Hat," "The Devil's 
Plum Tree." Appeared in the following screen pro- 
ductions; "Sins of the Fathers." with Emil .Tannings, 
"The Doctor's Secret." "The Dummy," "Madame X." 
for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. "The Laughing Lady." at 
Long Island studio for Paramount: "Sarah and Son." 
"Charming Sinners" (1929): "The High Road" (19291. 
MGM; "The Lady of Scandal" (1930) MGM: "Para- 
mount on Parade" (19301, "Anybody's Woman"; (1931- 
32), "Once a Lady." "Tomorrow ard Tomorrow." 

CHEKOVA. OLGA: Appeared In :929 in "Moulin 
Rouge," "Pawns of Passion." World-Wide: "His Latest 
Excellency." Ufa. 

CHERRILL, VIRGINIA: b. Carthage, 111., April 12. 
1908; h 5 feet 4% inches: blonde hair and blue eyes; 
w. 110 pounds; p. Mrs. .1. M. Cherrill, non-profcs-lon-il : 
e. Starrett Finishing school, Chicago, 111.; hy. reading 
and the study of languages. Signed with Charlie 
Chaplin as his leading woman In "City Lights." 

CHEVRET. LITA: b. Oakland. Cal.: e. University 
of California. Berkeley; h, 5 feet 6'4 Inches: w. 127 
pounds; dark brown hair and light brown eyes: hy. 
riding, swimming. Previous career In dramatic stock 

and professional dancing. Entered pictures In 1928 
in the first version of Fox Follies. Has appeared In 
"Rio Rita," "The Cuckoos," "Pay-Off." "Trader Glns- 

burg," "Room and Board," "Madame Julie," "Every- 
thing's Rosle," "Mystery of Compartment C," "Ladies 
of the Jury," "Girl Crazy." 

CHILDERS, NAOMI: Appeared in "Trial Marriage" 

(1929) . Columbia. 

CHORRE. GERTRUDE: Appeared in "In Old Cali- 
fornia" (1930). Audible Pictures. 

CHRISTY. ANN: r. n. Gladys Cronin; b. Logansport, 

Ind. . May 31, 1905; h. 5 feet; dark brown hair and 
blue eyes; w. 105 pounds; p. Mr. and Mrs. David 
Cronin. non-prof ess. onals; e. Logansport high school; 
hy. golf. No stage experience. Screen experience in- 
cludes year with Christie in leads; with Snub Pol- 
lard In "Fire"; with Columbia in "The Kid Sister"; 
with Hoot Gibson in "The Hell Wrecker," in Para- 
mount's "The Water Hole" with Jack Holt, and with 
Harold Lloyd in "Speedy." Also in Tiffany-Stahl's 
"The Love Charm." During 1929 she appeared In 
"Just Off Broadway." Chesterfield; "The Lariat Kid." 
Universal; in 1930 In "Goodbye Legs," "Hello Tele- 
vision," Educational, Mack Sennett Talking Pictures: 
(1930i; "Sporting Youth" (series). Universal; "Div- 
orced Sweethearts," Mack Sennett: (1931); "Big Ears." 
Hal Roach comedy; "Little Dream House." Mack 

CHRISTY. DOROTHY: h. 5 feet 6V4 inches: w. 133 
pounds. Had 4 years stage experience. Has appeared 
in the following talking pictures: "So This Is London." 
"Extravagance." "Big Money," "She Got What She 
Wanted," "Playboy of Paris." 

CHURCHILL. MARGUERITE: b. Kansas City. Mo.; 
e. in the Professional Children's School in New York 
City; entered the Theatre Guild Dramatic School in 
New York when she was 14. Was signed by Winfleld 
Sheehan while playing In "The Wild Man of Borneo" 
on the New York stage. First assignment at Fox 
was in "The Diplomats." then she was given the lead 
opposite Paul Muni in "The Valiant." In 1929 she 
also appeared in "Pleasure Crazed," "They Had to 
See Paris" and "Seven Faces," Fox, and in 1930 In 
"Born Reckless," "Good Intentions," "Harmony at 
Home." Fox: "The Big Trail." "Girls Demand Ex- 
citement." "Charlie Chan Carries On," "Quick Mil- 
lions," "Riders of the Purple Sage," "Ambassador 

CLAIRE BERNICE: r. n. Bernice Jahnigan; b. Oak- 
land, California; h. 5 feet 2% inches; dark brown hair 
and blue eyes; w. 116 pounds; p. Mrs. Adolph Jahnigan, 
non-professional; e. dancing from Madame Morosini of 
San Francisco, voice study with Emil Polak; not mar- 
ried; h. rides, swims and plays golf, and her favorite 
author is Joseph Conrad. Her ambition was to be a 
writer of Christmas plays for children, but her mother 
saw that her voice suggested singing and encouraged her 
in that direction. Her first experiences were "Babes 
in Toyland," "Mademoiselle Modiste." and "The 
Chocolate Soldier," then understudy for the role cf 
Margot in "The Desert Song." The illness of the 
star put Miss Claire in the role, and she made good. 
Her next test was a screen test for First National 
which was successful. She then appeared in "No, No 
Nanette" on the stage and later signed a screen con- 
tract with First National. Appeared in "Spring Is 
Here," "Song of the Flame." "No. No, Nanette" 

(1930) , "Numbered Men" (1930). "Toast of the Legion"' 
(1930), "Top Speed" (1930). First National. 

CLAIRE. ETHALYN: b. Talladego, Ala.; brown 
hair and eyes; e. Brenan College. Ga.. and Woodbury 
Hall, Atlanta; m. Ernest Westmore. Screen career: 
"Newlyweds and Their Baby" comedies; "Mike and 
Ike" comedies; "Hero on Horseback." "Wild Blood" 
(Universal); "Hey Rube" (FOB); "Pride of Paw- 
nee" (RKO): "From Headquarters" (1929), Warner. 

CLAIRE, INA: b. Washington, D. C. ; e. schools of 
that city and at Holy Cross academy. She made her 
first stage appearance in 1908 impersonating Harry 
Lauder, then appeared on Orpheum and Keith and 
Proctor Circuits. Her next appearance was in "Jump- 
ing Jupiter," then "The Quaker Girl" and "The Honey- 
moon Express." Her next experience was in England 
in "The Girl from Utah," and "The Bell of Bond 
Street." She returned to America and appeared in 
"Lady Luxury," was a member of the Follies of 1915, 
with the Ziegfeld Follies of 191G and as Polly Shan- 
non in "Polly with a Past" in 1917 at the Belasco 
theatre under the management of David Belasco. The 
next two years she appeared in "The Gold Diggers," 
and in 1921 as Mona in "Bluebeard's E.ghth Wife." 
in 1922 as Lucy Warriner in "The Awful Truth." and 
in 1924 as Denise Sorbier in "Grounds for Divorce." 
She has also appeared in "The Last of Mrs. Cheyney." 
Somerset Maugham's "Our Betters." "The Awful Truth." 
"Royal Family of Broadway" (1931). Paramount: "Re- 
bound." Pathe; "The Greeks Had a Word for Them." 
United Artists. 

CLARK. MARY: Appeared in "Chills and Fever" 
(1930). Pathe, Folly Comedies, first series. 

CLARKE, MAE: b. Philadelphia, Pa.. Aug. 10, 1910; 
h. 5 feet 4 inches; brown hair and eyes; w. 112 
pounds; p. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Clarke, father motion 
picture organist; e. Atlantic City Junior high school; 
not married. Stage experience at the following: Strand 
Roof, Everglades, Vanity Club, Anatole Friedland Cafe 
and Beau Arts. Also appeared in the following stage 
shows: "Gay Paree." in the chorus, "The Noose," a 
small part, and in George White's "Manhattan Mary." 
as featured dancer. Screen experience in "Big Time." 
for Fox. and "Nix on Dames." both being in 1929: 
"■The Fall Guy" (1930). Warner; (1932). "The Final 
Edition," "Columbia: "Impatient Maiden." "Reckless 
Living." U. 

CLAYTON. ETHEL: b. Champaign. 111. : e. St. 
Elizabeth's Convent. Chicago; h. 5 feet 5 inches: w. 
130 pounds; gray eyes, red gold hair. Stage career, 
stock. Screen -areer: "Risky Business." "Sunny Side 
Up" (Fox), "His New York Wife" (Preferred). "The 
Princess on Broadway," "The Merry Widower" (Pathe). 
Mrs. Payne in "Hit the Deck" (RKO). woman in 
"Call of the Circus" (Burr) : "Mother Machree" 
(1929). Fox. 

CLAYTON, EVELYN: r. n. Evelyn Clayton Lewis: 
b. Fayetteville. Ark.: h. 5 feet 5Vx inches; w. 130 
pounds; blue eyes and brown hair; p. Mr. and Mrs. 
Charles Bevorly Lewis, non-professionals; e. Dallas high 
school, dramatic school, special study at university, 
technical training in dramatics, dancing, play produc- 
tion, sculpture, and architecture; hy. architecture and 
character analysis. Stage experience. New York Art 




Theatres, Stock, Broadway, companies played with : 
Ben Greets, Coburns. and Jane Cowl's "Romeo and 
Juliet.*' Entered films in Denver, 1922; served on 
technical staff, in charge of sets, designing, location 
selections, and makeup. Assistant director of children's 
films. On commissions in Texas doing portraits of Dallas 
dramatic lights. 

CLAYTON, MARION: b. Kimberly, Can.; h. 5 feet 
inches; brown hair and eyes; w. 104 pounds; p. 
Ruby May and Walter Clayton, non-professionals; e. 
Broadway high school, Seattle. Wash.; not married; 
hy. swimming, reading and collecting little brass ani- 
mals from all over the world. Received stage training 
at Cornish Dramatic School in Seattle, Wash. Had 
4 1 £ years stage experience appearing in "Lilies of the 
Field," with Maroni Olsen Players, with the Seattle 
Repertory Company three years playing leads ; Los 
Angeles Civic Repertory Theatre; "The Kabitzer," with 
Gregory Ratoff; "Mister Antonio." with Leo Carrillo. 
Has had one year experience in pictures: appeared in 
"All Quiet on the Western Front." Universal. 

CLIFFORD, KATHLEEN: b. Charlottesville, Va. ; 
e. Brighton. Eng. Stage and vaudeville career. Made 
debut on screen with Balboa in serial. Among her 
pictures: "Sporting Life," (Universal). "Excess Bag- 
gage." (MGM). 

CLIFFORD, RUTH: b. Pawtucket. B. I.: e. St. 
Mary's Seminary, Bay View. R. I. ; h. 5 feet 3 inches; 
w. 118 pounds; blond hair, blue eves. Screen work 
includes "Butterfly," "Tornado." "Storm Breaker" 
(Universal), "Life of Abraham Lincoln" (FN), "Lew 
Tyler's Wives," "Don Mike" (FBO). "The Devil's 
Apple Tree" (Tiffany-Stahl) . "Eternal Woman" 

CLYDE. JUNE: b. St. Joseph. Mo.. December 2. 
1909; h. 5 feet 1% inches: blond hair and brown eyes: 
w. 104 pounds: p. Mrs. Dorothy Clyde: e. Galileo high 
school of San Francisco: not married: hy. horseback 
riding, tennis, dancing and swimming. Stage experi- 
ence as star of Fanchon and Marco Revues, and one 
season with the Duncan Sisters in "Topsv and Eva " 
Screen experience in "Tanned Legs." for Radio Pic- 
tures, featured in Radio Pictures' first Musical Revue, 
and signed under a long term contract for Radio 
Pictures, also appeared in "The Cuckoos" and "Mid 
night Mystery"; (1932), "Steady Company," TJ. 

COE, ROSE: Appeared in "Melody Lane" (1929). 

COHAN, HELEN: b. New York City: e. Mary 
Mount Convent in Tarrytown. N. Y.. and studied for 
one year in Paris; studied singing, dancing and dra- 
matics in New York: h. 5 feet 4% inches; w. 103 
pounds: light brown hair, gray eyes. Stage experience 
in 'June Moon." Took screen and voice test at Fox 
and was signed by Winfleld Shechan to plav role of 
Will Rogers' daughter in "LightninV 

COLBERT, CLAUDETTE: b. Paris. France: h. 5 feet 
5 inches; brown hair and large brown eves; w. 103 
pounds; e. public schools of Paris, France Washing- 
ton Irving high school. New York Citv. Art Students 
League. Given a part in the play "The W Id West 
eotts" by Anne Morrison, her first appearance on the 
stage; then telling Brock Pemherton she had several 

years experience on the stage she secured the position 
of leading lady in his production "The Marionette 
Man." Thereafter, with the exception of the time she 
appeared in the all-star revival of "Leah Kleshna." 
She was always assigned to leading roles, having ap- 
peared in "We've Got to Have Money," "The Cat 
Came Back" (an Avery Hopwood play), then with 
Lowell Sherman in "High Stakes." In all of these 
Plays, she was under the management of A. H. 
Woods, and for him she also appeared in "A Kiss In 
a Taxi." "The Ghost Train" and "The Pearl of 
Great Price," (in association with the Shuberts). 
Then, under the management of Charles L. Wagner, 
in her greatest hit. "The Barker," which she also 
played later in London. "The Mulberry Bush." "La 
Gringo." "Fast Life" and "Tin Pan Alley" are re- 
cent plays in which she has been seen. Her last 
appearance on the stage was in the Theatre Guild's pro- 
duction of Eugene O'Neill's "Dynamo." Her first 
screen appearance in the silent film "Love o'Mike" : 
then in Paramount's "The Hole in the Wall." an 
all-talking film, followed with "The Lady Lies" for the 
same company; in 1930 was in "The Big Pond," 
"Young Man of Manhattan." "Manslaughter." Para- 
mount, (1931), "His Woman," "The Wiser Sex," 
"Mislead'ng Lady." 

COLLYER. JUNE: r, n. Dorothea Heermanse: b. 
New York City. N. Y., August 19; h. 5 feet 5 inches: 
brown hair and hazel eyes; w. 115 pounds: p. Clayton 
J. Heermanse, non-professional : e. New York and Knox 
Finishing school; not married; hy. bridge, dogs and 
motoring. No stage experience. Screen experience, two 
years contract to Fox. Appeared in "East Side West 
Side," "Four Sons," "Hangman's House," "Red 
Wine," "Let's Make Whoopee" and "Not Quite De- 
cent." Was loaned by Fox to Paramount for "Illusion." 
"River of Romance" and "The Love Doctor," "The 
Pleasant Sin." Independent ;• "Toast of the Legion" 
(1930). First National: "Three Sisters," Fox; "Beyond 
Victory." Pathe. 

COLEMAN, CLAUDIA: Vitaphone No. 2244. 

COLLINS. KATHLEEN: b. San Antonio, Texas; h. 
5 feet 5 inches; brown hair, gTay eyes; w. 118 pounds; 
e. Bon- Avon School; hy. horseback riding, golf. Pic- 
tures, Aywon Film, Lumas; "Somewhere in Sonora." 
"The Devil's Saddle." First National; "The Valley of 
Hunted Men," Pathe: "Grit Wins" (1929), "The Ridin" 
Demon" (1929), Universal. 

COLONIAL GIRLS. THREE: Vitaphone No. 2121. 
"The Beauty of Old Time Music." 

COMPSON. BETTY: b. Beaver. Utah. March 18. 
1897 ; h. 5 feet Viz inches; medium blond hair and 
blue eyes: w. 112 pounds; e. Utah public schools. Salt 
Lake high school; divorced James Cruze; hy. riding. 
Vaudeville violinist at the age of 15. Entered pic- 
tures in 1915 through Al Christie; engaged to play in 
comedies. Pictures include the following: "Miracle 
Man," "Woman to Woman," "Docks of New York," 
"Barker," "Scarlet Seas." "Weary River," "On With 
the Show." "Street Girl." "The Great Gabbo." in 1929 
in "Blaze o'Glory." Sono Art-World Wide: "Woman to 
Woman." Tiffany; "Skin Deep." "Those Who Dance," 
"The Time, Place and Girl," Warner Bros.; and in 
1930 in "Case of Sergeant Grischa," "The Midnight 

Mystery." "The Second Wife," Radio; "The Czar of 
Broadway," Universal: "Inside the Lines." (1932). 
"The Lady Refuses," Radio: "Thirty Days." Patricia. 

COMPTON, BETTY: Vitaphone No. 4270-71. "The 

COMPTON, FAY: r. n. Virginia Lilian Emmeline 
Quartermaine; b. London, England; h. 5 feet 4 inches; 
red hair and grey eyes; w. 120 pounds; p. Virginia 
Bateman and Edward Compton, professionals, e. 
Leather Court, Leatherland, Surrey, England: m. Leon 
Quartermaine, professional; hy. riding and tenn.s. Stage 
experience, started in H. G. Pelirsia's Follies at the 
Apollo theatre, London, then went to New York in 
1914 to appear in "Tonight's the Night," playing Vic- 
toria, returned to London to play the lead in "The 
Only G,rl" at the Apollo theatre. Since then she has 
played the lead in "The Professor's Love Story," "The 
Boomerang," "Caesar's Wife." "Tea for Three" 
(created) Barrie's "Mary Rose." "Quality Street," "Lit- 
tle Minister," "Secrets" and played Ophelia to John 
Barrymore's "Hamlet" ; also the lead in "The Man 
with a Load of Mischief." Screen experience in all 
English silent films until with Adolphe Menjou in 
"Fashions in Love" in May, 1929, Paramount. 

COMPTON. JOYCE: b. Lexington. Ky., Tulsa 
(Okla.) public schools and Tulsa University: h. 5 feet 

5 inches; w. 116 pounds; red hair, blue eyes; hy. swim- 
ming and painting. First role in pictures was in 
"Ankles Preferred." Has played also in "Soft Living." 
"The Wild Party." ^Salute." "The Sky Hawk" and 
"The Three Sisters." 

COMPTON. JULIETTE: b. Columbia, Ga. ; h. 5 feet 

6 inches; black hair and blue eyes; w. 125 pounds; 
e. private schools. With "Follies," then John Murray 
Anderson sent to England with a group to appear In 
C. B. Cochrane Shows. She was starred in English 
pictures for five years, during which time she played in 
"Nell Gwynn" with Dorothy Gish. Late in 1929 came 
to America to play in talking pictures and since has 
appealed in "Woman to Woman," "Ladies of Leisure," 
"Anybody's Woman," and "Morocco." 

"Queen High" (1930). Paramount. 

COOPER. EDNA MAY : b. Baltimore, Md. ; h. 5 feet 
6% inches; brown hair and hazel eyes; w. 130 pounds; 
p. Mary Mae Robinson and James H. Cooper, non-pro- 
fessionals; e. Hollywood high school. Sacred Heart con- 
vent in Maryland and St. Joseph college in Oklahoma, 
and received her stage training under Maria Oatman In 
Los Angeles: ni. Karl Brown, director; hy. aviation. 
Stage experience of six months in stock in San Diego, 
in vaudeville in Los Angeles, "The Strange Interlude" 
and "The Front Page." Entered pictures in 1924 and 
has apeared in such pictures as "Speedy" with Harold 
Lloyd; "The Goodbye Kiss" for Mack Sennett: "The 
Jealous Husband." "Love. Honor and" Oh Baby," "The 
Swim Princess." "Changelings," "The Apache," "Code 
of the Air," "Kings of Kings" and "His Divine 
Woman." Graduate of Parks Air College, St. Louis. 
Has Government pilot's license. Holder of the woman's 
world's refueling endurance record. Decorated with 
"Merite Aeroaautique" by King Carol II of Rumania. 
Started round the world flight September 17. 

COOPER. FLORENCE: Appeared in "One Splendid 
Hour" (1929). Excellent. 





CORBIN, VIRGINIA LEE : b. Prescott. Ariz., De- 
cember 5, 1910; h. 5 feet 5 inches; blonde hair and blue 
eyes; w. 118 pounds; p. Frances V. Cox, and Leon E. 
Corbin. non-professiosals; e. private tutor; not married; 
by. horses, swimming, tennis and dancing. Stage ex- 
perience with the Orpheum Circuit for three and one- 
half years. Screen experience in such pictures as "The 
City That Never Sleeps," "The Perfect Sap," "Ladies 
at Play," "Hands Up," "Bare Knees" and "Head 
of the Family," "Knee High" (1929), Gotham. 

CORBOY, SUSAN: Appeared in "Unmasked" 
(1929), Artclass. 

CORDA. MARIA: r. n. Maria Korda; b. Deva, Hun- 
gary, May 4, 1902; h. 5 feet 4 inches; blonde hair and 
blue eyes; w. 125 pounds; p. professionals; e. in Buda- 
pest; m. Alexander Korda. professional. First National 
director; hy. clothes, music, swimming, tennis. Stage 
experience in Budapest dancing school in Boyal Opera 
Budapest. Screen experience started in 1921 when she 
appeared in "Dance Fever" and "A Modern Dubarry" 
for UFA, also appeared in the following foreign films: 
"Le Danseur de Madame," "Moon of Israel" and 
"Tesha." She appeared in "Private Life of Helen of 
Troy" and "Love and the Devil" (1929), First Na- 

CORDAY, MARCELLA: b. Brussels, January; h. 5 
feet 7 Ms inches; light brown hair and gray eyes; w. 
125 pounds; p. mother, sculptress, Belgian father, 
French; e. in Geneva and Paris; m. Captain Cook, pro- 
fessional; (and has one son 14 years of age) hy. 
loves music, great reader, all sports, some of which 
are sailing, swimming and horseback riding. Stage 
experience as follows: Played in Brussels at Bare the- 
atre, also in Geneva, Switzerland, and was with 
Jacques Coppeau in Paris. Here Otto Kahn bought 
out Theatrical du Zieux Colomier and brought the 
organization with a repertoire of 25 plays to New 
York to the Garrick theatre. Has also played with the 
Pasadena Players. Screen experience. Played char- 
acter parts in many productions, the most noteworthy 
being. Mistress Hibbons, in the "Scarlet Letter," with 
Lillian Gish. as Sonya in "Into His Kingdom," with 
Corinne Griffith: as Marie in "When a Man Loves," 
with John Barrymore; as Henrietta Durnbull in 
"Quality Street." with Marion Davies; as Marquise 
de Brissac in "They Had to See Paris," with Will 
Rogers, and as Blanche. French housekeeper, in "The 
Trespasser." wtih Gloria Swanson. Freelance player. 

COREENE, MARCELLE: Vitaphone; No. 991, "Rural 


CORNWALL, ANN: b. New York City, January 17; 
h. 4 feet 10 inches; red hair and brown eyes; w. 95 
pounds; p. Eleanor Cornwall, non-professional; e. New 
York City high school; m. Charles Maigne, ex-pro- 
fessional; hy. outdoor sports. Stage experience in New 
York City appearing in musical comedy. Entered pic- 
tures in 1920 and has appeared in many pictures In- 
cluding "The Flaming Frontier" with Hoot Gibson 
for Universal; starred at Christie for two and one-half 
years; in "Half Back Hannah" and in "Fighting Fan- 
nie"; aflso in "The Heart of the Yukon" for Pathe 
with John Bowers; and in "The Splendid Crime." di- 
rected bv William DeMille for Paramount; also In 
Vitaphone No. 3758, "The Babv Bandit." 

COSTELLO, DOLORES: b. Pittsburgh, Pa.; p. 
Maurice Costello, professional; e. private tutor: m. John 
Barrymore. one child. In 1924 went on the stage, 
dancing in George White's "Scandals." Screen experi- 
ence in the following: "The Sea Beast," "Man- 
nequin," "Bride of the Storm." "Little Irish Girl." 
"A Million Bid," "The Third Degree," "The College 
Widow," "When a Man Loves," "Old San Francisco," 
"Heart of Maryland." "Glorious Betsy." "Tenderloin," 
"Noah's Ark," "The Redeeming Sin." "Madonna of 
Avenue A." "Glad Rag Doll." "Hearts in Exile" and 
"Second Choice," "Song of Songs" (1929), Warner 
Bros.; "Fame" (1929), First National; "Expensive 
Women" (1931). 

COSTELLO, HELENE: b. New York City: e. 
Ladycliff-on-the-Hudson, New York; m. Lowell Sher- 
man, professional. Stage experience in George White's 
"Scandals." Screen experience includes: "Don Juan," 
"Good Time Charley." "Husbands for Rent." "The 
Fortune Hunter." "Heart of Maryland." "Lights of 
New York." "Broncho Buster." "In Old Kentucky." 
"Broken Barriers," "The Fatal Warning." "When 
Dreams Come True." 

COURTNEY. INEZ: "Bright Lights" (1930). "Loose 
Ankles," "Song of the Flame" (1930), "Spring Is 
Here" (1930), First National; "Not Damaged" (1930). 

CRAIG. BLANCHE: b. Calcutta. Idaho, January 6, 
1878; h. 5 feet 5 inches; blonde hair and blue eyes; 
w. 180 pounds; p. Henrietta Sanderson and Oliver 
Sanderson, non-professionals; e. in Boston: hy. dogs, 
motor cars. Stage experience of twenty-two years in 
vaudeville, legitimate and stock. Screen experience be- 
gan in 1913. when she appeared in "Cinderella," 
"Dawn of Tomorrow." "Eagles Mate." "Hulda of 
Holland," "Behind the Scenes." "Dynamite," "Navy 
Blues" and "Darkened Rooms." Freelance player. 

CRAMER. MARGUERITE: Appeared in "The Wild 
Party" (1929), Paramount. 

CRANE. HELEN: Appeared In "The Hole in the 
Wall" (1929), Paramount. 

CRANE. PHYLLIS: b. Calgary, Alta., August 7, 
1912; h. 5 feet 2 inches; blond hair and hazel eyes; 
w. 107 pounds; p. Margaret M. and Albert Francis 
mother professional; e. in private schools; not married; 
hy. curios, dancing, swimming, riding and clothes. 
Stage experience in vaudeville with Pontages when but 
7 years of age; with stock company in Seattle and 
Vancouver: with Ray Collins in "A Fool There Was." 
also "Why Men Leave Home," "On Trial." and 
"Shore Acres," and in a kid act at the Orpheum. 
8creen experience playing ingenue and comedienne leads 
In such pictures as "Stolen Kisses," Warner Bros.. 
"COQuette" with Mary Pickford. "College Life," 
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer production; "Ticklish Business," 
a Jack White production: "Forward Pass," for First 
National and in "The Doll Shop" Metro-Qoldwyn- 
Maycr short, and In 1930 In "The Girl Said No," 
MGM; "College Lovers," First National: "Hot and 
How." Educational, Jack White Talking Comedies; 
"Hold the Babies." Pathe. Rainbow Comedies; "Pos- 
sessed," MGM; the following "Hollywood Girls" com- 
edies: "Three Hollywood Girls," "Crashing Hollywood," 
"The Lure of Hollywood," "Oueenle of Hollywood." 

CRAVEN, AURIOLE: Appeared in Vitaphone No. 

CRAWFORD. JOAN: Danced under the name, Lucille 
Le Sueur, before entering pictures; b. San Antonio, 
Tex.. March 23, 1908; h. 5 feet 4 inches; brown hair 
and light blue eyes; w. 130 pounds; e. private, schools 
in Kansas City, Mo.; m. Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., 
1929; hy. dancing. Stage experience as a dancer 
under Erne Young in his revue "Innocent Eyes" in 
1922 in Chicago; and in Shubert's "Passing Show" and 
the "Winter Garden," New York. Thence to the screen 
in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's "Pretty Ladies" (1925); 
"Sally, Irene and Mary," "Paris," "The Taxi Dancer" 
and "The Unknown" (1926); "Spring Fever" and 
"West Point" (1927); "Four Walls" and "Adrlenno 
Lecouvreur" (1928); "Dancing Daughters," "Dream of 
Love," "The Duke Steps Out," "The Hollywood Re- 
vue" and "Our Modem Maidens," all for Metro-Gold- 
wyn-Mayer (1929), "Untamed" (1929), MGM; "Mon- 
tana Moon" (1930); "Our Blushing Brides" (1930); 
"Dance Fools Dance," "Paid," "Laughing Sinners," 
Modern Age," "Possessed." 

CRAWFORD, KATHRYN: b. Wellsboro, Pa.: e. 
New Jersey, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles: h. 
5 feet 2 inches; w. 115 pounds; brown hair and grey 
eyes. Stage experience singing in musical comedies. 
Screen experience: "The Kid's Clever." "King of the 
Rodeo," "Golden Bridle," "Modern Love." "The Cli- 
max." "Red Hot Rhythm." "Safety in Numbers" 
(1930). Paramount, "The Hide Out," "King of Jazz," 
"Mountain Justice," "Senor Americano," and "Kettle 
Creel;" for Universal. 

CREWS. LAURA HOPE: Appeared In "Charming 
Sinners" (1929), Paramount. 

CROSBY, JULIETTE: Appeared In "Charming 
Sinners" (1929), Paramount; "Paris Bound" (1929), 


CROSS, RHODA: Appeared In "Not Damaged" 
(1930), Fox. 

CROWELL, BUBBLES: Appeared in "Words and 

Music" (1929), Fox. 

CUMMING, DOROTHY: Appeared in 1929 In "The 
Divine Lady," First National; "King of Kings." Pathe: 
"Kitty." World Wide; "Applause" (1930), Paramount. 

CUM MINGS. CONSTANCE: In 1932 in "Behind 
the Mask," "Big Timer," "Guilty Generation," CoL 

CUNARD, GRACE: b. Paris, France; h. 5 feet 4 
inches; auburn hair, dark grey eyes; w. 120 pounds; e. 
Columbus, Ohio. Stage career: "Dora Thorne," 
"Princess of Patches," "College Days." Screen ca- 
reer: Universal. First National, C.B.S., Fox. Pre- 
ferred Pictures. Pictures include: "The Return of 
the Riddle Rider," "The Masked Angel." Milly In 
"Untamed," "A Ladv Surrenders," "Resurrection," 
"Little Accident," "Ex-Bad Boy." 

CURTIS. BEATRICE: Appeared in Vitaphone No. 
1039-40. "The Play Boy." 

CURTIS. ROXANNE: b. Edgewater, N. J.: e. 
public schools of Hackensack, N. J. ; h. 5 feet 4 
inches; w. 112 pounds; blond hair, green eyes. Fox. 


in "Trial of Mary Dugan," Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. 

D'AVRIL, YOLA: b. Lille. France; h. 5 feet 5 
inches; brown hair and gray blue eyes; w. 120 pounds; 
p. non-professionals; e. Sacred Heart Convent. Paris, 
and Lycee Michot, Paris, and received her stage train- 
ing in Paris, Lisbon, Barcelona and Brussels; hy. 
tennis, painting, dancing and writing. Toured Europe 
with a musical comedy "Paris d'Amuse" and danced 
on the stage in Canada for about six months. Started 
out in pictures by working as an extra for two weeks; 
then in "The Dressmaker from Paris" for Paramount: 
later in Christie comedies; in 1929 appeared in "Sha 
Goes To War." United Artists, and "Hot for Paris." 
Fox; "Shanghai Lady," Universal: and in 1930 in 
"The Right of Way," First National; "All Quiet on 
the Western Front," Universal; "Those Three French 
Girls," MGM. 

DABLE, FRANCES: Appeared in "Constant Nymph" 
(1929), Gainsborough. 

DADE, FRANCES: b. Philadelphia, Pa., Feb. 14. 
1910; h. 5 feet 5 inches; blue eyes; w. 110 pounds; 
hy. riding and swimming. In 1926 played important 
role in roadshow of "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes." 
Later went into stock and played ingenue leads for 37 
weeks in Toronto and 17 weeks in Ann Arbor. Mich. 
In "Grumpy" with Cyril Maude for Paramount. 

DAGNA. JEANNETTE: Appeared as Katinka in 
"The Cockeyed World" (1930), Fox. 

DAGOVER, LIL: Has appeared in "Between Worlds," 
Weiss Bros.; "Discord," Pathe; "Beyond the Wall." 
state rights; "Tartuffe the Hypocrite," "Love Makes 
Us Blind," "Two Brothers," "Hungarian Rhapsody," 
"White Devil," UFA; (1932), "The Woman from 
Monte Carlo," FN. 

DALY, JANE: Appeared in 1929 in "The Quit- 
ter," Columbia; "The Mysterious Island" and "West 
of Zanzibar," Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. 

DALY, MARCELLA: formerly known as Dorothy 
Drew; b. Kansas City. Mo.. January 31, 1903; h. 5 
feet 5% inches; brown hair and gray eyes; w. 125 
pounds; p. Mary and Patrick H. Daly, non-profes- 
sionals; e. Hollywood high school: hy. swimming, boat- 
ing and reading. No stage experience. Starred in 
flve-reelers as Dorothy Drew in state rights productions. 
Bill Lackey, producer; appeared with Victor McLaglen 
in Fox's "A Girl in Every Port," also with Madge 
Bellamy in "Black Paradise." and played the heavy 
in the Fox Van Bibber series of comedies. With 
George O'Hara and Alberta Vaughn in FBO's "The 
Go-Getters"; and in Paramount's "Avalanche" with 
Doris Hill and Jack Holt, and In "Tong War." 

DAMEREAUX, ELSIE: b. Cologne, Germany. Janu- 
ary 20. 1904; h. 5 feet 2 inches; medium brown hair 
and blue eyes; w. 110 pounds; e. Marlanum Opladen, 
Germany, the University of Bonn, Germany, and re- 
ceived her stage training In Paris, I^ondon and New 
York: hy. horseback riding, swimming and driving. 
Also speaks, reads and writes English, French and 
German. Stage experience in student dramatics. Screen 
experience with Ufa Film Company, Berlin: Pathe, 

Paris: United Artists, Hollywood, under direction of 
D. W. Griffith: and with Universal under direction 
of Rupert Julian. 

DAMITA, LILY: b. Paris, France, July 10. 1907; 
blond hair; p. mother, professional; e. Convents In 
Lisbon, Portugal, Spain and Greece; stage training, in 
dancing school in Belgium; speaks English, French, 
Spanish and German; not married. When fourteen 
years of age she danced in the ballet at the Opera 
de Paris and later toured Europe with a company 
of players organized by her mother, singing American 
jazz songs. At 19, she succeeded Mlstlnguette as star 
of the Casino de Paris Revue. In Berlin, Miss 
Damita made her screen debut for the Felner Com- 
pany. During the succeeding years she appeared in 
German and French films. During the spring of 1929, 
while Samuel Goldwyn, the producer, was in Paris, 
Miss Damita signed a contract which soon took her to 
America and the principal feminine role in Ronald 
Colman's "The Rescue." "The Bridge of San Luis 
Hey" and "The Cock-Eyed World." In 1930 made a 
successful stage appearance in "Sons o' Guns." Later 
pictures: "The Woman Between," Radio; "Friends 
and Lovers," BKO; "This is the Night." Paramount. 

DANA, VIOLA: Appeared In 1929 In "One Splen- 
did Hour." Excellent; "Two Sisters," Rayart. 

DANIELS, BEBE: b. Dallas, Texas, Jan. 14, 1901; 
h. 5 feet 3 inches; black hair and brown eyes; w. 112 
pounds; p. Phyllis and Melville Daniels, professionals; 
e. private tutors. Sacred Heart Convent, Los Angeles; 
m. Ben Lyon, professional; hy. all outdoor sports. At 

4 played en tour in "Richard Third," when 5 worked 
for Oliver Morosco and David Belasco, at 7 played 
child lead in "A Common Enemy," starting her motion 
picture career with this production for Selig Polyscope 
Co. Played child leads for Nymp, l'athe, Kalem. Ince. 
At 13 was Harold Lloyd's leading woman in "Lone- 
some Luke" comedies, then under contract to DeMille 
and next with Paramount. Among her many Paramount 
pictures are "Senorita," "She's a Sheik," "Swim, 
Girl, Swim" and others: was in "Rio Rita," RKO; 
"Dixiana," RKO: "Love Comes Along," RKO: "Reach- 
ing for the Moon," United Artists; "My Past," War- 
ner; "Honor of the Family," Warner. 

DANIELS, THELMA: Appeared in 1929 in "The 
Amazing Vagabond." RKO. 

DARLING. IDA: Appeared in 1929 in "Love in 
the Desert." RKO; in 1930 in "Lummox," United 

DARLING, JEAN: b. Santa Monica, Cal., Aug. 23, 
1922; h. 53 inches; pale yellow hair and deep blue 
eyes; w. 62 pounds; p. Dorothy Hamilton Darling and 
R. P. Darling, deceased, mother, professional; hy. 
horseback and swimimng. Was with Our Gang three 
and one half years, having made 36 silent and six 
talkers. Went on tour in November, 1930. headlining 
for RKO during the Winter and Spring of 1931 doing a 
12 minute single act. In August, September, October 
and November of 1931 was featured in Paramount Publix 
Theatres through the Middlewest in 12 minute single 
act of song, dance and chatter. 

DARR, VONDELL: b. Los Angeles. Cal.. April 18. 
1919 ; h. 52 inches ; blonde hair and blue eyes ; w. 54 
pounds; p. Homa DuPree and Ralph Darr; hy. riding 
horseback. She has appeared on the stage In "The 
Littlest Rebel," and on the screen in "On Trial," "The 
Dummy," "The Pony Express," "The City That Never 
Sleeps," "Feet of Clay," "One Glorious Night," 
"The Dummy" (1929). Paramount. 

DAUMERY, MME. CARRIE: b. The Hague: h. 

5 feet 7 inches; blond hair and blue eyes; w. 125 
pounds; e. Brussels and Paris; specialized in concert 
and stage. Twenty-five years on the stage. Entered 
pictures in 1923. Pictures include: "Conquering Pow- 
er," "Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall," "Paris at 
Midnight," "Lady Windermere's Fan," "Garden of 
Eden," "The Man Who Laughs," "Sins of the Father," 
"Last Warning." Mme. Frump in "General Crack" 
(Warner Bros.); Claire Devezac in "Cameo Kirby" 

DAVENPORT, MILLA: b. Sicily: h. 5 feet 7 inches: 
gray hair and eyes; w. 170 pounds; p. Anna Zetta 
and John Davenport, non-professionals: e. in Switzer- 
land; m. Harry Davenport, non-professional; hy. art 
and music. Stage experience consists of appearances 
in vaudeville for 15 years, in burlesque and in reper- 
toire. Screen experience in "Daddy Long Legs." "Rip 
Van Winkle." "Stronger Than Death," "Sins of the 
Fathers." "Missouri." "You Never Can Tell." "Don't 
Trust Your Husband," "Girl From Woolworth's" (1929), 
First National. 

DAVIES, MARION: r. n. Marion Douras; b. New 
York City. January 3, 1900; h. 5 feet 5 inches; 
golden hair and blue eyes; w. 120 pounds; e. Convent 
of Sacred Heart, Hastings; hy. all outdoor sports. With 
"Chu Chin Chow" as a dancer in 1916, traveling 
troupe in New York. Thence to the screen where 
she has appeared in "Runaway Romany," for Ardsley- 
Pathe (1918) ; "April Folly," "The Restless Sex" and 
"When Knighthood Was in Flower" for Lasky (1920-21- 
22); in Goldwyn's "Little Old New York" (1923): 
and since then with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in "Beverly 
of Graustark" and "Tillie the Toiler" (1926); "Quality 
Street" and "The Fair Coed" (1927): "The Patsy" 
and "The Cardboard Lover" (1928); "The Hollywood 
Revue." "Marianne." "Show People." MGM (1929); 
"The Floradora Girl" (1930); "Not So Dumb" (1930): 
MOM: "Bachelor Father" (1930). "It's a Wise Child" 
(1931-32), "Five and Ten," "Polly of the Circus." 

DAVIS, BETTE: b. Lowell, Mass.. April 5, 1908: 
h. 5 feet 3 inches; blue eyes and blond hair; w. 108 
pounds ; e. graduate of Cushing Academy, Ashburnham, 
Mass. : hy. riding and swimming. Stage experience in 
"Wild Duck," "Broken Dishes," "Solid South." En- 
tered films in December. 1930. Pictures: "Bad Sister," 
"Seed." "Waterloo Bridge." "Juvenile Court," "The 
Menace," "Man Who Played God." "So Big." "Hell's 
House." Ziedman; "Crowd Roars," Warner. 

DAVIS. ETHEL: "A Royal Flush" (1930). Pathe. 
Manhattan Comedies, Second Series; "Redheads." 

DAWFORD. BETTY: Appeared In 1929 in "Lucky 
In Love," Pathe. 

DAWSON, DORIS: b. Goldfleld. Nev.. April 16. 1909: 
h. 5 feet 1 inch: red hair and blue eyes; w. 103 
pounds; p. Emma A. Dyche and B. X. Dawson, non- 
professionals; e. Miss Oliver's School for Girls, and 




the Virginia college. Boanoke, Va. : no stage training; 
hy. swimming, dancing, reading and riding. Screen ex- 
perience in such pictures as "The Little Shepherd of 
Kingdom Come." ' Naughty Baby." "The Little Wild- 
cat," Warner Bros, talker: "Do Tour Duty," "Heart 
Trouble." "Hot Stuff." "Children of the Bitz" (1929), 
First National; "Broadway Scandals" (1929). Columbia. 

DAY. ALICE: b. Colorado Springs. Col.; e. In Salt 
Lake City. Began pictures with Maok Sennett. Has 
played in "The Smart Set," MGM; "The Gorilla" 
First National; "Night Life," Tiffany-Stahl; "Phyllis 
of the Follies" Universal; "Little Johnny Jones," First 
National: "Bed liot Speed," Universal; "Times 
Square." Gotham: "Woman on the Jury." "In the 
Next Boom." "Skin Deep." "Is Everybody Happy;" 
"Little Johnny Jones" (1929). "The Melody Man" 

(1929) , Columbia; "The Love Backet" (1929), First 
National; "Hot Curves" (1930), Tiffany; "Viennese 
Nights" (1930), Warner Bros.; "Ladies in Love" 

(1930) . Chesterfield; "In the Next Boom." FN. 

DAY. MARCELINE: b. Colorado Springs. Col., April 
24, 1908; h. 5 feet 3 inches; medium brown hair and 
blue gray eyes; w. 105 pounds; p. Mrs. Irene Day, non- 
professional; e. Venice. Cal. . high school in 1923, stage 
training; m. Arthur J. Klein, producer of short sub- 
jects; hy. motoring, swimming and horseback riding. Has 
been leading woman for Harry Langdon, Stan Laurel, 
Charlie Chase, Hoot Gibson, William Desmond. Edwin 
Cobb and Bobert Frazer. Pictures in which she has 
appeared include "The Beloved Bogue" with John Bar- 
rymore. in "The Wild Party," Paramount": "The One 
Woman Idea" and "Trent's Last Case." Fox; and in 
1930 in "Temple Tower," "Sunny Skies," Tiffany; 
White Outlaw," Universal; "The Big City" (MGM); 
"The Barrier," MGM: 1931: "The Mad Parade," Para- 
mount; "The Sky Baider." "Fightin' Mad." Tiffany; 
"Texas Sheriff." Columbia; "Train Mystery." 

DAY, OLGA: Appeared in 1929 in "Loves of 
Casanova," Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. 

DAYDE. FRANCES: Appeared in "Baffles" (1930). 
United Artists. 

DE BORBA, DOROTHY: b. Los Angeles Cal.. March 
28, 1925; golden brown curls and big black eyes. Has 
been in pictures for three years. Had a part in 
MGM'S "Monsieur Le Fox" with Gilbert Boland, di- 
rected by Hal Boach. "Our Gang." Was in Colum- 
bia's "A Boyal Bomance" (1930). 

DE KEREKJARTO. DUCI: Appeared In Metro 
Movietone Act No. 622. 

DE KIRBY. ANNETTE: Appeared in 1929 In 
"Mother Knows Best," Fox. 

DeKNIGHT. FANNIE BELL: Appeared in 1929 In 
"Hallelujah," Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. 

DE LA MOTTE, MARGUERITE: b. Duluth. Minn.. 
June 22. 1902; e. in Duluth and San Diego. Cal. 
Studied dancing under Pavlowa; h. 5 feet 2 inches: 
w. 110 pounds; brown hair and hazel eyes; hy. ten- 
nis and hiking. Entered pictures in 1919. With 
Douglas Fairbanks in "Arizona," "Mark of Zorro." 
"The Three Musketeers," "The Iron Mask," also in 
"The People vs. Nancy Preston," "Bed Dice." "Mont- 
martre Bose." 

de LASKY, GERTRUDE: Appeared In "Love Waltz," 

De LIGUORO, RINA: Appeared in "Loves of Casa- 
nova" (1929). Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. 

DE MONTEZ. CHIQUITA: b. Mexico City. Oct, 4. 
1911; h, 4 feet, 11 Inches; black hair and eyes: w. 98 
pounds; e. Mexico City and Polytechnio high school. 
Los Angeles. Studied voice in Los Angeles five years 
and made stage debut as vocalist with Mexican orches- 
tra which toured the world. Screen career; first pic- 
ture "Si. Si. Senor" (1930). Educational-Ideal. 

DE PUTT I, LYA: b. near Budapest In Vesce. Hun- 
gary; h. 5 feet 2 inches; black hair and dark brown 
eyes; w. 105 pounds: p. Countess Heyes and Baron 
De Putti; e. Sacre Coeur convent: m. widow of Count 
Louis Christianson, Swedish Embassy in Berlin: hy. 
music, art and dancing. Danced in vaudeville in 
Budapest, also premiere danseuse in Bussian classical 
ballet at Winter Garden in Berlin. First screen ex- 
perience in Germany in 1921, with Ufa in "The Hindu 
Tombstone": later in "Variety"; thence to the United 
States where she appeared in "God Gave Me Twenty 
Cents," "Sorrows of Satan." "The Heart Thief." 
"Prince of Tempters." "Midnight Bose" and "Buck 
Privates." Later she returned abroad and appeared In 
"The Informer" (1929). World Wide. 

DEAN, PRISCILLA: (1932), "Behind Stone Walls," 

DEANE. VERNE: Appeared in "The Lady Lies" 
(1929), Paramount. 

DEE. FRANCES: b. Los Angeles, Cal.; e. University 
of Chicago; h. 5 feet 3 inches; w. 108 pounds; brown 
hair, blue eyes. First work in pictures was for Fox in 
a picture of campus life; small part in Paramount's 
"Follow Thru" brought Paramount contract; played 
feminine lead opposite Maurice Chevalier in "Playboy 
of Paris"; featured roles in "Along Came Youth," 
"Caught," "An American Tragedy." "Bich Man's 
Folly"; (1931). "Nice Women." Universal. 

DEERING, PATRICIA: Appeared In "The Lady 
Lies" (1929), Paramount. 

DEL RIO, DOLORES: b. Durango, Mexico: h. 5 feet 
3'/4 inches; black hair and brown eyes; w. 115 pounds; 
e. St. Joseph's Convent in Mexico City and later 
studied voice in Madrid and Paris (speaks Latin. 
Spanish. French. German and English) ; m. Cedric 
Gibbons; hy. dancing. First screen part was in 1925 
for First National in "Joanna." She continued to 
play small parts until she was cast by Fox as "Char- 
maine" In "What Price Glory." Her pictures include: 
"High Steppers." "Pals First." "The Trail of '98." 
"Besurrection." "Bamona." "Revenge," "Evangeline": 
"The Bed Dance." Fox; "The Bad One." United 
Artists; "Hell's Harbor," "Girl of the Bio." Badio. 

DELL, CLAUDIA: r. n. Claudia Dell Smith: U. 
San Antonio. Tex., Jan. 10. 1910; h. 5 feet 5 inches: 
very blond hair and hazel eyes; w. 116 pounds: p. 
Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Smith; e. San Antonio high 
school. Mexico City school; not married; hy. music, 
swimming. First stago experience in Florenz Zleg- 
feld's Follies of 1927; understudied Irene Delroy In 
addition to own role. Went to London and played 
the lead in musical comedy called "Merry Mary." 
Screen career: "Sweet Kitty Bellalrs" (1930): "Big 
Boy"; romantic lead in "Sit Tight." Winnie Llghtnor 

and Joe E. Brown special: lead in "Fifty Million 
Frenchmen"; (1931-32), "Sporting Chance," Peerless; 
"Leftover Ladies," Tiffany. 

DELMAR, ROSITA: r. n. Bosita De Los Angeles; 
b. Chihuahua State. Mexico, November 20, 1910; h. 5 
feet; black hair and dark brown eyes; w. 104 pounds; 
p. Teresa Estavillo and Antonio De Log Angeles; non- 
professionals; e. El Centro high school; hy. swimming, 
dancing, singing, books and acting. Dancer in Smaroff's 
Bevue and also at the West Coast theatres in Los 
Angeles for about six months. Started her screen 
career with small parts and bits with Warner Brothers 
and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Appeared in "The Tide of 
the Empire," Allan Dwan production; "Noah's Ark" 
for Warner Brothers, and "Erik the Great" for 

DELROY, IRENE: b. Bloomington. IB.: h. 5 feet 
2 inches; light brown hair and blue eyes; p. Delia 
and Boyal Sanders, non-professionals; e. Chicago and 
New York; not married; hy. golf and riding. Made 
stage debut with Mary Garden in grand opera, singing 
and toe dancing. Also appeared in opera with Galli 
Curci and Eosa Baisa. Left opera for Keith vaude- 
ville offer, played several weeks with Charles King, 
then with Tom Patricola for two seasons. First lead 
in "Hitchy Koo." musical show; Ziegfeld •'Follies" 
lead; "Follow Thru," "Here's How" and Top Speed." 
First screen appearance in "Oh, Sailor Behave" 
(1930), also in "The Life of the Party" (1930), "Di- 
vorce Among Friends" (1930), all for Warner Bros.; 
"Men of the Sky," Jerome Kern's musical picture. 
First National. 

DENNISON. EVA: Appeared in "His Glorious 
Night" (1929). MGM. 

DESLYS, KAY: r. n. Kathleen M. Herbert: b. 
London. England; e. in England; h. 5 feet 4V4 inches: 
w. 148 pounds; blond hair, blue eyes; hy. riding. 
Vandeville and legitimate stage since age of five. En- 
tered pictures in 1923. Has played in "The Leopard 
Lady," "The Case of Lena Smith," "Their Perfect 
Day," "Take the Heir" (1930), Big 4 Corp. 

DEVAN, DOROTHY: Appeared in "The Peacock 
Fan" (1929). Chesterfield. 

DEVORE, DOROTHY: b. Fort Worth. Texas: h. 
5 feet 1 inch; brown hair and eyes; w. 110 pounds: 
e. Fort Worth and Los Angeles. Started stage career 
at age of 15. Featured in "Morning After," and in 
vaudeville. Featured comedienne with Christie for 
four years. "Narrow Street" and "Bunker Bean" 
(Warner Bros.); featured by Fox, First National. 
FBO, Tiffany, Universal. Gotham. Heads the Devore 

DEZSOEFFY, LASLO: Appeared in "Melody of 
Hearts." UFA. 

DIETRICH. MARLENE: b. Berlin. Germany: h. 
5 feet 5 inches; red gold hair and blue eyes; w. 120 
pounds; e. private school at Weimar and musical 
academy in Berlin to study for concert stage. Stage 
training at Max Beinhardt's school of drama. First 
appearance in German version of "Broadway." Next 
part was in a musical comedy. For the next three 
years divided her time between motion picture work 
and musical comedy stage. Two pictures released in 
United States were "I Kiss Your Hand, Madam." 
and "Three Loves." In Paramount's "The Blue 
Angel." "Morocco,'; (1932), "Shanghai Express." 

DIONE, ROSE: b. Paris, France; e. Paris; h. 5 
feet 8 inches; w. 158 pounds; black hair, hazel eyes. 
Stage career: Ave years with Sarah Bernhardt. Had 
own theatre in Brussels. Screen experience: "The 
Beloved Bogue," Camille," "Mad Hour," First Na- 
tional; "Eagtime," "Polly of the Movies," First 
Division; "Bringing Up Father," MGM; "His Tiger 
Lady," Paramount; "Naughty Baby" (1929), First 
National; "One Stolen Night." Warner Bros.; "Women 
Everywhere" (1930), Fox; "On Your Back" (1930). 

DIXON, JEAN: "The Lady Lies" (1929), Para- 
mount; Vitaphone No. 980. "Two Bounds of Love." 

DODD, CLAIRE: b. New England; h. 5 feet 6 
inches; blond hair and green eyes; w. 120 pounds; e. by 
a tutor; hy. riding Stage experience in "Smiles." 
First pictures: "Whoopee." "Our Blushing Brides." 
Signed by Paramount. 

DONER. KITTY: r. n. Catherine Donohue: b. 
Chicago, 111. ; light brown hair and blue eyes; w. 103 
pounds; p. Nellie and Joe Doner, professionals; not 
married. Stage experience, eighteen years: has ap- 
peared in such plays as "The Candy Shop," musical 
show, in 1914 In Los Angeles, Cal., three years with 
Al Jolson's shows: several Winter Garden shows. New 
York City; starred in "Lady Be Good," Los Angeles: 
vaudeville in United States and Europe. On screen 
appeared in Vitaphone short, "A Bit of Scotch." 

DONER. PEGGY: b. Ubly. Mich.; e. University 
of Michigan: h. 5 feet 5 inches; w. 119 pounds; blond 
hair, blue-grey eyes. Upon graduation went to New 
York City and was signed by the Shuberts for lead 
in the "Passing Show of 1919." Was with the 
Shubert organization for four years and with Ziegfeld 
for two years. First motion picture was "The Sky 
Hawk." Has appeared in "College Backeteer " 
"Broadway Scandals." "Personality." "Worldly 
Goods.' "Carnival Girl" and "East Is West." Appear- 
ing in a series of comedies for Educational with 
Lloyd Hamilton. 

DORAN, MARY: r. n. Florence Arnot; b. New 
York City, Sept. 3. 1907: e. Columbia University; h. 
5 feet 2 Inches; w. 108 pounds; auburn hair and 
brown eyes; hy. dancing, horseback riding. Entered 
pictures in 1927. Has played in (1929): "The River 
Woman. Gotham: "The Broadway Melody." "Trial 
of Mary Dugan." "The Divorcee"; in 1930. "TJie 
Richest Man In the World." "Father's Day" "Sins 
?. f ^ he Children" for MGM, and in "Half a Bride " 
Ghetto. the part of Becky in "Lucky Bov." Ellen 
In Tonight at Twelve." Connie Bard in "Girl In the 
Suzanne In "Their Own Desire." and Daisy 
'n "They Learned About Women." 

DORE. ADRIENNE: b. Coeur d'Alene. Idaho, May 
22. 1910; h. 5 feet 4 Inches; blonde hair and green- 
gray eyes: w. 115 pounds: p. Edith Kell and Louis J 
Dore; e. Grammar rehool In Spokane. Washington and 
Forrest nidge Convent. Seattle: not married; hy. read- 
ing. Her stage experience began at the age of three 
years. Appeared with Elsie .Tanls In "Oh Kay" at 
the Los Angeles Magan theatre She was chosen Miss 
Amerlra in 1925. Screen experience with Universal for 

fourteen months and Educational for six months and 
appeared in the following: "Valley of Hunted Men." 
"Wild Party," "Beyond London's Light." "Adams 
Eve." "Happy Days." "Hello Baby" and "Pointed 
Heels," and in "Johnny's Week End" (1930), Gayety 

DORMAN, SHIRLEY: has appeared in "One Woman 
to Another," "Honeymoon Hate." Paramount; "The 
One Woman Idea," Fox. 

DORRAINE, LUCY: Appeared in "Christiana" 
(1929), Fox. 

DORSAY, FIFI: r. n. Yvonne Lussier; b. Montreal, 

Canada, April 16, 1907; h. 5 feet 7 inches; black hair 
and hazel eyes; w. 128 pounds; p. Blanche and Henri 
O'Orsay, non- professionals; e. French Convent of the 
Sacred Heart; not married; hy. reading, playing bridge 
and horse back riding. Stage career started In 1923 
as a chorus girl in the Greenwich Village Follies, same 
in 1924, feature player with Gallagher and Shean in 
musical comedy in 1925, then with Orpheum circuit 
two and one-half years. Appeared in "They Had to 
See Paris" and "Hot for Paris." and in 1930 in 
"Women Everywhere," Fox: "Those Three French 
Girls," MGM: "Mr. Lemon of Orange," Fox. 

DOUGLAS, MARION: r. n. Ena Gregory; b. Sydney, 
Australia, April 18, 1908; h. 5 feet 2 inches; blonde 
hair and brown eyes; w. 107 pounds; p. Jessie Pryor 
and Arthur Gregory, non-professionals; e. high schools 
in Australia and Hollywood; has had stage training; 
m. Al Bogell, director; hy. tennis and swimming. 
Stage experience in Australia appearing in "Daddies," 
"Jack and Jill." "Puss in Boots" and "Eyes of 
Youth." Screen experience covering a period of seven 
years, during which time she started in Hal Boach 
comedies, about 200 in all; was a Wampas Baby Star; 
and appeared in "Shepherd of the Hills," "Palace of 
the King," "Power of Silence." "Sioux Blood." "Dev- 
il's Trademark" and "The Bush Banger." 

DOVE, BILLIE: r. n. Lillian Bohney; b. New York 
City, May 14,-1904; h. 5 feet 6 inches; brown hair and 
hazel eyes; w. 119 pounds; p. non-professionals; e. 
New York City; m. Irvin Willat, professional; hy. 
athletic sports, dancing, yachting, and travel. 
Played a Follies girl in Constance Talmadge's "Polly 
of the Follies." which was her first role; then under 
Lois Weber's direction in "The Sensation Seekers" and 
"The Marriage Clause." A screen test later showed 
her fitness for color photography, which led to the lead 
opposite Douglas Fairbanks in "The Black Pirate" and 
in Paramount's "Wanderer of tne Wasteland." Also 
appeared in "The Lone Wolf Beturns." another impor- 
tant picture prior to her signing with First National. 
Her First National stellar pictures are "An Affair of 
the Follies," "The Yellow Lily." "American Beauty," 
"The Tender Hour," "The Heart of a Follies Girl," 
"The Love Mart, "The Stolen Bride." "Adoration": 
(1929) "Careers," "Her Private life." "The Man and 
the Moment," "The Night Watch." "Painted Angel" 
and in 1930 in "A Notorious Affair." "One Night at 
Susies," "Other Tomorrow." "Sweethearts and Wives." 
FN: (1932). "Cock of the Air." United Artists. 

DOVER, NANCY: r. n. LuciBe Kelley; b. Arlington. 
Texas, Feb. 2, 1909; h 5 feet 2% Inches; reddish 
brown hair and brown eyes; w. 108 pounds; p. ABie 
Mayers and Sam Kelly, non-professionals; e. Forest 
Avenue high school. Dallas: not married; hy. horse- 
back riding and dancing. Stage experience of three 
years and appeared in "Sunny," "Connecticut Yankee." 
as specialty dancer, and in "June Moon," aB in Los 
Angeles. Screen experience began in 1928 and ap- 
peared in seven comedies for Christie, then in "Scan- 
dal" for Universal and in "Dynamite" for Metro- 
Goldwyn-Mayer. Took lead with Harry Langdon in 
the following for Hal Roach: "Skirt Shy," "Head 
Man," "Shooting Parson" and "Big Kick." Was in 
"Bomance DeLuxe" (1929). Educational. 

DRAKE. PAULINE: Appeared in "Her Unborn 
Child" (1929). Windsor Pictures. 

DRESSER. LOUISE: b. Evansville. Ind.; h. 5 feet 
7 inches: blonde hair and blue eyes; w. 160 pounds; 
p. Ida and William Kerlin; e. Evansville high school; 
m. Jack Gardner, professional: hy. gardening. Stage 
experience includes vaudeville. "Potash and Perlmutter" 
and "The Girl Behind the Counter" in New York City. 
Screen experience of about eight years appearing in 
"The Goose Woman" for Universal; "Mother Knows 
Best" and "The Air Circus" for Fox; "Padlocked" 
for Paramount: (1929), "Not Quite Decent." Fox: "Ma- 
donna of Avenue A." and in 1930 in "This Mad 
World." (MGM): "Three Sisters." Fox: "Mammy." 
Warner: "Caught." Paramount: "Stepping Sisters." 

DRESSLER. MARIE: b. Coburg. Canada: h. 5 feet 
7 inches; red hair end green eyes: w. 150 pounds; 
e. private tutors while on stage. Almost 45 years of 
stage, screen, circus and vaudeville experience Including 
everything from chorus to stardom. She made her 
screen debut in "Time's Punctured Bomance." opposite 
Charlie Chaplin. Has appeared in the following screen 
productions: for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. "Callahans and 
the Murphys." "Bringing Up Father." "The Patsy." 
"Anna Christie." "Hollywood Bevue": for First Na- 
tional, "Breakfast at Sunrise." "Divine Lady"; for 
Fox. ".Toy Girl"; for Christie. "Dangerous Females": 
for BKO, "Vagabond Lover," also in 1930 In "Caught 
Short." "Chasing Rainbows." "Let Us Be Gay." 
"The March of Time." "The Singer of Seville." 
MGM: "One Romantic Night." UA; "Call of the 
Flesh"; (1932), "Emma," "Polities." both MGM. 

D REX EL. NANCY: r. n. Dorothy Kitchen: b. New 
York City. April 6. 1910; h. 5 feet 1H inches: blonde 
hair and brown eyes; w. 108 pounds: p. Mr. and Mrs. 
George P. Kitchen, non-professionals: e. Cathedral high 
school. New York City; hy. horseback riding, dancing, 
swimming and driving. At the age of 8 she played In 
George M. Cohan's production, "Boyal Vagabond," and 
at 10 played revival of the Floradora Sextette. Also 
In Shubert production, "Quality Street" and In the 
revival of "Bluebird." Screen career began with a one 
year contract with Universal under the name of Doro- 
thy Kitchen. Later she was selected by F. W. Murnau 
to play one of the "Four Devils" and given a contract 
by Fox. Has played leads In "The Escape." "Prep 
and Pep." "Riley the Cop." and in a Movietone selec- 
tion. "Forget Me Not." In these last mentioned pic- 
tures she played under the name of Nancy Drexel for 

DRIVER. ADABELLE: b. In TOngland: e. it Brun- 
ley. Lancashire, England, specializing In art. singing 
and drama: h. 5 feet 6^4 Inches; w. 151 pounds; dark 




brown hair and blue eyes. Previous career in musical 
comedy, stock and vaudeville. Entered pictures In 
1920. Most recent pictures include: "Blaze o' Glory." 
"Kettle Creek," "Ten Nights in a Bar-room" and 
"The Big Trail." 

DU BOIS, GLADYS: Appeared in "The Dance of 
life" (1929); Paramount. "Battle of Paris," (1930). 

DU BREY, CLAIRE: Appeared in "Two Sisters" 
(1929), Kayart. 

DU PONT, MISS: b. Frankfort, Ky. ; e. in Illinois; 
h. 5 feet 7 inches; w. 135 pounds; blond hair, blue 
eyes. Stage career: stock. Liberty Players, Oakland, 
Cal., two seasons. Screen career with Universal. 
Warner Bros., Selznick, Preferred, Vitagraph, Inde- 
pendent, MUM, Banner Productions, Dependable 
Films, Paramount, Tiffany-Stahl; also in "Wheel or 
Destiny," Rayait. 

DUANE, ELSIE: r. n. Elsie Nichols; b. Philadel- 
phia, Pa., March 30. 1906; h. 5 feet G inches; blonde 
hair and blue eyes; w. 122 pounds; p. Julia Bates 
and George H. Nichols, non-professionals; e. private 
tutor; not married; hy. writing, riding, music and 
dancing. Stage experience in "Abie's Irish Kose" and 
"The Donovan Affair" and screen experience in talking 

DUDLEY, FLORENCE: b. Maysville, Mo., January 
28, 1908; h. 5 feet 4% inches; blonde hair and blue 
eyes; w. 118 pounds; p. Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Peters, 
non -professionals; e. at Maysville high school, also 
Junior college at St. Joseph, Mo.; not married; n. art, 
music and swimming. Screen career started January' 
26, 1927. Worked as an extra for about three months: 
then took second lead in "Jesse James," "Making the 
Varsity," "The House of Shame" and "The Shake 
Down" for Universal; and "The Pace That Kills." 
Also took part of the German spy in Mack Sennett's 
"The Goodbye Kiss," later appearing in "Broadway" 
for Universal. 

DUMONT. MARGARET: Appeared in "The Cocoa- 
nuts" (1929), "Animal Crackers" (1930), Paramount. 

DUNCAN, MARY: b. JUuttrellville, Va. ; e. Cornell 
University and studied drama with Yvette Guilbert; h. 
5 feet 3V4 inches; w. 118 pounds; brown hair, brown 
eyes; by, tennis. Stage career: "Toto," "Great 
Lover," "Shanghai Gesture." Screen career includes 
"Four Devils," "Our Daily Bread," Rosalee in "The 
River," Viola Manning in "Thru Different Eyes." 
Carlotta in "Romance of the Rio Grande" (1929). Fox; 
"City Girl" (1930). 

DUNCAN ROSETTA: b. Los Angeles. Cal.; h. 5 
feet 4 inches; light hair and blue eyes; w. 125 pounds; 
e. Los Angeles, specializing in music, harmony, ath- 
letics and geography. Began stage career in 1917 
with Maude Amber in San Francisco; later with Gus 
Edwards' "Kiddies Revue," "Tip Top," "Hitchy Koo," 
"Pins and Needles," "Topsy and Eva." Entered 
pictures in 1926 for Joseph M. Schenck in "Topsv and 
Eva"; also in "It's a Great Life" (MGM). 

DUNCAN. VIVIAN : b. Los Angeles. Cal.; h. 5 feet; 
w. 110 pounds; e. Los Angeles, specializing in music, 
harmony, athletics and geography; m. Nils Asther. 
Began stage career in 1917 with Maude Amber in San 
Francisco. Later with Gus Edwards' Kiddies Revue; 
"Tip Tbp," "Hitchy Koo." "Pins and Needles." 
"Topsy and Eva" for Joseph M. Schenck, and also 
appeared in "It's a Great Life," MGM. 

DUNN. EMMA: h. Cheshire, England; e. private 
schools in England; h. 5 feet; w. 130 pounds; brown 
hair, blue eyes; hy. walking and swimming. On the 
speaking stage since her early teens; played with Rich- 
ard Mansfield; starred in "Mother," "The Governor's 
Lady," "Old Lady 31." "Skidding." "Daisy Mayme," 
"Courage." Entered pictures in 1919; was engaged to 
make the screen version of "Old Lady 31." Among her 
pictures: "Side Street," "The Texan," "Broken Dishes," 
"Manslaughter." "The Prodigal," "Compromised," "Bad 
Company," "Morals for Women," "Bad Sister," "This 
Modern Age," "The Guilty Generation," "Under 18." 
Juvenile Court." 

DUNN, JOSEPHINE: b. New York City, May 1; 
h. 5 feet 3% inches, blonde hair and blue eyes; w. 112 
pounds; p. Agnes and Richard Dunn; e. Holy Cross 
Convent, New York. Has been on the stage since 
14 years of age in about 14 shows; also with Zieg- 
feld and Dillingham in New York City. Screen experi- 
ence consists of roles in the following: "Love's 
Greatest Mistake." "Fireman Save My Child." "Swim, 
Girl, Swim" and "She's a Sheik" for Paramount; 
"Excess Baggage," "A Man's Man," "All at Sea" and 
others for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in 1928. Has appeared 
in (1929) "A Most Immoral Lady," First National; 
"Big Time." "Black Magic" and "The Sin Sister," 
Fox; "All at Sea," "Our Modern Maidens" and 
"China Bound," Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer; "Red Hot 
Rhythm." Pathe; "Melody Lane." Universal. Miss 
Dunn was one of the first Paramount Junior stars 
and appeared in the picture. "Fascinating Youth." 
was in "A Man's Man" (1929), MGM ; "Safety in 
Numbers" (1930), Para.; (1932), "Murder at Dawn." 
Big 4. 

DUNNE, IRENE: b. Louisville. Ky. ; h. 5 feet 4 
inches; w. 115 pounds; e. Loretta Academy in Louis- 
ville, convent in St. Louis and was graduated in 1926 
from Chicago College of Music. Her first stage ex- 
perience was the lead in the musical play "Irene." 
She also has appeared in "Lollipops." "Sweetheart 
Time," "The City Chap," also with the Metropolitan 
Opera. In Zieefeld's Show Boat" she scored a hit. 
On screen in "Cimarron." (1931-32). "Consolation Mar- 
riage." "Symphony of Six Million," all Radio. 

DUVAL, LORAYNE: b. Denver. Col., Sept. 16. 1909: 
e. Belmont high school. Los Angeles; h. 5 feet 5 
inches; w. 128 pounds; blue eyes, auburn hair. Stage 
experience: dancer with Marion Morgan and West 
Coast Theatres. Entered pictures In 1928 with Uni- 
versal and is under contract to that studio. Played 
lead opposite Reginald Denny In "His Lucky Day." 
parts in "The Collegians" and lead in a 100 per cent 
talkie for Educational. 

DUVAL. PAULETTE: b. Argentina: e. Paris. Was 
a dancer in Ziegfeld "Follies." Screen career: "The 
Magic Garden." FBO. "Beware of Widows." Universal. 
"Twelve Miles Out," "The Divine Woman." MGM. 
"Alias the Lone Wolf," Columbia. "Breakfast at 
Sunrise." First National. 

DWAN, DOROTHY: r n. Dorothv Smith; h. 5 feet 
5 Inches: light brown hair and blue eyes: w. 120 
pounds; p. Nancy and Col. Geo. Smith, non-profes- 

sionals; e. Miss Hill's school In Philadelphia; m. 
widow of the late Larry Semon. professional; hy. golf, 
swimming and music. Among her pictures: "California 
Mail." First National; "The Peacock Fan," Chester- 
Held; "The Drifter." RKO," "The Fighting Legion" 
(1930), Universal. 

DWYER, RUTH: b. Brooklyn, N. Y. ; e. New York 
City; h. 5 feet 2'/4 inches; w. 120 pounds; blond 
hair, brown eyes. Stage career: in musical comedy 
two years. Screen career: "A Perfect Gentleman." 
Pathe; "White Pants Willie," "Sailors Wives." First 
National: "The Lost Limited." "The Racing Fool." 
"The Nest." Excellent Pictures; "A Hero for a 
Night." Universal; "Alex the Great." FBO. 


EAGELS. JEANNE: "Jealousy" (1929), "The Let- 
ter" (1929), Paramount. Dead. 

EAMES. CLAIRE: Appeared in "The Three Pas- 
sions" (1929). United Artists. 

EASON. LORRAINE: b. Norfolk, Va.. August 27. 
1906; h. 5 feet 3 inches; blonde hair and brown 
eyes; w. 109 pounds; e. in Panama, Havana and 
Cuba; not married; hy. most sports. Stage experience. 
Entered pictures in 1923. Won contest in Photoplay 
Fan magazine and was sent to Hollywood by James 
(iuirk. editor of Photoplay. Appeared in the "Beauty 
Parlor Series." "We're in the Navy Now." "Swift 
Shadows," "Temple of Venus" and "Must We Marry." 

EATON. DORIS: Appeared in "The Very Idea" 
(1929). RKO. 

EATON, MARY: b. Norfolk, Va., m. Williard Webb, 
professional. Started her stage career at the early 
age of three and by the time she was nine, she ap- 
peared frequently as a dancer at concerts and on the 
stage. Took child roles in a local stock company, ob- 
taining a minor part in the play "Salomy Jane." 
Washington, D. C, and after playing all sorts of roles 
in stock companies, both in Washington and Baltimore, 
she came to New York to play in "The Bluebird." 
Her engagement ended, Miss Eaton was taken hy Theo- 
dore Kosloff into his studio and given dancing lessons 
freely after which she made her debut as a solo 
dancer in "The Royal Vagabond"; and about a year 
later followed Marilyn Miller as premiere danseuse 
of the Ziegfeld Follies, being but seventeen years of 
age. the youngest premiere danseuse the Follies ever 
had. Later she played with Eddie Cantor in "Kid 
Boots" and then in "Lucky." While playing in "Kid 
Boots" she went to the Paramount studio and played 
a bit with Bebe Daniels and other movie stars in 
"His Children's Children." Her last stage appearance 
is in "The Five O'clock Girl," co-starred with Oscar 
Shaw, who also has a featured role in "The Cocoanuts" 
in which Miss Eaton appears as the leading woman; 
also "Glorifying the American Girl" (1929), Para- 

EBY-ROCKE, HELEN: "The Salesman" (1929). 
Pathe, Checker Comedies, first series. 

EDDY, HELEN JEROME: b. New York City. Feb- 
ruary; h. 5 feet 6 inches: brown hair and eyes: w. 128 
pounds: p. Katherine Humphrey and Jerome Eddy; e. 
Manual Art high school, and the University of Cali- 
fornia, Berkeley. Cal. ; not married : hy. outdoor sports 
and books. Stage experience with the Pasadena Com- 
munity players for many years. Entered pictures in 
1919 and has had various roles in "Quality Street," 
"Two Lovers," "Life" and "Thirteen Washington 
Square." Her 1929 pictures include "Blue Skies," 
Fox; "Midstream," Tiffany-Stahl ; Vitaphone No. 3778. 
"Niagara Falls." No. 3740. "Christmas Knight." 

EDDY. LORRAINE: b. Vancouver, B. C. : e. Van- 
couver; h. 5 feet 6 Inches; blond hair; blue eyes. 
Stage career: work in Seattle with the Duncan Sisters 
in "Topsy and Eva" also in "Strawberry Blonde." 
Entered pictures in 1927 when selected by Al Christie 
to play leads in comedies. Has plaved Lucille in 
"Carnation Kid." in "Holy Mackerel." "Love Shy." 
"Goofy Ghosts." Alice in "Charming Sinners." "Dear 
Vivian." Paramount. 

EDDY. MARION: Appeared in Vitaphone No. 563 
with Eddie Conrad. 

EDWARDS. SARAH: Appeared in "Glorifying the 
American Girl (1929), Paramount. 

EGAN. BETTY: r. n. Florence Elizabeth Egan: b. 
Vancouver, B. C. August 5. 1909; h. 5 feet V> inch: 
brown hair and green eyes: w. 103 pounds; p. Arabella 
Whitney and .Tames L. Egan. professionals ; e. Holly- 
wood. Cal.. high school, received her stage training at 
Belcher's school; not married: hy. dancing and horse- 
back riding. One year with Fanchon and Marco; two 
with Publix theatres and appeared in a play with 
Frank Egan at the age of six weeks. Screen experi- 
ence covering a period of nine years ; protege of Mary 
Pickford's in "Little Lord Fauntleroy." Her work in 
pictures also includes Tiffany-Stahl's technicolor. "Girl 
of Today"; three novelty leads in Universal pictures: 
second lead in "The Man in Hobbles." with Johnny 
Harron and Lila Lee. 

EILERS. SALLY: b. New York City. December 11. 
1908; h. 5 feet 3V4 inches: auburn hair and brown 
eyes; w. 107 pounds: p. Paula F. Bilmont and Peter 
Filers, non-professionals; e. Fairfax high school; re- 

Key to Abbreviations 

b. - born 

div. divorce 
e. - -- -- -- -- -- educated 

h. height 

hy. hobby 

m. ----------- married 

p. parents 

r.n. - -- -- real name 

w. - -- -- weight 

ceived her stage training with Belcher, dancing; m. 
"Hoot" Gibson. Screen experience consists of ap- 
pearances in Mack Sennett's "Goodbye Kiss," Warner 
Brothers' "Cradle Snatchers," "Slightly Used" and 
"Trial Marriage." and Fox's "Dry Martini"; in 1929, 
"Broadway Babies." First National; "Sailors' Holi- 
day," Pathe; and in 1930 in "The Long Long Trail." 
"Roaring Ranch," "Trigger Tricks." Universal; "She 
Couldn't Say No." Warner Bros; "Dough Boys." 
MGM; (1931), "Over the Hill," (1932), "Dance Team." 
"Disorderly Conduct," all Fox. 

EISLER, EFFIE: Apiieared in "Woman Trap" 
(1920), Paramount; "Song O" My Heart" (1929), Fox. 

ELDER. RUTH: b. Anniston. Ala., September 8. 
1905; p. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Elder; e. high school at 
Anniston and received her stage training in high 
school; div. Lyle Womack ; m. Walter Camp, Jr., 
producer; hy. aviation. Stage experience in vaudeville 
tour telling of her attempted flight to Europe and 
while in I»s Angeles was invited to the Paramount 
studio and given a screen test; as a result of this test 
was signed to a contract as a Paramount featured 
player. Her first screen role was in "Moran of the 
Marines," in which she was leading woman for Rioh- 
ard Dix; "The Winged Horsemen" (1929). Universal. 

ELEANOR. PEGGY: Appeared in "Rich Uncles" 
(1930), Pathe, Checker Comedies, first series. 

ELDRIDGE, FLORENCE: r. n. Florence Eldridge 
MacKechnae; b. Brooklyn, New York, September 5, 
1904; h. 5 feet \ x k inches; light brown hair and brown 
eyes; w. 110 pounds; p. Clara Eugenie and Charles 
James MacKechnie. non-professionals; e. Girls' high 
school, Brooklyn ; m. Fredric March, professional ; hy. 
tennis, horseback riding and home making. On the 
stage has made the following appearances: As Mar- 
garet Nichols in "Ambush," at the New York Theatre 
Guild; the lead in "Cat and Canary." at the Kilhourne 
Gordon; as the step-daughter in Brock Pemberton's 
production "Six Characters in Search of an Author"; 
as Nadine Una in "Love Habit"; in "Shuhert's 
productions "The Dancers"; Herndon's "Cheaper to 
Marry"; Carpenter's "Young Blood" and Brady's 
"Great Gatsby." "Affair of State." "Private Lives." 
Screen experience in the following Paramount produc- 
tions: "Studio Murder Mystery." "Charming Sinners" 
and "Greene Murder Case," "The Matrimonial Bed" 
1 1930) , Warner Bros. 

ELLIOTT, BERENICE: Appeared in Vitaphone No. 
3676, "—And Wife," and No. 3942-43. "Reno or 

ELLIS. DIANE: b. Los Angeles. Cal., December 
20, 1909; h. 5 feet 4 inches; light blonde hair and 
blue eyes; w. 106 pounds; p. Ida J. and Walter 
Frank Ellis, non-professionals; e. Fairfax high school. 
Los Angeles, and a secretarial course at college; not 
married ; hy. horseback riding, swimming and tennis. 
Her first real part was in "Paid to Love." with 
George O'Brien and Virginia Valli ; later received an 
important role in "Cradle Snatchers," playing one 
of the three flappers; then played opposite Buck Jones 
in "Chain Lightning" and still later seen in "\s Zat 
So'r" Also played in RKO's "Hook and Ladder No. 
9," Pathe's "The Leatherneck," "High Voltage." 

ELLIS, PEGGY: Appeared in Vitaphone No. 913. 

ELLSMERE, EDNA: Appeared in "The Bachelors' 
Club" (1929), General Pictures. 

EMERSON, EMSLIE: b. Buffalo, N. Y. : e. at a 
private school for girls in New York City; h. 5 feet 
6 inches; w. 130 pounds; light brown hair, grey eyes. 
Made her stage debut with Hessie Bonstelle in Buf- 
falo stock in 1922. First picture work in 1926 for 
Edwin Carewe. Has played in "The Iron Mask." 
Douglas Fairbanks. "The Awakening" with Vilma 
Banky, and "Scandal" with Norma Talmadge. Played 
role of "Sarah" in "The Big Trail." 

EMERY, AMORA: r. n. Mary Emery Harrison: 
b. Monterey. Mexico; e. Ursuline Academy, San 
Antonio. Texas; h. 5 feet 3 inches; w. 118 pounds; 
brown hair, brown eyes. Entered pictures first in 
1919. again in 1928. Has played in "A Prince There 
Was," Indian girl in "The Promise," Mexican girl in 
"Sundown Slim," slave girl in "Morals of Marcus," 
maid in "Geraldine." Pathe. 

EMERY. MARY: b. Monterey. Mexico; h. 5 feet 3 
inches: dark brown hair and eyes; w. 118 pounds; 
p. San Juana Pena and Maximillian Cabazos, non- 
professionals; e. San Antonio. Tex.. Girls school and 
at Lady of the Lake, has had stage training in dano- 
ing; not married; hy. art. Stage experience at the 
Writers' club in Los Angeles. Has been in pictures 
for four years and appeared with Lila Lee and Jack 
Holt as the telephone operator in "The Stage Door" 
for Paramount; the heavy in Universal's "The Mil- 
lionaire." with Jack Conway: in the Burton King 
production "Divorce Ahead" as the heavy; the stage 
part in Melville Brown's "Geraldine"; and the maid's 
part in William DeMille's production. "Craig's Wife." 

EMMET. KATHERINE: Appeared in "The Hole in 
the Wall" (1929), Paramount. 

EMMETT. FERN: Appeared in "Bar L Ranch" 
(1930). "Ridin' Law" (1930). Big 4. 

ENGL. OLGA: Appeared in "Dancing Vienna" 
1929). First National. 

ENRIGHT, FLORENCE: h. New York City; h. 4 
feet ll 1 /^ inches; blue eyes and auburn hair; w. 102 
pounds; p. Fannie and .Tule Enright. non-professionals; 
e. Hunter College, N. Y. ; hy. horseback, tennis and 
ice skating. Stage experience. Entered films with 
Radio in 1931. 'Among her pictures: "County Seat." 
Radio ; "Women Love Once. '"Paramount ; "Street Scene," 
Tniled Artists; "Juvenile Court." Tec-Art; "Possessed," 
MGM; "Nice Women," Universal. 

ETTING. RUTH: Appeared in Vitaphone No. 1041-42 
"Roseland." No. 960, "Broadway's Like That." 

EVANS. KARIN: Appeared in "The Last Com- 
pany." UFA. 

EVANS, MADGE: Appeared in Vitaphone No. 1055- 
56, "Manv Happy Returns"; (1932). "Lovers Courage- 
ous," MGM 


FAIR. ELINOR: b. Richmond. Va. : h. 5 feet 4 
inches: brown hair and dark eyes; w. 120 pounds: e. 
in New York City and Los Angeles: div. William 




Boyd. Stage experience in vaudeville, musical comedy 
and stock on stage. Screen experience began with 
Pathe and DeMille and has appeared in "The Yankee 
Clipper." "Volga Boatman," "My Friend from In- 
dia." "Jim the Conqueror." "Let 'Er Go Gallagh r" 
and "Bachelor Brides"; "Sin Town" (1929). Pathe. 

FAIRBANKS TWINS: Appeared in "On With the 
Show" (1929), Warner Bros. 

FAIRE. VIRGINIA BROWN: r. n. Virginia Labuna: 
b. Brooklyn. N. Y. ; h. 5 feet x h inch; chestnut brown 
hair and green eyes; w. 110 pounds; p. Martha Del- 
sant and Joseph Labuna ; e. Wadleigh high school, 
has had stage training; m. ; hy. all outdoor sports. 
Entered pictures in 1918 and has appeared in such 
pictures as "Without Benefit of Clergy." "Omar the 
"Tentmaker," "The Temptress." "The Chorus Kid." 
"Queen of the Chorus." "The House of Shame"; 
and In (1929 "The Donovan Affair." Columbia: "The 
Devil's Chaplain" and "Handcuffed," Rayart; "The 
Body Punch" and "Burning the Wind," Universal. 

FARLEY, DOT: b. Chicago, 111.; h. 5 feet 5 inches: 
blond hair and black eyes; w. 138 pounds; p. Alma 
A. Streeter and Eugene Farley, mother professional; 
e. University of Valparaiso, and by private tutor; not 
married; hy. music, writing, riding and all outdoor 
sports. Stage experience at the age of 3 ; with the 
Farley stock company for six years. Screen experi- 
ence consists of roles in "The Volga Boatman." 
■Celebrity," "Scarlet and Gold." "Lady Be Good," 
"So Big," "Grand Duchess and the Waiter," "Mar- 
quis Preferred," and for Al Christie, "Bird in the 
Hand." Then followed (1929) "Divorce Made Easy," 
Paramount," "Weak but Willing," Paramount-Chris- 
tie; and in 1930 in "Road to Paradise," First Na- 
tional; "Harmony at Home." Fox;; "Swell People." 
Pathe; Manhattan Comedies, second series; "Traffic." 
Pathe. Folly Comedies, second series. 

FARO, NINETTE: "The Boss's Orders" (1930). 
Pathe, Folly Comedies, second series. 

FARRELL, NEYNEEN: Appeared in "Frozen Jus- 
tice" (1929). Fox. 

FARRINGTON. BETTY: Appeared in "The Fall 
of Ere" (1929), Columbia. 

FAWCETT, MRS. GEORGE: Appeared in 1929 in 
"Innocents of Paris" and "The River of Romance, 

FAYE, JULIA: b. Richmond. Va.. Sept. 24. 1890: 
e. St. Louis, Mo.; h. 5 feet 2% inches; w. 115 
pounds; brown hair, brown eyes; hy. swimming and 
riding. Entered pictures in 1916 through Christy 
Cabanne at Fine Arts Studio. Has played in 
"Martha," "King of Kings," "Volga Boatman," 
"Feet of Clay," "Ten Commandments." "Godless Girl," 
"Chicago." "Main I/vent," "Corporal Kate." "Turkish 
Delight," Marcia Towne in "Dynamite" (1930). "Not 
So Dumb" (1930), MGM. 

FAZENDA. LOUISE: b. Lafayette, Ind. ; h. 5 feet 
6 inches; blond hair and blue eyes; w. 125 pounds; p. 
Joseph Fazenda, non-professional ; e. Los Angeles high 
school and St. Mary's convent; m. Harold Wallis. 
studio manager: hy. swimming, hiking and playing 
piano. Stage experience in vaudeville 1921-22. Screen 
experience since 1915 and has appeared in Universal s 
"Down on the Farm," "Kitchen Lady" and "The 
Main Lady"; also with Mack Sennett comedi s; and 
in Warner Brothers' "The Terror." a talkie; "Noah's 
Ark." "Sailor's Sweetheart," "Five and Ten Cent 
Annie." "Desert Song" and (1929). "Hard to Get." 
"Hot Stuff." "House of Horror" and "Outcast," all 
ror First National; "On With the Show," "Stark 
Mad." Warner Bros.; "Faro Nell," and in 1930 in 
"Bride of the Regiment," "Loose Ankles," "No, No, 
Nanette," "Spring Is Here." First National; "High 
Society Blues." Fox; "Viennese Nights," Warner Bros.; 
"Rain or Shine," Columbia; "Leath rnecking." Radio 
Pictures; "The Bearded Lady." "So This Is Paris 
Green." Paramount. Christie Talking Plays; "Cuban 
Love Song." MGM; "Blue Blazes," Universal: "Mis- 
behaving Ladies," First National; "Forbidden Adven- 
ture." Paramount; (1932), "Racing Youth." Universal. 

FEALY, MARGARET: b. Memphis, Tenn. : e. St. 
Cecelia Academy. Nashville, Tenn.; h. 5 feet 7 inches; 
w. 145 pounds; brown hair, blue eyes. On the speak- 
ing stage since fifteen years of age. Entered pictures 
in 1929; played lady-in-waiting to the queen in "The 
Love Parade," Lady Helen in "The Return of Dr. 
Ku Manchu." 

FERGUSON, HELEN: b. Decatur, 111.; e. in public 
schools of Decatur, graduated from high school, Chi- 
cago. Academy of Fine Arts, Chicago; h. 5 feet 3 
in"hes: w. 116 pounds; brown hair, brown eyes. 
Played stock in Los Angeles 1928-1930. Started screen 
career with old Essanay at age of 13. Among her 
pictures: "Hungry Hearts." "Burning Daylight." "In 
Old California," Audible Pictures; No. 3179-80. 
"Finders Keepers." Vitaphone short. 

FERN. FRITZI: b. Akron. Ohio. September 19. 
1901 ; h. 5 feet 2 inches ; brown hair and hazel eyes : w. 
11G pounds; p. Halla R. Remy and George W. Fern, 
non-professionals; e. Le Conte Junior high. Los An- 
geles, Cal.. no stage training: not married: hy. base- 
ball, aviation and all outdoor sports. Six months 
stage experience at the Morosco theatre. Screen ex- 
perience includes appearances in the Universal pro- 
ductions, "It Can Be Done," "Clear the Decks." 
"The Charlatan" and "The Play Goes On." 

FERRIS AUDREY: b. Detroit, Mich.. Aug. 30. 
1909: e. Los Angeles; h. 5 feet 2 inches: w. 103 
pounds; light auburn hair; brown eyes: hy. horseback 
riding, dancing. Stage career: sang, danced and 
played the violin. Entered pictures in 1926. Was 
given first chance on account of having won a large 
collection of dancing trophies. Has played in "Be- 
ware of Bachelors," Warner Bros.: "Women Thev 
Talk About." "The Little Wildcat." "Fancy Bag- 
gage," Bertha Fainhild in "Glad Rag Doll." Jean 
Oilmore in "Honky Tonk," Warner Brothers; Kitty in 
"Undertow." Universal: No. 2238. "The Question of 
Today," Vitaphone short. 

FERRY. MINNA: b. San Francisco. Cal.; h. 5 feet 
4 inches: white hair and green eyes: w. 130 pounds: 
p. Evelyn Traston and Col. C. P. Ferry, nnn-nrnfes- 
linnals: e. high school in San Francisco and Geneva. 
Switzerland; m. Joseph Redman, professional (de- 
ceased): hy. literature anil drama. Stage experience 
as follows: Made debut with Dan Frawley In San 
FranolSCO; played with Tannhauser Company In Mil- 
waukee: In stock in eastern cities. Brooklyn. N-w 
York, and others: with Key Stock Company In Phila- 
delphia and with Henry W. Savage, under Woods 
management. Screen experience as follows: Part of 
grandmother in "Girls Gone Willi": mother to Man' 

Philbin in her first starring picture; Butler's mother 
in "Temple of Venus." Started the Playhouse in 
Chicago and has played in many of its productions, 
such as "Speakeasy" and others. 

FIELD, SYLVIA: Appeared in 1929 in "The Voice 
of the City," Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer: "The Exalted 
Flapper," Fox. 

FIELDING. MARGARET: b. Jersey City. N. J.: h. 
5 feet 4 inches; w. 118 pounds: brown hair, brown eyes; 
hy. swimming, riding. Went on stage at ags of 9. 
Child' stock star and vaudeville productions, played in 
"The Great Illusion." Entered pictures as a child with 
Fox. Played Malile in "If Winter Comes." Fox; "Night 
Ship." Pathe; "Isle of Lost Ships." Clara in "Drag" 

(1929) . Brenda Kaley in "Paris" (1929). First Na- 
tional; "The Flattering Word." Warner; "A Gentle- 
man Lies." and "The Campus Flirt." independents. 

FIELDS. SALLY: Appeared in Vitaphone No. 2147. 
"The Hostess." 

FINCH, FLORA: b. England; e. private schools in 
England; h. 5 feet 5 inches; w. 110 pounds; dark hair, 
blue gray eyes. Began stage career with Ben Greet 
in England, also in vaudeville. Screen experience: 
has played in "The Cat and the Canary," Universal: 
"Captain Salvation," "Quality Street." MGM; "Rose 
of the Golden West," First National: "The Wife's 
Relations." Columbia; and in 1929 in "The Faker." 
Columbia: "The Haunted House," First National: 
"Come Across," Universal. 

FISCHER. MARGARITA: h. 5 feet 1 inch: w. 117 
pounds : m. Harry A. Pollard, professional : black 
hair and gray eyes; hy. tennis. On stage since 8 
years of age. Entered pictures in 1912. Among 
her pictures: "K. the Unknown," "Uncle Tom's 

FITZGERALD, CISSY: h. England: h. 5 feet i'i 
Inches; brown hair and eyes; widow; hy. dancing. 
Twenty years stage experience which consists of b ing 
starred five years under the management of Charles 
Frohman; in "The Foundling" and "The Gaiety Girl"; 
thre? years under the management of Charles Dilling- 
ham in "On and Off"; and with Cora Angelique in 
"The Belle of New York" and others. Screen experi- 
ence in "The Winsome Widow," written for her by J. 
Stuart Blackton: and in the Fox Movietone. "The Dip- 
lomat"; also in "Laugh. Clown. Laugh" for Metro- 
Goldwyn-Mayer, and (1929), "His Lucky Day," Uni- 
versal; "Painted Angel," First National: "Social Sin- 
ners." Educational. Tuxedo Talking Comedies. 

FITZROY. EMILY: b. London, Eng.; e. London 
and Paris; h. 5 feet 6V4 inches; w. 160 pounds: dark 
brown hair, hazel eyes. Twenty-five years experience 
in England and U. S. Screen career: has played 
in "Love." "The Trail of '98." "Foreign Devils." 
MGM; "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes." Paramount; "Love 
Me and the World Is Mine," Universal; "No Babies 
Wanted." Plaza; Marquesa in "The Bridge of San 
Luis Rey." MGM; Frau Hofrat in "The Case of 
Lena Smith." Paramount; Parthenia Hawks in "Show 
Boat." Universal; "Flirting Widow" (1930). First 
National; "Song o' My Heart" (1929). Fox; "Queen 
of Main Street" (1930). First National. 

FLOWERS. BESS: b. Sherman. Texas. 1900; h. 5 
feet 8 inches; black hair and brown eyes; w. 12S 
pounds; p. Cordelia Welch and A. C. Flowers, non- 
professionals; e. Duncan. Okla.. grammar school. Ok- 
lahoma college for women, and the Carnegie Institute 
of Technology; m. Cullen Tate, professional; hy. music 
art. flowers and books. Stage experience received in 
amateur theatricals. Has had roles of leading woman 
in "Lone Hand Saunders"; with Lefty Flynn in "Glen- 
nister of the Royal Mounted," and with John Bowers 
in "Laddie." Also lead with Chic Sale in "Ladies' 
Man." a Fox Movietone; and with Stan Laurel and 
Oliver Hardy in "We Faw Down." 

FLYNN, EDYTHE: Appeared in 1929 in "Nothing 
to Wear." Columbia; "Broadway," Universal. 

FLYNN. ELINOR: r. n. Elinor Golden Flynn; b. Chi- 
cago, 111.. March 17. 1910; h. 5 feet 2 inches; brown 
hair and blue eyes; w. 105 pounds; p. I. A. Russdl, 
non-professional; e. St. Xaviers and Loretta Academy. 
Chicago; not married: hy. swimming and horseback 
riding. Stage experience with Gus Edwards in New 
York and member of "Criss Cross" show with Dorothy 
and Fred Stone on Broadway. Selected by Joseph P. 
Kennedy fur film and sent to Hollywood. Entered films 
in April, 1927. and has appeared in "The Royal Pair" 
for Universal and numerous other films. 

FLYNN, RITA: Has appeared as Tilly in "The 
Girl from Woolworth's" (1929): "Sweet Mama" 

(1930) ; "Top Speed" (1930). First National. 
FONTAINE. JOSEPHINE: "Rubeville" (1929). 

"Rubeyille Night Club" (1930). "Crosby's Corners" 
(1930). Pathe. Golden Rooster Comedies. 

FORBES. MARY: Appeared in (1929). "Her Private 
Life," First National; "Thirteenth Chair," MGM; 
"Sunny Side Up." Fox; in 1930 in "So This Is 

FORD. JANET: Appeared in "The Side Show" 
(1929). Columbia. 

FORDE. EUGENIE: b. New York City; h. 5 feet 
5 inches: w. 139 pounds; dark brown hair, brown 
eyes. Stage career from 1S98. with George Monroe. 
Cbauncey Olcott. William Faversham. Blanche Walsh. 
Screen experience: Christie Comedies, Selig, American. 
Goldwyn, Universal, Educational, FBO, Vitagraph. Fox. 
First National. Paramount. "Captain Salvation " MGM 
"Wilful Youth." Peerless. 

FORREST. MABEL: "Scrapplly Married" (1030), 
Paramount. Christie Talking Plays. 

FORRESTER, ELIZABETH: b. Kansas City. Mo.. 
November 24, 1907 : e. Westport high school and 
Miss Madeira's School in Washington. D. C. : h. 5 
feet 6 inches: w. 125 pounds: auburn hair and brown 
eyes: hy. golf, tennis and swimming. After leaving 
school went on the stage in stork and then to New 
York playing In "Ned McCobb's Daughter" for the 
Theatre Guild and "Holiday" for Arthur Hopkins. 
Entered pictures In April. 1930. Pictures Include: 
"Holiday." Pathe. "Thundering Tenors" and "What 
a Widow." United Artists; "Ixist Ixive." Pathe: "An 
American Tragedy," Paramount ; "Tile Great Bozo" and 
"The Painma Party." Hal Roach, 

FOSTER. HELEN: b. Independence. Kan.; e. Kan- 
sas City schools and finishing school in Florida; h 
5 feet; w. 98 pounds; blond hair: gnu eves: hy, 
tennis, golf, bridge. Entered pictures in 1921. Has 
plaved In "Hellship Bronsnn." "The Mating Call." 
starred In "Sweet Sixteen." "Should a Girl Marrvr." 
featured In "Road to Ruin." "Linda." Jean Benton 

in "Circumstantial Evidence." Chesterfield; "Harvest 
of Hate." Universal; "Hoofbeats of Vengeance." Uni- 
versal"; "The Sky Skidder," Universal; Violet in "Gold 
Diggers of Broadway," Warner Bros. ; adopted daughter 
in "Painted Faces." Tiffany; Sally Daves in "So Long 
Letty," Warner; "Is This Justice?" Sono-Art; "Ghost 
City," Trem Carr; "Montana Rides," RKO Pathe. 

FOSTER. PHOEBE: Appeared in Vitaphone No. 
1057. "Grounds for Murder." 

FOWLER. ALMEDA: b. Florence. Ala.; e. attended 
State Normal college, Ala.; h. 5 feet 6 inches; w. 
133 pounds; auburn hair, hazel eyes; hy. swimming, 
dancing, riding, speed motor boating. Ten years on 
stage; three seasons with Nora Bayes in "Ladies 
First" and "Her Family Tree"; Keith vaudeville with 
Rddie Buzzell; "Stella Dallas," with Mrs. Leslie 
Carter; two seasons, "The Cocoanuts" ; four seasons 
dramatic stock in leading cities; with Frank Craven's 
"19th Hole" company. Entered pictures in 1929. 
Has pl.ned Maude Lindsay in "Party Girl," Tiffany: 
Lad- Bagshott in "A Notorious Affair," First National. 

FOX, SIDNEY: b. New York City. Dec. 10. 1910; 
h. 5 feet; hazel eyes and brown hair; w. 94 pounds; 
hy. filling in questionnaires. Entered pictures in De- 
cember, 1931. Among her pictures: "Bad Sister." six 
Cylinder Love." "Strictly Dishonorable," "Nice Women." 
"Murders in the Rue Morgue," "Mouthpiece," Warner. 

FOY. MARY: Appeared in 1929 in "The Lariat 
Kid"; in 1930 in "Embarrassing Moments." Uni- 
versal; "Dumbbells in Ermine," Warner Bros; "Mind 
Your Business," Pathe. Melody Comedies. 

FRANCIS, KAY: b. Oklahoma City. Okla.; h. 5 
feet 5 inches; brown hair and eyes; w. 112 pounds; 
p. Katherine Clinton, professional; e. in convents 
Holy Angels of Fort Lee, N. J., Notre Dame of Box- 
bury, Mass.. and Holy Child Jesus. New York City. 
Miss Fuller's private school. Ossining. and the Cathe- 
dral school. Garden City; on "legitimate" stage she took 
the part of queen in the modern version of Shakes- 
peare's "Hamlet"; then a season with the Stewart 
Walter Stock Company, playing Cincinnati. Indian- 
apolis and Dayton. Later, in New York City, she 
appeared in "Venus." "Crime" and "Elmer the Great." 
Upon learning that Paramount was seeking a leading 
woman tor Walter Huston in the all-talking picture 
"Gentlemen of the Prsss" to be made at Long Island 
studio, she took a test for the role, and was given a 
featured player's contract and sent to the Hollywood 
studios. Was then cast in Clara Bow's" Dangerous 
Curves." the red-haired star's second all-talking pic- 
ture. "Behind the Makeup" and "The Children." 
both of which are Paramount New Show World pro- 
ductions, also in "The Cocoanuts" (1929), "The Mar- 
riage Playground" (1929), "Paramount on Parade" 
(1930). "The Illusion" (19291. "The Street of Chance" 
(1930). Paramount; "A Notorious Affair" (1930). First 
National; "Raines" (1930). United Artists; "Let's Go 
Native" (1930), Paramount; "For the Defense," Para- 
mount; "Virtuous Sin." Paramount; "Passion Flower." 
MGM; "Scandal Sheet." Paramount; "Ladies' Man," 
Paramount; "Vice Squad." Paramount: "Transgression." 
Radio; "Guilty Hands," MGM; "24 Hours," Para- 
mount; "Girls About Town," Paramount; "False Ma- 
donna." "House of Scandal." "Strangers in Love." 
all Paramount; "Man Wanted." Warner. 

FRANCIS, NOEL: b. Temple, Texas; h. 5 feet 5 
inches; blond hair and blue eyes; w. 115 pounds: p. 
Maud Francis, non-professional; e. Forest Avenue high 
school. Dallas. Texas; Southern Methodist University, 
and Columbia: not married; hy. clothes. Stage ex- 
reer: several Ziegfeld productions, Ziegfeld's "Follies" 
as singer and dancer, "No Foolin'." part of Katie 
Bean opposite Wheeler and Woolsey in "Rio Rita." 
"Show Girl." part of Peggy Ritz. all for Ziegfeld: 
ingenue lead in Shubert's "Well. Well. Well." Screen 
experience: part of Sonya in "Resurrection." for Uni- 
versal. Has also appeared in the following pictures: 
"Movietone Follies of 1930." "Rough Romance" (1930). 
Fox; "Turkey for Two" (1929), Pathe: Checker Com- 
edies, First Series: "Her Hired Husband" (1930). 
Pathe; Variety Comedies. Pictures made in 1931: 
"Bachelor Apartment." Radio; "Smart Money," War- 
ner: "Husband's Holiday." Paramount: "Ladies of the 
Big House." Paramount; "Old Man Minick." Warner. 

FRANCIS. SARA: Appeared in "The Lady of the 
Lake" (1930). Fitzpatrick. 

FRANCISCO. BETTY: b. Little Rock. Ala.: e. 
Little Rock; h. 5 feet 4^4 inches; w. 115 pounds: 
blond hair, hazel eyes. Screen career: "Broadway 
Daddies." Columbia; "You Can't Beat the Law." 
"Boy of the Streets." Rayart: "The Great Retreat." 
Fox: "The Gingham Girl," "Uneasy Payments." FBO: 
"Too Many Croaks," Paramount; "Broadway." Uni- 
versal: Mrs. Mastick in "Street of Chance." Para- 
mount: "The Lotus Lady." Audible: "Smiling Irish 
Eyes" (1929). First National. 

FRANKEL. FANCHON: "Pick 'Em Young" (1930) 
Pathe. Melody Comedies, first series. 

FRAN KISS. BETTY: "The New Walter" (1930). 
Pathe. George LeMaire Comedies. 

FRANKLIN. IRENE: Appeared in Vitaphone No. 


FRANKLIN. MARTHA: Appeared in 1929 in "The 
Younger Generation." Columbia: "Points West." Uni- 

FREDA & PALACE: Appeared in Vitaphone No. 
2271. "Bartrh-A-Kalloop. 

FREDERICK, PAULINE: b. Boston. Mass. Stage 
experience began in "Rogers Brothers in Harvard" un- 
der the management of Ben Teal. This was her only 
venture Into musical comedy, it being one of the earlv 
lottravaganzas. also in the following dramas: "Joseph 
and His Brothers." "Innocent." "Samson" and "When 
Knights Were Bold." On the screen in "ZaZa." 
"Madame X." "La Tosea." "Fedora " "Rella Donna." 
"Mrs. Dane." "Slave of Vanity." "The Lure of Jade." 
"Paid In Full." "Resurrection" and "The Eternal 
City." As Warner Brothers star, has appeared In 
several all talking Vitaphone productions, "on Trial." 
' Evidence" and "The Sacred Flame." 

freeman HELEN: Appeared in "Abraham 
Lincoln" (1930). United Artists. 

Wonder Women" (1929). MGM. 

FRENCH. EVELYN: Appeared in "Million Dollar 
Collar" (1929). Warner Bros. 

FRENCH. GEORGIA: h. Seattle. Wash., h. 5 feet 
0 Inches; black hair and blue eyes: w. 120 pounds: 
p. Ethyl Belee and George It French, uon pro 




Elmer Rice's stage success. With Sylvia Sydney, William 
Collier, Jr., Estelle Taylor. Directed by King Vidor. 


An original story by Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur, 
authors of "The Front Page." Directed by George Fitz- 
maurice.With Fay Wray,EstelleTaylorand Warren Hymer. 


An original story by Morrie Ryskind and Guy Bolton. 
Directed by Edward Sutherland. 


The David Belasco stage success. With Melvyn Douglas. 
Directed by Mervyn LeRoy. 


Sinclair Lewis' Nobel Prize novel. With Helen Hayes and 
Richard Bennett. Directed by John Ford. 


With Ina Claire, Madge Evans, Joan Blondell and Lowell 
Sherman. Taken from Zoe Akins' Broadway stage success. 



With Spencer Tracy, William Boyd, Ann Dvorak, George 
Cooper. Directed by Edward Sutherland. 


With Paul Muni, Osgood Perkins, Karen Morley and Ann 
Dvorak. From the novel by Armitage Trail. Directed by 
Howard Hawks. 


Directed by Tom Buckingham. 


With Billie Dove, Charles Starrett, Lois Wilson, Edward 
Everett Horton and Mary Duncan. From the novel by 
Ernest Pascal. A Frank Lloyd Production. 




ROLAND WEST Production. From the Liberty Magazine 
serial novel by Walton Green. Directed by Roland West. 


D. W. GRIFFITH Production. With Hal Skelly and Zita 
Johann. Story by Anita Loos and John Emerson. 





fessionals; e. Hollywood high school; not married; hy. 
dancing, horseback riding. No stage experience. 
Screen experience began as a baby at eighteen months 
of age with Keystone in Mabel Normand comedies. She 
was then with Universal for Ave years and appeared in 
"Cupid Backs the Winner." "Vagabond Soldier," 
"Helping Mother." "Behind the Veil," "At Mexico's 
Mercy" and for Vitagraph-Jean Page, "Black Beauty." 

FRIDERICI, BLANCHE: r. n. Blanche Fridericl 
Campbell; m. Brooklyn. N. Y. ; e. in New York City. 
Was on the New York stage and also a professional 
coach for New York players. Entered pictures in 1920 
when Lasky filmed "29 East," with the original stage 
cast. Pictures include: the role of Mrs. Davidson in 
"Sadie Thompson" (also played the original role with 
Jeanne Bagels on the stage), "Trespasser" with Gloria 
Swanson, "Billy the Kid." "Kismet," "The Cat 
Creeps"; "Wonder of Women" (1929). Metro-Goldwvn- 
Mayer; "The Awful Truth" (1929). Pathe; also the 
following in 1930: "Personality," "Soldiers and Wom- 
en." Columbia; "Numbered Men," First National; 
"Last of the Duanes." Pox; pictures made in 1931: 
"Night Nurse." Warner; "The Woman Between," Eadio; 
"Honor of the Family," Warner; "Murder by the 
Clock," Paramount: "A Dangerous Night." Columbia; 
"Mata Hari," MGM; "A Lady with a Past," Pathe; 
Friends and Lovers." Radio. 

FRIGANZA. TRIXIE: r. n. Delia O'Callahan; b. 
Grenola, Kan.; h. 5 feet i\h inches; white hair and 
blue eyes; p. Margaret Friganza and Cornelius O'Calla- 
han, non-professionals; not married; hy. music, art and 
dancing. In vaudeville fifteen years, and in musical 
comedy ten years. Has appeared on the screen in 
"Motor Maniac," "Mind Your Motor." "Thanks for the 
Buggy Ride"; "Free and Easy" (1930). "The March of 
Time." MGM; "Strong and Willing" and "My Bag o' 
Trix," Vitaphone shorts. 

FUERSTENBERG. ILSE: Appeared in "The Blue 
Angel." UFA. 

FULLER. DALE: b. Santa Ana. Cal.; h. 5 feet 
3 inches; black hair and brown eyes; w. 112 pounds; 
p. Delia B. Rawson and John Fuller, non-professionals; 
e. Mills College. Oakland. Cal.; not married; hy. In- 
terested in fruit growing and raises dogs. Stage 
experience with May Yokes on tour, played stock in 
Worcester, Mass., also vaudeville and musical comedy. 
Screen experience with Sennett in 1917, and has ap- 
peared in all Elinor Glyn films, all von Stroheim 
films but one, "Ben Hur." She has appeared in the 
following Warner Brothers productions: "Glad Bag 
Dnil," "Sacred Flame" and "The Man," and in 
"House of Horror" (1929). First National. 

FULTON, MAUDE: b. Eldorado, Kan.; e. in public 
schools of New Orleans. Was a concert pianist, com- 
poser, dancer, actress, short story writer and theatre 
manager. Stage success: wrote and starred in "The 
Big Top." Titled "Don Juan." "Lady Windermere's 
Fan," "Last Frontier." Wrote following stage plays, 
"The Humming Bird." "Pinkie," "Sonny," "Mary." 
PJayed Stella Foster in "Nix on Dames" (1929). Fox. 


"G" SISTERS: "Toast of the Legion" (1930), First 
National; "King of Jazz" (1930). Universal. 

GALE. ROBERTA: b. Pittsburgh, Pa.; moved to 
Miami, Fla., as a child: e. Miami public schools and 
St. Joseph's Convent. She was signed for BKO pic- 
tures by Joseph I. Schnitzer and has appeared in 
"Framed" and "He Knew Women" for that company. 

GALLON E. CARMINE: Appeared in "Pawns of 
Passion" (1929) World Wide. 

"The Cocoanuts" (1929), Paramount. 

G A R BO. GRETA: b. Stockholm. Sweden, 1906: h. 5 
feet 6 inches; golden hair and blue eyes; w. 125 
pounds; e. Stockholm. Sweden. Stage career as a 
dancer in Sweden. Screen experience in Metro-Gold- 
wyn-Mayer productions, "The Torrent" and "The 
Temptress" (1926); "Flesh and the Devil" and "Love" 
(1927); "The Divine Woman," "The Mysterious Lady" 
and others (1928); (1929) "The Single Standard," 
"Wild Orchids." "Woman of Affairs." Metro-Goldwyn- 
Mayer: "The Kiss"; and in 1930 "Anna Christie." 
"Romance" (1931-32). "Mata Hari," "Grand Hotel." 

GARDE. BETTY: r. n. Elizabeth Garde; b. Philadel- 
phia, Pa.; h. 5 feet 9 inches; light brown hair and blue 
eyes; w. 130 pounds; p. Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. 
Garde, non-professional; e. Philadelphia high school. 
Wellesley College; hy. piano and singing; has had stage 
experience in vaudeville and stock. Appeared in such 
plays aa "Plain Jane," "Six Cylinder Love." "The 
Nervous Wreck," "Easy Come. Easy Go." "The Poor 
Nut" (leading woman), "Bain" (lead in road com- 
pany). In pictures appeared in "The Lady Lies" 

(1929) . and "Queen High" (1930), for Paramount. 
GARDEN, HELEN: Appeared in "Monte Carlo" 

(1930) , Paramount. 

GARON. PAULINE: r. n. Marie Pauline Garon; b. 
Montreal, Que.; h. 5 feet 1% inches; blond hair and 
hazel eyes; w. 96 pounds: p. Victoria Connick and 
Piere Garon, non-professionals; e. Sacred Heart con- 
vent, Montreal, Canada; div. Lowell Sherman, pro- 
fessional: hy. music, art and swimming. Has ap- 
peared in the following stage productions, "Buddies." 
"Sonny" and "Lillles of the Field"; and in the 
screen productions. "Sonny," "Adam's Rib," "Satan 
in Sables," "Compromise," "The Gamblers" and (1929) 
"Must We Marry," Trinity; in 1930 "Lovers De- 
light." Educational, Jack White Talking Pictures; 
Vitaphone No. 3825, "Letters." 

GARVIN. ANITA: b. New York City, February 11. 
1907; h. 5 feet 6 inches; black hair and blue-green 
eyes; w. 133 pounds: p. Anita Donovan and Edward 
Garvin: e. Holy Cross academy, and has had four and 
one-half years' stage training with Ziegfeld; m. Jerry 
Drew, professional; hy. fishing. Stage experience (in 
the EaBt) includes "Rally" and "Midnight Frolics" for 
three and one-half years. Entered pictures in 1925. 
and appeared with Bobby Vernon in Christie comedies: 
also In Educational and Hal Roach comedies. Feature 
pictures In which she has appeared are "The Play 
Girl " "Bertha the Sewing Machine Girl." "Old Wives 
for New" and "The Sport Girl": Cecil B. DeMllle's 
production, "Dvnamlte." for Metro Onldwyn-Mayer; 
"The Charlatan" for Universal and (1929) "Red not 
Rhythm" (1929), Pathe; "Trent's Last Case" (1929). 
Fox; "The Big Jewel Case" (1930), Educational-Mer- 
maid Talking Comedies. 

GAY, DIXIE: r. n Helen Jones; b. Brooklyn. N. Y. . 
October 4. 1B11: h. 5 feet 4 inches; titlan hair and 
blue eyes; w. 118 pounds: p. Charlotte Peters and 
Arthur Jones; e. private tutor, and received her stage 

training at Paul Gerson school appearing in a musical 
comedy; hy. dancing. Appeared in the chorus of "Side- 
walks of New York." Took the part of a stenographer 
in Ray Cannon's picture for Fox, "Red Wine"; street 
walker in James Tinling picture, "False Faces"; shop 
girl in Colleen Moore's "Just a Bad Girl"; and ap- 
peared in "Two Weeks Off" and "Why lie Good," FN. 

GAYLORD, JOAN: "Redheads" (1930), Pathe-Folly 
Comedies, first series. 

GAYNOR. JANET: b. Philadelphia, Pa.; h. 5 feet; 
red bair and brown eyes; w. 100 pounds; p. Laura 
and Frank Gaynor, non-professionals; e. Polytechnic 
high school, San Francisco; no stage training; m. 
Lydell Peck; hy. golf and swimming. Four years' 
screen experience during which time she has appeared 
in "Seventh Heaven," "Street Angel." "Sunrise." 
"Four Devils." "The Return of Peter Grimm," "Pigs," 
"The Johnstown Flood," "Christina," "Lucky Star" 
(1929), "Sunny Side Up" (1929), all for Fox; "Happy 
Days" (1930), "High Society Blues"; (1931-32). "De- 
licious," Fox. 

GENTLE, ALICE: b. Chatsworth. 111.: h. 5 feet 5 
Inches; black hair and eyes; w. 135 pounds; m. Jacob 
Proebstel. Stage experience: went to New York to fin- 
ish vocal training and became chorus girl in the Man- 
hattan Grand Opera Company under Arthur Hammer- 
stein. Later played operatic roles, the first one being 
"Carmen" in San Francisco. Also played Shakespearean 
roles, musical comedy and drama. First screen experi- 
ence in "The Golden Dawn" (1930), for Warner Bros.; 
"Song of the Flame" (1930), First National. 

GEORGE. MAUDE: b. Riverside. Cal.; h. 5 feet 
5V4 inches: brown hair and hazel eyes; w. 12fiy 2 
pounds; p. Delia Simpson and Mills George, non-pro- 
fessionals; e. Cumnock Girl's school; has had stage 
training; m. Frank Passmore. non-professional: hy. 
pictures. Stage experience at the old Burbank theatre 
with Duffleld and William Desmond; on the Orplvum 
circuit in the East, and in Canada: and with Moroaoo 
theatre in Los Angeles. Entered pictures in 1915 with 
Universal; appeared in "The Devil's Pass Key" for 
Thomas Ince and Lasky; other pictures in which she 
has appeared are "Foolish Wives." "The Wedding 
March." "Garden of Eden," "The Woman from Mos- 
cow" and "The Veiled Lady." 

GERAGHTY. CARMELITA: b. Rushville, Ind.: e 
New York City and Hollywood; h. 5 feet inches; 
w. 122 pounds; brown hair, brown eyes. Entered 
pictures in 1924. Has played in "To Have and to 
Hold," "My Lady of Whims." "Great Gatsby." "Good- 
bye Kiss." "My Best Girl." "Object Alimony," Co- 
lumbia; Noel Farley in "Paris Bound," Pathe: "South 
of Panama," Chesterfield ; "The Mississippi Gambler." 
Universal; Alvarez Guerra in "This Thing Called 
Love," Pathe; Winifred Blake in "After the Fog," 
Beacon; "Fifty Million Frenchmen." Warner Bros. 

GIBSON, WYNNE: b. New York City: e. Wadleigh 
School for Girls. New York City; h. 5 feet 2 inches; 
w. 10;t pounds; reddish brown hair, gray-green eyes. 
Played in stock, vaudeville, revues and musical com- 
edies; one year with Fields; tourd the country as 
the flapper in "The Gingham Girl"; leading role in 
"Little Jessie James" on New York stage; "When You 
Smile." "The City Chap," "Castles in the Air," with 
Perry Askam and Ray Raymond; toured in Europe for 
a year: returned and olayed in "Oh, Johnny." "The 
Clam Diggers," "Jarnegan." Made film debut in 
"Nothing But the Truth" at Paramount's New York 
Studios; to Hollywood in 1930 in "Children of Pleas- 
ure" and "The Fall Guy" and "Molly Magdalene"; 
was signed as gunman's "moil" in "The Gang Buster" 
for Paramount; signed to contract with Paramount; 
pictures include "June Moon," "City Streets," "Man 
of the World." "Kick In," "Road to Reno." "Ladies 
of the Big House," "Two Kinds of Women." 

GILBERT. EUGENIA: b. East Orange. N. J.; h. 
5 feet 4 inches: light brown hair and blue eyes: w. 
122 pounds; p. Eugenia and W. B. Gilbert, non-profes- 
sionals; e. New York City and South Orange. N. J., 
high schools, and Marlborough college, Los Angeles; 
not married; hy. her cabin in the mountains. Was a 
stage dancer. Seven years' screen experience, and has 
appeared in such pictures as "Obey the Law," "After 
the Storm" and "Bv Whose Hand," "Courtin' Wild 
Cats" (1929). Universal. 

GILBERT. FLORENCE: b. Chicago. 111.. Feb. 20. 
1905; e. Chicago schools: m. Ashton Dearholt; h. 5 feet 
2 inches; w. 115 pounds; hy. horseback riding. Entered 
pictures in 1920; was asked to double for Mary Pick- 
ford. Has played in "Johnstown Flood." "Desert's 
Price" and the Van Bibber Series. 

G1LLIS. MOYRA: "The New Waiter" (1930), 
Pathe-George LeMaire Comedies; "Musical Beauty 
Shop" (1930). Pathe. Melody Comedies, first series. 

GIRACI. MAE: b. Los Angeles. Cal., Jan. 22, 1910; 
e. Hollywood high school, Hollywood, Cal.: h. 5 feet: 
w. 104 pounds: black hair, brown eyes: hy. swimming, 
riding. On stage a short time. Entered pictures in 
1915. Has played in "Prince Charles." "Lorna 
Doone." "Lulu Bett." "Faith Healer," "Secrets." 

GIRARD. JEAN: b. New York City. March 10. 1908; e. 
private and public schools. New York City; h. 5 feet 
5 inches; w. 118 pounds; brown hair, brown eyes: hy. 
golf, dancing. Stage career, with Shuberts, "Follies" 
and vaudeville. Entered pictures in 1921 to star in "Silas 
Marner" : lead in "The Mad Marriage," "The Neck- 
lace," "A Man's Past," "The District Doctor," "Girl 
with Golden Eyes." 

GISH, DOROTHY: b. Dayton. Ohio. 1898; m. James 
Rennie. professional; h. 5 feet; fair hair, blue eyes. On 
stage since 1902. Screen career: played in "Hearts of 
the World." Grfflth: "Fury." "The Bright Shawl." 
"Clothes Make the Pirate." First National: "Romola." 
MGM; "Nell Gwyn." "London." "Madam Pompadour," 
British International. 

GISH. LILLIAN : b. Springfield. Ohio. October 14, 
1898; sister of Dorothy; h. 5 feet 4 inches; blond hair 
and light, blue eyes: w. 110 pounds; p. Mary Robinson 
McDonnell Gish, mother: maternal great grandmother. 
Emily Ward, a prominent poetess of her time; her 
maternal great grandfather, Samuel Robinson, an Ohio 
State senator and James T,ee Gish, father, descended 
from the ih' Guise family of France: e. Dayton. O.. 
Baltimore. Md. Made her stage debut at the age of 
six in melodrama "In Convict's Stripes" In Rising Run. 
() . spent one winter in New York appearing in sup- 
port nf Mme. Sarah Bernhardt, executing a little dance. 
In 1912 appeared in her first screen production "The 
Unseen Enemy" with Mary Pickford and also in David 
Belasco's stage presentation "A Good Tattle Devil." 
At the conclusion of this run she returned to motion 
picture work appearing for the next several years un- 
der the direction of D. W. Griffith. First Important 

part in pictures was in "The Mothering Heart"; in 
the fall of 1913 appeared in the first version of "The 
Rattle of the Sexes" made by D. W. Griffith with a 
cast of such players as Rolwrt Harron, Donald Cripp. 
Mary Alden and Owen Moore; thence to Fine Arts 
Studio in Los Angeles in "Home Sweet Home." In 
1914 she took the principal role in "The Birth of a 
Nation"; in 1916 appeared in "Intolerance"; in 1917 
"Souls Triumphant"; then to France where "Hearts 
of the World" was filmed. Returning to the United 
States she appeared in such pictures as "The Great 
Love" (1918), "Romance of Happv Valley" (1919) and 
"The Greatest Tiling in Life" (1919), also in "Broken 
Blossoms" and "The Greatest Question." Then on 
location in Florida where she directed her first motion 
picture in which she did not appear. Her sister. 
Dorothy, was the star in "Remodeling Her Husband," 
Paramount distributed the picture, a eomedv-drama. In 
1921. United Artists "Way Down East" in which 
Lillian had the principal role and which D. W. 
Griffith directed, was released, following which "Or- 
phans of the Rtorm" was distributed; then to Inspira- 
tion Pictures to appear in "The White Sister" undei 
the direction of Henry King. In 1913 she appeared in 
"Romola," again under the direction of Henry King*, 
thence to Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer where "I*a Boheme" 
directed by King Vidor and with John Gilbert wa." 
mad*, this picture being released in 1920: later "Thi* 
Scal er Letter" and in 1927 "Annie Laurie" directs' 
hy John Robertson: then "The Enemy" directed b" 
Freci Nihlo and in 1928 "Wind" directed by Vlcto- 
Seasirom was exhibited. In August. 1928. she Joined 
United Artists Corporation. Plaved in "One Roman, 
tic Night" (1930). United Artists. 

GIVNEY, KATHRYN: Played in "Follow Thru" 

(1930). Paramount. 

h. 5 feet 6 indies; light brown hair and blue eyes; 
w. 140 pounds; p. Alice and Daniel Webster; non- 
professionals; e. Troop school in Pasadena. Cal.; m. 
James Gleason, professional: hy. domestic sebnee, 
mystery stories, bridge and whist. "Garden of Eatin" 
(1929). "Fairways and Foul" (1929). Pathe, Golden 
Rooster Comedies; "Shannons on Broadway" (1929), 
Universal: "Don't Believe It" (1930). Paramount. 
Christie Talking Plays. 

GOLDEN. MILDRED: Appeared in "The Greene 
Murder Case" (1929). Paramount. 

GOLDIN. BERTINA: Appeared in "East Side Sadie" 

(1929) . Worldart Films. 

GOMBELL. MINNA: b. Baltimore, Md. ; h. 5 feet 

4 Indies; blue eyes and blond bair; w. 120 pounds; p. 
Dr. and Mrs. William Gombell, non-professionals; e. 
Baltimore, first in private schools, then Western High- 
land Bard Avon Finishing School. Stage experience in 
"Jimmie's Women." "The Great Power." "Nancy's 
Private Affair." Leading woman for Walter Huston. 
Otis Skinner. Ernest Freud and others. Entered films 
Dec. 23. 1930, with Fox. Among her pictures: "Doc- 
tor's Wives." "Bad Girl," "Skyline," "Sob Sister," 
"Dance Team," "Good Sport." "Rainbow Trail," "Step- 
ping Sisters," "After Tomorrow." 

GOODALL. GRACE: b. San Francisco. Cal.: e. San 
Francisco and New York, also Snell Seminary. Berkeley, 
Cal.: h. 5 feet 7 inches; w. 135 pounds; light brown 
hair, blue-gray eyes. Stage career, eighteen years in 
stock and New York productions. Screen experience 
with Famous Players. Whitman-Bennett. Fox, Bealart. 
"The Opening Night." 

GOODWIN, ALINE: Appeared in "Firebrand Jor- 
dan" (1930). Big 4. 

GOODWIN. HENRIETTA: Plaved in "Old English" 

(1930) . Warner Bros. 

GORDON. JULIA SWAYNE: Appeared in (1929) 
"The Eternal Woman" and "The Younger Generation." 
Columbia; "The Divine Lady" and "The Girl in the 
Glass Cage." First National: "The Viking." Metro- 
Goldwyn-Mayer: "Three Week Ends." Paramount: 
"Scandal." Universal, and in "Dumbbells in Ermine" 
(1930), Warner ; pictures in 1931: "Drums of Jeop- 
ardy," Tiffany: "Love o' Lil," Columbia; "Everybody 
Happy." Warner; "Gold Diggers," and "Captain Ap- 
plejack." Warner: "False Madonna," and "Broken 
Lullaby" ("Man I Killed"), Paramount. 

GORDON. MARY: Played in "Dance With Me" 
(1930). Pathe-Checker Comedies, second series. 

GORDON, MAUDE TURNER: b. Franklin. Ind.; h 

5 feet 7% inches; white hair, gray blue eyes; w. 102 
pounds; e. Oxford. Ohio. Played in seventeen New 
York stage productions. Screen career: "Home Made." 
First National: "The Wizard." Fox; "Cheating Cheat- 
ers," Universal: "Sporting Goods." "Just Married," 
Paramount; Aunt Fairchild in "Glad Rag Doll": May 
Gilford in the "Hottentot," Warner Bros.; Mrs. Wedlcy 
in "The Last of Mrs. Cheyney." MGM; Mrs. Tenbrook 
in "Sally," First National; Aunt Julia Langley 'n 
"Marriage Playground," Paramount; "Lawful Lar- 
ceny," "High Stakes," "Mata Hari," "Shopworn." 

GORDON. VERA: b. Russia, June 11. 1886; h. 5 
feet 5 inches; black hair and eyes; w. 175 pounds: 
p. Fannie and Borin Nemirou. non- professionals; e. in 
Russia, no stage training; m. Nathan Gordon, non-pro- 
fessional ; hy. charity. Entered pictures in 1919 and 
has appeared in "Humoresque," "The Good Provider," 
"Cohens and Kellys," "North Wind Malice," "Your 
Best Friend." "The Greatest Love." both "Potash and 
Perlmutter" pictures: "Millionaires," "Sweet Daddies." 
"Private Izzy Murphy," "Kosher Kitty Kelly." "Four 
Walls" and "Cohens and Kellys in Atlantic City" 

(1929) . Universal: "Cohens and Kellys in Root land" 

(1930) , Universal; "Cohens and Kellys In Africa" 

(1931) . Touring in vaudeville. 

GORE, ROSA: Appeared in "Blue Skies" (1929). 

GOUDAL. JETTA: b. Versailles. France; e. Versailles, 
and Liege, Belgium; h. 5 feet 7 inches; w. 128 pounds: 
brown hair, brown eyes. Rtage experience, traveling in 
repertory stock companies in Europe, also on stage in 
the U. H. Screen career: "Forbidden Woman." Pathe- 
De Mille; "Fighting Love." "The Bright Rhawl." 
"White Gold" and others for PDC and Paramount, 
"Lady of the Pavements," UA; (1932), "Business and 
Pleasure." Fox. 

GOULD, DOROTHY: b. New York City. January 15. 
1910; h. 5 feet 2 inches: blond hair and hazel eyes; 
w. 108 pounds: p. May Rubly and Lewis Gould, non- 
professionals; e. Hollywood high school and the Uni- 
versity of California. Los Angeles: not married; hy. 
reading, music and outdoor sports. Rtage experience 
with the New York Theatre Guild: 42 weeks on the 
Orpheum circuit In "The Godsend": also with Pan- 
tnges and West Coast in "What Price Happiness." do- 




lt>K Claire Windsor's part. "The Charlatan," Universal. 

GRALLER. DINA: Appeared in "Prince and the 
Dancer" (1929). World Wide. 

GRANSTEDT. GRETA: 1). Malmo, Sweden; h. 5 
feet 1 inch; blond hair and green eyes; w. 100 
pounds; i>. Emma Stauffer and Theodore Granstedt, 
non-professionals; e. in Kansas and San Francisco, Cal. ; 
not married: hy. swimming, dancing and horseback 
riding. Stage experience of several years appearing in 
the following productions: "From Hell Came a Lady." 
"The Bad Woman." "Troupers," "Hotel Rates." 
"House of the Left Hand." "Wild Birds," "Bad 
Babies." and "Ex Mistress." Screen experience began 
in 1926 in the following: "Excess Baggage" for MGM: 
"Behind Closed Doors" and "Mexieali Rose" for Co- 
lumbia; "Erik the Great." "College Love." "Girl 
Troubles" and "Embarrassing Moments." for Universal; 
"Close Harmony" for Paramount, and "The Faithful" 
for First National. "Sunny Skies" (1930). Tiffany; 
"Street Scene," United Artists; "Murder in the Pent 
House." Tiffany; "Unwanted." Columbia; "Manhattan 
Parade." First National. 

GRAY. BETTY: b. Allen County. Ohio, December 
5. 1908; e. in Lima. Ohio, and Danville, Va. ; h. 5 
feet 5 inches; w. 126 pounds; red hair and brown eyes; 
hy. golf and football. Four years with "Ziegfleld 
Follies." Entered pictures in 1930. Pictures include: 
"Welcome Home" with Johnny Hines. "Man Crazy" 
and "On Your Back." 

GRAY. EVE: Appeared in "Moulin Rouge" (1929). 
World Wide. 

GRAY, GILDA: Divorced Gil Boag: appeared in 
"Piccadilly" (1929), World Wide, and "Aloma of the 
South Seas (1926). Paramount. 

GRAY. LILLIAN: Appeared in "Life of Beethoven" 
(1929). Film Arts Guild. 

GRAY. SHIRLEY: (1931), "Secret Service." Radio. 

GREEN. JANE &. CO.: Plaved in Vitaphone No. 
2746. "Singing the Blues," and No. 2750. 

GREEN. MITZI: b. Bronx. New York City; h. 58 
inches; brown hair and hazel eyes; w. 90 pounds: p. 
Joe Keno and Rosie Green, professionals. Stage ex- 
perience at the age of 7. touring Orpheum circuit. Pic- 
tures in 1929 include: "Marriage Playground," "Honey," 
"Paramount on Parade"; 1930: "Love Among the Mil- 
lionaires," "Santa Fe Trail." "Tom Sawyer"; 1931: 
"Finn and Hattie." "Skippy," "Dude Ranch." "For- 
bidden Adventure" ("Newly Rich"), "Huckleberry 
Finn": 1932: "Girl Crazy." 

GREENWAY. ANN: b. Alexandria. Egypt; h. 5 
feet 5 inches; black hair and brown eyes; w. 130 
pounds. Stage experience includes: vaudeville h~ad- 
liner Orpheum circuit. Ed Wynn's "Carnival." prima 
donna of George LeMaire's "Affairs," and prima 
donna of Harry Carroll's "Music Box Revue." Screen 
experience, prominent singing-acting roles in RKO pic- 
tures. "Half Marriage" and "Night Parade." Stellar 
singing role in Warner Bros, musical comedy short 
subject. "And How!" 

GREENWOOD. CHARLOTTE: b. Philadelphia. Pa.: 
h. 5 feet 9*/2 inches; blond hair and blue eyes; w. 140 
pounds ; p. Belle Jaquette Higgins Greenwood and Frank 
Greenwood, non-professionals; e. public school. Boston 
and Norfolk; hy. dogs, outdoor sports, tennis; m. Martin 
Broones Legitimate stage: starred in "Passing Show" 
(1912-13); "Ritz Review," "Man with Three Wives." 
"So Long Letty." "Let 'Er Go Letty." "Linger Longer 
Letty." "Letty Pepper." "She Couldn't Say No," "Par- 
lor, Bedroom and Bath." Made one picture. "Jane." in 
1918. Re-entered pictures in 1928. starred" in "Baby 
Mine." MGM; "So Long Letty." Warner; "Parlor. 
Bedroom and Bath." "The Man in Possession." "Step- 
ping Out," "Flying High," "First Cabin." "Palmy 

GREGORY, EDNA: b. Winnipeg. .January 25. 1905: 
h. 5 feet 6 inches ; brown hair and eyes : w. 124 
pounds: p. Martha Cowdell and Jess Gregory, non- 
professionals : e. Winnipeg high school ; m. T. W. 
Flannery. non-professional; hy. swimming, music, danc- 
ing and riding. With the Howland stock company on 
the West Coast for six months. Has appeared in pic- 
tures for nine years in leads, bits and parts. One 
year at Fox studios in "Desert Flower"; two years' 
leads in Educational comedies and with Bobby Vernon 
at Christie studio. Also in "Her Favorite Hubby." 

GREY. ANN: Played in Vitaphone No. 2600. 

GREY, GLORIA: Appeared in "Lucky Star" (1929). 

GREY, MADELINE: Appeared in "Nothing But 
the Truth" (1929). Paramount. 

GRIFFITH, CORINNE: b. Texarkana, Ark.; h. 5 feet 
6 inches: brown hair and hazel eyes; w. 118 pounds: 
p. non-professionals; e. at Sacred Heart convent. New 
Orleans; m. Walter Morosco. producer: hy. motoring, 
music and art collections. Had stellar roles in First 
National's "Black Oxen." "Single Wives." "Declasse," 
"The Marriage Whirl." "Infatuation." "Classified," 
"Mademoiselle Modiste," "Into Her Kingdom." "Syn- 
copating Sue," "The Lady in Ermine." "Three Hours." 
"The Divine Lady," "Outcast" and "Saturday's Chil- 
dren" : also United Artists' "The Garden of Eden." 
"Prisoners" (1929), First National; "Back Pay" (1930) 
and "Lilies of the Field" (1930). First National. 

GRIFFITH. ELEANOR: b. March 20. 1902. Mt. 
Pleasant, Tenn. : h. 5 feet 2 inches; blond hair and 
gray eyes; w. 105 pounds: p. Eleanor Cox and James 
Griffith, non-professionals; e. Central high school, Wash- 
ington. D. C. : not married; hy. golf, bridge and making 
money. Played in stock in Washington. D. C. (1919); 
took lead in "Poor Little Baby Girl" with Lew Fields 
(1920); prima donna in Ziegfeld's "Midnight Frolics" 
(in 1921); ingenue in "Last Waltz" and "Meet the 
Wife." Shubert shows (In 1922 1924): also ingenue in 
"Sitting Prettv" (in 1925), and lead in "Mercenary 
Marv" (in 1925); "Creaking Chair" (In 1920): "The 
Spider" (1927-28), and "Women" (in 1928): also an- 
imated in "Night Stick." United Artists' production; 
"Alibi" (1929). United Artists. 

GRIFFLES. ETHEL: "Old English" (19;:0). Warner 

GROVE, SYBIL: r. n. Sybil Wcstmacott Wingrovc; 
h. Tcddington. Middlesex. England. October 4. 1891; h. 
5 feet 7 :c > inches; red brown hair and brown eyes; w. 
132 pounds; p. Marian Munrn and F.dgell Edward Wcst- 
macott, non-professionals: received her stage training at 
the Academy of Dramatic Art. I/>ndon. England: m. 
George Christopher Wingrovc. architect. United Artists 
studio; hy. swimming, golf, dancing, music and bridge, 
Siient six years on the stage in England appearing In 

"The Mollusc," "Joseph and His Brethren," with Sir 
Herbert Tie.' and Maxine Elliot; "Look Who's Here" at 
the London Oi>era House with Ethel Levy, etc.; "The 
Lilac Domino" at the Empire theatre. London; and in 
various revues and musical comedies; also in her own 
vaud.ville act. Three years with Eva Moore and H. V. 
Esmond company playing second lead in "Eliza Comes 
to Stay." "When We Were Twenty-One." "The Dan- 
gerous Age," "The Rest Cure" and others. Also seven 
years' dir cting and playing in her own stock company 
in the Orient (China). Gilbert and Sullivan Operas. 
Shakespeare, "The Last of Mrs. Cheyney," playing Mrs. 
Cheyney, and the lead in "Dear Brutus." "The Belle 
of Ntw York," "Ann" and "The Best People" and 
many others. Three years in Hollywood during which 
time she has appeared in the roles of the degenerate 
character with Leatrice Joy and Victor Varconi in De- 
Mille's "An Angel of Broadway"; as the comedy char- 
acter With Franklin Panghorn in DeMille's "My Friend 
from India" ; as the old woman in Douglas Fairbanks' 
"The Gaucho" : as the French maid in "His Private 
Life" with Adolphe Menjou; the old maid in three com- 
edies with Lupino Lane; and the lead in "The Piano 
Next Door" with Lupino Lane. The old maid in 
"Satan and the Woman," Burton King production; 
comedy in three other Burton King productions: old 
maid character in "Someone to Love" for Paramount 
with Buddy Rogers anil Mary Brian: also an old maid 
character in "Mother." Colors rt production; hi avy lead 
in a serial for Trem Carr Company with Joe Bonomo; 
an old maid heavy in "The Black Pearl." also a TTem 
Carr production with Lila Lee; an old maid char- 
acter in two Chesterfield productions; "Prince of 
Diamonds" (1930). Columbia. 

GRUENING, JLKA: Played in "Melody of Hearts," 

GULLIVER, DOROTHY: b. Salt Lake City, Utah, 
September 6: h. 5 feet 2 inches: brown hair and haze] 
eyes: w. 177 pounds: p. non-professionals: e. Salt Lake 
City high school; m. Chester DeVito. assistant director; 
hy. reading, music and all out-door sports. After win- 
ning a beauty contest in Salt Lake City she appeared 
in the following Universal pictures: "Collegians" and 
"Honeymoon Flats" with George Lewis. Also in Hoot 
Gibson Westerns; "College Love," "King of the 
Campus," Universal: "Painted Faces" (1929). "Troop- 
ers Three" (1930). "Under Montana Skies." Tif- 
fany; "Mind Your Business" (1930). Pathe-Melody 

G fdies, second series: "Big Hearted" (1930), Pathe- 

Whoopee Comedies. 


HABERLAND. EMILIE: b. New York City; h. 
5 feet 5% inches; light brown hair and hazel eyes; 
w. 135 pounds. Studied voice six years in New York 
and received musical education under the direction of 
Cav. Imerio Ferrari (Bass). Made debut in Europe 
in "Cavalleria Rusticana." Remained in Europe two 
years and sang in various parts of Italy in the leading 
roles of "Trovatore." "Aida," "Faust" and "Pagliac- 
cio." Has sung many concerts in New Y'ork at 
Aeolian Hall. Carnegie Hall. Pythian Temple and 
Academy of Music. Brooklyn. Was with the Phila- 
delphia Civic Opera Company and has sung with many 
other companies in New York and other cities in 
"Trovatore." ."Aida.". "Cavelleria." "Pagliacci." 
"Faust." "Traviata." "Mefistopele," "Andrea Chenier." 
"Frza del Destine" "Otello." "Tosca." "Manon." 
"Boheme," "Carmen." Singing with the New York 
Light Opera Guild in "Boccaccio." taking the leading 
feminine role of Fiametta under the direction of John 
Hand and associate directors, Fr. de T. Craven and 
Bernard Cantor, given at Carnegie Hall. 1932. Is in 
the moving picture version of "Boccaccio." Sang in 
Cameo shorts of classic operas. 

HACKETT, LILLIAN: b. Chicago. 111.. October 11. 
1903: h. 5 feet; blond hair and blue-gray eyes; w. 108 
pounds: p. Ann Maddox and William Hackett. non- 
professionals ; e. private tutor, and received her stage 
training with Madame Revillier in Detroit: not married; 
hy. music, literature and art. Stage experience consists 
of the lead in "Alias the Deacon." and the ingenue 
lead in "Demi-Virgin." "They All Want Something" 
and "The Ruined Lady." comedy lead in "Potash and 
Perlmutter" and in "Danger." 

HAID. DANE: Appeared in "The Immortal Vaga- 
bond." Ufa. 

HALE. LOUISE CLOSSER: Appeared in "The Hole 
in the Wall (1929). Paramount; "Paris" (1920). First 
National: pictures in 1930: "Dangerous Nan McGrew." 
Paramount: "Big Boy." Warner: "Captain Applejack." 
"The Princess and the Plumber." Fox: "Born to Love." 
Pathe: "Rebound," Pathe ; "Daddy Long Legs," Fox: 
"Devotion," Pathe- "Platinum Blonde." Columbia : "The 
Shanghai Express." Paramount; "The Man Who Played 
God." Warner Brothers. 

HALL, DOROTHY: Appeared in "Nothing But the 
Truth" (1929). Paramount. 

HALL. EVELYN: r. n. Mrs. Charles King; b. Harro- 
gate. Yorkshire. England. December 24: h. 5 feet 6 
inches; medium bmwn hair and dark blue eyes; w. 129 
pounds; p. Bessie E. Petley and Edward H. Hall, non- 
professionals, e. Bristol. England, high school; d. 
Claude King, professional : hy. writing, poetry and 
music. Has appeared in the stage productions of "Can- 
dida." "Uermionc," "The Butterfly on the Wheel." 
"The Man Wlw Staved at Home." "Richard the Third." 
"The Fake." "The Winter's Tale." "Eleetra." "Lysis- 
trata." "The Apple Cart." Received her first stage ex- 
perience with the Stratford-on-Avon Players: also asso- 
ciated with the Benson Company and Habit-man Company. 
Screen experience in "Men of Steel." "Mv Best Girl," 
"Hello Angel." "The Divine Ladv." "She Goes to 
War," "Children of the Ritz." "Nobody's Children." 
"Pomander Walk." "Return of Dr. Fu Mancbu" 
(19301. Paramount: "Captain of the Guard" (1930) 
Universal: "William and Mary." MGM. 

HAMILTON, FRANCES: Appeared in "Naughty 
Baby" (1929). First National. 

HAMILTON. RUTH: Played in "A Night in a 
.Dormitory" (1930). Patho-Mclody Comedies, first 

HAMMOND. KAY: lias appeared on the screen as 
Julia Sturm in "Her Private Affair." Pathe: Flip Mer- 
rick in "The Trespasser," and In "Abraham Lincoln" 
(1930), United Artists. 

HAMMOND. VIRGINIA: Plaved In "Anybody'l 
Woman" (1930), Paramount. 

HANDFORTH. RUTH: h Springfield. Mass.. Julv 
11. 1885: e. Springfield and New Haven, specializing 
In English preparatory to going to Emerson Collego of 
Oratory in Boston; h. 5 feet 6 Inches: w. 135 pounds: 

brown eyes, red hair. Spent three seasons with "Mrs. 
Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch" ; other stage experience 
with Una Clayton. Pictures: "Intolerance," "On 
Trial." "The Love Song" and "Little Snob." 

HARDING. ANN : h. 5 feet 2 inches; blond hair 
and blue-gray eyes; w. 106 pounds: married Harry 
Bannister, professional. Her first stage experience was 
with the Provincetown Players, remaining with them 
for a period of eight months. Her next appearance 
was in "Like a King," and then she accepted an 
offer to play in stock in Detroit. Other stage plays 
she appeared in are: "Tarnish," "Stolen Fruit." 
"The Woman Disputed." and "The Trial of Mary 
Dugan." Screen experience started under a contract 
with Pathe, and she played the feminine lead in "Paris 
Bound." She also appeared in "Her Private Affair," 
"War and Women." "Holiday" (1930), Pathe; "Con- 
demned" (1929). United Artists; "Girl of the Golden 
West" (1930). Warner; "East Lynne" (1930), Fox; 
in 1931: "Devotion," RKO; "Prestige." RKO Pathe. 

HARLOW, JEAN: b. Kansas City. Kansas, March 
3. 1911; h. 5 feet 2% inches; blond hair and blue 
eyes: w. 110 pounds; p. Marino Bello, non-profes- 
sional : e. Barstow School of Kansas City, and Ferry 
Hall of Lake Forest. Illinois; not married: hy. gob*, 
dancing. riding and swimming. Stage experience 
started in school dramatics in which she special- 
ized in voice. She came to Hollywood in 1929. 
Howard Hughes was looking for a leading lady 
to replace Greta Nissen in the revised version of 
"Hell's Angels." She underwent tests and won the 
role, and went under contract to the Caddo Company- 
feminine lead in "Hell's Angels" opposite Ben Lyon 
and James Hall: "The Saturday Night Kid" (1929). 
Paramount; "The Public Enemy" (1931), Warner; In 
1931: "The Secret Six." MGM; "The Iron Man." 
Universal; "Goldie." Fox; "Platinum Blonde." "Colum- 
bia; "Three Wise Girls." Columbia; "City Sentinel," 
MGM: (1932). "The Beast of the City." MGM. 

HARMON. JOSEPHINE: Played in Vitaphone No. 
1044. "Harmonizing Songs." 

HARRINGTON SISTERS: Played in Vitaphone No. 

HARRIS MARCIA: r. n. Marcia Harris Burnett: 
b. Providence, U. I., February 14; h. 5 feet 8 inches; 
dark hair and eyes: w. 135 pounds; p. Mary Pervear 
and George Hill, non-professionals; e. Providence high 
school and by private tutor; not married: hy. writing 
poetry and bridge. Stage experience in "The Little 
Teacher." "39 East" and in musical comedy. Scr en 
experience "The King on Main Street." "The Fighting 
Blade," "Orphans of the Storm." "Dream Street." 
"Isn't Life Wonderful." "Sorrows of Satan," "Broth- 
erly LovV "Saturday's Children" and "The Found- 
ling." "The Greene Murder Case (1929). Paramount. 

HARRIS. MARION: Appeared in "Devil May Care" 
(1930). MGM 

HARRIS, MILDRED: b. Cheyenne. Wyo., November 
29, 1902; e. public schools and convent in Los Angeles, 
specializing in English. French and voice; h. 5 feet 
4V£ inches; w. 118 pounds; dark blue eyes, blond 
hair: div. Charles Chaplin: m. Everett Terence Me- 
Govern. Entered pictures at nine years of age; played 
in "Fools' Paradise," "Price of a Good Time." "lin- 
gerie." "Melody of Love." "Heart of a Follies Girl " 
"Power of the Press" (1929), Betty in "No. No. Nan- 
nette" (1930). First National: "Ranch House Blues" 
(1930). Pathe; Rodes Comedies; Bunny in "Side 
Street," Radio. 

HARRIS. WINIFRED: Appeared in "The Love Doc- 
tor" (1929). Paramount. 

HARRISON. IRMA A.: Appeared in "Alibi" (1929) 
United Artists; "Vengeance" (1930). Columbia. 

HART. GLADYS: Played in "Barber's College" 
(1929), Pathe-George LeMaire's Comedies. 

HART. SUNSHINE: b. Indianapolis, Ind.. Julv 5. 
1886; h. 5 feet 614 inches; auburn hair and hazel 
brown eyes; w. 245 pounds: p. Mary Froman and James 
Adams, non-professionals; e. Indiana high schools and 
has had nine years' stage, training: m. and div.; hy. 
reading. Seven years in stock with John Holden com- 
pany, one year with Shubert shows, Indiana: and one 
year in vaudeville. Fifteen years' screen experience; 
started in New York; appeared in "The Master Mind." 
"White Moll." "The Tiger Club." taking the part of 
Polly; in "The Red Mill." part of Lovey Mary, and 
"The Student Prince": three and one-haif years with 
Jack White productions: five with Mack Sennett: ap- 
peared in two Movietones; in "The Man in Hobbles," 
"My Best Girl," "Sound Your A's." "The Bride's 

HARTMAN, GRETCHEN: r. n Mrs. Alan Hale: by 
Chicago. III.. August 28: h. 5 feet 6 inches: brown hair 
and eyes; w. 135 pounds; e. private tutor; m. Alan 
Hale, professional; hy. horseback riding and tennis. 
Stage experience in "Mary Jane's Pa": with Ben 
Greet's Shakespearean Players the part of Cozette in 
"Les Miserables" in repertoire, and in the musical 
comedy "Sweethearts." Screen experience of three years 
with the old Biograph company, having appeared in 
"Les Miserables." "She Goes to War." "Time, Place 
and the Girl." 

HARVEY. LILLIAN: "Love Waltz" and "When You 
Give Your Heart Away," Ufa. 

HASBROUCK. OLIVE: b. Lewiston. Idaho. January 
3. 1907: h. 5 feet 3 inches: red hair and hazel eyes: 
w. 107 pounds: p. Laydia Pengre and V. W. Hasbrouck. 
professionals: e. Hollywood high school; hy. riding, 
reading and tennis. Stage experience in vaudeville for 
about one year: and six years screen experience with 
roles in "The Cohens and Kellys." "The Flying Cow- 
boy" and "Clear the Deck" for Universal: "Thou Shalt 
Not Kill." "The Charge of the Gauchos." "The Sham- 
rock and the Rose." First Natonal 

HAUSER. BABE : Plaved in Vitaphone No. 904. 
"Blue Streaks of Rhythm." 

HAVER, PHYLLIS: b Douglas, Kan.: h. 5 feet 
AVi Inches: blond hair ami bin," eyes: w. 124 pounds: 
e. Manual Arts high school. Los Angeles: m. William 
Socman, non-professional. April 24. 1929; bathing 
beauty on Mack Sennett lot for one year, graduating 
to feature comedienne and played comedy feature roles 
for two years. In the past two years she has ap- 
peared in four Paramount productions, making her 
greatest hit In William DeMille's "New Brooms": two 
pictures with Marie Prevost at Warners; then signed a 
long term contract to Metropolitan pictures, plavlng In 
"Up In Mabel's Room." "The Nervous Wreck." "No 
Control." "The Little Adventuress" and "The Rejuvena- 
tion of Aunt Mary " One of her most successful roles 
was that of Shanghai Mabel In "What Price Glory" for 
Fox. Under DeMille's contract she played featured 




leads in "The Wise Wife" and "The Fighting Eagle": 
then starred in "Chicago" as Roxie Hart. Her neat 
vehicle was "Tenth Avenue," after which she was 
loaned to United Artists to play a featured role in 
"The Battle of the Sexes" for D. W. Griffith. Her 
following pictures for Pathe were "Sal of Singapore." 
"The Shady Lady" and "The Office Scandal." She 
was In support of Emil Jannings in "The Way of All 
Flesh"; (1929) "Thunder," Metro- Goldwyn -Mayer; 
"Office Scandal." Pathe. 

HAYES. GRACE: Played in "King of Jazz" (1930), 

HELEN HAYES: r. n. Helen Hayes Brown; b. 
Washington, D. C, Oct. 10. 1901; h. 5 feet 1 inch; 
blue eyes and blond hair; w. 100 pounds; p. Catherine 
Hayes and Frank Brown, non-professionals; e. convent 
in Washington; m. Charles MacArthur; has one child; 
hy. home and baby. Stage experience in "What Every 
Woman Knows." "Coquette," "Bab the Sub Deb," 
"Petticoat Influence." Entered* films May. 1931. Pic- 
tures include: "Sin of Madelon Claudet." "Arrowsmith." 

HAYNES. MARY: Played In Vitaphone No. 2762. 
"The Beauty Shop." 

HELLER, ELSA: "The Last Company," Ufa. 

HENDERSON. JEAN: Appeared In "Faces of Chil- 
dren" (1929). Zakoro. 

HENRY. CHARLOTTE: Played In "Harmony at 

Home" (19.(0). Fox: "On Your Back" (1930). Fox; 
1931: "Huckleberry Finn." "Arrowsmith." "Ix'na 
Rivers," Tiffany 

HENRY, GALE: b. Bear Valley, Cal.: e. Los An- 
geles; h. 5 feet 9 inches; w. 129 pounds; dark hair, 
brown eyes. Stage career. Temple Opera Company, 
Century theatre, Los Angeles, for three years. Screen 
career with Universal for five years starring in one- 
reel comedies; began production of own comedies in 
1919. Appeared in films for Metro, East Coast, Arrow, 
Associated Exhibitors, Chadwick, Metro-Goldwyn- 
Mayer, Paramount, First National, Educational and 
Pathe; latest parts in "Stranded" (Sterling). "All 
Parts" (MGM) and Mme. Silvara in "Darkened 
Rooms" (Par.). 

HERRING. AGGIE: b. San Francisco, Cal; e. In 
San Francisco; h, 5 feet 4 inches; w. 165 pounds; blue 
eyes, red hair; m. Jess Herring. Previous career on 
stage, dramatic and vaudeville stock companies. En- 
tered pictures in 1914; appeared in "McFadden's 
Flats." Mrs. McGuire in "Broadway Babies" (1929). 
Mrs. Haines in "Children of the Ritz" (1929). Mrs. 
Dean in "Dark Streets" (1929), Mrs. O'Connor in "In 
the Next Room" (1930). Grandmother O'More in 
"Smilin' Irish Eyes" (1929), "Kathleen Mavoureen" 
and "Do Your Duty" (1929). First National; "Billy the 
Kid." MGM; "Clancv of Wall Street." "Edward Small 
Prod.; "Fat Wives For Thin," Mack Sennett. 

HIATT, RUTH: r. n. Ruth Redfern: b. Cripple 
Creek, Col.. January 6, 1908; h. 5 feet 3 inches; blond 
hair and blue eyes; w. 120 pounds; p. Donna Cook ana 
Thomas Redfern, non-professionals; e. San Diego high 
school; three months' stage training: not married: hy. 
horseback riding, tennis and swimming. Screen experi- 
ence since 1923. appearing in comedies with Lloyd 
Hamilton at Educational; starred In Jack White and 
Educational, in Harry Landon and Sennett comedies; 
featured in "Smith Family" comedies, produced by 
Mack Sennett; the lead with Syd Chaplin in "This 
Missing Link." Warner Bros, production: Ingenue lead 
in "Shanghai Road" with Irene Rich: "Night Work," 
Pathe; "Grass Skirts" (1929), "Camera Shy" (1930). 
"Honk Your Horn" (1930). "Educational-Llovd Ham- 
ilton Talking Comedies; "The Beauties" (1930). Pathe- 
Rainbow Comedies: "Carnival Revue" (1930), "Some 
Babies" (1930), Pathe- Whoopee Comedies. 

HIBBARD: EDNA: Played in Vitaphone No. 4097- 
98, "An 111 Wind." 

HILL. BESSIE: Played in "A Royal Flush" (1930). 
Pathe-Manhattan Comedies, second series; "Redheads" 
(1930), Pathe-Folly Comedies, first series; "The Beau- 
ties" (1930). Pathe-Rainbow Comedies. 

HILL, DORIS: b. Roswell. N. St., March 31: h. 5 
feet VA inches; red hair and blue eyes; w. 100 pounds; 
p. Mary and William A. HiU, non-professionals: e. Our 
Lady of the Lake convent, San Antonio. Texas. St. 
Mary's academy. Los Angeles, and received her stage 
training in small dancing parts; hy. riding and danc- 
ing. Screen career consists of roles In "The Better 
'Ole" for Warner Bros.: and in "Avalanche," "Take 
Me Home." "Casey at the Bat," "Rough House Rosle." 
"Tell It to Sweeney," "Tillie's Punctured Romance." 
"Fools for Luck" and "Interference" for Paramount: 

(1929) "Darkened Rooms." "Paramount: "The Studio 
Murder Case," "Avalanche," "Men Are Like That' 

(1930) , Paramount: "Sons of the Saddle" (1930). 
Universal; (1932), "Spirit of the West," Allied. 

HILL. MAUD: b. St. Louis, Mo.: e. Sacred Heart 
Convent. Chicago; h. 5 feet 7 inches: w. 136 pounds: 
blue eyes, reddish brown hair. Previous career on 
stage. Entered picture business in 1914. Pictures 
include: "Blindness of Love." "To Hell With the 
Kaiser." "The Sacred Flame." "End of the Road." 
"The Cowardly Way." "Daughter of France." "Puritan 
Passions," "Six Cylinder Love." "Thunderclap." 
"Lifted Veil." "When Men Desire." "House of Gold." 
"Sandra." "A Dangerous Affair," "Blind Alleys." 
"The Headless Horseman." 

HILL. THELMA: r. n. Thelma Hillerman: b. Em- 
poria. Kan.. December 12. 1906: h. 5 feet 1 inch: brown 
hair and eyes; w. 100V4 pounds: p. Gussle Knittel and 
Clifford R. Hlllerman. non-professionals; e. Salt Lake 
city and Los Angeles high schools: has had a little 
stage training but not actual stage experience: hy. ball 
playing. Screen experience with Mack Sennett six years 
ago appearing in comedies; also in FBO's "Toots and 
Casper' series: then in talkies such as "The Old 
Barn." "A Finished Actor" and "The Bride's Rein 
Hons": "The Lunkhead" (1929). "The Golfers" (1929). 
Educational -Mack Sennett Talking Pictures; "Two Plus 
Fours" (1930), Pathe-Campus Comedies. 

HINDS. NINA: Played in Vitaphone No. 2107. 

HITTER. JESSIE: Played In "Trying Them Out" 
(1930), Pathe-Checker Comedies, first series. 

HOBART. ROSE: b. New York City; h. 5 feet 4H 
Inches; light brown hair, blue eyes; w. 115 pounds: p. 
Marguerite Hobart. professional, Paul Kefer, musician: 
e. preparatory and boarding schools. First stage ex- 
perience at age of 15 years. First role, child's part in 
"Cappy Ricks," followed by other children's roles In 
"Llllom" with Nfhlldkraut and "Lullaby" with Florcnro 
Reed. Played Ingenue roles In "What Every Woman 
Knows." and work led to leading part In "Crashing 

Through." Among recent roles have been "Zeppelin," 
"Primer for Lovers," "Death Takes a Holiday." Signed 
Universal contract in April, 1930. Loaned to Fox for 
lead opposite Charles Farrell In "Llllom." Had featured 
part In "The Lady Surrenders," Universal; "Chances," 
First National: "Compromised," First National; "East 
of Borneo," Universal; "Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde," 
Paramount ; (1932), "Scandal for Sale," Universal. 

HOLLYWOOD BEAUTIES: Played in "King of 
Jazz" (1930). Universal. 

HOLMES, IONE: Appeared in "Jazz Age" (1929), 
Radio Pictures. 

HOLT, GLORIA: b. Marvsville, Mo., May 22, 1912; 
e. Hollywood, Cal.; h. 5 feet 4 inches; w. 120 pounds; 
hazel eyes, blond hair. Previous career: one season 
with Wilkes Stock Company, with Edward Everett 
Horton at the Majestic theatre In Los Angeles. En- 
tered pictures In 1919; played in "Animated Dust." 
"Heart of the Hills." "Women Who Understood." 
"Beckoning Roads." "Lovely Mary." "High Hero." 
"Godless Girl," "Walking Back." 

HON YEZ. PI ERRI ETTA : Appeared in "Faces of 
Children" (1929), Zakoro. 

HOPKINS, MIRIAM: b Balnbridge. Ga.; h. 5 feet: 
silver blond hair; w. 100 pounds; m. Austin Parker, 
professional: hy. reading and painting. First stage 
experience was in chorus of "The Music Box Revue" 
and "The Garrick Gaieties." Has appeared In "Ex- 
cess Baggage." "The Camel Through the Needle's 
Eye." "Flight" and "Lysistrata. " First screen ap- 
pearance in "The Best People"; (1932). "Dancers in 
the Dark." "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde." "Two Kinds 
of Women," Paramount. 

HOPPER, HEDDA: r. n. Elda Furry; b. nallldays- 
burg. Pa., June 2; h. 5 feet 7 Inches; brown hair and 
green eyes: w. 125 pounds; p. Margaret Miller and 
Fred E. Furry, non-professionals; e. Girls Seminary. 
Carter's Conservatory of Music, Pittsburgh; m. and div. 
Stage experience in New York City in "Be Calm," 
"Camilla." "Six Cylinder Love." "The Country Boy" 
and "The Quaker Girl." Screen experience covering a 
l>eriod of 11 years during which time she has appeared 
in "Virtuous Wives," "Sherlock Holmes." "Don Juan." 
"Children of Divorce." "Mona Lisa" and "Companion- 
ate Marriage"; (1929) "Girls Gone Wild." Fox: "His 
Glorious Night." "The Last of Mrs Cheyney," Metro- 
Goldwyn-Mayer; "Half Marriage." Radio Pictures: 
"Song of Kentucky." Fox; "Our Blushing Brides" 
(1930). MGM; "High Society Blues" (1930). "Such 
Men Are Dangerous" (1930). Fox; "Holiday" (1930). 
I'atbe; Vitaphone No. 256.1-4. "Giving In," "War 
Nurse," MGM; "Flying High." MGM; "Good Sport," 
Fox; "Man Who Played God." Warner. 

HORN. CAMILLA: b. Frankfort-on-Main. Germany. 
April 25. 1908; h. 5 feet 5 Inches; blond hair and 
hazel eyes: w. 120 pounds: p. Martha Bigler and 
Wilhelm Hom, non-professionals: e. Frankfort, Ger- 
many, and in Switzerland: m. Klaus Geerz, non-pro- 
fessional; hy. hiking, swimming and gymnastics. Start- 
ed her career as a dancer on the stage; later applied 
for a job in Berlin studio and was hired as a bit 
player. Pictures In which she has appeared are 
"Faust" (Murnau) and "Happy Vineyard" (Fleck) in 
Germany: and "Tempest" with John Barrymore. and 
"King of the Mountains." also with John Barrvmore. 
for United Artists; "Eternal Love" (1929), United 

HORTON. CLARA: b. Brooklyn. N. T. : h. 5 feet 
2 inches; blond hair and blue eyes; w. 110 pounds; 
p. Gertrude Wilcox and Roy Horton, non-professionals; 
e. private school In Los Angeles; m. Hyman Brand, 
non-professional; hy. horseback riding. No stage ex- 
perience. Screen experience since 1919 and has ap- 
peared in "The Fortune Hunter" with Syd Chaplin for 
Warner Bros. ; in Westerns with the late Fred Thom- 
son at FBO: in "The Girl from Outside" for Gold- 
wyn: and in a series with George O'Hara at Radio 

HOUSTON. JOSEPH I NE: Appeared in "On With 
the Show" (1929). Warner Bros. 

HOWARD. CONSTANCE: Appeared in "Mother 
Machree" (1929), Fox. 

HOWARD. ESTHER: Vitaphone No. 4168. "Twixt 
Love and Duty," No. 4240. "Who's the Boss." No. 
4285, "Ship Ahoy," No. 4286, "The Victim," No. 
4249, "The Woman Tamer." "Vice Squad." Paramount: 
"Yellow Ticket." Fox: "Wicked," Fox; "Ladies of the 
Big House," Paramount 

HOWARD, GERTRUDE: b. Hot Springs, Ark., Oct. 
13. 1892: e. Wilberforce University, specializing in 
nursing; h. 5 feet m inches; w. 195 pounds; black 
eyes, black hair; hy. all outdoor sports. Entered pic- 
ture husiness in 1914 through persuasion of friends: 
has played in "Magnolia." Sis Emmy in "Hearts in 
Dixie" (1929). Fox: Lavoris Smvthe In "His Captive 
Woman" (1929). First National. "Synthetic Sin" 

(1929) , First National: "Mississippi Gambler" (1929). 
Universal; Queenie in "Show Boat." Universal: "On 
Your Toes," Universal: "Guilty" (1930). Columbia. 

HOWARD. LORRAINE: Played in Vitaphone No. 
962. Wedding Bells." 

HOWARD. MARTHA: Tlayed In "Conspiracy" 

(1930) . Radio Pictures. 

HOWARD. PEGGY: b. Paola, Kan.: h 5 feet 2 
Inches: brown hair and gray-blue eyes: w. 104 pounds; 
e. Imperial Valley high school, from which she was 
graduated four years ago; not married: hy. dancing, 
swimming, motoring and horseback riding. Entered 
pictures at Chadwick studios In 1928. 

HOWE. ANN: Played in Vitaphone No. 2757, "Fair 
Days." No. 2758. "The Wild Westerner." 

HOWELL, LOTTICE: b. Bowling Green. Ky.: h. 5 
feet 4 Inches; dark hair and gray eyes: w. 115 pounds; 
p. Clara and J. E. Howell; e. Bowling Green high school 
and Woman's College at Montgomery. Ala. ; not mar- 
ried; hy. reading, riding. Had stage experience In the 
American Opera Company (Mozart Operas), "Barbara 
Frietchle." Deep River Music Box Revue, and Roxy's 
Gang. In 1929 appeared In "Flower Garden." a short 
subject directed by Marty Brooks, and "Free and 
Easy," Buster Keaton production; in 1930 "In Gay 
Madrid." with Ramon Novarro. all for MGM. 

HOWLAND. JOBYNA: b. Indianapolis. Ind. : h. 6 
feet: w. 160 pounds; e. Denver. Col. Professional 
career started when she was quite young. Has appeared 
with many wellknown comedians on the stage, Al Jol- 
son, Eddie Cantor and many others. Originated char- 
acter of Mabel in "Gold Diggers." starred In "The 
Texas Nightingale." and played two seasons In "Kid 

Boots" In London. Has appeared In such pictures as 
"Honey" (1930), for Paramount; "Dixiana" (1930). 
Radio Pictures, and later in "Hook, Line and Sinker," 
with Wheeler and Woolscy; "The Cuckoos." "Jenny 
Llnd," "The Virtuous Sin," "Stepping Sisters" (1923). 

HUBERT, MYRA: Played In "Eyes of the World" 
(1930). United Artists. 

HUDSON, ROCHELLE: b. Claremore, Okla.. March 
6, 1914; h. 5 feet 3 Inches; gray eyes and black hair; 
w. 107 pounds; p. May and Lee Hudson, non-profession- 
als; e. high school. Claremore and Oklahoma City, then 
with private tutor; hy. collecting corsage ribbons and 
swimming. Entered films in March 1930. Pictures in- 
clude: "Fanny Foley Herself" and "Are These Our 

HULETTE, GLADYS: Appeared in "Life's Cross- 
roads" (1929), Excellent. 

HUME, BENITA: Played in "High Treason," Tif- 
fany; "The Lady of the Lake" (1930). FitzPatrick. 

HUME. MARGARET: Appeared In The Scarlet 
Devil" and "The Triumph of the Scarlet Pimpernel" 

(1929) . World Wide. 

HUMPHREY, ORROL: Played in "In Old Califor- 
nia" (1930), Audible Pictures. 

HUNT, ELEANOR: b. New York City: e. In New 
York City; h. 5 feet 4% inches: w. 110 pounds; red 
hair, blue eyes. On the New York stage with Ziegfeld 
and with Four Marx Brothers. Brought to the coast 
by George M. Cohan to play lead opposite Eddie Cantor 
In film version of "Whoopee" (Samuel Goldwyn). Then 
signed by Al Christie to appear with Bert Roach in 
vehicles for Educational-Christie, "First to Fight." 
Universal; "Goldle," "Sob Sister," "She Wanted t 
Millionaire." "Good Sport," Fox. 

HUNT. MADGE: b. New York City: h. 5 feet 0 
Inches; brown hair and gray eyes; w. 161 pounds; p. 
Annie and James Clark, non-professionals; e. private 
teachers; was married to William Hunt, actor and 
director on stage; hy. Interior decorating and horti- 
culture. Stage experience in the East with Robert 
Mantell in Shakespearean roles and repertoire; in 
"Light of Other Days"; in vaudeville and stock; and 
a member of Beverly Hills Community Players. Twenty 
years screen experience with the old Reliance company 
in New York; with Universal: in "Sins of the Fa- 
thers"; in Harold Lloyd pictures; and in "Our Gang" 
comedies. Also appeared in "Heart Trouble" with 
Harry Langdon; in "Fiddlesticks," "Lorna Doon," 
"The Texas Steer," with Will Rogers; "Show Boat": 
In the Messenger Boy series, the "Go Getter" series; 
and in "The Heart of Maryland." "Reputation," 
"Queen KeUy." 

HUTCHINSON. MARY: Played In "Pick 'Em Young" 

(1930) . Pathe-Melody Comedies, first series 

HYAMS, LEILA: b. New York City. May 1; h. 5 
feet 4% inches: blond hair and green eyes; w. 120 
pounds; p. Leila Mclntyre and John Hyams: e. Clarks 
School and Alenn School In New York City; not mar- 
ried; hy. swimming and tennis. On the stage with par- 
ents for five years in vaudeville and toured with Wil- 
liam Collier, Sr.. in a stage play. Screen experience 
began in 1925 and she has appeared in the following: 
"Alias Jimmy Valentine." "Crimson City." "White 
Pants Willie." "One Round Hogan," "The Wizard." 
"Honor Bound." "The Kick Off." "Our Dancing 
Daughters," "The Summer Bachelor." "The Brute," 
"Foregoing Age," "Bushleaguer." "Branded Som- 
brero," "Land of the Silver Fox." "The Far Call." 
"Idle Rich," "Wonder of Women." "Masquerade," 
"Spite Marriage," "Thirteenth Chair," "Fresh from 
College"; under contract to MGM; "Their Own De- 
sire" (1929). MGM; "Father's Day" (1929). MGM; 
and in 1930 In "The Big House." "The Bishop Mur- 
der Case," "The Girl Said No." "The Richest Man 
in the World," MGM: "Flirting Widow." "Sweethearts 
and Wives." First National: Sins of the Children" 
(1930), MGM; (1931-32). "Surrender." Fox; "Freaks." 
"Phantom of Paris," MGM. 

HYMAN, LELIA: "Hurricane" (1929). Columbia. 

HYSON, ROBERTA: b. Dallas. Texas. March 27, 
1905; e. Los Angeles grammar schools and Manual 
Arts high: h. 5 feet 3 inches; w. 122 pounds; hy. 
bathing and dancing; m. George Hyson, professional. 
Previous career: cabaret singer and dancer at Vernon 
Country Club. Plantation. Sebastian's Cotton Club. 
Moulin Rouge. Tavern Club in Los Angeles. Entered 
Pictures in 1928 when Al Cohn saw her dancing and 
thought that she would be good for Octavus Roy 
Cohen pictures, then getting ready to shoot at Christie: 
has played in "The Melancholy Dame." "Music Hath 
Harms." "Framing of the Shrew." "Oft In the Sillv 
Night," "Lady Fare." 

INGENUES. THE: Played In Vitaphone No. 2572 
and No. 2573. 

IRVING. MARY JANE: b. Columbia. S. C, October 
20, 1913; h. 5 feet 5 Inches; light brown hair and dark 
blue eyes ; w. 98 pounds ; p. Louise Irving, non-prof - 
fesslonal; e. Hollywood high school; not married; hy. 
most sports and dancing. Stage experience at school. 
Began films at two years of age with William S. Hart 
in "Square Dead Man." and has appeared in the 
following: "Godless Girl." "Splendid Road." "Thr 
Cradles." "Shamrock Handicap" and 1929 for Fox in 
"I Hear You Calling Me"; freelance player. 

IVES. CHRISTIANE: Played in "They Had to See 
Paris" (1929). Fox. 

JACKSON. ETHEL M.: b. New York City. Febru- 
ruary 4. 1911; h. 5 feet 3 inohes; dark brown hair and 
hazel eyes; w. 120 pounds: p. Ethel M. and Herbert R. 
Jackson, non-professionals; e. private tutors since gram- 
mar school : received her stage training at the Wallis 
Dramatio School; not married: hy. tennis, writing 
poetry and danoing. Played in Wallis Dramatic School 
productions ; danced in Fanchon and Marco act in Los 
Angeles theatres: played lead In "Kempy" for Beverly 
Hills Community players under the direction of A. 
Leslie Pearce in May, 1928. and also played in other 
Community Theatre plays. Played minor parts for 
Metro-Ooldwyn-Mayer for one and one- half years: then 
given featured part in Norma Shearer's "Latest from 
Paris"; with D. W. Griffith's "Drums of Lore," In 

The company that gave you 


takes great pride in calling 
your attention to this 
imposing list of hits: 


































Presented by 
Carl Laemmle 



which slit* played eight minor roles: thence to Fox 
studios in "Up the Hill and Down." two-reel. 

JACKSON, MARY ANN: b. Los Angeles. Cal., Jan. 
14. 1923; h. 42 Inches; reddish brown hair and gray 
blue eyes; w. 42 pounds: p. Charlotte and Ephraim 
Jackson, non-professionals; by. painting: appeared in 
Mack Sennett's 'Smith Family" comedies, being with 
him for two and oue-half years, during which time she 
made 30 comedies. Also appeared in "When Greek 
Meets Greek" for Kirst National. Following tins she 
was under contract with Hal Itoaeh. playing in all "Our 
Gang" comedies. Then on tour with "Our Gang " 

JANIS. DOROTHY: r. n. Dorothy Penelope Jones; b. 
Dallas, Texas. February 19, 1910; h. 5 feet 11 inches; 
dark brown hair and eyes' w. 94 pounds; p. Penelope 
Mann and the late Fred Hunter Jones, non-profes- 
sionals; e. junior and senior high schools. Ft. Worth, 
Texas, and Hoekadav Girls' School, Dallas. Texas, and 
the Elizabeth King School of Dancing. Ft. Worth. 
Texas; hy. music and dancing and very fond of old 
or unusual jewelry. Mo stage experience. Two years 
screen experience consists of the lead in "Fleetwing" 
for Fox; the Indian girl in "Kit Carson" with Fred 
Thomson: lead in "Humming Wires" for Metro-Gold- 
wyn-Mayer. Now playing the lead in "The Pagan" 
with Ramon Novarro for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer: "The 
Overland Telegraph" (1929). Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer; 
"Lummox" (1930), United Artists. 

JANIS. ELSIE: Stage career: musical comedy, vaude- 
ville. Entered motion pictures as actress and to write. 
Wrote original story for "Close Harmony." in which 
Buddy Rogers and Nancy Carroll starred for Para- 
mount. Also appearing in Vitaphone shorts for Warner 

JENSEN. EULALIE: b. St. Louis. Mo.; h. 5 feet 
8 inches; dark brown hair and eyes; w. 155 pounds; 
e. Loretta academy. St. Louis, Mo., and college in 
Oxford. O. ; hy. outdoor sports, batiking and paint- 
ing. Stage experience includes "L'Aiglon" and musi- 
cal comedy. Screen experience includes roles in "Wine 
of Youth." " Herd." "Uncle Tom's Cabin." 
"Freckles," "Mother Machree." "She Goes to War." 
"Baggage Smashers." 'Eyes of the World" (193(1). 
United Artists; "Never the Twain Shall Meet." "Up 
Pops the Devil." "Arrowsmith." "Union Depot," "Hat- 
chet Man." 

JIMINEZ. SOLED AD : b. Sautander. Spain, Feb. 28. 
1874; h. 5 feet 5 inches; brown and gray hair and hazel 
eyes: w. 148 pounds; e. in convents; married; hy. bull 
righting. Has been in pictures nineteen years. First 
appearance was in "The Mission Play." directed by 
Uaoul Walsh. Has appeared in such pictures as "The 
Cock-Eved World," 'Arizona Kid" (1930), "Romance 
of the Rio Grande" (1929). Fox: "The Texan." "Captain 
Thunder," "Billy the Kid." "Devil Among Women." 
Spanish versions of: "Resurrection." Universal; "Cat 
and Canary." Universal; "Ten Cents a Dance." Col 

JOHANN. ZITA: (1932), "The Struggle." UA. 

JOHNSON. C A R (VI E NCI TA : Appeared in 1929 in 
"Blue Skies." Fox; "Wonder of Women." Metro-Gold- 

JOHNSON. DOLORES: Appeared in "Strong Boy" 

(1929) , Fox. 

JOHNSON. HELEN: b. New York City: h. 5 feet 5 
inches: blond hair *nd green eyes: w. 120 pounds; p. 
Margaret Keough and Merle Johnson, non-professionals; 
e. Flushing hWh school and Skidmore College: hy. art 
in all its forms manifestations, old books. Stage 
experience consists of repertory with New Playwrights, 
1928, and vaudeville with Sessue Hayakawa in 1930. 
Has appeared in such pictures as "Children of Pleas- 
ure," the part of Pat; "The Divorcee." part of Dorothy, 
for MGM; Helen in "Soldiers and Women" for Co- 
lumbia, and "Sin Takes a Holiday." Pathe. 

JOHNSON. KAY: b. Mt. Vernon, N. Y. ; e. Drew 

and American Academy of Dramatic Arts: h. 5 feet 
4 inches; blond hair, blue eyes; hy. tennis, riding, 
swimming, piano playing; m. John Cromwell. Previous 
career on the stage in such outstanding successes as 
"R. U. R.." "Beggar on Horseback." "The Free 
Soul." "All Dressed Up." "The Little Accident." 
"The Silver Cord." Was signed by Cecil DeMille for 
leading role in "Dynamite" on account of her work 
in the last named play; played Cynthia Crothers in 
"Dynamite." Victoria in "This Mad World," Dorothy 
Daley in "The Ship From Shanghai." 

JOHNSON. PAULINE: English actress. First Amer- 
ican appearance in "Would You Believe It" (1930). Big 
4 Corp. 

JOHNSTON. JULANNE: b. Indianapolis. Ind., 1906; 
h. 5 feet 6 inches; brown hair and grey eyes; w. 120 
pounds; e. Hollywood School for Girls. Stage career: 
solo dancer with Denishawn Dancers. Keith Circuit, 
own dancing act on Pantages Circuit. Screen career: 
"The Thief of Bagdad." "Captain Fearless." "City of 
Temptation," "Garragou," "Pride's Fall." "The 
Vision." First National; "The Olympic Hero." "The 
Whip Woman." First National; "Aloma of the South 
Seas." "Twinkle Toes," "Oh Kay." "Venus of Venice," 

"Way of All Men." First National; "Golden Dawn," 
Warner; "Strictly Modern," "Show of Shows," Warner; 

'M.jilmn Satan." "Captain Crack." Warner; "Stepping 
Sisters." Fox. Dancer at Roosevelt, Hollywood and 
Itiltrnore Hotels. Los Angeles. 

JONES. BEULAH HALL: r. n. Beulah H. Wvndon ; 
b. San Antonio. Texas. July 28. 1899; h. 5 feet 7 
inches; dark orown nair and brown eyes: w. 135 pounds: 
p. Mattie Lott and .tames Hall, non-professionals; c. 
Manual Arts high school; m. Dr. E. E. Wyndon; hy. 
tennis and dancing. Screen experience: "Volcano" 
(Lasky). in 1923; "Blick Narcissus" (1929). "High 
Tone." Pathe; "Cameo Kirby" (1930). "Up the River" 

(1930) . Fox. 

JORDAN. DOROTHY: b. Clarksville. Tenn.. August 
9. 1910; h. 5 feet 2 Inches; brown hair and blue eyes; 
w. 102 pounds; p. Theresa Harrison. Edward Peter 
Jordan, non-professionals; e. Clarksville high school. 
Southwestern university of Memphis, Tenn.. and Ameri- 
can Academy of Dramatic Art in New York City: not 
married: hv. reading and horseback riding. Stage ex- 
perience, dance and ballets In New York City. Ap- 
peared In the following stage productions; "Garrick 
Gaieties." "Twinkle. Twinkle." "Funny Face." "Treas- 
ure Girl." and Theatre Guild productions. Screen 
experience, appeared In "Taming of the Shrew," role 
of Blanea. "Black Magic." and for Fox, "Fox Movie- 
tone Follies." and for Metro Goldwyn-Mayer. "Devil 
May Care" and "The House of Troy"; under con- 

tract to Metro-Goldwyn-Maver; "In Gay Madrid" 
(1930). "The Singer of Seville." "Call of the Flesh" 
(1931-32). "Wet Parade," "Beloved" Bachelor," MGM. 

JOY, LEATRICE: r. n. Leatrice Joy Zeidler; b. New 
Orleans. La.: h. 5 feet 2 indies; black hair and dark 
brown eyes; w. 125 pounds; p. Dr. and Mrs. Edward 
Joseph Zeidler. non-professionals; e. Sacred Heart acad- 
emy in New Orleans; m. and div. John Gilbert, profes- 
sional; hy. her work and baby. Stage experience in 
stock for about six months in San Diego. Screen experi- 
ence in various roles in such pictures as "Manslaugh- 
ter" and "The Ten commandments" for Cecil B. De- 
Mille: also in "Java Head." "The Blue Danube" and 
"Man Made Woman"; (1929) "A Most Immoral Lady." 
First National: "Strong Boy." Fox; "The Bellamy 
Trial." Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. 

JOYCE, ALIC£: b. Kansas City. Mo.; h. 5 feet 7 
inches; dark brown hair and hazel eyes; w. 122 pounds: 
e. public schools of Kansas City and Annandale. Pa. : 
married and has two children: hy. traveling, walking 
and golf. First screen appearances in "The Lion and 
the Mouse." and "The Battle Cry of War." for Vita- 
graph; also with Kalem and Distinctive-Goldwyn. 
Later appeared in "Stella Dallas." "Sorrell and Son." 
United Artists: "Dancing Mothers." "Beau Geste." 
"The Ace of Cads." "So's Your Old Man." Paramount: 
"The Noose," First National: "13 Washington Square." 
Universal: "The Squall" (1930), First National: "Song 
o' My Heart." Fox; "He Knew Women" (1930). "The 
Midnight Mystery," Radio; "Green Goddess," Warner. 

JOYCE, NATALIE: b. New York City; h. 5 feet 
5 inches: w. 120 pounds; black hair, dark brown eyes. 
Screen career: Educational shorts. Fox, "Daredevil's 
Reward." "A Girl In Every Port." Fox; "Naughtv 
Baby" (1929). First National: "Pals of the Prairie." 
FBO: "Times Square" (1929). Gotham: "Laughing at 
Death" (1929). Radio Pictures; Virginia Watkins in 
"The Man From Nevada." Syndicate: "Sailor's Holi- 
day." Pathe. 

JOYZELLE: r. n. Joyzelle Joyner; b. Mt. Pleasant. 
Ala.. August 27 ; h. 5 feet 5 inches: dark brown hair 
and dark gray eyes: w. 125 pounds: p. L. Anna Bent- 
ley and Francis Joyner, non-professionals: e. private 
tutor: not married; hy. collecting funny dolls. Stage 
exjierience of 10 years including six months with West 
Coast circuit. Screen experience in "Out of the Past." 
"Close Harmony." "Dance Madness." "Moran of the 
Marines." "Souvenirs" and " "Die Bride of the Nile," 
"The Black Watch" (1929). Fox; "Prince of 
Diamonds" (1930). Columbia. 

JUDGE. ARLENE: (1931-32). "Are These Our 
Children?", Rad'o. 

JUGO. JENNY: Appeared in 1929 in "Loves of 
Casanova." MGM; "Looping the Loop." Paramount. 

JUNOD. BETTYE: b. Kansas City. Mo.. June 29. 
1911; e. in Kansas City. Mo.; h. 5 feet 1% Inches: 
w. 100 pounds; brown hair and gray eyes: hy. riding 
and swimming. Juvenile entertainer in vaudeville and 
on the stage. Entered pictures in 1928 from Ziegfeld 
Follies Pictures are: Babs in "Follow Thru," "Show 
Boat" and "Fox Follies." 


KAGNO MARCIA: Played in "The Hole in the 
Wall" (192!)), Paramount. 

KAISER, HELEN: b. Buffalo, New York: blond 
hair and blue eyes; not married; hy. dancing, orchids 
and earrings. Stage experience in "Rio Rita" and 
""Three Cheers." On screen in "Rio Rita." 

KALLINA, ANNA: Appeared in "Prince and the 
Dancer" (1929), World Wide. 

KAMI, VIRGINIA: b. Altron. Ohio, July 17; h. 5 
feet 3 inches; blond hair and blue eyes; w. 113 pounds; 
p. non-professionals; e. boarding school ; m. Edward 
Kaminasky, artist; hy. dogs. Stage experience in Lon- 
don in "Interference," "Hay Fever," "Farmer's Wife." 
"Compromising Daphne" ; performed before the king, 
queen and princess of Belgium. Screen experience in 
"The life of Chopin" in France. 

KANE. BABE: b. Chicago. 111., April 28. 1909; h. 5 
feet 2 inches; black hair and eyes; w. 105 pounds; e. 
Chicago. Previous career, dancer in roof gardens and 
Balaban and Katz circuit. Entered pictures in 1928. 
Screen career: "The Dance of Life," Paramount; "The 
Great Gabbo," Sono-Art. 

KANE. HELEN: b. New York City. First stage ex- 
perience in the Four Marx Brothers' revue, where she 
played two seasons ; then from one revue to another, 
from vaudeville acts to night clubs and from night 
clubs to musical comedies. Obtained a part in "A 
Night in Spain" in ISpw York, and then at Paul 
Ash's suggestion was givYn an opportunity to display 
her talents at the Paramount theatre. New York. 
Won instant recognition with her "boop-boopa-doop" 
and a pout, between each verse singing "That's My 
Weakness Now." and her one week's run developed 
into a six weeks' contract. Four days after her open- 
ing, she was signed as an exclusive Victor recording 
artist and the second week, she had her name in 
lights in front of the theatre. She then accepted a 
part in "Good Boy," gradually progressing until she 
was starred in Boston. After a year with that musical 

Key to Abbreviations 

b. - - born 

div. divorce 

e. educated 

h. -- height 

hy. hobby 

m. - - married 

p. parents 

r.n. real name 

w. weight 

comedy, she signed a contract with Paramount. Ap- 
peared in "Nothing But the Truth" with Jtiehard 
Dix, and featured with Nancy Carroll and Jack Oakie 
in "Sweetie." Paramount New Show World group* In 
"Pointed Heels" (1920). and In 1930 in "Dang rous 
Nan McGrew." "Paramount on Parade." 

KANE. MARGIE: "The Great Gabbo" (1929) Sono 
Art-World Wide; "Border Homance" (1930). "Sunny 
Skies" (1930), Tiffany. 

kahenne. DIANA: Appeared in "Marie Antoin- 
ette" (1929), Unusual Photoplays. 

KARLOV, SONIA: Appeared in "Lucky in Love" 
(1929). Pathe. 

KARNELLY, LEILA: b. Moscow. Russia. December 
9. 1907; e. at private schools in Moscow; h. 5 feet 4 
inches; w. 115 pounds; blond hair, blue eyes; by. tennis, 
polo, dancing. Has been on the stage. Entered pic- 
tures in 1929; while with Edward Everett Horton in 
"The Swan" she was asked to work in a picture; 
Played the role of Olga in "The Cockeyed World." also 
in "Married in Hollywood." fox, and recently in 
"Her Man" for Pathe. 

KECKLEY. JANE: b Charleston. S. C. ; e. Charles- 
ton and Georgia, specializing in history; h. 5 feet 
6 inches, w. 145 pounds; dark brown hair. blue eyes; 
hy. motoring and golf. Previous career: on stage 
for 10 years. Entered pictures in 1910; played in 
"Country Doctor." "Angel of Broadway." "Craig's 
Wife." "Noisy Neighbors." "Auntie Austin." "Walk- 
ing Back," Aunt in "Detectives Wanted." Fox; "Dyna- 
mite," MGM; "Object Alimony" (1929), Columbia. 

KEELER. MARGUERITE: Plaved in Vitaphone No 
961, "Money, Money, Money." 

KEENER, SUZANNE: Plaved in "Love at First 
Sight" (1930), Chesterfield. 

KEITH, JANE: b. Kansas City, Mo.; h. 5 feet 2-V4 
inches; blond hair and blue eyes; w. 115 pounds; e. 
public and high schools of Michigan City. Ind. two 
years at University of Chicago; not married; hy. writing 
short stories, horseback riding. First screen experience 
in 1929. a small role in "Paramount on Parade." fol- 
lowed by second lead in "The Floradora Girl." MGM; 
then as a showgirl in United Artist's production of 
"Whoopee." llecent pictures are "The Sea Wolf." 
sound picture, and "Squadrons." 

KEITH. ISABELLE: b. New York City; e. in New 
York and Los Angeles, specializing in languages, music, 
voice culture: h. 5 feet 6 inches; w. 135 pounds; blond 
hair, blue eyes; hy. golf and tennis; m. Richard Weil, 
writer at Universal Studios. Entered pictures in 1918 
with Sennett; played in "Riley the Cop." "Four 
Horsemen." "Desert Flower." "Greater Glory." "Very 
Confidential." "Sins of the Fathers," Phoebe O'Dare 
in "Barnum Was Right" (1929), Universal, "Their 
Perfect Day." Roach; "Anne Against the World" 
(1929). Rayart. 

KELLER SISTERS: Played in Metro Movietone Act 
No. 88. 

KELLY. KITTY: b. New York City; e. in public 
schools and St. Agnes Academy in New York, special- 
izing in music, voice and drama. Learned dancing 
and entered musical comedy in Ziegfeld's "Midnight 
Frolic," first a chorus girl. She played opposite Hal 
Skelly In Hamniersteins show, in "Oh! Please" with 
Beatrice Lillie and various legitimate stage roles with 
Dillingham, Erlanger. William A. Brady and Frank 
Craven. Was cast with Irene Rich and other stage 
and screen favorites in Radio Pictures' legitimate show 
at the Mason Opera House in Los Angeles. "Women 
Who Take." and was given a screen test which re- 
sulted in a contract with Radio. Her first assignment 
was In "Private Secretary." under the direction of 
Melville Brown; following Radio pictures: "White 
Shoulders." "Bachelor Apartments." "Men of Chance," 
"Ladies of the Jury," "Girl Crazy." 

KELLY. NANCY: Appeared in "Girl on the Barge" 

(1929) . Universal. 

KELTON. PERT: Has appeared as Rosie in "Sally" 

(1930) . First National; "Hot Curves" (1930). Tiffany. 
KENNEDY. MYRNA: b. Kankakee. III., 1908; h. 5 

feet 2^ inches; bronze titian hair and green eyes: w. 
107 pounds; p. Maude Kennedy and John Kahler. non- 
professionals: e. in Houston. Texas; not married: hy. 
most sports. Stage experience started at the age of 
nine when she wa-s doing small parts and singing and 
dancing, then with Orpheum circuit. Screen expe- 
rience started when Charles Chaplin saw her at the 
Mason theatre in Los Angeles several years ago and 
gave her a screen test. The result was successful and 
she won a role in Chaplin's film "The Circus." 
Other films followed, among them being "Broadway." 
"Barnum Was Right," "Skinner Steps Out" and "Em- 
barrassing Moments." for Universal: "King of Jazz" 
(1930). Universal; (19321. "The Gay Buckaroo." Allied. 

KENT. BARBARA: b. Gadsby, Alta,. December 16. 
h. 5 feet -!£ inch; brown hair and blue eyes; w. 
100 pounds; p. Mr. and Mrs. Clowtman, non-pro- 
fessionals; e. Hollywood high school; not married; hy. 
riding and skating. Entered pictures after winning 
title of Miss Hollywood in Santa Cruz and has b en in 
pictures for four years, appearing in "Stop That Man," 
"Now I'll Tell One." "Lonesome." "The Shakedown." 
"Welcome Danger" (1929). Paramount; "Night Ride" 
(1930). "What Men Want" (1930). Universal; "Dumb- 
bells In Ermine" (1930). Warner Bros. 

KEN YON. DORIS: b. Syracuse. N. Y. : h. 5 feet 
5 inches: blond hair and blue eyes; w. 125 pounds; 
e. in New York City: m. Milton Sills, professional; 
hy. tennis. Some stage experience. Has appeared 
in the following screen productions: "Valley of Giants." 
"Men of Steel." "Ladies at Play." "The Blonde 
Saint." "Burning Daylight." "Mismates," "Home 
Towners." "Hawks Nest." "Interference." "Thief in 
Paradis 1 ." "Monsieur Beauoaire" and "Strictly Busi- 
ness": freelance player in 1929: "Beau Bandit" (1930). 
Rad'o; (1931-32), "Ruling Voice." FN; "Road to 
Singapore." Warner. 

KERENNE. DIANA : Appeared In "Loves of Casa- 
nova" (1929). Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. 

KERRIGAN. KATHRYN: Played in "Skinner 
Steps Out" (1929). Universal. 

KING. CARLOTTA: b. Toledo. Ohio; e. in the 
East and on the Coast, specializing in English, music, 
literature, languages: h. 5 feet 4 Inches: w. 116 
pounds: light auburn hair, hazel eyes; hy. sports, 
tennis and riding; m. Sydney King Russell. Previous 
career: concert, dramatic stage and vaudeville. Entered 
the picture business in 1928 in the leading role of 
"The Desert Song" for Warner Bros. 

KING, ROSE: Played in Vitaphone No. 1077. "Tin- 




KINGSTON. NATALIE: b. Sonoma. Cal; e. Do- 
minican Convent. San Rafael. Cal.. specializing in 
literature and history: h. 5 feet 6 inches; w. 126 
pounds; golden hair, brown eyes. Previous to the 
screen was on the legitimate stage. Entered pictures 
in 1924: played in "Street Angel." "Framed." "The 
Harvester." "Tarzan the Mighty." Mexico in "The 
River of Romance" (1929), Paramount. 

KITHNOU: b. Pondichery, Hindustani. India. March 
25. 1904; h. 5 feet 5 inches; dark hair and eyes; w. 
120 pounds; e. in France: not married; hy. music, 
dancing arid horses. French and Asiatic. Has toured 
with great success. South America. Italy. Spain and 
Egypt in dancing act ; also in Paris. Ihiring this time 
she appeared in several pictures and through Rex In- 
gram was given an outstanding part in "Mare Nos- 
trum," taking the part of the wife of Antonio Moreno. 
Other pictures in which she has appeared are "La 
Puissance du Pasaret" with an Italian company; 
"Parlsette." "L'Orpheline" with Gaumont. and "Kith- 
nou." written especially for her in her own country, 
a story of a young Hindu girl. 

KNAPP. EVALYN: b. Kansas City. Ma; h 5 feet 
4 inches: blond hair and blue eyes; w. 105 pounds: p. 
S. D. Knapp. non-professional; e. Kansas City high 
school and Kansas Junior College: not married: hy. 
swimming, horseback riding, reading, ice skating. First 
stage experience in high school and college dramatics. 
Joined a stock company in Kansas City Went to New 
York, studied elocution, had role in roadshow company 
of "The Patsy": played Grace in "Broadway." Upon 
return to New York played two roles in Channing Pol- 
lock's "Mrs. Moneypenny." Has appeared in 29 short 
motion pictures for Warner Bros. Played lead in ' Sin- 
ner's Holiday" opposite Grant Withers (1030) Warner 
Bros.: lead opposite Charles Bickford in "River's End"; 
"Mother's Cry" end "Fifty Million Frenchmen." Has 
also appeared in "Gentlemen of the Evening" (1929). 
"The Tight Squeeze" (1930). Pathe. the late Geo. Le- 
Maire's comedies; "Hard Boiled Hampton" (1929). 
"Big Time Charlie" (1929). "Love. Honor and Oh 
Baby" (1929). Pathe. Manhattan Comedies: "The 
Smooth Guv" (1929). "All Stuck Up" (19301. Pathe 
Checker Comedies: "Beach Babies" (1929). "Haunted" 
(1929). "Wednesday at the Ritz" (1929) Pathe. Variety 
Comedies; "Chills and Fever" (1930). Pathe. Folly 
Comedies: "Keeping Company." Vitaphone short Un- 
der contract to Warner-First National: "Smart Money." 
"The Millionaire." "High Pressure." "Fireman Save 
My Child," "Fame." "Sinners' Holiday." 

KNOTT. LYDIA: b. Tyner. Ind. : h. 5 feet 4 inches: 
gray hair and blue eyes: w. 120 pounds: e. in Indiana 
and Normal School at Plymouth. Legitimate stage for 
manv years. Entered pictures in 1920 Played in 
"Woman of Paris." "Turn to the Right " "Two 
Loves." "Our Dancing Laughters." "Guilty." Columhla j 
"The Conquering Horde." and "Skippy." Paramount; 
"Valley of Lawless Men" and "The Final Edition." 

KNOWLAND, ALICE: Appeared in "Adorable 
Cheat" (1929). Chesterfield. 

KNOWLDEN. MARILYN: b. Oakland. Cal.. May 12. 
1926; h. 46 inches; blue eyes and brown hair; w. 46 
pounds; p. Bertha and Robert E. . non-professionals; 
e. Kindergarten: hy. dolls and puzzles. Stage ex- 
perience: at age of four made personal appearance at 
the Fox Oakland. Entered pictures in Hollywood. 
April. 1931, with Paramount as feature child in "Women 
Love Once." first time before camera bad nart with 
over 500 words of dialogub. Appeared in "Wicked." 
Fox; hit in "Susan Lenox." MGM ; featured child role 
in "Husband's Holiday," Paramount: "Veneer." 

KOCHITZ. NINA: Appeared in "Loves of Casa- 
nova" (1929). Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. 

KORNMAN. MARY: b. Hollywood. Cal.: is 16 years 
of age: h. 5 feet 2 inches; blond hair and blue 
eyes: w. 105 pounds: p. Vema Knrnman. non-profes- 
sional: e. Beverly Hills high school. Stage experienc- 
of three years in vaudeville. Screen experience as 
feminine lead in Hal Roach's "Our Gang for six 

KRAMER, IDA: Appeared in "Abie's Irish Rose" 

(1929) . Paramount. 

KUMMER, CLARE: Played in "Harmony At Home" 

(1930) . Fox. 

KURENKO. MADAME MARIA : Played in Metro 
Movietone Acts No. 87 and No. 100. 


LA MARR, MARGARET: Appeared in "Red Wine" 
(1929), Fox. 

LA PLANTE. LAURA: b. St. Louis. Mo.; h. 5 
feet 3 inches; blonde hair and blue eyes; w. 118 pounds: 
e. San Diego high school, and receivid her stage 
training in amateur theatricals; m. William Seiter, di- 
rector; hy. reading, sewing and riding. Entered pic- 
tures in 1919 for Christie comedies with Neal Burns. 
Among her picturrs are "Home, James," "Beware of 
Widows," "Butterflies in the Rain," "The Cat and the 
Canary." "Love Thrill," "Silk Stockings." "Finders 
Keepers," "Thanks for the Buggy Ride" and many 
others, all for Universal, including "Show Boat," in 
1929 in "Scandal." "The Last Warning." "Hold Your 
Man"; and in "Captain of the Guard" (1930), "The 
King of Jazz"; (1931). "Sea Ghost." Peerless. 

LA ROY. RITA: r. n. lna Stuart; b. Paris. France, 
October 2nd. 1907; p. Sir James Stuart. Ran auay from 
her home in Alberta. Canada, after the death of her 
father when she was thirteen years old and secured a 
minor part in a stock company where she remained 
for three years touring Canada and the Northwest. 
After a successful trial at designing clothes she went 
to Portland to return to the stage. Her screen ex- 
perience has been in such pictures as "Dynamite." 
"The Love Trap." "Fashions in Lore," and "The 
Delightful Rogue." Then she was given a long term 
contraxt with RKO. In 1930 appeared in "Lilies of 
the Field." First National; "Conspiracy." Radio Pic- 
tures: "Sin Takes a Holiday." Pathe: "Check and 
Double Check." "Leathernccking," Radio Pictures; "The 
Gay Diplomat." Radio; "Chlselera of Hollywood, rhe 
Holy Terror." Fox; "While Paris Sleeps." Fox; "The 
Yellow Ticket." Fox. 

LA RUE. GRACE: Played in "Listen Lady" (1929). 
Columbia. Victor Gems; Vitaphone No. 739. 

LA VARNIE. LAURA: r. n Laura Anderson; h. Jef- 
ferson City. Mo.. Mar. 2. 1853; h. 5 feet 5 Inches; 
gray hair and light eyes; w. 150 pounds; p. Mary E. and 
Curtlss B. Anderson, non-professionals; e. Baptist Col- 
lege, Columbia. Mo.; m. Frank La Varan- . professional: 

hy. metaphysics snd study of Eastern religions. Has 
had 35 years stage experience and has appeared in 
"Earls and the Girls," with Shuberts and was with 
Eddie Foy for two seasons. She has been in pictures 
for 20 years, some of them being: "Kiki" with Mary 
Pickford; with (Tharlie Murray in his first picture; 
"Devil's Holiday," with Nancy Carroll"; and "Lum- 
mox" for United Artists. 

LA VERNE, JANE: r. n. Mary Jane Kutzman; b. 
Redlands. Cal.. luly 27. 1922; p. Florence Mae Taylor 
and Clarence Kutzman, non-professionals ; h. 47^ 
inches; light hair and brown eyes: w. 50 pounds; e. 
Vine street school, in first grade. Has been in pictures 
for over two years, among them "That's My Daddy." 
"Imagine My Embarrassment." "Show Boat" and "The 
Play Goes On" for Universal: "New Year's Eve" for 
Fox; and in TifTanv-Stahl's "George Washington 
Cohen," (1929) "Show Boat," Universal. 

LA VERNE. LUCILLE: Stage career: "Sun Up." In 
motion pictures has appeared in "Orphans of the 
Storm." "The White Rose." ■ America." Griffith Pro- 
duction; "Zaza." Paramount; "Among the Missing.' 
Pathe; "His Darker Self." Hodkinson; "Sun Up." 
Metro: "Abraham Lincoln" (1930). United Artists: 
"Sinner's Holiday" (1930). Warner; "Great Meadow" 
(1930), MGM; "Little Caesar" (19301. Warner; in 
19.11: "Union Depot." Warner; "Alias the Doctor," 
Warner; "She Wanted a Millionaire." Fox; "When 
Paris Sleeps." Fox; "American Tragedy." and "Twenty- 
four Hours." Paramount; " The Unholy Garden," United 

LAEMMLE CARLA: r n Carla Beth Laemmle; b. 
Chicago. Ill, October 20. 1909: h. 5 feet 5 inches; dark 
blue eyes and light hair; w. 109 pounds; e. public 
schools in Chicago; hy. horseback riding and hiking. 
Studied dancing in Ch.cago for four years with Professor 
Jacobson and entered classes of Ernest Belcher in Los 
Angeles. Became ona of his star pupils. Then started 
lessons in voice culture with Mme. de Zaruba. In 1927 
began playing in pictures. Her first work was at Uni- 
versal where she plaved a bit in "Uncle Tom's Cabin." 
and other pictures of that per.od. Getting an oppor- 
tunity to appear in principal roles with a light opera 
company that was organized about that time, she left 
the screen. In this stock company she appeared in 
"Sally," "Firefly." "Prince of Pilson." "Naughty 
Marietta." "No. No. Nanette." "Wild Flowers." "Mem- 
Widow." "Chocolate "oldier." "Aida." "Laokme." and 
Carmen." When MGM made its "Hollywood Revue." 
she did a solo dance in it: also, she did a specialty 
dance in Universalis "King of Jazz." directed by John 
Murray Anderson. Appeared in the supporting cast of 
"Dracula" and "Seed." for Universal. 

LAKE. ALICE: b. Brooklyn. N. Y. ; h. 5 feet &% 
inches: dark brown hair; eyes, one gray and one 
brown; w. 108 pounds: p. Carrie Sydney and Emmett 
Lake, non- professionals ; hy. dancing, swimming and 
motion pictures. With Keith-Albee circuit in a one- 
act playlet called "The Bobbed Hair Bandit" and also 
the "Magnificent Liar"; (1929) ""Circumstantial Evi- 
dence" Chesterfield: "Twin Beds." First National: 
"Frozen Justice" (1929). Fox; Vitaphone No. 4200. 
"Dining Out." 

LAKE, FLORENCE: Appeared in "Through Differ- 
ent Eyes" (1929). and "New Year's Eve" (1929). Fox. 

LAND I. ELISSA: r. n. Elizabeth Marie Landi; b. 
Venice, Italy; b. 5 feet 5V4 inches; green eyes and 
red-gold hair; w. 120 pounds; m. J. C. Lawrence; hy. 
walking, mutoring, horseback riding. Has had stage 
experience. Entered films in London in 1928. Pic- 
tures include: "Bolibar." "Underground." "London." 
"Knowing Men." "The Price of Tilings." "The Jn- 
seperables" (in England i. "Sin" (in Sweden and 
Germany), "The Parisian" (in FTance), "Body and 
Soul." "Always Goodbye." "Wicked." "The Yellow 
Ticket." "The Devil's Lottery," "The Woman in 
Room 13." 

LANDIS. JESSIE ROYCE: b. Chicago. 111.; e. by 
private tutors in music and dramatic art: h. 5 feet 

6^4 inches; w. 132 pounds; reddish brown hair and 
dark blue eyes. On the legitimate stage for years as 
leading woman with such players as Joseph Schijd- 
kraut. Otis Skinner. Ian Keith, Richard Bennett. While 
playing with Richard Bennett in "Solid South" he 
was contracted by Paramount to make one picture. 
"Derelict," with George Bancroft. 

LANE, LENITA: Played in Vitaphone No. 1094-95. 
"The Compliments of the Season." 

LANE. LEONE: b. Boston. Mass.: h. 5 feet 6 
inches; black hair and hazel eyes; w. 125 pounds; p. 
Hallie M. and Charles T. Lane. non-professionaU; e. 
Brookiine high school, and Brighton Art school, Lon- 
don. England: and received stage training in a dancing 
act; by. tennis, and driving a car. "Three Week 
Ends" and "The Case of Lena Smith." "The Satur- 
day Night Kid" (1929), Paramount. 

LANE, LOLA: b. Indianola, Iowa; e. Simpson Col- 
lege, specializing in science, music and languages; 
h. 5 feet 2 inches; w. 117 pounds; light hair, violet 
eyes; hy. tennis. Previous career in vaudeville and 
musical comedy. Entered pictures in 1928 after Ben 
StolofT. director. discovere H her playing opposite George 
Jessel in "The War Song" in New York. Pictures 
include: Alice Woods in "Speakeasy" (1929). Fox; 
"Fox Movietone Follies" (1929) ; Joan, Anders in "Girl 
From Havana" (1929). Fox; Marjorie Lorraine in 
"Let's Go Places" (1930). Fox. 

LANE, NORA: Screen career: "Jesse James," "Kit 
Carson," "The Pioneer Scout," "A Night of Mys- 
tery," "Marquis Preferred," "Sunset Pass" (1929), 
Paramount; "Flying U Ranch." 'Texas Tornado." 
FBO: "Gun Runner." Tiffany-Stahl; Mary Keiver in 
"The Lawless Legion" (1929), First National; Emily 
Goodell in 'Tdasked Emotions" (1929), Fox: nurse 
in "One Hysterical Night" (1929). Universal; "Marquis 
Preferred" (1929); "Cohens and Kellys in Atlantic 
City" (1929), Universal: Marcia in "Sally" (1930), 
First National; "Night Work." Pathe; Emily Parkin- 
son in "Lucky Larkin" (1930). Universal: "Rain or 
Shine" (1930). Columbia; "Leather Pushers" (series). 
Universal; "Madam Satan" (1930). MGM; in 1931: 
"King of the Wild" (seriall ; "That's News to me," 
Pathe: "Y'oung Sinners." Fox; "Over the Hill." Fox; 
"Wicked." Fox: "Cisco Kid," Fox; "Dance Team." 
Fox; "Disorderly Conduct," Fox. 

LANG, JEANIE: Played in "King of Jazz" (1930). 

LANGDON. LILLIAN: b. New Jersey. Stage ca- 
reer, comic opera, stock. Screen career with Famous 
Players, Fine Arts. Vitagraph. United Artists, Uni- 
versal, Realart, Robertson-Cole. Fox. American Re- 
leasing. First National. Principal Pictures, Metro- 
Goldwyn-Mayer. Renown. FBO, PDC, Tiffany Produc- 
tions; recent pictures: "What Hvery Girl Should 
Know" and "The Cheer Leader." 

LANGSNER, CLARA: "Lummox" (1930). United 
Artists; "A Perfect Match" (1929). Pathe-Manhattan 
Comedies, first series. 

LAUREL. JANE: r. n. Helen Cox: b. Houston. 
Texas. September 4. 1910; h. 5 feet 3Ms inches; black 
hair and hazel eyes: w. 116 pounds; p. Lady Helen 
Brantley and S. R. Cox. non-professionals; e. Central 
high school. Houston; received her stage training un- 
der Pearl Barber: not married. Screen experience in 
Christie comedies: and in First National's "Children 
of the Ritz." and in "Wings" for Paramount. 

LAVELLE. KAY: Played in Vitaphone No. 2589. 
"Don't Handle the Goods." 

LAVERTY, JEAN: Appeared in 1929 in "Campus 
Knights." Chesterfield: "Great Divide." First National; 
"Captain Lash" and "Fugitives," Fox. 

LAWFORD. BETTY: b. England. 1910: p Janet 
Slater and Ernest Lawford. professionals; e. England 
and United States; made stage debut in "Henry IV" 
at Players Club in New York, later doing excelleni 


writer director 

Current Release 
"Steady Company" 


in preparation 

"Out In Style" 

an original story 




work In "The Lady Lies" at the Little Theatre: ap- 
peared in Paramount picture. "Gentlemen of the Press," 
"The Night Club." "Return of Sherlock Holmes" 

(1929) . "Lucky In Love" (1929). Pathe; "Old English" 

(1930) . Wamer Bros. 

LAWLOR. MARY : Played in "Good News," MGM. 

LAWRENCE. GERTRUDE: b. London. England: e. 
Convent Sacre Coeur. England, studied dance and 
drama under Italia Conti and Judith Espenosa. Made 
her first stage experience as a child In "Babes 
In the Wood": In 1911 appeared in Reinhardt's "The 
Miracle," London, after which she Joined the renowned 
Repertory theatre, Liverpool: then returned to London 
in a principal dancing role in "Fiflnolla" which Basil 
Dean was then staging. Playing Andre Messager's 
"Little Michus" when she attracted the attention of 
Leo White, who Introduced her to Andre Chariot, in 
one of whose revues she eventually visited America. 
Leaving Chariot she became a variety artist and toured 
the English music halls. In 1921 took the principal 
role in Chariot's revue "A to Z" at the Prince of 
Wales theatre in London, scoring a huge success and 
subsequent starring engagements followed, such as "The 
Midnight Follies," "Rats," "Cade" and "London Call- 
ing," the latter a Noel Conrad revue. Her first ap- 
pearance in America was at the Selwyn theatre in the 
1924 Chariot Revue, then again returned to London and 
thence to America in the second version of the Chariot 
revue which this time Journeyed directly to Hollywood 
to open at the new El Capitan theatre, after its New 
York run had terminated. Then starred in the musi- 
cal comedy "Oh Kay" and with "Treasure Girl" In 

1928. Upon the completion of this engagement she 
signed a contract to appear in Paramount pictures, 
her first being "The Battle of Paris." 

LAYE, EVELYN: b. London, England. July 10. 1900; 
p. Gilbert and Evelyn Froud Laye; e. Folkstone College 
and Brighton: received her first stage experience at the 
age of two when with her mother she appeared in one 
of the scenes of "Charley's Aunt." When fifteen she 
obtained her first engagement, a minor role in "Mr. 
Wu." Then followed "Honl Soit," "Oh Caesar." 
"Goody Two Shoes," "The Beauty Spot," "Going Hp." 
"The Kiss Call," "The Shop Girl." "Nightie Night," 
"Mary," "Fun of the Fayre." In May. 1923. she 
scored a success in a revival of "The Merry Widow," 
and later appeared in "Madame Pompadour" and "The 
Dollar Princess." From 1926 to 1928 she had- such 
parts as Molly Shine In "Merely Molly," Princess 
Elaine in "Princess Charming," Lill In "Lilac Time" 
and George Ann Bellamy in "Blue Eyes." In 1929 
when appearing in "The New Moon" at the Drury Lane 
Theatre. Samuel Goldwyn saw her and engaged her to 
appear in an American film. In the same year she 
scored an immediate success In the leading role of 
"Bitter Sweet" on the stage at the Zlegfeld theatre. She 
Is at present under contract to Samuel Goldwyn. 

LE CLAIR. BLANCHE: Appeared in "Jealousy" 

(1929) , Paramount. 

LeMONT. CONNIE: Played in "Call of the West" 

(1930) , Columbia. 

LE NARR, ADELE: Played In Vitaphone No. 611. 

LEE, DIXIE: r.n. Wilma Wyatt: b. Harriman. 
Tenn., November 4, 1911: e. in New Orleans and Chi- 
cago; h. 5 feet 3 inches: w. 115 pounds: blond hair, 
brown eyes; m. "Bing" Crosby of Gus Arnheim's Band; 
hy. horseback riding and tennis. On the New York 
stage in "Good News." Entered motion pictures in 

1929. Pictures Include: "Fox Follies of 1929" (lead 
in the fashion number). "Happy Days" (lead in "Crazy 
Feet" number). "Cheer Up and Smile." "The Big 
Party." "Let's Go Places." "Why Leave Home." Fox; 
and in 1930 in "Harmony at Home," Fox. 

LEE, DOROTHY: r. n. Marjorie Millsap: b. Los An- 
geles, California. May 23, 1911: h. 5 feet 1 inch: 
light brown hair and dark brown eyes; w. 95 pounds: 
p. Bess King and Homer Millsap. non-professionals: 
e. Virgil. Jr. high school and the Los Angeles Coach- 
ing School: not married: hy. collecting toy dogs and 
playing ping pong. Has had no stage experience. 
Screen releases: "Syncopation," "Rio Rita." "Dlxi- 
ana" (1930). "Half Shot at Sunrise" (1930). Radio 
Pictures; In 1931: "Hook. Line and Sinker." "Cuckoos." 
"Laugh and Get Rich." "Caught Plastered." "Peach 
O'Reno," "Too Many Cooks," "Local Boy Makes Good." 
"Girl Crazy." 

LEE, FRANCES: r. n. Myma Tibbetts: b. Eagle 
Grove, Iowa, May 5, 1908: h. 5 feet: light brown hair 
and blue eyes: w. 98 pounds: e. University of Minne- 
sota. Minneapolis, and received her stage training at 
Miss Noble's School of Dancing. Minneapolis; hy. 
horseback riding, dancing and swimming. Stage ex- 
perience in a dance act with Billy Dooley on the 
Orpheum Circuit. Signed by Christie In 1925 for 
leads Has appeared in such pictures as "Chicken a 
la King" and "The Little Snob." for Fox: "The 
Carnation Kid" for Christie; and in "Confessions of 
a Chorus Girl" series, also Christie: (19291 "Divorce 
Made Easv." Paramount: "Song of Songs." Warner 
Bros.: "Adam's Eve." "Marching to Georgle." Para- 
mount-Christie Talking Plavs; "Down with Husbands" 
(1930); "The Stronger Sex" (1930). 

LEE. G WEN : r. n. Gwendolyn LePlnsW: b. Novem- 
ber 12. 19(14. Hastings. Neb.; h. 5 feet 6% inches: 
blonde hair and blue eyes; w. 127 pounds: p. Mary E. 
Kennedy, non-professional : e. Brownell Hall, and re- 
ceived stage training at Omaha. Neb.: hy. art. danc- 
ing, music, swimming and working: one year on stage 
with Gorhms Follies: has plaved in such pictures as 
"Pretty Ladies." "Twelve Miles Out." "Adam and 
Evil." "Diamond nandeuffs." "After Midnight." 
"Baby Cyclone." "Lady of Chance" with Norma 
Shearer. "Laugh. Clown. Laugh." "Sharpshooters." 
"ner Wild Oat." "Orchids and Ermine," "The Duke 
Steps Out" and "The Man and the Moment." "Show 
filrl": In 1929 In "Fast Company." Paramount: "Luckv 
Boy," TIffany-Stahl: "Untamed": and in 1930 in 
"Chasing Rainbows." "Free and Easy" "Caught 
Short" (1930). MGM. 

LEE HENRI ETTE: Vltanhone No. 1029. "A Tene- 
ment TangK" No. 998. "Webstcrian Students." 
LEE. JANE: Played In Vitaphone No. 2150. 

LEE. JOCELYN: b. Chicago. Screen career started 
with PDC and Paramount "The Love Thrill." Uni- 
versal: "Back Stage." TIffany-Stahl: "Say It With 
Diamonds," Chadwlck: "Ten Modern Commandments." 
"Shanghai Bound" Paramount: "The Masked Angel." 
First Division; Flora In "No. No. Nanette." "Broad- 
way Babies" (1929), Mazle In "Twin Beds" (1929). 
"Young Nowhercs" (1929), First National; "Dry 
Martini" (1929), Fox: Bunny In "The Txive Trim." 
Svbll Lullmcr In "Marriage Playground" (1929), 

LEE, KATHERINE: Played In Vitaphone No. 2150. 

LEE, LAURA: b. Brooklyn, N. Y.. July 31, 1910; h. 
5 feet 2 inches; brown eyes and blond hair: w. 105 
pounds: p. non-professional; e. private schools; made 
theatrical debut at age of 12. played role of boy Tarzan 
in New York production of "Tarzan and the Apes." 
Played Palace In New York with Johnny Dooley. Earl 
Carroll signed her to appear with Frank Tinney in the 
Vanities of 1927. Then placed under contract with 
Shubcrts and appeared In "Listen Dearie." a musical 
comedy: a musical version of "Trilby": "Greenwich Vil- 
lage Follies." "A Night in Venice." "Broadway 
Nights." Last Broadway engagement was Vincent You- 
man's "Great Day." Signed contract for First National 
pictures, made screen debut In "Top Speed." Has also 
appeared in "Going Wild" (1930). First National. 

LEE. LILA: b. New York City. July. 1905: h. 5 feet 
5'/4 inches; black hair and hazel eyes: w. 118 pounds; 
p. Chas. Appel. non-professional; e. private tutors; div. 
James Kirkwood, professional; hy. swimming, riding and 
hooks. Stage experience began with Gus Edwards. 
Screen appearance in the following productions in 
(192(1): "Broken Hearts" and "New Klondike": (1927) 
"One Increasing Purpose." "Million Dollar Mystery," 
"You Can't Beat the Law." "Adorable Cheat." "United 
States Smith," "Top Sergeant Mulligan," "Just Mar- 
ried," "Black Butterflies." "Thundergod." "Bit of 
Heaven"; (1929) "Little Wildcat." "Man in Hobbles." 
"Queen of Night Clubs," "Black Pearl." "Honkv 
Tonk," "Flight," "Hurdy Gurdy Man." "Sacred 
Flame," "Show of Shows." "Murder Will Out" and 
"All the Kings Men"; In "Dark Streets." "Drag." 
First National; "Love, Live and Laugh," "The Argyle 
Case." Warner Bros. : in 1930 in "Double Cross 
Roads," Fox: "The Unholy Three." MGM: "Those 
Who Dance," Warner: "The Gorilla," "Queen of 
Main Street." First National. 

LEE, MARGARET: r. n. Margaret Llghtfoot: b. Fair- 
field. Idaho. Mar. 9, 1909; h. 5 feet 1 inch: blond hair 
and brown eyes; w. 108 pounds; e. Fairfield and Boise. 
Idaho; hy. dancing and riding: was stage dancer. Won 
Venus Bathing Beauty Contest. Entered pictures in 
June. 1927. First screen appearance for MGM in "Rose 
Marie." "Love," "Eric the Great," "Keep Laughing," 
"Confessions of a Chorus Girl," "Collegians." "Mad 
Hour," "Bringing Up Father." "Man, Woman and 
Sin." Appeared in 1930 in "Follow Thru" for Para- 

LEE. NORMA: Appeared In "Wise Girls" (1929). 

LEE. VIRGINIA: Appeared in "Adorable Cheat" 
(1929). Chesterfield. 

LEIGHTON. LILLIAN: b. Auroraville. Wis.; e. 
public schools; h. 5 feet 3% inches: w. 160 pounds; 
brown hair, hazel eyes. Early career, newspaper wo- 
man. Stage career: stock, vaudeville. Screen career: 
with Selig. Neil Shipman Productions, Metro. First 
National, Rockett, Paramount. Goldwyn. United Artists. 
Fox. Pathe: "California." "The Fair Co-Ed. " "The 
Frontiersman." MGM: "By Whose Hand." Columbia: 
Madam Stitch in "The Grand Parade." Pathe. 

LEONARD. BARBARA: b. San Francisco. Cal. : 
h. 5 feet 2'/J inches; auburn hair and hazel eyes; 
w. 108 pounds: p. Doris Farnsworth and Charles An- 
derson, non-professionals; e. boarding school, also 
school in Lausanne. Switzerland, and studied art and 
painting at Brera institute in Milan. Italy: not mar- 
ried: hy. painting, music, raising canaries, aviation 
and languages. First stage role was lead as Marjolaine 
Lachenals in "Pomander Walk," at the Hollywood 
Playhouse in 1928. Also Ingenue lead as Tessie Sutton 
in "Shannons of Broadway" at El Capitan theatre. 
Hollywood. Screen experience as follows: lead in 
"Dimples" and featured in "Ladles of the Night Club." 
Tiffany-Stahl pictures. Played leads in several Vita- 
phone shorts, including "Surprise" and "The Pay 
Off." Played opposite Maurice Chevalier in "Para- 
mount Revue," also opposite Georges Carpentler for 
Warner Bros.; played role of Mitzi in "The Swan" 
for United Artists: "The Drake Case" (1929). Uni- 
versal: "The Sleeping Porch" (1929). Paramount- 
Christie: "Son of the Gods" (1930). First National: 
"Monsieur Le Fox" (1930). MGM: Vitaphone No. 
3883, "Surprise." 

LEONARD, PEARL: Appeared in Vitaphone No. 

LESLIE. DOREE: Appeared in Vitaphone No. 1059. 

LESLIE, ELINOR: Appeared in "Clear the Decks" 
(1929). Universal. 

LESLIE. GERTRUDE: b. Detroit. Mich.; e. In Detroit 
and at Sacred Heart Convent in Calgary, Alberta, 
Can.: h. 5 feet 4 inches: w. 114 pounds; blond hair, 
brown eyes. Went to Los Angeles in 1921. First picture 
work was with Mary Miles Minter. Since that time has 
been under contract to MGM. Warner Bros, and First 

LESLIE, LILA: b. 1892. Stage career: stock pro- 
ductions, Australia; "Experience" with Elliott, Corn- 
stock and Gest, Morosco, Belasco. in "The Boom- 
erang." Screen career: early work with Fox. Pathe. 
Metro. Vitagraph. Universal, American Releasing Cor- 
poration, Robertson -Cole. Pictures include: "The 
Huntress." "Why Men Leave Home." "Forever After," 
First National: "Black and Blue." "Grandpa's Girl." 
"A Fat Chance." "Kid Tricks," "Angel Eyes." "No 
Fare." "Navy Beans." Educational: "Being Respect- 
able." Warner; "The East Edition." "Skinner's Dress 
Suit." Universal; "The First Night," "Getting Gertie's 
Garter." "The Secret Studio" and "The Trunk 
Mystery." Pathe. 

LESLIE. NORMA: "A Roval Flush" (1930). Pathe- 
Manhattan Comedies, second series: "America or 
Bust" (1930), Pathe-Checkcr Comedies, second series. 

LEUZZI. PASQU ALI N A : b. New York City: h. 
5 feet 2*4 inches ; dark brown hair and hazel eyes : 
w. 110 pounds. Studied voice 4 years. In New York 
and received musical education under the direction 
of Cav. Imerio Ferrari (bass). Has sung many con- 
certs in New York, Philadelphia and near-by states. 
Did the feminine leading role of Maid Marian in 
"Rohin Hood" at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. 
Also has sung operas In New York and various cities 
in leading Mezzo-Soprano roles of "Barhiere dl 
Siviglia." "Faust." "Otello," "Rigoletto," "Carmen." 
(Mercedes) Trovatore." "Cavalleria Rusticana." 
"Forza del Destlno," "La Gloenndo" and "Samson ft 
Dalila." Singing with the New York Light Opera 
Oulld In "Boccaccio" taking the leading Mezzo 
Soprano part of Isabella under the direction of John 
(bind and associate directors, P.. Craven and B. Catitor. 
given at. Carnegie Hall, 1932. Also In the moving pic- 
ture version of "Bncracclo." Appeared In Italian ver- 

sion of "The Beggar Student" In moving pictures In 

LEWIS. FLO: Played in Vitaphone No. 2708. "Give 

Us a Lift." 

LEWIS, MARY: b. Hot Springs, Ark. First picture 
work was with Al Christie for a short time. Left 
Christie to go to New York and went on the stage and 
from there went to Europe to study voice. Has been a 
star of the Metropolitan Opera Company and on the 
operatic stage in Vienna. Monte Carlo. London and 
America. Signed a film contract with Pathe for two 
pictures, and appeared In Vitaphone shorts. 

LEWIS. VERA: b. New York City; e. Normal Col- 
lege. New York: h. 5 feet 8 Inches: w. 154 pounds; 
blond hair, blue eyes; hy. motoring. Previous career 
on the stage; original "Mme. Sans Gene" with Julia 
Marlowe. James K. Hackett; in stock in the East 
and in Los Angeles. Entered pictures in 1914, follow- 
ing footsteps of her husband. Ralph Lewis; played 
in "Intolerance." "Peg o' My Heart." "Long Live 
the King," "Resurrection," "Ramona." Mme Peronne 
in "The Iron Mask" (1929), United Artists: Mrs. 
Calhoun in "The Home Towners," Warner. 

LEY, GRITA: Appeared in "Berlin After Dark" 

(1929). World-Wide. 

LI 0 WELL. WANNA: b. New York City. March 11. 
1912; h. 5 feet 6 inches; blonde hair and blue eyes; 
w. 130 pounds; p. Josephine Brown and John Lidwell. 
professionals; e. in France; not married; hy tennis, 
bridge, reading, dogs, horses and drawing. Stage ex- 
perience includes ingenue leads and small parts in 
the following productions: "As You Like It." "Juette." 
and "L'Homme Grise," in England and "The Old 
Shoe," at the Egan theatre In Los Angeles. She went 
to Hollywood and entered pictures in the latter part 
of 1929. Film appearances include: "The Shanghai 
Lady." role of the French girl, for Universal, and 
"The Man," in the role of the English girl, for War- 
ner Bros. Freelance player. 

LIGETTI, JULI: "Melody of Hearts," Ufa. 

LIGHTNER, WINNIE: Appeared in 1929 in "She 
Couldn't Say No"; "Song of Songs." "Gold Diggers 
of Broadway" (1929) ; in 1930 in "Hold Everything " 
"The Life of the Party." Warner Bros. ; Vitaphone 
No. 2591, No. 2592; (1932), "Manhattan Parade." 
"Play Girl," Warner. 

LILLIE, BEATRICE: b. Toronto, Can. ; e. in a Toronto 
convent and at St. Agnes College, Belleville. Can. Went 
to England and tried to go on stage, but was unsuccess- 
ful for a number of years. Finally signed a three year 
contract and has since become one of the outstanding 
stars of the stage on both sides of the Atlantic. Pic- 
tures include "Exit Smiling," MGM; and a short 
made at the William Fox Studios in New York, and a 
Fox Movietone. 

LINCOLN, CARYL: Was Wampus Baby film star 
in 1929; m. George Brown, publicity man. 

Utah, November 25, 1902; h. 5 feet 3 inches; auburn 
hair and brown eyes; w. 116 pounds; p. Edith Frome 
and John Livingston, non-professionals; e. West Side 
high school; no stage training; not married; hy. danc- 
ing and riding. Screen experience of three years with 
Thomas H. Ince company, appearing In "Lying Lips," 
"Water. Water, Everywhere." "House of a Thousand 
Candles," "Chorus Lady," "Wandering Husbands" 
and "The Busher"; then under contract to Fox for two 
years during which time she appeared In "Havoc," 
"The Best People," "Sunrise" and "Slaves of Beauty": 
then freelanced for Columbia, having featured roles In 
"The Apache." "A Woman's Way." "The Gangster." 
"Judy Judd." "Through the Breakers" and "Say It 
with Sables"; next In First National's "One Hour." 
and "Wheels of Chance"; in Paramount's "His Private 
Life" and "The Canary Murder Case"; Universale 
"Charlatan." and in Pathe's "Office Scandal" (1929). 
"Innocents of Paris." Paramount: "The Last Warn- 
ing," Universal: "Tonight at Twelve" (1929). Univer- 
sal: and in 1930 in "Two O'clock in the Morning." 
Bell Pictures; "What a Widow." United Artists; "Big 
Money" (1930). Pathe. 

LLOYD, DORIS: b. Liverpool. England. Began her 
theatrical work in the Liverpool Repertory theatre and 
was there for six years. Then went to London and 
appeared In numerous plays such as those written by 
Galsworthy. Shaw, Hauptman and John Masefleld. 
Came to the United States in 1924. On the stage in 
Los Angeles in "The Fog." "Secrets." "Spring Clean- 
ing." Her first picture was with Norma Talmadge in 
"The Lady." and the next with the late Lon Chaney 
in "Blackbird." Pictures Include: "Is Zat So?" Fox: 
"Auctioneer," Fox; "Come to My House," Fox; "Pigs." 
Fox: "Two Girls Wanted." Fox; "Trail of '98." Metro- 
Goldwyn-Mayer ; "Lonesome Ladles," First National: 
"The Careless Age." "Drake Murder Case." "Disraeli," 
"Sarah and Son," "Off to Reno." "Old English" 
and "Way for a Sailor"; "Waterloo Bridge." Universal; 
"Bought." Warner: "Transgression," Radio; "Tarzan," 
MGM: "Always a Lady," MGM. 

LODER. LOTTI: "Oh. Sailor Behave" (1930). War- 
ner Bros.: Vitaphone No. 3931, "Lonely Gigolo." 

LOFF. JEANNETTE: r. n. .Tanette Lov; b. Cronno. 
Idaho. October 9. 1906; h. 5 feet 2 inches: blonde hair 
and blue eyes: w. 105 pounds: p. Inze Loseth, a Nor- 
wegian, and Maurice Loff, a Danish violinist; e. Lewis- 
ton high school in Idaho; hy. ice skating, skiing and 
snow shoeing, and ice boating. At the age of 11 had 
the title role in "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs." 
At 16, she had a satisfying lyric soprano voice and sang 
the leading role in "Treasure Hunters." a local 
operetta. Has had small hits in "Young April." 
"Uncle Tom's Cabin" and "The Collegians." Placed 
under long term contract bv DeMille and made her 
first big appearance opposite Rod LaRoque in "Hold 'em 
Yale" and "Love Over Night." Was then featured In 
Pathe's "Annapolis" and her latest picture was "Ger- 
aldine" for the same company; in 1929 ".45 Calibre 
War," Pathe; "Racketeer" and "The Sophmore." 
rathe, also in "Party Girl" (1930). Tiffany; "King 
of Jazz" (1930). Universal. 

LOFTUS. CECILIA: Played in Vitaphone No. 792. 
"Famous Impersonations." 

LOGAN. JACQUELINE: b. Corslcana. Texas: h. 5 
feet 4H inches: auburn hair and gray eyes; w. 116 
pounds: p. Marlon and Charles A. Tx)gan. mother former 
prima donna of Bostnninn Opera Company, late Charles 
A., an architect, designing plans for some of the Texas 
state buildings: e. T/iretta nci"hts A"ademv. Denver, 
and the Colorado college. Colorado Snr ngs: div Robert 
Gillespie, m. Larry Winston; hy. horseback riding and 




music. Understudied all feminine parts In the Shu- 
bert revival of "Floradora" at the Century theatre In 
1920, without previous experience and jumped into In- 
genue role left vacant by Margot Kelly; also with Zieg- 
feld Follies of 1920. Started out as leading woman 
opopsite Monte Blue in "The Perfect Crime" for 
Paramount directed by Allan Dwan. Other pictures 
have been "White and Unmarried," "Salomy Jane." 
"Java Head," "Ebb Tide." "Burning Sands," "Light 
That Failed." "Man Must Live." "Manhattan" and 
others for Paramount; "House of Youth," "Playing 
With Souls," etc., for Ince; "Molly O" for Sennett; 
"Gay and Devilish" for Robertson-Cole; "The Blind 
Bargain" for Goldwyn; "Peacock Feathers" for Uni- 
versal; 10 features for Fox during 1925-26. including 
"The Outsider." "Thank You," "Wages for Wives." 
the John Golden plays. Also in "Footloose Widows" 
for Warner Bros.; "King of Kings." as Mary Magda- 
len, and in "The Cop" and "Power" for DeMille; 
"The Wise Wife," "The Leopard Lady." "Midnight 
Madness" for Pathe-DeMille; "Stocks and Blondes.' 
for FBO; "Nothing to Wear," starred in the latter. 
• directed l>v Erie Kenton for Columbia: "The River 
Woman " co-starred with Lionel Barrymore for Gotham; 
"The Lookout Girl." starred for Quality: "Stark Mad," 
featured. Vitaphone production; and starred in "Ships 
of the Night," Rayart production directed by Duke 
Worne; (1929) "The Bachelor Girl" and "The Faker." 
Columbia; "The River Woman," Gotham; "King of 
Kings." Pathe. 

LOMBARD, CAROLE: r. n. Carole June Peters: b. 
Fort Wayne, Ind.. October 6, 1909; h. 5 feet 6 inches; 
blond hair and blue eyes: w. 119 pounds; p. Elizabeth 
Knight and Frederick C. Peters, non-profess.onals; e. 
Virgil School; hy. riding, boating and outdoor sports. 
No stage experience. Screen experience consists of 
roles in "The Perfect Crime." "Me, Gangster. ./Show 
Folks" "Ned McCobb's Daughter." "Power and 
"Dynamite": in 1929 in "Big News." "High Voltage 
"Parachute." "Racketeer," Pathe, and in 1930 .n 
"Arizona Kid." Fox: "Safety in Numbers, Para- 
mount; (19321. "No One Man." Paramount. 

LONG, SALLY: Screen career: "His Darker Self" 
(Hodkinson); "Men Without a Conscience. Warner 
BrosT "Flaming Flappers." Pathe; "Fifth Avenue" 
PDC- "The Fighting Buckaroo." Fox; "The Man in 
the Saddle." Universal; "The Border Whirlwind Go- 
ine the Limit" FBO; "The Kid Sister," Columbia. 
^When Danger Calls." Lumas; "The Thrill Seeker." 
Sup™ - Pictures; "Traffic" (1930). Pathe. Folly Comedies. 

LOOM IS TWINS: Appeared in Vitaphone No. 532. 

LOPEZ, AUGUST1NA: Appeared in "Redskin" and 
"Wolf Song" (both 1929), Paramount. 

LORD, MARION: Appeared in •Broadway" (1929). 

LORRAINE BETTY: b. Louisville. Ky., June 30. 
1908; h. 5 feet 514 inches: auburn hair and brown 
eves- w 120 pounds; P. Bess Gordon and Edgar Lor- 
raine, non-professionals; e. Girl's Collegiate school, 
stage training with Keith- Albee; not married: hy. 
riding, swimming; appeared in "When , Casear Ran 
a Newspaper," and in Fox's "Red Wine. 

LORRAINE, JEAN: Appeared in "The Wild Party" 
(1929), Paramount. 

LORRAINE, LOUISE: b. San Francisco. Cal. : h 5 
feet 1 inch; black hair and brown eyes; w. 104 pounds; 
e San Francisco. Screen career began in two-reel 
comedies, later featured by Universal, then was a free 
lance Dlaver Pictures include: "Circus Rookies. Baby 
MJn!" "The Frontiersman." Warner Bros. ; "Winners 
of the Wilderness." "Rookies." MGM: "Chinatown 
Charlie." First National; "Legionnaires m Paris, 1BO. 
"A Final Reckoning," Boca in "Hand Lm Over._ 
"Mounted Stranger" (1930). "The Lightning Express, 
all for Universal. 

LOUIE VIOLA: b. New York City. August 12. 1909; 
h 5 feet 4V4 inches; black hair and hazel eyes; w 
127 pounds; p. Fay and Yasha Louie, father theatrical 
manager for twenty years; e. Nicholas Senn high 
school. Chicago, and Northwestern University at Man- 
sion Illinois; not married; hy. noun and traveling. 
Stage experience started in Chicago at Amerigo txar- 
deni as specialty dancer with Ernie loung. Had own 
vaudeville act. Fred Fisher, song writer, wrote the 
music for the act. Gave up her stage career m 1925 
and came to Hollywood. Entered pictures in 192G and 
appeared in the following DeMille productions: Volga 
Boatman " "King of Kings." "Chicago." and God- 
fe^s Girl" and also in "Mr. Antonio." for Tiffany in 
1929. Freelance player. 

LOUISE. ANITA: b. New York City: e. Professional 
Children's school in New York; blond hair blue eyes; 
hv tennis, fencing and horseback riding. On the New 
York stage in "Peter Ibbetson," "Gloss of Youth, 
and --The Greatest Thing in the World " Two of the 
first pictures she played in were "The Music Master 
(Fox) and a short feature filmed in Vienna called 
"The Life of Franz Schubert." Appeared in Won- 
der of Women" (Clarence Brown). "The Floradora Girl 
wim Marion Davies, "What a Man" with Iteginald 
Denny, and "Just Like Heaven," Tiffany production, 
"The Great Meadow." Metro-Golwwyn-Mayer and also 
in 1929 in "Square Shoulders." Pathe. and The Mar- 
riage Playground." Para.; (19.31), ■'Heaven on Earth. 

LOVE BESSIE: b. Midland. Texas: e. Los Angeles: 
w 100 pounds; light brown hair, brown eyes. Early 
career with Triangle. Vitagraph. Callahan films; has 
appeared in "Penny of Top Hill." "Forget-Me-Not 
"Lovey Mary," Metro; 'Human Wreckage. FBO. 
"The Eternal Three." "Slave of Desire." Goldwyn; 
"St Elmo." "Three Men to Pay." "The Village 
Blacksmith," "Gentle Julia." "Going Crooked." Fox; 
"The Ghost Patrol," "Torment." "A Woman on the 
Jury," "Those Who Dance." "The Silent Watcher.' 
"Sundown." "The Lost World." "Soul Fire/' The 
Purple Dawn." "Dynamite Smith." "Dress Parade. 
"A Harp In Hock." "Tongues of Flame." "A Son 
of His Father." "The King of Main Street." New 
Brooms," "The Song and Dance Man." "Rubh»r 
Tires " "Young April," "The Matinee Idol." "Has 
Anybody Here Seen Kelly." "Sally of the Scandals," 
Hank in "Broadway Melody." "Hollywood Revue of 
1929 " Helen Thaver In "The Idle Rich." Charlie In 
"The Road BhOW," MOM, Hattle Hartley in "The 
Girl in the Show" (1930). MGM: "The Idle RlOh." 
"Chasing Rainbows" (1930); "Conspiracy" (1930). 
Radio; No. 2575-76, "The Swellhcad." Vitaphone; 
(1931), "Morals for Women." Tiffany. 

LOWE. IRMA: Played in "Shanghai Lady" (1929). 

LOY, MYRNA: b. Helena. Mont.: h. 5 feet (i 

inches; titian hair and green eyes; w. 110 pounds; e. 
Los Angeles, and Westlake School for Girls; not mar- 
ried; hy. sculptoring and dancing. Stage experience 
in stage prologues at Grauman's Theatre in Hollywood. 
Was discovered by Mrs. Rudolph Valentino and given 
part in pictures. Entered films in 1925 in "What 
Price Beauty." Since then has appeared in the fol- 
lowing: (1926) "Cave Man," "Why Girls Go Home" 
and -'Across the Pacific"; (1927) "Heart of Mary- 
land." "Bitter Apples." "Ham and Eggs at the 
Front," "If I Were Single," "Girl from Chicago"; 
(1928) "Beware of Married Men," "Turn Back the 
Hours," "Pay as You Enter," "State Street Sadie." 
"Midnight Taxi." "Crimson City": (1929) "Fancy 
Baggage," "Noah's Ark," "Desert Song," "Black 
Watch," "Hardboiled Rose," "The Squall." 'The 
Great Divide." "Bride of the Regiment"; in 1930 In 
"The Naughty Flirt." First National; "Cameo Kirby," 
Fox; "Cock of the Walk," Sono Art- World Wide; 
"Under a Texas Moon," Warner Bros.; "Last of the 
Duanes," Fox; in 1931: "Renegades," Fox; "Trans- 
atlantic," Fox; "Rebound," Pathe; "Emma," MGM; 
"Devil to Pay." United Artists; "Body and Soul." 
Fox; "Arowsmith." United Artists; (1932), "Vanity 
Fair." Allied. 

LUCE, CLAIR: D. Syracuse, N. Y. : h. 5 feet 3 
inches; blond hair, blue eyes; w. 110 pounds: e. In 
Rochester by tutor and in the public schools, later took 
special courses at Columbia University, studied dancing 
from childhood. Made her stage debut In "Little Jes- 
sie James" on Broadway. Later became a featured 
dancer in "The Musio Box Revue." after which she 
went to Paris, where she acted and danced in one of 
the big revues. On her return to the U S. she became 
premiere danseuse with Ziegfeld "Follies." Entered pic- 
tures in June, 1930, to play in "Up the River," for Fox. 

LURAY. DORIS: Played in "Grumpy" (1930), Para- 

LYLE, BESSIE: Appeared in "Illusion" (1929). 

LYNCH. HELEN: b. Montana, April 6, 1904; h. 5 
feet 334 inches; blond hair and hazel eyes; w. 125 
pounds; p. Christina and Henry Lynch, non-profes- 
sionals; e. Long Beach high school. Long Beach, Cali- 
fornia; m. Carroll Nye. professional; hy. tennis, swim- 
ming, hiking and bridge. Stage experience consists of 
three years with Jane Murfin's players at Writers' 
Club in Hollywood, played ingenue leads and small 
character parts. Screen experience started twelve years 
ago with Universal; then took leads in Jimmy Aubrey 
comedies with Vitagraph: has appeared in "Fools 
First" and "Eternal Three," with Marshall Neilan 
directing. Since then has appeared in "Speakeasy" 
for Fox: "Why Bring Tnat Up," "The Showdown," 
"Underworld" and "Behind the Make-up," for Para- 
mount. Freelancing. 

LYNN. SHARON: r. n. D'Auvergne Sharon Lind- 
say; b. Weatherford, Texas; h. 5 feet 4 inches; titian 
blond hair, golden brown eyes; w. 115 pounds: p. Loretta 
Stanford and David Lindsay, non-professionals; e. Ful- 
lerton high school; not married; hy. polo, dancing, 
playing the piano and singing, also writing music. 
Has had several compositions published; most popular 
was "Monte Carlo Moon." Stage experience, a small 
part in the stage version of "Sunny Side Up." which 
was produced in New York under the direction of 
C. B. Dillingham. Screen experience as follows: won 
the Los Angeles Evening Herald picture contest and 
was given a screen test at Universal. Worked as extra 
girl at the different studios. Worked in shorts for 
Harold Lloyd playing the lead with Edward Eterett 
Horton in "Dad's Choice " for FBO in "A Flame 
in the Sky." and fourteen feature pictures. Played 
opposite George Lewis in "Give and Take" for Uni- 
versal, "None But the Brave" and "Red Wine." for 
Fox. for FBO with Tom Mix in "Son of the Golden 
West." Then given a long term contract under Fox 
making appearances in the following: "Fox Follies," 
"Speak Easy," "Sunny Side Up," "Hollywood Night." 
"One Woman Idea" (1929); and in 1930 in "Crazy 

Way," "Happy Days," "Let's Go Places," "Wild 
Company." "Man Trouble," all for Fox; in 1931: "Too 
Many Cooks," Radio; "Fallen Star," Tiffany. 

LYONS. RUTH: Played in "Night Work," Pathe; 
"The Right to Love." Paramount; "Ladies of the Big 
House," Paramount. 


MACCLOY. JUNE: b. Sturgis, Mich.; e. Urson 
Academy for Girls in Toledo. Ohio, studied singing; 
h. 6 feet 5 inches; w. 116 pounds; blonde hair, blue 
eyes. With George White's "Scandals"; New York 
night clubs for two years. Made short subject for 
Paramount titled "Laugh It Off" which brought con- 
tract; first picture was "Reaching for the Moon"; 
then in "Night Life" with Jack Oakie. 

MacDONALD, JEANETTE; b. Philadelphia, Pa.; e. 
Philadelphia. Through the aid of her sister, then play- 
ing in New York n.usical shows, she obtained a job in 
the chorus of a Ned Wayburn show at the Capitol the- 
atre. Then followed an engagement with - The Night 
Boat" company as a chorus girl and understudy for the 
feminine principals in the cast. The following season 
she had a small part in "Irene" and later a better part 
was given her in "Tangerine." Her first real success 
came during the following season when she was cast for 
one of the leading rcles in a Greenwich Village Theatre 
production. "Fantastic Fricassee," and her work in this 
brought her to the attention of Henry Savage, who 
placed her under contract. For him she played a lead- 
ing role in "The Magic King" with Mitzi and two sea- 
sons later was given the ingenue prima donna role in 
"Tip Toes"; following with engagements in "Bubbling 
Over," "Yes, Yes. Yvette." "Sunny Days." "Angela" 
and "Boom, Boom." Screen: "The Love Parade," Mau- 
rice Chevalier, directed by Ernst Lubitsch. who selected 
her for the part from among all other Broadway's mu- 
sical stars; "The Vagabond King" (1930), Paramount: 
"Lottery Bride" (1930). United Artists; "Let's Go 
Native" (1930); ."Monte Carlo" (1930). Paramount; 
"Oh; For a Man" (1930), Fox; in 1931: "Don't Bet 
on Women." Fox; "Annabelle's Affairs," Fox; "One 
Hour with You," Paramount; in 1932: "Love Me To- 
night," Paramount; "Merry Widow" (in French). 

MacREADY, RENEE: b. Dublin, Ireland; e. by tutors 
in various cities of Continental Europe. Won first 
prize medal at British national vocal contest when 15 
years old. With Daly's theatre in London for three 
years. Signed contract with a British film studio, 
where she made four pictures. Signed contract with 
Radio Pictures and has played in "Girl of the Port" 
and in support of Richard Dix in "Lovin" the Ladies." 

MCALLISTER, MARY: b. Los Angeles. Cal.. May 
27. 1909; h. 5 feet 2% inches; blond hair and brown 
eyes; w. 110 pounds; p. Violette Craig and William 
McAllister, professionals; e. Hollywood high school, 
stage training at Belchers for two years; hy. swimming, 
dancing, music and outdoor sports. With "The Wild 
Duck" stage company for one year, and also ap- 
peared in "The Little Princess." Screen experience con- 
sists of roles in "One Minute to Play," "Wickedness 
Preferred," "Devil's Skipper." "Ashes of Vengeance." 
"Waning Sex," "Simon the Jester," "The Ace of 
Spades," "On the Level." Fox; "Roaring Adventure" 
(1929), Universal. 

McAVOY. MAY: m. Maurice McCleary: appeared in 
"No Defense" and "Stolen Kisses" (1929). Warner 
Bros., and In Vitaphone No. 2239. "Sunny Califor- 
nia"; (1932), "Ben-Hur" (sound). 

McCONNELL, GLADYS: b. Oklahoma City. Okla.. 
October 22. 1907; h. 5 feet 3& inches: light blond 
hair and blue eyes; w. 116 pounds; p. Harriett Sharp 
and William Marshall McConnell. non-professionals: e. 
Hollywood high school: m. Arthur Hagerman, non- 
professional: hy. hiking. Screen experience in stellar 
roles in two Pathe serials and appearances in "The 
Tiger's Shadow" and "The Fire Detective": Cheyenne" 



"Air Mail Mystery" 
"Battling Buffalo Bill" 
"Danger Island" 
"Finger Prints" 


16 Other Serials 





(1929) and "The Glorious Trail '1929), F.rst Na- 
tional; "l'arade of the West" (1930), Universal. 

McCOY, FRANCES: b, New York City, Dec. 25, 
L911; h. 5 feet 2 inches; light brown hair and hazel 
eyes; w. 100 pounds; e. public schools and Theodore 
koosevelt high school in New York; hy. outdoor snorts. 
First stage experience touring country with Ben Ber- 
nie's Band. Later b •came a night club entertainer 
at the Chateau Madrid. Next joined Art Landry and 
hand as singer and dancer and appeared at l'alace 
theatre. Played with Clayton, Jackson and Durante 
■for ten weeks. Was entertaining at "The Dome." 
New York night club, when signed for Fox Films. 
Other screen experience consists of several shorts at 
Warner Bros, studios in New York. Appeared in 193C 
in "Wild Company," for Fox. 

McCOY. RUBY: Appeared in "Broadway" (19291. 

MCDOWELL, CLAIRE: b. New York City: e. 
Sacred Heart Convent in New York City, specializing 
in drawing and drama. Metropolitan School of Ai t ; 
h. 5 feet 4 inches; w. 124 pounds; brown hair, brown 
eyes; m. Charles Hill Mailes, professional: two chil- 
dren. Stage career: four years with Charles Frohman 
Productions, two years in "Way Down East." two 
years with the original "Clansman" Company touring 
the South. Entered pictures in 1910 witli American 
Biograph Company. Pictures include: "Something to 
Think About." "Midsummer Madness." "Ben-Hur." 
"Big Parade," Mrs. Abbott in "The Quitter" (1929). 
Columbia; "Redemption." MGM : Martha Shelbv in 
"When Dreams Come True" (1929). Ravart ; "Wild 
Company" (1930), Fox: "Young Desire" (1930). Uni- 
versal ; "The Second Floor Mystery." Warner Bros. 

McGRUGER. MARTHA: Appealed in "The Side 
Show(1929), Columbia. 

McGUIRE, KATHRYN: b. Peoria. 111.; blonde halt 
and hazel eyes; m. George Landy. director of publicity. 
First National studio. Stage experience. Learned all 
forms of dancing except soft shoe; persuaded to for- 
sake dancing for the screen and has appeared in a 
series of comedies with Lupino Lane; in "Naughty 
but Nice." "Lilac Time" and "Synthetic Sin" with 
Colleen Moore at F rst National; and in "Children ot 
the Ritz" with Dorothy Mackaill and Jack Mulhall, 
also at First National; "The Border Wildcat" (1929). 
Universal; "He Did His Best" (1929). Paramount- 
Christie Talking Plays; "The Long. Long Ttail" (1930). 

MclNTYRE, LEILA: Appeared in "Hurricane" 
(192!)). Columbia: "On the Level." Fox: "Swell 
People" (1930). Pathe-Manhattan Comedies, second 
series; "All for Mabel" (1930). Pathe-Campus Come- 

McKINNEY, MAE: b. Harlem. N. Y. . h. 5 feet 
3 incites ; dark hair and eyes: w. 120 pounds; p. Nina 
and John McKinney. non-professionals: e. Harlem pub- 
lic schools: hy. dancing. Appeared in "Hallelujah." 
on the screen for Metro -Goldwyn- Mayer ; under contract. 

Mc' ALLEN, SARAH: Plaved in Vitaphone No. 946. 
"Oh Sarah." 

MCLAUGHLIN. MYRTLE: b. San Francisco: e. 
convents in America and Europe, specializing in music; 
h. 5 feet, w. 106 pounds; blond hair, blue eyes; hy. 
reading and swimming. Previous career: opera and 
concerts in America and Europe. Entered pictures in 

McMAHON, DORIS: Played in "Hard Boiled Hamp- 
ton" (1929), Pathe-Manhattan Comedies, first seiies. 

McNEILL. THELMA: Appeared in "Seven Foot- 
prints to Satan" (1929). First National. 

McPHAIL. ADDIE: Appeared in 1929 in "Midnight 
Daddies," World Wide; "Don't G-t Excited." Educa- 
tional: "Three Sisters." Fox; "Night Work." Pathe; 
and in 1930 in "Oh Darling." Educational- Jack 
White Talking Comedies: "Peace and Harmony," 
"How's Mv Babv." Educational-Mermaid Talking Com- 
edies; "Bitter Friends." Educational-Tux do Talking 
Comedies; "Live and I>earn." Pathe-Manhattan Com- 
edies, second series; "Rich Uncles." Pathe-Cheeker 
Comedies, first series; "The Boss' Orders." Pathe-Fo'lv 
Comedies, second series; "Hold the Babies" (1930). 
Pathe-Rainbow Comedies. 

MABERRY. MARY: r. n Man- Elizabeth PhipDs: 
b. New York City. March 29, 1909; h. 5 feet 3*/2 
inches; blond hair and blue eyes; w. 117 pounds: p. 
Clara Francis, professional; e. Glendale high school 
and the University of California, Los Angeles; hy. 
all sports. No stage experience. Three years' screen 
experience; one year under contract to Mack Sennett: 
has appeared in "Lightning Speed." "Captain Care- 
less," "Dog Law," "Reckless Youth." "The Godless 
Girl." "Texas Tommy," "Heading Westward," "Law 
of the Mounted." 

M AC H I , SUGI: b. Tokyo, Japan. Leading feminine 
roles with several Japanese dramatic organizations. 
Solo dancer, singer. Concert and grand opera debut in 
"Madam Butterfly" and "Iris." Milano. Italy, 1930. 
American debut. "Madam Butterfly." Seattle. 1931. 
Pacific coast concert tour 1931. Star in "The Mikado" 
and "Faust." two reel sound operas produced by 
Kendall-de Vally Operalogue Co., for Educational re- 
lease. 1931-32. Signed for two other sound produc- 
tions and as prima donna soprano for Los Angeles Opera 
Association, season 1932. 

MACK. BABY: Played Sybil in "Close Harmony" 
(1929), Paramount: Isohel Lee In "The Ghost Talks." 
"Crazy That Way" (1930). Fox. 

MACK, HELEN: b. Rock Island, 111.. November 13 
1913; h. 5 feet 3 inches; dark brown eyes and red 
hair; w. 110 pounds; p. Mr. and Mrs. William Mack, 
non-professionals; e. Professional Children's school. New 
York; hy. riding, reading, dancing. Stage experience 
in: "Subway Express." "Yellow." "Neighbors," 
"Straight Through the Door," "Pomeroy's Past." En- 
tered films about 10 years ago playing child roles. Pic- 
tures include: "Zaz.a," "Pled Piper Malone," "Tinder 
the Red Robe," "Grit," "Little Red School House." 

MACK. MARION: r. n. Joey Marion Lewyn; b. Eu- 
reka. Utah. April 9. 1905: h. 5 fe»t 3 inches; dark 
hah- and brown eyes; w. 118 pounds; p. non-profes- 
sions 1 : e. Tintic high school and University of Utah: 
m. Louis Lewyn, producer; hy. horseback, tennis, fly- 
ing. No stage experience. Screen experience started 
with Mack Sennett corned es. Later played leading 
lady in Mermaid comedies for two years, also leads in 
Fox Sunshine comedies. Was star of "Mary of the 
Movies" for FBO and took feminine lead in "One 
of the Bravest" with Ralph Lewis. Sam Sax. Featured 
in "Alice of Movieland" for Paramount and lead op- 
posite Buster Keaton in "The General." for United 
Artists. Was star of the "Carnival Girl" for Pathe. 

MACKAILL, DOROTHY: b, Hull. England, Maul, 
4, 1905; h. 5 feet 5 inches; blond hair and hazel eyes; 
w. 115 pounds; p. Florence Pickard and John M.. non- 
professionals; e. private schooling and also dramatic 
training at Thorne Academy, Ixmdon, and received 
her stage training in e.ocution and from ear.y 
childhood; div. JMIiar Mendez, professional; hy. tennis, 
golf, swimming, yachting and riding. Appeared in the 
EZiPPOdrome chorus in London in ' Joybelle," later lead- 
ing the famous "Chicken" number. Also acted in 
her first picture at this time, "The, Face at the Win- 
dow," for a British company. When the Hippodrome 
closed she went to Paris with the "Chicken" number 
in a big revue; also appeared in a French picture in 
Paris as ingenue lead. Later on she came to New York 
unheralded and unsung and landed in the Ziegfeld 
Follies. Thence into pictures via Marshall Neilan. Has 
plaved leads with Barrymore in "The Lotus Eater" and 
in "Bits of Life"; also opposite Richard Barthelmess 
and Milton Sills. Also appeared with Johnny Hines in 
"Torchy" comedies; then became featured player with 
First National. Her more recent pictures are "Subway 
Sadie," "Just Another Blonde," 'Smile. Brother, 
Smile." "The Crystal Cup." "Ladies' Night in a 
Turkish Bath." ' Man Crazy." "Lady Be Good." 
"The Barker." "Waterfront," "Stranded in Paradise" 
and "The Whip" ; (1929) "Two Weeks Off." "His 
Captive Woman." "Children of the Ritz." "Great 
Divide." "Hard to Get." "The Love Racket"; in 1930 
in ' Br.ght Lights." "Flirting Widow." "Strict. y Mod- 
ern." "F.rst National production; "The Office Wife,' 
Warner; "Man Trouble." Fox; (19.11), "Safe in Hell." 

MAGANA. DELIA: b. Mexico City. February 2. 
1903; e. Colegio Saleciano. Mexico City; h. 5 feet 
2 inches; w. 94 pounds; black hair, black eyes. Pre- 
vious career in musical comedy. Entered pictures in 
1928. Pictures include "The Cock-Eyed World." "The 

MAITLAND. ANN: Played in "The New Walter" 
(1930). Pathe-Georee LeMaire Comedies 

MALENA. LENA: b. Berlin. Germany; e. in Ger- 
many, specializing in dramatic arts: b. 5 feet 3 inches: 
w. 112 pounds; brown hair and brown eyes; hy. swim- 
ming and tennis; not married. In musical comedy in 
Germany and America. Entered pictures in 1920 when 
she was selected by C. B. DeMille to play the lead 
in "The Fighting Eagle." Pictures include: "Dia- 
mond Handcuffs." "Tempest." "Tropical Maidens." 
"Chicago." "Hell's Angels." "Monsieur Le Fox," "The 
Lady Surrenders." "Redemption" and "Way for a 
Sailor," "Ambassador Bill," "Siamese Twins." "Toot 
Sweet." "Thundering Tenors." 

MALLORY, KAY: Played in "What a Day" (1929). 
"Love. Honor and Oh Baby" (1929). Pathe-Manhat- 
tan Comedies, first series. 

MALONE, MOLLY: b. Denver. Col.; e. Denver. 
Los Angles and Johannesburg; h. 5 feet: w. 108 
pounds; brown hair, brown eyes. Entered pictures in 
1919; played in "It's a Great Life." "Just Out of 
College." "Mr. Parol and Company." and leads in 
Christie Comedies. 

MANES. GINA: Appeared in 1929 in "Napoleon," 
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer; "Looping the Loop," Para- 

MANN. BERTHA: b. Atlanta. Ga. ; h. 5 feet 4 inches: 
dark brown hair and eyes: m. Raymond Griffith. Made 
tirst appearance on stage at age of 13 in "Peter Pan" 
with Maude Adams Company. Has played opposite 
John and Lionel Barrymore and was Morosco leading 
woman both in New York and Hollywood for several 
years. First screen appearance about one year ago. 
Some of important roles played are: "All Quiet on the 
Western Front." "Father's Son." "The Little Acci- 
dent." "The Modern Wife" and "Caught Cheating," 
with Charles Murray and George Sidney. 

MANN. MARGARET: b. Aberdeen. Scotland. April 
4, 18C8; h. 5 feet 4% inches: wh.te hair and gray 
eyes; w. 165 pounds; p. non-professionals; married 
non-professional; hy. none in particular. No stage ex- 
perience. Screen experience consists of appearance in 
the following productions: "Heart of Humanity," 
"Once to Every Woman." "The Right to Happiness." 
"The Call of Home." all for Universal: "Four Sons." 
"Queen Victoria," for Warner Bros. Plays mother 
parts, and at present is a freelance player. Was In 
"The River" (1929). Fox. 

MANNERS. MARCIA: b. North Adams. Mass.: e. 
North Adams, and studied music in Paris and Italy: h 
5 feet 4 inches; w. 112 pounds; brown hair and blue 
eyes. Toured with an Italian opera company as "Mimi" 
in "La Boheme." Returned to New Y'ork in musical 
productions and took a test at Paramount New Y'ork 
studios. Signed by Paramount. 

MANNING. AILEEN: b. Denver. Col.; e. Denver: 
h. 5 feet 9 inches; w. 150 pounds: brown hair, blue 
eyes. Screen career with Paramount. Warner. United 
Artists. Associated Exhibitors: "Stella Dallas." "Whole 
Town's Talking," "Uncle Tom's Cabin." "Home 
James." "Man. Woman and Sin." Esther Quinn in 
"Dark Swan." First National: Great Events Series for 
MGM. Miss Twill in "Swetie" (1929). Paramount; 
"Wedding Rings" (1929). First National; "A Single 
Man." MGM. 

MANNING. MARCIA: Appeared in the following 
pictures: "End of the World" (1929). Pathe- Variety 
Comedies, and in 1930 in "House of Secrets." Ches- 
terfield: "Swell People." Pathe-Manhattan Comedies, 
second series: "Give Me Action." Pathe-Rainbow Come- 
dies; "Half Pint Polly." Pathe-Rodeo Comedies. 

MANON. MARCIA: Appeared in 1929 in "They Had 
to See Paris" and "Love. Live and Laugh." Fox. 

MARBE. FAY : Played in "Talk of Hollywood" 
(1929), Sono Art-World Wide 

MARCELLE, MISS: Played in Vitaphone No. 716. 

MARCH, VERA: Plaved in "Dance With Me" 
(19301, Pathe-Melody Comedies, first series. 

MARIAN. EDNA: r. n. Edna Hannam: b. Chicago. 
111.. December 12. 1908; h. 5 feet 1 inch: blond hair 
and grey eyes; w. 107 pounds: P. Edna Mae McLaugu- 
lin and John Hannam. non-profess onals ; e. private 
school. New York; not married; hy. drawing and 
horseback riding. Stage experience include vaudeville 
in New York and Los Angeles. Screen experience of 
four years (started out in 1926) consists of starring 
in Stern Brothers comedies for one and one half years, 
second lead in CLr stie comedies and one year with 
Hal Roach opposite Charlie Chase; also ingenue lead in 
Unlvearsal productions and appeared in "The Still 
Alarm." "Sinners Paradise" (1929). Columbia; "Skin- 
ner Steps Out" (1929). Universal. 

MARION, INEZ: r. n Inez Marion Mclnheran; b. 

Pueblo, Col., July 3. 1907; h. 5 feet 4 inches; blond 
hair and blue eyes; w. 118 pounds; p. Effle M izger 
and Charles Mellheran, non-professonala; e. Manual 
Arts high school, Los Angeles; not married; hy. mu- 
sic (vocal and piano), dancing and swimming. Modeled 
for about three years in New York and California and 
has also done night club work in New York. In 
comedy leads for Mack Sennett one year; then to First 
National with Colleen Moore in "It Must Be Love" 
and "Synthetic Sin"; also in "Harold Teen"; with 
Thelma Todd in "Seven Footprints of Satan": and 
with Maria Corda in "The Private Life of Helen of 
Troy," and "Tung War," Paramount. 

MARIS. MONA: b. Buenos Aires, Argentina; li ". 
feet 6 inches; i.lack hair and brown eyes; w. 1H 
pounds; p. non-professionals; e. public schools of 
Buenos Aires and French convent near Luders ; not 
married. First screen experience in Germany with UFA. 
Made four pictures it; which she was featured, then 
came to the United States. First appearance, small 
part in Warner Bros.' picture. "Under a Texas Moon"; 
ne\t "Koinarirc of the Rio Grande" for Fox; "Arizona 
Kid" (1930), "One Mad Kiss." "Devil with Women." 

MARKEY, ENID: b. Dillon, Col.; e. boarding 
school in Denver; h. 5 feet 4V4 inches; w. 117 pounds; 
dark brown hair, brown eyes. Went into pictures in 
1915 for Thomas Ince; pictures include "Civilization." 
"Aloha," "Captive God," "Between Men," "Yankee 
Way," "Cheating the Public*" "Tarzan of the Apes," 
"Romance of Tarzan." 

MARLOWE, JUNE: b. St. Cloud, Minn.; e. St. 
Cloud. Minneapolis, and Hollywood, specializing ; n 
art; h. 5 feet 5^ inches; w. 116 pounds; brown hail, 
brown eyes. Entered pictures in 1925 and has ap- 
peared in "Don Juan." "The Old Soak," "Alias the 
Deacon." "Wild Beauty," "Foreign Legion." "Grip 
of the Yukon,' "The Life of Riley," Warner's "Below 
the Line." "Clash of tile Wolves," "Pleasure Buyers," 
"Don Juan." "The Tenth Woman," "Find Your Man," 
"Tracked in the Snow Country," "The Lost Lady," 
"Man Without a Conscience," "The Wife Who wasn't 
Wanted,'' "The Night Cry," Universal'! "Alias The 
Deacon." "The Foreign Legion," "Grip of the Yukon." 
First National's "The Life of Riley." "When a Man's 
a Man." Tiffany's "Their Hour." Roach shorts. 

MARQ.UIS, JOAN : b. Denver, Colo.. Sept. 17. 1907; 
h. 5 feet 2% inches; w. 113 pounds; auburn hair, 
green eyes; hy. swimming and dancing. Was a dancer 
in musical comedies. "Patsy," "Tip Toes." Music 
Box." Entered pictures in 1927, playing in "Slippery 
Heels," "Chin Whiskers." 

MARSH. JOAN : b. PorterviUe, Cal.; h. 5 feet 2 
Inches; blond hair and blue eyes; w. 104 pounds; p. 
Lolita H. and Charles G. Rosher; e. public and private 
schools; not marr.ed; hy. swimming, horseback riding, 
tennis, golf, designing. Had stage experience in 
amateur theatricals. Has appeared in such pictures 
as: "Daddy Long Legs," "Pollyanna," Mary Pickford 
company; "Young Mrs. Winthrop." "A Woman's 
Weapons," Lasky ccmpany: "King of Jazz," "Little 
Accident," "Leather Pushers." "All Quiet on the West- 
ern Front," and Sid Sailor Comedy for Universal; 
"Inspiration," for .MGM; and "Eyes of the World." for 
Inspiration; "Shipmates." MGM ; "Meet the Wife," 
Christie; "Three Girls Lost," Fox; "Politics." MGM: 
"Dance. Fools. Dance." MGM; "Maker of Men," 
Columbia; "Are You Listening." MGM. 

MARSH. MAE: Long career in films. Retired. Re- 
turned in "Over the Hill" (sound). Fox, 1931. 

MARSH. MARIAN: r. n. Violet Krauth; b. Trinidad 
in British West Indies. October 17, 1913; h. 5 feet 2 
inches; w. 102 pounds; blond hair and gray eyes; e. 
Hollywood high school; hy. reading and riding. On 
the stage played the leading role in "Young Sinners." 
Has appeared in United Artists' "Hell's Angels," and 
"Whoopee," and Warner Brothers' "Fifty Million 
Frenchmen," "The Devil Was Sick." "Svengali" ; 
(1932). "Alias the Doctor," First National; "Beauty 
and the Boss." "Mad Gen us." "Road to Singapore," 
"Under Eighteen," Warner. 

MARSTINI, ROSITA: Screen career, "Shadows of 
Paris." Paramount; "The Lover of Camille." War- 
ner Bros.; "The Redeeming Sin." Vitagraph; "Proud 
Flesh," "The Big Parade," MGM; "Flame of the 
Argentine." FBO; "We Americans," Universal: Fift's 
mother in "Hot for Paris" (1929). Fox. 

MARTAN. NITA: Appeared in 1929 in "Tw n Beds." 
First National; and in 1930 in "Chasing Rainbows,' 
"The Woman Racket." MGM; "Border Romance," 
"Under Montana Skies." Tiffany. 

MARTIN, ELEANOR: Appeared in 1929 in "Great 
Power," Franklin Warner. 

MASON. SHIRLEY: b. Brooklyn, N. Y., 1901; e. 
private tutors; h. 4 feet 11 inches; w. 94 pounds: 
brown hair, light gray eyes. Early career; child stage 
actress, stage career in "The Squaw Man." "Rip Van 
Winkle," "Passers-by," "The Poor Little Rich Girl." 
Screen career began with Edison; recent productions. 
"So This Is Paris." "Sallv in Our Alley." "Stranded." 
"Rich Men's Sons." "The Flying Marine" (1929). 
Columbia; "Anne Against the World" (1929). Rayart; 
"Dark Skies." 

MATTHEWS. DOROTHY: b. New York City: h. 
5 feet 3 inches: blond hair and blue eyes; w. 116 
pounds: e. Florence Wilde School, Art Students 
league. Stage career. Stuart Walker Company. En- 
tered pictures in 1927. Played in "All for a Wo- 
man," "Pearl Story," "Girl in Every Port." 
"Sweetie": Alice Hart in "Son of the Gods," First 
National; Edna in "Sin Flood." 

MATTOX. MARTHA: b. Natchez, Miss; brown hair 
and eyes: w. 150 pounds: e. East Mississippi College; 
studied dramatic art. Early career on stage. Entered 
pictures in 1913. Played in "Hero." "Conflict." 
"Lonely Mary," "Torrent." "Cat and Canary." "13th 
Juror " "Little Bit of Heaven," "Love Me and the 
World Is Mine." "The Love Racket." First National: 
"Born to Love." Pathe: "Dangerous Affair." Columbia; 
"Thirty Days" Patrician: "Murder by the Clock." 
Paramount : "Torchy Raises the Auntie." Educational. 

MAUGHAN. DORA: Played in Vitaphone No. 2731. 
"The Bad Bad Woman" and No. 2732. 

MAURUS. G ERD A : "Spies" (1929). MGM. 

MAYFAIR, MITZI: Played in "Paramount on Par- 
ade (1930). Paramount. 

MAYFIELD. CLEO: Played in Metro Movietone Act 
No. 80. 

MEHAFFEY, BLANCHE: b. Cincinnati. Ohio. July 




28, 1907 ; h. 5 feet 3 inches; red hair and gray-blue 
eyes; w. 119 pounds; p. Blanche Berndt and Edward 
Mehaffey. non-professionals; e. private schools and re- 
ceived her stage training in the Follies of 1923; m. 
and div. ; hy. golf and tennis. Two years stage ex- 
perience and five on screen. "Smilin' Guns" (1929). 
Universal; (1931-32). ■Passport to Paradise." "Soul 
of the Slums," Mayfalr; "Is There Justice?". "Mounted 
Fury," Sono Art-World Wide. 

M EH RM ANN. HELEN: Played in "Shannons on 
Broadway" (1929). Universal. 

MELVILLE, EM ELI E : Appeared in "Illusion" 
(1929). Paramount. 

MERCANTON, JEAN: Venus" (1929), UA. 

MERCER, BERYL: Appeared in 1929 in "Mother's 
Boy." Pathe; "Three Lave Ghosts." United Artists; 
"Seven Days Leave," Paramount; and in 1930 in "In 
Gay Madrid." MGM: "All Quiet on the Western 
Front," Universal; "Dumbbells In Ermine," Warn r 
Bros.; "Common Clay." Fox; "The Matrimonial Bed," 
"Outward Bound," Warner; "Sky Spider." Mayfalr. 

MERKEL, UNA: b. Covington. Ky.. Dec. 10. 1907: 
h. 5 feet 5 inches; blond hair and blue eyes; w. 108 
pounds; p. Bessie and Aruo Merkel. non- professionals; 
e. nnished high school in Philadelphia; not married; 
hy. reading and swimming. Received stage training 
in dramatic school in New York City. Appeared on 
the stage in "Two by Two," starring Charlotte Walker. 
"The Poor Nut," "Pigs," "The Gossipy Sex," 
"Coquette," "Salt Water." She has appeared on the 
screen in such pictures as "Abraham Lincoln." "Eyes 
Of the World." and "The Bat Whispers," "The Com- 
mand Performance," "Don't Bet on Women," "The 
Maltese Falcon," "The Bargain." "Daddy Long Legs," 
"Six Cylinder Love." "The Silent Witness," "Private 
Lives." "She Wanted a Millionaire." "Impatient 
Maiden"; (1931). "Secret Witness." Columbia. 

MERRIAM. CHARLOTTE: b. Fort Sheridan. 111.. 
April 5. 190G; h. 5 feet 2i4 inches; blond hair and 
blue eyes: w. 115 pounds; e. San Francisco. Entered 
pictures at 13 years of age. Roles include. Julie in "So 
Big." Mary Trail in "Captain Blood." Vitagraph; 
"Danger." "South Sea Pearl," "More Sinned Against": 
maid in "Pleasure Crazed," Fox; girl in "Queen of 
the Night Clubs," Madge Harcourt in "Second Choice," 
Warner Bros.; Mazie in "The Broadway Hoofer," 

MERTON, COLETTE: r. n. Colette Helene Mazzo- 
letti; b. New Orleans, La.. March 7, 1907: h. 5 feet 
6^ inches: blond hair and gray eyes; w. 130 pounds; 
p. Mae Frederick and C. J. Mazzoletti, non-profes- 
sionals; e. Ursuline Convent and Mrs. Finney's Fin- 
ishing school, received her stage training with Fanchon 
and Marco: hy. dancing and reading. With "The Big 
Parade" prologue; Fanchon and Marco's "Gurgle Idea." 
and an amateur in New Orleans College of Oratory. 
Has appeared in three series of "The Collegians" for 
Universal: the heavy in Denny picture "Clear the 
Decks"; in "Walking Back" DeMille production; and 
the shop girl part (vamp) in Colleen Moore's "Why 
Be Good"; "King of the Campus" (1929). Universal. 

MESSINGER. GERTRUDE: b. Spokane. Wash.; 
h. 5 feet 3 inches; dark hair and blue eyes; w. 
100 pounds; p. Josephine Hone and Henry Bert Mes- 
singer. mother professional; e. Sisters of the Holy Name. 
Pomona and Sacred Heart College. Los Angeles, has 
had stage training; not married; hy. horseback riding, 
swimming and dancing. Stage experience at the age of 
14 with Frank Keenan in "Rip Van Winkle" and has 
spent two years in musical comedy. Screen experience 
sinoe babyhood and has appeared in such pictures as 
"Civilization's Back Yard," with Jack Mulhall; in Fox 
kiddie pictures and featured in the last one "Alababa 
and the Forty Thieves." Her recent screen experience 
has been in "Two Weeks Off." "The Duke Steps Out." 
"The Jazz Age" and several all-talkers for Hal Roach. 

MESSINGER. MARIE: b. Coeur d'Alene. Idaho; 
h. 5 feet 3 inches; auburn hair and deep blue eyes; 
w. 117 pounds; e. Hollywood high school and the Im- 
maculate Heart college, the Academy of the Holy 
Name and received her stage training as a dancer 
and in dramatics, not married; hy. horseback riding, 
motoring and specializes in whistling, also aviation. 
Stage experence with the Frank Keenan company ; two 
seasons with Fanchon and Marco, sang for independent 
theatres in Los Angeles and is at present on the West 
Coast circuit. Co-star in "South of Panama" and also 
in "The Duke Steps Out." 

METZGER. RUTH: r. n. Ruth Magden; b. Colorado 
Springs. Col., September 10. 1907: h. 5 feet 5 inches; 
brown hair and eyes: w. 129 pounds; p. Mr. and Mrs. 
Charles Magden, non-professionals; e. Colorado Springs 
high school; not married: hy. horseback riding, books 
and art. Spent three months on stage on the West 
Coast in "Whistlers." In pictures for three years, 
appearing as the Nun in "Argentine" directed by- 
Kelly: a society bit in "Scarlet Dove" directed by 
Arthur Gregor: garden bit in "The Little Snob" di- 
rected by John Adolphi for Warner Brothers; in stock 
for Warner Bros. "Little Snob" and "Noah's Ark." 

MEWES, ANNIE: Played in "Melody of Hearts," 

MIDGLEY, FANNY: b. Cincinnati. Ohio. November 
26. 1877; h. 5 feet VA inches: w. 120 pounds, gray 
hair, blue eyes: hy. reading and gardening. Has lived 
all over the world. On the stage for twenty years from 
the age of 15; with Henry Miller in "The Great 
Divide." Entered pictures with the old Biograph Com- 
pany in New York; screen career with Biograph. Ince, 
United, Robertson-Cole, Realart. Paramount, Tru-Art, 
MGM, Warner, Chadwick. Fox. Artclass, Associated 
Exhibitors; "Laddie," "The Harvester," "The Cow- 
boy Cavalier," the paralytic in "Civilization," the 
mother in "The Lottery Man." "Naughty Baby" 
(1928). First National: the Eagle in "Behind Closed 
Doors" (1929). Columbia; Harold Lloyd's aunt in 
"Welcome Danger." 

MILLARD, HELEN: b. Minneapolis, Minn.. Sept. 
30, 1906: h. 5 feet 5 inches; light brown hair and 
hazel eyes; w. 114 pounds: p. Iva Edith Sargent and 
Royal Charles Millard, non-professionals ; e. Cumnock 
Academy. Cumnock School of Expression; not mar- 
ried; hy. horseback riding Stage training, Cumnock 
School, Pasadena Community Workshop. Stage ex- 
perience: Norma Drake in "Silence" (1925). opposite 
Bert Lytell; Sondra in "An American Tragedy" (19201: 
"In I/>ve with Love" (1927), lead opposite Edward 
Everett Horton: "The Hottentot." "The Streets of 
New York." with Horton; 1928 29. "Gentlemen Prefer 

Blondes." part of LoreW; Diane In "Seventh Heaven." 

"This Tiling Called Love" (19291. Mrs. Chevnev In 
"The Last of Mrs. Chevnev" (1928); played stock In 
Salt Lake City. Denver. Houston. San Antonio. Van 

eouver; B. C. . Portland. Ore. First screen experience 
in "The Thirteenth Chair" (1929). Then "Their Own 
Desires," with Norma Shearer, "The Divorcee," "Let 
Us B' Gay." all for MGM; "He Loved the Ladies." 
with Taylor Holmes. Christie: "Lawful Larceny." with 
Lowell Sherman. "The Pay-Off." RKO; "Tonight and 
You." with Lois Moran for Fox. 

MILLER, LUCILLE: r. n. Lucille Williams: b. 
Denver, Col.; h. 5 feet 2 inches; golden hair and 
blue eves: w. 108 pounds; p. Mary and John Williams: 
e. St. Mary's high school, Denver; not married: h. 
tennis, horseback riding, golf and sailing. Received 
stage experience in stock company. Has appeared in 
"Half Way to Heaven." played a featured role with 
Buddy Rogers, Paramount; "Sally's Shoulders." second 
leail with Lois Wilson for RKO: Pathe's "Dangerous 
Youth" ami "Breakfast in Bed." 

MILLER. MARILYN: r. n. Marilyn Reynolds: b. 
Evansville, Ind.. September 1. 1900: blond hair and 
blue eyes; p. Lyn Reynolds, and mother a professional: 
m. Frank Carter, professional, who was killed, and 
Jack Pickford whom she divorced ; by. dancing, swim- 
ming, golf, tennis and horses. At the age of five she 
Joined her mother, step-father and two older sisters, 
and became the fifth member of the "Five Columbias." 
She was then a toe dancer and billed as "Miss Sugar- 
plum." but because of her youth the troupe was not 
permitted to play in the big cities. The "Five Colum- 
bias" toured through France. England, Germany. Spain. 
Cuba and Honolulu for seven years. They returned to 
the United States and app.ared in "Big Time" in 
Chicago, which the authorities again stopped because of 
her youth. In 1914 the family sailed for England to 
appear in the revue "Oh. Joy," under the management 
of Sir Oswald Stoll. After breaking their contract 
they appealed at the Embassy Club. London's most 
exclusive night club. It was here Marilyn was a sen- 
sation. Lee Shubert liappened to be in London and 
offt red her a contract to return to New York and 
dance at the Winter Garden. Again she was a sen- 
sation. She then went in the "Follies" and big musical 
comedies such as "Sally" and "Sunny." then with 
Charles B. Dillingham she starred in "Peter Pan" and 
her most recent success was "Rosalie." Plaved in 

(1930) , "Sally," (1931), "Her Majesty. Love," FN. 

MILLER. PATSY RUTH: r. n. Patricia Ruth Miller; 
b. St. Louis, Mo. ; h. 5 feet 1 inch : reddish brown 
hair and brown eyes: w. 105 pounds; p. Sadye Lowen 
and Oscar W. Miller, non-professionals; e. Visitation 
Convent and Mary Institute, St. Louis: m. Tay Gar- 
nett : stage experience consists of appearances in "A 
Man's Man" at Potboilers: "The Night Stick." a Duffy 
production; and "Kempy" with the Beverly Community 
Players. Screen experience in Los Ang des for the 
past seven years consists of roles in "The Girl I 
Loved." a Charles Ray production: "The Hunchback 
of Notre Dame" Universal production: "So This Is 
Paris." directed by Ernst Lubitsch for Warner 
Brothers; "Marriage by Contract" and "The Girl 
Who Came Back." Tiffanv-Stahl productions, and 
many others; (1929) "The Fall of Eve," Columbia; 
"Twin Beds." First National: "The Rap." "So Long 
Letty." Warner Bros., and in "The Aviator" (1930). 

(1931) . "Night Beat," Mayfalr. 

MILLS. EVELYN: Appeared in "Alias Jimmy Valen- 
tine" (1929). MGM. 

MILLS. MARILYN: r. n. Mary Cecilia Bruning; b. 
Enschede. Holland. Nov. 16, 1904; h. 5 feet 3 inches: 
black hair and dark eyes; w. 118 pounds; p. Joan 
Ijemmens and Hubert J. G. Bruning, non-professionals: 
e. Hollywood high school; m. J. Charles Davis, pro- 
ducer: hy. horses, fishing, motoring, polo and baseball. 
Stage career with Constantino's orchestra as master vio- 
linist, also with Hollywood high school orchestra, and 
in vaudeville tour with her celebrated horses Beverly 
and Star. Screen experience started by doubling in 
horseback riding for Mary Pickford. Florence Vidor. 
Pola Negri. Greta Garbo. Norma Talmadge and others. 
Has had a one year contract with Ben Wilson — Arrow 
release, co-featured in eight five reel Westerns, and 
starred in one serial "Riders of the Plains." Starred 
with her horses Beverly and Star in "Tricks" pro- 
duced by Marilyn Mills Production. Inc.. also in "Three 
Pals" and "The Heart of Paquita." 

MISGEN. FLORENCE: b. Prescott. Wis.. March 7. 
1904; h. 5 feet 7% inches; red hair and blue eyes; w. ; 
135 pounds; p. Annie Clancy and Matthew Misgen: non- 
professionals; e. private schools as follows: St. Clara's 
college at Sinsinawa. Wis., Visitation Convent at Du- 
buque. Iowa, and College Mount St. Joseph, Dubuque. 
Iowa; not married. Stage career started in 1926 and 
1927, with the Chiacgo Civic Opera Company in Chi- 
cago. Engaged in the fall of 1927 by Shubert for 
part of Trilby in musical version of Du Maurier's 
"Trilby": prima donna in 1928 edition of Greenwich Vil- 
lage Follies. Sailed for Euroiw for concert and operatic 
engagement in fall of 1928. Made extensive study of 
repertoire of Italian and French oi>era in Milan. Italy, 
and Paris. Franco, during 192S and 1929. Returned 
to this country September 23. 1929. 

MITCHELL GENEVA : b. Medarysville. Ind.. Feb- 
ruary 3. 1908; e. in Chicago; h. 5 feet 4 inches: w. 
117 pounds; brown hair and blue eyes; hy. tennis, 
riding and swimming: not married. Nine years on the 
stage. Five years with Ziegfeld as a specialty dancer: 
Ingenue lead in "Sally." Lead opposite Leon Errol 
in "Louie 14th." Entered pictures in 1929. Pictures 
include: "Her Wedding Night," part of Gloria: "The 
Doctor's Wife." "Safety in Numbers." "No Limit" and 
"Son of the Gods" (1930). First National. 

MITCHELL, HELEN: Appeared in "Unmasked" 
(1929). Artclass. 

Key to Abbreviations 

b. - - born 

div. divorce 

e. educated 

h. height 

hy. hobby 

m. - -- -- married 

p. parents 

r.n. real name 

w. weight 

MOE. ALICE: Appeared in "The Voice of the 
City" (1930), MGM. 

MOFFETT. FRANCES: b. Washington. D. C. ; e. 
Goucher College. Baltimore, and George Washington 
University. Washington: u. 5 feet 4 inches; w. 108 
pounds; black hair and brown eyes. Worked in stock 
companies during vacations and then went to New 
York where she enrolled in the American Academy of 
Arts and Sciences; first real opportunity when given 
role in the Crosby Gaige production of "Blind Mice"; 
also played major role in "Hello. Francis"; took test 
at Paramount New York studio and given contract. 

MONTENEGRO. CONCHITA: (1932), "The Cisco 
Kid." "The Gay Caballero." Fox. 

MONTGOMERY, MARJORIE: b. Sikeston, Mo., 
May 27, 1912; e. Orton School for Girls. Hollywood, 
specializing in art and music; h. 5 feet 2 inches; w. 
92 pounds; light brown hair, hazel eyes; hy. tennis, 
horseback riding. Was on the stage. Entered pictures 
six years ago; played in "Scaramouohe." "Boy 
Scouts." "Born to the West." "Littlest Rebel." "Bride 
of the Lamb." 

MONTGOMERY. PEGGY: b. Rock Island. 111. Early 
screen career: Steiner. Has played in "The Sonora 
Kid," "Hoof Marks," "Desert of the Lost." "Saddle 
Mates," "Brand of Courage." "Arizona Days" (1929). 
El Dorado Pictures; "Bad Man's Money," "On the 
Divide," "The Silent Trail." "West of Santa Fe." 

MONTE. CHARLOTTE: Played in "In Old Cali- 
fornia" (1930), Audible Pictures. 

MOOERS, DE SACIA: b. Allesandro. Mojave Desert. 
Cal. ; e. St. Gertrude's Convent, Marborough School. 
Los Angeles; h. 5 feet 5 inches; w. 131 pounds; ash 
blond hair, dark blue eyes. Stage career with Morosco 
stock in Los Angeles. Screen career with Samuel 
Goldwyn, Selznick, FBO, C. C. Burr, Maritime Pro- 
ductions. Fox, Paramount, First National. Columbia; 
recent work in "Lonesome Ladies," "By Whose Hand," 
"Broadway Daddies." "Back to Liberty," "Just Off 

MOORE, COLLEEN: r. n. Kathleen Morrison; b. 
Port Huron, Mich.; h. 5 feet 3 inches; reddish brown 
hair and brown eyes; w. 105 pounds; p. Agnes Kelly 
and Charles Runnels Morrison, non-professionals; e. 
Holy Name Convent. Tampa. Fla.. and Detroit Con- 
servatory of Music; no stage training; div. John Mc- 
Cormick, producer; hy. yachting, fishing, doll house, 
for which she gathers furnishings from all corners of 
the earth, and has recently taken up photography. 
Entered pictures in 1917 with a six months contract 
with the old Griffith Fine Arts Company. Her first 
picture was opposite Robert Harron in "The Bad Boy." 
Steadily progressed until her excellent work in "Flam- 
ing Youth" established her as individual star. Among 
her other pictures are "Little Orphan Annie" as An- 
nie for Selig in 1919; "So Long Letty" for Christie 
in 1919: "Dinty" for Neilan-First National in 1920: 
"Come On Over" and the "Wall Flower for Goldwyn 
in 1921-22: and for First National "Slippy McGee." 
1921; "The Huntress," 1922; "Flaming Youth." 
"Painted People" and "The Perfect Flapper" In 1923; 
"Flirting With Love." "So Big." "Sally" and "The 
Desert Flower" in 1924: "We Modems," "Irene." 
"Ella Cinders" and "It Must Be Love" in 1925: 
"Twinkletoes" and "Orchids and Ermine" in 1928; 
"Naughty But Nice," "Her Wild Oat" and "Lilac 
Time" in 1927 ; and "Happiness Ahead," "Oh Kay." 
"Synthetic Sin" and "That's a Bad Girl." in 1928: 
(1929) "Smiling Irish Eyes." "Why Be Good." "Foot- 
lights and Fools." First National. 

MOORE. HILDA: Appeared in "Jealousy" (1929). 

MOORE. GRACE: b Jellico. Tenn.; e. public 
schools in home town and Ward Belmont College in 
Nashville, Tenn. Made first public appearance at 
National theatre in Washington, sharing program with 
Martinelli. First important stage role was "Up in 
the Clouds." light operetta. Studied voice with 
Marafloti and appeared at same time in the "Music 
Box Revue" in 1923-4-5. Also appeared in "Hltchy 
Koo." and other light musical roles as well as on 
concert platform. In 1928 made debut at Metropolitan 
as Mimi in "La Boheme." During next two years 
appeared as Juliette in "Romeo and Juliet." "Mar- 
guerite in "Faust." and "Manon." On screen: "A 
Lady's Morals." New Moon." MGM 

MOORHEAD. NATALIE: b. Pittsburgh. Pa.; blond 
hair and blue eyes; p. Anna Katherine Messner. non- 
professional: e. Peabody high school. Pittsburgh; not 
married. Stage experience with a stock company in 
Trenton. N. J., with "The Baby Cyclone" company; 
thence to Hollywood where she appeared with the 
Henry Duffy Players in "The Best People" and "Baby 
Cyclone." Under contract to Fox. 1929. "Through 
Different Eyes": (1929). "Girl from Havana. "Trust- 
ing Wives," Educational: Coronet Talking Comedies; 
and in 1930 in "Furies." First National: "The Ben- 
son Murder Case." Paramount; "Divorce Among 
Friends." Warner Bros. : "Manslaughter." Paramount; 
"Captain Thunder." Warner Bros.: "Average Hus- 
band." Educational; (1932). "Cross Examination." Art- 
class: "Lovebound." Peerless: "Discarded Lovers," 

MORAN. LOIS: r. n. Lois Darlington Dowling: b. 
Pittsburgh. Pa.. March 1. 1909; h. 5 feet 2 inches: 
ash blond hair and dark blue eyes; w. 108 pounds: 
p. Mrs. G. E. Moran. Roger Dowling. Dr. T. G. Moran 
(stepfather), non-professionals; e. Linden Hall Semi- 
nary, Greensburg. Convent and Lycee de Tours, France: 
not married; hy. dancing, cooking, book collecting and 
singing. Danced for two years (1922-24) in the Paris 
National Opera in Paris. France. Also appeared in 
"Wisdom Tooth" by Marc Connelly in New York. 
Appeared in Paris In 1924 in such pictures as "La 
Callorie des Moustris" and "Fen-Mathies Pasoal." 
Then returning to the United States she appeared In 
"Stella Dallas." Samuel Goldwyn production; "Just 
Simnose." Inspiration picture: "Reckless Lady" and 
"Prince of Tempters" for First National: "Padlocked." 
"God Gave Me 20 Cents" and "Whirlwind of Youth" 
for Paramount: "The Road to Mandalav" for Metro- 
Goldwyn Mayer; "Irresistible 1 fiver" for Universal: and 
"The Music Master." "Publicity Madness." "Sharp- 
shooters." "Love Hungry." "Don't Marrv." "Making 
the Grade." "River Pirate." "Blindfold" and "False 
Colors" for Fox. Appeared In (1929) "Jov Street." 
"Behind That Curtain." "True Heaven" and "Word; 
and Music," "Not Damaged." "Mammy," Warner: 
(19.101. "Song of Kentucky": (1981), "Men In Iler 
Life." Columbia: "West of Broadway," MOM, 

MORAN. POLLY : r. n. Pauline Theresa Moran: b. 




Chicago. 111.; h. 5 feet 4 inches; dark hair and blue 
eyes; w. 134 pounds; p. Mildred Frances Kelly and 
Tom Moran, non- professionals ; e. St. Patrick's & Chi- 
cago Public Schools: not married; hy. travel. She has 
appeared in the following screen productions: "Calla- 
hans and the Murphys." "London After Midnight." 
"The Enemy." "Buttons." "Rose Marie." "Divine 
Woman." ' Bringing Up Father," "Telling the World." 
"Show People." "Beyond the Sierras." "Shadows, of 
the Night " "Honeymoon," "China Bound." "Danger- 
ous Females." "Hollywood Bevue," "Hot for Paris," 
"Chasing Rainbows"; "The Bishop Murder Case" 
(1930). "Caught Short" (1930). MGM: "Those Three 
French Girls" (1930), MGM; Vitaphone No. 2297. 

MORENO, ROSITA: b. Madrid, Spain, March 18. 
1910; h. 5 feet 4 Vis inches; chestnut hair and brown 
eyes; w. 119 pounds; p. professionals; hy. perfume col- 
lections and football. Made professional debut as 
dancer in Buenos Aires in 1918. Made American 
dibut as dancer in vaudeville in 1925. Was featured 
in "Pleasure Bound." with the Shuberts. Has ap- 
peared in several Spanish language films, among them 
"Slightly Scarlet." Also in "The Santa Fe Trail." 
feminine lead opposite Richard Arlen and with Clara 
Bow in "Her Wedding Night." 

MORGAN, HELEN: b. Danville, 111.; e. Crane 
Technical high school, Chicago, 111. ; not married. Early 
stage experience in the chorus of a cafe in Chicago, 
then to Montreal to study singing and while there 
won a beauty contest and was given the title of "Miss 
Canada"; followed a trip to New York and a meet- 
ing with Eduardo Petri, maestro of the Metropolitan 
Opera school who became interested in her voice and 
permitted her to enter the school, where she studied 
for a year. Then a season as a member of the 
chorus of "Sally," her first contact with Broadway 
and then headliner at the Club Montmartre. Chicago. 
It was here she attracted the attention of Amy Leslie, 
Chicago Daily News dramatic critic, who recommended 
more New York experience, and gave her letters of 
introduction to David Belasco and George White and 
while singing in the Back Stage club, won a role In 
George White's Scandals of 1925; followed with the 
stellar role in "Americana." Also appeared with the 
Grand Guignol players in Greenwich Village for a 
short engagement, then followed a brief vaudeville en- 
gagement and was then signed for the role of "Julie" 
in Ziegfeld's "Show Boat" in which she appeared for 
two seasons, at the conclusion of which she headlined 
In the reopening of the Ziegfeld Roof, sharing honors 
with Maurice Chevalier, Paramount star, who made his 
first personal app-arance in America at that time. Her 
first appearance on the screen was in "Applause." in 
the role of a burlesque queen; next starred in Arthur 
Hammerstein-Jerome Kern's operetta. "Sweet Adeline." 
in pictures again in "Glorifying the American Girl" 
(1929). "Roadhouse Nights" (1930). Paramount. 

MORGAN. JEAN: b. Port or Spain. Trinidad. West 
Indies; h. 5 feet 6 inches; light brown hair and green 
eyes: w. 125 pounds: e. in private schools in Boston. 
Massachusetts; not married. Selected as "Hollywood's 
Most Beautiful Show Girl." by Henry Clive. noted 
artist. Was picked from 300 girls in various studios. 
She came to Hollywood at the beginning of talking 
pictures and has appeared in the following: "Gold 
Diggers of Broadway," "Sally." "On With the Show." 
"Bride of the Regiment." "Show of Shows." and 
many others. Went under contract to First National, 
and a member of the Vitaphone Chorus. 

MORGAN, MARILYN: b. Port O'Spain, Island of 
Trinidad, in the British West Indies, October 17, 
1913; h. 5 feet 2 inches: golden brown hair and chame- 
leon eyes; w. 106 pounds; p. Leo Krauth and Harriet 
Cutler Krauth. non-professionals; e. Private Girl's 
school in Trinidad, also attended schools in Spring- 
field, Boston, Medford and Hollywood; not married; 
hy. swimming and tennis. Has had no stage experi- 
ence, but after taking a screen test, signed a contract 
with Pathe which gave her the privilege of completing 
her education under the guidance of a tutor; in 
"Whoopee" (1930). United Artists. 

MORLEY. KAREN: (1932), "Arsene Lupin." MGM. 

MORRIS, FRANCES: b. Springfield. Mass., August 
3, 1908; h. 5 feet 4 inches: light reddish brown hair 
and dark brown eyes: w. 115 pounds: p. Mr. and Mrs. 
Fred G. Morris, professionals: e. Forest Park high 
school; m. Russell Parker, professional; hy. working. 
Stage experience as follows: lead with Bob Woolsey in 
"Honest Liars." in New York, also leads in "Rain." 
"Pigs." "The Patsy." "Seventh Heaven." "When Win- 
ter Comes," "Irene," "If I Were King." "Judy" and 
"Tommy." On the screen in "Thunder." 

MORRIS. KEWP1E: Appeared in "Square Shoul- 
ders" (1929). Pathe. 

MORRIS. MARGARET: b. Minneapolis. Minn., 
November 7. 1903; e. Stanley Hall. Minneapolis. Pine 
Manor, Boston, specializing in dramatic art; h. 5 feet 
5 inches; w. 118 pounds; titian hair, brown eyes. Was 
with Shubett Stock Company. Entered pictures in 
1924; played in "Best People." "That's My Baby," 
"Magic Garden," "Moulders of Men," "Mark of the 
Frog," "Aveng ng Shadow," "Woman I Love." 

MORRISON. DOROTHY: Appeared in "Hearts in 
Dixie" (1929), Fox. 

MOSKOWITZ. JENNIE: Appeared in "Mother's 
Boy" (1929), Pathe. 

MOWRER. LILLIAN: Appeared in "Love Waltz," 

MOYLAN. CATHERINE: b. Dallas, Texas. 1910; 
h 5 feet 2V4 inches; blond hair and green eyes; w. 
108 pounds; p. Catherine and J. W. Moylan. non- 
professionals; e. Bryan Street high school; not mar- 
ried; hy, horseback riding and tennis. Was winner of 
$2,000 beauty contest in Dallas and as a result was 
signed by Ziegfeld as a showgirl. Appeared in the 
"Follies." Rosalie." "Whoopee." and "Rio Rita." 
In 1930 appeared in such pictures as "Our Blushing 
Brides" and "The Devil's Cabaret." "Way Out West": 
also "Easy Going" (1929). MGM. 

MUNSON, ONA: b. Portland. Ore.. June 16. 1908: 
h. 5 feet 2 inches; brown hair and blue eyes; w. 115 
pound!) ; e. Miss Catlln's school, Portland; div. Eddie 
Buzzell. professional. Started stage experience In 
vaudeville and then musical comedy. Appeared In 
"No, No, Nanette," "Tip Toes," "Twinkle Twinkle." 
"Manhattan Mary," "Hold Everything," "As Hus- 
bands Go." "The Silver Cord." Screen experience: 
ha« appeared with Jnc E. Brown In "Going Wild" 
(1930), followed by "The Hot Hoiress," with Ben Lyon, 

for First National. Has also appeared in Vitaphone 
short, "The Collegiate Model." Signed on ong lterm 
contract to First National; "Broadminded," "Five Star 
Final." First National. 

M U RAT. JEAN: Appeared in "Venus" (1929). 
United Artists. 

MURPHY. EDNA : r. n. Elizabeth Edna Murphy; b. 
New York City, November 17, 1904: h. 5 feet 2 inches; 
blond hair and blue eyes; w. 101 pounds; p. Mary Ann 
Gibson and Edward Hugh Murphy, non-professionals: 
e. Manual Training high school, Brooklyn, and Bay- 
ridge college, Brooklyn; m. Mervyn LeRoy. director; 
no hobbies. No stage training. Screen experience 
since 1919 during which time she has appeared in 
"Over the Hill." "King of Wild Horses." "McFadden's 
Flats." "Daughters of Today" and in Westerns for 
RKO with the late Fred Thomson; (1929) "The 
Bachelors Club," General Pictures; "Greyhound Limit- 
ed," "Kid Gloves," "My Man," "The Sap" and 
"Stolen Kisses," Warner Bros.; "The Man from 
Blankley's" (1929). Warner Bros.: "Little Johnny 
Jones" (1929), First National; "Lummox" (1930). 
United Artists; "Dancing Sweeties" (1930). Warner 
Bros.; (1931), "Anybody's Blonde." Mayfair. 

MURRAY, ANITA: Appeared in "Hot For Paris" 
(1929), Fox. 

MURRAY. ELIZABETH: Appeared in "Lucky in 
Love" (1929), Pathe. 

MURRAY. JOYCE: b. Coeur d'Alene, Itaho, January 
31. 1911; e. Lady of Lourdes, Spokane, Wash., and 
Sacred Heart, Hollywood, college degree from Immacu- 
late Heart Convent; h. 5 feet lti inches, w. 100 
pounds; brunette hair, blue eyes; hy. riding, tennis 
and swimming. Three years on the dramatic stage, 
Fanchon & Marco, with Elsie Janis, specialty dancer 
at the Warner Bros, theatre opening. Entered pictures 
in "Broadway Melody"; other pictures: "Sally." 
"Scandal," "The Jazz Age." "Revue of Revues." 

MURRAY. MAE: b. Portsmouth. Va. ; h. 5 feet 
4 inches; blond hair and blue eyes; w. 110 pounds; 
e. New York City; married; stage career, Ziegfeld 
Follies. Entered pictures as double for a famous star. 
Featured in "On With the Dance." "Idols of Clay." 
Paramount; "Peacock Alley," "Fashion Row," "Mile. 
Midnight," "The Merry Widow," "The Masked 
Bride," "Valencia," "Altars of Desire," MGM; 
Made tour of West Coast doing Merry Widow Waltz 

MURRAY, MARY: Appeared in "Lucky in Love" 
(1929), Pathe. 

MURTAGH. CYNTHIA: Appeared in "The Ware 
Case," (1929), First National. 

MYERS. CARMEL: b. San Francisco, Cal., April 
4, 1901; h. 5 feet 4 inches; red hair and green eyes; 
w. 120 pounds; p. Mrs. Isadore Myers and Rabbi Isa- 
dore Myers (both deceased), non-professionals; e. Los 
Angeles high school, sang ingenue lead in "The Magic 
Melody" for one season in New York City; m. Ralph 
H. Blum, attorney. June 9. 1929; hy. tennis, dancing, 
playing ukulele and singing her own compositions. Has 
played in many Writers' Club productions in Holly- 
wood. Entered pictures in 1917 under tutelage of D. 
W. Griffith. Her first appearance before the camera 
was in "The Matri-maniac" with Douglas Fairbanks; 
then followed "Stage Struck," "Might and the Man," 
a lead opposite Harold Lockwood in "The Haunt d 
Pajamas," after which she signed a two year starring 
contract with Universal. "Sirens of the Sea." "My 
Unmarried Wife." "All Night" and "A Society Sen- 
sation" were some of the pictures made during this 
time. Then followed a season on the stage in New 
York and another year's contract with Universal. Also 
appearances in "The Last Hour." "The Famous Mrs. 
Fair." "You Are in Danger." "The Dancer of the 
Nile," "The Magic Skin." now known as "The Slave 
of Desire." and then "Law Against Law" for Gold- 
wyn. After this came a great part in "Beau Brum- 
mel" with John Barrymore for Warner Brothers. She 
scored what is possibly her greatest success as Iris in 
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's "Ben Hur." After that she 
made "A Certain Young Man." "The Demi-Bride" 
and "The Understanding Heart" for the same com- 
pany. Then "Sorrel and Son" for United Artists; 
"The Girl from Rio" for Gotham: "Prowlers of the 
Sea" for Tiffany- Stahl; "Four Walls" and "The Song 
of Love" (which was "Adrienne Lecouvreur") for 
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Following this picture she was 
signed by Fox for two Movietones. The first was a 
two-reel picture with Clark and McCullough in which 
she registered so well that she was immediately cast in 
Fox's first 100 per cent, all-talking feature length 
Movietone, "The Ghost Talks," from the stage play 
"Badges" by Max Marcin: (1929) "Careers," "The 
Careless Age," First National; "Dream of Love." 
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer; "The Red Sword," Radio Pic- 
tures; "He Did His Best" (1929), Paramount-Chris- 
tie: "Broadway Scandals" (1929), Columbia; "The 
Ship from Shanghai" (1930). MGM ; "The Lady Sur- 
renders" (1930), Universal; "The Stronger Sex" 
(1930); 1931: "Svengali," Warner; "The Mad Genius," 
Warner; "Pleasure," Artclass; "Chinatown After 
Dark," Action; "Nice Women," Universal. 


NASH. JUNE: Appeared in 1929 in "Companionate 
Marriage," First National; "Strange Cargo." Pathe. 

NEFF. PAULINE L.: b. Altoona, Pa.: h. 5 feet 7 
inches; gray hair and gray eyes; w. 135 pounds; e. 
private schools in Philadelphia, Wooda College; m. 
ri nnk Cofl'vn. professional : hy. tennis and swimming, 
Stage experience for a time, last appearance with 
James R. Haekett in "A Grain of Dust." Screen ex- 
perience started in 1913 and among her pictures are 
"Passerby," "Let No Man Put Asunder." "No Girls 
Wanted." "Women Love Diamonds," "Claw." "Masked 
Bride" and others. Freelance player. 

NEGRI. POLA: b. Poland; e. in Poland; h. 5 feet 
4 inches; w. 120 pounds; black hair, hazel eyes. 
Made her first big reputation as star of the Russian 
Imperial Ballet in the Czarist regime, as a dancer; 
emotional actress of foreign stage. First seen in 
America in "Passion," followed by "Gypsy Blood." 
"Hotel Imperial," "Barbed Wire," "Woman on Trial," 
"Scent Hour," "Three Sinners." "Loves of an 
Actress"; (1932), "A Woman Commands," Radio. 

NEWBERRY. BARBARA: Played in Vitaphone No. 
1045, "Fashion's Mirror." 

NEWELL, ELSA: Played in Vitaphone No. 2296. 

NEWTON. FLORENCE: Played in Vitaphone No. 
962, "Wedding Bells." 

NICHOLS, NELLIE V.: Appeared in "Playing 
Around" (1930), First National. 

NILSSON, ANNA Q. : b. Ystad, Sweden; h. 5 feet 
7 inches; blond hair and blue eyes; w. 125 pounds; 
e. in Ystad, Sweden. She has had some stage experi- 
ence, and appeared in the following screen produc- 
tions: "Thirteenth Juror," "Too Much Money," "Mid- 
night Lovers," "Greater Glory'." "Her Second Chance." 
"Easy Pickings," "The Masked Woman." "Lonesome 
Ladies," "Babe Comes Home," "The Whip," "Block- 
ade" and "Sorretl and Son." Freelance player. 

NISSEN. GRETA: r. n. Grethe Ruzt-Nissen; b. Oslo, 
Norway, Jan. 30th; h. 5 feet 4^ inches; blond hair 
and blue eyes; w. 120 pounds; e. in Copenhagen. Den- 
mark ; married : hy. swimming. Stage experience in 
"Beggars on Horseback," in which she played the lead. 
She entered films in 1925 and has appeared in the 
following: "Popular Sin," "Butter and Egg Man," 
"Blind Alleys." "Love Thief." "Wanderer," "Beggar 
on Horseback," "Blond and Brunette," "Lucky Lady," 
"Lauy of Harem." "" "The Silent Witness. Fox. 

NIXON, MARIAN: b. Superior, Wis.; h. 5 feet; 
brown hair and dark eyes; w. 100 pounds; p. Frederick 
Nixon, non-professional; m. Edward Hillman, Jr., non- 
professional; hy. bridge, dancing and designing dresses. 
Screen experience, prolog in a Minneapolis motion 
picture theatre, did a dance number in vaudeville. 
With this company toured west, going to Los Augeles. 
Screen experience started with a three-month contract 
with Mack Bennett. Appeared in "The Temple of 
Venus," Kentucky Days." "Big DSn," "Vagabond 
Trail," "Cupid's Fireman." "Just Off Broadway," "The 
Last of the Duanes" and "Riders of the Purple Sage," 
for Fox. At the expiration of the Fox contract she 
signed a contract with Universal and appeared in the 
following: "I'll Show You the Town." "Out All Night," 
co-starred with George Lewis in "The Four-Flusher," 
featured opposite Jean Hersholt in "The Symphony" 
and in "Honeymoon Flats." Her latest pictures in- 
clude "Geraldine" for Pathe; "Out of the Ruins" 
and "Young Nowheres," for First National; "The Rain- 
bow Man" for Sono-Art Paramount, and "General 
Crack." "In the Headlines" and "Little Pal," for 
Warner Bros.; "Courage" (1930), "College Lovers" 
11930). First National; "Scarlet Pages," Warner; 
"The Lash," First National; "Sweepstakes," Radio; 
"Women go on Forever," James Cruze; "Charlie Chan's 
Chance," "After Tomorrow," Fox; "Private Scandal," 
Headl ne, 

NOBLE, SALLY: Played in "His Operation" 

(1929) , Pathe, Variety Comedies. 

NOLAN, MARY: r. n. Mary Imogene Robertson; b. 
Louisville, Ky., December 18, 1905; h. 5 feet 5 inches; 
blond hair and green eyes; w. 112 pounds; p. Mary 
and Jack Robertson, non-professionals; e. St. Joseph's 
convent ; not married ; hy. her work. Stage experience 
in musical comedy as a dancer; has appeared in 
"Daffodil" with Arthur Hammerstein; "Lady Butter- 
fly" with Oliver Morosco; and with Ziegfeld for two 
seasons; then went to Europe. Screen experience in 
"Uneasy Money." made abroad and now being re- 
leased in New York, and "The Viennese Lover" and 
"The Woman God Forgot," she made abroad, and in 
"Sorrel and Son" as Molly; the daughter in "West 
of Zanzibar," and with John Gilbert in "Thrist" for 
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, all produced in Hollywood; 
11929) "Desert Nights," Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer; 
"Charming Sinners," Paramount; "Eleven Who Were 
Loyal," UFA; "Shanghai Lady" (1929), "Outside the 
Law" (1930). "Undertow" (1930). "Young Desire" 

(1930) , Universal; (1932), "File 113," Allied; "Docks 
of San Francisco," Mayfair; "Midnight Patrol," Mono- 

NORMAN. KARYL: Played in Vitaphone No. 2662, 
"Types," No. 2663. "Silks and Satins." 

NORMAN, GERTRUDE: b. London. England; h. 5 
feet 3 inches ; gray brown hair and dark blue eyes ; w. 
124 pounds; p. Georgiana and Denham Norman, non- 
professionals; e. privately; hy. housekeeping, reading 
and knitting. Screen experience starred for ten years in 
new versions of "East Lynne" and "Medea" in Lon- 
don. She came to the United States in 1889 for two 
years on tour, co-starred in "Other Peoples Money" 
with Nazimova for one year on Broadway. In films for 
nineteen years, Edison, Biograph and Vitagraph. 

NORMAN, JOSEPHINE: b. Vienna^ Austria. No- 
vember 12. 1904; e. Wadleigh high school. Miller Busi- 
ness, National Academy of Arts, specializing in nurs- 
ing, secretarial, painting and drawing; h. 5 feet 3 
inches, w. 117 pounds; light brown hair, dark brown 
eyes; hy. horseback riding, camping, swimming. En- 
tered pictures in 1925; has played in "Fifth Avenue," 
"Prince of Pilsen," "King of Kings," "You're in the 
Army Now." "Wreck of the Hesperus," "Chicago." 

NORR1S. ETHEL: Played in "Her Hired Husband" 
(1930). Pathe-Variety Comedies. 

N. J., March 7, 1895; h. 5 feet 2 inches; blue eyes 
and red hair; w. 125 pounds; e. Brooklyn, N. Y. ; m. 
Jack Nonvorth, professional: has two song. Jack, Jr., 
and Ned; hy. swimming and horseback riding. Has lived 
in many leading cities in United States and Europe. 
Stage experience on legitimate stage and vaudeville. 
Entered pictures in 1928. Played in "Nagger series. 

NORWORTH. MRS. JACK: Played Vitaphone No. 
1014. "The Naggers." 

NOVAK. EVA: Screen career: "Irene." First Na- 
tional; "No Man's Gold." Fox; "Say It with Babies." 
Pathe; "The Medicine Man" (1930). Tiffany. 

NOVAK, JANE: Appeared in 1929 in "Redskin." 


O'BYRNE. PATSY: b. Kansas; h. 5 feet 3 inches: 
black hair and blue eyes; w. 124 pounds: p. Elizabeth 
Quinn and James O'Byme, non-professionals; e. Sacred 
Heart Convent, Peoria, 111.; not married: hy. children, 
painting, horseback riding. Started stage career in 
N. Y. Hippodrome but soon gave up same because 
parents objected. Started screen experience with Mack 
Sennctt 10 years ago in comedies having appeared in 
"Barnum Was Right." "Paris," "Outcast," "Loose 
Ankles," "Jazz Queen," for First National: and "Con- 
demned," for United Artists, and "South Sea Rose" 
for Fox. 

O'DAY, DAWN: Appeared in 1920 in "Mother 
Knows Best," in 1930 in "City Girl," Fox, 

Bigger Pictures -Greater Boxoffice Names -Finer Stories 


Columbia's program in 1932-1933 will be the most ambitious 
since the company's inception. The dawn of Columbia's twelfth 
successful year is met with higher ideals, greater facilities 
and a deeper sense of public service than ever before. Unity 
of excellence and leadership will prevail throughout the entire 
line of features, short subjects and outdoor productions. We 
pledge ourselves to the continuance of the cardinal principle 
of Columbia's success — Greater Service to Showmen! Yes — 
watch Columbia! 





O'DAY, MOLLY: r. n. Suzanne Dobson Noonan; b. 
Bayonne. N. J.. 1911: h. 5 feet 2V4 inches: reddish 
brown hair and dark hazel eyes; w. 118 pounds; p. 
Hannali Peterson Kellay and F. F. Noonan. mother 
professional; e. Notre Dame convent, Trenton Island; 
not married; hy. dolls and athletics. Screen experi- 
ence of two years in such pictures as "The Little 
Shepherd of Kingdom Come." "The Patent Leather 
Kid" and "Hard Boiled Haggerty." At the present 
time on stage with Fanchon and Marco: (19291 "On 
With the Shew," Warner; (1932), "Devil on Deck." 
Sono Art World Wide. 

0 DAY. NELL: "King of Jazz." (1930), Universal. 

O'HARA, SHIRLEY: Appeared in "The Wild 
Party" (1929), Paramount. 

O'LEARY. PATSY: Has appeared in "Street Cor- 
ners." "Vacation Loves." Educational-Mack Sennett. 

O'NEAL, ZELMA: b. Rock Falls. 111.: h. 5 feet 
2% inches: auburn hair and blue eyes; w. 116 pounds; 
p. Giace Herlihy and James O'Neal; e. public schools 
of Chicago; m. Anthony Bushell. professional; hy. 
visiting fortune tellers, golf and bridge. Stage ex- 
perience in singing and dancing in small Chicago 
theatres. Booked over Orpheum with "Harry Fields 
Nine Napanese." in sister act with Bernlce O'Neal in 
Harry Carrol Revue. Star of "Good News" and "Fol- 
low Thru." In Educational comedies in 1929; "Fol- 
low Thru" (1930). Paramount. 

O'NEIL. SALLY: r. n. Virginia Louise Noonan; b. 
Bayonne, N. J.. 1910; h. 5 feet 2 inches; dark brown 
hair and dark blue eyes: w. 102 pounds; p. Hannah 
Peterson Kellay and F. F. Noonan. mother, profes- 
sional; e. Notre Dame convent. Trenton Island; has 
had stage training; not married; hy. dolls. Screen ex- 
perience of three years and has appeared in "Mike." 
"Frisco Sally Levy." "The Callahans and the Mur- 
phys." "Battle of the Sexes" and in "Slide, Kelly. 
Slide"; (1929) "The Sophomore." Pathe; "Hard 
boiled." Radio Pictures; "Broadway Fever." Tiffany- 
Stahl: "Girl on the Barge." Universal; "On With the 
Show," Warner Bros.: "Broadway Scandals" (1929), 
Columbia; "Girl of the Port" (1930), Radio Pictures; 
"Hold Everything" (1930). Warner Bros. 

O'NEILL. NANCE: Appeared in 1929 in "His 
Glorious Night." "The High Road." MGM; and in 
1930 in "The Lady of Scandal." "The Singer of 
Seville." MGM; "Ladies of Leisure" Columbia Produc- 
tion; "Eyes of the World." United Artists; "Call of 
the Flesh." MGM: "Cimarron." and "The Queen's 
Husband." Radio: "Their Mad Moment." Fox; "A 
Woman of Experience." RKO Pathe; "The Transgres- 
sion" and "Secret Service." Radio: "Resurrection," 

O'SULLIVAN, MAUREEN: b. Boyle. Ireland. Mav 
17, 1911; h. 5 feet 3 inches; dark brown hair and 
blue eyes; w. 116 pounds; e. Dublin and London 
convents and finishing school in Paris; not married; 
by. tennis, horseback riding. In pictures for three years 
and has appeared in "Song o' My Heart" (1929). "So 
This Is London" (19301. Fox; "Just Imagine" (1930). 
"Princess and the Plumber" (1930), "Connecticut 
Yankee" (1930), "Skyline" (1931), "Big Shot" (1931). 
Radio; "Thirty Days." Patrician; "Tarzan. the Ape 
Man," MGM. 

OAKLAND. VIVIAN: Pictures include. "Tony Runs 
Wild." Fox; "Love 'Em and Weep." "Tell 'Em 
Nothing." Pathe; "Wedding Bells." Paramount: 
"Uncle Tom's Cabin." Universal; "The Man in 
Hobbles," Tiffany; "The Time. Place and the Girl," 
Warner Bros.; in 1929 appeared in "The Crazy Nut." 
and in Educational-Mermaid Talking Pictures: 1930 
pictures include: "Personality." Columbia: "Back 
Pay." First National; "The Lady Surrenders." Uni- 
versal: "Oh. Sailor Behave." "Matrimonial Bed." 
Warner Bros.; "Big Hearted." Pathe. Whoopee 
Comedies: "Let Me Explain," Paramount-Christie 
Talking Comedies. 

OAKLEY. FLORENCE: Appeared in "A Most Im- 
moral Lady" (1929), First National. 

OAKS. DOROTHY: Tlayed in Vitaphone No. 951. 
"A Perfect Understanding." 

OLIVER. BETTY: "The New Waiter" (1930). Pathe- 
George LeMaire Comedies; "Musical Beauty Shop" 
(1930), Pathe-Melody Comedies, first series. 

OLIVER. EDNA MAY: r. n. Edna May Nutter: b. 
Boston. Mass. : h. 5 feet 7 inches; blue eyes and brown 
hair; w. 145 pounds; hy. swimming, music. Twenty 
years stage experience. Entered films with Famous 
Players Paramount, Astoria, L. I., 1923. Among her 
pictures: "Ice Bound," "Let's Get Married." "Luck 
Devil." "Saturday Night Kid," "Half Shot at Sun- 
rise." "Get Rich." "Forbidden Adventure," "Fanny 
Foley Herself." "Ladies of the Jury." 

OLLIVETTE, NINA: Appeared in "Queen High" 
(1930), Paramount. 

OLMSTEAD. GERTRUDE: b. Chicago. 111.; h. 5 
feet 2 inches: dark hair and grey-blue eyes; w. 117 
pounds; m. Robert Z. Leonard, director. Screen ex- 
perience covering a period of several years and has 
appeared in "Mr. Wu" for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer; 
(1929) "The Lone Wolf's Daughter." Columbia: "The 
Passion Song." 

OLSEN. NESLO: b. San Diego. Cal.. June 26. 1911: 
h. 5 feet 3V4 inches; dark brown hair and eyes; w. 
110 pounds: p. Luella Hartwell and LcRoy Olsen. non- 
professionals; e. private girls school and Hollywood high. 
V. C. L. A. at Los Angeles. Calif.; not married: hy. 
flying, bridge, swimming, tennis, horseback riding. 
Stage experience began in numerous school plays and 
dance specialty numbers, as the boy in "The Toymaker 
of Nuremburg." In 1927. "Smiling Thru" and "The 
Red Mill." Discovered by Edmund Colliding in 1927 
and appeared In comedy and ingenue roles in 15 talk- 
ing pictures prior to 1930; was also in "Red Hot 
Rhythm" directed by Leo McCarey for Pathe. Free- 
lance player. 

ONOREA. ANNY: Appeared In "Blackmail" (1929). 
World-Wide-British International picture. 

OSBORNE. VIVIENNE: Played in Vitaphone No. 
1072 73. "The Nightingale"; (1931), "Husband's Holi- 
day," Para. 

OSTERMAN. LYNNE: Played In Vitaphone No. 
1051. "Five Minutes from the Station." 

OWEN. CATHERINE DALE: b. Louisville, Ky.. 
July 28; h. 5 feet 4'^ inches; blond hair and blue 
eye*: w. 125 pounds: p. Reha and Robert Owen, non- 
professionals: e. Nashville. Tenn., Springside School. 
Chestnut Hills, Pa., Academy of Dramatic Art, New 
York City; not married: hv. swimming and riding. 
Siat'c experience in "Utile Women" at Lyceum theatre, 

New York. "Happy Go Lucky." the part of Tilly with 
O. P. Heggie on the road; "The Mountain Man" with 
Sidney Blackmer in New York City. I^eads in follow- 
ing plays: "Bootleggers." "The Love Set." "White 
Collars," "The Whole Town's Talking": with Wm. 
Mack in his play "Canary Dutch" for David Belasoo; 
"Ixive City." with Sessile Hayawaka; "The Play's the 
Thing." with Holbrook Blinn — on tour "The Silent 
House," in 1928 "Mr. Moneypenny" ; 1931, "The 
Greeks Had a Word for It." On the serein in "Forbid- 
den Woman": under contract to MGM. made "His 
Glorious Night" (1929), "The Rogue Song." "Strictly 
Unconventional," "The Circle"; in 19.'!() in "Born Reck- 
less." "Such Men Are Dangerous." Fox; "Today," in 
1931: "Behind Office Doors," Radio; "In Defense of 
the Law," Darmour. 

OWEN, SE E N A b. Spokane, Wash.: h. 5 feet 8 
Inches; blond hair and blue eyes; w. 125 pounds: e 
Bruno Hall, Spokane. Stage career, legitimate and 
stock. Screen career, recent appearances: "The Blue 
Danube." "The Rush Hour." Pathe: Yvonne D'Orsy 
in "Sinners in Love." FBO; Rose Sellers in "Marriage 
Playground," Paramount. 


PADDEN. SARAH: Appeared in 1929 in "Com- 
panionate Marriage," First National; "Wonder of 
Women," Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer; "The Sophomore," 
Pathe; and in Vitaphone No. 2246. No. 2268. 

PAGE. ANITA: r. n, Anita Pomares: b. Murray 
Hill, Flushing, L. I.. August 4, 1910; h. 5 feet 2 
inches; blond hair and blue eyes; w. 118 pounds; p. 
Maude E. and Marino Pomares; e. Washington Irving 
high school. New York City; hy. art and drawing. 
Appeared in the following Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer pro- 
ductions, "Telling the World." "Our Dancing Daugh- 
ters," "While the Citv Sleeps." "The Flying Ensign" 
and "Tiie Broadway Melody" in 1928. In 1929 in 
"The Flying Fleet." "The Hollywood Revue," "Our 
Modern Maidens." "Speedway," "Navy Blues"; in 1930 
in "Caught Short," "Free and Easy," "Our Blushing 
Brides." MGM; "Little Accident." Universal; "The 
Easiest Way." MGM; "Sidewalks of New York" (1931), 
MGM; "Under Eighteen" (1931), Warner; "Gentle- 
men's Fate" (1931), MGM. 

PAIGE. PATSY: Played in "Lilies of the Field" 
(1930), First National. 

PALASKA. IRENE: Played in "Married in Holly- 
wood" (1929). Fox. 

PALLAT. NORMA: Played in "So This Is Mar- 
riage" (1929). Pathe-Folly Comedies, first Series. 

PALMER. CORLISS: b. Macon. Ga. : h. 5 feet 5% 
inches; blond hair and hazel eyes; w. 130 pounds; p. 
Julia Farrell, non-professional; e. Lanier high school, 
Macon, Ga. : m. Eugene Palmer, writer and Publisher; 
by. animals. Stage experience in New York City. 
Her screen experience consists of roles in "The Night 
Bird." "George Washington Cohen," "Applesauce," 
"Honeymoon Hate" and "A Man's Past," "Broadway 
Fever" (1929), Tiffany-Stahl. 

PALMER. MABEL: Played in "Dance With Me" 
(1930), Pathe-Checker Comedies, second series. 

PALMER. PATRICIA: Appeared in "Little Sav- 
age" (1929), Radio Pictures. 

PALMER. SHIRLEY: Played in "Campus Knights" 
(1929), Chesterfield. 

PARKER, CECELIA: (19321. "Rainbow Trail," Fox. 

PARLO, DITA: b. Germany; black hair, large eyes. 
Appeared in films in her own country. "Homecoming" 

(1929) , Paramount; "Hearts Melody" (Melody of 
Hearts) and "Hungarian Rhapsody." UFA. 

PARRISH. HELEN: Appeared in "His First Com- 
mand" (1930). Pathe. 

PARSLEY. RUBY: Played in "The Marriage Play- 
ground" (1929), Paramount. 

PATTERSON. ELIZABETH: b. Savannah, Tenn. : h. 
5 feet 5 inches; dark brown hair and dark blue eyes; 
w. 115 pounds; e. in Savannah and Mortin college; 
hy. collecting antique furniture and jewelry. Stage 
experience three seasons with Ben Greet's English 
Company in Shakespeare's Washington Square Players 
and several seasons with Stuart Walker's Company. 
"Magnolia." "Gypsy Jim." "Lazy Bones." "Charm," 
"Spellbound." "Rope," "Carry On," "The Marriage 
Bed," "Man's Estate" and "Solid South." She has 
appeared in the following screen plays: "The Boy 
Friend." "Peter Grimm," and in 1929 — talking short 
tor Warner Brothers entitled "The Gay Nineties." 
Also in "Words and Music," "Lone Star Ranger." 
"South Sea Rose." "Harmony at Home," "The Big 
Party" (1930), Fox; for Paramount: "Tarnished Lady," 
"Smiling Lieutenant." "Husband's Holiday;" Fox, 
"Daddy Long Legs"; First National, "Penrod and 
Sam"; U, "Heaven on Earth," and "The Cat Creeps." 

PATTERSON. HELEN: Played in "Two Fresh Eggs" 

(1930) . Pathe-Folly Comedies, second series. 

PAULO. CHIQUITA: Appeared in Vitaphone No. 


PAULO, PAQUITA: Appeared in Vitaphone No. 

PEARSON. VIRGINIA: b. Louisville. Ky.. 1888; 
e. in Louisville; h. 5 feet 5 inches, w. 145 pounds; 
dark brown hair, hazel eyes. Stage career, stock: 
two seasons as vampire in Robert Hilllard's "A Fool 
There Was." Faversham's "The Hawk." Screen 
career: Famous Players, Vitagraph, Fox. First Na- 
tional. Selznick, State Rights. Universal, Ginsberg; 
pictures include: "What Price Beauty." "The Big 
City." "The Actress." Mrs. Van Smvthe In "Smilin" 
Guns" (1929). Universal: "The Phantom of the 
Opera" (1929), Universal. 

PEERS. JOAN: b. Chicago. 111.. 1911; p. Frank O. 
Peers, professional ; e. Alta Loma grammar school in 
Los Angeles, and Hyde Park high school in Chicago; 
not married. Stage career began at the age of two 
and one-half. As a child she was a solo dancer with 
Chicago Symphony Orchestra. At six she played child 
in Tamaka Miura's American presentation of "Madam 
Butterfly." Toured with Guy Bates Post in "The 
Masquerader," and entered stork. The play "Marry 
the Man" took her to New York City. The show 
had a short run and she entered pictures. Appeared 
in "Applause" for Paramount, also as an extra In 
Mary Pickford's "Rosita." anil feminine lead in Moran 
and Mack's "Two Black Crows," Paramount: "Around 
the Corner" (1930). "Rain or Shine." Columbia. 

PENNINGTON. ANN: b. Camden, N. J.; h. 4 feet 
11% inches; brown hair and dark brown eyes; w. 106 
pounds; p. non-professionals: e. Cooper School at 
Camden; not married; by. designing own costumes and 
dancing. Stage experience as follows: Two seasons 
with Ziegfeld Follies, with "The Scandals." of 1919 
and 1928. with "Jack and Jill," company and others. 
Screen experience began in 1918 with Paramount, and 
has app ared in the following productions: "The 
Little Boy Scout." "The Sunshine Man." "Antics of 
Ann." "Rainbow Man," "Lucky Horseshoes," "The 
Golden Strain." and "Madame Behave." She also 
appeared in the following talking productions: "Tanned 
Legs." for RKO and "Hello Baby," "Is Everybody 
Happy?" and "The Gold Diggers of Broadway," War- 
ner Bros.; "Happy Days" (1930), Fox; Vitaphone No. 
3641. "Hello Baby." 

PERCY. AILEEN: b. Belfast. Ireland; e. Belfast 
and New York City; h. 5 feet 3 inches, w. 118 pounds: 
blond hair, hazel eyes; m. Ulric Busch. Stage career 
with Ziegfcld and Charles Dillingham. Screen career 
with American. Robertson-Cole, Hodkinson, Fox, Uni- 
versal, FBO. First National, Selznick, Tiffany, Go- 
tham Productions, Chadwick. Pathe; pictures include 
"Burnt Fingers." "Backstage." "Twelve Miles Out." 
"Spring Fever." "Telling the World." Dolly in "The 
Broadway Hoofer." 

PERDUE. DERELYS: Played in "The Smiling 
Terror" (1929). Universal. 

PERFECT, ROSE: Appeared in Vitaphone No. 940. 

PERRY. KATHRYN: Appeared in "Side Street" 
(1929). Radio Pictures. 

PETERSEN. MARIA: Played in "The Last Com- 
pany" Ufa. 

PETERSON, DOROTHY: b. Hector. Minn.; e. In 
Chicago and at Columbia University. New York City; 
h. 5 feet 4 inches; w. 120 pounds: blond hair and 
blue eyes; not married. She was given a test by B. P. 
Fineman at Astoria Studios while playing on the legiti- 
mate stage in New York City. The test was taken 
to the Coast by Ruth Collier and shown at First Na- 
tional Studios. Signed for the part of the mother 
in "Mother's Cry," "Up for Murder." "Party Hus- 
band." "Penrod and Sam," "Traveling Husbands," 
"Bought," "Way Back Home." 

PETERSON, ELSA: Appeared in "Madame Satan" 

PHILBIN. MARY: b. Chicago, 111., 1908; h. 5 feet 
2 inches; brown hair and gray eyes; w. 100 pounds; 
p. non-professionals; e. Chicago; not married. En- 
tered pictures in December. 1921, Has played in such 
pictures as "The Merry Go Round," "Fool's Highway," 
•Fifth Avenue Models," "The Man Who Laughs," "The 
Port of Dreams" and many other minor pictures; (1929) 
"Girl Overboard." "Last Performance," "Phantom of 
the Opera," "Shannons of Broadway," Universal. All 
her work has been with Universal except when she was 
loaned to United Artists for D. W. Griffith's "Drums 
of Love." 

PHILLIPS. HELENA: Played in "The Greene Mur- 
der Case" (1929). Paramount. 

PHILLIPS. MARY: Played in Vitaphone No. 1068. 
"Stepping Out." 

PHIPPS. SALLY: b. San Francisco. May 24, 1909: 
e. San Francisco and Los Angeles, specializing in 
law and art; h. 5 feet 2 Inches, w. 108 pounds; red 
hair, brown eyes. Entered pictures in 1926; has played 
in "High School Hero," "News Parade," "None But 
the Brave," "Why Sailors Go Wrong," niece in "De- 
tectives Wanted," hostess in "Joy Street" (1929); "The 
One Woman Idea" (1929). Fox. 

PICKFORD. MARY: r.n. Gladys Smith; sister of 
Jack and Lottie Pickford. professionals; m. Douglas 
Fairbanks, professional. Began her stage career in 
her native city, Toronto, Canada, when but 5 years old, 
playing a speaking part with the Valentine Stock com- 
pany in that city. At 8 years she was already a veteran 
actress, going on the road with "The Little Red 
.Schoolhouse" and a year later starring in "The Fatal 
Wedding." At 13 she played with Chauncey Olcott in 
"Edmund Burke" and her first appearance on Broad- 
way was made under the auspices of David Belasco in 
"The Warrens of Virginia," in which she originated 
the role of Betty Warren. 

Her first screen appearance was in "Her First Bis- 
cuits" with Florence Lawrence and William Courtright 
(who again appeared with her in "My Best Girl" 
(1927); then the leading role in "The Violin Maker of 
Cremona" for Biograph; thence to Independent Motion 
Picture Company, again returning to Biograph. Belasco 
succeeded in winning her back to the stage the follow- 
ing season and presented her in "A Good Little Devil." 
In the spring of 1913 she made a film of the play for 
Famous Players and after that she rose rapidly to 
her present preeminence in motion pictures. She was 
vice president of Mary Pickford Famous Players Com- 
pany in 1915 and appeared in the following pictures 
for that company: "A Good Little Devil." "Caprice." 
"Bishop's Carriage," "Tess of the Storm Country," 
"Hearts Adrift," "Such a Little Queen," "Eagle's 
Mate." "Behind the Scenes." "Fanchon the Cricket." 
"Cinderella." "Mistress Nell." "A Dawn of Tomor- 
row." "Rags," "Little Pal." "The Girl of Yester- 
day." "Poor Little Pippina." "Madam Butterfly," "The 
Foundling." "The Eternal Grind," "Hulda from Hol- 
land" and "Less Than the Dust." 

In 1916 Mary Pickford Company was organized and 
she acquired one-half interest in the profits of her films 
which were released through Artcraft Pictures. Among 
these films were: "Pride of the Clan." "Poor Little 
Rich Girl," "Romance of the Redwoods." "The Little 
American." "Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm." "Little 
Princess." "Stella Maris." "Amarilla of Clothes Line 
Alley," "M'liss." "How Could You, Jean?" "Captain 
Kidd. Jr.," "Johanna Enlists." In 1918 Miss Pick- 
ford became an independent producer, making pictures 
for release through First National. These Included 
"Daddy Long Legs." "The Hoodlum" and "Heart 
o' the Hills." Early in 1919. Mary became one of 
the organizers of United Artists Corporation, which 
organization releases her pictures today. "Pollyanna." 
her first production for United Artists, was followed by 
"Suds." "The Love Light." "Through the Back Door." 
"Little Lord Fauntleroy." "Tess of the Storm Country" 
(directed hy John S. Robertson). "Rosita" (directed by 
Ernst Lubltsch). "Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall." 
"Little Annie Rooney." "Sparrows" and "My Best 
Girl." "Coquette," released early In 1929, was her first 
all-talking picture. "The Taming of the Shrew." all- 
talking picturlzatton of Shakespeare's comedv. marked 
the first Joint appearance of Mary Pickford and Douglas 
Fairbanks in a film. In 1930 she made "Forever 
Yours." and in 1931 "Kiki" for United Artistt. 




PICON. MOLLY: Appeared in Vitaphone No. 917. 

PIERCE. EVELYN : b. Del Rio, Texas. February 
6. 1908: e. in l»s Angeles: h. 5 feet 4 Inches: w. 
122 pounds: blond hair and gray eyes: hy. dancing, 
horseback riding and swimming: not married. En- 
tered pictures in 1925. Has appeared in "Sporting 
Venus," "Excuse Me," several leads in Rin-Tin-Tin 
pictures, ingenue and leads in "While London Sleeps," 
"Once a Gentleman" and "The Parisian." 

PILOT. BERENICE: Played in "Hearts in Dixie" 

(1929) . Fox. 

PITTS. ZASU: b. Parsons. Kan.. 1898: h. 5 f et 
6 inches: brown hair and blue eyes; w. 110 pounds: 
e. in California: m. Tom Gallery, professional, one 
child. No stage experience. Appeared in the following 
screen productions: "Early to Wed." "H r Big Night." 
"Risky Business." "Casey at the Bat." "Wife Savers." 
"Greed," "Buck Privates." "13 Washington Square. " 
"Sunlight Paris," "Sunny Side Up." "Monte Carlo." 
"The Snuall." "Wedding March." "Sins of the 
Fathers." "The Dummy," "Manmquin." "Old Shoes." 
"Her Private Life." "Twin Beds," in 1929 in "Oh 
Yeah," Pathe; "Paris." First National: "This Thing 
Called Love." Pathe: and in 1930 in "The Devil's 
Holiday," "Honey," Paramount: "Beyond Victory." 
Pathe: "Lottery Bride." United Artists: "Mont' 
Carlo." Paramount; "Little Accident." "Unexpected 
Father." Universal; "River's End." Warner Bros. 

POLLARD. DAPHNE: b. Melbourne. Australia: e. 
Australia; h. 4 feet 9 inches: w. 100 pounds; blond hair, 
blue eyes: hy. swimming and golf. Previous career 
on stage in revues, musical comedy, variety in London, 
Paris and United States since 1914 : starred at New 
York Winter Garden, London Hippodrome and Paris 
Folies Bergeres. Entered the picture business in 1927. 
when drafted from the stage for comedy; pictures in- 
clude "The Slim Princess." "The Girl From Every- 
where," "The Girl From Nowhere." "Hit of the 
Show." Mabel in "Sinners in Love." "The Lion's 
Roar." "The Old Barn." "Loose Ankles" (1930). First 
National; "Bright Lights" (1930). First National; 
Sybil in "Big Time." Minnie in "The Skv Hawk": 
"Big Time" (1929). Fox; Mrs. Nott in "South Sea 
Rose" (1929). Fox: Emma in "Swing High" (1930). 
Pathe: "Sky Hawk" (1930), Fox; "Bulls and Bears" 

(1930) . "Sugar Plum Papa" (1930). "Honevmoon 
Zeppelin" (1930). "Goodbye Legs" (1930), Educa- 
tional-Mack Sennett Talking Pictures; "America or 
Bust" (1930). Pathe. Checker Comedies. Second Series; 
No. 2554 "Wanted— A Man" and No. 25B7 "Cleo to 
Cleopatra." Vitaphone shorts. 

POTECHINA, LYDIA: Appeared in 1929 in "His 
Latest Excellency"; "White Devil," Ufa. 

POULTEN MAREL: Appeared in "Constant 
Nymph" (1929), Gainsborough. 

POWERS. LUCILLE: b. San Antonio. Texas. Novem- 
ber 18. 1911: e. at Girl's Latin School. Boston. Mass . 
and the schools of Spartanburg. S. C. : h. 5 feet 5*£ 
inchis; w. 123 pounds; blond hair, blue eyes: hy. 
motoring. Did stock in Spartanburg for a while and 
then in Dallas and Los Angeles, where her work won 
her a part in "Three Week Ends" at Paramount. 
Played in "All Quiet on the Western Front." "The 
King of Jazz." and the lead in King Vidor's produc- 
tion." "Billy, the Kid." "Man to Man." Warner: 
"Two-Gun Man." Tiffany: "A Private Scandal." 

PREER, EVELYN: b. Vicksburg. Miss.. July 26, 
1904 : e. public schools of Chioago. III., specializing in 
domestic science; h. 5 feet, 8 inches; w. 130 pounds; 
brown hair, brown eyes; hy. tennis, golf and swimming; 
m. Edward Thompson. On the stage played the title 
role in Oscar Wilde's "Salome," at Frazee theatre in 
New York, in David Belasco's "Lulu Belle" and with 
Lafayette Players for four years. Entered pictures in 
1928. when Christie Film Company signed her because 
of her stage work and previous experience in colored 
pictures; played the role of Jonquil Williams in "Mel- 
ancholy Dame." Mrs. Privacy Robinson in "Framing 
of the Shrew." "Musio Hath Charms." "Oft in the 
Silly Night." 

PRESTELLE. MAE T.: b. Iowa; e. In the East; h 5 
6 inches; w. 138 pounds; brown hair, gray eyes: hy. 
horseback riding and walking. Appeared on the stage. 
Entered pictures in 1913 with Universal in New York 
City; pictures include: "English and Gypsy Love." 
"Price of Fame." "Beulah." "One Woman to An- 
other," the Nun in "The Awakening," Nun In "The 
Iron Mask." Nun in "Queen Kelly," "Dynamite." 
"The Royal Lover." 

PREVOST. MARIE: b. Sarnia. Ont.. Canada.; h. 
5 feet 4 indies; very dark brown hair and blue eyes; 
e. Manual Arts high school. Los Angeles: m. and 
div. Kenneth Harlan, professional : hy. swimming and 
open air motoring. Played in two reel slapstick com- 
edies. First feature picture, a drama, "Old Swimmin' 
Hole." in which she played opposite Charles Ray; first 
big success was "Tarnish." followed by "The Mar- 
riage Circle" and "Kiss Me Again." directed by Ernst 
Lubitsch; also appeared in "Recompense" and "The 
Dark Swan." Starred under Metropolitan banner in 
"Up in Mabel's Room." "Almost a Lady." "For 
Wives Only," "Man Bait." "Getting Gertie's Garter." 
"The Night Bride." Also starred hy Pathe-DeMille 
in "Girl in the Pullman." "The Rush Hour." "On to 
Reno." "Blonde for a Night." and featured in "The 
Godless Girl." DeMille special. Also featured in "The 
Racket." directed by I^ewis Milestone for Caddo and 
released through Paramount. Starred in "The Exodus 
of the New World," produced by the Pioneer Film Cor- 
poration of Salt Lake City and in "The Sideshow" 
for Columbia, directed by Erie Kenton: ( 1920) "Divorce 
Made Easy," Paramount: "The Flying Fool." "The 
Godless Girl." Pathe: "Ladies of Leisure" (1930). 
Columbia; "Party Girl" (1930). Tiffany. 

PRICE, KATE: r. n. Kate Duffy: b. Cork. Ireland. 
February 13. 1872: h. 5 feet 6\4 inches: dark brown 
hair and blue eyes: w. 210 pounds; p. Mary Steele 
and Phillip Duffy, non-professionals; e Ireland: hy. 
swimming. Twenty years stage experience, appearing 
in dramatic and vaudeville sketches. Screen experi- 
ence ronsists of roles in "The Cohens and the Kellvs." 
"Frisco Sallv Levy." "The Godless Girl." "Anybody 
Here Seen Kelly," "Third Degree," "Show Girl," 
"Paradise" and "The Sea Hawk": (1929) "Two 
Weeks Off." First National: "Cohens and Kellys In 
Atlantic, City." "Cohens and Kellys in Scotland" 
(1930), Universal; "Dancing Sweeties" (1930), War- 
ner Rros. 

PRICE. NANCY : b. Denver. Col.. June 21. 1918; e. 
public schools of Hollywood, specializing In dancing 

and music; h. 4 feet. G inches: w. 74 pounds; light 
brown hair, hazel eyes: hy. swimming. Entered pic- 
tures in 1920 at the age of 2 years. Pictures include 
the title role in "Eva the Fifth." MGM; "The Doctor's 
Secret" (1929), Paramount: Alice in "Three Live 

PRINGLE. AILEEN: h San Francisco. Cal.; h. 5 
feet 4 inches; dark brown hair and green eyes; w. 

117 pounds; p. Julie Goyhen (French) and G ge 

W. Bisbee; e. Miss Murison's School in San Francisco, 
School of the Sacred Heart. Paris, and Miss Mc- 
Kenzie's School in London; hy. oriental arts. Ssage 
experience under the Elliotts at London in "The 
Bracelet" in 1915. Thence to the screen where she 
has appeared in "Redhead." for Select pictures in 
1919; in "Earthbound." "Souls for Sale." "Three 
Weeks." "His Hour" and "Wife of the Centaur" for 
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in 1920-23-24; also in Para- 
mount's "Tin Gods" in 1926: and again in Metros 
"Adam and Evil." in 1927: "Beau Broadway": "Wall 
Street," Columbia; "Prince of Diamonds" (1930). "Sol 
diers and Women"; (1931), "Convicted." produced by 

PRINGLE. 1ESSIE: Played in "The Devil's Holi- 
day" (1930), Paramount. 

PURSELL, JUNE: r. n. Mary IMrsell ; b Indian- 
apolis, Ind., 1903; h, 5 feet 4% inches; blond hair, 
blue eyes: w. 127 pounds; p. Delia Lindhy. Walter 
Pursell, non-professionals; e. Shortridge high school. 
Indianapolis: not married: hy. swimming, drawing, 
painting, piano, horseback riding, golf. Has had 
stage experience on Orpheum circuit in a singing act. 
Broadcast for five years over radio station KNX. and 
also has recorded for Brunswick records. Has ap- 
peared on the screen in "The Hollywood Revue." and 
"Viennese Nights" (1930). Warner Bros.; and in 
Vitaphone short. 


QUARTARO, NENA: r. n. Gladys Quartararo; b. 
Mt. Vernon, New York; e. New York City; h. 5 feet. - 
inches; w. Ill pounds; black hair, brown eyes: hy. 
riding, tennis and swimming. Previous career, on the 
stage at various times since five years of age; discov- 
ered by D. W. Griffith at fourteen years of age; screen 
career. "The Red Mark." Consuelo in "The Eternal 
Woman" (1929), Columbia: "Frozen River" and "One 
Stolen Night" (1929), Warner Bros.: Mitzi in "The 
Redeeming Sin," "The Virginian," "Under a Texas 
Moon." "Golden Dawn" (1930), Warner Bros.; "Mon- 
sieur Le Fox" (1930). MGM; In 1931: "The Hawk." 
Bachelor Father," MGM; "Arlzonian Terror," Tiffany: 
"Arizona." Columbia; "New Moon," MGM; "Men 
of the North." MGM : "God's Gift, to Women." War- 
ner: "The Squawk.'" Roach; "His Last Hour." Uni- 
versal: "Trapped." Big Four; "Zeppelin." Mack Sen- 

QUEDENS. EUNICE: Appeared in "Song of Love" 
(1929). Columbia. 

QUILLAN. MARIE: b. Philadelphia. Pa., March '17. 
1911; h. 5 feet 2 inches; dark brown hair and blue 
eyes; w. 109 pounds; p. Sally Owens and Joseph S. 
Quillan professionals; e. Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. 
South Philadelphia;; not married; hy. reading, motion 
pictures, tennis, football and sewing. Has been on 
the stage all her life in family acts. Screen experi- 
ence in "Speedy" with Harold Lloyd: (1929) "Cam- 
pus Knights." Chesterfield; "Noisy Neighbors," Pathe; 
Vitphone No. 2574. "A Little Bit of Everything." 

QUIMBY. MARGARET: Appeared in 1929 in "Lucky 
Boy." Tiffany-Stahl; "Trailing Trouble" (1930). Uni- 


RAISA. ROSA: Played in Vitaphone Nos. 2545 and 

RALSTON. ESTHER: b. Bar Harbor, Maine; h. 
5 feet 5 inches; blond hair and blue eyes: w. 124 
pounds; p. May Howard and Harry Walter Ralston, 
professionals; e. high school in Washington, D. C., and 
received her stage training dancing in a family act; m. 
George Webb, non-professional; hy. swimming and inte- 
rior decorating. Stage experience as a child in Ralston 
presentations. Screen experience consists of roles in 
"The Phantom Fortune" for Universal and also in Uni- 
versal Westerns; for Paramount in "Peter Pan," "Beg- 
gar on Horseback," "The Best People." "The Goose 
Hangs High." "The Lucky Devil." "The American 
Venus." "The Little French Girl." "The Trouble with 
Wives," "Womanhandled." "The Quarterback," "The 
Blind Goddess," "Children of Divorce," "Fashions for 
Women," "Ten Modern Commandments," "Figur s 
Don't Lie." "The Spotlight," "'Love and Learn." 
"Something Always Happens," "The Sawdust Para- 
dise" and "The Case of Lena Smith"; (1929) "Be- 
trayal," "The Wheel of Life": "The Mighty," Para- 
mount. In 1930 played 40 weeks personal appearances 
for RKO. Publix and Warner Theatres. In 1931 co- 
starred in "The Southerner" with Lawrence Tibbett and 
"Lonely Wives" with Edward Everett Hortoti. then 
retired indefinitely from the pictures to become the 
mother of a baby girl August 10. 1931. 

RALSTON. JOBYNA: b. South Pittsburgh, Tenn.. 
November 24, 1904: e. Tennessee and Hollywood; h. 
5 feet, 1 inch; w. 106 pounds; brown hair, blue eyes; 
hy. golf, tennis, swimming; m. Richard Arlen. actor. 
Previous career as a chorus girl. Entered piotures in 
1921; pictures include "Why Worry." "The Freshman." 
"The Night Flyer." "Special Delivery." "Wings." 
"Racing Romeo," "Tattle Mickey Grogan." "Count of 
Ten," "Gigolo." "Kid Brother," "Some Mother's Boy" 
11929), Rayart; Mary in "The Tollers," Doris Marlowe 
in "The College Coquette" (1929). Columbia; "The 
Power of the Press" (1929). Columbia; "Rough Waters" 

(1929) Warner Bros. 

RAMBEAU. MARJORIE: b. San Francisco. Cal.: 
hi 5 feet 6 inches; blond hair and blue eyes; w. 
135 pounds: p. Lillian Burnett and Marcel Kamlieau. 
non-professionals; e. San Francisco; sports, golf. Stage 
experience. 20 years. "Rves of Youth." "Cheating 
Cheaters." "The Goldfish." "Kick In." "Antonia." 
and many others. First picture was "Her Man" 

(1930) , role of Annie. Pathe; "Dark Star" (1930). 
MGM ; (1931), "Leftover Ladles." Tiffany. 

randoff. STELLA: Appeared In "Me. Qangster" 

(1929). Fox. 

RANK IN. CAROLINE: Played In "tone Star 
Ranger" (1930>. Fox. 

RANKIN, DORIS: "Her Unborn Child" (1929). 
Windsor Pictures; "Love at First Sight" (1930) Ches- 

RAVEL. SANDRA: Played in "Three French Girls" 
(1930), MGM. 

RAY. ALLENE: r. n. Allene Burch: b. San Antonio. 
Tex., January 2; h. 5 feet 3 inches; blond hair and 
hazel eyes; w. 114 pounds; p. Willie Ray Mullins and 
John Burch, non-professionals; e. San Antonio and 
Fort Worth, Tex,, high schools; m. Mr. Wheeler, non- 
professional; hy. all athletics and riding. Stage experi- 
ence in a musical comedy. San Antonio, Tex. Entered 
pictures in 1919 and has appeared in such pictures as 
"The High Card." "Tex O'Reilly." "Partners of the 
Sunset." "Your Friend and Mine," and in the follow- 
ing serials. "The Green Archer." "Snowed In." "The 
House Without a Key," "Melting Millions." "Hawk of 
the Hills," "The Man Without a Face." "The Terribl;- 
People." "The Yellow Cameo"; "Overland Bound" 
(1930). Bell: (1931). "The Phantom." Artclass. 

RAY. MONA: Screen career, Topsy in "Uncle Tom's 
Cabin," Universal; "Pardon My -Gun," Pathe; "Pick 
'Em Young" (1930), Pathe. Melody Comedies, first 
series; "Redheads" (1930). Pathe. Folly Comedies, first 
series; "Half Pint Polly" (1930), Pathe. Rodeo 

RAYMOND. FRANCES: Played in "The Illusion" 

(1929) . Paramount. 

READE. JANET: r. n. Helen Dorothy Rulon: b. 
Philadelphia. Pa.. July 21. 1910; h. 5 feet 7 inches; 
blue-gray eyes and platinum hair: w. 124 pounds: p. 
Helen and William Rulon. non-professionals; e. West 
Philadelphia high school: m. Walter Batchelor. theat- 
rical agent. Stage experience: Leading comedy role 
opposite Eddie Cantor in "Whoopee." opposite W. C. 
Fields in "Ballyhoo." vaudeville. First picture was a 
small part in "Smiling lieutenant," starring Maurice 

REBLA: Played in "The New Waiter" (1930). 
Pathe, George LeMaire Comedies. 

REECE KATHRYN: Appeared in "Animal Crack- 
ers" (1930). Paramount. 

REGO. BILLIE: Played in "Trying Them Out" 

(1930) . Pathe. Checker Comedies, first series. 
REICHER. HEDWIG: Appeared in 1929 in "Lucky 

Star." "True Heaven." Fox; "The Godless Girl." 

REID. JANE: b. Chicago, 111; e. Chicago, special- 
izing in the fine arts course at Art Institute. North- 
western University, Evanston, 111.: h. 5 feet. 5 inches; 
W. 119 pounds; copper hair, brown eyes: hy. tennis, 
riding. Entered pictures at age of 10 years in Essanay 
studio; pictures include: "The Green Lantern." "The 
"Squall," "Clearing the Trail." "When the Law Rides." 
"Law of Fear." "Terror Mountain." Joyce Carlyle in 
"Maid to Order." 

REINWALD. GRETA: Appeared in "Eleven Who 
Were Loyal" (1929). Ufa. 

RENARD KAYE : Played in "Glorifying the 
American Girl" (1929), Paramount. 

RENICK. RUTH: r. n. Ruth Renick Griffith; b. Colo- 
rado. Texas; h. 5 feet 1V4 inches; titian hair and 
hazel-blue eyes; w. 110 pounds; p. non- professionals; 
e. Phoenix Union and Fort North high schools, and 
the Conservatory of Music and Dramatic Art of Ari- 
zona : not married : hy. sports and horseback riding. 
H»s appeared in "The Garden Snare," "Molly Coddle" 
and "Ask Dad He Knows." 

REVIER. DOROTHY: b. San Francisco. Cal.; h. 
5 feet 4 inches; blond hair and blue-grey eyes; w. 115 
pounds; e. Oakland high school : not married: hy. 
horseback riding, tennis and swimming. No stage 
experience. Has appeared in the following screen pro- 
ductions: "Drop Kick" for First National: "The 
Tigress," "The Warning." "The Siren." "Submarine." 
"Murder on the Roof" and "Black Sheep" for Co- 
lumbia: "Red Dance" for Fox; "The Iron Mask" for 
United Artists: "The Mighty" for Paramount, and 
"Hold Everything" for Warner Bros.; "Call of the 
West" (1930). "Light Finger6" (1929). "Murder on 
the Roof" (1930). "Vengeance" (1930), Columbia pro- 
ductions: "Bad Man" (1930), "Sin Flood" (1930), 
"Way of All Men" (1930). First National: "The 
Dance of Life" (1929). Paramount: "The Donovan 
Affair" (1929). "Father and Son" (1929). Columbia. 
(1931-32). "Anybody's Blonde." "Sallv of the Subway." 
"Sin's Pay Day," Mayfair; "Last Ride." U. 

REYNOLDS. VERA: b. Richmond. Va. : h. 5 feet 
M inch; brown hair anil hazel eyes; w. 102 pounds: p. 
Lily B. Dean and Norman Reynolds, non-professionals; 
m. Robert Ellis, actor. Stage experience as a dancer 
in I»s Angeles. Screen experience of 10 years con- 
sists of various roles with Cecil B. DeMille for four 
and one-half years in "Feet of Clay." "Road to Yes- 
terday." "Silence" and "Prodigal Daughters": (1929) 
"Back from Shanghai." General Pictures. "Tonight 
at Twelve." Universal; (1931-321. "Dragnet Patrol." 
"The Monster Walks." Mayfair; "Neck and Neck." 
Sono Art- World Wide. 

RHODES GEORGETTE: Played in "Road to 
Paradise" (1930). First National. 

RHOUMA. GYPSY: Played in "White Cargo" 
(1930). produced by W. P. Film Company. London. 

RICA. MONA: r. n. Enriqueta Valenzuela: b. Mexi- 
co City. Mexico, July 15. 1909: h. 5 feet 2 Inches; 
brown hair and eyes; w. 113 pounds; e. Mexico City 
and in a convent: hy. music. Appeared In "Eternal 
Love." "Shanghai Ijidv" (1929). Universal; "Hearts 
and Hoofs" (1930); Pathe-Rodeo Comedies. 

RICE IRENE: Appeared in Vitaphone No. 2279. 
"The Beast." 

RICH. IRENE: b. Buffalo. New York. October 13: 
h. 5 feet 6 inches; golden brown hair and brown eyes: 
p. Mabel A. I.uther. formerly married to Charles Rich, 
non professionals: e. St. Margaret's School for Girls In 
Buffalo: m. David Blackenhorn. non-professional ! Ii\ 
swimming and horseback riding. Stage experience. 16 
weeks In vaudeville on Radio -Keith Orpheum circuit 
in the East. Screen experience — entered as an extra — 
starred In the following productions: "Lady Winder- 
mere's Fan" "I/ist Lady" for Warner Brothers; 
"Craig's Wife" and "Ned Mcfobbs" for Pathe; "They 
Had to See Paris": "So Tills Is London" (1930). 
"Exalted Flapper" (1929). Fox: "On Your Rack" 
(1930). Fox: "Check and Double ('heck" (19301. 
Radio Pictures; Vitaphone No. 2368. 

RICH. LILLIAN: Played In Vitaphone No. 4033. 
"The Eternal Wangle." 

RICH. VIVIAN: Appeared In "Must We Marrv" 
(1929). Trinity. 


RICKERT, SHIRLEY JEAN : b. Washinston, 1926; 
has won several child contests; at age of 3 was given 
part in "How's My Baby," with Monty Collins and 
T. Boy Barnes. Also had part in Metro- Go Idwyn- 
Mayer picture "Sins of the Children" with Leila 
Hyams. "Follow Thru," Paramount picture with 
Nancy Carroll and Buddy Rogers, "Night Work" with 
Eddie Quillan for Pathf Had part in one "Our 
Gang" picture. "Helping Grandma." after which she 
was signed for 5 year cont-act by Hal Roach to appear 
in "Our Gang" comediej 

RIDGEWAY, FRITZI: »>. Missoula. Mont.; e. Butte, 
Mont., Hollywood high #;hool and Chicago Art Insti- 
tute, specializing in languages, art and drama; h. 5 
feet, 5 Inches; w. 120 i »unds; brown hair, blue eyes; 
hy, riding, swimming, golf; m. Constantin Bakaleinikofr, 
musical director. Her last stage play was "The Bad 
Woman." Entered pictures in 1917; played In "Old 
Homestead." "Buggies of Red Gap," "Trifling with 
Havoc." "Enemy." "Red Hot Speed," "Flying Romeos." 
"Son of the Golden West." Mamie Chase in "This Is 
Heaven," the mother in "Hell's Heroes," "Prince of 
Diamonds," Columbia; "The Mad Parade," Paramount; 
"Ladies of the Big House," Paramount. 

RIVERO, LORRAINE: b. Seattle. Wash.; h. 4 feet. 
4% Inches; w. 42 pounds; brown hair, brown eyes. 
Screen career: "The Fourth Commandment." "Chicago 
After Midnight," "Ladies of the Mob." "Up Stage." 
"Red Skin" (1929). Paramount: Two years with 
Educational Studios as lead in Big Boy Juvenile 

ROBERTS. EDITH: r. n. Edith Josephine Roberts; 
b New York City. September 17; h. 5 feet 2 inches; 
brown hair and eyes; w. 107 pounds; p. Blanche Man- 
dell and Max Roberts, non-professionals: e. private 
IchooLs; m. Kenneth Snoke. non-professional: hy. horse- 
Vack riding and painting. On stage in New York in 
/audeville as a child. Screen experience of 11 years and 
has appeared in "Masca." "The Adorable Savage." 
"The Mystery Club." "Seven Keys to Baldpate," "Big 
Brother," "Saturday Night," "There You Are" and 
"Backbone"; (1929) "The Wagon Master." Universal; 
"Two o'Clock In the Morning" (1930). Bell Pictures. 

ROBERTS. FLORENCE: Played in "Eyes of the 
World" (1930). United Artists. 

ROBINSON, ROBERTA: b. Montclair. N. J.; e. 
Montclair public and high schools, New England Con- 
servatory of Music. Her initial screen work for RKO 
was in "Half Shot at Sunrise." 

ROBSON, MAY: b. Melbourne, Australia: e. Eng- 
land, France, Belgium; h. 6 feet, 2 inches: w. 105 
pounds; dark brown hair, blue-grey eyes;. Stage debut 
\n 1883; 22 years with Chas. Frohman, Empire Stock 
Company, New York. Guest star for two seasons. 
Screen career: "The Angel of Broadway," "Harp in 
Hock," "Chicago," "The Blue Danube," "Turkish De- 
light," "Mother's Millions." In her 48th year of active 
service without missing one season since 1883. 

ROEMER, KATE: Played in "Unmasked" (1930), 

ROGERS, GINGER: b. Independence, Mo.: h. 5 
feet 5 inches; brown hair and eyes; w. 115 pounds: 
won Texas State Championship in Charleston Contest 
and was given four weeks vaudeville contract. Went 
to New York and Joined Paul Ash Company at 
Brooklyn Paramount theatre. Next was signed for 
musical revue "Top Speed." played 45 weeks in the 
New York company of "Girl Crazy." First screen ex- 
perience was in "Young Man of Manhattan." followed 
hy "Queen High," and "Manhattan Mary" with Ed 
Wynn. Has also appeared in "Sap From Syracuse" 
(1930). for Paramount; "A Night in a Dormitory" 
(1930). Pathe; Checker Comedies, first series: "Honor 
Among Lovers" (Paramount; in 1931 ; "The Tip-Off," 
Pathe; "Suicide Fleet." Pathe; "Bad Timber," Pathe. 

ROLAND, RUTH: b. San Francisco, Cal. ; h. 5 feet 
4 inches; w. 115 pounds; e. Los Angeles; m. Ben 
Bard: as child actress known as "Baby Ruth." ap- 
peared in Ed Holden's company in "Cinderella." En- 
tered pictures in 1912. Has played in "Ruth Roland 
Serials." "Ruth of the Rockies." "The Avenging Ar- 
row." "The Timber Queen," "Red Circle," "Tiger's 
Trail," "Who Pays?," "Haunted Valley," "White 
Eagle," "Love and the Law," "What Would You 
Do?," "Ruth of the Range," "Reno" (1930). Sono- 
Art. Made nine months tour for RKO vaudeville. 
Touring with a revue called "Cozy Corner." for Fan- 
r-hon and Marco, also doing commercial radio work for 

ROME, BETTY: Appeared in "The Ware Case" 
(1929), First National. 

ROMSON, ADELE: Played in "Her Unborn Child" 
(1929), Windsor Pictures. 

RORK, ANN: b. Darien, Conn., June 12. 1908; h. 5 
feet i l k Inches; light brown hair and eyes; w. 120 
pounds: p. Helen Welch and Sam Rork, mother actress 
and father producer; e. Knox School. CooperstowTi, N. 
Y. : amateur stage training; not married; hy. rt>iing. 
Stage experience with the Pasadena Community Play- 
ers. Screen experience in "Old Loves and New," "The 
Blonde Saint," "The Prince of Headwaiters," "The 
Texas Steer." 

ROSA NOVA, ROSA: b. Odessa, Russia, June 23. 
1883; e. Odessa. Russia, three years dramatic training 
In Moscow; h. 5 feet, 5 inches, w. 170 pounds; black 
hair, brown eyes; hy. swimming. Traveled with Svet- 
loff Company all over Russia, with Nicolas Orenloff 
for 14 years on legitimate stage. Entered pictures in 
1915 as Anita Stewart needed a Russian type mother 
for her picture "Gloria of TJlanda": later pictures In- 
clude "Hungry Hearts." "Blood and Sand," "The 
Virgin," "His People," "Business Before Pleasure." 
"Abie's Irish Rose" (1929). Paramount: "The Ghetto." 
"The Younger Generation" (1929). Columbia; "Lucky 
Boy" (1929). Tiffany-Stahl. 

ROSAY, FRANCES: Played in "The One Woman 
Idea" (1929), Fox. 

ROSE, BLANCHE: b. Detroit, Mich.; h. 5 feet 
7>,4 Inches; brown hair and eyes; w. 145 pounds: e. 
Detroit. Twenty years stage career. Eight years 
screen career. Has played In "The Old Swimming 
Hole." First National; "Smudge," "Barnstormer." 
"Money, Money. Money." "Satan and the Woman." 
Excellent; "Call of the West" (1930). Columbia 

ROSING. BODIL: r n Bodil Tlammcrlch; b. Copen- 
hagen. Denmark: blond hair nnd blue eyes; p. Golla 
and Angnc Hamrnerlch, mother noted Danish concert 
pianist and father dean of musicians In University of 

Copenhagen; e. public schools In Denmark. Several 
years' stage experience, some of the time spent in Euro- 
pean stock. Has appeared in "Sylvelin" and "Fool's 
Errand." Retired and maintained a home for years 
before entering pictures. Has two daughters, one a 
writer and one, Mrs. Monte Blue, and a son attend- 
ing the University of Washington- Visiting Hollywood 
about four years ago, she was given her first role in 
pictures by Monta Bell in "Pretty Lady." has since 
appeared in "The Big Noise." "Out of the Ruins," 
"Wheel of Chance" and "It Must Be Love" for First 
National; In Paramount's "The Fleet's In" as the 
mother of Clara Bow: and in "Sunrise" for Fox, as 
the mother of Janet Gaynor. Also appears in "Eternal 
Love," United Artists; "Why Be Good," First Na- 
tional, and in "Betrayal" for Paramount: "Broadway 
Babies" (1929). First National: "All Quiet on the 
Western Front" (1930). Universal. 

ROTH. LILLIAN: b. Boston, Dec. 13. 1910; mother 
non-professional. In 1916 she began playing child parts 
in motion pictures at the film studios of Fort Lee, 
New Jersey. A year later she appeared in a little 
part in the play "The Inner Man." then being only 
six years old, She appeared in "Shavings"; then with 
the Shubert show. "Artists and Models" and after 
that went out in a single in Keith vaudeville where 
her songs became a sensation of the day. She had a 
role in Texas Guinan'* "Padlocks" and returned to 
vaudeville after it had completed its run. Appeared in 
"Delmar's Revels," with Frank Fay and in Earl 
Carroll's "Vanities of 1928." Florenz Ziegfeld fea- 
tured her in his show atop the New Amsterdam Roof, 
where Maurice Chevalier appeared. Jesse L. Lasky saw 
her there and asked her to sign a contract with Para- 
mount to appear in "The Love Parade"; also in "The 
Vagabond King," "Madame Satan," MGM; "Honey" 
(1930), "Animal Crackers" (1930), Paramount; "Para- 
mount on Parade," "Sea Legs." In 1930 toured for 
Paramount, personal appearances for forty weeks. Went 
abroad in May, 1931. for vacation and belated honey- 
moon. Had married W. C. Scott April 11 in Atlanta. 
Making shorts for Paramount while broadcasting. 

ROVEL, SANDRA: b. France, Jan. 16, 1911: h. 
5 feet 2 inches; blond hair and blue eyes; w. 105 
pounds; p. Maria Luisa Ratty and Jonan Henri dc 
Rovel, professional; e. Sacre Coeur a Neuilly, Paris; 
not married. Stage experience: "Sunny Days," Opera 
Comique. Screen experience: "Three French Girls." 
MGM: "Slightly Scarlet." Paramount. 

ROVELLE. CAMILLE: Appeared In "Nix on 

Dames" (1929), Fox. 

ROWLAND. ADELE: Appeared in Vitaphone No. 
2348, "Stories in Songs." 

RUBENS. ALMA: Among her many pictures were 
"Show Boat" (1929). Universal; "She Goes to War." 
United Artists. Died in 1931. 

RUGEL, YVETTE: Played in Metro Movietone Act 
No. 89. 

RUSSELL. EVANGELINE: Appeared in "Hawk of 
the Hills" (1929). Pathe. 

RYAN. DOROTHY: Played in Vitaphone No. 726. 
"Mirth & Melody." 

RYAN. NANCY: Appeared in "Nothing but the 
the Truth" (1929), Paramount. 

RYAN. ROSETTE: Appeared in Vitaphone No. 726, 
"Mirth & Melody." 


SABEL. JOSEPHINE: In "The March of Time." 

SAIS. MARIN: Appeared in 1929 In "Come and 
Get It." Radio Pictures; "Roaring Adventure." Uni- 

SALE. VIRGINIA: b. Urbana. HI.; e. Urbana high 

school. University of Illinois. American Academy of 
Dramatic Arts, New York City, specializing in dra- 
matics and English; b. 5 feet, 5 inches; w. 120 pounds; 
brown hair, brown eyes. Five years on the stage. In 
legitimate productions. Chautauqua, vaudeville. Entered 
pictures in 1927, when King Vidor gave her a bit part 
in "The Crowd," played in "Legionnaires in Paris," 
leads in Jack Duffy comedies for Christie, "Harold 
Teen," "Cohens and KeUys in Atlantic City" (1929). 
Universal: "Fancy Baggage" (1929). Warner Bros.; 
"Kid's Clever" (1929). Universal; "Why Be Good?," 
Miss Eyeler in "Tie Dude Wrangler," Aunt Prudence 
in "Embarrassing Moments," Mary in "Stewed, FTied, 
Boiled," Miss Smith in "This Is Heaven." Miss Cobbs 
in "Floating College," "Below the Deadline" (1929). 
Chesterfield; "Midnight Madness," sob sister reporter 
in "Bright Lights" (1930) ; "Show Girl in Hollywood" 
(1930), First National; "Embarrassing Moments" 
(1930), Universal; "Moby Dick" (1930), Warner; 
"Lovin' the Ladies," Radio; "Viennese Nights." War- 
ner; "Too Young to Marry," First National; "My 
Past." Warner; "The Great Meadow," MGM; "Many 
a Slip," Universal; "Big Business Girl," First Na- 
tional; "Gold Dust Gertie," Warner; "Sob Sister." 
Fox; "The Sin of Madelon Claudet." MGM; "Selling 
Shorts," Pathe; "Her Majesty Love." Warner; "Secret 
Service," RKO; "Fireman Save My Child." FN. 

SANTLEY, ZELDA: Played in Vitaphone No. 919, 
"Little Miss Everybody." 

SAVAGE, NELLY: Plaved in Paramount, "The 
Hole in the Wall" (1929). 

SAYERS. LORETTA: (1932), "High Speed." Colum- 

SCHAEFFER, ANN: b. St. Louis, Mo.: h. 5 feet 
7 inches; brown hair and brown eyes; w. 160 pounds: 
p. Barbara and Herman Schaeffer; e. Notre Dame 
Convent; widow: hy. likes to work. Stage experience 
consists of three seasons with stock shows, four years 
on the road with Louis James, taking "Shakes- 
pearean" type roles. Screen experience with Vitagraph 
ten years ago as leading woman. Current pictures in- 
clude "Saturday's Children" and "Prisoners" for First 
National. Freelancing mother and foreign type roles. 

SCHILLING, MARION: b. Denver. Col.; p. Ed- 
ward Schilling, non-professional; e. Denver and Cen- 
tral high school of St. Louis; not married; hy. dogs. 
Has appeared In the following stage productions: "Miss 
Lulu Bett." "Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage' Patch." 
"Daddy Long Legs." "Penrod." "Seventeen," "Polly- 
anna." "Her Own Way." "Chicago," and "Dracula." 
Her work in "Dractila" so Impressed executives of 

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer that she was immediately signed 
to a long term contract. Her first work was as "Ruth" 
in "Wise Girls," a talking version of the stage success. 
Then the leading role in "Lord Byron of Broadway," 
in 1930 in "Free and Easy" MGM; "The Shadow of 
of the Law" Paramount ; "Swellhead" Tiffany; "On 
Your Back" Fox. 

SCOTT, MABEL JULIENNE: b. Minneapolis. Minn., 
h. 5 feet 5 inches; brown hair and eyes; w. 121 
pounds; p. Mattie and Joseph Scott, non- professionals: 
e. Minneapolis high school and prep school; not mar- 
ried; hy. golf. When but 17 years of age apeared on 
the stage in New York in dramatics. Has appeared 
In pictures for the past 12 years in various roles, 
among them being parts In "The Barrier." "Behold 
My Wife." "Don't Neglect Your Wife," "No Woman 
Knows." "Mother." "Seven Days," "Wallflowers," 
"Dream Melody." 

SEARS, ZELDA: Wrote and played in many stage 

successes. Screen career: "The Night Bride." "The 
Rejuvenation of Aunt Mary," "The Wise Wife," "The 
Hush Hour." Pathe: Mrs. Otto Drukker in "Bishop 
Murder Case." "The Divorcee." MGM: wrote dialog for 
"Devil May Care." "Reducing," "Politics," "Susan 
Lenox," "Emma," "Prosperity." 

SEAY. DOROTHY: b. Chicago, 111., June 18, 1911; 
h. 5 feet 2 inches: brown hair and eyes; w. 110 
pounds: p. Edith and Jesse E. Seay, non-professionals; 
e. Hollywood Professional Children's school; not mar- 
ried; hy. fishing, tennis, driving, riding, swimming and 
cards. Stage experience as a child played in the fol- 
lowing Grand Opera productions: "Madame Butterfly," 
"Samson and Delilah," "Jewels of the Madonna," "A 
Single Man." "Clarence." and appeared in many of 
the "Writers Club" productions. Screen experience In 
"Marianne" with Marion Davies in which she spoke 
French, also in "They Had to See Paris" with Will 
Rogers for Fox in which she spoke French. "Lord 
Byron of Broadway," and spoke French in "Hot from 
Paris." with Victor McLaglan, also with E. E. Horton 
in "The Sap," for Warner Brothers and Ingenue parts 
in "Universal Collegians," for Universal. Has worked 
in fourteen talkies. Freelance player. 

SEBASTIAN. DOROTHY: b. Birmingham. Ala., h. 
5 feet 3 inches; dark brown hair and hazel eyes; w. 
115 pounds; p. Stella Armstrong and L. R. Sebas- 
tian; e. University of Alabama; hy. painting and 
music. Stage experience consists of appearance in 
"George White's Scandals" in 1924; then to the screen 
in "Sackcloth and Scarlet" for Lasky in 1924; "Winds 
of Chance" for First National in 1925; and then witb 
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in "The Show," "The Demi 
Bride," "Love" and "The Gallant Gringo" in 192? 
and in "Our Dancing Daughters" in 1928. In 192! 
In "Spite Marriage," "Morgan's Last Raid" and "The 
Single Standard"; in 1930 in "Montana Moon," "Our 
Blushing Brides," MGM: "His First Command," "Offi- 
cer O'Brien," Pathe; (1931). "The Deceiver," Colum- 

SEDDON, MARGARET: b. Washington, D. C; e. 
Washington, D. C. ; h. 5 feet, 3 inches, w. 110 pounds; 
gray air. gray eyes. Entered pictures In the World 
War; played in "Just Around the Corner." "Sonny," 
"Miracle of Money," "Brass," "Women Who Give." 
"The Actress," "Quality Street," "Snob," "Bellamy 
Trial." Tom's mother in "She Goes to War" (1929), 
United Artists; Mrs. Flynn in "Dance Hall," Letitia 
Barker in "After the Fog"; "Divorce Among Friends" 
(1930), Warner Bros. 

SEEGAR, MIRIAM: b. Indiana. On Broadway her 
work in musical shows brought her to the attention 
of Al Woods, the producer. He placed her under 
contract and sent her to London where she played 
the leading feminine role in the noted melodrama. 
"Crime." During the next three years she was on 
the London stage and making British films. She 
appeared in the play "Out Goes She," and enjoyed 
her first talking picture experience in a leading role 
of a short subject made by British International. 
As a result of this talkie she came to Hollywood. She 
played one of the two principal supporting leads in 
Adolphe Menjou's first all-talking vehicle, "Fashions 
in Love," co-starring with Fay Compton. At the 
completion of "Fashions in Love" she signed a con- 
tract as a Paramount featured player, and her first 
appearance was with Richard Dix in "The Love 
Doctor." In 1930 in "Movietone Follies of 1930." 
Fox; "Seven Keys to Baldpate," Radio Pictures; "What 
a Man," Sono Art-World Wide; "Big Money," Pathe. 

SEGAL. VIVIENNE: Stage career started at the 
age of 16 when she sang "Carmen," having the record 
of being the youngest artiste to sing that role. After 
becoming a success at this difficult role she won a 
contract with the Shuberts to sing the lead in "Blue 
Paradise. Also appeared in "Desert Song" company, 
and the leading role in Ziegfeld's "Three Musketeers." 
Screen appearances in "Song of the West," "Golden 
Dawn." "Bride of the Regiment" (1930), First Na- 
tional; (1930) "Viennese Nights." Warner Bros. 

SEGAR, LUCIA: Appeared In "East Side Sadie"' 
(1929). Worldart Films. 

SELBIE, EVELYN: b. Louisville, Ky.: h. 5 feet 3% 
inches; brown hair and eyes; w. 125 pounds; p. Mary 
Williams and Lee Selbie, non-professionals; e. in 
Louisville, Ky. : widow; hy. work. On the stage for 
25 years and specializes in Italian and French types. 
With Procters in New York City stock for three years. 
Stage productions include leading roles in: "Human 
Hearts," "Blue Jeans." "The Old Crossroads" and 
"The Cat and the Canary." She went into pictures in 
1912 with G. M. Anderson (Bronco Billy) and knowr 
as the original Bronco Billy Girl. Recent screen ap- 
pearances include: "Name the Man," for Metro-Gold- 
wyn-Mayer; "Dr. Fu Manchu." for Paramount, and 
"Love Comes Along," Radio. Freelance player. "The 
Return of Dr. Fu Manchu," Paramount; "The Honorable 
Mr. Wong." First National; "The Impatient Maiden," 

SELWYNNE, CLARISSA: b. London, England: e. 
London high school; h. 5 feet, 7 inches; w. 150 pounds: 
dark brown hair, dark brown eyes. Stage career: 
leading woman on the English stage in modern and 
Shakespearean plays. Garrick theatre. London, Play- 
house. New York. Screen career in "Quarantined 
Rivals." "Resurrection." "The Devil Dancer," "A 
Social Triangle," "Naughty But Nioe." "The Crystal 
Cup," "The Heart of a Follies Girl." "Sinners Parade' 

(1928) , Columbia: Mrs. Courtland in "Hard to Get." 
Mrs. Renwick in "Isle of Lost Ships" (1929). First 
National ; "Broadway Daddies," "Glorious Betsy." 
Forelady In "My Man." "Jazz Mad." "Come Across" 

(1929) Universal: "The Love Trap," Mrs. Jonathan in 
"Confessions of a Wife," Mrs. Debenham In "Evidence." 












4 s 


Out doo 





osYat/o/zat Distributor? 

John P^.Freuler,^/kt/^ 

Paramount Bldg. New York Ciii{ 

1 14 



SEYMOUR. MADELINE: b. London, England. Nov. 
7, 1893; U. a leet it inches dark brown hair and dark 
blue eyes; w. 150 pounds; p. Agnes and George Lang- 
ford Seymour, professional artists; e. in France; mar- 
ried Philip Strange, professional actor; by. golf, 
tennis and bridge. Stage experience in London mu- 
sical comedy also with Lynn Harding in London, 
having appeared with almost every prominent male 
actor on l^ondon stage as leading woman, also in 
James Barrie plays. Entered pictures in England in 
11124 with British International and other English 
films. Came to Hollywood jn 1927 and appeared in 
"Last of Mrs. Cheyney" and "Glorious Night" for 
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Appeared with Pauline Fred- 
erick in "Evidence" for Warner Brothers, and "To- 
night at Twelve" for Universal; "Madeline Seymour" 
<1!J29). Universal. 

SHANNON. CORA: b. Illinois. January 30, 1879: e. 
University of Texas, receiving degree in law; h. 5 feet. 

4 inches; w. 115 pounds; hair turning gray; blue eyes; 
hy. all water sports and dancing. Previous career: 
Professional dancer, drama, concert, stage generally; 
entered pictures first in San Antonio, Texas, in 1912 
with Maclyn Arbuckle; then went to Hollywood in 
1021 after being financially ruined by a flood; screen 
career in "Tragedy of the Alps" (Defu, Berlin, Ger- 
many), Ma Judd in "The Girl Who Wouldn't Wait," 
"Smiling Irish Eyes," the angry wife in ' Sunny Side 
up," "Lummox." 

SHANNON, PEGGY: b. Pine Bluff. Ark.; e. Sacred 
Heart Convent in Pine Bluff; b. 5 feet 4 inches; red 
hair, gray-blue eyes. Played one season with Zieg- 
feld; then Earl Carroll's "Vanities"; ingenue lead 
opposite William Hanley in "What Anne Brought 
Home"; went into stock; returned to New York for a 
season and was selected by Paramount as one of ten 
stage "unknowns" to be given chance in motion pic- 
tures; "The Secret Call": (1932) "This Reckless Age." 
Paramount; "Hotel Continental," Tiffany. 

SHAW, PEGGY: b. Pittsburgh, Pa.; e. Pittsburgh; h. 

5 feet, 2 inches; w. 110 pounds; brown hair, brown 
eyes. Stage career with Gus Edwards' "Bandbox Re- 
vue," "Ziegfeld Midnight Frolic" for two seasons. 
Screen career with Fox, Playgoers, First National, FBO, 
Excellent Pictures. Paramount, Pathe; pictures include 
"Barnyard Rivals," 'The Little Buckaroo," "The Bally- 
hoo Buster." "Hoof Marks." "Paradise for Two." 

SHEA, OLIVE: "Glorifying the American Girl" 
(1920), Paramount; Vitaphone No. 1012-13. "The 
Heart Breaker." 

SHEARER. NORMA: b. Montreal. Que., August 10. 
1904: h. 5 feet 1 inch: brown hair and blue-grey eyes; 
w. 118 pounds: p. Edith Mary Fisher and Andrew 
Shearer; e. in Montreal public schools: m. Irving Thal- 
berg. producer; hy. acting. Has appeared in the fol- 
lowing pictures. "The Stealers" for Robertson -Cole in 
1920; and in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's "The Snob" In 
1924; "He Who Gets Slapped," "Tower of Lies" and 
"His Secretary" in 1925: "Upstage" in 1926; "The 
Student Prince" in 1927, and "The Actress" and 
others in 1928. In 1929 in "The Hollywood Revue," 
"A Lady of Chance." "The Last of Mrs. Cheyney." 
"Trial of Marv Dugan." "Her Own Desire" (1929). 
MGM: "The Divorcee" (1930), "Let Us Be Gay" 
(1030), MGM: "Strangers May Kiss" (1930), "A 
Free Soul" (1931), "Private Lives" (1931). 

SHERIDAN. ANNE: b. Wichita, Kan.; e. Miss 
Spence's School in New York City, specialized in 
English literature and languages; h. 5 feet 314 inches; 
w. 106 pounds; brown hair, blue eyes; hy. swimming. 
Entered pictures in 1925 through winning a beauty 
contest; pictures include: "Casey at the Bat," "Wed- 
ding Bells," "Casey Jones," "Cross Breed," "Galloping 

SHIPMAN. HELEN: Appeared in "Great Power" 
(1929), Franklin Warner. 

SHIRLEY. IRENE: Appeared in Vitaphone No. 
1048. "Bright Sayings." 

SHORT. GERTRUDE: b. Cincinnati, Ohio. April 6. 
1902; h. 5 feet 3 inches; blond hair and blue eyes; 
w. 103 pounds; p. Stella Antrim and Lewis Short; e. 
private tutor; m. Scott Pembroke, professional; hy. 
aviation, tennis and swimming. Stage experience con- 
sists of five years in vaudeville; in Morosco produc- 
tions; in "A Man's World," and in Alcazar stock, 
1918. On the screen she has appeared in "Rent Free," 
"Gold Diggers," "Beggar on Horseback," "The Show." 
"Adam and Evil," "Tillie the Toiler." "Trial Mar- 
riage" and "The Telephone Girl" series. 

SHOTTER, WINIFRED: Played in "One Embar- 
rassing Night" (1930). MGM. 

SHOTWELL, MARIE: b. New York City; e. Mme. 
Gardiner's School, New York City; h. 5 feet 7% inches; 
w. 154 pounds; light hair, dark brown eyes. Stage 
career: original company of "Madame Sans Gene," 
with E. H. Sothern, Frohman Stock Company under 
Henry B. Harris, as Shirley in "The Lion and the 
Mouse." Screen career: Frohman Amusement Co.. 
Hallmark, Dietrich-Beck, Paramount, First National. 
Vltagraph, Realart. Fox, United Artists; among her 
pictures, "One Woman to Another," "Running Wild." 

SHRADER. GENEVIEVE: Appeared in "Mid- 
stream" (1929). Tiffany-Stahl. 

SHUTTA, ETHEL: Stage experience dates from 
earliest childhood. At 3 was semi-professional com- 
peting In cakewalks, and at 4 was playing child parts 
in stock. Played Little Eva in "Uncle Tom's Cabin." 
and in "The Fatal Wedding" when 8 years old. Also 
appeared in "The Celebrated Case." "Rip Van Winkle" 
and "The Gambler's Child." In more recent years has 
appeared in "Passing Show of 1922." "Topics of 1923." 
"Marjorie." "Louie the 14th." "Follies" and "Whoopee" 
with Eddie Cantor. Screen experience: role of Mary 
Custer in screen version of "Whoopee" with Eddie 
Cantor for United Artists. 

SIDNEY. SYLVIA: b. New York City; e. in public 
and boarding schools in New York and at the Theatre 
Guild School; h. 5 feet 4 Inches; w. 104 pounds; dark 
brown hair and blue eyes. First stage experience was 
a part in "The Challenge of Youth." then in "The 
Squall." "Crime," "Mirrors." Joined a stock com- 
pany in Denver and played a fourteen weeks engage- 
ment Just before going to Hollywood. Tried one pic- 
ture. "Thru Different Eyes," and became discouraged 
when other parts did not follow Immediately. Went to 
New York to Join the Rochester stock company under 
the direction of George Cukor; then to New York City 
to play with Robert Warwick In "Nice Women." "That 
Old Fashioned Girl." "Crossroads," "Many a Slip" 
and then "Had Girl" with Paul Kelly. Signed a 
Paramount contract at the New York studio; was sent 

to Hollywood in January, 1931, and her first picture 
was with Gary Cooper in "City Streets"; also was in 
No. 1051, "Five Minutes from the Station." Vitaphone. 
(1931) "Ladies of the Big House," Paramount. 

SIMON. MARCA: Appeared in "Melody of Hearts," 

SLEEPER. MARTHA: b. Lake Bluff, 111 . June 24. 
1907 ; h. 5 feet 4 inches; medium colored hair and 
light hazel eyes; w. 118 pounds; p. Minnie Akass and 
William Sleeper, non- professionals; e. private school 
ami at Horace Mann in connection with the Columbia 
college; not married; hy. swimming, shooting, tennis, 
horseback riding and all kinds of dancing. Stage ex- 
perience as a dancer in New York (for charity). 
Screen exiierience of five years apiiearing in "The 
Mail Man." in Hal Roach's comedies, in FBO's 
"Danger Street." and in "Taxi 13." "The Air Legion," 
"Voice of the Storm," "Our Blushing Brides" (1930), 

Played in "Hearts in Dixie" 


(1020), Fox. 

SNOWDEN. CAROLYNNE & CO.: Played in Vita- 
phone No. 2100, "Colored Syncopation." 

SORINA. KATYA: b. St. Petersburg. Russia: e. a 
private school and a French college at Constantinople. 
Aftir the revolution her family moved to New York 
where she studied dancing under Fokin. formerly with 
the St. Petersburg Imperial Ballet. Later she Seined 
the ballet of Mordkin of the Moscow Imperial Ballet 
and made many concert tourE with him. Two talkine 
pictures in which she has appeared are "Half Shot at 
Sunrise" and "Losing Game." Radio Pictures. 

SOUTHERN. EVE: Appeared in 1929 in "The 
Haunted House"; "Lilies of the Field" (1930). First 

SPARKS, MARTHA LEE: b. Floydada. Texas. July 
14. 1924 ; h. 45'^ inches; brown hair and blue eyes; w. 
48 pounds; p. ICula May and Herbert S. Sparks, non- 
professionals; hy. tap dancing, ballroom dancing, sink- 
ing, acrobatics and roller skating. Has appeared in 
"Sunny Side Up." 1929; "Happy Days," 1030. playing 
part of Nancv Lee. only child in cast. Also in ' So 
This Is London," 1930. "Men On Call." all Fox. 

SPELLMAN. LEORA: Played in "Wis, Girls" 
(1929), MGM. 

SPERLING. HAZEL: Appeared in Vitaphone No. 
4285. "Ship Ahoy." 

SPIVEY. VICTORIA: Played in "Hallelujah" 

(1929) , MGM. 

SPRING. JOY: Played in "The New Waiter" 

(1930) . Pathe-Gcorge LeMaire Comedies; "Musical 
Beauty Shop" (1930), Pathe-Melody Comedies. 

STANDING, JOAN: b. England, June 21. 1903; h. 
5 feet 8 inches: auburn hair and brown eyes; w. 120 
pounds; e. in New York City and Los Angeles. Cal. : 
m. Otto Pierce, professional: hy. baseball, tennis and 
swimming. No stage experience. Screen experunce 
started in 1918 and lias made appearance in the 
following productions: "Greed," "Ritzy," "Campus 
Flirt." "Women Who Give." "Beau Sabreur." "Home 
James," "Cohens and Kellys in Atlantic City," "Col- 
lege Hero," "Little Firebrand" and "Reilly of Rain- 
bow Division." In 1029 appeared in the following: 
"The Kid's Clever," "My Lady's Past." "Fashions in 
Love": "The Street of Chance" (1930). Paramount. 

STANWYCK. BARBARA: Appeared in "The 
Locked Door" (1929). United Artists; "Mexioali Rose" 

(1929) . Columbia; "Ladies of Leisure" (1930), Colum- 
bia; 1932': "Night Nurse," "So Big." Warner; "Shop- 
worn." "Forbidden." Columbia. 

STARKE, PAULINE: b. Joplin. Mo.; h. 5 feet 3 
inches: dark brown hair and blue-gray eyes: w. 118 
pounds: p. Edith Bruce and George Starke, non-pro- 
fessionals: e. private tutor: m. Jack White, producer; 
hy. riding and tennis. No stage experience. Screen 
experience in "Devil's Cargo," "Adventurer," "Sun 
Up," "Love's Blindness." "Women Love Diamonds." 
"Captain Salvation" and "Dance Magic": in 1929 in 
"The Viking." Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer: "Man. Woman 
and Wife." Universal; in 1930 in "A Royal Romance," 
Columbia; "What Men Want," Universal. 

STARR, SALLY: b. Pittsburgh, Pa., January 23. 
1910; h. 5 feet 2 inches: brown hair and eyes; w. 104 
pounds; e. Pittsburgh public schools; hy. sports, danc- 
ing and riding. Stage career: played two seasons with 
"LeMaire's Affairs," several editions of George White's 
Scandals." and on Publix Circuit, having been dis- 
covered by Gus Edwards. Entered pictures in 1929. 
Screen career: leading role in "College Life," Buddy in 
"Tlie Woman Racket," "Not So Dumb" (1930). "The 
Single Standard." MGM; "Swing High" (1930). "Night 
Work," "Pardon My Gun," Pathe; "Personality" 

(1930) , Columbia Productions; "All for Mabel" (1930). 
Pathe, Campus Comedies. 

STATLER, MARIAN: Played in "King of Jazz" 
(1930). Universal. 

STAUBER, MARY: Played in Vitaphone No. 4140. 
"The Servant Problem." 

STEADMAN. VERA: b. Monterey, Cal.; h. 5 feet 
3 inches; brown hair and eyes: w. 110 pounds: hy. 
horseback riding, tennis and swimming. Started out 
as Mack Sennet bathing girl who would really swim 
and then became lead at Christie, opposite many 

STEDMAN, MYRTLE: Appeared in 1939 in "The 
Wheel of Life." Paramount; "The Sin Sister." Fox: 
"Jazz Age," Radio Pictures; "The Love Racket." First 
National; "Lummox" (1930). United Artists. 

STENGEL, LENI: b. Berlin. Germany; e. in Berlin 

Key to Abbreviations 

b. born 

div. divorce 

e. educated 

h. - -- -- -- -- -- - height 

hy. hobby 

m. - married 

p. parents 

r.n. - rea | name 
w. weight 

and New York City; studied voice in Milan. Italy, and 
laicr in Berlin; sings in six languages. Speaks Eng- 
lish without accent. First stage experience was in a 
German theatre in Riga. Russia. In Berlin she played 
ingenue roles. Returned to New York and sang in 
night clubs, then went Into Keith vaudeville. Left 
vaudeville to appear in three New York productions, 
"These Few Ashes." "Women." and "This Tiling Called 
Love." Signed a three year contract with Radio, under 
which her tlrst picture was "Half Shot at Sunrise." 
Lett Radio. Three productions for Paramount: "Road 
to Reno." "Beloved Bachelor." "Husband's Holiday." 

STEVENS. CHARLOTTE: h. 5 feet 3 inches; w. 105 
pounds; dark brown hair, brown eyes. Screen career: 
Christie. Educational: appeared in "The Thunder Rid- 
ers." "Cancelled Debts," "In a Moment of Tempta- 
tion." "The Coward." "Mother," "Paramount Novel- 
ties." "The Enchanted Island." "Where the Trail 

STEWART. ANITA: m. George P. Converse. July 24, 
1929. First gained fame In the title role in "The 
Goddess." Has appealed in many productions, among 
the better known being: "A Million Bid." "The Girl 
I'hilippa." "lii Old Kentucky." "Midnight Romanic." 
"The Yellow Typhoon," "Mind the Paint Girl," "Har- 
riet and the Piper. " "Mary Regan," "Virtuous Wives," 
"The White Way," and "Never the Twain Shall 
Meet." Has not appeared in a talking picture to date. 
For the. past two years she has been singing on the 
stage for Publix, Loew and RKO. Leaving for Europe 
In Spring for six months' study of voice and for per- 
sonal appearances. 

STODDARD. BELLE: b. Remington, Ohio; e. 
Chicago and St. Louis; h. 5 feet G inches; w. 175 
pounds; iron gray hair, blue gray eyes. Stage career 
since 12 years of age with Joseph Jefferson. McKee 
Rankin and others. Screen career. Famous Players. 
Universal. Gerson, First National; pictures include 
Kentucky Pride," "Hangman's House," "Anne 
Against the World" (1920), Rayart. 

STONE, IRENE: Played in Vitaphone No. 2783. 
"Songs As You Like Them." 

SUMNER. VERLYN: b. Lakefleld. Minn.; h. 5 feet 
4 inches; brown hair and blue eyes; w. 120 pounds: 
p. Mary Rust and Eben Sumner, non-professionals; 
e. Lakefleld high school; not married: hy. tennis, rid- 
ing, swimming and dancing. Stage experience includes 
"Baby Mine," "Kick In" and ' Trysting Place " 
Screen experience includes such pictures as "Speedy." 
"The Toilers," "Excess Baggage," "The Condemned 
Woman," "Kid, Cop and Cats." "Washing Up." 

SUTHERLAND. HOPE: Played in "Talk of Holly- 
wood" (1929), Sono Art-World Wide. 

SUTTON, GERTRUDE: b. Butte, Mont.; h 5 feet 
6 inches; auburn hair and hazel eyes; w. 122 pounds- 
I). Bessie and Frank Sutton, non-professionals; e' 
Stadium high school and Boston University; not mar- 
ried. Had stage experience in pantomime impersona- 
tions and burlesque dancing. Has appeared in such 
pictures as "Why Is a Plumber." "Shivering Shake- 
speare." and "Another Fine .Mess." all for Hal Roach; 
"Big News." for Pathe; "Anybody's Woman," Par- 
amount: "Personality." Columbia; and "Hell's Angels." 
Caddo Company, and in 1920 in "Barnum Was Right " 

SWANSON. GLORIA: b. Chicago. 111. ; h. 5 feet 114 
inches; dark brown hair and blue eyes; p. her father 
was a captain in the U. S. Army; e. in schools ; n 
Chicago. 111., Key West. Porto Rico and Art In- 
stitute. Chicago; div. Marquis de la Falaise de la 
Coudraye; m. Michael Farmer. 1931. non-professional. 
Began her picture career at the old Essanay Studios where 
she appeared in George Ade's "Elvira Farina" and "The 
Meal Ticket"; then went to Keystone and appeared in 
"The Nick of Time Baby." "Teddy at the Throttle, " 
"Haystacks and Steeples," and others; and then ap- 
peared in Mack Sennett's "The Pullman Bride." From 
Keystone, she went to Triangle where she made "Station 
Content," "Her Decision," "You Can't Believe Every- 
thing." "Every Woman's Husband." "Shifting Sands," 
"Wife or Country" and "Secret Code." and, due to her 
success at Triangle, was given a trial at Cecil B. 
DeMille's studios and made, under his direction. "Don't 
Change Your Husband." "For Better For Worse," 
"Male and Female." "Why Change Your Wife," 
"Something to Think About," "The Affairs of Anatol." 
Then became a Paramount star and among her many 
pictures have been "The Great Moment." "Under the 
Lash," "Her Husband's Trademark," "Beyond the 
Rocks." "The Gilded Cage." "The Impossible Mrs. 
Bellew." "My American Wife." "Prod gal Daughter." 
"Bluebeard's Eighth Wife." Sam Wood's production. 
"Zaza," Alan Dwan's production. "The Humming 
Bird." which was produced by Sidney Olcott and a 
"Society Scandal" and "Manhandled." also Allan 
Dwan's production. "Wages of Virtue." "Madam Sans 
Gene," "Coast of Folly," "Stage Struck." "Untamed 
Lady," and "Fine Manners" completes the list of 
pictures she made while with Paramount. In May. 
1926, decided to produce her own pictures through her 
own corporation, making two pictures a year for re- 
lease through United Artists Corporation; first picture 
being "The Loves of Sunya." Her latest successes are 
"Sadie Thompson" and (1929) "The Trespasser," "What 
a Widow" (1930). United Artists; "Indiscreet," and 
"Tonight or Never" (1931). United Artists. 

SWEET, BLANCHE: r. n. Sarah Blanche Sweet; b. 
Chicago. 111.. June 18th; h. 5 feet 4 inches; blonde 
hair and blue eyes; w. 115 pounds: p. Pearl Alex- 
ander and Charles Sweet, mother a dancer; di?. 
Marshall Neilan. director: hy. tennis, swimming, play- 
ing the ukulele and dancing. Stage training since lhi 
years of age. Stage experience with Maurice Barrymore 
and Chauncey Olcott and as dancer with Gertrude 
Hoffman Screen experience started at the age of 
thirteen. Star with Biograph Company with Mary 
Pickford. the Gishes and others. She later became 
internationally famous with her characterization "Anna 
Christie." Some of her other pictures are: "The 
Night Hostess." "Judith of Bethulia." "The Unpardon- 
able Sin." "Tess of the D'Urberville." "Singed." "The 
Woman in White." "Show Girl in Hollywood" (1930). 
First National; "The Woman Racket" (1930) MGM: 
Vitaphone No. 3,334, "Always Faithful." On vaude- 
ville tour since 1930. 

SYKES. ETHEL: b. Seattle. Wash.; e. In Seattle 
and was graduated from University of Washington. 
Signed for featured role in Harry Carroll's "Pickings." 
at the Orange Grove theatre in Los Angeles. Mack 
Sennett signed her for a picture and she remained for 
six months, then made a picture for MGM. Was 

J. E. BRULATOUR, inc. 




BRYANT 9-4712 











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signed by Fox for two years, playing leads and featured 
roles. Her first talking picture was MGM's "Floradora 
Girl." Then was assigned to "Doughboys" with Buster 
Keaton. Made a series of shorts for Warner Bros, and 
had a featured role in "Sweethearts on Parade." Is 
now working in Educational-Christie talking comedies. 


TAFT, RUTH: b. Denver, Col., August 6, 1908; 
e. at Berkeley, Cal., h. 5 feet 3 inches; w. 108 pounds; 
light brown hair and brown eyes; by. horseback riding, 
swimming, golf. On the stage with Henry Duffy Tour- 
ing Companies, Oakland Stock. One year director of 
the K. B. E. Eadio station in Berkeley. Director of 
Children's theatre in Berkeley. 

TALMADGE, CONSTANCE: b. Brooklyn, N. Y., April 
19, 1900; h. 5 feet 7 inches; blond hair and brown 
eyes; w. 118 pounds; p. Mrs. Margaret Talmadge, non- 
professional; e. public and high schools in Brooklyn, 
N. Y. ; m. Townsend Netcher, 1929. Worked in • In- 
tolerance," D. W. Griffith production; "Scandal," 
"The Honeymoon," "Up the Road with Sally." "A 
Pair of Silk Stockings." ".Mrs. Leffingwell's Boots." 
"Sauce for the Goose." "Romance and Arabella" for 
Select pictures in 1917-18-10 : then in First National's 
"A Temperamental Wife" and "A Virtuous Vamp" in 
1919; "Two Weeks," "The Love Expert." ' In Search 
of a Sinner," "The Perfect Woman," "Good Refer- 
ences" and "Dangerous Business" in 1920; and in 1921 
"Mama's Affair," "Lessons in Love," "Woman's Place" 
and "Wedding Bells"; and in 1922 "Polly of the 
Follies." "The Primitive Lover," "The Divorcee" and 
"East Is West." Since then she has also appeared in 
"Dulcy," "The Dangerous Maid," "The Goldfish," 
"Her Night of Romance," "Her Sister from Paris," 
"The Duchess of Buffalo," "Venus of Venice" and 
"Breakast at Sunrise," all First National pictures; 
(1929) "Venus," United Artists. 

TALMADGE, NORMA: b. Niagara Falls, N. Y. , May 
26, 1897; h. 5 feet 4 inches; brown hair and eyes; w. 
108 pounds; p. Mrs. Margaret Talmadge, non-profes- 
sional; e. public and high schools in Brooklyn. N. Y. ; 
m. Joseph M. Schenck. executive of United Artists 
Corporation. Her screen experience covers these com- 
edies and feature length pictures. "The Dixie Mother." 
"In Neighboring Kingdoms," "The Tale of Two Cities." 
"Mrs. 'Enry 'Awkins" and "Under the Daisies" in 
1914 for Vitagraph; in one reelers such as "The Doctor's 
Secret." "Father's Hatband." "His Silver Bachelor- 
hood," "An Elopement at Home," "Fanny's Company," 
"The Honorable Algernon," "Sawdust" and "Salome," 
"His Little Paige," "Under False Colors" and "The 
Wooing of Myra May"; in two reelers such as "Officer 
John Donovan," "The Sacrifice of Kathleen,". "Cupid 
Versus Money," "The Right of Way." "Helpful Sister- 
hood." "Goodbye Summer" and "Sunshine and Shad- 
ows"; in three reelers such as "A Daughter's Strange 
Inheritance" and "The Criminal": and in the five 
reelers, "The Battle Cry of Peace." "Captivating Mary 
Carstairs" (this last being the only picture made by 
National Pictures Company). For the Triangle Film 
Corporation, with D. W. Griffith supervising, she made 
"Missing Links." "The Children in the House." "Going 
Straight" and "The Devil's Needle." For Selznick 
from 1917 to March 1920, she made "Panthea." 
"Poppy," "The Moth," "Ghosts of Yesterday." "By 
Right of Purchase." "DeLuxe Annie." "The Safety 
Curtain" and "Her Only Way." For Select she made 
"The Forb.dden City." "The Probation Wife," "The 
Heart of Wetona," "The Way of a Woman," "The New 
Moon" and "She Loves and Lies." Then to First 
National where she appeared in "A Daughter of Two 
Worlds," "The Woman Gives," "Yes or No." "The 
Branded Woman," "The Sign on the Door," "The 
Wonderful Thing," "Love's Redemption," •'Smilln' 
Through," "The Eternal Flame," "A Voice from the 
Minaret." "Within the Law." "Ashes of Vengeance," 
"The Song of Love," "Secrets," "The Only Woman." 
"The Lady," "Graustark." "KM" and "Camille" : 
and her latest for United Artists. "The Dove" and 
"The Woman Disputed" : (1929) "New York Nights." 
"DuBarry, Woman of Passion" (1930), United Artists. 

TANSEY, EMMA: Played in "Beyond the Rio 
Grande" (1930). Big 4. 

TAPLEY, ROSE: hy. civic work, women's clubs, 
educational work. Many years on stage with Richard 
Mansfield. Chauncey Olcott. E. H. Sothern. J. H. 
Stoddard and others. Has played In "The White 
Sister." "Seven Days," "The Lion and the Mouse." 
Screen experience since 1905; "Wanted a Wife," Edison 
production. 1905; "The Money Kings," first standard 
two-reeler made; with Vitagraph from 1909-1917: in 
"Resurrection," Universal. plaved part of Aunt 
Sophya: "His First Command" (1930). Pathe. 

TASHMAN. LILYAN: b. New York City; h. 5 feet 
4 Inches; blond hair and blue eyes; w. 11G pounds: 
m. Edmund Lowe, professional; hy. good books, interior 
decorating and designing. Stage exper.ence with Zleg- 
reld Follies, in "The Garden of the Weeds," "Gold 
Diggers" and others. Screen experience in "The Garden 
of Weeds" and "The Marriage Playground." for Para- 
mount; "Ports of Call," for Fox: one year under con- 
tract to Metropolitan-DeMille-PDC. playing leading 
roles in "Rocking Moon" and "Whispering Smith," for 
United Artists. "Camille," with Norma Shearer, and 
"Playing Around"; First National, "The Prince of Head 
Waiters" and "The Texas Steer" with Will Rogers. 
"No, No, Nanette" and "French Dressing," and in 
"Phyllis of the Follies" for Universal: "On the Level." 
Fox; "The Trial of Marv Dugan" (1929),' MGM; "New 
York Nights" (1929), "Bulldog Drummond" (19201. 
United Artists: "inittin' on the Ritz" (1930). "The 
Matrimonial Bed" (1930). Warner Bros.; "Leather- 
necking." Radio; (1931) "Girls About Town," Para. 

TAYLOR ESTELLE : b Wilmington, Del.: h. 5 feet 
4 inches; dark brown, almost black, hair and brown 
eyes; w. 125 pounds; p. Bertha and Harry Boylan, 
non-professionals; e. Wilmington high school and Wil- 
mington business college, and received her stage train- 
ing at Sargent's Dramatic School: m. Jack Dcmpsey. 
professional. Stage appearance In "Come on Charlie" 
and "The Big Fight" in 1929 as Shirley, a David 
Belasco production. Has appeared in such roles as 
Lucrezla Borgia In Warner Brothers' "Don Juan": 
Marv, Queen of Scots, In Mary Piekford's "Dorothy 
Vernon of Haddon ITall" ; Miriam In Cce'l DeMllle's 
"The Ten Commandments"; Shirley in "The Singapore 
Mutiny" for FBO In 1928; as Lady Raffles In Co- 
lumbia's "Lady Raffles" In 1928; also in "Honor 
Bound" In 1928, and also In "While New York Sleeps" 

and "Monte Cristo" for Fox; in "Bavu" for Universal; 
in "The Whin Woman" for First National; and Para- 
mount's Actor's Fund talkie. "The Pusher in the Face." 
1928. and "New York" in 1927 ; "Where East Is East" 
(1929). Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. 

TAYLOR, RUTH: b. Grand Rapids, Mich.; h. 5 
feet 2 inches; blond hair and blue eyes; w. 104 
pounds; e. Lincoln high school. Portland, Ore.; 
married. Studied dramatic art and dancing in Port- 
land; was a member of the Bed Lantern Stock Play- 
ers, an amateur organization. Went to Hollywood 
in 1923; played extra roles one year; then signed by 
Mack S nnett; played leads and second leads in two- 
reel comedies for two years. In 1927 signed by Para- 
mount for the role of Loreli Lee in "Gentlemen 
Prefer Blondes," and since then was co-starred with 
James Hall in ".lust Married," "College Coquette," 
(1929), Columbia; "This Thing Called Love" (1929), 
Pathe; "Scrappily Married" (1930), Paramount-Chris- 
tie Talking Plays. 

TEASDALE. VERREE: "Her New Chauffeur" (1929). 
Pathe-Manhattan Comedies, first series; Vitaphone No 
1074, "Mr. Intruder," No. 1028, "The Duel." 

TELL. ALMA: Appeared in "Saturday's Children" 
(1929), First National. 

TELL, OLIVE: b. New York City: e. France; h. 
5 feet 5% inches; w. 127 pounds; brown hair, blue 
eyes. Stage career: Sargent School of Acting. N. Y. ; 
stock productions include "Cousin Lucy." "The In- 
truder." "Romance," "Under Pressure." Screen 
career: "Chickie," "The Prince of Tempters," 
"Sailors' Wives," "Woman-Handled," "Summer Bach- 
elors." "Slaves of Beauty." "Soft Living." Mrs. Ed- 
gar Rice in "The Trial of Mary Dugan" (1929). 
MGM; Marion Green in "The Very Idea" (Radio 
Pictures); "The Right of Way" (1930). First National 
"Cock of the Wall;" (1930). Sono Art-World Wide. 

TEMPLETON, FAY : b. Little Rock. Ark.. De- 
cember 25, 1866; h. 5 feet 4 inches; brown hair and 
eyes; p. Alice Vane and John Templeton. professionals; 
hy. collecting fans. She entered films the latter part 
of 1929 and went under contract to Metro-Goldwyn- 
Mayer; "The March of Time," MGM. 

TERRIS. NORMA: Played Mitzi Hoffman and Mary 
Lou Hopkins in "Married in Hollywood" (1929), Adele 
Randall in "Cameo Kirby" (1929), Fox. 

TERRY. ALICE: Appeared in "The Three Passions" 

(1929) . United Artists. 

TERRY, ETHEL GREY: b. Oakland, Cal.: e. Notre 
Dame, Boston. Mass.; h. 5 feet 6 inches; w. 130 
pounds; brown hair, grey eyes. Stage career, with 
Belasco in "The Lily," two seasons, lead in "The 
Smoldering Flame." "Search Me." Irving Players, 
Little Theatre, Los Angeles stock. Screen career with 
Famous. Vitagraph, Oliver, American Cinema. World, 
Mayflower. Goldwyn. Realart, Mack Sennett, FBO. Fox. 
Universal. Allied Productions, Metro, Warner, Truart; 
pictures include "Hardboiled." "Canceled Debts." 
"Skinner's Big Idea." "Modern Mothers." Mrs. Liv- 
ingston In "Confessions of a Wife." and in "Object 
Alimony" (1929). Columbia; No. 2666-67, "Sharp 
Tools," Vitaphone short. 

TERRY. ETHELIND: "Lord Byron of Broadway" 

(1930) . MGM. 

TERYON. ARLETTE: Appeared in "Faces of Chil- 
dren" (1929). Zakoro. 

THATCHER, EVELYN: b. Omaha. Neb.; h. 5 feet 
7 inches: red hair and gray eyes; w. 180 pounds; p. 
Mary Ellen McMillan and William P. Irish, non-pro- 
fessionals; e. Ohio high school: has had stage train- 
ing; widow. On the legitimate stage since 14 years 
of age appearing in dramatic, musical ocmedy and in 
vaudeville, known as the "Irish Lady." Twelve years 
screen experience, appearing in Mack Sennett comedies 
for five years and four years in Educationals. 

THEBY. ROSEMARY: b. St. Louis. Mo.; h. 5 feet 
5 inches; dark brown hair and hazel eyes; w. 130 
pounds: p. Katherine and George Masing. non-pro- 
fessionals: e. private schools in St. Louis; received 
her stage training in dramatic school, New York City ; 
m. Harry Meyers, professional : hy. antique dolls and 
shoes and antique furniture. Stage experience in New 
York City, 1910. Screen experience with the old 
Vitagraph company in 1911; and has appeared in such 
pictures as "Re-Incarnation of Karma," "Mils of the 
Gods," "Weight of a Crown." "The Yankee," "First 
Year to Live." "So Big," "Rio Grande" and in "Girl 
of the Golden West": (1929) "The Peacock Fan," 
Chesterfield: "Trial Marriage." Columbia; "Midnight 
Daddies." World Wide; "Girls Who Dare." Trinity; 
"Dream Melody." 

THOMAS. VIRGINIA: Appeared in "The Wild 
Party" (1929), Paramount. 

THOMPSON, DUANE: b. Red Oak, Iowa; e. in 
San Francisco, specializing in literature; h. 5 feet 
m inches; w. 105 pounds, brown hair, blue eyes. 
Entered pictures in 1922: has played in "Some 
Punkins." "College Days." "Husband Hunters," "Her 
Summer Hero," "Beauty and Bullets (1929). "Born 
to the Saddle" (1929). The same year appeared in 
"The Tip Off" (1929), Universal: "Price of Fear," 
"Phantom Fingers," Mary in "The Voice of the City" 
(1929). MGM ; Kathrvn Graham in "Slim Fingers" 
(1929), Universal; "Frozen Biver" (1929), Warren 

THOMPSON, LOTUS: Appeared in "Freckled Ras- 
cal" (1929). Radio Pictures. 

TILBURY, ZEFFIE: Appeared in "The Single 
Standard" (1929). "The Ship from Shanghai" (1930). 

TITUS. LYDIA: "Lummox" (1930), United Art- 
ists; "Shanghai Lady" (1929). Universal. 

TOBIN, GENEVIEVE: b. New York City. November 
29, 1904; h. 5 ' feet 3 inches; golden hair and green 
eyes: w. 106 pounds; e. New York schools. Institute 
de L'Etoile. Paris. First stage appearance was in 
1919 as "The Cricket." in "Palmy Days." at the 
Playhouse. New York City, next in "Little Old New 
York." In 1921 had featured role of Polly in "Polly 
Preferred" at Little theatre, New York; played same 
role in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Returning to 
New York was ro-starred with Walter Catlett and Oscar 
Shaw in "Dear Sir." In 1926-27 co-featured in "The 
Youngest." and "Murray Hill." 1928-29 featured in 
"Trial of Mary Dugan." Queens theatre, London. Upon 
return to New York was cast as Lulu Carroll, featured 
role in "Fifty Million Frenchmen." Entered pictures 
in 1931 with Universal. Productions include: "The 
Lady Surrenders," "Free Love," "Up For Murder." 
"The Cay Diplomat," Radio: lent to Paramount for 
"One Hour With You." 

TODO, LOLA: b. New York City; h. 5 feet 4% 
inches; light brown hair and brown eyes; w. 118 
pounds; p. Minnie and Eugene Parker Todd, non-pro- 
fessionals; e. Inwood, No. 52, New York City; not 
married; hy. riding, swimming and designing. No 
stage experience. Screen experience since 1924 when 
she went from New York City to join Universal on 
offer of a contract. She started in western and serial 
pictures, and after one year became a Wampas Baby 
Star. Later worked for Fox and FBO and appeared in 
"The War Horse." "The Bells." with Lionel Barry- 
more, and "The Count of Luxembourg," Chadwlek, 

TODD. THELMA: b. Lawrence, Mass.; h. 5 feet 4 
inches; blond hair and gray eyes; w. 120 pounds; p. 
non-professionals; e. Lawrence high school, Lowell 
(Mass.) high school and Lowell Normal school; hy. 
athletio sports. Won a state beauty contest as Mias 
Massachusetts and at the same time selected by Para- 
mount for its school of acting, while teaching school 
in Lawrence. Has played in the following First Na- 
tional pictures. "Vamping Venus." "The Crash." "The 
Haunted House," "Heart to Heart" and "Naughty 
Boy," as featured player. Has appeared in (1929) 
"The Bachelor Girl," "Trial Marriage. " Columbia; 
"Careers." "Her Private Life," "House of Horror" and 
"Seven Footprints to Satan," First National; "Look 
Out Below" (1929), Educational— Jack White Talking 
Comedies; "Hell's Angels" (1930), United Artists; 
"Follow. Through" (1930), Paramount; in 1931: "Mal- 
tese Falcon," First National; "Broadrainded." First 
National; "The Hot Heiress," First National; Para- 
niounts' "No Limit." "Monkey Business," Roach's 
Pitts and Todd Series; Pathe's "Her Man." "Beyond 
Victory," Tiffany's "Aloha," "Swanee River," United 
Artists' "Corsair." 

TORA, LIA: b. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1907; h. 5 
feet 6V4 inches; dark brown hair and brown eyes; w. 
120 pounds: e. schools in France, Brazil and Spain; m. 
Count Julio de Moraes, producer, have two children, 
twins; hy. tennis and motoring. No stage experience. 
Screen experience started with Fox in 1927. when she 
played the leading role in "The Veiled Woman" and 
"Making the Grade." Wrote and starred in "The 
Soul of a Peasant" for Brazilian Southern Cross. 

TORRES. RAQUEL: b. Hermosillo. Sonora, Mexico, 
November 11, 1908; h. 5 feet 2 inches: black hair and 
dark brown eyes; w. 110 pounds; p. non-professionals; 
e. Mexico and convent in Los Angeles : hy. dancing. 
Has appeared in such pictures as "White Shadows in 
the South Seas" with Monte Blue (her first picture) ; 
and also in "The Bridge of San Luis Rey," "The 
Desert Rider" (1929); "The Sea Bat" (1930). MGM; 
"Under a Texas Moon" (1930). Warner Bros. 

TOVAR. LILLIAN: In 1931 in "Border Law," Colum- 

TRUE, ALICE: Appeared In "The Peacock Fan" 
(1929). Chesterfield. 

TRUEMAN. PAULA: Appeared In Vitaphone No 
909, "A Glimpse of the Stars." 

TSEN MEI. LADY: Appeared in "The Letter" 
(1929), Paramount. 

TUCKER. SOPHIE: b. Boston, Mass.; h. 5 feet 6 
inches; blond hair, blue eyes; w. 170 pounds; e. Hart- 
ford, Conn. Stage career; cafes, burlesque, vaudeville, 
revues, entering show business in 1909. Made talking 
picture, "Honky-Tonk" (1929), Warner Bros. 

TURNER, DOREEN: b. Spokane. Wash.; e. Holly- 
wood, and attending high school; h. 58 inches; w. 84 
pounds; brown hair, brown eyes. Entered pictures in 
1920 at age of 2% years; played child parts in "The 
Big Show," "Man. Woman, Marriage," "Madame 
Peacock." "Rose of Paris," "Rosita," "Through the 
Back Door." "Buster Brown" comedies. 

TURNER. FLORENCE: b. New York City; e. New 
York; h. 4 feet 10 inches; w. 102 pounds; black hair, 
dark eyes. On stage 4 years with Mantell. Grace 
George, Henry Irving. Screen career with Vitagraph. 
Mutual. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. First National, War- 
ner Bros.. FBO, Paramount. Tiffany-Stahl: in "Can- 
celled Debts." "Marry the Girl." "Sally in Our Alley." 
"The Chinese Parrot," "The Law and the Man," 
"Walking Back," Mrs. Lawrence in "The Bampant 
Age," "Kid's Clever" (1929). Universal. 

TURNER, MAUDE: Appeared in "The Last of 
Mrs. Cheyney" (1929). MGM; "The Illusion" (1929), 

TWELVETREES. HELEN: b. Brooklyn. N. Y. : h. 
5 feet 3 inches; golden hair and turquoise blue eyes; 
w. 110 pounds; p. Helen and William Jurgens, non- 
professionals; e. Brooklyn Heights seminary, Students' 
League and American Academy of Dramatic Arts, New 
York City; hy. is very fond of dogs and music. Stage 
experience started with Stuart Walker Players in New 
York. Played leading roles in "An American Tragedy," 
"Yen." "Broadway," "Elmer Gantry" and other 
Broadwav successes. Screen experience started with 
Fox in i929, playing the feminine lead in "The Ghost 
Talks." "True Heart" and "Blue Skies." At present 
is under contract to RKO Pathe and has completed 
"The Grand March," "Paris to Bagdad." "Words and 
Music" (1929), Fox: "Beyond Victory." "Her Man." 
"Swing High" (1930). Pathe: "The Painted Desert" 
(1932). "Panama Flo." "Young Bride." RKO Pathe. 


ULRIC. LENORE: m. Sidney Blackmer. Stage career: 
star of Belasco hits, "The Son Daughter." "The Heart 
of Wetona." "Kiki," "Lulu Belle." and others. Screen 
career: plaved Talu in "Frozen Justice" (1929), Rosalie 
Dumay in "South Sea Bose" (1929). Fox. 

UNDERWOOD. FRANCES: Played in "Her Unborn 
Child" (1929). Windsor Pictures. 

UPTON. FRANCES: Appeared in "Night Work," 

URNAEFF, VADIM: b. Petrograd. Russia. Feb. 8. 
1900- h. 5 feet 7 inches: brown hair and eyes; w. 
145 pounds: e Petrograd Institute, and attended Dra- 
matic School in retrograd; hy. theatrical work. Stage 
experience, some in Petrograd. and played Hamlet two 
seasons in New York with John Barrymore. then was 
called to London by Barrymore to play same part. 
First screen experience in "Sea Beast" also with Barry- 
more Other productions made appearance in are as 
follows: "The Magic Slave." "The Flaming Yukon" 
end "The Blonde Saint." 





VAIL. MABEL: Appeared in "Jov Street" (1929), 

VALETTI. ROSE: Appeared in •'The Blue Angel." 

VALLI. VIRGINIA: r. n. Virginia McSwoeney: b. 
Chicago. III., June 10: h. 5 feet 4 inches; dark hair 
and blue eyes: w. 120 pounds; e. Wendell Phillips 
high school, Chicago; married; hy. golf. Had a very 
short stage career. Screen experience began in 1915 
and she has appeared in the following productions: 
"Stage Madness." "Signal Tower." "Ladies Must 
Dress," "Escape." "Watch Tour Wife." "The Family 
Upstairs," "Flames." "Pleasure Garden." "Renins 
Clothes," "East Side, West Side." "Marriage." "Paid 
to Love," "Judgment of the Hills." "Behind Closed 
Doors." "Street of Illusion." "Storm," "Wild 
Oranges." "Siege," "Isle of Lost Ships" and "Mister 
Antonio." "The Lost Z?ppelin" (1929). Tiffanv; 
"Guilty" (1930). Columbia. 

VAN BUREN. MABEL: b. Chicago. 111.; h. 5 feet 
3 inches; brown hair and eyes; w. 125 pounds: e. 
Chicago. After stage career entered pictures in New 
York. Played in "Girl of the Golden West." "Ita- 
mona." "Woman Who Walked Alone," "Craig's Wife." 
"His First Command," Pathe. 

VAN DORN, MILDRED: r. n. Mildred Lunnay: b. 
New York. November 10. 1910; h. 5 feet 3 inches: 
auburn hair and blue eyes: w. 110 pounds; p. Mary 
and James Lunnay, non-professionals; e. Hunter high 
school: hy. riding, swimming and tennis. Stage career: 
stock companies. Bayonne. N. J., Holyoke. Mass.. 
Rochester. N. Y. : New York stage. "Get Me in the 
Movies"; Hattie in "Elmer Gantry." Noel in "Paris 
Bound." Screen experience: "Hold Your Man." "Bou- 
doir Diplomat," Universal: "Lummox." United Artists; 
"Son of the Gods." First National; "Fat Wives for 
Thin," •'Rough Idea of Love." "The Taxi Dancer." 
Mack Sennett; "Wild Company." "Lillom," Fox. 

VAN, ELLA: Played in "Two Fresh Eggs" (1930). 
Pathe, Folly Comedies, second series. 

VANDIVERE. ELINOR: Appeared in "A Notorious 
Affair" (1930), First National. 

VANE. VIRGINIA: Appeared in "New Year's Eve" 

(1929) . Fox. 

VAUGHN. ALBERTA: b. Ashland. Ky.. 1908; h. 5 
feet 2 inches; auburn hair and brown eyes; w. 103 
pounds; e. local schools in Ashland, no stage training; 
not married; hy. dancing, swimming and clothes. No 
stage experience. Began screen career in Sennett com- 
edies and appeared in the leading role in H. C. Wit- 
wer's series for FBO. "Fighting Blood," "Adventures 
of Mazie." "Telephone Girl" and others. Later 111 
"Skyscraper" for Pathe: "Forbidden Hours." Metro- 
Goldwyn-Mayer. then author of the II. C. Witwer 
series for Darmour Productions, a Radio Pictures re- 
lease "The Record Breaker"; In 1929 in "Noisy Neigh- 
bors," Pathe: "Molly and Me." Tiffany; "Points 
West," Universal; "As You Make It," "Meet the 
Quince." "Love's Labor Found." "They Shall Not 
Pass Out." "Captain of the Roll": and in 1930 in 
"Eventually. But Not Now." "The Sleeping Cutie." 
"Lose and Foundered." "Old Vamps for New," "The 
Setting Son." "The Dear Slayer." "Cash and Marry," 
"Land of Sky Blue Daughters," Radio Pictures. Rec- 
ord Breakers; in 1931: "Spell of the Circus" (serial). 
Universal: "Speed." Sennett: "Wild Horses." Tec- 
art: "Bargain Day." Educational: "The Working 
Girl." Paramount; (19:51) "Wild Horse." Allied. 

VAUGHN. HILDA: Plaved In "Manslaughter" 

(1930) , Paramount. 

VEAVERS. LOUISE: Played In "She Couldn't Say 
No" (1930). Warner Bros. 

VELASCO. MERCEDES: Played in "Behind That 
Curtain" (1929). Fox. 

VELEZ. LUPE: r. n. Lupe Velez de Villalobos: b. 
San Louis Potosi. Mexico, July 18, 1910; h. 5 feet; 
black hair and brown eyes; w. 115 pounds; p. Josephine 
Velez and Colonel Villalabos, mother was an opera 
singer; e. Our Lady of the Lake Convent. San Antonio. 
Tex. ; hy. making rugs and driving her car. Was a 
dancer in the musical comedy. "Rataplan." in Mexico 
City and also in the "Music Box Revue" in Holly- 
wood, owned by Fanchon and Marco. Won recogni- 
tion in her portrayal in Douglas Fairbanks' United 
Artists picture, "The Gaucho." after which she played 
opposite Rod LaRocque in "Stand and Deliver": then 
in D. W T . Griffith's United Artists production. "Mas- 
querade": and has 5ust been loaned to Paramount to 
oo-star with Garv Cooper in "The Wolf Song." She 
has appeared in (1929) "Lady of the Pavements." 
United Artists: "Where East Is East." Metro-Goldwvn- 
Mayer; "Tiger Rose." Warner Bros.; "Hell Harbor" 
(1930). United Artists: "Storm" (1930). Universal; 
"East Is West" Universal; "Resurrection," Universal: 
in 1931: "The Squaw Man." and "Cuban Love Song." 
MGM: "Men in ncr Life." Columbia; "The Broken 
Wing" (1932). Paramount. 

VERNELL, PEARL : Appeared in "Love in the 
Desert" (1929), Radio Pictures. 

VERNON. FLORENCE: Plaved in Vltaphone No. 
4287. "The Salesman." 

VERNON. HOPE: Played in Vltaphone No. 2815. 

VERNON. SUZY: Appeared In "The President" 
(1929). Edward L. Klein. 

VERONINA. VERA: Appeared In "The Patriot" 
(1928). Paramount. 

VIDOR. FLORENCE: b. Houston. Texas; h. 5 f. rt 
4V4 inches: brown hair and eyes; w. 118 pounds: 
p. Ida and John F. Arto. non-professionals: e. publio 
schools and Convent of Sacred Heart In Houston; m. 
JaBcha Heifetz. professional. Began her screen career 
by working for Vitagraph in a small part, having been 
introduced hy Corinne Griffith, also of Texas. Her next 
engagement was with Fox In Frank Lloyd's "A Tale of 
Two Cities": then to Paramount for a year opposltt 
Sossue Ilavakawa; and in Cecil B. DeMille's "Old 
Wives for New": also In "Till I Come Back to You." 
Then went to work for Inoe in "Lying Lips" In 1921 
and remained with that organization until Ince died. 
Then signed with Paramount and has bi^cn featured In 
"Arc Parents People?" "Grounds for Divorce." "The 
Trouhl" with Wives." "The Grand Duchess anil the 
Waiter." "Sea Horses." "Eagle of the Sea," "The 
Patriot." and "Tong War." Starred In "You Never 

Know Women." "The Popular Sin," "Afraid to Love." 
"The World at Her Feet." "One Woman to Another." 
"Honeymoon Hate." "Doomsday" and "The Magnificent 
Flirt," "Chinatown Nights" (1929), Paramount. 

VOSSELLI. JUDITH: b. Spain. June 25: e. In 
England, Switzerland, France. Australia and America; 
h. 5 feet 6% inches; w. 127 pounds; black hair and 
brown eyes. Ten years on the legitimate stage in New 
York. Entered pictures In 1929 in "The Rogue Song." 
Pictures: "Today," "Woman Who Dared," "Inspira- 
tion" and "Sunny." Also "Toast of the Legion" 
(1930), FX and "The Awful Truth" (1929), Pathe. 


WALES, ETHEL: b. New York City; e. Wisconsin 
university; h. 5 feet 5'/& inches; w. 136 pounds; brown 
hair, blue eyes; hy. bridge. Previous career: society. 
Entered pictures in 1920 through friendship with 
William and Cecil B. DeMille; played in "Lulu ISctts." 
"Covered Wagon." "Cradle Snatchers." "Bedroom 
Window." "Craig's Wife." "Perfect Crime." "Blue 
Skies" (1929. Fox; "The Saturday Night Kid" (1929). 
Paramount; Mrs. Redding in "The Doctor's Secret" 
(1929), Paramount; Mrs. Lindsay in "The Donovan 
Affair" (1929), Columbia: Virginia's mother in 
"Masks of the Devil," Sarah in "Loose Ankles." First 
National: Mrs. Truxton in "Girl in the Show"; "The 
Dude Wrangler" (1930). Sono Art- World Wide; 
"Under Montana Skies," Tiffany. 

WALKER. BELLE: Played in "Song of Love" 

(1929) . Columbia. 

WALKER. CHARLOTTE: b. Galveston. Texas; e. at 
Collegiate Institute. Fort Edward. N. Y. . specializing 
in dramatics; h. 5 feet 6 inches: w. 130 pounds: blond 
hair, blue eyes: hy. Ashing. Was a motion picture star 
fifteen years ago. Was asked to play the leading role 
in Cecil B. DeMille's picture. "Warrens of Virginia," 
the play in which she was starring in New York at 
that time, but was unable to do so. Went to Holly- 
wood to play in "Kindling." Starred in the first ver- 
sion of the "Trail of the Lonesome Pine." DeMille. 
Latest pictures include "Double Crossroads," Fox; 
"Three Faces East," Warner Bros. : "Scarlet Pages." 
Warner Bros.; "Paris Bound," Pathe; "Forever Free" 

(1930) , United Artists, "South Sea Rose," Fox. 

WALKER, POLLY: b. Chicago. 111., 1908. Was 
original "Palm Beach Girl," In Follies. Was starred 
by George M. Cohan in "Billie," and the "Merry 
Malones." Went to Hollywood in 1929 to play the role 
of Loo Loo in "Hit the Deck." RKO. 

WALLACE. GRACE: Played in "Nix On Dames" 
(1929). Fox.